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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1818
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INC HANGERS IN CHANCERY. ,. 6Ure of New - York, a. IN ponoance of a decreUl order of thit honorable court, bearing date the 7th day of July last, will tx - soldatpuUK mrction. at tba Ton - .1 i n. ,1 1. Ik. f U... k ..W der the dirpcttou of ti ssSnrws, aaotw of the mMtrrt of Ihu coort, on Tkmndmj thn 6th day m January neit, at firWre o'clock at aooa, all that certain block, or otm of xroand aci notl under water, to ha made mad and ground, oat ef the ivorm or tinoton - i tuver, si taste, rymg una being hetweoa VVashinghia - ttreot and a certain new street of seventy fret in breadth, to be made fronting on me saio north lirver, caned west - street, and ia hounded a follow i north - ossteHy and en terry ny unerty - ttreet t aorth - wenMny and westerly by V est - street aforesaid soath - wetterty and westeily hy Cndar - ttreet, and sooth terly and easterly by Wnshingtsa - treett contnwting ia breadth oa Wuthsnrtoa - ntreet nnd West - otmet mm hundred nnd tea met ix inches, and in length nlong Liberty - street one hundred and teventr - mvea reel, and along Cednr - ttrectoaehundrM and tereniy - iwo mer togelherWidjtaeaFpurUnaoce, tibjVt Mtf - thews 10 me rem, coiwaiHi, msirscuotn aura . agreements (4 which mm! premise ire tahiect, in bw( the oorporatioe of the city of New York, as Imtmmm, rent red aad created by theav OiUNm 16ihj 1817. , v J JAMES A. HAMILTON. Master ia Chancery. Note. The a)e of Ike above property m doi - pomd to Friday, the 30tb uaflaat, at eleven o'clock, A. M. at the tarn place. It will be eoU ia lot er parcel, aad o liberal term, which aaay be known by applying at the Matter office, IVo. SLaw Building t where awsof the pre - niece amy be seea. January 8th, 18 1 8. Jaaydts - ". 131 CHANCERY. ' 81 f afffcto - York, at. IS pomtnacaof a decretal order of this hoo - fable roan, beeitoe: data tba 10th da r of No vember, fes tba year lb 1 7, will be told at imbric auction, at the Tontine Coffee Howie, rathe city of New - York, on Wednesday, the venth day of January vest, at twehre oVfock,aooa, ail that lot. niece or tiercel of ground, ertaate ta tba fwtb ward of the city of New - York on the con r of iterry and uofor - etreeta, nouaa4 woraiweet - nrry ia I root oej Cherry - street, Bortheaeterty by ground bekioeiaa: to Maria Osgood, southeasterly in the rear by groaad aow or Into the property of voctorjosepo loaag, and sown westerly oy uo ver - ttreet and ia aow keowa and distinguished by hoote and lot number two Cherry - street. and house number one Dover - street i contain ing hi breadth, ta front and mar, twenty seven fret and nil Laches, and in length on each aideona hundred and sevea fret, be the same more or lee together with the appnrteaaacea. Dated December 17th. 1817. JAMES A. HAMILTON, ;' - . Master a Chancery, dec 17 awt30thD dU . frr The sale of the above Drooertv U oott ponod to the 19th instant, at the same hour and puce Llated January 7, JB18. ; JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan 7 did Matter in Chancery. Tbeealeoftbn a bore property if postponed to the 39th instant, at the tame boar and place. Dated Jaa.l9tb, 1818. JAMES A. HAMILTON, ' Jaa 19 dtds Muter ia Chancery. . ' Ml CHANCERY. State of New - York, M. IN parttinnce of an order of thit honorable court, will be sold at public a action at the Tontine Coffee Hoate, in the city of New - York, an der the direction of the nhscriber, on the twenty seventh day of November instant, at ELEVE3 O'CLOCK ia the Toreooon, all that certain lot, piece or parcel of ground, situate, lying and being m the fifth ward of the city of New - York, frontinc on lisht at. fHUDoUN SQUARED bonndtd nortberfr in the rear br Vestry - street, easterly b the house and lot no w (or 1st) occu - Jiled ty Mrs. Murray, westerly by a house and ot Idle of Leonard Liseard, deceased containing; in breadth, in front, and rear 31 (set 6 inches, and in depth on each tide 175 feet. Said eremite beine held under and by virtue of a certain demite from the rector and inhatplantt of the city ol New - lorn in communion ot the rro tettaQt Episcpal Chnrch jQ the itale of New - York, or the terra of ninly - oin rear from the 25th day of March, 1805 j subject to the yearly - rent of $15, and to the provisoes, covenant and .agreement contained ia said lease : together with the hereditament and appurtenance to the same belonging or ia as T wise ipnertoiaiiig Dated Nor. 4, 1817. - THOMAS BOLTON, . Matterio Chancery. The term of (ale, which will he liberal, may he known by enquiring at the office of (be matter, No. 44 Pine - street. - no 4 eawtl9th&dtt , The sale of the above property is postponed to the t8th day of January nest, at the same boar nnd place, Dated Nov. T7th, 1817. : THOMAS BOLTON, Matter ia Chancery. nov 77 IN CHANCERY ' ' ! Slalt of far - York, h. IN porv annce of an order of thit honorable court, will he sold at public auction at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, an - der the direction of the subscriber, on the t7th day of November Inst, at ELEVEN O'CLOCK in the forenoon Alt that certain lot, piece or parcel of grnond sitnate lying and being ia the fourth ward of the city of Stw York, commencing 40 feet from the southwest corner of aew - markst - slip (late Catherine - ttmet) and Cherry - street, nnd nmnine westerly alons Cherry - street 40 fret to (rround now or lute the property of John llotuman t tbeoce sootheny along aid ground 1J0 feet to Water - street ; theme easterly along Water - street 40 feet, to ground now or late of Bollu Moore, then northerly n Imc said eround ISO feet to the place of begin ning. Alto, all that certain other lot, piece or parcel of ground, situate, lying and being in the fourth ward of the city of New - York, directly ia the Tear of tlie above described piece or parcel of ground, and commencing 40 feet from the southwest comer f new - market - slip, and Water street; and.running weitrrty along Water - street 40 feet, to ground of John G. Coster ; thence soatlierly along said ground 160 feet to Snath - atreet. thence easterly alons South - street. 40 feet to ground now or late of Bolt as Moore, thence northerly along tn; J ground 180 feet, to the place of beginning.' Together with the hereditament and appurtenances to the tame, and every part und parcel thereof belonging or in anywise appertaining. Dated Nov. 4th, 1817. THOMAS BOLTON. " Master ia Chancery. The above will be sold in nepemto Iota. The terms of tale will be liberal and may be known by enquiring of the Matter, No. 44 Pkte - atreet, where a map of the premise can be teen. . nov41awtl9thd The tale of the above property it postponed to the 2fith day of January next, at the tame boar and place. Dated Not t7th, 1817. THOMAS BOLTON, ' Jtatter in Chancery, nov 87 lawtJanSOdtt' IN CHANCERY. ' State of New York, a IN pnnuance of a decretal order of (hit honorable Court, will he sold at public auction, a the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New Yori, t - oder the dirrrtina of the tubtcril - r, one of the mtttert of this honorable court, in THURSDAY, the twenty - ninth dav of Januart iort at It o'clock st noon, all that certain lot, piece or parrel of land, situate oa the easterly side t)t Broadway, in the tilth ward of the city of New York, known at Number 350, bounded a followi : Bi - gionrngat the corm - r of Broad' way and Leonard street, thence running norther ly and upon Broadway thirty feet and iv inches. to a booe belonging to and ocr.tpH - d by ittej - hra Price, Esqiire, thence easterly along the same and parallel to Leonard street, one hundred and event? five feet to fienton - rtrert. thence outh - eriy and upon Beaton - street, thirty teet tix inches lolmard - xtrert, thenre westerly aad apoa Leonard tmet,'4ie bondrrd and seventy - five feet to the mare '! l - rcinniqg witn the appurtenan ces. iJatetltrt ilhrtiy ot Jaauary, one IDoos - aaa eicnt iHuared and eighteen. - - JAMES A. HAMILTON. JaaTtdt fiUttcrm Chancery, r IN CHANCEET. i , . t - . Shut Afcr - Ya, u. f Nvjorananro af a derrelaJ order of this ssaora I bfe coort, nrtll be apld al fmbho aection, attha Tontine Cofisa Hon, ia th city of New - fork, on the 3 let day of Jemnary tact, at U Mf the roreneoa, an that certain beam and rot jot ground, sitsated ht city of Wsw - fork, at the comer of Cedar and WilUam - ttreeta, and knowa aad distiaguitbed no koasn No. WUliam - itroet t nid lot being in breadth in front nnd mar tSfcet t inches, aad in length onCednr - strretvi Iret IV tactK - e ; aa so toe touiawwc. tv sil aboal ainetr three toot, more or isss. Al - ty aide aboal ninety threw met, aaom so, nU that certain other lot of trmaad ainiag the mrmor, and fmnting oa Williaawwaai I on mgn breadth in front l met 10 inebna, andia rear U met t mcbs I mnviag an off - sat or break ik. .Mi skm of two met four iacfar t and ia Iruftd on the northeasterly aide about 93 met I and on we eonuiwesieny swrn vo sens aM - the tame mom or less. Together with all and riorsiar, the herectit4meuta and apparte - n.murmmHiLDRETH Jaa 15 Master in Chancery. IN CHANCERY ' ' 6'JttYeoAcss - Yerc, . IN Mnaanco of a decretal order of this honor I bio court, bearinc date. the siiteenth day cfl at inn I online vmea tiowsa, in me city ot new - VW Ai - - .f - ..k - f - of the master of thin court, on Saturday the Slot or January mttant, at twelve o'clock, noon,'u that certain lot, pieco, or parcel of ftoand, situate, ryinc and being ia the second ward of the city of New - fork, aforesaid, oa the northerly tide or wuuam street, at the corner ot Jona - streel t bounded noatberly by W Uliam - street, easterly ky John street, northerly by property ol James VV. Robinsoo, aad westerly by property ty of Mrs. Moore, containing - ia front aad rear, nineteen) met 6m iuchrs, in length, oa John - it ft y - oas feet nine inches, and ia length on the props ty of Mrs. Moom arty - two met eleven inches, be (h same mom or less, with the appur tenances, vaiea January i nn, ioio. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jaa 17 did Master in Chancery. IN CHANCERY. State of New - York, u. IN Dursuance of a decretal order of this honors bte court, will be sold at public auction, at the Tontine CoSta Hons ia the city of New - York, eader the direction of tba subscriber, a one of tba masters or thit court, on Saturday, the four teenth day of February next, at twelve o'clock at noon, all that certain house nnd lot of around. situate oath westerly ride of Namau - ttreet, in the third ward of tba city of New - York, and knowa a number 51, bounded at foiiowt : easterly ia front by. Nassau - street, westerly in the rear by property beloncinr to Mr. Isaac Mead, northerly by Mr. Hodekinson' Tavern, nnd southerly by property ofMr. Elisabeth Giroa - court, coataininjr ia breadth ia front and mar twenty 6m feet, ia length on the northerly tide ont hundred and twelve met loar inches, and on the southerly side one hundred and ten wet ten inches, bo the tame mom or lest i toretber with all and tiafalar the hereditament and nppurt nance thereunto teloorinr. Dated Ihe Kid day of January, ioi. KIlUftKL I. Vbl4l9, Matter in Chancery. Nots The tcrmi of the tale will beat fol lowt : 10 per cent on the day of tale, 15 per cent. on the first day of May next, at which time a deed will he executed and pottcttton given t me residue to be paid m seven yean, with interest half yearly, secured by a bond and mortgage on toe premisesTine noase to no insured oy ine Dun baser from the said Ant day of May until the purchase money aad interns! thereon is paid, and the policy to be transferred to the mortgagee or lurtber particular apply at the master or - Ore, SO Pine - street Janttrttw IX CHANCERY. John B. Murrey, f . vs. State of New - York, s James T. Watson. S IN norsuanee of a decretal order of this ho - aonrable eoort, made ia the above saute, will be sold at nubile auction, at the Tontine Coffee Hoate. in the wty or Mew - York, under the di rection of the tnbasriber, a one ef the master ot thit court, on Tuesday the second day of Sep temkor next, at twelve 'otook At aeon, all that treat of land winina oa the town of LowvOlo, and lyinr in the annnty of Lawis, in the ttata afore said, being part of great lot No 4 of Macomb' purs base, ana somprtts an tna lor xnnwn oa a eertsia pita or amp made by David B ronton and B. White, ia the year Itoa. from No. US to 34t Inclusive, aontamma toceiher 15,000 seres of land, with the apaartenancei thereto belong - ingor any wita appertaining. Dated June SO, (Copy) JAMES A HAMILTON, JySl lawtwdtda faster in Chancery. The tale of the above property it postponed to the first day of May next, at the tame hour and plaxa. Dated Jaa 12. 1818. a . A mm o mam sartW JAM 1.9 A. ItAVULilW, Jan 24 law tMy I Master in Chancery. At a court of Chancery held for the State of New - York, at uie city of Albany, on the thirtieUkday of December, in the year ol our Lord noe thousand eight hundred and Mvtnteen. rretent The Honorable Jamei Kent, Esquire, Chancellor. Nathaniel Pendleton,) IT appearing hy affida - es. f 1 vit to the satisfaction Henry C. Hawley ? of thit court, that procett 1 of Mibpcna to appear and antwer ia the above cause ha'h been regularly ittued againit tba above aamed defendant, Henry C. Hawley, bat that the said defeadaat could not, apon diligmt anarch and eapm ry made, in termediate the teste and return ot ine said uo - poena, be (bond tone served therewith And it urther apoearirux by the said affidavit, that the taid defendant baa absconded from hi residence, and gone into the state of Penntylvania. or the state or Obio, where na was at the time such enouirv wax made On motion of Na thaniel rend e ton, Esquire, the complainant in person. i it ordered that the said defendant, Hen ry C. Hawley, do cause hi appearance to be catered, aad hi answer to be bled to the com plain an Is bill of complaint ia this cause, within lour monuit irom ine date 01 tnit order, or in Default thereof, that the comiilainantt bill of com plaint be takea pro - coo fetso againit him. And ' . . r . , . . . r . l . 1 l it it iur - - er oroema uu a - npy m uii oraer oe pu blithest within twenty days from the date of tnit omer, lO'ioeor more 01 tne - ouoac newspa pen printed m luit ttate, for eight week tuc - cetsively, once at least ia every week. A Cony ISAAC L. Air, Jan 19 lawBw Attittant Regitter. Iff CHAKCKKY. SlaltorjVtv - York, . IN pursuance of an order of thit honorable Court, bearing date the 19th day oi January in - itaot, will he sold at public auction, at the I on line isonre noute in tna city or new - York, on the 16th day of February neit, at 12 o'clock at noon, under (be direction of the tubtcriber All the rest, residue and remainder of the term of veart yet to coate and unexpired of and in all that certain lot, pieco or parcc! of ground situate, tying and being it the Eighth ward of the city of new - Tern, oa the easterly tide of Broad way - kaooaaad m front by Broadway, ia the mar and on the nortnerty tide by ground oe longing to John Jeeob At tor. aad on the southerly side hy Broome wreet : containing in breadth in iront and mar tt feet, aad ia depth oo each aide 100 lirt Together with the buildinct erected them oa. 8 .id premise rtcwtg held under a demise trom John Jacob Actor, sq. for the term of XI years, irom uctooer itt, 181 x. sunject io an anna tl rent of 100 dotlnra. Dated January t3d, IB18. THOMAS BOLTON, ' Master in Chancery. The dwelling boue oa the above premise to be valued and paid for by the testor, al the ex - mrarton oi me term or the leatn renewed for 21 Ttrt additkmal. at a teat to be fixed by two r v oe cnosoa oy me paruet, and at the ip - rawon or ut aecnad term, the dwelling houte to be valued and paid for a aforesaid. w particulars, enquire of the matter. No. 44 rine - ttreet. J,Bt3 lawtFMfs Tt FOR SALEORTO LF.ASF U.J On accommMatiog terms, a number af wir and building iot near and adjoining the nvy - yara, at BroouUru. or parbrulars. en quimof SAMVCL EVANS, - JxnKtf Sraoklrn. roLcE omen NoUca. Ail penofit interested ia, or daiming proottty, a - hicti remaiita anchumed ia tba tho Office, on the nilbday of J aeunry 18 18, are tvxmaatsd toanak prorf before the tytii day of February next, a tba name will afterward be sold uadlha procsaarpaidmU the city Trcax - ry according to law. ... JAME8 WARNER,) JAMES HOPSON, Special J atlicet. JOtl.iH IIEDDEN.S The other f rioters for the Corporation wiH in - aert the above m their respective papers once a week, for six week, oo account of ilia Corpora - lioo. ' ' , Jan 6 law6w IN CHANCERY. Tboma WilUama .." t. I Parab Morriaoa, and Slatt oftftw - York, u. Martin morntoa. . I N Dunaanca of a decretal order of this henora I bis court atade ia tba above cause, will be eoU at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee Hoate, m lbs city of New - York, on Monday the second day of February next at 12 o'clock, at aooa of that day, ander the direction and super - inteodanc of the subscriber, one m we matiert of thit court All that certain tract, pkee or parcel of land situate I vine and being in the coun ty of Green aad Schoharne, and ia the townthip ot ormoi ano r reeooia, on ine wesi siae oi n an ann River, beginning at a water Ath tree marked wiin toe tellers s a lion, lorine toninwesx corner of a tract ol land patented to Samuel Slineet, from t hence south eighty six degree weft twelve chain I by the couth of a tract ol land patented to iotm Mono bcott, squire, and others, toence sooth Gfty - terea chain and, three roods, thence north filty - teveo chaint to the south line of the tract of land patented to the taid Samuel Slioges, thence tooth eighty - tix degrees, west bv the oath line of the said Samuel btinges land, fifteen chain and three rod to the taid water Ath tree, the boandt first mentioned, which taid tract ot land wat by Deed of Release, bearing date the Iweuty - sixth day of September one tbouiaud seven hundred and seventy, conveyed by Goldv brow Raoyerof the city of New - York, Eiquire, on the thirteenth day ol Jury one thoumnd seven hundred and seventy - five, to Ttiomai Gritwold, nndbytbesaid Thomas untwoiu to ianiei m. Hitchcock, and by the said Daniel M. Hitch cock to John Davidson (except neverlhelen out of the taid tract or piece, containing about seven acret told by the aid Daniel M. Hitchcock, to Samuel bcovill.) And also, all that certain part, tract, and piece of land, situate, lying and being in the town of Freehold County of Green, and tUte of New - York, and contiguous to the land above mentioned : beginning at the eatt line of Samuel Scovill'i land, wbere the tame intersect! the turnpike road, running thence north one degree, west ten chains and rixty link! to the south Una of the above described land, thence on tame writ ward two chain and forty link, thence touth ona degree eatt ten chaint and forty link to the turnpike, eatt two chain forty two linkt. Con taining two acret two roodt and tix rods, which together with the first tract, cootaint about one hundred and fifty acres, together with the appurtenance thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining. Dated, New - York, Jan. 10th, 1810. (bAna.i, Jan 19 2awMs Matter in Chancery. IN CHANCERY BTA.TK or 1TXW - T0RX, 18. FN pursuance of a decretal order of thit honora - i ble court, bearinc date the tiiteenth day of October latt.will be told nt public auction, attne Tontine CoUee House, in ine city oi Aew - iora, under the direction of the tnhtcriber, atone oftne matters of thit coort. on Wtdntsdau the terenth day of January next, at twelve o'clock, at noon, nil that certain lot. tract or parcel of land, titua ted io the county of Delaware, in the ttate of new - York, and in Evanf rati nt, and Known by great lot thirty four, and hounded at foiiowt : beginning at a ttake and heap of ttonct near beech tree, marked No. 34 and 37 ; being the nortlicatt corner of lot thirty seven thence along the north bound thereof south eigbty nine degrees, west one hundred and twenty eight chains and ninety tix Unlet to a beech tree marxed ao. 3.1 and 94 ; being the southeast corner or lot XJ,) number thirty three ; thence along the eatt Loundt thereof, north three degrees, eatt eighty one chaint and twenty link to a beech tree marked No. 31 and 34 ; thence along the tooth boandt of lot Ho. 31) number thirty one, north eighty nine degrees, eatt the dittance of one hundred and four chains, to a stake and heap of ttoor t ; thence south thirty five chain and twenty four link to a bench tree marked no. 0 ; tnence norm eignty nine degree, eatt twenty chaint to the wett bound of lot thirty fire : thence alons the tame south forty four chain and ninety ix links to the place of beeinniur : containing nine hundred and lortv nine acret ano three murine 01 an acre ni land, with the appurtenances. And alto, all that certain other lot, tract, or parcel of land, titua ted ia the county ot Delaware, in the itate 01 New - York, in Evan' ratent, and known by great lot thirty seven, and it bounded at foi iowt : Beginning al a hemlock tree mark - ad No. 37 and 40, being the northeatt cor ner of lot No. (40) number forty ; tbenct along - the north bound thereof, south, eigh - ty nine uegrcv. wcuwic uuuuiuu un win, - luur chaint and ten linkt to a beech sapling marked No. 36 ti 37 : tlience north three de grees, east seventy eight chaint to a Beech tree witn nonet round u ; utence on ine touin oourmt of lot thirty four north eighty nine degrees, east one hundred and thirty chaint to a Birch tree marked thirty teven nnd thirty - eight l thence on the wt - it bounds ollot thirty - eight, south seventy - eight chaint to the place of beginning, containing one thousand ind tweniv - iour acres and one fourth of an acre of land with the appurtenance. Dated, December 2, 1817. .... .11 . v. a mar,. rr n w. A. riAXniLi 1U.1, Dec 3 1aw4&dtt Matter in Chancery. ftr The tale of the above property it postpo ned to the eighteenth day of February next at the tame hour and place, usiea jan. i, iei. a. riAii.ii.iun, Jan 7 Sawt Matter in Chancery. FEATHKRS Ruttta Feathers, of good quality, in quantitiet to tuit purchasers, at No. 44 South - itrret. Jan 15 fty BROWN, ttona teal engraver and jewel - J. . ler. No. 168 Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, ke. engraved on ttooc. A handsome assortment of fine gold seals, chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' seals engraved with coat ol arms, mot tot. and fancy device . Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, Ate nought r . ... .. in the rough or cot in any u.m. Books of heraldry kept with npwardt ol 60,000 names. Jaa 7 3m PUBLIC SALE. ON Tuesday, the 27th of January, at twelve o'clock, will be told hy Hone It Town. that valuable and pleasantly situated Property in Broad - street, belonging to the est ate ol the late Mr. joob roM. 1 ne loi is icei o incuei irom and rear, oa the north 134 feet 6 inches, and on the touth tide 138 feet ia depth. The House standi about the centra of the Lot, leaving a good gangway oo the north side, and fine garden front aad rear. The situation it deemed delight - fuL Person desirous of porchasing, are request ed to view the premises. Title indisputable. Pottetsioa will be given on the lit day of May neiU i anner condiaoec oa in nay ol ia'e. Deborah Post, ) Deborah Dong lass, Executrixes Catharine Ritier. ) pruVkfptiti - - Jan 7 127 . NEW PUBMCATION3. JUST Published and lor tale by F.LI AS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, (3d door below Pine - stmel) Forsyth's Remark oa Antiquities, Arts and Letter of Italy, Nancrede Abridgement of Orficld on Poison. The Hero, or the adventure of a Night The White Cottage, Ballance of Comfort The Itinerant or Memoir of aa Actor, 3d part 3 ml. The Knight of St. Johns, by Mis Porter. Letter from the Sooth. Legh's Travel ia Egypt beyond the Cataracts. Alto will be published ia a few day, a Print of Mr. Faiurr. ia the character of Catt. Bkldark, engraved by Guxbrede. Jut3 If f ' BOARD b LODGING. 1 fflWO or three Centlemen 'can be accommo - X ' dated in a French family, with Board and Ixxlrin. where Ihev can taJM letctoa in the French laftmaxe if they chase. Apply at this office. J 13 xw CO - fAKTN fc&bHlP. ft - r - The subscribers have formed a eonnrc tiou, for tlie purpose of trantacling husinet oa Comniliuon iu " - J, unucr uic ui im w k GEO. W. LYNCH. JOHN LYNCH, GEO, W. LYNCH. . New - York. 8th Jan 1CCI. RXrKAKKCES. Messrs. Lc Roy, Raj aid Si Co. I - w York. Mestn. I'rime, Ward & Sandt.i i,w - 10" - Hon. Jae. Lloyd, - Memr. 'Hot. C. Amory ic Co. Boston. Metr. Munsnn &i - Baiuard, ) jan ft Jaw lot . ot COPHOF WRIGHT A HAWElo A TREATISE on, 1'hnt being Bom Again, without vhich no man can be saved; by Samuel Wright, D. D. ; to which it added, Ihe Communicant's Spiritual Companion, or an evan - utlical preparation for the lord't Supprr, b) tlte nevo. i nomat nawen owcopict i i tuit v ora in sheets, or by the tingle one. bound, for tale by u. cti4ti i, Circulating Library, 138 Fulton ttreet Jan 15 lm iShcknowiedited bv medical uriteit to be a I complaint of etuhboro kind, and at all time very difficult ol cure. 1 his is tutncienuv illut trated in the ditapiwiifitoienl of those who ualbr natelv tufler under it. at they, for the most part, find that after having tried many thing to little or no purpose, they are at lat ubltgtd - to use (inr cerfaaii the rcmamder of life) tucb article! at can at best out palliate Hit disease, unuertucu circumitancet, any medicine capnn'c or temo - tinx the complaint, mutt torelv he an artir.le highly deter ing the attention of all those who are aiiltcled with it ? turn a f - onibinatinn it to be met with in Dr. JMA..ff'4! AtfTi Dk zf H - TIC or STOMACH PILLS the tuccet if which hat nevar vet beon eoualled, for the cure of rlytpeia in its mott rooiplicnted form, such at loft of appetite, nausea, heart burn, flatulrn - y. Knawiug pain in the ttumarn pain in ine tide, great cotuvenen, pmcnes in me counie - nanre, languor, lownev of spirits, pain in the head, virtigo orgiddinctt, and ditturbed sleep Whoever applies these pun in ttie noove diteate, according to the directions, will never be disap pointed, at they have never been once known to fail in produciug a radical and permanent cure ''i. - r I . i 1 1 : . i. I lie ubvui a siq;iu iiu win convince iiic iuus, unbelieving of their efficacy. They will mitt effectually remove all sourne of tlie tturnacb. not merely by neutralising the acid, out by corrective that morbid ttate r.f the tecretiont which civet to it, and at the same time will re store to the ikbilitated nrxaus ol digestion, mat tone and vigour whit h it absolutely necettary to ine wen uemg oi ine animal economy. lone had at Brook k larie't, rean - ttreet, atJ.C. Morrison's, Greenwich - treet, and at Hull uowne't 14b fearl - ttrect, where drug gists and country dealer will be served on libe ral terms. dj Price one dollar per box. der 24 6w I ANNh KY rOR SALE. rilO be told t puMic auction, on Wednesday, JL the lUth day of February next, in the area ofth Ext hange Coffee Houte, in the town ol uotton, at IX o'ciot x at noon, All the real estate helonxior to the Hampthire Leather Manufactory, tituate in the ton of Northampton, in the ttate of Matiachusettt. The ettnte will be told in four lots, vi : Lot No. 1, containing about 31 ticaet of land, near the centre of ti e town of Northampton, on which it erected all thorn extensive and valna - ble buildings, lately occupied oy the coloration for tanning oi leather, with nnHit 300 vats some of which are veiy laige end part oi them under cover, in which leather may lie handled during the winter; it it presumed tUre is not in tl.e ttate to extensive and valuable an utablithinent for earn ing on the tanning a thit. A particular description of the building and pri viledge would take up too much room for an advertisement. Lot No, 2 contain about 3 acret, tituate on th north side ot tlie county road, directly oppo site to lot No. 1, on which am two dwelling houses, with convenient out building!, it on high ground, and considered a very deiighliul silua lion. Lot No 3, cootai. - iing about four acres of land, tituate on tin easterly tide of Mill River, about two mite from the meeting houte in Northampton, with a valuable mill privilege and buildings thereon. Lot Mo. 4 contains about one acre of land, on which it erected a hark mill and bark hed, si tuate near Edward't tavtrn, about b' miles Irom Northampton, on tlie Albany toad. Any person having an inclination to purchase all or any part oi the lorrgowg property, are invited to examine it. Tlie corporation pledge thtmrelvei to tell to the highest bidder, being de termined to close their concern. Any in'orma - lion respecting the estates may be obtained on application to JOSIAI1 DWIGHT, Etquire, at aorinampion, or EBENEZER FRANCIS, an 14 India - street, Boston. CORPORA ifOJV PROPER f F . TO be told at public auction on Friday the SOtfa February, 1818, at the City Hall, 13 o'clock, The highly valuable r A km now occupied by Mr. William A. Hardenbrook, about 5 miles from the city, containing together nearly Diry a ere of land. It will be told in lots from S to 10 acre each, tituated on the 6th, 7th. 8th. 9th, & 10th avenue; on the latter tand the dwelling house and out buildings, but a short dittance from the Hudson Riyer. Thit property it worthy the attention or those who wish to postest handsome country seats ; as its contiguity to thn city, commanding views of the ttudton, retired situation, and choice quality of tome of the ground, together with an ample supply of wood, render it one of the most desira ble oDjecu oi porcnate. A map of the premise! may be teen, and fur ther particular Known, at the comptrollers ui - fice. City Hall. Jan 6 dtt THE LAST NOTICE, To those who are owing arrears of taxes, to the corporation of the city and county of New' York : ftr The time limited for the payment thereof expired oa the 1st inst. and I am now engaged in making a return of inch property a remains delinquent, preparatory to the advertisement and tale thereol lor tlie payment ol said Taxes, and such other tumt at may be required to meet the expenses of such tale, which will take place when completed. I am directed to receive an arrears wiucnraay be offered, prior to the completion of the above - named return and will attmd at thit office dai ry from 10 Io t o'clock, until that period. T. W. GILBERT. Collector. Collector's Office, No. S City Hall, ) January ia, ioio. y Jnnlfi 1m INESTIMABLE DISCOVERY. TTEALTH preserved and restored without M.M. Jffedicineor Uuachery, which often de stroy! the delicate conititutioo and debilitates the strong Coldt bring on the most alarming disorders, with those tortannr rheumatic paint, lumbago, gout, 4c. which all the faculty have not tecn able to eradicate. 1 w prevent u bet ter than to cure. R. YEO has prepared (from a receipt of a very eminent physician) leather (of which he makes thirtt) of the mott vital and nutritious quality, which will prevent all the above men tioned complaint?. They produce an animal heat to the body, which cannot be obtained from flannel, patent iCteecy hotiery, or lamb's wool they absorb all perspiration, and resist all the humidity that injures the human frame they are cell and pleasant to wear and do not produce that irritability that it to unpleasant in flannel. Those who have favored him with their orders have declared their artnnithmenl at the benefits derived from them - . To be had of RICH'D. Y UJ, brcectiet maker and leather dresser. IBS Water - ttrael where alto may be bad leather paniaiocLS ooc skin vests, ail kinds ofglovetand mittens of to betfoualitv. wholecmlc and retail. I - .., . r - . at lus socncK oouc. dec 31 la P03T COACH LINE. ia PHILADELrHU l A diaetn J ; 'k: .V w'Af of yoKiM - soo ; ; j ;';"." Vr lait, IT r an lfif ; JJ? utroRTABT nt rAaxaoxiu. No rt - Mrtini. with tl.e mat chaiw line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPO SITION REVIVED. A N EW Line of Pott CoacV with every con - veoience for pntat netr arid hutftage, THROUGH l ONE DA The Pott C - ( I h if start from the Coach office, old No. 1 CourtVnd - sireef, N. York, every morning, Sumlayt 'xrepted, at l - Sai 6 - Vkcb, by way of Ncws'k, New - Brims wkk, 1'rn ce - I on, Trenton and Bristol, end arrive atPhiladel utiia the same evrninr. Fare 8 dollars. The Steam oaf Lint INDUSTRY, will star from New - York every morning (Sun - (uvt excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the fleam Boat At'uLmta. from the north tide of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia next day to dine t am through jo U.:ited Stalra Marl Coach, with a guard, with ev:iy convenieM. lor pnsSMgers and baggage, on rpringt. The U. ?. mail conch - will start Irom the t ott'I office, old No. 1 Courtiaodt - ttroet, New York, every day n oVIcck, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next nwniug atCo'clock. Only 6 nattenrer admitted. Fare 10 dtdiars. tot seats in the aiiovenamtd Cinet, uppty to i iios, hi i r ic.L.1. at me om enai unei Crach, Stage and Sttam Boat oflke, at the old No. 1 CooithDdt - tiet, the second omre (rem Broadway, New - York ; to I8AAC BKOU , .No. I Wnshington - ttrr. - t; or to A. T. GOODRICH ft CO No 124 Broadway, corner of Ce - dar - ttreet, New - York. . fCTAII goods nnd baggage at the risk of the owner JOSM'H CiU.X. SOXS K CO. N. B Expresiei tent to any pari ri the Con THOMAa VVHITFIFLD. Jan It U. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, Willi AOUAKLI. (ty The public nre assured that thit line it equal to any in the U. S. for the convenience and t'cmiort oi me traveller. With the addition of tlie guard, the passenger may rttt secure as to hi baggage and personal safety the coach ne ver hemg leit Whilst changing at the pott oOicet, without a pertoo on the box. The wav mail it put in separate bags and changed in the Euro pean style. The U S. Mail Coach will start from the coot h office, old No. 1 Courtland - itvet. New York every day at 2 o'clock P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock ; only 6 passenger! admitted in thit coacb. For teals apply to THOS. WHITFIKLD, at Ihe old Conch and Stage Office, old No 1, second t.ffit e from Broadway in Courtfandt - ttrttet, or to A T lt ,1L) i'If . j i, l rm ItuwvvniviiniU. i.U. 1X4 DrOnuwBV. r..i..m ....... It V 1 N. B. All goods and biteace at the risk of me owners. J. LYON b SONS. Powlet Hook. WILLIAM GULICK to CO. Kingston. CHESTER BAILEY. Philadelphia. Expresses sent to any pert of the Continent by jan 20 IIIO. WHITFIELD. ' w I' CHAisr. - FOR P M . .. A D t 1, I' H I A . The POSTC1IAISF, with every convenience for Passengers awd their batx"Ke (thioutru in one day) will feiiV Ihe Cily Ho?t.l ewry di.y (aun - dayi excepted at 7 o'clock in the mornm?. b - way of ewark, and arrive the rne day at Philadelphia. The MAIL COACH PILOT, in opposition to th - Mail Coach, with S'lperi r atconimoda - tinn for Passengers mid thf irb:pj;ae, will leave the City Hotel every day (?nr!ay racepted) at liulf past 1 o'clock P. M. will proceed be), re the Mail, and m' hbject to the inronvenience of stopping at the uiimeroiit Tost Offices on the r(!. but every arrooiuioaaiion pMvided lor tra veller, arc arrive tome hours hefure the Mail nt Philadelphia. All lettert ojm pa port cnrri"d free of expense by the Coochet. For teatt m the above lino rply at flic Post Chaise and Albany Mail and Diligence OCice, U - HDD. l ... . ..... V:. i. , ft7 All eoodi and baggage at Die risune of the owner. JOILN N.CUMM1NO, Newark. JOHN GULICK k SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON k HOWELL, Philadelphia. JV. H . JCxpreutt tent Io any part of iht Union. Jan 6 tf JUST PUBLISHED. THIS day it published and lor tale by ELI AS VALEiNTIKE. No. 104 Broadway, third door below Pine - street, n print of Mr. fhilipps, in the character of CapC Beldare, engraved by Ginibrede, handsomely coloured and plain. jan fVTOTICE. The Copartnership heretofore 1.N existing io thit city, under the firm of Virol, fackam it U'u, u trrn day dissolved by mutual consent. All persons having unsettled accounts with taid firm, are requested to call at 57 Front - street, for settlement New - lorn, uec. si, loiv. JAMES D'WOLF. ISAAC PACKARD, JAMES D'WOLF, Jun. dec 31 BOARDLVG. TWO gentlemen, or a tumil family, can be accommodated with pleasant separate bed rooms, at 177 Pearl - itreet, a lew rods ooith of the CoBee House. JanSllOt Tt LYNCH, Junr. having made arrangements J. with a respectable house in Madeira, to be supplied with a proportion ol the wines of the fa nsiies ol at. Antonio and cama de LfObot, (uni - versallv acknowledged to pn duce the brstMa' deira in the It land; hat opened a wine store, at lvo. 4u wiiiinm - tirpei, wot re ne win receive order for Uii wloe, from gentlemen wiiliing to lay up a tock for their own ut ; and fhv the agree ment with the house in Madeira) it the wine, oa arrival, be not approved hy D. I Jr. it i not to be sent to the partiet ordering it. D. L. Jr. hat taken great pain to procure from various placet in the United Statet and the West Indiet, the uett Madeira, that wat to be purchased, in the wood, and old bottled wine, of very superior quality, iron private slocks, which be now offers lors - le. He will constantly keep on hand an assortment of the choicest wines and liauom. selected with care bv h mself. nnd trill sell noon which he cannot WARRANT PURE a IMPORTED. Jaa 19 lm PA TwVT ELASTIC RAZOR STHOPS. GEORGE Si A.N HERS, lately (mm Loudon, once more addrastet the public, thanks them for pa - i favors, and race mom re blares to recommend bis strop as on of the most comfort - giving contrivances that ever blot the chin of man. Ha will instruct any self - shavm; gentle mau In the nse of it, and when once po?ettd of the secret and a box of comiNiioa, he may say with the poet of nature, To shave to sleep perchance to dream while in the operation and who would bear the tweaks and act cf - bor baa t who Would grunt and sweat under a loathomc UarJ, or a dull razor ue, when he might hit quittus make with a simple iaunjer's strop?" Come then to his manufactory al tLo comer of Recd - rlreet and Brosdwxy, nd litem you will find the subscriber alwsyi ready to re - ceive the coauauds of bit customers, decs 1 rWicfcoo how to ditfla - aiik ka: I I"V V"R HORNE, fornix .number of the mrutty of phrri, and cumrv mere. rln.r. , IV to nlw,t Ani.AnuM....: ratti, indiwr iminate, and nnomh fied ate thereof, has been produc - . lands are annually mercurialixed out of - Sr.. r r it . . . . " T"w owe It l tairesnlu chiefly to this tource. "Wbatanitt that a young man, the hope of hi country. Vi' the darling of rut parent, abould be fattened I ra (rum all the profcU and enjoymeaUof Bji by the consequence of one angaarded momeni and hy a disease not ia it own nature faialTarJ Idchon prove no from aeglect or irnrop - t " .aiiiciua, yaw ut. tln. iiwjt) now permctly hearty and welL.isnd has. ' . r "v j 'i.cno nee Lr hri iannf g. ra - ij practice, cixyeanr and V ,7 1 . ",rr" in ornmenued I Dr. H. (by a gnntieman of thit city) hi bo.!. ur - . iKTiilin nil liia Aaah ilrn.,. ,'... f .r" d friends declared he could not nn..ikiu r.t ik. c - ...i .i c. cradi. m vvmiinua uiecoaiK luUon. Tim JXorb r t plan (adrertiiiiu?) cewnry to guard Ihe public against me abuse ! mercury, and o'rer fatal delusion, heM trrth Pert ont, therciom, having contracted a mi! vato disordvr, or fjt:ting latent poisoa. arU admonislied not to tamper with their coattiti lion, or conceal the disorder, till pas) Trecest!! T i othtrthaviug the remains' of aa old i other immritiei of the blood, nmnJP n .omplairtt of a delirata aaure, in sex. should remember posterity, and do jutic to their contcient, by making nrmiJcBlio o Dr. II. at hi old and resectable tab! Ii - thment, No. 64 Water - street, four hornet w.ii ol Old - slip, to ohiain that prompt assistance a ' ' lone raw - elated to prevent ditcloture. And here let a.t claim your teriout attention RememUs a'iucialcureit nocureatall: unless tliebu incfsis radii ally done, yon will certainly ham Hie disorder break oul again with redoubled ra " e,l,ly al """R imure pno(i ; perunnt . I c loo late for remedy. Don't you often inoet ia he streets miserable, mutilated hpitijpi without vnn a bit oi note on their face .' Take warninr 1 hescct'h j ou. 6 Dr. H's.:liaracterorsk;!:andihibboni inte - grr.y; universally knoirn in thit city, sums ICO 1, guarantee to patients that delicacy ami te - ; crerj lnthf - rto unknown, and luit ing confined hit practice foryeart past, exclusively to tliecureol iliM astt oi the blood system, tl.ey may taftlycnl. culabjon the most decided advanlagei in cob. GlceU eradicated In tw or three wli. - ! Stricture removed without bougie or nny other insfrum.'nr ,nt ll . K;iit:... . i!u .. . . . .... .r. , ... ..iiiuo. iMcwise ail old ulcerations, fistula's &r . . A plurality of office are protided, andtotita. " - led that patienlt are not expon toeach otlier's nhnrralinn flnn fill K.lf ..... n ., . ' .1, ' ule evening. Ail persons concerned are invited to he fr . f ailing, and speaking with Dr. H. which it tree , of cott. And here the Doctor cannot nroid the fuiiumemoie recom mendaflont, and for the decided preference (it is Mvi'invid with lust caused lnn ... i.. l . judirioni public. ' vr r . i, i u . , a. o. ah lenen mutl be post paid. Dr. Buchanan. , ," Aug7 v HElTHtK qVACKtlRY AOR I.VPUS. DR. EVANS' ...perio, . method ofcuringact. tntnDiiPMe, itnowaaiver. ally acknowledgrd ia thit trry ; his mode of trenUacnl - ltiieuiiy mi hi, aaie, ex - IwdiUont, and hit charei reaionabl. 0 t;rcr. in. taiice he warranta a cure, and will return the pay if he lots not perform i..,i.i. contracL b'"au" j ue sincitM tecrrcy always ohterved. There are many persons in this city and its ri. cinity. laboring under various chronic .i.v... such as cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or king evil, fistulas, diseases of the urethra, bbdrier and kidnies, old complicated complaint ax JtMMmim ttslhits) ti I r.c.l At i . v m v.ts - sn wiivii uiuj uiner tJOiiiuc tiont, rheumatim, Ire which they consitler inon. raxhltB. (Mar CaxA rertainlv U n ri .v iv inwjnm.. . - ..vr ..j.,. uiHi,r some Of me firtt (Surxeout and 1 hjiiciant iu tlie worhl, and ' made those obttinale diseait s his constant study i for 3l vt - att. - Oct ..K.WnETOW DA - la, Fancy Chair Manufacturers, Xo. 153 Fulton - street, opposite St. I'nuls Church, oiu - r ior sale, wholesale and retail, a larRe and elegant nt - tonineiit uf Curld Maple, plain painted and ornament ed iu gold 4c hronre, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Palls, Rocking, Sewing, and Converts - Lounseet, Music Stool, lie. Order from any part o' the continent exKuted with ueatness and dispatch. Old Chair repaired, painted and ornamented. oct 13 A GREAT NATURAL CURIOSITY. THKpuhlic are informed that this morning wn landed the Ion;; expected FEMALE EL - E, HA.T, nnd is to bo teen at No. 296 Broad way, near Washington Hall. I he size of tbi animal I about 7 feet high, and about 18 feet long from the rod of the proboscis to the end of the tail. She is to be teen from 9 o'clock A; M. to 9 in the evening. Price of admittance ?5 cent. nov7tr TOR THE LADIES. THE RESTORATIVE POWDER FOR THE TEETH AND GUMS' .Thit excellent preparation comfort and irengtheni the gum, preserve the enamel from decay, and cleanses and whiten the teeth, absorbing all that accrimonious slime and foulness,' which, suffered to accumulate, never fails to injure, and finally ruin them. THE DAMASK LIP SALVE. It recommended, (particularly to the Ladies) as an elegant and pleasant preparation for chipped and torn lips, and every blemish nnd inconvenience occasioned by cold, fever, kc. tpeed - ily restoring a beautiful rosy color, and delicate ' softness to the lips , THE GENUINE PERSIAN LOTION, So celebrated among the fashionable throughout Europe, it an invaluable Cosmetic' and pet fectly innocent and iafe, free from corrosive and repellent minerals, (the batit of other lotions) and of unparalleled efficacy in pre renting and removing blemishes in the face and skin of every kind, particularly freckles pimples, trarfs, tetters, ring wcrms, sun burns, tic. rendering Ihe skin delicately toft and clear ; improving the complexion and rettorinp the bloom of voulh. Hamilton's Essence and rxtrsct of Mustard, ior Rheumatism, Lumbago, Palsy, fcc Hamilton' celel rated Ehxer, for coug!:t colds B'tlimas and Consumption. Hamilton' Worm destroying Lozenge . Halm' Anti - Bilious Pillt Hamilton's Grand hettorative, for nervout easet, ttc being peculiarly adapted to F emale complaiuts. .... Sold at LEE'S Medicine - ilore, No. 46 Maiden - Droggiit and country store keepers wppu" on liberal terms. Certified can of cure may be teen al the pi of tale. Jan 9 eot NEW - YORK: PRI.YTED AXii PUBLISHED MICH 1EL BWtXHAM It CO. o. 4t risra - trnnXT. t wo mc nthi longer. Thoamndt exrierimcatallm hy applvinr at Dr. EVA.NS'S Medical Store, Nol .1. in V .rn. 1 - I - ... n

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