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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, January 27, 1818
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, From lA Unyiv lima, VbsV l.s Htm Smltm tMusUal uco(im. A ysten, nVnyhd te (anlitftU Um acquisition tt the most AalLrHtTul of tbe art, has bM invented, about this tear since, by Mr. Logier, a professor of Mbmc m UUU, noa m airrnay wuuug xico - trm Miraa a both the titter kbvdoms. Thw eyetens'is not Merely niceJeted for the OUtuaMatol'eMcbMMrtJ skill) it include ao ear end certain method of acquirinsr know - lad of tborwuzh bat, and the principle of ceoivoaitioev " The oUa aaay be prided into three parti : I. That which rotates to knowledge of the notes, and the proper position of the hand and fWer. ft. A centriraoce bt which the round est w.udeat immediately bean Mi part in tort of eontejsL 3. lite method of teactuof inosvogo baa, and the nature of harmony. Mr. Logier has in tea ted a machine, which he calls, a. Chiraobut. or Hand - director t thia ma chine is composed of a portion frame, and finger aad wrist guide, vre taken own aetcnpuou. " J he position - frame b formed of two parallel rails, fixed to the pianoforte, and extending Iron one extremity of the keyt toineoioer i in Use of it b to pre rent any undue eleration or depression of the hand and arm. ' ' Tbe finger guide are two moveable brass frames with fire mvkiont, teparating and confining to their respective key the thumb and the murfiiirera: these division correspond perpen dicularly with the key of the instrument, and may be moved to any situation by mean of a brass rod, no which they are made to slide. To each finger - guido will be found attached a brass wire with it regulator, called The wrist etude ; the use of which is to pre terve the proper position of the wrist, and to prevent it being inclined outwards, which would necessarily withdraw the thumb from the proper command of Us key. Thus disposed, no appro - beamon ean b felt of misplacing the finger, bands, or arm) ifi therefore unnecessary even at the key) and the eye may be en tirely fixed en the mutic t which, it mutt be ob vious, is the essential ground - work for the at tainment of that desideratum, called flaying at ignf. loo hand, warn once confirmed Dy ha bit in the position and compass proper to be pre - erred in ordinary a inculcated by the finger - guide, will always return to it, however various passages may require its temporary extensioo, with satisfaction and ccofldence, as to a rallying point Iran wni h it set out." ' The mode of teaching the name of the note S ingenious, and sufficient for the purpose; but a wo do not consider this a matter of great difficulty or importance, we sliall not dwelt upon it Use second is a most happy thought: and if the system is to stand, will be it main pillar and support. A erie of musical lesson, prog re aire in difficulty, and all constructed to the tame harmony, hare been prepared. By this means, all the pupils, however numerous, aad of whatever proficiency they may be, who practise in the tame roots, are made to tnatain a part iu a XMH trt exactly more or let important in proportion to their several abilities : for example, the lowest clan, by the help of the chiroplast, play the fundamental ban with the left band, noJ corresponding tlow note in the treble with thu right : the next, one band being freed from restraint, play a sort of accompanimnot, moving in crotchet or quaver with the right baud, though the left, still held in ealntary bondage, trikee only a few tlow note. - The third class, f elcased from the chiroplast entirely, play I arpeggio, or quick pasage; while the fourth class, still farther advanced, doet the tame with the left hand, and strikes chord with the right 'Ail this it going on MtnulUneoudy, and cannot tail, to our apprehoiisioo, of producing two most important results, vis I Strict adherence to tlie tune or measure, and an early sense of the beauty of harmony t both which are thu imbibed With the Grit rudiinent of the art. The third part of Mr. Logier't plan resembles the Luncasteiiius method of teaching to read j (lie popilt rUnding in a semicircle before a black "board or screen, on which are drswh five or tix . tlav of mutic lines, and on this the pupils inscribe the note with chalk, and are led on by easy and gradual etept to a knowledge of the theory. VI e shall describe presently the rctoltt ot inn process. - The tyttem of Mr. Logier bat been hitherto unknown in London, except in theory. .9 bout four mouths ago, Mr. Samuel Webbe, a gentle Bum high in the profession, and well known to the musical world, determined on receiving a Bomber of pupils at his own bouse for the pur pote of putting its merits fairly to the test of ex pertinent. The result of that experiment, and of four month practice iu ch ilJxen, few of them exceeding six or seven year of age, wat exhibited yesterday at the Argyle - rootns. Mr. Logier aintelf wat abo present, with four pupils, three of them sisters, whom be has brought with him from Ireland, and who have been under hit tuition between two and three rear. We have been extremely gratified with thia exhibition - There were in all eight pianofortes, of course tuned to each other, in the room ; at tome were , placed two, and at other were three, of the incut performer ; tome had both hands, other one only, guided by the chiroplast other were quite free : the little orchestra moved together Wan a precision which it uncommon even in well regulated bands. The junior popilt next described on the board frith halk the different keyt in muic, the flat and sharp peculiar to each, their relation to each other, together with the enharmonic changes which might be made use of in the extreme flat or sharp keyt to facilitate their execution there was no embarrassment here, and each teemed eager to display her knowledge. The more difficult exercisei on the board were reserved for VI r. Loner's pupil ; they described the harmony of the diatonic scale, ascending and descending both in major and minor keyt ; the narmooic variations of woicn it H uceptii)le the inversion of that harmony ; the tuen;iont ol each chord in the modulation, and those again inverted. The whole conclude with tome composition of Corelli, Scarlatti, and Mozart, which was perform d by Mr. Logier four .pupils in the moil unirhed manner. We are persuaded lhat thia it a most import ant ditcoTcry, and that it will be of equal ad vantage to the public and to the protestor of music. I nousands even of adult, to whom the mecnanum ane hrtt rudiment of music have presented an Insuperable difficulty, will now have the mean of acquiring an art, which it the best oruiment of prosperity and a real solace of adversity t the professor, while he escapes from a most tediout and disgusting process, will be enabled, and with belter effect, to teach twenty pupils with the tame trouble as one ; while, a they advance beyor.d the rodiments, those refinement! both in playing and cntn position, only to be acquired by imitation, will be equally tougbt for from bit skill. XEIV - YUHK ACKWVJVO POST. Tl'ESOAT, JANUARY 27. Tiu federalist. It is announced in the news - paper at Washington, that a new edition of thii work i in pre, at that place, and will be delivered in November next, with, the name of the respective number prefixed to each, as obtained " from a source which cannot be queitioaej." Tiu Wmdiington City Cuttile abo, in December last, observing that at a contrariety of opin ion, on lb tubject of the different writer of i this work existed,' be, for the tstis.'actioo ofth public, and to put the question at rest,'1 guvs lot (hat wat u fureiiLed by a gtnlimm who re. ceteed it troa Mr. Maaito, wbkbbe ttj wOl be found ifidajmtaUy cwtwsL" i, Thiwu - proved by another editor ato UmaertioMthat IbelBtwMfaraisbedbyMr.Madifoa luaoeU. But whoever furnished it, or whenceeoever wat derived, 1 scrapie not to my, it it not entitled to credit ; sod I caution Mr. Gideon, the pubiyi - er, against adopting it in his work, under the p - m wS bavin ki litaa denounced eml 1 j ' . . . now proceed to give the prootf upoti wnica fixak wHh ruch confidence. ' In the National Intelligencer appeared the first attempt to rob the dead, in order to decorate the brow of the living; and the following para graph appeared in that paper of March 16th, a from a correspond en U - take it upon me to ttaU from xndvhilablt authority, that Mr. Maditon wrote no. 1U, 14, 18. 19. JO. 37. 38. 39, 40, 41, 42. 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 68, and flt, 83 and 64. Mr. Jay wrote No. 2, 3, 4 and 5, and Mr. Hamilton the residue." The writer of this paragraph, in order to give it the most imposing air, added, that if the list disputed, he appealed to Geo. Hamilton' papers that be left behind him, and tbey would tbew it te be correct He wat taken at h word ; the papers were appealed to, aad the fol lowing wat given to the public at an exact tran script of the one left by Gen. Hamilton with i friend a few day before hi untimely death, and doubtless, m express apprehension of that awful event. Numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 and 54, Mr. Jy. 10, 14, 37 to 48 inclusive, Mr. Ma duoo. - 1ft, 19, 20. Mr. Madison and Mr. Hamilton Jointly. All the rett by Mr. Hamilton." A corresponding key hat long been in the pot - session of several gentlemen here ; furnished, toon after the Federalist appeared in volunee, by Mr. Royal Flint, a man of letters and a political writer, since dead, but at that time in habits of intimacy with Gen. Hamilton, and all the princi pal men of that day, and who asserted, on hit personal knowledge, that it wat correct. From this it appear that the Washington list it incorrect at to every one of the writer named : For instance : No. 64 was churned by Mr. Madison which certainly belonged to Mr. Jay, a bo waa long denied to hare written more than four papers: Not. 18, 19 and 20, were claim ed by him, although thut proved to belong jointly to himself and Mr. Hamilton ; and no lest than twelve entire paper, namely, from 49 to 55, and 62, 63, alto claimed by Madison, were solely written by Hamilton. The result of thia investigation was immediately fublithed in this paper, and the tubstance of it copied into most of the other papers in the United States. A. little dissatisfaction was manifested in the Nauonal Intelligencer, at the time, with a promise that the subject nhould be returned at tome future day, when the tndtipufaofc authority" should return from the South. The next we hear worth attention, it from the article in the Washington City Gatete, above quoted, and copied into the Commercial Advertiser; in which, the editor, without taking the least notice of the error which had been detected by gon. Hamilton paper, to which Mr. Madison's friend had ex - prenly appealed, and by which he was conte quently forever concluded, undertakei to repeat that he will put the question io dispute, forever at rett, by giving a list "furnbhed by a name - lesi geutleman at second band who received it from Mr. .Vadison himself," which, be adds, " will, (alto,) be found indirpulably correct." rhit, the reader will remember, it long after be knew its correctness wat not only disputed, . but by the highest authority proved to be falie. The Gazette then proceeds to give hi list thus fur - niihed : M By this it appear that letter 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1 1, it U, 15, 10, m SK, S3, 24. 25. 26. 27.28. 2, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, &, 36, 59. 60, 61, 65, 66, Ol, OU, M, U, f ,7, 73. 74, 75,78, 77, 78. 79. 80. 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, were written by Mr. Hi - nil, i . seller jt 3, 4, s, 64, by Mr Jav And lettcrt 10, 14, 17, 18. 19. 21. 37. 38. 39. 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51. 52. 53, 64, 55, 56. 57, 53, 62, 63, by Mr. MADISON. Fdty by Mr. Hamilton ; five by Mr. Jay ; and miny oy oir. Mauison." It may now be worth our while to examine how far these two authenlie lits, both derived from indubitable authority, both asserted to be, indirectly, from Mr. Madison himself, and both declared induputabty correct, agree with one another, and how for they do not : because, if it is found they differ materially from each other. it will no longer be pretended, I presume, that they are both " xndirputably correct." First, then, in the National Intelligencer it was ajtertcJ that Mr. Jay only wrote four papers, vie. 2, 3, 4 and 5 ( and this assertion wat per sisted in after the error had been publicly rectifi ed aud pointed out. It wat asserted lhat Mr. Madisoo wrote C4, and it wat accordingly tct down in the first list claimed by him. But here in this second litt, in the City Gazette, we find the somber allowed Mr. Jay it five, and 64 is, at length, given up. The truth is the fact had been ascertained and stated by Mr. Jay't Nogra pher in Delaplaine'i Repository, and the chasm which occurred between the 5th and 64th num ber accounted for, in a manner that convinced tomtbody it would not be prudent to persist in urging a claim, while the witness who could prove its irjuttice wat itill alive. .4 gain : In the first litt in the National Intelli gencer 20 is claimed a Mr. Madison', a well at 64. In the second m the City Gazette 20 it allow ed to Mr. Hamilton, a 64 is to Mr. Jay. In the second Utt 17 and 31 are both claimed by Mr. Madison, but in the first both these numbers, 17 and 21, are given to Hamilton. Thut we see irreconcQeable discrepancies in the two " indisputably correctn lists, and yet it it boldly asserted that both are placed beyond all controversy, and both derived from a source that admits of no doubt. M The colli sion of one falsehood with another, says an able polemic divine, hat often demonstrated the falsity of both.'1 To turn op the whole in a word : a particular mode of proof it pointed out as conclusive, and by thit it hat appeared that one paper claimed by Mr. Madison, sis. 64, was written by Mr Jay ; that torse other paper claim - A mistake for ft - edb r UA Ma&ea,' si. 18, 19, n8 , were written by Hamilton and himself jointly i and lhat ten elhert, vis. from 40 te 58, and fx, 63, now claimed by Mr. Madison, were not any part of thetn written by bias, bet solely by Mr. Ha milton. Inites therefore, of tbe statement that 50 were by Mr. HamHtoo, 30 by Madbon, and 4 by Mr. Jay it appears, by evidence of their own selection, lhat 62 were written by lumil ton, 3 by him and Madison jointly, 6 by Mr, Jay, and the residue, viz. 16 only by Mr. Ma - dltnn. How musferkrygenerout mind revolt at thit ruthless attempt to wrest any portion of his Jutt fame, from a able and disinter etted a friend b - thit country and its liberties, at ever breathed ? A Lit ! be bat left no other patrimony to hit chd dren 1 In the name of justice as well at of mer cy, then, seek not to lessen iU Monruur 7Vnsn ttmt crei'n. Meant have been found to induce the executive once more to bring forward and recommend f the favor able attention of coo grew the extraordinary claims of the representative! of the Caron Beau marchais, upon the United States for one million of livres, and the Interest from 1783, that is. thirty - five year the 25th of next February The merit of this claim, when it was first brought forward tome years ago, were fully ex posed by a writer in thit paper, under the tigna ture of " An American," which wat written by the late Governeur Morris. So tatis factory was it to the public that the claim wat for that time dropt. . It has been twice revived since and hat at often been exposed and abandoned. It is now thought proper to put it forth again, and if it persisted in, again shall it be confronted with the truth. Tin claim ha no foundation ; and facts within my reach shall prove it. ' On Saturday latt a resolution parsed the lower house of the legislature of Massachusetts, re questing the hern. John Adams, late president of the United Stales, to consent that, a model of hit butt may be taken for the purpose of beiug sculptured in marble, to be placed in the Hall of the State - bouse. Yesterday afternoon the steam - boat Nauti lus, capt Deforest, towed the ship Corsair, from one mile below the narrow to the quar antine dock in three - quarters of an hour : And this morning from the quarantine dock to the Old slip in one hour and 40 minutes ; each time against a strong ebb tide, at the Yate of 4 miles an hour per log. PRESENTMENT. The grand inquest of the body of the people in and for the city and county of Hew - fork, now in tewion, would respectfully present to the court That in the case of Abel Cole, a youth, they have felt it to be their duty to return a bill for misdemeanor ; at the tame time they cannot, in justice, refrain from expressing their firm con viction, that the accident tor which be it now indicted, might have been avoided by a due exe cution oi the law to prevent the Bring of guns, pistols, fcc in the streett of the city. The grand jury, through the intervention of the court, would endeavor to obtain from the mayor, aldermen, and common council, tucb alterations and amendments to that law as would render liable to heavy penalties those who might aid and abet in it violation by telling to children powder, cracker or squibs. But they are, in tome measure, deterred from thit course by a recollection of the many penal laws which are daily violated with impunity ; among others, tbe acta to prevent the gallopping of pleasure horse through the city ; tbe trotting of horses before carts ; the neglect to remove mow and ice from the walks, especially of public buililmgs; and tbe forestalling in the markets. They would al to tuggest, that the city lamps are not sufficiently aumerout nor well lighted. The grand jury cannot dote this presentment without remarking, that they consider it a demo ralising and onjast system to load the tlatule - book with penal laws, which are permitted to tie violated until some accident happens, when rigid punishment follows. It is believed that it would be more consistent with the gennit oi our zoveroment. and more equitable in the corner vators of our laws, to prevent, by due diligence, those accidents which occasionally happen than to punish the individuals who are the immediate, but sometimes comparatively innocent,' cause of them. (Signed) RENSSELAER HAVENS, Foreman. MAT. L. DAVIS, Secretary. New - York, Jan. 16, 1813. Impostant. Extract of a letter from a. person of high re pectability in London, to hi friend in Phi ladelphia, dated Dec jth, 1817. " Tbe British Government has at length a - (Treed, at the request of the Allied Power of Europe, to become the mediator between Spain and her colonies." From the A'alumal Advocate. Infernal tonipiracyK concurrence of cir - cum.'lancet bat led to the discovery of an infer nal conspiracy in this city, which hat been mark ed by no ordinary leaturet ol atrocity. An Ita lian servant, in tbe employ of a respectable fa mily, wat dismissed by the master of the house on Thursday last, for drunkenness. To revenge himself, he meditated, hi compiny with one of his countrymen, and the black female cook iu the same family, to carry their diabolical plot into effect. It appear, that the Italiaa, after being dismissed, retained, with hit companion, to the house the tame evening, ami while in the kitchen nn the coak, in conference, wat overheard by the chambermaid, in explanation of their plant On alarm being given, and proper search made, the two Italians were discovered and secured. The cook confessed that their plan was to take advantage of the absence of the master of the bouse, who was about leaving town ; and in the evening, by a given signal, were to be let into the bouse by her. Tbeir design was to vto'a'e the females of the family, consisting of two ladies and two servant girls, and to murder them ; after wliich, they intended to rob the house, set fire to it, and escape. The cook also confessed tiiat she wat to receive $130 after the plate had been told, and corroborated lhat part of the conspira cy which had been overheard by the maid. The parties have all been apprehendrd by Robert Thillip and Azl Coocklin, constable of the 7ib ward, secured in Bridewell, and will shortly be put on their trial. The discovery of thit infernal design has prevented a terrible event, and will serve to operate as a caution to families in hiring foreirn servant. These particular hare beeu related to us by tbe gentleman of the bouse. From lite Boston CcnliniL, Jan. 21 On Tuesday last, the gentlemen of the Bos ton Theatre, at a mark of respect to Mr. In - cledon, invited him to a dinner, at Concert. Hall, where a very elegant entertainment was prepared by Mr. Foster. 1 "he day pasted tribe utmost conviviality. ?tany applicable toasts and sentiments were riven If Mr. Ctteiu TWprriiJed,' If Ur.' fwreii, Mr. uun, nir. sucn - uu, r. uv - . as. vim Up. Wrrll. fcc : and the names of Persons eminent tr their dramatic taliats were mentiuoed and trans: with respecu oc - .t .nnmnriate Son irs were sunr by Messrs. Bray, Bernard, Dickson, Dykes, Drummond, unri Mr.Tavlor When the heslth of Mr. Incledon wss proposed, i list gentleman rose, and in a slwrt but feeling address, relumed his thanks for the honor conferred on him by their polite invitation. He added, - 1 shall set an additional value upon it, as it is the first of th kind I hs re. eived since tnv arrival in America, and believe me, gentlemen, I shall ever re member, with nride and eratitude. the atten tiou and kindness of my BrotlKr Performers." Mr. Incledon sunt? soineof bit favorite Songs, and in his best style, particularly, " Deeper mf J,nter Midi - Allan Aroonc, and the " Manuon of Peace." GxoaeaTosr. Jan. 17 The crew of the schooner babel it, lately arrived at this place from Amelia - Island, have forcibly taken the command ot her trom captain Moore. Captain Moore, together with t; whole of his officers have been in town since Wednesday last, since which day the vessel has been commanded oy uie ooaiswaiu and crew. Capt Moore, informs, that they have made several efforts to get him on board for the our Dose f he has no doubt) ot proceed in,' to sea. He yesterday dispatrhed bis first officer for the purpose of bringing tbe vestel and crew up to town i and no sooner had that officer stated the purpose of his visit than one of the crew discharged a loaded pistol at him r which fortunately did no damace. They then Dut the officer on shore and resumed their command of the schooner, stating their inten - tion of proceeding to sea, a soon as a navigator could be procured The Labelita mount five e - unt t one Ions; 18 pounder and four 9 all of which are charsred wiih trrape shot and ou. ee balls In order to make a settlement with this disorderly crew, it is expected that Lieut. Arrest, will take command to - day, and be afterwards succeeded by Capt. Examina ion, who will report tbe whole proceeding to Com'. Justice. NORFOLK. Jan. 32. From a eentleman who left Havana on the 9th inst. we learn that the report of the de - tention of American vessels in that port, in consequence of information received that the United State Government had taken posses sion of Amelia Island, is totally without foun dation, nor did he hear that the intelligence of the taking of the Island had reached Uicm. SAVANNAH, Jan. 16. The mail bad not arrived at 8 o'clock last nizhL Cotton wat quoted in Augusta on me lzin inst. at 31 a 31 cents per lb. Prime wat told in thit citv vetterday for 33 centt, which it from 3 - 4 to 1 cent lower than hat been told for thit three weekt past. Our market appears to be well stocked with it, and hundreds of bales ar rive daily. The crop turns out to be more a - bundant than wat expected, last summer. Tbe letter containing 2000 advertised some time tince, at miwiog, by Mr. J. B. Howard, in Augusta, bat been received Dy way w - York, having beeu directed there instead of An - gusta! , We hear nothinc of the Hate of the American tonnage: it bad been customary for twenty yeart nast. tocublith a circumstantial state of the oa tional tounaee. During the administration of Mr Jf - ffirsnn. the tnnnasre was classed, into do mestic tnnnace, in tbe foreign trade, and coasting tonnage, and there waa an account o lorei .n I'w - nage alto. But it it very well worthy of r mark that there bat been no account of Americ to ton nage published lihee the treaty of Ghent f A u - Tora. Communication, The gt - ad - jury for the city and county of N. York, have become very vigilant and deserve the thanks of the community. Tbey bave presented the corporation for passing ordinances and then suffering them to be infringed with impunity. There can be nothing to ilestructive to good order at patting laws and omitting to carry them into effect better Have none. But there it one offence which must star the grand jury in the face, every day of their lives, which, however, they do not notice. I mean the advertising for sale, contrary to statute, lottery tickets out of the state. Unlets an example it made of those concerned, the practice will continue. CIVI3. MARRIED, At Stratford, Conn, on the 22d instant, by the Rev. Ashbel Baldwin, Lieut. Jo - haa B. Brant, of the U. S. army, to Mist Elizabeth Lovejoy, of .i. r 1 ine lormcr puu;e. DIED, Thit morning, Mrs. Sabina Syket, aged 60 yean. Her friends and acquaintance, together with those of her ton Stephen Allen, are invited to attend her funeral to - morrow afternoon, at o'clock, from no. 71 Bowery. On Mond - v evening, the 2Clh inst. Helen C. Fisher, only daughter of John Fuller, Esq. of Brooklyn, in the 22d year of her age. The friends and acquaintance of the family are invit ed to attend her funeral to - morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from her father's residence, in Brooklyn. EVENINQ POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. Shin Perseverance, llod'ton, Eattladiet Joteph Otborn Brie Cornelia. Grit wold, Cadit NLkG Gritwold Nancy, Packard, Savannah Alexander. Booth, Havana Isaac Packard, Schr Cere. Mills. Charleston Sloop Regale, Andrew, - Mvannan NO ARRIVALS THIS FORENOON. BELOW, Ship Alexander Buchanan, from London - der,v: 2 thipt, 1 brig and 1 schooner. BOa TON, Jan 24 afternoon. Wind, N. E. with considerable Snow and harbour partly froz a ore . xiR, Jan 16. Arrived, brig Speedy Peace, Fosdick. N York 11 days. Schr Milo, Pease, N York 7 days. Schr Kennebec - Tradcr, Cars, Providence, R I 12 day. Below United States' sch. Lynx, lieutenant commandant Madison, from Amelia Island. Tbe Lynx has brought in with her the schooner &yrena, with 60 slaves, for adjudication. The Lynx left Amelia on the 2d instant i she brings no newt, nirUier than what we beard before. Cleared Ship Georgia, Low, Liverpool, brig Roderick, Harding, N York tcb. Ariad ne, fendleton, CibraJUr. PHILADELPHIA. Jan. 26. Sbip Stranger. Whitney, got up to Keedy Island on Saturday evening, all well. Arrived, at. needy Island last evening, schr. Rachel and Sallr, Ern ie, from Cane lt - nrv Jan. 18th, off Cape Charles spoke brig Venus, of roniaaa, XH days iroin Ju quemel, lor ft York, all well ; 19th, off Cbincuttagne sloop Naocy, Uramsby, Iran N York via Noriolk, for Philadelphia, and parted next day la a gale from N. E. ; 24th, left schr Entle. BUckman. for N fork, at anchor wmd bonod unCer Cape May. - :' THEATRE. . ' ft - v tnrniwMineuce of the noa - arnvrd of Mr. Incledon, the Theatre a iieceatarily clotedUII further nntir. Jan 27 tt JOHN C. HAMILTON ha remove doit office to 35 Barclay ttreet, Jan 27 3t ft - v - The couartnerthip under tbe firm of J on to & LxasROir, wat dimolved - y mutual con sent on Ike 2d dav of January, lUltf. i ne unsettled bosiaettof the said firm will be adjusted by J AMES LKNNEON, who it the only one authorised to settle tbe business of laid firm. Jan27 3t More Good Lucx at it. WaiWs Office. Ticket No, 17,265, being the flrtt draws number thit day, and entitled to one thousand dollar, was, at usual, told by R. WAITE, Junr. No. 136 Broadway, being the Ofth prise of one thousand dollars told at bit olSce within a few day t. R. WAITE, Junr. hat sold more priaes in tlie present N edical jjcienceLottery than any other office io thit city. J" ' NOTICE. fj - The public are hereby cautioned not to trust my wile, cunice, on my accoum, win not pay any debit of her contracting after this aaie Anu bui persuos wucuicu w uic otherwise, are hereby notified aot to pay the tame to any person but myself without my written order. New York, Jan. 27th, 1818. GARRET VAN NOSTRAND. - Jan271vfJ For Hate, Freight or Charter, The tbip DRU VLVION D, R. Quarlet, matter. 300 tons: will carry upward) of 3UO0 bUi ; it a tubstantial vessel and well found. For terms, apply on board, at pier no. 17, or at 66 South - street, to Jan 17 WALSH tt GALLAGHER. For Hale, Freight or Charter, The substantial, fast tailing brig MARY - ANN, capt. Lewit ; it I year old l carries about 1600 bblt ; bet at pier no. 13, east river. Inquire ef GOODHUE fc Co. Jan 27 44 South - street. FHUGHl for UtFHPOOL, About 600 bbl are wanted to fill up the ship DRAPER, Adams, master She lies at the east tide Fly - Market wharf, ard will tad ou Sunday next. For freight or pas sage, apply on board, or to Jan 27 B. W. ROGERS k CO, or CUARLKSTOjY, The ttaunch fast sailing schr. LOU ISA, W. Napier, master , will on i hursday, havinjr tbe most of her canro on board. For the remainder, or passage, apply on board, west side Bur ling - slip, or to SAUL ALLEY, jan 27 88 Pine - street. SUEftRY WINE, etc. 7 qr.catkt very choice Sherry Wine, 14 yean old, and 8 tea gall, kegt very old Muscatel and Pafbrct Wines, particular!) calculated for family use, for taie oy u. u. 8. huvvlau, Jan 27 77 Waihington - itreet CLOUR tt TOBACCO 150 bblt Richmond r City Flour, Haxall't brand 50 do do Country do 9 lihdt Prime Ok! Leaf Tobacco 20 do New do in ttore, and for sale by TROKLS, DAVIDSON CO. Jan 27 106 Froot - itreet. I IN Eft b, sic bales German Shirt ine and s dneeanK x.iaens. lor sale on reatooaDie uTCr. AS. HOWLAND, 77 Washingtoa street tersns, by Jan 27 Cll A VI PAG N E. A few cases still and spark - ling Champagne, in cases of one and two dozen each, just received and for sale by HENDERSON CAIRNS, 81 Pma - et. LVSTVKmX, London Particular Afadeirn Wine, in bbdt. and quarter casks; Laoville and Rauzan Claret, of the vintage of 1812. Jan 27 FHE.VCU GOODS. OSTRICH Feathers, Plain tafita ribbont Fringed - do do Plain and fringed tattin do Figured garniture do Saltin hat lining, Lumen cambric . Chenelle cords and cords and tassels Plain black and fancy velvet tibboni Artificial flowers. Fancy bounett Fancy diadems, Ladies' head ornaments, &c. Silk lace veils, Merino ridicules Kid gloves. Tape, Beads, tic. Sic. For tale by K1U11AHDS, TAYLOR l W1LDKK. Jan 27 Iw 145 Pearl - tt. O f I ON. - 44 hales Prime Upland, for sale at 66 Soutb - tlreet, by Jaa 27 WALSH GALLAGHER. NE. RUM. - 20 finds. Button Rum, jutt re . ceived and for tale by G. G. U 3. HOWLAND, Jan 27 77 Waihingtoa - ttreeL IjVNGLIH IKON f SPIKES. - 75 toot Iron' U flat, round, and square, assorted size 100 caks Soikes. from 4 to 6 inch. Tk. former entitled to draw back, for tale by MfcNUfcKSON U CAIRNS, Jse27 81 Pinettreet K'l'or - ir im' n a u niv a a l O ICHARDS Si TAYLOR, in order to dote ineir naruware concern, oner for law the cuiaiuuer ui meir tiaraware, rancy ana military eoodt, at verv reduced orieet. for cash or approved paper And, to let or lease, the lower pun oi meir oiore ana thenar. Jan 27 1 w FLOUR. 10U bblt Richmond Flour, branded Gallego 300 do approved country brand ' 200 do Petersburg do. for tale at 66 Sonth - tL by WALSH It GALLAGHER. Jan 27 BOO I S AND SHOES MADE AND WAR - - - RANTED AT REDUCED PRICES. RJON ES, Boot and Shoe Maker, No. 35 Na - . taa - itreet, having completed hit arrangements for tbe prompt accommodation of oil friends and the public, solicit a continuance of tbeir patronage, which by his exertion be hope merit Jan 27 I w A SAVING OF 50 PER CENT. M. WILSON, 26 John - itreet. 3 doors from Natiau - itreet. betri leave to inform the public, that he intends in futare to do busioess (for cash only ; at the following very reduced pri ces, viz : A gentleman1! superfine blue or black coat $25 00 do other color 23 00 do - bhie turtoat or frock 28 50 do other colon . 26 00 do Marseille waistcoat 3 75 do Toilanet do 4 00 do Kerseymere or Cloth nanlaloont It SO And for those who prefer finding their own cloth uenuemeni close bodied Lost Trimmings do do do Ladies sortout or frock , 7 7a waistcoat 2 00 paulaloont 2 75 Habits 7 00 Pelisse 4 50 treat coats & 00 do do Army and Navy Uniforms. Childreni Clothes. and every other article in the Line proportiona - bly cheap. H.B. All article! cut la Ibe most fashionable ttyle and workmanship equbl to any in tbe city. im ii i GRACE CHURCH. DEW No. 98, fjrtale Eoauire nt No. 70 L W ''ashington - ttreet. Jan 27 61 QJJ BE LEI. And immediate pott . sion riven, that spa cious three ttory brick bouse, No. 39 Liberty - . i. it . . . sireei, wen csucvtaieo tor a ooarains noose. ApTlyto SAMUEL S. GOOD I EA R, Jan mOt . 120 Water - tteeet Chinese Puzzle. AT. GOODRICH & CONo. 124 Broa3 - way, comer of Cedar - ttreeL have rust com pleted a new edition of tbe above interettire aad curious amusement, with an iroproremeat in the aev ;ano elegant ivory pieces, in boxes of ? ane - gated wood, much more finished and complete than any made heretofore. Alto, a beautiful dissected inao of Eerooe sad of tht Unitw. kiaUi of Aiserici, coloarH. lant7 lm tna .cifr Initl An unexpired lease of 4'vears from tie ikui may next, oi ine nouse ana sot no. S87 Broadway, corner of ileed ttreet,oppotite Waso - ineton Hall. .The lower part it divided into two stores, completely fitted with shelves, tic. and are eligible situations lor outinett or any ttind. tor term apply at the Collector' office - No. 2, on thu baseni - int flxir of the City flail, between the. hour of 10 and 2, until the 2d day of February next. Jan 27 Ct COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE. illS At Wallabout Poiut, Long - Island, late the reaideoce of capt Lambert Schenck, deceased. , Ou the premises it a large tpaciou dwelling - house aud out - buildings in proportion 24 acres of land in tbe highest state of cultivation ; (to or 20 acres of wood - land if required by tbe purchaser) For particulars apply to Leonard Bleecker, 37 Wall - it. J Martin Schenk, jun'r. New - York 7d South - street, ) Martin Schenk, Wallabout. , Jan 27 lm House and Lot Ad. 118 Pearl - street. - illlt Thit valuable situated Store and Dwel - liiurliouie will be told at auction at tbe Tontine Coffee House, on Wednesday (to morrowOl The ttore it now occupied by Messrs. Arthur Tappaa ft Co. Tbe house it a con venie at residence for a family, and may be converted into upper itores and office! at small expeoce. For particular apply to the auctioneers, or at No. 30 Wall - itreet V1 - P. L. MILLS k CO. Jan 27 Auctioneers. rfTt OATUFUDAY, lSjj) The 3d day of February next, at twelve o'clock, will be told at public auction, at tbe Tontine Coffee House, by ROBERT M'MENNfJu MY, the two ttory brick front house, bakery, stable and lot ol grouod. No. 134 Reed - itreet, the fouitb house below Hudson - itreet. The lot is IS feet front and rear, and 75 ft. deep, and is rented this year for 400 and taxet. Terms, which will be liberal, will be made known at tie time ' of tale, or by the auctioneer, on application. Title indisputable. - Jaa 27 tdt TO LET. From 1st February uutil May next, a par lour .iud two bed - rooms in the upper part ol No. b Chamber - street, with kitchen, Ac. &c Knquire on the premises. Jan 27 Iw UUlbEOFiAOUSTKY. fTWlK Society for the Promotion of Industry JL have at present for tale at the rooms in .nthoiiy - ttrect, and at 112 William - ttreet, matrasses of different sites for families and for thip's births ; comfortables of different sixes ; linen and other shirts ofvarioutqualities for men and boyt; check and flannel do ; aud itout home made cloth over - frotki for carmen; thread of different colour for tewing, knitting and fir shoemakers' use. Alio, twine and knit house cloths. A great variety of articles for ladies' and children's uie. Orders are received at the House ef Industry, and at No. 112 William - street, and carefully attended to by the managers, four of whom remain in the bouse from 10 till two o'clock every day except Saturday. . fX3 It it earnestly wished by tbe members of the society that the c.tizent should visit the house - of industry, and judge for themselve of the benefit it it calculated to afford to indigent female. , Jan 27 lw MECHANIC HALL, Evsat Ena - i.e mis vnt, MR STANISLAS' arrangement withM. - rhanic Hall having nearly expired, h has but n few evenings more of displaying t4 the enlightened citizens of New - York, that dark and mystic science, which for centuries has astonished tbe world, and led many .to be lieve tbe aid or supernatural influence, to ; wliich he has combined many Scientific Ex periments on blectricity, Oat, Mechanism, be. His acknowledged superiority by those . ' ho have Ih en ee witnesses of bis unrivalled talents, renders a pompous advertisement un - v nec essary, for they need only see, to be coa - vmced that he is what Europe has acknowledged Master of the professjon. " Tickets one Uo.lar. The room wiu oe sept worm. jan 'a 3t" s MOORE'S IRISH MELODIES. UST published and for sale by A. T. GOODRICH Si CO. No. 124 Broadwav. corner of Cedar - street, opposite the City Hotel, a new and beautiful hot - pressed edition oi insn meioaiet, Stngt aud Sacred songt, by Thomas Moore, t - sq. price 75 centt, in extra boards. Alto, lately published, Lord Byron's English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, a lalire, price 50 cents. Eccentricities for Edinburgh, being a volume of hu mo rout poem, by George Col man, tbe younger, price 50 cent. Jan 27 3t MJi. Si MRS. POPE'S SEMLYARY, No. 71 John - street. FROM tbe uncommon improvement our children have made in their studies, during the short time tbey have - been at thit seminary, we think it due to the talents of Mr. Sz Mr. P. to state, thai their institution it highly deserving of puMic patronage. - J. M. Bradhurst, Abna. Vanclecf, Rob. Mitchell. Jan 27 2t THE PRINCIPLES OF HARMOJYT. CONTAINING a complete and compendious illustration of the Theory of Mutic, on anew and original plan, in which every part of that science, from its most simple to its highest branch - , r.', it progressively exhibited, and so arranged as to reader the whole familiar to the general capacity of students on tbe Piano Forte, by S. Kelfe, musician in ordinary to his majetty. Jutt arrived from London and for tale price 10 dollars. Tbe Orphean Lyre, containing a collection of the most harmonious glees, catches and duett ; arranged with accompaniments for the piano lorte ; elegantly printed in 4to. bound t5. ' A. T. GOODRICH k CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar street, op - Jan 27 ptite City Hotel. IN CHANCERY. Statecf .Yen - York, is. . IN pursuance of a decretal order of this beoo - rable court, will he sold at public aaction, at tbe Tontine Coffee House, id the citv of New - York. under the direction of the subscriber, as one off the masters of thit court, on Wednesday, tbe I8ih dav ofFebruarv next, at 12 o'clock, noon. ' All that certain lot of r round, tituate in the seventh ward of the city of New - York ; bounded northerly in front by Diviticn - ttrett, tootberly In the rear by a lot of ground belonging to Daniel Cobniff, westerly by n lot of ground belonging : to Ann Elder, and easterly bye lot of ground belonging to Cornelius Polliemut ; containing in breadth iu front and rear, each twenty tix leet and in lenslh on each side, lixtv three feet lix inchet , and the use of n ganway of eight feet wide, leading from the said lot into Harman - (treet, in common with the proprietor of the lots ol ground adjoining thesai ' gangws; with tbe appuitenaocei. JJated Jan. n, loin. JA.TIU A. I1A.VUL.IU., Jan 27 2awtF10dU Matter iaCbancery. IN CHANCERY. Stale t.Vcw.rrc,ss. ' I N purslane e of a decretal order of thii honorable court of chancery, bearing date to nineteenth !y of January, instant, will be sold at public auction, at tbe Tontine Coffee House, w the city of New - York, under the direction of the subscriber, as one of tbe matters of thii court, on the seventeenth day of February next, at If o'clock ot anon all that certain lot of ground, tituate in the 8th wart of the city of New - York, and known and dittinguisbed on a map or chart of ground late of Anthony Bowrosan, made by Charles Lost, city torveyor, or by lot oembef 401, bounded westerly in front by Sullivan - street, eaiterly in the rear by ground now or late in possession of 'lolden and others, northerly by K No. 400. lately sold to Durrsrest and Jobutoo, and southerly by lot No. 402, now or late belonging to tbe said Anthony Bowrosan, cootaiaing breadth in front and rear, each twenty five feet, and in length on each side, one hand red feet, with tbe aCpnrUoances. Dated January 26th, lol . , JAMES A. HAMILTON. . - Katlsr mCbaocry. JatrSWksti n

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