The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 3, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1913
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Vol. XII. No. 34. Gettysburg-. Pa-, Wednesday. Decembi r ,?£ 19!';. Price Cent*. t IM8NTHLY lEEIlNOIFIBST TEST OF f ' HAVE YOU SEEN THE NeW Short Stiff Bosom Shirts? | ! RF JQWN OOONG1L! LlOE We are showing them in the Corner Win ··!«« : the new feature about them is that theboso::i :s set underneath instead of on the top, thereby making' a. practicalle summer shirt minus iSu : starch. The bosom is sinail and short and \vili not catch on top of the trouser?. The newest sh?iies of Pink and Brown, also the staple colors. The cuffs attached or detached. The Price $1.00 and $1.50. g : . e · Council Refuses io Take Any Action Kumbsr sn GeHysbarg Hunter's Searge Lavender, for Kteny Years' | · oath? Hew Fire Apparatus, leave, License Tag Lesdsfs his JdeatM a Resident of Casnie-Am, Died In' | \ it for their Successor. Other! fleatien as s Trespasser. Fine and Frederick Will be Buried at) Costs Imposed at Hearing. Business Transacted. Flohr's Charch. Other Deaths, aay Bsysand 6ir!s in Adams Co. ! Correspondents send in Many Items SchaoisTake Pride in Matter of B f interesting Hews from their Perfect Attendance and are there Respective Towns. Personals Every D 3 y. and Many Brief '.terns. ECKERT'S STORE, WALTER'S THEATRE SKLIG i.t'BIN r.iidiiy liiin h · i duns') i:: or-k-r t a.v-j:'i -ery:« YffAGKAl'H TOBIAS V.'AXTS OI'T Tobias the raw recnm, :':\t f sn-irosi%5 5nr3 r r..:i ; «.- i U his pillar chitier-'. Vriteivls l-t h.- se.i L- finally :"orce«i to --p^-at iii- mhid. TO LOVE A N D CHERISH I.'ib-a E\«-«-;it-3t {irobleui J»lay ending IIaj»pily. TIIF LONELY 11:1 XCI-r» Vita-raph I'rtvwiy an-i pride 'iscla'!-.- her from th; c-aip-i:ty ··: or*!~r-. American. ~ Her loneli:! f ^s is = .»wn kt-t i» .1 liiV C'«::ijai'ioadi p, Maurice Cost-rl-o un.i Clara. Kinibai! young assnine the Lta \*. Mu=x- by the College Orchestra «.-arh ev-t i :-r7 DJ '.'. Show starts 6:30. Admission : cents. Bensfit of Fire Company. A Four Act Lrrania -THE DUST OF THE EARTH" with a carl of characters 5-v I.ora' Tal-Ttt- Thursday D.-ce=ber 4, 1913. BENNETT J- TYSON use !:rst test OI U.r Yr.F::tj · The town council met Tuesday even- iiijr in its regular December ^i-Jon j -with the following members present: Messrs- Treble. Butt, Shea'tr, Stock, Codori. Armor and Tawnev. 1 . . ; A communication was received from Harry Geischnaa asking that pave- derinjc that the v.uiks be put In co-id:- or , tj. e tag h-; wore ;t:u; al c;:ce looked n.-t-i chat !:- ' tion for winter, and "the highway con:- mittee was instruvie'I t'; lav a icai: porary cro^-shij;. A motion was passed oruerirs;? the : laving of pa.veR.enis ur: the south^ [of East Middle street exttided from up tr.-j record wnic." s:w.. cense number 27-11' was held by Carter. The sari-ing- of the .i.'arrant bv CoasiaLIe Sheaier :\.!Sowed. At the hearing- iefu;.- «i jsr liarn- :--h. Count." Treasurer ri-ja; e-ler nro- Ly one son and a daughter. : Th--- funeral was Le!ti s:: the Em-. i:-its:,-urg Ciithchc Chu«x:» Moii'lay : morning and in;orn:-^r.'. was mat!-- :n 1 the cemetery a-jjo:r.:ng. , tov.'nsnsp. ·· Mr-- M-ir"-- " :n * t "- ^ e ^-ie Bellman. Freda Rosie r. ilil- Myrna and Marie Taylor, of Big'er- viiie. spent a few days with their cousin. Lewis Bosserman. Curtis Thomas and wife visited Bertha l!!'-!!!;--^ :i yo:i!iz ; properly dticd his records to ^how row Carter ; was identified and witnesses were cre- ; Liberty street to the ::r~t · ha\"ing- paveme::t. A cojnr.ui3scut:o!t v.-as ret-fcived from £t . n t_ to tt-11 of his having i-een on the i the Board of Health as:-:injc for the Crouse land. A f.;.e ;i -2 and cosls . appropriation of ;sAJ. the or- ! .. V as Imposed. GEORGE V. LAVENDER Geortre V. Lavender, colored, for moitih aL Centennial Hail School. Lola Hartman recentlj-. Francis Thomas and Miss Beulah. many years a reside of C a shtown. Marie Reaxer. Carrie Luckenbau^h.' Fr£ f Mc ^L htst ^ ^^^ . . . . . . . » - » - S ' i - n . i i - j i » - J/!.. »-/.n.ri » i"r.L-£i»*!^^»'.*.n . died ilonduv aftc-r::oo:: at his home in '. -ginal sum aliowtd for the work or the' Carter had done little, if anv. harm Frederick uf iiea.-l disease. lie ^ : ='- [Ie w:ls che " ; year. Ii was grunted. on Mr. Crous's preperty bat. some. 1 · Thp treasurer reposed the receipt; i[me previous, dogs bs'ior;?:- c io h.jr.t- resident; of Cashtowr*. and wu.- :of 5iOT.i'^ from the Auditor Genera;' fc r had killed four r" hi- ;rce.-e ar.d he -: "°^" ! - ~?-^'-i-~x that section. ; of the State for the borough's share of was not aarticnlariv f'^d to have' i ·· ~ _-^ T -- /^v r '- T- S~*\ T~^ T A ~\ 7 · " re !rssuratl '- c " ~^ l ~- anu -"°" n 2» followed other hunters on his fa-n. and h= ^-J I 1 I j f ( | f~^ ^ /\ if ; the usual custom of ordering the same took the oprfortunLy cf mi.Ki.-.v: a:: ^. JL A V_X X V^/ i. J--t L JL JL i turned cvr to the r":re company. ' --:ar:i|Is; out of youi:^ Carter. jouy this^ c ir. G-tty^ar until -? Blanche Lsickenbaugh. ^ ovina Qrrer recenrlv \ ; o!a I--CK. Catnap U^rboraw. Lu-; Akon WSerman; - of ArendEsvi}!er · n.-i i.j'.r.c-p^u-n, ^ef-. in t,ut.e ^.nd spenfc a day at . he home of hJs pd _ Joaa i-ucvenoangn. Margaret M. Sites, j ,- athe . s j Tayior Mrs. S. -J. Taylor and daughter, Mrs. in Ben- at Medea were present every - Bla£ne Warren spen ., a da .. the third month or school ·~s, Alice Spangle , dersviHe ^. r;ine o'c'o.-h Thursilav i^ornin- whei= I'-. ~ l -Vi; -^ai-- s, ^.i-ce ipangt fci -. «acn- ' cen£ , y S^ rr,V-,.F. io F;ohr : ^ church for in- tr s : - s ^°i-'- Catherine .Rohrbausrh.: be taK-jii r.rr.i.v I N T H K S U U T H L A N f ) A ·,««·!!!.; srsrl uml li-r KS5ANAV r h.irs s'»::i" !·· Kittri^? for t::t_- ": 03-".- i.f-ii'iii. Lty v.i h u'jicii t-» ! t:y a. J-r'n. A: i»ib«-r 'i v*.Iio J ' f u V t s ii Uc to I:i= t-UiT^l-'^^'r i A bill cf Sil.SS for the repbictJKunt Th_- ::,;ere«t of the ca.--c- by in '.of hjtchinij posts at the G. W. V.'eaver clczir .le^onsiration of is.)-.'.- t-:-.-y iioweti. The six to it T^'-.--f-;;: T. Koter cop.Ju-ti:i L!i! ' i!i : and Son s:crc; was ··"· tfce serv:-,-c-s. :·!-. r.tif v unwelccKStr IIAV.O I-UCK !·');: i:li.L E-5=a:i-iy Cv.u Ft ii .»wi-s his S .si'T'.irij r-:ii. He ?=t-3 n-r iiiiii :t st:::inin.i lookint; -_-iri an-: !· rr.-v.'^';'· :::"- ,-i.":r :ti!-; invifes her ;o dinner. He had tjvrro - .vtr«! s:!:'- :ji":i' y '-at. a:j«i- i ;-« hr «J- Jeu it iu hs= vl-I pant's jo.-kv-s, an«l tr»r~-; tise b:n.!'.i.;y ii i-lii.--. ·.n --lit. hhrhv.-£y ciitruitiee before the b-Ltle . ;lt:nir tn^ 1.:rl: ! ;e:- .1'iU · iV'-jr Ij. ^ ! o- Cr^ci S:nall. Est:i2r Rohrb^ujrh. · Dorotli..' Fjsr. May Uerkhelser. 3Iarj · \Vs-:f. I.ida Rohrbat-ich. Helen Wolf. FINE : anniversary and nf/er linoTsr starls u. ij 'the jimi Vook in har.j the matter an. j put in four permanent iron posts. : affect. i Charles E. Stahie. representintc the · ! citizens* committee appointed to so-', - i t , ; .-,' ! licit funds for the purchase of new' · " f I,"."i;."o!!«-"~-"'-j« " i^ re apparatus, asked that council take . " "" ''Steps ro secure more definite informa- ; Admission 5c tc a!L j £ ticn'on the condition of the present. replaced t; : :tii prc-.c-c-din;? that cot-!-! «·'·: bs folk-v.-g-j present I~v.- e^r.._ Countv Dank Ba'ldin? Enlarged and OSTELLO ARRESTED " Ht-ro Get Drunk and Birat Up ; ! ine expensive- improvements to the Cluck. Jon*" Cluck. Arthu iFsirners" Bank, uf rucSheriysrown, Katharine Ijershev. John R. W. Taylor has had all of his buildings painted. ! Mrs. John Taylor, of Centre Mills; -. . , . . , . , , , IS , Mrs. Ira Tavlor. of BiErierviile; and j-i:ic. iiyers; iia^ci riyers. Dc-;:to:: ; ^ I r K.Ir. iiuv.-ard Small. Lav.-rence War reii. N'evI:: Fair arc! Harry Scott. Ths f-jMo-.ving- pupiis have atie: de» ev,rv day darintr the Vhlol month of | v ; sited her ^^ ^ ^-^ Thorn- AS, recently. and Mrs. Abraham Hoffman, of i Arencksville. were recent visitors at ! c?!e-home 01 Clayton Bosserman. Mrs. Harry Vrirt, of Arendtsville, . .. . , , . , , , , oi at \ an Oyke s School, Ciuck.j jhave been completed, making the Maiguret Bacher, Margaret Cullison. one ! enelne and the feasibility of erecting a. the best equipped Harvey Cuilison. Ruth E. Dcardoi-if.! The woodwork is dali-nnished oak. Xhe following- pupils of Rocky Grove j ,L.a; houses in the county. ^teacher. spend- his mother, --.--^--..., _.._.._-.-. _.._ standnipe. Council stated that tnev . .·Sv-.C." i .©.'-@-.-.^ .'.*.-.»fc*--S 5 .,- - . . , :wocia t£Ke no action, leaving: all ** Cff "s" / ^l'"* l,r?'5*'5 Q ^"' r n3.S " rn3T: ^ ers pertaisinar to the purchasing- Clothes est here beca-se the ioi r2w anpararns m tiie nanus of tne i .. , ,, i. . .. , r ,, .. . ,, ,are waii kr:owr. to all : incoming council, ilr. fctanle also cll: i ed ailentioR to the unanimous action ' SSLIGilAX. the ieac-n:' t_;:o--. w:i! | o1 " r ' ne citizers" committee, asking that j two de Arthur i g- several weeks rs. Angelina Sheely. Mr. and " Mrs. Isaac Harris ar.d of Cheyenne, "Wy- tlng- relatives in io\\n- Miss Mabel Gochi-aur is \-isiting . 1 . , - T . - - , _c t ' - ^ " ' \ Ji-tSS iJLtluei VJUtZIiiiit: .-o principals . widows, \vitn nronze wieEets, ^or the-Tst. Saran Coshun. katftarine Kind- j .- r : en j s in^T§w- Oxford ivote-e.-, «,: '.he cah:£--. celler and bookkeeper. The h u jj. Edith anci S.loine Wachter. 1'V v ' ' ' -.~, T 'l A " * ^ ,. . · , table, and -desks are of oak and the Charles FIcvd and John Lauver. 5 ^ *TM ^ ******* °* ^ k ' aRd afTcro j ou the most saiUf jc-.:TM. Our I ^ ^ ater u « «Pt m the nre engine . man h _ thg VItai ^ Bh ComD _, v ,' rrons . stock of Winter fabrics ir exception-! «=onstanay. Mr. Tawney. of _ tne P^ ; who ^ known :i! , ^^Vu , c ; h \-.--T he roomS c.i/ r;:;a :~ caev-ois ar.a or i:v-i'. uikinfj patterns and '.verves. i, f- j perty commutee. reported that he had movies: umt.-^ u i i u ·^^n'.^ ----^ «.-i. v^in. t»;i^ ^.-..^ t_:iarnrs r icvu anu -J'jim j^auver. t -,T_. r-« .--- ~r ^-u- ^ ^i. _.. , . . . - , - » . , . - , T T . I J - " ! .urs. Cover, o f Chicago, a r e t h e grnests V, itKo-t t.-i- aut of a m!r:-r.".sk:r.~ -.--·ors are nard'-vood. In me lobby are Tac loliov/ins? attended Orrtanna ! nff v _ - , -, T ' Wrt T ^ ,,, fo i , . - . . _ ,, . . . ' . . . . , - - * iOi 3±r. anu Jlrs. Harvev nottman. on. : macran-, Maurice Costello. tne icaa- two desks ror the convenience 01 pa- School every day the past; month · ^jiroad sn-^et. '" ' Dorothv- Biesecker. Helen Bowling, i AT;-^ -iri;,,«t»-.u c i - / - · -· ' .Miss r.hzabeth Spangler, 01 Getsys- ar-c- e-suipped -vith com- p£. u lir«e Riggeal. Mildred Baamsrard- j moving- picture cnthnsiasts. acte-'i in binatson electric and eras fixtures 01 ner. Ehoda B% - er. Pauline Kreadv. i Ourg-. spent several days last week llie Quality Shop! \VILL M. SEXIGMAN The Cash Ta-lor T .... ^ T^ ^f"! 1 : 16 .^f 1 "'! with Miss MavbelleAsper at Benders Lane I unt. iora V. ouord. Allen | .^ s. ation . andergrift. a, College. Mrs. ARENDTSVILLE jverj.- pretvy. \.M~ accompanied to ciurt ;:rtcd by the York Safe and Lock Cv.. have re- i turned from a visit of trwo -creeks with j fiiends in Ohio and Clarence. Iowa. .niiHnmiaiimnw!ii!Ui!ii!iiin :i(iiFnH!!inH!Hinfii:n:HnH:;n:H;Uii!.i!i!:i:ia;!:!iuH:i!i.i n ;» K O D A K S \ F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S | Everj'thing needed by the Amateur Photographer E our eiitire stock is of the star dar-: = E a s t m a n M a k e COUNTY ACCIDENTS ) . . ^ ~. - . ' ^.. t ner ^ s nss trace ot carrenier:r!£-. me con- i . ' , . ; . . " ! lorer j tractor he is woncing lor tr.ere nas j seventeen dwelling houses and a la'-ge Direct from the factory. ALWAYS FRESH. Careful attention to the development of films. loreaaac. Mairistrate Geismar a^ked t : i= ,. , - . , . . - .^i.^^=i-i v/hai he had to sa 11 ". Co-»t-!--^- = : oakerv to oat ap Dciween tnis and ine , . , . . = 1 - ^ " - . " - , ' snrureed his sneakers, looked -"- r-.-f = . first 01 ,-iori! next- , :.., . _ """* t j ?;"\"O "^ *"* 1 * Ci. '"*" 3 n *^"TM(j T V^5 T ) r I 1 " · - j * '("A-"'* * -- j Messrs. Roland Minter and Alien J. i . ;i _ """ """ " * "" *" ' "" ' .n o tnc appoiplmr^ 01 ihe oaa^ hi;chins: post n ; arc ^o^m :r. every la^or- ' evcniss ., rec nt=y. ; ^v.Rg c^:n,r .iev IL -es_ nav:n ? i:^;a:;-o--. ior tr.e e::?e-.:r.iou? na = i Grammar , of = : several days here -- i k. X. J recentlv Mail and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention. H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E \ J. H. IIUBEK. DmireU. i homes of Amos Minter and ?-Irs.; Amelia Omer. · Harry E. Lower, of Pittsburirh. , = who is a passersgrer farakeman on the :ks a ir.ovinjr picture play. "Jo?: n said he was drenk at the tsiv.e did r.ot know what he was Lin: Costello became .-ure she did him ser.t to prison. *"A!i J want Your Honor, is that r.:y Thu i/si.k v.-as orsrar5::ed in r-Iaro!i. I"- -'I. \vlth a capita: 01 S-""v.',Oti'}. and J'jri'iir tfc pa.--^ ten yeurs ha accu- r-.iuiateii a .--..rplus ar.d undivided pro- rts f-i over SrjJ.dij.'s. beyjiles'.e strrt-a:in'j:i! drrrir-ni:? of ,;_!-,...! each. U E j Pennsyl-.-ania Railroad, is spending-;"/" l "^". t ! | a few cays home with his parents. Mr. |"~" " s ~ ~ ' _ yu»'nnHIHHHnHWl.'»l!HiiiiinHiniis»nmHHHmi!iHiijiB«!«nniiiHninHHHH!inii« I !HHHiHSinnr; land Mrs. Dorsey Lower. He has been ; _ g the time here gunning _hufbard stop his excessive drirkinjj" Magistrate Gcismar susr»cr.kil sen- EX PENSIVE ARREST nd Costeilo \vas olaee-J Gracefiil Lines Beautiful ProportioRs Exquisite Coloring and New Weaves. nation. The C«.le!3os eleven rears. have been married These, the iradoriyins features -alii clotlis an-i characterize them smuri- r;idiaie visibly Uiron^h all onr 1 rabb.ts and birds and . has been very : 1 successful. j j Harry E. Freed and daughter. Tsa- | ; belle, of Philadelphia, were recent j 3 1 guests in ihe home of Mr. and Mrs.', CO3lIZvG EVENTS j Aaron Freed, his parents, in this nlacc. * TT . ~ , ~ . ,, J -ir T- » T« ~ " -': Happenings Scheduled in Gett- sb-jri i Messrs. Ernest Eaner.srjersrer and ° ,, . ,,. " t "--' ;3 * I T y~ i. "^ i · for Comins- Weeks. ...James Cruro have gone to -iackson-! ° "*-' r ' :ws i ville. Florida. C;t s She W. ?·!. S30Q Arrest. for one j ;or.sburg-. 3Io.. are x"isiting ilr. and a result, iir. · Mrs. Dennis Asper. W:r,e end a lady who was with h:rr. j \r r _ a n j 3j rs _ j araes p or ter, Edward v.-o-re thr.-Wii to the street, an-! tht: Porter, of Harrisburg. spent last week · vehicle damaged. Fortuna^elj- neither | lt the home of their parents, Mr. and of the occupants was injured. Mr. j Mrs. Charles Porter. \Vsr.e procured another bugsry and re- j MJC? Carrie Miller and Miss Grace rar-ie-J hpme. ^ : Dous-herty, of Gettysburg, recently L-ast ihurs'iay. when Harry t unt.'. visaed Miss Mabel Better.^ of ArerJisviile, was sawing wood, he j had i wo Sngers on his right hand j IROX SPRINGS had:y c-Jt with the circular sav»-. Dr. ; i ron Springs--The supervisors of Loroy Merriman dressed the wounds. : Kaniiitonbar. township met at the vot- The re.-idt.-nts of the i:pper er.d of \ :r .g house or. the first of December. MoSherry.nowR were aroused from . Va!v:-i R-'.-hop was elected president- ;nt.:r ;-J:^:JITS aooat :;.-0 o'clock Myn- : The other two members are Harrv by the lou.i caKir.g and L-ghtner ar.d Xorman They a \~fir.3.r. seemingly ir, elected \V, F. Watson secretary and 'por, investigation ar. · .reasurer. O:., o-ter has_ found that h is poor ^ ^^ ^^ .1^^ ~ f Dover j " T-;;^^ directo ^ of . fce .v:-r-"-r!ni. -or n:s c«-«ir.tanv tc-r mm to , - - - . , , , .- -, - . _ ·-·...«·., J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. TAKEX TO HOSPITAL ter's eafe- ec. 4--Sophon-; dfhr.te. . Bn:a Charts. . n:s c r 'ir.pany tor mm to i::.;-:rys. a p^lscenan for ?,I:sry:;.r,d Railway, w into the coop at Pen Mar vVincbropiifr of T»"ay:.ts- :;t :.g. *io T'-tit 1 .- " 'tt :i'»v tanniy 01 ! township met on the same day in the ' !e.-s or. :hc t-:.'ew«iik. Apparently the ] organized as follows: William Wat- v had Fi::fered a partial { son , president: O. B. Lightner, secre- paraiysis an-: was al.-o ap-! -^T\-; Calvjr. Sanders, treasurer. Tie nart-r.:.-, deranged. For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. | Miss Fisher «aken to Ilarrisburg Hos- j T)e?. * ! pisal for Operaticn. · ers Qu:-'-tet. Brna Chape'. ' -'· · Y t tf!c -ar ' 1 ; | Dec. i'---College closes for Chri?im;..s ' O^ 1 -.' ''·" ac-;..!it ! Miss Eva Fisher, daughter of Mr. i recess. ; i-"'- iu::«-r brojg land Mrs. George Fisher, of near j Dec. JO--"The Shepherd of the Hi'.ls." I'"- c " s'nii"---' '" ! '- : ] Arendtsville. went to the City Hospit- j Walter's Theatre. i K--.!iw.\. 1 ai, Harrisburg. on Tuesday to undergo | i L. I. Syv-ier ! an opc-radon for appendicitis. She was j BIG rc.lucl!on in a fine line ..o was r.c-.-:?icj ; -.v.-o r.c-v.- uiesibcrs are -Tc-seph Mussel- n^'iical aifl. On Mo:;«a% | -~ ·V- was p'«icc': c". a car ar.d [ MR. ALLEMAN OBJECTS .^.ju'.'o i-cr- \V:n.X render. S for fui.~'_- ar- v;vrn Marvlar. I not care i Does not Like Live Freight on Littles- ! town Trollev. WHITE RUN OLDFASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY Almond TatTy, -50 cente «., fliilternnt Taffy. ,30 cents lb., Peannt Taffy, 20 cents lb., Peannt Brittle, lt centi Il. l»v Crear.i TatTies, 10 c.-nta 11).--Freab Jai Iy at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN e o - accompanied by her parents and Dr. | dies - an d girls' coats. 50rt. alum.aum ltria! 1n in '' tatts and a ' !n " Uc « = Mernnian. of Arendtsvillc. | sauce nans nOcU. Thomas Brother,, j TM* d TM' ^nH.rean.r S:WO and -- Bigiervill^-advertisement , -accop.ej «. ft, the .s f el»le«. p i D. FI. Atlentar. of Little^ has .; r{ ,! \rrttteR s.o the Pjbv.c Service Conan. y;! ,"Th.i:-^-ivin- ar.d the wcek-onii 1 mis ^°" objecting to the practice of i7l( 5 ij r c 1 the Hanover ar.d McSherryscOwn. s NOTICE: all members of M. \V. A. are requested to attend meeting tonight at 7 o'clock sharp. Refreshments i igic-rviilf.--a j ! HOUSEHOLD goods, better th.inj FAMILY leaving town: Mumper'; ie usual kind, will be sold at Chas. S. j w l i i sell all tiu-ir hoi:sohold guotis at . H ot t.-.e CapiLOi C:ty. wa i at Two Taverns Sunday. M:^ Mary Kumberger, of Hams- biirg, is spending .some time at the j Street Railway Company in handling 1 ! live freight between Littlostown and 1 -v nanover. will be served. Committee.--advertise- Mumper's auction, Center Square, S a t - j auction, Saturday afternoon.--:uivor- home of John Schwartz, of White ment jurday, Dec. 6.--advei-cisement 1 ' tfcement Run. BEXDERSVILLE Methodist Sunday School, will hold a Christmas entertainment, Wednesday ev-ening, De- camber 24th.--advertisement 1

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