Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 17, 1936 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1936
Page 6
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SIX MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 17 1936 COOKING SCHOOL DRAWS ENTHUSIASTIC CROWD OF WOMEN Housewives Are Given New Recipes Miss Ann Kmgsley Conducts "Symphony in Foods" on First Day. Mason City housewives thronge the high school auditorium Tues day afternoon for the opening ses sion of -the four-day cooking schoo being sponsored by the Globe-Ga zette in co-operation with a grou of local merchants. Miss Ann Kingsley, lecturer, won her audi ence with her informal and easilj understood method of speaking an her graciousness In answering ques tions and making explanations. "A Symphony in Foods" was th title of the first day's program which consisted of 17 differen dishes. Included were such variec offerings as pin bone steak de luxe Chinese salad medley, butterfly chops with rice dressing, refrigera tor gingerbread and peach short cake. The "star" offering, from the standpoint of novelty and thrift was a "red-hot crown roast," a dish received with much- applause. Coooking Meats. The audience was especially interested in what Miss Kingley had to say about the newer methods o: cooking meat. Experienced cooks as well as beginners watched with keen attention as she demonstratec the results 'of longer cooking at lower temperatures 'to produce juicier, more tender meat dishes AS a member of the staff of the National Live Stock and Meal Board, Miss Kingley is especially well equipped to give instruction on this subject. Pencile flew as notes were taken on the preparation of dishes from bargain cuts of meat. Neck slices of Iamb, a braised beef heart, and veal rosettes were among the dishes which aroused interest. To make the lessons doubly valuable, the retail meat dealers of the city are displaying in their shops various cuts of meat prepared in each day's cooking school session. A prized souvenir of the first day's- program was the cook-book, "Our Favorite Meat Recipes" given by the Globe-Gazette to each woman attending. If you were there Tuesday, you'll surely want to attend Wednesday's program, "The Daily Road to' Ro- mance." And it's not too late to be. gin, if you were kept away Tuesday. The first day's rccipts follow: Cushion Style Pork Roast Have the bones removed from shoulder of pork. Wipe with a dam cloth. Season. Fill the cavity wi apple dressing. Sew up the openin 0 and roast at 350 degrees F., allow ing 25 to 30 minutes to the pouni Serve on hot platter with broile oranges. Apple Dressing 4 slices of bacon I's cups coarse bread crumbs 1 cup chopped apples Salt Pepper Chop and brown bacon, add brea crumbs, apples and seasoning. Homemade Biscuit Mixture 8 cups flour ',i cup baking powder 4 teaspoons salt l',2 cups lard Sift the flour and measure. Sif again with the baking powder an salt. Cut in the lard until the mix ture has a. fine even crumb. Plac in a closed container and keep in re frige'rtor, using as desired. Thi mixture will keep at least a mont in the regrigerator. It will yield fiv batches with two cups of the mix ture to the batch. It may be use for biscuits, dumplings, shortcake waffles, muffins, quick coffee cak and dozens of other things. Peach Shortcake 3 cups homemade biscuit mixtur 6 tablespoons sugar Milk Blend homemade biscuit mixtun and sugar. Add enough milk ti make a soft dough. Divide dougl into two parts and' roll about ',· inch thick.' Place one part in grcasei" pan, spread with melted butter an* cover with other half. Bake at 40' degrees F, for 25 minutes, or unti 3rown. Split and arrange peaches Between layers and over the top Serve with cream, plain or whipped Serves 6. Individual Swiss Steaks. 6 individual steaks from round one inch thick Flow- Salt Pepper Bacon drippings or lard - 1 onion 2 cups tomatoes Wipe with damp cloth. Pounc flour into steaks and season with salt and pepper. Brown in bacon drippings or lard. Place a slice of mion on each steak and add toma- oes. Cover and cook at 350 degrees ', for 1 hour. Serves 6. Refrigerator Gingerbread. 2 cups flour l',s teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon ginger 1 teaspoon cinnamon Vt teaspoon allspice - · Selected for Demonstration ..;.^ ;····;··..·,:,; -,-. ' . ; At: THE . . . ' -"' -.'·':' GLOBE^GAZETTE COOKING SCHOOL 'SALADA' TEA a a m m Imthe Wonder of the age! 1 CLOROX CLEANLINESS IS Clorox bleaches white cottons and linens snowy-white. It removes jtams from white and color-fast cof- tons and linens--from wood, porcelain, tile, enamel and linoleum. HYGIENIC CLEANLINESS and deodorizes it kills germs- an added safeguard to health. Remember, Clorox is an effective germicide-pure, safe, dependabla -it has many personal uses. And because Clorox is concentrated only a little is needed for each use. One Piece Dress Simple GLOBE-GAZETTE PEERLESS 15 CENT PATTERN 160 Fifth Avenue, New York City by DIANA DAY Attractive Frock Will Be Especially Smart Made Up in Gay "Print Material for Spring. Can't 'you imagine its prettiness carried out in printed sheer cotton or in a plain or printed tub paste: silk? Buttons accent the scalloped front closing. Incidentally, these smart trims are rather slimming ones, too. Its modest price and its easiness to make, will commend it to fastidious young women who want lots of changes. Linens and novelty sports cottons are other suitable mediums. Stvle No. 2647 is designed for sizes 14, 16, 18 years, 36,, 38 and 40 inches bust. Size 16 requires 3 ] /s yards of 35-inch material. Send 15 cents (coin is preferred) for pattern. Write plainly your name, address and style number, Be sure to state size you wish. New Spring fashion book costs 10 cents. Send for your copy today. Book and pattern together 25 cents. Do not send to Mason City, but address Globe-Gazette Pattern Department, 160 Fifth Avenue, New York City. U teaspoon clove U teaspoon nutmeg 3 ,is teaspoon salt J ,~ cup lard '/·; cup sugar 2 eggs ·'.·: cup molasses 3 ,i teaspoon soda 3 ,-j cup buttermilk Sift flour once, measure and sift gain with baking powder, spices, oda, and salt. Cream lard and ugar, add eggs and mix well. Add [Glasses to lard mixture. Add dry ngredients and milk alternately. Jeep in covered dish in refrigerator ntil ready to bake. Bake in-two -inch layer cake pans at 350 degrees F., for 30 minutes. Butterfly Pork Chops. 6 butterfly pork chops, one inch thick Vi cup uncooked rice 1 green pepper, chopped 1 small onion, grated Salt and pepper Have chops prepared with pock- ts. Wipe with damp cloth. Corn- Egyptian Oil Permanent Will recondition dry hair caused by the long winter months indoors. An Egyptian Permanent will give YOUR hair lots of luster and sheen! LE MODERNS BEAUTY STUDIO Phone 3011 EXPERT WAVING bine rice, green pepper, onion, salt and pepper. Place about 1 tablespoon rice mixture in each pocket. Brown in hot lard. Add % cup water, cover and bake at 350 degrees F., for 1 hour. Serves 6. Piquant Fruit Salad. 2 cups fruit juice 2 packages lemon flavored gelatin 1 pint ginger ale 1 can drained mixed fruits 1 can drained pears Heat fruit juice and dissolve gelatin in it. Cool and add ginger ale. Arrange fruit in mold. Add ginger ale mixture as it begins to congeal. Chill, when firm unmold and serve with mayonnaise. Serves 12. Veal Rosettes. Cut individual servings from a slice of veal round one inch thick. Wrap each serving in a strip of bacon, shaping it so that it is round. Brown in bacon drippings or hot lard. Season with salt and pepper, acid ] ,.( cup water and cover. Bake at 300 degrees F., for one hour. Serve with buttered asparagus tips. Latticed Cherry Pie. Pastry 1 ! ,» cups flour 1 teaspoon salt *» cup lard 4 to 6 tablespoons cold water Sift flour, measure, and add salt. Cut lard into flour and salt until the crumbs are the size of dried peas. Add the water slowly, .using, just enough to make the dough hold together. Line pie pan. Fill with cher-" ·y mixture. Lay .twisted strips of pastry criss-cross 'over cherries. Bake at 425 degrees F., for 25 to 30 minutes. Serves 6. Cherry Filling. 3 cups pitted sour cherries 1 to 1% cups sugar 4 tablespoons flour Drain cherries. Combine sugar and flour and mix with cherries. Red Hot Crown Roast. l',z pounds frankfurters !i pound sliced bacon Bread dressing Heap stuffing in compact mound on a roasting pan. Thread frankfurters on a string; arrange around stuffing and tie. Around the middle fasten 3 or 4 slices of bacon pinned securely _with toothpicks. Loosen frankfurters a little at top. Place in a 350 degree F., oven for about 20 minutes. Remove carefully to hot platter. Serve with tomato sauce, if desired. Serves 8. Bread Dressing. % pound pork, ground K cup grated onion 2 frankfurters, sliced 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon poultry seasoning {·'y teaspoon pepper Study Club ' Lessons on Many Topics Child Study Group Re-Elects Officers for Coming Season. Mason City Study clubs conducted their regular first of the week meetings Monday afternoon with a variety of topics being considered Child Study club re-elected its officers for the coming year at its meeting Monday afternoon at the Y. W. C. A., with Mrs. Paul Loomis as hostess. Mrs. N. C. Stam is president; Mrs. G. L. Wanamaker, vice president, and Mrs. N. W. Jessup secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Frank Sheffler and Mrs. J. C. Johnson were named to the program committee. Sheriff J. M. Robertson spoke on "Youth and Crime" and there were musical selections by the high school girls' sextet. A gift was presented 1,0 Mrs. L.. P. Stillman, Jr. who is moving 16 Ames. Negro Literature. Mrs. Rob Roy Cerney reviewed "Kingdom Coming" by Roark Bradford and discussed Negro literature at a meeting of the Occident club Monday afternoon at the home oi Mrs. Everett Smith, 25 Tenth street northwest. Mrs. W. J. Holahan was hostess to the Twentieth Century club Monday afternoon when Mrs. Earl Smith led the lesson on "The Negro ii Contemporary Literature anc Drama." Mrs. Frank Goodman hac current events. Monday club met with Mrs. T. A, Potter, 40 Oak drive, for a program which included a discussion of the Atlantic Monthly by Mrs. C. L, Marston and a talk on "Hu Shih" by Mrs. L. R. Woodward. Maria Mitchell Club. Mrs. J. D. Nichols was hostess to the Maria Mitchell club at her home, 204 Seventh street, northwest, Monday afternoon. Mrs. B. F. Weston spoke on "Rural Life With the Men- stock Quire'' and Mrs. W. P. Merkel. 'Ideals and Realities." Chautauqua club heard a review of "Mexican Maze" by Beals given )y Mrs. George Senior at its meet- ng Monday at the Y. W. C. A. Mrs. Frank Miller led the current events. At the meeting of T. A. E. club Monday at the home of Mrs. Lester Milligan, 930 Monroe place northwest, Mrs. Don MacPeak reviewed 'Now in November" by Johnson. 1 loaf bread, finely diced 1 egg Brown ground pork and onions. Add remaining ingredients and enough moisture to hold dressing together.' Mix thoroughly. Stylish Neck Slices with Vegetables. 3 pounds neck slices of lamb 3 tablespoons lard 1 cup water 8 small onions 3 large potatoes, cut into lengthwise strips 6 medium carrots, cut into lengthwise strips 8 large sticks of celery, cut into 3 inch pieces Salt and pepper Wipe meat with damp cloth. Brown neck slices in hot lard, add water and seasoning, cover and al- cw to simmer for 1 hour. Add onions, potatoes and carrots and con- iinue to simmer. Add celery about 15 minutes before serving. Serves 6. Banana Bran Muffins. 1 cup sifted flour % teaspoon salt % teaspoon soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 2 tablespoons lard Vi cup sugar 1 egg, well beaten 1 cup shredded bran 2 tablespoons milk 2 cups banana, thinly sliced Mix "and sift together the flour, (Continued »n Pace 7) LOROX PROTECTS...IT DISINFECTS MISS ANN KINGSLEY RECOMMENDS CLOROX Quarts for Laundry--Pints for Kitchen and Bathroom t Miss Ann Kingsley uses Lyons Cleaners FOR HER CLEANING, FUR STORAGE DISCUSSION AT THE GLOBE-GAZETTE COOKING SCHOOL Where you will hear an expert home economist discuss the principles of cleaning, in a manner of great interest to every homemaker. LYONS LYONS CLEANERS - LAUNDERERS - FURRIERS SOCIAL CALENDAR TO SECEETAK1ES No notices tor the weekly social calendar printed on Saturday are accepted after 4 o'clock on Friday. TUESDAY White Shrine-6:30 o'clock, Masonic temple, Mrs. H. E. Kennedy, chairman, election of officers. T. N. T. club-6:30 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. Baptist Y. W. A.-7:30 o'clock, Mrs. Vern Morphew, 303 First street southwest. Church oi Christ Missionary circle 7:30 o'clock, church parlors, lesson, "Works Among French by Evariste Hebert," reception, social hour, music. Clio club-7:45 o'clock, Miss Cora Sundell, 49 Crescent drive. Inunanuel W. M. S.-8 o'clock, Mrs. O. A. O'Green, 740 Fourth street southwest, Mrs. Paul Gustafson, Mrs. Henry Herfindahl, Mrs. Charlotte Gustafson, assisting hostesses. Moose lodge-8 o'clock. Moose hall. Junior Hadahhah-- 8 o'clock, Jewish Community Center. ' Lac-A-Luc club-S o'clock. Mrs. Glen B. Leaman, 1121 East State street. McKinley C. S. C.--7:30 o'clock, school, Mrs. M. J. Caponi, lesson. WEDNESDAY Queen of Clubs-1 o'clock, Cerro Gordo hotel. 0. T. T. club-1 o'clock, Jefferson Amber room, Mrs. W. M. Gregerson, hostess. T. A. T. club-1 o'clock, Mrs. John Sloan, S10 Ninth street northwest. Coterie club-1 o'clock, Mrs. J. M. Robertson, 121 Washington avenue northwest, Mrs. John Liebold, hostess. Oweso club-1:15 o'clock, Mrs. Virgil Hicks, 917'/i Jefferson avenue northwest. Our Saviour's Ladies aid-2 o'clock church. Olivet Home Guards-2 o'clock, Mrs. W. C. Kellar, 303 Twentieth street southeast. Calvary Home Missionary society-2 o'clock, Mrs. George Sharp, 1016 Quincy avenue northwest. Trinity Lincoln circle-2:30 o'clock, Mrs. Leighton Whip, pie, 707 Eleventh street northeast. P. E. O. OZ 2:30 o'clock, Mrs. R. B. Irons, 718 Pennsylvania avenue northeast, lesson, Mrs. C. E. Burrets. P. E. O., GN-1 o'clock, Mrs. Ira Stinson, 644 Seventh street northeast, Mrs. L. S. Sanders, Mrs. W. H. Spence, hostesses; lesson, Mrs. E. F". Vincent. R. B. Bridge club-7 o'clock, Cerro Gordo hotel, Norya Johnson, hostess. L. A. of B. of R. T-7:30 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. . M. C. and B. W-7:30 o'clock, Labor hall. Nora Springs Pair C e l e b r a t e Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ahrens of Nora Springs celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary Monday at their home when their children and grandchildren gathered in their lonor. A family dinner was served at :heir home. Those present included ·heir sons, the Rev. Ed Ahrens, Jr., of Oskaloosa, Kansas, and Jake Ahrens of Nora Springs, and their daughter, Matilda Ahrens. Nora Springs, and Mrs. Anna Brandau and family, Rudd, and their son-in- aws. and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. 1. C. Gratias and family, Nora Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Brandau and family and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brandau, Nora Springs. Other guests were Mrs. Ahrens' jrother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Andred Phillips, and the Rev. and Mrs. B. A. Fieserman of Rudd and the grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Quandahl of Mason City, Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Lindamen anc children of Dysart and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ahrens the third. COUPLES GRANTED MARRIAGE LICENSES NEW HAMPTON -- Licenses to wed were issued to T. E. Dempsey of Spirit Lake and Ruth Peterson of Logan; Wallace Ginther of Rockford and Helen Mason of Plainfield; ~:arl Casady and Marguerite Campbell, both 6l Milton. NELSON-SMITH GARNER--Clair Raymond Nelson, 21, and Miss Louise Smith. 18. joth of Belmond, were married at -he Methodist parsonage by the Rev. T. Ernest Hoon. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Smith, and the bridegroom, a son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Nelson. Witnesses were Mrs. T. Ernest Hoon and Dick Ersland of Belmond. The couple will live in Belmond. BOCKELMAN-MEYER ALGONA -- A marriage license was issued to Heyo U. Bockelman, egal, Titonka, and Jennie Bertha Marie Meyer, legal, Titonka. DEMPSEY-PETERSON N A S H U A -- The Rev. William Cent officiated at the marriage of Jiss Ruth Peterson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Peterson, Loan, and Theron Dempsey, son of vlr. and Mrs. Joseph Dcmpsey, Spir- j t Lake, at the Little Brown church. I Increase Noted in Enrollment for Auxiliary More than 60 per cent of the American Legion auxiliary's national membership was re-enrolled for 1936 at the start of the year, Mrs. Iva Willey, membership chairman of Clausen-Worden unit o£ the auxiliary has announced following receipt of figures from national headquarters. All previous re.cords for advance enrollment were broken when 239,262 auxiliary members paid 1936 dues before the first of the year. This figure was an increase of 25,000 over the enrollment on the same date last year. Increases in the auxiliary's membership strength were general throughout the country. Thirteen departments had enrolled more than 75 per cent of their 1936 quotas by Jan. 1, led by Nevada with 117.94 New Music Competition Dates Are Announced April 3 and 4 arc the dates of the subdistrict music contest in which Mason City high school will compete at Britt. it was announced here when a postponement of the original dates was found necessary. The district contest will be held in Mason City April 17 and 18. per cent of its quota. Following were Montana, with 94.S3 per cent; Panama, 85.07; Oregon, 84.94; Wisconsin, 84.92; Minnesota, 83.88; Arkansas, 83.35; Iowa, 79.93; North Dakota, 79.38; District of Columbia, 76.88; Maryland, 76.09; Wyoming, 75.66; and Kansas, 75.16. Total auxiliary enrollment for 1935 was 406,319, a gain of 16,574 of the year. Mrs. Willey has asked that members of the organization who have not paid their dues will get them to her by the Thursday night meeting of the auxiliary. The dues may be paid to Mrs. Willey or to Mrs. Claude A. Thomas, president of the unit. SMARTER STYLES, BETTER QUALITY FOR LESS--SINCE 1920 COURTESY AMD SATISFACTION WITH IVEKT PUXCHAEE "De Kaye Suits will lead the Easter Parade for Lundberg's Where you know the collection is right--where you're certain every significant type is included. The Mannish Tailleur in Oxford Gray, Navy, with or without braid binding. SWAGGERS Single breasted suits in various coat lengths. All colors. 3-PIECE SUITS Smart tailored suit under a new swagger coat. '1.2-V49-' 5 See Lundberg's Smart Wash Frocks, worn by the ushers at the Cooking School. "SEE YOU TOMORROW" Buy Decker Meats Ann Kingsley Is Using CRYSTAL SUGAR in the Cooking School SHE SAYS; "I urge housewives to use Beet Sugar for I can see absolutely NO difference between Beet and Cane sugar. Chemically, the two are identical and my experience has shown them to be of equal merit for Table use, for making Candies, Jams, Jellies, and for All Cooking and Baking purposes. "I highly recommend CRYSTAL sugar. I am using it in all recipes during the Globe-Gazette cooking school. CRYSTAL sugar dissolves evenly and readily. For perfect results, I urge housewives to specify CRYSTAL SUGAR"when ordering groceries." CRYSTAL Sugar will do ANYTHING any sugar will do American Crystal Sugar Co.

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