The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 2, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1913
Page 6
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LOVE ON THE CORNER By M. QUAD Copyrisbt, ISIS, by Associated XJt- erary Press. A RUNAWAY' Having been informed that the shoestring man at the comer of Broadway | and White street had had a difficulty j vritti. the peanut woman at the corner 1 of Broadway and Leonard and tUat | they were no longer on speaking rernis, | I ·\rent '6 s rer "there the otner day in. hopes to bring about a reconciliation. 1 tnongut to see the ·woman, first, bat half a .square away I. met my old friend Bibs, the umbrella mender, and vrbeu he was informed of my errasd be said: -It's a great idea and one worthy of the twentieth ceutury, bat it is too IMMY was very, very lonely, so lonely that he almost cried. A bi? U«y of ^evea aa«l a schoolboy as we'! can'r rcM'iy. truly cry. -Hm:sy did bare a good reason for cry»is~ Mammo, the best and dearest of a!i ·food, dear ui-iujiuss had gene away never to to:ae 5a.U. Papa vras aiuio-Jt always at Jib? oilice. Jimmy beard llafcuali. the nurse ' -Just eou:e aa*i anything: now utterly impossible." I then changed the p'an and t»e slioestrins man first You, who know him only by sight, may take him for a tumble and docile citizen, baring neither spirit, pride nor am- bitioa. But such is far from being the case. ·TTes. sir; it is true," he replied ·when I told him I fcal heard of tbe rupture. "Tor seven long years I have been the warm friend of the peanut woman, but now all is over between us. I shall always respec-t her as a lady, but we can never be friends again. The relations between us are not strained, but entirely severed.'' "But what caased tlie rupture"" "Well, I can't just say. though it's perhaps owing to Ribs, the umbrella man- more than anything: else- There is a man. sir. you would do well to look out for- I don'r say tbac he can't mend a broken umbrella as good as rhe next, or that he would overcharge yon, but socially he's fell of under- banded, ways."' "\Vhy. I thonirht Ribs such a nice man that I treated him to a milk slwke down in Chambers street yesterday." "Look out for him. sir. T am sure be made all the trouble between me aud the peanut wosuan."* '-Now, honest Injnii, were you and the peanut woman a little sweet on each other before Kibs came into the field to make trouble?"' "You may call it that. sir. I ca-Ieu her Annie "and she called me Charlie, and I expect she a bit lonesome it I didn't show up three or four times a dav. It was me who wheeled her cart across Broadway "twice a day for her; 1 -watched the papers to see if peanuts -went up or down: I turned the roaster for her -when my own trade was slack, and for the last five years her shoestrings have not cose her u penny. I ·understand that 5he"-caiae out with button shoes yesterday to show that she could get along Without me-"' "How long ago did* Bibs come "into the affair?". , v ; _"-·" . "About three" mosths-sir-"It wasn't a -week after "he put in^thrjae rib.- in. an umbrella for her -without charging a cent that I bccan to .observe a-eaange in her. She no ionjrer called n.e Charlie; she ·look'eff' at me'coldly. Indeed, sir. it struck me atopce that she preferred an unibrcUahrnfm.'"., , , , "And. has no'one'eise appeared in ths casei"* - i-_." -- - i ·TVell. there wss Gl^ss-to-Put-In. who bung about for awhile, but he's- a harmless old chap. I don't think be'O sneak ill of any one. though he might have put in n word for Rib?, hoping to be invited to the -wedding."* "And have you asked for an explanation?" "Not: rae^ sir. I stand on my dignity If tie peanit. wons.iu prefers Kilss *« me I'm not the ujau to fall uov. a on mv I:nefs and iV^'c for |:nrti'-Ui::r. see her drowned first. If sUw 'Hdn't plan to brine abot-.t tl.:s very state u- a£ta;rs why don't ^lie betid word f* me to come down nnfi have ;« talk and ·svben I'm there why don't she say: "'Chariie. I was just dining a bit ·witli old Ribs to make you jealous nnu seo if you cared for ine. Con:e Kick and turn the peanut master, and be as you wjs in the pasi. I wouldn't si-e one shoesrri-ig mau for si breHa menders.*" ""Well, it i- a «»d i-nse. a-vl I -wa:it v see it straight'-Rod out- I'm :ro';r.;r d-vr-; to have a talk -with her a n l s'li-I cut tbe tr«tj state ·-·! r.^uiirO "I wisb "· v.-o'i'.'l. sir. To say really interruj-t^ i«n-*':i"=H oa ISrosOw-iy and is assiin^t 7,110! -arervsr. f T- .ov.i fcujre turkey, "with ivKius o* fixin's."" cook said; * gretit pi!e of red eranber- ries. cris:. curly celery, raisins, nuts and several big boxes "Will pap:; be Lome for dinner? 1 haven't seen hin: in ever so lows, and 1 don't wiat dinner -.vitiioui papa." asked Jim !«·-. "I'll ifci! you. We"H phone to papa and ask ':ua specially "o come to our Christmas y»ny tomorrow a:id to din ner tomorrow niirfir." nurse s::g:rested- "Caii I really, truly phone, tluuuak?" -yes. indeed, awl I'li show you bow," und Hannah ied tbe way to the room where the telephone was. Jiiaisy bad to climb on a stool, be was so !iu!e. but he didn't csind a bit- Then nurse told him just what to say to centra!. aed he called paps, up. Yes. p;p:i was eouiins home to dinner and would be out all day tomorrow. Jissi:ny \\as very happy a=d could scarcely wait till dinner. But v.-neu I dinner time came papa did not arrive ' Xurse caac in and told Jimmy that papa, could not coaie home that nigbt- Jimmy said nothing. He didn't cry. ass nurse thought be would. He only looked very so^r ~nd went to his room Then he washed Lis face and put on bis hst and coat- He slipped down tbe stairs and out tbe front: door. He was going to run aw:-.y. "\rhen he got out in the lonely coun try Jioausy began to be afraid- "sight came on. and it was bitter cold. He felt tired and sleepy and crawled un der n fence and lay down to sleep. Y*riie:i Jimmy woke up his head v-as resting in somebody's lap. and some- bodv had her amis around him. ·'Poor little fellow: He's nearly fro zen. Jack, carry hini up to the house." he heard :: moUterly voice say. He looked up. The lady who was holding him tvasn't a bit like his pretty r^f^. She CS IK H7S STCCKIXG had on :::i o'.u. diagy and have « tall;. =-· afraid ir, c»me ;*al : I -went »l»Tvn to man "Tin 1^-c!:! "y : '-' "Have y« v. .- hf-.:r{^ "Ye*, a'rsf! t*i»« *-~K*-wink."* sb" r.-p':ei v. head. ".Tr.?.r what :·'"" "Oh. vo-:"ve oi'--* : and I want to f "5 start it. r'r.e i: ba« if«i" nip I'.ic the rjK-f-^t fis-'.re at 2 Janitr^ss. "And are yjr, T -That's :t. sir. r. a::'! n:enrV -,::n- j j, rOTrjl ure^s ITAI a rough gray shawl, but had a k'n! 1 . face. Jack, a creat i-ig boy. carriw*. him to tho farn:l»o««e- Xext -linir.-.y was awakenesl hy being T. igor^usly shaken. "Got -ip. cut up! It's Christmas, and we want to see everything." p'pe-5 Br.3. They ran Cown^tn'rs. the i:t:K- ^i-Is t,ei;:ea t"iu boys* hsnd« ai-d danc o.l ::r.u::il the old srJr.finsother, ---'": : v.ns inak'ic: Thei they ai! k:s^ t-tl her :i:id I-'.^s^il nio'.her and f-ubcr Jimmv cor r.u orange in his stoeUiTiS to--^. :i".ce t"i«* o'*«rs. ar.d a r.ew tie :.-.:: hr.« a I r^~~ ,£;r.r."r -.v:.-. ;:;c l-ot of a!L ~; uf her ! ~ev a" crov.d'^1 "~ '-"-d the ta't.'e · Jn\-"c hn^ l.^t n w:\J v:r'.;e", a: J t!.e;- d..::": ,- the p=a:!'U wo ; T^rrib'y- g of -Eh? Tm If yor. ^r* might hint that -;e*. l-i~ un'l io:s tf other tb::!CS r a W- pira;-'.ir. pie to crown the ;i;i;::ers ..fivr Char'ip ! whole. The.' batl just l/esua to eat. '(.".ser «liv ;"·) it I baJ j dec'-irinz l-.e "could ent a whole ',- .MIV wo:n.~.u v.-a'.k-! of t^r^'-y.** when .here was n i and tht^re stxx;d P^Tia, with Tim. tbe r"*r It':" I verv o^de^t boy| "Pc r «. "'-in"" cried -Timmy. r;:rni^c * :o -j=:n. P.-pa iookotl tire.l r.r:d v,M:«.- j sr.y. Tin, 1 ad fuinid oat tb.Jt ir-orn j ! -ig .Tin:2iy who his fst'.ic-r wa- j -rid land hr.steiicd to -'iramy's hncse. · ".ii.d !"'! never iris 5 ! havins Chrsst- I njr«tn't be olnc up t" if he I; J,e's a n:.-r too crr.e". way you r.n'I I ate or.r Jincheon tocrether"-- j I hinted, and ITI happy t" «iy tbit \ -Q tnrt".' i dovps s-~c r«o!tir:K on the ! same branch nrsd thrr '-:s«s \ on Broad-ray has retimed 1:^ normal j cjas -witb yon again." saicl papa "Bt:t, r*sr ! "- you'll have Christmas ninn^r with n5 today." said -Timmy "M---^ ni:ssei! V;TS yo'i're to stay.** Po pa "a stnyvd and had dssiier with Only the Half. Maiden Aunt--"Venice at last! One- nalf of the dream of my youth is now fulfilled." Xiece--"Why only half, auntier Aunt (sighing)-"! content sevfinlv . SJX fefit M h aEd v;eiglis plated going to \ enice on my wedding · J tour." , On the walls of the Pennsylvania State Capitol at Harrisburg are fifteen wonderful allegorical paintings by Violet Oakley^ depicting the rise and final triumph of the idea of liberty of conscience In the founding by William Penn ol the "Holy Experiment of Pennsylvania." These pictures are'now for the first time reproduced in color, this being made possible by recent Inventions and improvements In color plate making processes, which enable the four color separations to be made direct from the wails at one exposure of the camera, while a perfect full color copy obtained by the Lumiere color photography process was taken Into the engraving room as s. guide In making the printing plates so as to reproduce even the most delicate shades of the artist's original. The only reproductions hitherto obtainable were carbon photographs which have sold In art stores for $7.50 for each picture. At a great expense, greater than was ever before undertaken by; airy newspaper,the PUBLIC LEDGER has arranged:to reproduce these paintings, iri-full color^on fine plate paper and include them as Supplements to the Sunday Issue. On Sunday, December 14th, the first of these Supplements will be issued, which will include six of the fifteen pictures. The remaining nine pictures will be Issued as Supplements with the seven successive issues of the Sunday TfUBLIC LEDGER. The price of the Sunday PUBLIC LEDGER containing these supplements will be. as usual, 5 cents. ~ A limited edition of 125,000 copies Has been ordered, and no more can belhad when this supply is exhausted. To make sure that your news agent will be able to supply you, place your order with him now. Or. eight weeks, by mail, postpaid, "40 cents, with the order. Address PUBLIC LEDGER, Independence Square, Philadelphia. Agent for Gettysburg. Pa. P.. W. STM,LSIIITTB[ \t -: i- Follies Tv/o Notable Monuments. Cleopatra's needle is sixty-eight feet high, and weighs 140 tons. The Luxor ent in Paris, also a single stone Sorr.e TOen sKcte tvl-.ere the ice Js thin: So^.e roci the coat on summer cays; Some cannot swin:. but r-nip ri£h! -.a. Oh. l"-cre art :ssnny. mr.r.:- ts-^ys 3y -n-h-ch n-.en oxr.l tr » -.f.o -f '.ears Ar.d so to ;:r.;.- t- flo^m: tTn:oat!--d suns, for :· ··*" a -.-: Kave cut o:T r.-.en :n Kit's fa SI Voom A few :r:ei3 tnn.^ out :-n---1'c ir. o-.-r.s and are -" more. A ?r.-s leak »~;h a cs-ii..- 1 - -sM S::il ot'.ers seek, sn.i ::fo is o'er. While others. £rrop;n--: n i*!=- .^sr.c For =i:re:h:~=: -.:..'.! '··.'- =-rc .* co'.i DroS .icid. ar.d life's s;C"-"e Kr-" r "" Go_s out l-efort.- it's \cr;- o;j A3i T^e^c are tricks tr.a". f--H~ breeds. Ar-ii rere.-t-sn *.«'ls t' · " r f * t : Her. stil. perforrr, soc--. s-.l-y needs ,-.r.a qu.t th.s tr.g:.-: :»r.'i :^s::-.e sp3t- Ei.1 th-rc s o-e otcr b--s us ;.?u«=«, I: cr.cs a... "^ry a v orir.v's ^fis-- So-- e --en t\:-!:-^ playins, S,.r ;a C"~«s StJI 2-1 their «*"« 2 il,.zc- --Oetrort Frte Press. of the day, a^ter the old^Dutcli custom, altliou^h. of course, there was tbe state basinet In the eveainc. Since Oe c!r.-s of James Bnchanari Christmas. but fe~ exceptions, has 1-eea elaborately celebrstetl in tha \Vl?;te House. Before tfcat Pierce and FHlmore ea^h hr-1 Iiis days la the historic mansion saddened b~ sorrow- But with tho«e two exceptions and a few minor the Caristrcas festival was dniy ce!e!r.i:et* by the presiflenis fror:i WssiU'ncto-; down. Even linriag the t3rr:* % :e '".'."^ ?C rae civil war President r.nd 5Ir« Lincoln always made it n point to c-"-/"-*en the hearts of the ct'Iriren r.t y:.'-.-t"«e. There was large and happy family darins: the occupancy of t!.e Grants, and the Christmas tree W.T? s3--nys neavi'y laden. FUBLIC SALE On SATURDAY, DECEMBER G ,1013 j 1 ?sar5 4}9.Vi THE FEATHER. WHITE HOUSE CKRISlfiaAS. Hew the Day Is Spcr.t by the President cino n «3 rsmsly. Cari.~.2-,r.s :r. the nome of tie pres! slent 3 = UiUch ;Z:e sanie as In any otacr Ader;c.".:i hon;e. except norbaps there :^ n:-re o' it- Mr. Tr.ft. lorow'ag the i i t!is dav to his family, Jittle or no business bc'.ng tr=Hs3ctO'«. There were tur- £«ys froai mariy pirts of tbe I.iad. and. moreover, n turkey was given to each man of farr.'Jy on the "White Ho"«e staff. There was n mnJtitnde of presents for each member of the fami ly. Of course the youngest of the Tafts. Master Charley, had the lion's share. In the Hoo?eve!t days i'ae TVhitc Iloufe became u rnusr-um of toys on Christinas day- The president was the bigge-l boy of .ill, and his whole day was given up to the children. The dinner was celebrated in the middle \Vcu3d vou ;r.»e to p'ay n game wHh a leather": T:.S ^ the wsy: The play ers s;t GJ^T:: 'i: the foor or on footstools or oiisMor-* in a ci-cle. !v!d:ng Ihe ed-e of a ^ v ect with both !:an«1s j-st "nder iKOr h!r.s A s;naSi feather is then !'-"\r. .nto the air !y one o- the party, nr-i i: 'ias to be kept ir, 73Otior: by coo cr t'.-i vllier of thu people wlso are «=:tt"".c n-onrd the «;heot. Ont iat one o'clock; on the farm of John .-"«". Ecnner. deceased, one half nv.Ie I north of Karney. along the Gettysburg .and Taneyto~,-r. roads, the fellovnng: j Cr.e CO-K- will be fresh fcr tinje_ of ' sale, carrying: second calf: 0 head of 'hogs: 8 sf.cats vrezgh'ng- from 4U to 59 } Ibs.; 1 breed sovr -.rill farrow :n_ Feb!ruarv: I-one horse -svaicoii. iev» Studa- i baker: 1 Fa'.iir.g: top buggy^l sleigh: ;I rov.- corn planter. Keystone; 1 ?errv harrow: corn fork; i pctv-_ Ol: iver "chilled: shaving horse, wheel_bar- i-ovv-; srrir.d stone; rnaul and wec~es: 1 TOSS cut saw: crow bar; dlsging iron; : scoop shovel; spirit level: brace ar.c ^ bitts: cut-ins: box: liosr crate: u-.anure Jsled; set of or.e horse harness; buggj- coliar; names ar.d tt«ces: do-jb!e tree 'and single tree: butt traces. Also tie ! folio-Xing' household goods: I bureau: I corner caoboard: cook stove and pipe; J ;ch"- stove ar.d pipe; cream separat- : or~(SharT!e33 No. 2: iron kettle: cha~i! and stand: tub; butter bowl; 1 carpet and ir.atting by the yard; meat i-.-esses; stone jars; croc]-:s: dishes ana j glass -srere: 3a^?s: 3 yards of linoleum !ar.d other articles too numerous to 3Iedical Advertising: IHTO SHftY I Darkens Beautifully and Re-j stores Its Thickness and i Lustre at Once ar.y article Intended, to relieve' the soSenngs of humanity is not lightlj- T%-or». There must be cor-ilr.ucd proof of value. Eat for three generations, and throughout vhe "world, endurine: . ii is , ^-^ tt fame asd . Ccmir.on garden sage ore-ea a, fs 7, o -, £ aYg . jj sen accorded 1 heaw tea. with sulphur ana alconoif ---·"- ^--*- " v 1 adflv-J- -wiii tarn gray, streaked and; ! faded hair beautifully iark_ and __ IBS- ; iu~' t a' i -t; remove everv bit of dans run, j ) stop scalp itching- arc! fal' hair.! !r.I"n*n.r Sags Tea and Sulphur re-; i civs at home, though, is ti-oubleswme. · playe oit*n nnd Isoiors s the c:rc!e tr;-:-_: to set the fpat' which i* Mown nway by one or ;'.ic other a! soon r,; ever hi« har.d !·* r.ea: It. V^'iscn tht* p!..ver catches thefo.nth _ . .1 1 * » ?^\i r» *lti /*5**( 1 *'«» f*T* * O »**· 11..*^^i*'i t*^ , Oi II t it? v , » » * * - . round the s'.'oot. and tho per?.»7 tbroiistb whom he car.ght it taltvs hi* J»!ace. True Hsroins. Our idea of a true heroine is z. woman who could talk back, but doesn't.--Chicago Xews. . I Cor.dhlcns and terms will be made ! known ou cay of sale by 1 ilRS. 3IARY G. BBNXER 1 W'Hiani T. Smi'ch. Auctioneer. | D."J. Hesson. Cleck- i CT3; \ An ta?ier \vay is to get; tne reaay-to- · -jss, costing: abot:~ 30 cents a ]-»rse bottle, at dru? stores- kr.oTsj. s ; '-""Vyeth's Sagre and Sulphur _ Kair ! Heme-'"v". "thus avoiding a lot of muss. ';' Wh'fe wispv. srray, faded hair is r.ct ' sir.fu:. -re alV desire to retain oar !vou;hfcl atT3earance and attractive- 'r.ess. Bv darkeiiLng your hair with ' W-eth's Sage and Sulphur, r.o one car' teli, because it does it so r.aturaily, so ·evenlv. Yon last damper a spor..s:e or · -vrith iz ar.d era-- this lUijh your hair, takirg- or.s small "1 because thev have proved to be ihe best corrective and preventive of disordered cqn- Siticns of stomach, liver, kid- iisys and bo--els. The first dose gives quick relief and per- manerji; improvement ^follows their systematic "use. A trial TrI'I sno-s" "why, in aa-hpinesv ~h- -cse of BeeeHasa's Pills I will be in G e t t y s b t i r a eycry TueSvlay a t P e P- ro s » Mvors' Jewelrj ?lore. 1 s«e3 Sa «» w .~ -\V. II.DINK1.H iGiad.of Optics,29 Pomfert St.,Carlisle. uriar.t and you appear years j our.rjer. Arenoying Misprint. "We wisli to apologize to ilrs. Orlando Overlook. In our paper last week -^e had as a heading. "Mrs. Overlook's Big Feet," The word we ought to Iiave used is a French word pronounced the same ~\ay, but spelled j fete. It means a. celebration and is j considered a very tony word.--Wil- j (X. D.) Item. ' Try a Coin. Many -wccaen rusa tbe nap of the cloth in scraping mud from their garments with a knife- or- sharp object. Take a coin, a half dollar, and scrape the mud off with this after it is dry and it will r.ot harm the nap in. tne least.

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