The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 27, 1934 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
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Tuesday, March 27, 1934
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MAX WILL RUSH OR MIX SLOWLY Won't Box With Camera in June 14 Meeting, Says Livermore Battler. . GLOBIN'S, LAKE TAHOE, Cal., March 27. OT--Max Baer announced today he would either play a. Baiting game or seek an early knockout in his heavyweight title fight with Champion Primo Camera June 14. . Announcing his plan of battle after two days of light preparatory ·workouts, the curly headed Californian made no secret of his stra- Either, said Baer, lie will rush Camera off his feet from the open- toff gong hoping to catch the champion in retreat and off balance, or else he will play a waiting game, feinting for an opening as Camera comes in What he won't do, Baer declared, is to try to clinch or box with the big fast Italian. Baer saw Camera in action when he knocked out Jack Sharkey for the title, and he has a lot of respect for the champion's ability to drape his 265 pounds across the shoulders of his opponent "Camera won't get a chance to lean on me," said Baer. 'He's too Wg and strong to wrestle with. Anyhow I hope to knock him out before he can try it." Baer will spend two weeks here doing road work and light exercise _ " . . i_ x.1-A. A not- -tnt* MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 27 1934 PRESSBOX (C-ontinued from Sport* p»(e) evening, and thre« ot them were right In a TOW. * * * A 5-8-10, 5-4-7, -4-7-9 were standing up in the series of three, and a 3-10 came right after the group, but Krumbholz missed. Just to show how it's done, maybe, Frank Robinson picked the 3-10 three times in a row during the same evening. a. * * GRAIN MARKET PLUNGES DOWN Passed On before moving on to strenuous training. the east lor REDS HAVE HARD JOB AHEAD, PLAN " RISE DURING'34 (Continued from Sports Page) Lombard! will give us a real cleanup wallop when we need it. Counting on Dazzy. I am counting on a come-back by Dazzy Vance to help such good pitchers as Larry Benton, Paul Derringer and Si Johnson. Dazzy is working hard and will start the season in better shape than he has been in for years. If he does not win more than 1U games, the number Lucas marked up last year, I will be sorely disappointed. I have at' least a dozen other pitchers from whom to pick the rest o2 the staff. The best look- in" rookie prospect now is Houings- worth, a left-hander. Redskin Cagers Who Starred in Catholic Tourney Meet Algona Here's something that was passed on to me, and Is being passed on once more . . . the source was Vanity Fair, I'm told: A football player in college may accept a two-hour cursing from a professional coach, who is receiving $15,000 or $20,000 a year for calling him a dunce with appropriate variations, and still remain an amateur. He is permitted to take an unholy beating from Monday to Friday from the varsity, if he is a scrub, or from ambitious scrubs it he is a varsity, and hi no way sour the smile bestowed upon him by the Dean. On Saturday he may risk his neck in a thundering game before 100,000 people, who have contributed $300,000 to the university for the privilege of witnessing the carnage, and Prexy will swear to the high Heavens and the press that he is a true amateur and a f hie fellow and scholar to boot. But let him on a Sunday afternoon sneak over to the neighboring township and play halfback for the Uneeda Biscuit Wildcats or some other semi-pro team for two tens and a five-dollar bill and get caught at it, and is he marked louSAY . . . His locker is swept out, his private articles of wearing apparel handled with tongs, his comrades are cautioned to breathe through their handkerchiefs when he is around, and the boss teacher himself posts the bull of excommunication on the university gate and pronounces sentence that, as punishment, he is not to be permitted to risk his neck any more on Saturdays for nothing. He is a dirty professional. He has committed the cardinal sin of sticking a couple of bucks into his kick. PLAYING TIM^SET BACK, YOUNG FANS PLAN TO SEE GAME (Continued From Sports Page) Floyd (Babe) Herman is making progress toward atoning for his disappointing work last season. Herman has an edge over Tut Stainback and · Riggs Stepheneon for the third outfield position. Chuck Klein and Kiki Cuyler have the other jobs under control. GIANTS MIAMI BEACH, Fla,--Bill Terry Holders of All Grains Let Go on Large Scale to Drop Prices. CHICAGO, March 27. (/P)--Stop loss selling plunged the grain markets swiftly downward today, holders of all grains letting go on a large scale. Likelihood of drastic governmental measures to curtail speculation in stock and commodity markets was the dominating factor. For the time being, the trade paid little or Produce .13C no attention to supply and demand conditions. · Wheat closed unsettled, 1% to JL- cents under yesterday's finish, May 85% to 85% cents, July 85 U to 85% cents; corn l ] ,i to I}: cents down, May 48% to 49 cents, July 50% cents; oats % to 1% cents off, and provisions showing 5 to 17 cents decline. MASON CITY, March 27.-Cash quotatiaiu by E. O. Hone Eggs (current receipts) l3c Heavy hens, 4% Ibs. and over ,.10c Light hens 6c Springs (heavy breeds) lOc Springs (Leghorn breeds).......6c Stags 6c Old cocks (heavy) ·· 5C Ducks · 7c Geese Turkeys, No. 1 Merchant* Quotations Eggs, cash 13-14C* Eggs, in trade 15-160* Butter, Plymouth 31° Butter, Clear Lake i8c Butter, State Brand 31c Butter, Very Best ale Butter, Dairy Maid ·' Bc Home grown potatoes, peck ...,30c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling severai downtown grocery stores. HOG MARKET STEADY TO 10 TOP UNCHANGED WITH $4.60 HIGH CENTS LOWER Hog Markets CHICAGO CASH CHAIN. CHICAGO, March 27. UP) -- Wheat: Ko. 1 hard S714C; No. 2 hard 87c; No. 3 nurd 86%c; (lake billing. No. 1 hard 87c). Corn: No. 2 mixed 47%®48c; No. 3 mixed 47UC- No. 2 yellow 47%@48%c; No. 2 yellow" old 4814 ®4Sc; No. 3 yellow 47%®! 481ic- No. 4 ye'low dry 47«c; No. 2 white 50%c; No. 3 white 49%c; sample grade 43c; (lake billing. No. 2 yellow 48c; No. 2 white CHICAGO FOULIKV CHICAGO. March 27. UP)--Poultry, live, C H I C A G . arc . -- , , 19 trucks, firm; hens over 5 Ibs. 17c, 5 IDS. and under 16c, Leghorn hens 12%c; Rock broilers 25®26%c, colored 2SC, Leghorn 22C, ba.-ebacks 21c; Rock springs 17@19c, colored 17c: Leghorn chickens lie; roosters turkeys 12®22c; ducks 14®18c; geese . Oats- No 2 white 34Sp35c: No. 3 white 34c- No 4 whits 31«ic; (lalte billing, No. 4 white 31Hc). No ryo. Barley: 48®79c. Timothy seed: $707.35 cwt. Clover seed: $118813 cwt. La?d. tierces, 36.15; -loose lard 50.15; bellies $8. MasonCityCrain MASON CITY, March 27.-Barley 30-45c No. 2 yellow old shelled corn . .3oc No. 3 yellow new shelled corn . .34c No. 3 yellow ear corn 32c White oats, No. 3, 30 TOs., or better 25y s c 12c. CHICAGO J-BOUUCE" CHICAGO, March 27. CM--Butter 9,375, easy; creamery--specials (93 score) 22?i{a 2314c; extras (92) 22VSC: extra firsts (8081) 22{B22Vic; firsts (88-89) 21@21Sc; seconds (86-87) 20Vic; standards (90 centralized carlots) 22 %c. Eggs 3-,743. easy, prices unchanged. 1'BODOCE Ft'TCBES. CHICAGO, March 27. (.W--Egg futures closed: Storage packed firsts March 17%c; refrigerator standards October 19%c. Butter futures: Storage standards March 21c; storage standards November 23Vi.c; fresh standards June 22c. Potato futures: Idaho russets April $1.0. NEW 1'OBK 1'OtU.THV. NEW YORK, March 27. Ml--Dressed poultry steady. Ducks, fresh 17c: frozen 14V-t316V-c; other grades unchanged. Live poultry steady. Broilers, express 12 5E20C- fowls, freight 15«?19c; express 15® 20c; other freight and express unchanged. Best Grade Light, Medium Weights Steady; Heavy Butchers Down. CHICAGO, March 27. UP)--The hog market was steady to 10 'cents lower today. Best grade of light and medium weights were steady, but heavy butchers were fully 10 cents lower. The top was $4.60, unchanged, and the bulk sold from ?4.10 to $4.50. Receipts were heavier than estimated with producers centering marketings in Chicago. Outside markets reported a sharp shrinkage of supplies compared with either a week or a year ago and this fact enabled Chicago prices to hold steady. The run here was heavier than last Tuesday and equal to a year ago. Outside markets were stronger with prices averaging 10 to 15 cents higher. Wintry weather over the greater portion of the middle west and the northern end of the eastern states was a break in favor of the dressed beef wholesalers and cattle prices reflected better demand. Prices were strong to 25 dents higher with best yearlings around $7.50. It was mainly a $5.25 to ?7 market. Sheep and lambs were again plentifully supplied and with early rud- iness at a standstill indications pointed to a steady market. Best fat lambs were held above $9.10, but most bids and early sales were at $9 down.' Yesterday's too plentiful supply had its effect on the market by the large number of holdovers. Hog prices at midwest mallets Tuesday: WATUHLOO--Prime hogs 180 to 200 Ibs. $3.40! ( "3.70- 200 to 260 Ibs. J3.50S-3.80: 2CO to 300 Ibs. $3.40®3.70: 300 to 325 Ibs. J3.30 8-3.60; 325 to 350 Ibs. J3.25Q3.55; good packers J2.90ST3.10. UEUAK KAl'IDS--Cora and hogs unchanged. OTTUMWA--Unchanged; 140 to 160 Ibs. S2.40- 160 to 180 Ibs. 13.40; 180 to 200 Ibs. 53.85- 200 to 240 Ibs. J3.95! 240 to 260 Ibs. 53.95- 260 lo 280 Ibs. J3.85: 280 to 310 Ibs. $3.75: 310 to 350 Ibs. $3.60: over 350 Ibs. 53.20©3.50; packers under 350 Ibs. $3® 3.30; packers 350 to 450 !bs. J2.70®3; packers over 500 Ibs. ;2.90{f3.20; thin packers and pigs nt killing values. BUS MOINES--10-15C lower; 120 to 160 Ibs. J2®3: 160 to 300 Ibs. 530-3.85; 300 to 400 Ibs. S3.25ST3.60; good packers $2.75® ' AUSTIN--Chaice light lights, 140 to 160 Ibs., 53.15; choice lights. 160 to 180 Ibs., S3.50; choice medium, 180 to 250 Ibs. $3.90; choice heavy butcher. 250 to 290 Ibs. J3.75;. 290 to 350 Ibs. 53.60: 350 and up S3.40; choice packers, 275 to 350 Ibs., 53.15; 350 to 425 Ibs. $3.05; 425 and up 52.90. COMBINED 1IOO RECEIPTS. DBS MOINES, March 27. 01*)--U. S. department of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located In interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. today were 20,300 compared with 15,200 a week ago and 12,600 a year ago. . Uneven, mostly steady. Instances 5c hlgn er- others 5c lower than early Monday; load- Ing about normal for Tuesday: Quotations follow: Good and choice, 1 ght lights 140 to 160 Ibs. $2.90(!P3.70; light weights 160 to ISO Ibs. S3.30S4: 180 to 200 Ibs $3.70iB4.10; medium weight, 200 to 220 Ibs. S3.80r34.15; 220 to 250 Ibs. $3.80® 4 15- heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. 53.70SJ 4.10- 290 to 350 Ibs. $3.50®4. Good packing sows. 275 to 350 Ibs., 53.10 ®345; 350 to 425 Ibs. S2.90@3.40; 425 to 550 Ibs. S2.85Sf3.25. S3 350)3.60: medium grade, offerings mostly $36-3.40; mostly 140 to 170 ID. averages $2.7583.50; packing sows mostly $3(93.25, feeder pigs 52.50 down. SHEEP 1,500: early Indications lamb trade weak, holding best offerings around $9; late Monday lambs 15-25C lower; top and bulk $8.75; two doubles clipped Iambs 27.--St Ce team '. ALGONA, March was to play a post-season game with the St. Francis mission team from South Dakota on the academy floor Tuesday evening. The mission team stops off here on its · treK homeward from the National Catholic tournament in Chicago last .veek The Indians have been undefeated in two years of play up to the time they entered the National tournament in Chicago. 4-H Champion Cagers Will Be Named After Tourney at Waterloo AMSS, March 27.--The champion 4-H basketball team in Iowa will be .determined in a state basketball tournament to be held in the ?. M. C. A. gymnasium in Waterloo, ipril 6 and 7, according to word received by the club department of the Iowa State college* extension service from A. J. Marken, assistant coucty agent at Waterloo. Up to Saturday, 15 teams had entered representing the following counties: Webster, Linn, Scott,. Franklin, Muscatine, Floyd, Fayette, Tama, Marshall, Poweshiek, Mitchell, Black Hawk, Winnebago and Wright.- Entries were to close Mon- 3siV Four-H clubs in a number of counties have held elimination contests or tournaments to determine which dub should represent the county at the state tournament A 4-H boy to be eligible to play in the state tournament must have completed at least one year of club Work and be enrolled for 1934. No boy who participated in the state high school tournament in 19S4 will be eligible. Changes Made in Armory Card for TKis Thursday Changes in the preliminary bouts lets everybody else do the worrying about the fact that five of the New York Giants' seven outfielders are eft-handed batsmen and that the :hree regulars all hit from the left side. "Why worry about that?" asks Bill. "How many good left-handed pitchers are there in our league? Not more than two or three." WHEAT-May July Sept CORN-May Ju!y ........ Sept OATS-May July sept RYE-lay uly ....... ept. BARLEY-lay uly Sept LA.ED-- May July Sept BELLIES-May July TUESDAY CHAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, March 27. ST. YANKEES PETERSBURG, Fla.--Joe McCarthy soon will use the pruning knife on his new York Yankee roster and some of the youngsters are beginning to worry. Right now Jimmie Deshong, Hor midas Aube, Vita Tamulis an( Floyd Newkirk seem most likely t wind up with Newark, the Yankees' International league farm. High .SB'S .83% .37 .4951 .51« .53 Vi .33 .33% .33% .45% .46% .. 7.87 Low .84% .84% -4SU .50Vi .52U .32% .33 .33 .53 M. Close .85% .85 il .8694 .457, -50T4 .52% .32% .33',! .33 .58 .59 'A .6074 . .46 .43 6.27 6.35 6.55 HIDES, WOOL 51.75 Quotations Famished by Wolf Bro»«- Inc., 808 Fifth Street Southwest HIDES Horsehidea Cured eef hides ... Green beef hides ... WOOL No. 1 clean bright... Semibright Rejects Mason City Livestock STOCKS RECOVER PART OF LOSSES Extreme Declines of 1 to 3 or More Points Pared Moderately. NEW YORK, March 27. (#·)--An opening selling rush took much of the life out of the stock market today but some recovery developed in the late trading. Extreme losses of 1 to 3 or more points were reduced moderately. U. S. Smelting and TJ. S. Industrial alcohol were down more than 4 each at their worst. Late declines of 1 to around 2 were shown by U. S. Steel, American Telephone, Chrysler, American Can, General Motors, Schenley Distillers and New York Central. Transfers approximated 1,600,000 shares. The tumble followed overnight news that the president had requested congress to pass an exchange regulatory bill "with teeth in it." For half an hour the ticker tape ran from 1 to 5 minutes behind floor transactions. The selling rush, which found blocks of 1,000 to 6,000 shares appearing, then died almost as quickly as it began and moderate rallying tendencies appeared. Dullness, however, accompanied the recoveries. Wheat, down more than 2 cents a bushel at one time, pared its losses. Cotton was off more than 50 cents a. bale. Silver and rubber sagged. Corporation bonds were heavy, but U. S. government securities were firm. International dollar rates improved. Stock List NEW TOBK STOCKS. NEW YORK. March 27. UP, Flnitl Quotations. Air Reduct »3K I T * T i: Alleghany 3% Johns-Manv 34 Al Che Dye 148 % Kennccott 1! Am Can 87 Kresge Am For Pow s% Kroger Am Pow Lt 8% Lie * My B Am Sm k Ret 41% Loews Am Steel Fdra 19 Vi Loose Wilefl Am Sugar 51 Lorlllard A T i T Am Tob B 117% Maytag 68 McKesa Eob 30 V, 87 ?i 30 Vt 39-Ji! 17 714 105k 30 «4 25 it 41% Am Water Wks 20?, Mid Cont Pet Anaconda 14 Vi M K T Atchlson 6414 Mo Pac All Ret 28% Mont Ward Auburn Cl Worrell Aviation Corp 7% Nash Baldwin Loco 13 Nat Else B' 4 0 2SS Natl Cash Re A 18 Jarnsdall 8 Natl Dairy 1514' Bendlx 1855 Natl Distil! 27% Beth stl 39V Natl Pow It Lt 1114 Bordens 22% N 1* Cent 34-}i Borg Warn 24 41 N Y N H ft H 17% Burr Add 15V No Amer 187*.' Canada Dry 26 No Pac 30vs' Can Pac 16}!; Oliver Farm 4*£ Case 68Vi OMver Farm pf SO Cerro d« Pasco 3214 Packard 5%' Ches k 0 44 Penlck Ford 36»i Ches Corp Chi E 111 C N W Chic Gt W Chic ot W pf C M S P P C M S P P pf C K I P Chrysler Col G E Comwlth Sou Cons Gas Cons Oil Contl Can Contl Ins Contl Mot Com Prod Curtiss Wright Deere pfd Du Pont Eastman El Pow Lt Fox Fi'm A Freeport Tex ..24e Ib. .23c !b. ..19c Ib. WOOL MARKET. BOSTON, March 27. UTI--U. S. department of agriculture-- · Inquiries were received on 64s and finer territory wools, and very moderate quantities were sold occasionally. While prices on these wools were not definitely lower, sales were Inclined to the low side of recent quotation ranees Ohio and similar fleeces of 48', 50s, VI blood grade were quiet, and there was an elsy tone In the market for these lines, with 40 cents In the grease being the price at which these wools were offered by most holders. A few lots were being withheld from the market by adherence to asking prices at 41 cents or above. TUESDAY GRAIN OVKX CHICAGO, March 27. t.T-- Oped Close Close "·oday Yesterday Yr. Ago s^ »* .«* TM* :::: S 3$ supporting day night' the main event of Thursay exhibition at the local armory will send Frankie French of Renwick into the ring against Earl Wampler, Scranton "rabbit- puncher," and Tag Tageson of Mason City against Babe Camera of Des Moines, according to announcement of Matchmaker Joa Kelly. Veenker Faced With Necessity of Making New Line for Eleven AMES, March 27.--When spring football practice opened in earnest at Iowa State college yesterday afternoon Coach George Veenker began directing his efforts to the rebuilding of the Cyclone line. · Only four line lettermen--Frank Hood, Creston, end; Dee Hays, Newcomerstown, Ohio, guard; Paul Berger, Manchester, tackle; and John Catron, Camp Crook, S. Dak., tackle--were out. Hunter Brown, Red Oak, a transfer from Tarkio college, is being counted upon for a regular assignment at center. Jack Beyer, Des ytoines, and Magnus Lichter, Al- gooa, last year's centers, were lost jy graduation. With William Dixon, Colfax, and vierald Smith, Milwaukee, Wis., regular guards, also lost by graduation 2oach Veenker is considering changing Berger from tackle to a guard post. Russell Gute, Glidden, ninor letter winner, will again be on hand at guard. Russell Coundiff, 3ary, Ind., a numeral winner last fall, is also out for guard. Sept CORN-May July Sept OATS-May July Sept RYE-May July Sept BARLEY-May July Sept LARD-May July Sept BELLIES-May July .53% .53% .54% MASON CITY, March 27.-HOGS Steady to 5 cents higher. Best sorted lights 200-240 $3.85 Best- medium weight butchers 240-260 53.85 Best heavy butchers 260-300 53.75 Best prime heavy butchers .. 300-350 S3.6!i Best packing sows, smooth .... 300-350 $3.15 Best heavy sows, smooth .. 350-400 S3.00 Best big heavy sows, smooth 450-500 $2.90 Light lights, fair to good, (140, 160, 180) S2.50, ?3.00, J3.30 CATTLE Choice young steers ,. 800-1,000 J4.75-3.50 Medium to good yearling steers 000-1,000 53.75-4 * Choice corn fed steers 1,000-1,200 54.50-5.23 Medium to good corn fed steers 1.000-1.200 Low grade steers .. Fair heifers 600-800 Good heifers 600-800 Choice to prime helfera 600-800 Butchers cows, talr to good .. Good to choice cows -4SS .51 .53Vi .327, .33% .33-4 GRAPEFRUIT LEAGUE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Boston (N) 9, Boston (A) 1. Cincinnati (N) 12, Philadelphia (N) 9. Philadelphia (A) 4, St Ixiuis St. Louis (A) 8, Buffalo (TL.) 7. Chicago (N) 11; Los Angeles (PCL) 5. A lawsuit, "Jersey vs. Holestine," was listed on the docket of federal court in Kansas City. Holestine is a cattle man but Jersey is a film salesman. .50% .52',! .54 V4 .33* .34% .34% .59V5 .60% .62 Vi .46% .47% .49% 7.95 8.25 .29% .31% .33 .is?; .19 -A .19 VS 4.37 4.45 4.53 4.97 5.10 Market Notes By T1CEEB TAPE Choice to prime cows ............ Inferior canners Fair to good cannera Good cutter cows Common to fair bulls Fair to good heavy hulls Good to choice bulls Good to choice calves, 130-190 Medium to good calves, 130-190 «^. u u -u.uu Inferior and common calves ... .53.00 down LAMBS Choice lambs 70-90 57.75-8.25 Medium to good lambs ... 70-90 56.75-7.75 Buck lambs SI under grade. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. $3.75-4.50 $2.50-3-SO J2.75-3.50 53.50-4.00 $4.00-4.50 .52.00-2.50 .S2.50-2-75 .52.75-3.01) . .75-1.00 .J1.25-1.SO .31.50-2.00 .Sl.75-2.25 .S2.00-2.25 .52.25-2.75 $5.00-5.50 54.00-5.00 OMAHA GRAIN. OMAHA. March 27. (.T--Wheat: Dark hard No. 5, 77%c; bard No. 2, 80c; No. 3, ,,,,....'Yellow No. 1, 40%c; No. 2, 40Kc. Oats: No trading reported. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MINNEAPOLIS, March 27. W)--Wheat, 106 cars compared to 133 a year ago; 14. cents lower. Cash: No. 1 northern 84VSg S7V5C: No. 1 dark northern 15 protein Ss',4 ffiSSVic- 14 protein 85VS®S8Vf.c: 13 protein S5Vf,«?88VSc: 12 protein SSHSTSSVic: No. 1 dark^hard Montana 14 protein 85Vtff87V.c: to arrive 85Vi®87V4c: No. 1 amber duram SI 07@113; No. 2 amber durum S1.06® 1.12; No. 1 red durum S4®86c; May 82%c; jiilv' 82%c; Sept. 82%c. Corn, No. 3 yellow 41V4842VSc. Oats, No. 3 white 31li@31%c. KANSAS CITY CHAIN KANSAS CITY. March 27. (£)-Wheat. 11 nirs' « to IV cents lower. f.o. 2 dark hard 82cf No. 3,' 82V5=: No. 2 hard SO® 81««: No. 3, 78V4«?85c noro.; No. 2 red l5«?83Vc nom.; No. 3, 79@83c nom. Cora. 30 cars: unchanged to IS cents lower- No. 2 white 45iA®46y,c; No. 3. 44i, W45HC nom.; No. 2 yellow 44«e44.%c: No 6 44««41%c; No. 2 mixed 44c; t^. 3, *"££ ^receipts; V4 to 2 cent, lower No. 2 white 32fc@33c nom.r fr.o. 3, 32 @33c aom. A. B. C. Leaders May Move Soon as Aces Enter Play PEORIA, HI., March 27. (#-Present leaders of the American Bowling congress may be forced to abdicate soon. Many "hot shots" of bowling are still to see action and kegling fans will probably see some new names in the No. 1 hole. There were several changes produced yesterday. Rome Motor Sales of Chicago went into third place in the five-man event with 2,943, Ralph Marshall of Richmond, Ind., hit 688 and fifth place in the singles, and Walter Nirison, Chicago, batted out 1,863 and won fifth place in the all events. Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET CHICAGO, March 27. Uf--U. S. department ol agriculture-Potatoes 102, on track 403, total u. s. shipments CIS; old stock russets firm, other stock steady, supplies heavy, demand and trading rather slow: sacked per cwt.: U. S. No 1 Wisconsin round whites few sales $1.40; Minnesota. North Dakota Red River Chios J1.50@1.60. partly graded $1.35®1.45; ^lllua V i . u w v , ,,,,,, ,3,1 -i-!i . nan, clnplc Idaho stead}, ,-«t- r --Ing moderate; triumphs $2. The most disquieting .possibility In the outlook for the government's prtee-raWnE efforts Is not that they will fall hut that they will succeed too well, states the Guaranty Trust company of New York in discussing what- the New Deal has accomplished, In the current issue of The Guaranty Survey, its review of business and financial conditions in tne United States and abroad, published today. "The time may not be far distant when the most serious problem of the administration will not be to produce an advance in prices but to hold the advance within bounds," The Survey continues. "Disappointment has been expressed in some quarters that the government's recovery program has not brought about a greater degree of business revival. Such an attitude should not be taken too hastily. Perhaps too much in the way of. immediate results was expected in the beginning by a depression-weary nation, over-eager to accept any vague promise of swift recovery. The remarkable Improvement that has taken place during the last year is a matter or record The banking crisis has been surmounted; business activity has increased: prices have risen, and much-needed relief has been given to millions o£ citizens. CHIEF OBJECTIVE OF NEW CHIEF "Fundamentally, tie New Deal is an attempt to reorganize the economic and political system in such a way as to permit the government to take an active part in bringing about co-operative action among all branches of business activity. It is based on tbe principle that a proper coordination of economic Junctions under governmental direction can bring about and maintain equilibrium; In other words, tnat man-made regulations can and should supplant t.1e operation of natural economic laws in an individualistic system. "Unfortunately, it Is W connection with these relief activities that some of the gravest misgivings arise concerning the future, for the cost of relief is tremendous, and In the present Instance it Is being met entirely by public Borrowing. The public debt Is already nearly e«ual to the post-war peak, and the borrowing program contemplated by the administration has hsjdl} be»un. The president estimates that by June 30. 1935. the debt will reach a total of nearly 532.000.000,000. The plan is to ston the borrowing at that point, and it .s earnestly to be hoped that this will prove possible. Even if It does, however, the task of repaying such a sum will be enormous; huge refunding operations will be necessary, and the government will be continuously dependent on conditions in the money market over a long period. Aside from the possibility of financial conditions that will make refunding difficult, there will exist a constant temptation to reduce the burden by Jie temporarily easy method of cheapening he currency. If this temptation is avoided, the debt will have to be paid by means of tases that will Inevitably place a hea\y load on Industry. CHICAGO UVESTOCK CHICAGO, March 27. LT)--U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 21,000, including 9,000 direct: slow, weights 240 lus. down about steady with Monday's average; heavy butchers weak to 10 cents lower; top S4.60; bulk ISO to 240 Ins. 5-J.50S4.55: pigs $2.50©3.25; most packing sows S3.40(j?3.65. Light light, good and choice, 140 to 160 Ibs. 3.50@4.35; light weight, 160 to 200 Ibs. 5404.50; medium weight, 200 to 250 Ibs. S4.355i-4.60: heavy weight, 250 to 350 Ibs. S4.10SS4.50; packing sows, medium and good, 275 to 550 Ibs. $3.40ii3.75; pigs, good and choice, 100 lo 130 Ibs. S2.90S3.50. CATTLE 4,500; calves 3,000; fed steers SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL. March 27. CIV-U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 2,400: slow, few slaughter year- line steers about steady; common to medium S4ST5.25: few 55.50; some load lots held higher; she stock little changed, common light weight heifers $3®4; beef cows *2.i5® 3.50; cutters 52S2.50; low cutters down to $1.25: bulls weak, 15-25c lower for two days- bulk S2.75 downward: stockers scarce, steady; medium grade steers around 53.75; calves 2.600; about steady; good to choice 5566; few $6.50; odd head $7: common to medium weighty calves S2.50S3.50. HOGS 6,000; moderately active, about steady; better grade 170 to 250 Ibs. 54 4 10- top S4.10 to all interests; medium grade) those weights $3.50413.75 or better; desirable 250 to 360 Ibs. mostly S3.50SM: better light weights J3.2SW3.75 or above; killer pigs S2.50«3 or better; most packing sows S3.10lS-3.3J; average cost Monday 53 SHEEp l8 *D t OO; °'practically nothing done early; undertone around steady on all classes- Monday bulk fed wooled lambs 58.65. one load SS.75 to packers: top $8.80 to an outsider; also late Monday one load fed clipped lambs $6.75. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, March 27. UP)---U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 3,000; no directs: uneven, steady to Me higher than Monday's average: top $425 on choice 180 to 240 Ibs.; good and Choice 140 to 160 Ibs. S3.35O4 10: 160 to 180 Ibs. S3.85®4.25; 180 to 200 Ibs. f-if 4 25; 200 to 220 Ibs. S4-94.25; 220 to 250 Ibs S4TM4.25: 250 to 290 Ibs. 53.95@4.15; 290 to 350 Ibs. 53.8094; packing sows 275 to 550 !bs. S3.25ffi3.65. CATTTE 3,500: calves 700; fed steers in limited supply; strong to 26c Weher; best early 56.50; average 1217 and 998 "»·:"'?; er classes steady; steers, good and choice 550 to 900 Ibs. $5.50®7.15; 900 to 1100_!bs S565e7.15: 1100 to 1300 Ibs. 55.50@,.15, 1300 to 1500 Ibs. $5«6.S5: common and medium 550 Ibs. up S3.75®5.50; heifers, food and choice 550 to 900 Ibs. $4.60«f6.10; common and medium 550 to 900 Ibs. $3(5.4.60; cows good, S3.25@3.75; common and medium 52.35@3.25; low cutter and cutter 5125@2.3S: vealers (milk fed) medium to choice S4S6.50: cull and common S2.50«M, stocker and feeder steers, good and choice (all weights) S4.2Diff5.75: common and medium (a'l weights) S2.75®4.50. SHEEP 7,000- spring lambs sharply hign- er; fed lambs steady to strong: oddI lots sheep steady; Texas spring lambs SlO.oO, fed wooled lambs $8.75; spring lambs, choice S10910.60; good 59.25010: medium SS.25a9.25: Iambs, good and choice (s) 90 Ibs. down 5S.25e8.75: common and medium Curb Market !i Penney 4?H Penn 12% Phillips Pet 4% Proc Gam. 10 S Pullman 6% B C A 10% R K O 4% Rem Rand 51% Rep Stl Rey Tob B Roy Dutch Sears Koe Shell U Siiclly Socony Vac So Pac St Brands St G E St Oil Cal St Oil N J Stew Warn Stone Web 14% Studebaker 4114 Tex Corp 15% 2% 38% 72% 30 Vi 61%' 3314' 17%' 34 V 5314 TX 2011 4011 46% 9% 10 1614 25 -Ti 35 »t 44% 814 Geiil Am Trans 3fiii Tex Gulf Sul NEW YORK, March 27. (/V)--Curb stock underwent a widespread contraction today. Selling hit the market at the opening and continued through the early dealings, bringing many losses of 1 to more than 3 points. Offerings dwindled later and some declines were reduced, but trading turned dull. Turnover in many leading stocks was moderate, though a few were active. Selling appeared to have been prompted by tht president's letter about exchange regulation and although the squall was quickly over new buyers hesitated. Heaviest losei-s was in the Industrial group where Aluminum of America, Gulf Oil and Natomas dropped 2 to around 3 points. Sher- wln Williams, Waco Aircraft and Bunker Hill and Sullivan sagged 1 to 2. Declines for utilities were generally fractional, though American Gas at the low was off more than 2. Gold mining Issues ruled steady to firm. Electric Bond and Store, Niagara Hudson. American Cyanamld "B and Standard Oil of Indiana yielded rather moderately. Gen El Gen Foods Gen Motors Gillette Gohel Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Graham Paige Gt Nor Pfd Gt West Sug Hudson Mtrs III Cent Int Harv lot Nick Can Ttt. 215 S 20% Tim Roll Bear 33% 33 Un Carb 42 ii :I6S Un Pac 123 10M Unit Air 22% 7% United Corp 63ft 19-Vi U S Gypsum 38 U 15% U S Indus Alch S0'.i 35 U S Rubber 18~i 3S U S Steel 49;i 27 Wabash 26=1 Warner Plct 6VS 20 West El t Mfg 36i 3015 Woolwortb. SOU 40?S Wrle'ey 59 27 Vs Ycl Tr 55i' CHICAGO STOCKS CHICAGO, March 27. (.T)-Cities service 2% Natl Standard 21 Katz Drug 32 N W Bancorp Llbby-McNell 5H Quaker Oats M W Utilities 'A Swift 4 Co MW Ut 6 pet pfd 1% Swift Intl Natl Leather 1% Zenith 4M 112 'i 15%' 27 H, as Bond Market MINNEAPOLIS STOCKS. MINNEAPOLIS, March 27. UP)--Stocks closed: First Bank Stock S. Northwest Bancorporation 4^. , ; c a v s , ; e and yearlings strong to 25C. higher; moderately actlva at advance; killing quality plain; other killing classes higher In sympathy with fed steers: she stock In light supply; vealers 25c and more lower; best yearling steers held around S7.50: bulk of run S5©6.75. Slaughter cattle and vealers: steers, good and choice. 550 to 900 Ibs., $6 SE7.65: 900 to 1100 Ibs. S6®7.65; 1100 to 1300 Ibs. S5.75B7.50: 1300 to 1500 Ibs. So.25 527.50; common and medium, 550 to 1300 Ibs. S3.755S6.25; heifers, good and choice, 550 to 750 Ibs., S5@6.25; common and medium $3.255t5; cows, good, J3.50g4.25; common and medium $2.50@3.50; low cutter and cutter $1.50@2.50; bulls (yearlings excluded) good (beef) S3.2;i®3,75; cutter, common and medium $2.50(53.50; vealers. good and choice, S5.25g)7.50: medium 54.50 @5.2E: cull and common 53.50^4.50: stocker and feeder cattle: Steers, good and choice, 500 to 1050 Ibs., $4.50®5.75; common and medium S3.25@4.75, SHEEP 11,000; indications around steady on desirable wooled lambs; best held well above $9.10 with prospective downward from 59; as yet comparatively little done; talking around S7@7.25 on good to choice clipped lambs: best held higher; slaughter sheep and lambs, lambs, 90 Ibs. down, good and choice $8.60@9.10; common and medium S7SS.60; 90-98 Ibs., good and choice $86?9: ewes, 90 to 150 Ibs., good and choice S4@5.75; all weights, common and medium 5384.50. Ibs down S S . 2 . : c o 90'lbs down S6.5098.25: good and choice (t) 90 to 98 Ibs. SSWS.75; yearling wethers, medium to choice 90 to 110 Ibs. M®7.50: ewes, good and choice 90 to 150 Ibs 54.25 SJ550- feeding lambs (range) good and choice 50 to 75 Ibs., blank. (I )_Quotations based on ewes and wetn- ers. ·LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. March 27. (.1--- Official estimated receipts tomorrow: Cattle, 7,000, hogs, 20.000; sheep, S.OOO. NEW YORK, March 27. Wl--United States government "issues were steady at higher levels in the bond market today, but the general run of domestic corporate obligations and the foreign section was unsettled. All of the treasury issues and the Liberties were higher coincident with news from Washington that the treasury department had purchased around 537,000,000 of government obligations last week. A considerable number of railroad bonds sold lower Including Atchison 4s, Baltimore and Ohio 4Vis, Chesapeake and Ohio 4Vts, St Paul 5s, Erie 5s and Missouri Pacific 4s the latter losing nearly two points although the turnover was comparatively small. Southern Railway 4s advanced a major fraction of a point and Union Pacific 4s were higher . Public utility Issues and industrial bonds w»re spotty obligations of American and Foreign Power, Consolidated Gas company, and Postal Telegraph company sold lower. The government of Columbia 6s declined more than 3 points and others in the foreign list were lower. D. S. BOND QUOTATIONS NEW YORK, March 27. (in--United States government bonds, closed: Liberty 3V=s 102.31. Liberty First 4Vis 103.14. Liberty Fourth 4V»a 103.13. Treasury 4VU 47-52 110.5. Treasury 4s 44-54 106.13. Treasury 3%s 40-43 June 102.14. Treasury 314s 46-49 100.16. Treasury 3s 51-55 99.9. Supplementary of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building Telephone No ± j[ NEW YORK CUBE QUOTATIONS Amer Gas El 26 Ford M of Eng 7% Am Sup Pow 3'.i Hiram Walker 41 Ark Nat Gas A 1% Hud E M S 11 Assoc G El A 1% Humble Oil 42 Can Marconi 2-y t Niag Hud 6',i Can Ind Ale 13 Vi Pennroad Corp 3 ; Corp Seag 17U S O Ind 25 ! Ja Eislor El 1 S 0 Ky 15Vj El Bd Sb 16S United Gas 251 Ford M of Can 22 Un L, P A Sli: CHICAGO STOCKS Bendix Avl Cp 18% Key St WIra 17 Bbrg-Wam Cp 24-T-.L Marshall Fields 17 IE Butler Bros 93 Swift Co 15% Cord Company 69, NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Juneau 20 Kroger Groc 30Va Am Bank Note 17«. Lambert Co 27 Am Car Fdy 27% Liquid Carb CD 2G?» Am Roll's Mills 22Vi Mack Truck 31VI Am Metal 22i4 Mathieson Alk 34 Am Ra S Co 14 Mex Seab'd Oil 32% Am S Re Co 41% McKess Robb "Vi Am Tob 68 Muns Wear Inc 2214 Atlantic P-e Co 29% Otis Steel 6,4 Ar Co B (111) 5% J C Penney Co 61% Assoc Dry Gds 15 Pure Oil Co 1114 CHICAGO, March" 27. WV-U. S. depart ment of agriculture--Representative sales. Representative Sales Heavy -25 360 3 313 67 278 42 252 Mediums -- HOGS. Light: 4.00 92 65 4.15 4.35 72 4.50 43 RECORD KEEPER DDES CHICAGO, March 27. /B--Irwin Martin Howe, dean of the baseball figure men and official statistician of the American league, died last russets' si.72%01.77Vi; new stock supplies moderate, demand and trad- Florida bushel crates bliss NEW YORK SUGAR. NEW YORK, March 27. i/IV-Baw sugar unchanged today at 2.85C. Futures 3 points below the previous close. Refined unchanged Observed at Gilmore City. GARNER-- Mr. and Mrs. C. H. at 1.50C. A survey made by the board of paroles and pardons in California showed 36 per cent of the persons sentenced to death in the state during the past 40 years have escaped the noose through commutations or -- . . . Schissel and daughter, Marion, who is a senior at Grinnell college, Mr. and Mrs Clint Daniels and daughter, Mary Mildred, Mrs. Roy Tellier, Gladys and Robert Tellier were at Gilmore City Sunday to celebrate the forty-eighth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Will Campbell, parents of Mrs. Schissel, Mrs. Tellier and Mrs. Daniels. nient after an illness of three the noose through commute mfnths He was 68 years old. j transfers to insame asylums. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA, March 27. LT)--H. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 9,000; active to shippers, strong to mostly lOc higher; some up more; puck ers slow, better'l80 to 260 Ibs. S3.855T4; top 54; medium prades down to 53.50; 260 to 325 Ibs. S3.50lTe3.85; part load choice 270 Ibs. 53.90; 140 to 170 !bs. $3@3.65; feeder piss scarce, sa'able steady; packing sows S3S3.25; stags S2.50S3; average cost Monday S3.53; weight 243. CAITLE 6,000; calves 300; slaughter steers and she stock strong to 10-15C hish- er; bulls and vealers steady; stockers and feeders scarce, steady; fed steers and yearlings mostly S5®C.25; f«w loads 56.405J1 6.75; latter'price including 1451 Ib. weights; heifers S4.50B5.50; odd head S5.75; bulk beef cows $2.75(B4: odd head 64.10®4.50; cutter grades ?1.7S®2.50: medium bulls $2.65®2.85; practical top vealers S5.50; few SHEEP 7,500. Including 450 direct and 450 through; l«d lambs opening steady; spring lambs strong to 15c higher; sheep and feeders steady: early bids fed wooled lambs S8.503J8.75; some held higher: native spring lambs J10.75«fll.25: ewes eligible up to 55.50; no shearing Iambs sold. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY, March 27. W!--U. S. department of agrlcultu steers- 25 18 20 3i 50 26 21 15 25 236 217 210 203 108S 1363 1329 1312 1027 1613 1522 170 600 197 185 172 165 Light Lights-56 154 4.50 4.50 4.40 4.15 4.55 4.55 4.60 4.50 CAMLB. Heifers-7.65 9 "53 24 728 23 725 30 740 CoWfl-- 1275 1100 1075 7.40 7.35 7.15 6.60 6.00 5.90 5.65 0.15 10 4.25 3.15 12 1000 Fed Western-200 SS 230 87 ISO 97 9-00 Native Spring L'bs-- 62 12.50 S 54 11.50 14 36 11.00 All educational institutions in Georgia financed by the state are under direct control of a commission known as the university board of regents. SHEEP. Clipped Lambs- 9 00 220 84 9.00 231 86 Q nn Ewes-4 117 11 131 Clipped Ewes-1 110 5 126 INVESTMENT TRUSTS. (By the Associated Press) Bid and asked on March 29: inmunt 01 iiKii.ut.u.t CVTTLE 2,r,00: slaughter steers and yearlings strong to shade higher; fat she stock firm- stockers and feeders slow, abmt steady- choice long yearlings held above J7; numerous loads JSffS; few pood heifersi 850 Ibs. down 55.25: early bulk beef cows 52.65 513.50; low cutter and cutters mainly tf?2.25; few common and medium stockers HOr.sVcoO; slow, steady to lOc lower: early top S3.55: bitter grade ISO to 2W) It. weights S3.Ma-3.80; 260 to 310 61. heavies Corporate Tr Sh Corporate Tr Sh AA Mod Corporate Tr Sh Ac Ser Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod Dividend Sh Nationwide Sec Nationwide Sec Vtc Nor Amcr Tr Sh Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 . Quarterly Inc Sh selected Am Sh Selected Cum Sh ...... .. Selected Income Sh ...... Super Corp Am Tr A U s El L Pow A U S El L Pow B V S E! L ft Pow E' Vtc . 2.0S . 2.33 . 1.99 . 2.33 I- 23 3.44 1.31 1-86 . 2.42 l-5 2.65 . 6. i7 . 3.51 2.98 12% 2-18 . .84 Baldwin Lo 13 Barnsdoll OH A 8 Purity Bak Cp -. ,, Pub Ser, of N J 37 Lamson Brothers Market Letter Briggs Mfg Co 14"4 Reo Motors 4-T4 Byers A M Co 25 St Joseph Lead 20% Calif Packing 24% Simmons Co 18 Com Credit 29Vi So Calif Edison 18S Coml Solvents 28 Cont Oil 18-1 Cream of Wht 32 = Cudahy Pack's 45' Curtiss Wr pfd 10 : First Natl Strs 57 Kelvinator Corp 18-ji North Amer Av Gr North'n Ore Hershey Ch Co Tide Wa 0" Co 10% U S Ind Ale 5015 Util P L A 3-i Vanadium 25^ Un Gas Imp 16^ Western Myld 14 }J Warren Bro Co 10 Western Union 527a tiersney Vyii **v wii ., «.·..!. .....n.. u- Houst Oi! (new) 4Vi Worth'n Pump 24 Indian Ref 3VI Wrigley Jr Co 59 2.4 2.46 1.25 3.5( 1.41 4.00 13 2.23 .92 TOLEDO, changed. TOLEDO SEEPS. March 27. LT!-- Seeds un- MARKET LETTER Wheat--The further impairment of con- idencc, together with prevailing uncertain- les In other directions was plainly evident n wheat today as well as in other markets. The situation appeared to have been brought to a crisis at least for the time being through the publication overnight of President Roosevelt's letter which placed him on record as strongly In favor of the proposed legislation aimed at drastic cur- ailment of speculation In both commodities and stocks. Discouraged longs who have been holding on in the hope th,-.t the trend of events would sooner or later take a turn for the better sold out and Joined the crowd on the sidelines awaiting more favorable marketing conditions. Wheat broke around 2 cents from yesterday's finish, May selling at the lowest since Jan. 9. Many stop loss orders were uncovered on the way down. There was a moderate rally late in the session on the slight improvement in stocks and cotton but the-close was heavy. No attention was paid to news on the crop. The new schedule on margin requirements goes into effect next Saturday. However, Uie minimum requirements, as far as the nubile Is concerned, mean little, according to trade r«view as commission houses have for years been requiring as much If not more than the code minimum prescribes. All world grain markets will be closed Good Friday, while Liverpool will close early Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Notui American markets are to be closed Friday ""coarse Grains--Corn and other grains were dominated by the same factors that affected wheat and only moderate rallies frum the low points were registered during the dav although the demand for cash corn from the east was good. The break in corn failed to bring in any bids from abroad. Prevailing uncertainties in the general situation are likely to act- against any stabili- sation for tbe time being and we expect nervous markets. Butter--Generally speaking, we would say that today's market continues quite unsettled with a disposition on the part of most traders to await further developments before making new commitments. F,gs«--Quotations for cash eggs held unchanged this morning though market undertone did register some easiness early in the "comment: Pending the completion of all the March contracts on butter we look for an irregular and unsettled market. Believe that eggs will be accorded fairly good support at current levels or below. JNO. F. CLARK AND CO. MARKET INFORMATION 325 I. O. F. BIdg. Phone 845 1 'T i 1 Town Topics--Mr. Roosevel's advocacy of the present stock exchange bill brought a lot of selling into the market with leaders and many specialties getting around recent low levels. After a fitful rally, stocks drifted down again. Stock exchange seats sold at another 35 per cent decline. At least we know the worst that can happen in the way of stock exchange bills at this session of tbe congress and we might as well adopt the attitude th'at though the worst is none too good, there may be a change in the aspect of things when the bill is finally made into law. CLOSING PRODUCE LETTER Butter--Spot market quotations were lowered U cent top grades. Storage withdrawals in the four markets yesterday were 252,552 pounds heavier than last year. Futures were easier throughout the session. Market closed weak and shows lower tendency on later deliveries. Deliveries March contracts 76 cars. Eggs--All quotations on the spot market were unchanged. The storage input- in four markets yesterday was 20,638 cases less than last year. Hedging sales in October today were well absorbed and it was probable that more active buying is likely to ricveldn in this delivery around today's levels or slightly lower. STARTER GENERATOR and IGNITION SERVICE Central Battery Electric Co.

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