The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 12, 1944 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 12, 1944
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

T 14 Wednesday, Jan. 12. 1913 MASON CITY GLOBE.-GAZETTE HALSEY; MUST OCCUPY TOKYO Urges U. S. Accept No Peace Until Then Washington, (If)--Admiral William, F. Halsey, Jr., reporting the Japanese Ileet is seriously crippled declared Monday "we will keep on pressing and hitting him continuously," until Tokyo is occupied. The 61 year old commander of naval forces in the South Pacific urged that the American people refuse to accept any peace until troops reach Tokyo. Halsey told a press conference that, "there is only one definite place that has got to be taken and that is Tokyo. Don't let anyone stop us until we get it either." He-said that the forces in the Pacific in continuing to pound the Japanese are relying upon keeping, the enemy guessing. "He'll get set in one place and we'll hit him in another," he said. Asked about the apparent reluctance o£ the Japanese fleet to light, he replied: "Ether they are ··saving 'their lorce until we approach the shore of the Japanese empire or think they can wear us down by attri- tion tactics and we'll get tired and make a negotiated peace suitable to them, which God knows I hope no one will permit." Halsey said American forces have "definite superiority in the air, on the sea, aiid on the land wherever we are." When he was asked v whether the Japanese fleet could now be considered to be badly crippled he replied: "I would say rather than badly, seriously." But, he continued, the enemy still can muster a fleet large euou«h to put up a serious battle. Concerning Japanese h i n t s about a major offensive in the Pacific in 1944, the admiral said: "There is no bigger liar in history than Japan. If you read the Nipponese propaganda you can read anything." , With respect to enemy air strength he observed that their planes are "about the same, in fact a little better," but that there is a very definite deterioration in Japanese pilots. The Jap soldiers' disposition to surrender, he said, is increasing. 484 Cadets Will Finish ASTP Study ; Iowa City -- Certificates indicating successful completion -of work in the army specialized training program will be awarded to 484 cadets at the University of Iowa in the special convocation o£ Jan. 29. Prof. F. G. Higbee,. director of convocations, said that the cer- mony would occur in Iowa Union lounge at 10 a. m. Among the certificate-recipients will be 370 from the basic course and more than 100 from personnel psychology. It is the 2nd all-military convocation in the history of the university.' The other occurred in November when 300 cadets of the army air forces pre-meteorological unit received certificates. NORTHERN LUMBER CO. PHONE 30 ATTEND FUNERAL Fentoti--O. If. Stoeber and Billy left Monday for Ireton to attend funeral services for Peter Sinkey, 67, Mrs. Stoeber's uncle, who ''died early Saturday morning following a major operation about a month ago. "" JANUARY CLEARANCE BABY CARRIAGES Yoiir Choice Floor Sample Cabs ONE-THIRD OFF MIERWOLFS SONS Four Neighbors in the KHAKI AND^BLUE WMThe " Are Doing PROMOTED TO CAPTAIN-Word comes from the war department that Draper t. Lonf has been promoted to the tank of captain. Long is a flight surgeon with a liberator group and is no won his way overseas; He · has · been stationed at Savannah,, Ga., and has been with: the same-group all ot the time. His wife' and children live at 1101 West State. y ON WEEK'S LEAVE--Lt. and Mrs. Haldane Lilley, Camp Adair, · Ore., are here for a week's visit with their parents, air. and Mrs. E. W. Lilley, 309 Louisiana S. E., and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stewart, 1439 Madison f. w. Lt. Lilley is with a mortar platoon in the infantry at Camp Adair and has been stationed at Camp Adair since last March. He and Mrs. Lilley will return there at the end of their visit. (Lock photo) --· JM · CM! "Man, you're on our team!" Such praise from the war plant'* Big Boca caused the Conoco Mileage Merchant to throw out his chett. His Conoco Nrt oil...oil that OIL-PLATES...f» even more essential for less essential cars, used only now and then. The unavoidable acids of combustion --mostly heated away, before rationing, by prompt refuse of the car --now loiter inside and threaten to cause corrosion. But C O N O C O "Your station deserves credit for a raft of our men clocking in on time. The way you keep their CMS shipshape here is saving us man-hours--plenty-or we couldn't keep beating schedules. Our plant dri»er bnngs the office car here-to keep it readier than a fire enpne. Even our laboratory scoffers we about your giving toeir engines internal oiL.PiATmo to hamstring dam«a from engine acids! You'ro helping cut live. Gre.t staff!" CPL. DONOVAN L. KYAN ENSIGN FKAXCIs' BROTHERS IN SERVlCE-Cp]. Donovan L. Ryan with the 6ith chemical unit has just been transferred to a Los Angeles base depot to participate in the Arizona-California maneuvers. Cpl. Ryan first went to Camp Sibert, Ala., then to Camp Forrest, Term., where he underwent a major operation. Before going to Los Angeles he was stationed with a chemical unit at Tooele, Utah. His brother, Ensign Francis Ryan, .has returned from action in Sicily and is now taking a pharmacist's course in , New York. The brothers were here recently visiting their mother, Mrs. Mabel Ryan, 414 Jefferson, N W --V-- CPL. GEORGE HADDY TOM BADDY, EM 3/c THREE SERVE OVERSEAS--Mr. and Mrs. M. Haddy o25 Carolina S. E., have 3 sons, 2 of whom are paratroopers, serving overseas. Cpl. George Haddy, a paratrooper in the 506th battalion, left the states in September and was in England when last heard from. Cpl. Haddy's battalion received a great deal of publicity throughout this country when it was used in an experiment to test the stability of the men. They marched 118 miles in 2!/ days in full equipment from Toccoa, Ga., to Atlanta, Ga." Tom Haddy, electrician's mate 3/c, is now on board ship in the southwest Pacific. He has served on both oceans and following duty in the Caledonia area came back on a transport ship to San Diego, Cal., to attend an electric-giro school there. He had been serving on an ammunition carrier. Pvt. Frank "Speck" Haddy, also a paratrooper, left for overseas before Christmas and has not been heard from yet Upon first entering the service in Feb., 1943, he was in the regular army but volunteered for paratrooper service and took training at Fort Benning, Ga. Pvt. Haddy when in high school here was manager of the Mohawk basketball team in 1940, .the year all 5 men on the team made the all-state. Still in school here in his.senior year is Jim Haddy, 17, U. S, y you know of anticorrosive plating . . . like chromium plating. Ju»t a* closely, protective OIL-PLAT INC U surfaced to precious engine parts by the "magnet-like" attraction that Conoco N*fc oil creates synthetically. Resist acid's appetite for your engine. OIL-PLATE with Conoco N»*. Today. Continental Oil Company M O T O R O I L Whereabouts LeRoy O. Anderson, son of 5Ir. anci Mrs. Oscar T. Anderson, 512 8th S. W., was recently appointed naval aviation cadet -and was transferred to the naval air train- ng center, Pensacola, Fla., according to word reccievd from that center. Prior to entering the naval service, he attended the junior college here for 2 - years where he was a member of the varsity football and basketball. Pvt. James J. Hickey. son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Hickey, Gth place S. E., who entered the service in November,-is now'sta- tioned at Fort Knox, Ky.. according to word received from his parents. . Pvl. Robert W. Clinc, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Cline, 47 23rd S. W,, surgeon's technician, who was sent to Camp Barkeley, Tex., in September for 18 weeks of training in the medical corps, was one of 7 selected at the end of 10 weeks there to attend a special medical service school at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Tex. His work there is learning to help care for the wounded brought to the army hospitals. Word has been received from Jewel! Losee. scamaii 2/c, who recently was home on leave, that he is now stationed at Mare Island, Cal., where he is taking training in general detail. Seaman Losee took his boot training at Farvagut. Idaho. He is trie son of Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Losee, 913 Pennsylvania N. E. Pvt. Sam Vician, is here on a 10 day furlough from North Camp Hood, Tex., visiting his wife' and son at 552 6th S. E. Private Vician is in the ordnance department. He entered the service in October. He is the son of Mrs. Sam Polacek, 210 6th S. W. Kenneth Wilson Moon, apprentice seaman, has returned to Farragut, Idaho, following, a 35 day leave here spent with his wife and 2 sons at Charles City and his 'mother, Mrs. Arthur Barlow, 601 Pennsylvania N. E.. as well as with other friends and relatives here. He entered the service in November. Edn-ard Gaffncy, seaman 1/c, has returned to an cast coast base after spending a 5 day leave with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. M. Gatt- ney, 707 15th N. W., and with his sister, Mrs. Cecil Tompkins, 903 GETS COMMISSION--Lt_ John F. Haaheim and wife, the former Adean loosing, are here on a 10 day leave lo visit his parents, Mr. and Sirs. M, J. Haaheim, 725 Jefferson N. W. Lt. Haaheim received his commission as pilot in the army air force at Blackland field, WaBo, Tex., at graduation exercises held on Jan. 7. He is a graduate of the Mason City high school, junior college, and Iowa State college where he received his bachelor of science degree in June, 1912. (Locke Photo.) --V-- Sgt. Raymond Keeper Visits Klemme Folks Klemme--Sgt. Raymond Keeper, son ot Mr. and Mrs. Henry Keeper arrived at San Francisco from overseas. Mr. Keeper was one of the first Klemme men to enlist before Pearl Harbor. He comes to Klemme to spend his furlough with relatives here. JIv. Keeper is a member of a bomber crew. He was. given nationwide recognition of a national broadcast program by Camel cigarets when he was chosen as "Yank of the Week." He has a brother Alvin who is in service overseas. GETS COMMISSION AND LEAVE--Robert II. Guild, son of H. T. Guild, 183 West State, arrived Sunday night from Turner field, Ga.. where he received his wings and was commissioned -a 2nd lieutenant in the army air forces. Lt. Guild will return in a few days to Barksdale field. La., for further training. (Lock photo) --V-- PROMOTED PETTY OFFICER 3/C Gerald Reublin, 409 26th S. W., has received word of Ihe promotion of his brother, Robert, to petty officer 3/c. Petty Officer Reublin, on Atlantic duty for the past 2 years, volunteered, for service shortly after Pearl Harbor. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Reublin, Davenport, formerly of Mason City. y HERE ON LEAVE--Lt. Robert L. Bliss, son of Justice and Mrs. W. L. Bliss, 138 10th N. w., is home from Camp Davis, N. Car., on a 6 day' leave. Lt. Bliss is stationed with the regular antiaircraft battalion at Camp Davis and will return there at the end of his visit here: He slated that "it was all right" and that he liked it "very well" there. --V-II,Per Cent Gain in Iowa Egg Output Listed Des Moines, (Pj--Iowa egg production last year was estimated at 3,998,000,000, an increase of 11 per cent over 1942 and approximately 90 per cent above the low production yenr of 1936, Leslie AI Carl, director of the Iowa Crop and Livestock Reporting Service said Tuesday. HEALTH QUIZ 12lh N. E. Seaman 'Gaffncy is on convoy d u t y and has made about 15 overseas Irips. One of the 32 atolls in (he Mar- snails is named "New Year." hi* lack pip «nn? DQ Q D Q Q D D you tee\ hwdichy-- depressed-irritable-- tired-- due to a olugtish, constipated condition? Doyou want futeraad more effective aTI-around relief thin you C ? D get ^ om * n '"di'Mry simple laxative alone? Then, as medical science proves. you should do two thinfcs: 1 . Get liver bile flowing freely. Z. Clear out the intestinal tract. To do both, take double-actine Carter's Little Liver Pills tonight. The first thine Carter's usually do while you're comt fortably asleep is to increase the flow of liver bile-- a vital dijestive juice. This helps to digest your food properly. This Bret Carter action alone may m»k« you feel much better when you vake up! Then, Carter'ssccond action helps relieve the sluggish condition Ihatmay easily beat the bottom of all your hcidaqhy. depressed, tired feeling. Carter's double action is duo to their special formula. Thousands know how well they work. GctCarUr'sLittle Liver Pil s today-- only 25* at » Take ». dir«ct«d. You' S A V E TIME SAVE MONEY S H O P A T 6.7O Drive in today! Let us inspect your tires thoroughly. Our quality recapping will enable you to get longer, safer mileage. Don't delay. Have tires recapped now and be ready for your next tire inspection. , FLOOR COVERING Chrome Plated blades. W h i t e leather ·hoes. fltainproot ana waterproof. Beautiful floral patterns or conventional designs. Actually Made of Cedar to* figure Skates Ona-piece h o l l o w B r o u n Wades. Sizes 6 to II. Two-Cup Capacity 98* Formerly 1.45 Silex Drip Coffeemaker Cedar Paper looks liio cedar panilinj .»nd has pleasant cedar moth-repellent odor. For closets, chests, stor»»» rwfflo. Boil is 48 feet long, 15 inches -wide. » DRY CLEANER Bxcslleat for clothing, fninJtttfi car npholitery, «tc, No pteuut odor. S T O R E S 76C 122 s*. rw.

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