The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 26, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1818
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.:4 - , UttiP NANK1KS. - 4000 pieces W4f, - Ld for tale by - street. Jaa 23 I for tale the entire cargo of the ship l ertcve J. Silver matter, from Batavu, vis, B"B7b. ver'y handsome Coffee . 14,000 los sugar . - - 400 Ox Hides 2 bar Cuhub US STORE. . 150 bale. Calcutta Piece ecr - boom tiurrans, aS rfcl'd. altera KnXdk7ro6 b - Uande hkf. cohm. iawns baltas, jalalpore and blue iamoodies.AC.Ac. . Castor OH, tenna ieru, - i . Cum benjamin, copal, trajacaotb, salamo - uiac, tic. Ac. 50 bags miutard seed 40 keg pickled laltuJ 1; bpm rrnund ffinzer 60 die stt hyson and tinglo tea 86 bagt Calcutta sugars 300 boxes No. 1 it 2 Chocolate 100 bold Russia Duck ' . 60 toot Russia iron SW .Ruttia Seal Skins . ' 1 case crots bara 1 case black Canton crapes 3 cases colored do 200 piece blue Nankins 6000 pieces jellow do 8 whole and Sicily Madeira Wine 10 half pipes S ' 5080 Calcutta goat ikmi 6000 Madras do Kc. lie Jan 8 " iiinra. nnim Kitiutrpil Ifidn landinff wis - ay from F Perseverance, and will be told low from the whan. Appiyio i. a 1 r 28 South - street. IOSTON RUM. 24 bhds. Button Rutu, lor I t c t - a MOWLAM). a. x - s HOWl.ANl). ' taie nj 77 Washington - tlreet I 14 DOMBAZEENS I case black Bombazeeus, JJ of a superior quah'y, tor tale by . N. 41 D. TAlXOTT, jan 2 - 2 64 South - ttreet, OLKKaliCKLRt a luiall balet striped and jj checked Seenuckert, for tale by P. REM SEN ic CO. Jan 13 26 South ttreet fi LAtttWAllE 15 bin). Ens. Glatsware, IT coii.iilini of Wines and Tumblers, for tale by tHAS. L. OtiUtfl S ina. uuui"'i Jan 2 Watbington - tt EAR THEN WARE. 15 catkt, containing Luntre Tea - Settt, JiiRt, Cant, Stc. 4 cratrt blue printed Table I'latet, and 2 do Npoleon flatet, Now lawlinK and for tale by CAMBRELESO & PEARSOX, Jftn 22 67 South - street. i U Lf qr catks old oberry wine S9 caakt white lead, dry For tale by JAMES G. KJ.VG & CO. Jan SO 61 Pine - it. RAT TRAPS. THE new Box Trapt, on a highly improved principle, jutt received from Ui patentee, and for tale by GEO. M. WILSON, Jan 16 130 Watrr - ttrcet. 01OR OF ROahS. A FEW pound hot lie of Odor of Rose", jutt received Irom binyrna, and fnr tnle hv dec ti ROBERT LENOX. CO I "VOX. TWE.VTY 1 Rlee Prime Upland Cotton, for tale at 35 Peck - tltp. rr R. it C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. Jan 6 hHLGLE5 - i;c. l(Al,t JO 112 inch blnnglet, ) 11,000 W. O. Barrel Stavet, for tale by R. & C. W. DAV'EN PORT t CO. Jan 6 ' - TOBACCO FLOUR. Landio tint nay from the icliooaert Roll a and Weymouth, 63 - lof neT"014'' To 105 barrelt tuperfiae Flour In Stork, 100 lihUt. old Richmond 6t Pctenbor tobacco ow Kegi or lit tt td quality manufactured do. vtnout oranai lor taje ny PlVm BETHU.NE & CO. jan 7 32 Coffce - hoote - tli p, Willi fc LEAD IN OIL. too kegt oi While lead, ground in oil, 28 lbs. each, landing from ship Caroline Ann, from Lirerpool, for sale by DIVIE BETHUNE ti CO jnn7 No. 9i Coffeo - houtw - slip. UPflOLS I ERY 4 titrces best black curled Horse Huir 1 case best Satin Horse Hair Seating, and Thread Tickling, just received per Lorenzo, from London, and for tain by IIURD & SEWALL, Jn7 65 Soolh - ttreet 0 STARCH. 3E Hundred and Sixty, kegt Philadelphia Sisrch, landing iom tcbr. Fair Trader, at Old - slip, for sale by JACKSON A WOOLLEY, ja" 5 75 Wall - ttreet fiOO INDIGO, SUGARS, Ac. yf" bB Benaretand Radnsgnre Sugars the latter very superior quality, bard grained, worthy the attention of retailers 17 raset Bengal Indigo 4200 Goat Skint, large site and fine quality, jnit ree'd per thip India, lor tale by . ' P. REMSEN ii CO. J" 3 26 South - ttreet. WA Corn - fan H'milei. ANTED immediately, a corn - fan; a second hand one will answer. Apuly to TUCKER A LAURIES, 'ng0 29 SjiUli - street ?LOUR a TOBACCO. 150 bblt Floor. m. oraiKieu iici)roona m ill's J 200 Ho Peterthurt; do 7 bhdi Old leaf Tobacco t0 kegs Manufactured do. branded I k T r"""7' wiinint from uie tloopi Brotbert and - ret, una ior taie ny . WALSH & GALLAGHER, J8 66 Soulh - ttm( 1 sll n iiim) J . - W V IV. - VJ bbls. luperflne flour, received perschr Ceret from Rich mood, now lauding and for '7uy DIVIE BETHUNE & CO. ,'4 92 Coffce - Hoosa tlip. Twr.'0'7' COCOA. WENTY - FIVK bsgsof very superior qua hty bland cocoa, for sale by . TUCKER A LAURIES, Ja2 OOCnlV J WVUUII( K1rl;VKKri0BACCO - hM - Ken - for u . 7 tobacc" uitalUj for maniifaclaring, or tale by M. a n - iiii - , rr - r ' Jn7 . jVjOLASsES, Aic. - 6l.hdt. JVie aiJ crop iaK.s, new K.ij N. A IT. TALCCTT, IL'l 64 South ttreet L a I h Uannon Musket Powder, tor J LEROY, BAYARD & CO. ALH:'i.aU UK 50 barrel, sa in. IT J'"r' bn,lin from chr. Jersey, Alexandna, lor tale hy .. " it. i D - B f'TH UE co: ltST - - . ","r" ri R4M ?f!?rV Br"dX. .t and rvvi ivi Bate dt JaW JACKSON & WOOLLEY, - ii i . . R - - ii iau IJU n f - - a t aii - irpeu JT v n 44 oh.(JCO.159 bbls. superfine ld.0Tprlncip,!l,Ti;,,eP), nd far tK - , C,of "e fine qiulity, euita - oonJi nbub "wkeHoHt received per S liTbv SaUJAn". fro Rch - U DHTE BETHUNE b CO. RICHMOND TOBACCO k FLOUR. ; CWI khU Ru kmnoil if. Tlnnr - 37 hbdt prime new cfp Richmond, principally large aod leafy, low landing from achr Thomas, una in twre. lor saie oy ianfl UOORMAN ti JOHNSTON. TRV GtX)DS2caesihed't super bine JLF and black clotrta. ; . 4 cases 9 - 8 cambricks ' 3 do ' cotton hosiery - v 1 do checked hdkfi. jost landed from the Hercules, and for tale by HURD & SEWALL, : ' ' 65 South - street , Also received by late arrivals, ' 8 caset fiue blue and black Londoo clothi ' 10 do japanned and plated hat - 6 do meu' taper London do. Jau23 n LYIJJGO. HUM, Ac. 0 Caset first quality Bengal indigo (entitled to debenture) SO hhdt and 100 barrelt first proof new rum 30 pipe Gray't bramly, lit & 4th proof 70 bags race ginger (eulitled to debenture 50 kegs ground do. first quality 80 boxes Hill's Boston chocolate, No. 1 &2 50 do wane's do do 150,000 Spanish tegars, in half and quart, boxet 20 bales dm quality si. Uomingo tobacco 4 do Dani - h lambs1 wool 150 kegs Philadelphia starch, fresh from the lactory 80 catkt F.nlub refined tall petre 10 boxes suar candy For sale by JACKSON A WOOLLEY, Jan 23 75 Wall - it. fyj HERRINGS. I boxes 1st tort,) ... , , 177 do d do i Herrings, now land ing and for tale by CAMBRF.LENG A PEARSON, Jan 22 67 South - ttreet. tli.VJAN STEEL, BRIMSTONE Lc 155 Jf boxes Steel 129 boxes roli brimstone 1 cate Leghorn haU 15 do tumblers 10 packages paper .3 bases cliollets SO boxes mould candles 50 do soap, entitled to debenture For sale by JAME3 DWOLF, Jr. jan IJ 57 Front - street. HEMP At DUCK tiO Uns St. 1'etertburgb ( le:m Hemp M bolts first oualitv RiifiiaDuck For sale by JA.ME3 D'WOI.F, Junr. janK 57 r diiI ttrcet. I T PLAMDCOTTO.X 54 baiet pnnie upland kJ Cotton, just received ner schooner Laura. iruui caviujuuii, ann lortaie ny OTIS & SWAN, 157 Pearl tlreet. Jan 14 250 TLJifkJVllVK. bbls soft turpentine, afloat, and for sale by R. & C. W. DAVENPORT CO. inn 12 I.M.OLR, TOBACCO ii FLAXSEED UC0 X bbli Fredcnrktburg flour 21 half tierce flaxseed 14 hliils prime leaf tobacco, received percchrs. Win. A: Heury and Virginia For tale by jan 7 WALSH A GALLAGHER . lUSKKl Sand FOWLING PIECES, tnli - V I tied to ileht - nture. 13 caset British Mutkett, with bayonets and scabbards complete. J, riofta nwlinu. Pirpi. Jiiat rpTPiverl Der Carolina Ann, from Liverpool, for iale by jan 9 P RF.MSKN ti CO. 26 SouUl - st. 150 RICE. tierces prima new rice,, received per ship Radius from Charleston, and for sale by U. BKTHUNK B UO. jan 10 92 Coffee - House slip. RUM, k.c2 hbds. old Jamaica Rum 10 bags sup. Calcutta Sugar, Undine from sloop Satellite, and for sale by ti. W. TALBOT, jan 10 - 55 Pine - street T UM & CHOCOLATE 50 bis. J.U proof M - New Kum 30 boxes Uiir Boston Chocola'e Xo. 1 For sale by JACKSON k WOOLLEY, jan 13 75 Wall - street !Vf A DEIRA WIN E London mrticular Ma ITX dmra wine of the most approved brands, in pipes, Bhds. and quarter casks, fit for immedj ate use and well worth the attention of private families Will be told at reasonable prices, and in quantities to suit purchasers, by TUCKER U LAURIES, ' u 9 29 South - at CEINK TWINE 5O0O Ihs. India Twine O 3000 do English Seine do of superior quality. Also, a general assortment of other Twine, and vvnne cordage, in quantities to suit purchase for tale by . CEBRA & CUMING, Jan 15 76 Pearl - ttreet. VOUCHONGte KAVlfOl TEAS, iu boxes O and cannisters. 33 and 24 lbs each, entitled to debentuie, lor iale at 64 south - ttreet, by CAMBRELENG &.PEARSON, jan 5 TOBACCO 28 Midi new crop Tobacco, oi II . i:. i i - r i . i jm. cacriirni uunuiy, lanuing irom senr. ivojia, too niciimona, ior sale ny . Dt BETHUNE & CO. Jn6 92 Coffee Houe ilip IJENGAL INDIGO 7 cstet 1st quality, cn uueu lopeneniure, ior taie oy JACMSON A WOOLLEY, Jsn 15 75 Wall - ttreet. BROWiV SHIRTINGS. A few caset 3 - 4 Brown Shirtinrs, jnt received and for sale nyine UOA1.V119&IOA UOUV1PAM, inn 13 48 I'enrl - ttreet. f1 USCOVADO SUGAR.10I bhds. Hava if J. na Muscovado Sugar, of tiiperior quality, iu,.UiiiK mHa nng ooxer. irom navana, auont wnari ior tale by UOODHOE 11 Ct. ian 21 . 44 South - ttreet. IVI GLASSES, COFFEE, SUGAR, tc - i'i. 19 nniit. Molatses, S bhilt nrl) . ft KM. I S :ar, 32 bags t'offee 60 . - panish Hides Landing this day from brig Protection, from St Thomas', west side Old - slip, for taie by DIVIE BETHUNE ti CO. Jan 23 GOALS AFLOAT 100 chaldrons Liverpool new pit Coal of a very superior oualitr it now landing from oa board the thip Hercules, lying at the east tide of Pike - slip. Orders for these Coal will be punctually attended to, by applying scriber. No 274 Front - street, who has constant t iurti vu uv.iu ui bi iin Ttru vi tuc nil' ly on band a large supply of CoaL of every de K - ription, aod foriawj by jan net alla. t haslk. TTPLANU COTTON. 15 bales prinje Up J land Cotton, landing and for sale by SAUL AIXKY, 98 Pine - street. IN STORE, 43 bales Sea Island Cotton, for tale as above. jan 23 " J - fXIOLASSES, COFFEE, iic 32 bhds and ITX 4 bbls. Molasses, first quality 23 bags Green Coffee, 12(1 Dry Hide 7 bbls. Surar Landinr at Dover - ttreet whan, (rout schr. Ldaoet. irom rorto ruco. tor sale by K. S C. W. OAVL - SrOKI A: CO. Jan3 FOUR thousand Gunny Bags, for tale by CEBRA A CUMING, Jaa 23 76 Pearl - ttreet FIGS 200 qr. boxes fresh Turkey pu.d Figs, jost received, and for rale by JanS? RtilSLI ft to. . i Ft HAVRE, lSJLMaue Hillard, master; bavin? two thirds - f her cargo enraa - ed and will sail by the JOth February. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply to the captain on board, at Fulton - street - wharf, or to FREDERICK JENKINS & SON, ; jan 24 lw No 19 Burling - tlip. for CHARLtSJVW The fast sailinir schooner LOUIS, A. Napier, master, will sail with all dis paten, having the principal part ot her freight engaged some heavy freight will be taken low for which, or passage, apply on board, Burling - slip, or to - SAUL ALLEY, , ' jan 23 93 Pine - street. tOK SALE, The new and last sailing brig FAME, bnih of the best seasoned timber, and latuuully put togeUier. Her rigging aod rail are of excellent quality. This vessel it well calculated for a southern packet, having handsome acconimoHitionx. For terms, aud a view of her inventory, ajply to GRISWOLDS Si COATF.S, Jan 23 63 Sotilh - kt. The very fast sailing sloop PARAGON, burthen 66 tons built at Mtddletown, Coiuiecticnt, of the belt materials ; bat made one voyage to the West Iodiei, it one year old and can be sent to sea immediately For terms, and a view of her inventory, apply to GRIS WOLDS A COATES, Jan 23 68 Soutb - st. ForCHAULESi'lUX, $. V. The fine fa.t sailing brig ATLANTIC, Geo. Bailey, matter, hat the principal part til her freight engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch For freight or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board, east side Fly market wharf, or to HENRY COWING, Jan23 6t 191 Front, corner of Fulton - t. for freight vr Lhartrr, The fast tailing substantial schooner BETSEY, capt. Turner, one year old, will stow about 800 bblt. u in complete order for any voyage can be teen at Dover - it. wharf. .Apply to ' GOODHUE & CO. Jan 22 44 South - tt. for freight or Charier, The hip PERSEVERANCE, burthen SCO tun.', in complete readiness to receive a cargo ; bet east side Old - slip. A LoO, i The brig MUSCONUI'S, capt Uoelf. uclortl, burthen 152 tons well catcuiat - ed lor carrying lumber and slock ; lict at Uur - ling - slip. Arply to BARKER it HOPKINS, No. 84 South - strett. H7io liare fur taU, 20 tons clean St. Petersburg hemp 10,000 Calcutta Goal Skins, large size Calcutta Duck 2 bales Russia Calf Skins. 2300 gallons pure wiuter strained Sperm, oil 800 gallons rack'd wh:ile oil 170 boxes first quality Spermaceti candles An invoice of elegant French hall stovet 20 teos pig iron Jan 21 lOt for iJOJYUOXDfnHY. The fine HSTtailiug shin FOSTER, M Mvitin mibt lifkafintf T f? I li t( Vimw jybjt.s iriviou) uitun 1 1 .a i A uuio ws atv. a cargo ready to go ou board, will be despatched without delay. For freight of 100 U. 200 tierces teed, or passage, apply to the master ou board at pier no. 13, or to Jan 20 W. ft S.CRAIG. for JTUV - ORLEAJtS,' (a regular trader) The fine coppered and coppeMaitened brig CHARLES, capt. Wibray, now loading and will sail ou iunday next, r or freight or pas sage, having excellent accommodations, apply to the captain on board, or to M'CREA A SLIDELL, Jan 20 No. 41 South - st. for LiU'ERPUOL. The thip DRATER, Wm. Adams, msfte.r: the has three - fourths of her cargo ready to go oa board aod will meet with immediate dispatch For freight of 500 to 1000 bbls flour or pastae, apply to the master on board, eatt tido ol i ly - market wharl, or to B. W. ROGERS A CO. Jan 16 235 Pearl - st fOH SALE, The fast sailing ship SILEVUS, 206 tons burthen, built at Rochester, Mass C411 be sent to sea at a small expence. For terms, apply on board, at Steam - boat - wharf, or to J. AC J. CODUINGTON, jan 20 lw 204 Front - street. for Sale, freight or Charter. A new pilot boat buUt SCHOONER, about 150 tons burthen, built in the best manner, copper - fastened, in complete order to receive a cargo in every respect a good vessel Apply on board at Burling - thp, or to N. L. ii G. GRIS WOLD, Jan 19 86 South - st for Zoic, freight or Charter. A new pilot boat built schooner, 120 toes burthen, built in the best manner, ol good materials, copper fattened ; a very fast sailing vessel, and may be sent to sea with tmall expense Apply on board at Burling clip, or to IN. L. ti ti. UKIs WOLD, Jan 19 , C6 South - st. IJOMESTIC ii OTHER WARES. 'I"M1E tubscribers keep constantly on band an L extensive assortment of the following goods, viz Dutch and Enslith Gunny Bags, tic. Popes Heads Crumb Brashes B roomt Duster, or Counter Bnithes Bellows, fancy and Hearth Brashes, fan common cy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Matt Head do do do Cluth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe ti Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and I'ailt and 1 uui Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every de scriptioo Sash Tools Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row Furnituie Brushes - Horse do Bed Cords. Clothes Seine, sewing, wrap ping, baleing and ball J wine Fish Lines Lines Shoe A Sadlers Thread Sash Cordt, Trace Dearborn't Ballan eel Rope Wronsht and Cut Nails and Brads W hich they will sell wholesale or retail oa Ii beral terms. CEBRA A CUMING, jan 24 76 Pearl - street. BOMIW Burnt AZETTS & COTTON. 4 bales mbazetts 34 bales .Sea Island Cotton, and 15 do. prime Upland do. landing and for sale by ' sail aluky, S8 fine - street, lie S toki 40 bales Sea Island. Apply 1 above. ' jan 24 OL'LLttBOWNEbavejuit received by the XX Lorenzo, irom iondon. Dixon's AntihilioM Pills Hickman's Pills fur the gravel, &c Chine's Worm Destroying Lozenges RoaJh's Embrocation Thompson's Cheltenham Salts ! ay ward's To!u Lozenges Hea'ry's Calcin'd Magnesia, And a ceneral assortment of British Patent Mediciuet of repute, not mentioned above ; war ranted genuine, and for tahs at Jan 24 tm 140 reari - tireeu RtH RAISINS tWO boxes Bloom Raistas in fine order, just received and for sale by 4 CJ. M.WILSON, JU 15 130 Water - street to CM. 100 bids. 1st pf. New Rum for iale It by . JACKSON It WOOLLEY, jan 17 15 Wall - street IjUAXSEED, FLOUR, &c 60 tierces Fla& 1 teed, landing from schooner Nancy , from Baltimore, for sale by - . D, BETHUNE & CO. 92 C, U. slip. Al.o landing, 159 bis supf. Flour, principally Gallego's b'd . 3 bales SeiiM Twine. Jan 16 CARPETING Just received an - assortment of elegant Brussels and Intrriin Carpeting and Hearth Rugs, with a variety of outer arucies in mc carp:i. line. AlSO A few superior Turkey Carpets, for saie oy y. w. u I . U UHKSl LR, - jan 22 8t 191 Broadway, cor. Dey - st SUGAR 12 bhds. handsome St. Croix Sugar, for sale by Jan 22 75 Wall - ttreet PLAYING CARDS. AH. INSKEEP, No. 3 Co - irtland - street, has . just received a fieth supply of veryiupc - rior EAGLE CARDS, plain and figured kick, anu tor taie ny groce, dozen or tingle pai:K, at Uie manuiuciurers pricpt. inn Z4 M fALUABl.K HU1IAHXQ LOTH AT AUCTION. rilO be told on the 27th intt. nt the T. C. II X two vacant lots of ground in Water - street, netweeo curling blip and r ulton - ttreet. ALSO. Twelve lots of ground in Water, Front and Soutb - ttrettt, west tide Walnut - street, at pre sent occupied by Forman Cheesman, at ship vara. At a terry it to be establi'Ded from U ul - nut - street to lng Islaod.this property will csti - tequeniiy ne much enhanced iu value. Maps of the property may be teen at the auc tion room oi Messrs. FRANKLIN & MINTURN. Terms liberal and made known at the sale Jaa 24 3t A SPECULATION. On Thursday next the 30th inst will he told at auction, by FRANKLIN A MINTURN, (it not sooner disposed ol at private tale) nine yean lease from the first of Mny next, oft hose elegant building! belonging, to the estate of the late 1 Iioniui Buchanan, fn. ovcpaMd, and now known asthe MERCHANTS' HOTEL. Not. 41 and 43 Wall - ttreet. The buildings are of brick. 3 storiet bkh. built in the best and most fashionable manner, and comprise aiont of 75 ... ii.,.:. .i: .i. . . 1 I. icci. aim iciu uireciij o'iuoiin uiciij unu. and in the centre of the slot U and exuhause mar ket, promises a ereater eniianccment of value than any other property of the kind. There are 41 rooin9, besides cellars, kitchens pantries, gir - ret i. Sic. tic. lhn lot is lare and cniiinio iliout, with a substantial brick stable and oth er out - biiiMiiigt in the rear, and a carriage way extending to Stoat - Lane. The front of these building! may be altered into several office which will command a great rents as any in the city ; ana me residue it wen calculate a lor an txten tive tavern or hoarding house, and separately a convenient and spacious dwelling. Jan 24 2 1 TO LET, For one or more years a two story brick hou't in Stuyvesant - street, nearly opposite St. Marks Church, containing rieht roomt, a laree kitchen, tervants room, cellar, pantries, ice. in complete order for 1 he reception of a genteel familywith a garden and yard of about (w and half acre! of land, containing a variety of the fi nest fruit trees, asparngut and hot beds, Sic. tic. together with a wood bouse, carriage house and stablet. Rent will be reasonable, and point - sion can be bad the first day of April. Apply between 10 and 2 o'clock, on the prrmiiet, to NICHOLAS WM. STU YVES ANT. Jan 24 lw QfOH SALE, The lot No. 312 Water - street, 24 feet 10 nichet front and rear, and 75 feet deep. On taid lot it two wooden buildingt. ALSO. The two ttory frame house and lot of ground in Grand - street, next to the corner of Orchard - street. or particulars, inquire at ti Kooievelt - itreet. Jan Z4 lw TO LET, From the first of May next a front count ine room on the second floor, together with the upper lolls. Lnqmre no. 107 1 call ttretl. jao24 If LVHO AMHEItsTs EMBASSY 70 ClILYA. ILST received and for sale by E. VALEN .1 TINE. 104 Broadway. (3d dour below Pine treeO Journal of the proceeding! of the late em bassy to China, comprising a cornel narratite'of the pujiiic transactions 01 um emimssy 01 me voy aietoand from China, interspersed with obier vationt on the face of the countrv. the nnlitv. moral character, and manners of the Chinese na tion, illustrated by a large man; by Henry l.llis. third commissioner 01 uie embassy, 1 vol. a vo orice it 50. Lcttert from the Cape of Good Hope, In reply to Mr. Warden ; with extracts from the great work now compiling under the inspection ofNa poleon. Characters of ShaketDoare't Plays, by W, Hazlitt Memoirs of Dr. Buchanan, D. D. late vice prevost in the college of Fort William, in Bengal. Vititing and Addreti Cardt engraved and print ed. Jan 24 TO PHILTERS WANTED a quantity of type metal, for which a fair price will be given, by I COLLINd & HANNAY, - 330 Pearl - ttreet. Who have for tale, low, pica, tmall pica, long primer, nonpareil and pearl, which has been but little used, and type metal taken in payment Jan 24 D.VC4t ' TO QUA KttYMEX. FOUR experienced Marble Quarrymen are . 1 f - I ' . . 1 . a 1 M. waniea immcuiaiciy. none nceu appiy but those perfectly acquainted with the bum nets t to such constant employ and liberal wa get will be given. Apply to EZRA LUDLOW, 34 Beaver - street TO LET. A small 3 - story fire psuof STORE, No. 27 Moore - street, next to tne corner south - at Possession given immediately. Apply as a. bovtf. . nov 12 P&Htf MERIXO it VUL, torOA - XARff, X.1 T ThYETS.lU. lTANTED, a quantity of merino wool ; alto, f T cotton yarn, particularly low numbers. Proposals will also be received for making of tat - Uuetts. The manufacturer to be supplied with the materials, and Uie business to be rendered, probably, permanent A contract it alto wanted, for tht running of a cotton mill, of from 1 to 4000 tpindlet ; the cotton to be tupulied, and the yarn to be received atattipulated price. Apply at 148 Pearl - ttreet upstart. oct Z3 r.vll MEUICAL SCIENCE LO'lTERk . A FEW tickets at tea and a half d illars Tor tale at 111 Front ttreet Jan S3 3t WHEATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. rTsIIE lone and successful use of tliit ointment L it a lutficient recoiiiweodation, at it bat been found to he a pleasant safe and certain re' medy fr that disagreeable discs in all ill tta et.. I. ! lor SilW IU IIIC VII T L.CW - tuiK, . A. & W. R. Pott, No. 41 William - ttreet ; I. St T. Clark. No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; II. H. Stbitfflin&i Co. No. 193 Pearl - street: Law rear At Keete. No. 195 I'enrl - itreel 1 Halt A Bowne. 146 Pearl ttreet : R. b I.. Murray, 313 Pearl - ttreet : J. M. Bradhurst 314 Pearl - street ; John Penford. No. 4 Fletcher - street: Duryee Poe. in rearl - street : John C Morrison, io Greenwich - street ; John P. Fisher, 106 Broadway ; Waller At Seaman, corner ofChamber - st anu u 1 uau m aj , iiu miwv m. w. ; J lo short it maybe procured at most of the Drug Stores in thii ciiy Alto in Philadelphia, of S. U'iihan - ll L Snnt i Reorve llaridl .North ii Ro cers, and almoil a 'l tlie druggitU ia the principal wot in the United States. LIKEWISE, WHEA TON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be bad at the above places. jaa 22 6m for GEORGE W. TALBOT, No, 65 Pioe - itrnt, hat for tale, 4 18 bhds. St Croix Sugar : - " ' ; 10 bogt superior Calcutta do ' ' ' W whole, 1 - ' ' ' ' . ' 15 half Ac ' Bobea Tea, very superior 20 qr. cliests 50 chests Souchong Tea, Nancy's cargo 45 do .Younz Hvsoa do . do - do 24 do do - do do Natcbes't cargo, entitled to drawback 12 do do do do Phoenix's cargo 3 qr. casks Sherry Wine 17 hampers - Chkiupaicne. do entitled to drawback 140 boxes Sweet Oil. in bottles 50 do old Castile Soap 16 catkt Green Copperas 2 bales Mirxapore Carpets 4 cases Longjs and Siitersoyt Cologne Water, Mustard Seed India Twine and Marline. Jan 16 150 UtLAAU COJVUV. bales very Drime unlanJ culton. in tore, and for tale in lots to suit purchasers, by ORIS WOLDS ti COATES, Jan 23 68 Soulh - st A CARD. GO" MRS. DELAGE, Milliner from Parit, has the honor of informing; the Ladies of this city, that she has just opened a small case of the latest winter Hats received from Paris. No. 60 Heed - street, 4 doors from Broadway, jan 22 lw GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. 0r The annual election for Directors will be held at the office of the Company, No. 55 Wall - ttreet on Monday, (lie second day of February next. The poll to open at 12 and close' at 2 o'clock. By order 01 the President, RICHARD DUNN, Jun. Sec'ry. Jnn 21 tFeb 2 EAGLE MARVPACTtJRINO COMPAHT. ft7" The stockholder of the Lasle Miuafic turing Company are requested to meet at the uank Corlt - e House, corner of Fine and William streets, on 1 huriaay. the 29th Jim. intt at seven o'clock P. M. on business ol great importance to 1110 concern. Jan IIVZ'J NOTICE. Uj - The Co - partnership of VAN SCIIAICK & CI VAIN, is this day dissolved by mutual con sent The business of that concern, will be settled by either ol the subscribers, at No 1G3 Pearl - street. New. York, January 19, 1818. SI. VAN SCIIAICK, jan 20 Gt . JOHN CIVAN. fJty - The creditors of Mrs. SYDNEY HEW - III are requested to send in their accounts, regularly proved, at or before 1st day of Februarr next, to Mr. BLAKE, No. 3 Law Buildings, for the purpose of having them tellled agreeably (o arrangement. All pertons neglecting to predtice their claimi at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that d&y, will he excluded from a participation of the fund which 11 to De applied lor the teitlemrnt ol her dtbts. New - York, January 19th, 1H18. GEORGE GIBBS,) ...,.. JOSHUA SECOR, I Aisignees. JanI912t TAKE NOTICE. fjy - All pertont having demands again't, and those indebted to the estate of William Rert, deceased, are requested to call npoa THOM AS mas 1 1. its, tsquire, ao. V'i wall - ttreet. Oa ted Jan. 19, 1818. ANN ROGERS, Executrix. Jan 21 dim 1 1 1 i AbsEAiBLY. ffr" The Manauengive notice that the next Ammbly will take place on Thursday, the S9th intt Jan 24 TO JOURNEYMEN PRINTERS. ttfr - Five or Six COM POS1 1'ERS. are want ed at the Type Foundry in Beach - street jan T4 M FOR ENGLAND, DIRECT. TT1 Letten for Hit Britannic Majesty't Packet PRINCESS ELIZABETH, (for Falmouth, direct) Will be received at the Foal - Office till Weduesday afternoon, the 4th day of February Jan 24 . T. W. MOORE, Agent. BLACK WELL'S 1SLANJJ fOR SALE. IT it tituated about the mi'es from the city, and contain about 115 acres of land of the belt quality, wiln a good dwelling bouse, barn, arc. Possession may te bad me lit Aiay,orar - lier, ifrequired. Most of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage, for a number ol yean. For further particulars, enquire on Uie premise 1, or of ADAMS & BLACK WELL, Jan 22 175 Pearl - ttreet. SPLENDID LOTTERY. Tj) OBERT WAITE, Jun. has the pleasure MA of informing bis numerous friends and customers, that . he has made a considcrabi contract in the M1LFORD ti OWEGO ROA D LORTERY Authorized by the States of New - York and New - Jersey, To commence drawing the 5th May, and to be completed 111 Twii 1 Dais, SCHEME. 1 prize of 70,000 Dollars 1 do ."55,000 do , 2 do , 10,000 do 2 do 5,000 do 10 do 1,000 do 30 do 500 - do 140 do 100 do 3200 do 30 do 3386 Prizes not two Blanks to a Prize. Only Ten Thousand Tickets. Tickets $30 1 Q iarters $7 50 Halves 15 Eighths 3 75 Two tickets in this lottery may gain the enor moos tarn of I O.i.OOO. Tint circumstance sion renders it superior to every other lottery in the United States. Tho object of thit lottery it to facilitate the intercourse between the western parts of the state of New - York and this city. At it hat a tendency lo increase the resources and wealth of a state and city already pre - emineht in the union, it will doubtless meet with the appro bation and encouragement of all the citizens. . ROBERT WAITE, Jtraa. . Jan 23 tf 1J6 Broadway tUBLiC SALES BY F. L. MILLS ti CO. Tuesday, 27th Xll o'clock at the T. C. H. the house No. 108 Fulton ttreet Tbit property is an excellent lit' nation for private families, or a place of trade. The recent opening ol the street to the Esit river renders it tne nioti engiDie cron sireei in ine ci tv. 'Hie house it replete with every convenience, and may be viewed every day between 1 and 2 O'clock. A large proporiion Ol ineinirvi.iw: remain oa mortgage ior tome umc u yciutu, IVrdneidav. ZttUl. XII o'clock at the T - C. II. that valuable three ttorv brick house and lot No. 118 Fearl - street, now occupied by Meisrt Arthur Tappan Ii Co. Thit property frontt on the most pleasant part of fearl - streec, ana is a cotttiucii. - i h 4 tir Are proof store, corner of Sloat lane in the rear of No. 197 Pearl - st The cellar is of the whole size of the house, and per - feetiv drv at all timea the garret is very roomy and will contain storage at a considera - ble amount. IU umocra rat, uie nwi tiair. and every other material of the best kind j it has strong partition walls, and may be used two stores with a very trifling expence. bit place was built by the late Mr. Gover - neur. .aud is 111 every respect as suostanUki a store as any in this city. Its immediate vici - 4 nity to the centre of buainess. renders 11 pecu liarly convenient to amy who require aa extensive and safe wife - house, connected with their counttng - rooni. ble reudene conneciea wnn n siui. w v - tre of buiineti For particular! anjily to the auctioneers, or at No. 30 Wall - street Thursday, 29th inst 1 J o'clock atT. C. H. O BY rRAjmiS ft MINTURN, . f (.. To - morrow; ; ' " ' 1 . 11 o'clock, in front of their auction store, 1 iy kegs raisins 50 boxes anchovies 1 35 do. figs 1 30 do. chocolate - ' ,. At ,12 o'clook at the T. C. House, i Two lots fronting on Hudson Bourne, being the tecood and. third loU on the south side 1 St. Johns Church, distinguitbed as kU No. 34 and 26, running from Vamk - atreet to a ttreet in the rear of the lots. . Lncli lot. it 32 1 - 3 feet front, . and 175 feet deep; tiiey are held under a Ic" from the corporation of Trinity Chmch of 99 ' year fromMarch, loCl, and tul ject to an annual ground rent of 15 dollars earn lot. Terms (which are very accommodating) t taUi. The bouse and lot of ground corner of Pump Si Orchard - st 1 the lot is 50 feet on O. chard and 44 feet some inche, more or leti, on I'ump - at. Any person disposed to purchase . at private sale previous to the t me above u.en - . tioned may apply on the premise or at the auction store. Alto, the vacant lot of grornid in Wuter - sL between Burling - slip and Fulton - n.. the lot ia about 37 feet 4 inches front and about 2 feet deep. At the same time, 12 vacant lots of ground near Corlear'sIIook, the west side of Val iut - st. situated as follows, viz. 3 lots on Water - st. 6 lots on Front - st and 3 lots on A'ouit - sL at present occupied by Thos. Ciieesnun as a ship ard. M; - ps of the propenj may be seen at the auction store terms at sale, which will be liberal. H'tdnrfdny, Jan. 23. At XII o'clock, at the T. C. II. The two houses and lots of ground. Not. 73 andPO Rivington - ttrect 1 the lots each 25 Vt Iront and - 75 deep ; the houtet two - story, wita good front ccllarv, cellar kitchens, Sic. 2 rooms on the first floor with paotriri between and wide . airy halls, 1 room on the second with 2 pantries and a good garret each house hat an alley; through the yard, where there it grass plants, citU rnt, &c. Ac. Alto, that valuable lot of ground belonding to the estate of Harraan Johnson, dec. being No. 30 Roosevelt itreet, 25 feet frr.t and rear, and 100 feet dep on each tide. The buildings on it rent for upwards ol $ - 100 per annum. - The title is indisputable, being derived from Leonard Lil penard to James Myers, 1785, and conveyed hy him to II. Johnson in 1793 Sold by order of If.. Johnson's executrix. Ternii at the day of sale. The title may be known by applying to J. Nilchie 38Broad - ilreet. LEAH CORVVIN, Executrix of ILJohntOik, Thursday, 29th 111st . j, Xll o'clock, at the T. C. II. the 4 houses and lots Nos 543, 545,547 and 549 Pearl - street, directly opposite the Scotch Presbyterian Church, ' - each lot 25 feet front and rear and 100 feet in depth. At the tame time,' the elegant 3 story brick bouse and lot No. 67 Chamber steet. This house and lot are held ander a leate from St. J&mcs Church for 38 years, from 27th March, lb 14 The lot is S3 feet front, 475 feet in depth. Great part of the purchase money may remain ou mortgage. ' Af the same time the house and lot of ground No 49 Franklin - itrcet, owned aud occupied by' John Lngear, with the lot in the rear fronting on Lconard - ttrect The two lots being 200 fert in depth and in front on Fnuiklin - itrcet 24 leet, and in front on Leonard - street 27 feet. - - At 1 o'clock, in the dining room of the Merchants' Hotel, (if not previously disposed of at private tale) nine yeart unexpired lease from lit of Mav next, of that spacious and very elegant establishment now occupied by S D. Gibson, in Wall - street, well known as the Merchants' Ho. tel, which for convenience at a boarding house, ' and for offices, 11 hardly equalled in tmscouoiry 1 together with the stables, store - houses, fcc For terms and particulars, apply at the bar of the Hotel. Posh sion at any time between the 1st February and lit May. Friday, 30tb inst 12 o'clock - T. C. H. the house and lot No. 5t Maiden lane t a well known and long established stand for business, belonging to the ettate of the late Robert Curtis, being To settle the ettato with the heirs. The sale will be peremptory Terms, ffce. may be known by applying as above and at the time of sale. At the tame time, the lot of ground No. 556 Pearl - ttreet, the 4th lot above the Scotch Presbyterian Church, near Broadway, being 25 feet in front and rear and 100 leet deep. Also, the house and lot of ground No. 8i Anthony - st five doors from Broadway, con. tabling 6 rooms with fire places the lot is 25, feet front and rear and 51 feet 5 inches deep on one side and 53 feet 5 inches on the other . side. BY HONES tt TOWN. Saturday, 31st of Januan, at 12 o'clock at the Tontine CoDee House. SHERIFF'S SALE. BY virtue of a writ of fierifaciasto me directed and delivered, I will expose to sale at the Tontine Coffee House, on Saturday, the 3 1st day of Janunry next, at 12 o'clock at noon, all tlie right, title and interest of John Kane, of, in and to all that certain LOT, piece or parcel of LAND with (he building! thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the second ward, in the city of New - ; York, now in the occepalion of the said John Kane, bounded at foHows, viz. in front on Pearl - ttreet twenty five feet, on the northeatterly tide by the bouse or lot now or lately owned by Isaac t Burr, and now occupied by Stephen Gorbam, two hundred feet, 00 the southwesterly side by the bouis and lot of ground now occupied by James Amory two hundred feet and on the rear by Cliff ttreet twenty - five feet, be the tame mora or leu ; together with all and lingular the appurtenances thereunto belonging orii anywise appertaining. Dated, New - York, December 19, . 1817. JAMES L. BELL," Sheriff. dec 19 tds . The above premises consist of a 3 - story brick fmiiiir hnma wiih hi irk hack buildinn ad joining nnd communicating therewith, 2 ii 1 - 3 tiorret nign, ana ouiu in mc iuuuuu .jic n hole extendine - ninety three fret from front to renr, and containing 6 rooms with fire places, 3 , other roomt without, and garret rooms for tervants, a large store with a rpaciout cellar underneath, both completely shelved, and well adapt ed for an extensive dry gcod busincts. The kitchen 11 spacious and near it is an eacmrui. wine and cider vault, with a very convenient; cool larder ; both buildingt have ilated rooft in excellent condition. In the yard is a well of fine water, and also a very capai loui stone ewe,, with otler convenience! too numerout for an aa - tertitement ,, r - iiiT.s In the rear bf thit lot and fronf ng on Chn - st. is a new 3 story brick itore, built at a dwelling house, with higbceilmgi and Iwostackt of chins - ney7: era bo Jaisiied at a small rnse. suita - . blfor agenteel family At the tlreet has late - ry pleasant and a very eligible one. The lots are a I His llUailUU US urs uunj sa C - sumcienny ocrj w k 11 r nremitet may be riewed ererr cay from 1 1 till 2 o'clock P. M. ' it im twiieved a larre nroDortion of the money mar remain on mortgage a number of years. , New - York, Jan. 17, 1818. tFebl t or Salt mi ruohc Auction, fcfj) At the Tontine Coffee House, on ToeV rllTnext that srery valuable HOUSE k LOT, No. 215 Peart - street and fire proof store in the rear, fronting on Gold - street A draft of the said property will be exhibited at tlie T. C H. previous to the day of sale. Terms will be made tasy. Ten per cent on the day of sale 1 80 per cent on the first of May 5 tneoaunce may remain on moatgage 11 rcquircu. ;ant3 3t NOTICE. Vt - O. Mondav Eveniuc next the 36th intt at 6oclock, the Anniversary of tbe M AaxiUary v..Vork RihU and Common Prayer Book So ciety" will be held in Trinity Church, when the report of we prot eeounp wi w - t read, and an election Uke place for a Board of Manner, for the enu. year. And, on rcurtiay eveiunE, u. t...!s. Wn.k m in K - nnered for Divine service. . Arim.wiil he dehveredaad a collec tion made for the benefit of tlie above institution. jy33 3t Recording Seuwtarj.

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