The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 8, 1937 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 8, 1937
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE,' PEERUARY 8 · 1937 SALOON SYSTEM URGED FOR IOWA Moore Offers Measure lo Abolish State Liquor Monopoly. UES MOINES, «P)--Rep. John W. Moore (D) of Sioux City, prepared to Tile with the Iowa house a bill to abolish the state liquor monopoly and return sale of liquor to high licensed, "home regulated saloons under the mulct system. His bill, already drafted, also would bring, beer,, now retailed under a separate state beer law, under the same system of control as hard liquor. It was the second major liquor law headed for legislative consideration. The Roan bill, introduced earlier this week, provided for sals of liquor by the drink in buffets 'but retained the state liquor system. Best System Devised. "I sincerely believe,' Moore said, "that the mulct system is the best system yet devised to control the liquor traffic. It will enlist the legitimate liquor dealer against the bootlegger and return the (ax from the sale of Mortgages ''' ' ' INVESTENT First National Biank liquor direct to the people of the community in which it is sold." Moore's bill provides that no one except a qualified elector of the town, city -or township may sell liquor in that town, city or township. The annual mulct tax is set at 5000, to be paid in advance to the county treasurer in quarterly installments. This tax must be paid on each separate saloon. Set Up Regulations. In addition cities and towns, may set up regulations and assess taxes in excess of the mulct tax as they deem fit. The mulct tax would be divided, one-half to the county general fund and the oilier half to the city or town in which the business is conducted. If the saloon is operated outside of an incorporated town, then half the tax is paid to the township for improvement o£ highways. Liquor dealers also would be required to post a $3,000 bond. Saloons would be restricted to a single room with a single entrance, the bar in plain view of the street. No chairs, benches or other furniture other than a bar would be allowed. All gambling, music, dancing or oilier forms of amusement would be prohibited and no women could be employed. Close at 11 P. M. The opening hour would be 7 a. in., the closing, 11 p. m. All saloons would be closed on Sundays, election days and legal holidays. Sale to minors, drunkards or intoxicated persons would be prohibited. Violators of the law would be subject to a fine o£ $100 to $300 in first conviction. Subsequent convictions would carry a fine of from $300 to 51,000. Jail sentences, ranging up to one year, are provided in case fines are not paid. The bill also prohibits distillers or brewers from engaging in any way in the retail liquor business and provides a fine ranging from 5300 to $l,t00, a year ia jail, for those found guilty of so doing. Plan Day of Prayer. PLYMOUTH--The World's Day of Prayer will be observed in a joint meeting of the F. M. and M. E. churches and ' a t the Free Methodist church Friday afternoon at 2:30. THE OTHER DAY A Farmer Got 1,000.00 Just a s h o r t - t i m e ago ;i north Iowa farmer held t\ Public-Sale; When it was all over, (lie clerk told him that IHS properly brought belter than $4,000.00. This farmer, .who Kad advertised his sale in the Globe-GazcUc, .was exceptionally well p.leasod for. .the. .livestock, machinery and other article? .sold .for around §500.00 more than he and .his family had expected. CAfllE TO'OFFICE A few days later the farmer was at the Glohe-Gazelle office and while talking about his very successful sale, he said, "Thai's what happens when you advertise vmir sale in the Globe-Gazette." And he is right. Public Sa!cs, Closing Out Sales, Farm Auctions and Livestock Sales do draw larger crowds--get more bidders and buyers--and consequently the property sells "for more money, when it is sufficiently advertised in this newspaper. LET THEM KNOW So, air. Farmer, if you are going to hold a Hale, be sure to announce it in the Globe- Gazcttc, then the farmers and breeders of north Iowa and southern Minnesota will know that you are going lo have a sale, and they can plan to be there. Your public sale advertisement in the Globe- Gazette, which has a big circulation, will cost only a few dollars. We believe t h a t the charge will be much less than you would expect. Now--if you. loo, wan I a profitable sale, bring or mail your list of property and other important items about your sale to Ihe Globe-Gazelle office. Your advertisement will be properly arranged, attractively set in type, and published on the day, or days, that you prefer. Soles Advertised in Globe- Gazette Draw the Crowds! A Line O'Pipe · By T. PIPE - Stick to the Pipe--Let the smoke blow whe-e it will. Here and,There SIX WEEKS OF WEATHER The groundhog has his shadow seen, And back into his hole has went, To sleep in peace for six more weeks, Until the winter days are spent. But small it matters it he did. Or did not see his shadow dim:, Of winter six more weeks we'd I have, Without a bit of help from him. -- · -The peonle of northern Iowa, need no assistance from a dumb animal when it comes to g-ettine a line on coming: weather conditions. For well they know that K. h. or no g. h. (hey liavo six- weeks, and usually a Ueclt of a sight more, .of weather after the groundhog-'s justly famous day. _ ^ ^ Nor should we be too ready to call the groundhog a dumb animal. Any animal, human or otherwise, who, or which, has sense enough tn crawl in a hole on the first o£ February and slsy there for six weeks in our well known northern climate, isn't so very dumb after all. £ The height of something or other. The gentle P. K. indorsing the tax asscssiiiff honorable slate legislature. Q At last t h e , ancient game of bowling bids fair to become popular with the fair sex. We notice a picture o£ one of the gals in the act of tossing a bowling ball in the general direction of the ten pins clothed in a grinning smile and a pair of short shorts."Heretofore the wimmen has been wearing dresses as a bowling uniform, a mode of dress extremely uninteresting to the good looking gal in this day and age. -- · -- Sliorls for bowling- should be popular with all the gals except the bowlesgcd ones. ---- A _ Persons experiencing an uncontrollable impulse to shoot the writer o£ the foregoing joke are reminded that there is at present no open season on columnists. They are therefore requested to control and uncontrollable impulse as best they can. Tn spite of the cold, the snow, and the ice, cheer up. Do not let Old lUan Gloom set you. It's only four weeks until the first robin. And when the first robin comes, snrinff can't lie far behind. At least not so terribly far. Wherein Amos Installs a. Modern Convenience in His Home. T. Pipe: Is my bigger and bettor Vz ever sore. Is she burnt up. Is she exasperated in large amounts. And how. And docs she ever give me the dickens morning, noon and night. Also in forenoon and afternoon and on holidays. One would think I did something on purpose. Which I didn't. Would you enjoy to know how come all this'! Well here it is anysvay. Some time ago I install a great modern convenience in home which consisted of automatic coal stoker for furnace heating plant in basement. It works great. One time each day I enter basement, fill hopper of stoking machine. Remove a cinder or two, and forget fire for 21 hours. The bigger and better is she delighted. She is. Each morning the house is warm like spring time. So she gets herself a flock o£ high priced house plants and gloats over them to all her friends. She watches them grow (the flowers, not her friends) and pretty soon they arc all covered with buds and blossoms. Then one cold night I comes home late and forgets the stoker filling. Next morning all plants frozen solid and very dead. Next morning I also get the dickens in three languages and two dialects and lols of adjectives. I still receive same. Hoping you are the same. AMOS. Will's in a name? Dr. I. S. Cutter has recently heen appointed chief surgeon for a large western railroad. Famous last words: Never mind the slippery spots; this car is equipped .with brand new tire's. ADVICE TO SPRING POETS How to Write Poetry (In one lesson) By Lawson of Aredale In making verses, deep or light, To etch your name in writer's hall; To make you famous overnight, If You Are Poisoned ly URIC ACID Read Our Offer--Do This Is Uric Acid in your blood causing "Arthritis;" stiff joints; sore muscles; rheumatic pains; neuritis; ncuralRia? Bladder weakness? Kidney irritation? Up many times a t - n i g h t ? "Worn Out"? "Acid", Stomach? "Catch cold" easily? ' Skin itches and burns? Nervous? How many symptoms have you? For more than 44 years The Williams Treatment lias been helping others to better health and comfort. You try it! WANT A 75c BOTTLE? Mail Ihis advertisement with lOc In stamp* or coin to The Dr. D. A. Williams Co., OHer MH-58I, Eail Hampton, Conn. We \vill filve uric acid nuffcrers who send this advertisement, home address and ten cents, one 15-cent bottle (32 doses) of The Williams Treatment anil booklet wliu DIET and olher helpful KURBCslions. No obligation. We pay poslagc. No. C. O. D. Only one lintlle Klven same person, family or address, bold since 1B92. No Jlollle Unlen Thl« A r t v l . Is Sent Two steps you take and that is all. First you grab an idea unusual. And. you treat it with all due respect, And you clothe it in wording finite casual, Till it in a sense seems circumspect. Then you go and bask in your garden-- How to write poems? God knows; Though you fume till your arteries harden, A verse of itself simply grows. Attention Blr. Eye: T. Pipe: Now that Mr. Eye has decided the question how crazy is a loon, see if lie can tell us how: Slick is a whistle? Dumb is an ox? Slippery is an eel? Smooth is-silk? ' Dark Is x. slack of black cats? Cold is kraut? Quick Is a cat? Big- is a. barn? \ Straight is a, string? Crooked is a dog's hind leg? Pretty is a picture? Homely is a mud fence? Hot is hottcrnell? Hoping: you are the same, --Mucusito. Horn Honkers To Organize. Local Chapter Wil Be Established A local chapter of the Ancient nnd Honorable Amalgamated association of the Knights of the Animated Horn Honkers of America is being established in Mason City. It is the first of its kind in the slate and Mason City is to be congratulated on the honor that is thus being bestowed upon it. Not in many years have the citizens of Mason City been afforded an opportunity to become affiliated with an organization of the scope and character of the A. H. A. A. K. A. A. H. of A. and all persons who take an interest ... the art of automobile horn honking are urged to present their names to the proper committee at once. By so doing they may have the extreme honor of becoming charter members of the local chapter. The by laws of the organization provide that all members shall honk the horn, or horns, of their automobiles at each and every occasion posiblc, or at no occasion whatever. They should be especially alert and overlook no opportunity to honk the horn under the following circumstances. When the car ahead does not move within a split second before the traffic lights change. To attract the attention o£ a pretty gal on the sidewalk. When the car ahead stops to keep from being hit by a no the: car which has the right of way. When the car ahead stops to keep from runniiy, owi- a woman and a few children. When a freight train is on a highway crossing. Blowing the horn at such times is particularly effective. It annoys' all within hearing distance and causes the freight train to get off of the crossing at a high rate of speed. To call attention of the girl friend to the obvious fact that her sweetie has arrived in the neighborhood. .When meeting and passing any and all automobiles, especially in the city. Many other occasions for horn honking will occur to the alert horn honker of experience. The emblem of the association is the goose, that noble bird which was the original honker and whose intelligence each member of the A. H. A. A. K. A. A. H. of A. hopes some day to acquire. If interested, get in touch with Mr. G. Ander, chief goose, for further particulars. - Visitor From Waterloo. LIME SPRINGS -- Miss Pearl Roberts of Waterloo spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. James Roberts, and her sister, Mrs. Kay Jones. Returns'-(o Colorado. ROCKWELL--Mr. and Mrs. R, J. Forsyth enjoyed a visit from their son, Fred E. Forsyth ot Greclcy, Colo. Friday morning he departed for, his home. Hostess to Auxiliary. MANLY--Mrs.-Louis Duclos entertained the Fireman's Auxiliary at her home at a bridge party with Mrs. .T. D. Thompson, Mrs. Frank Garvey and Mrs. Richard'Wil- liams receiving prizes. Will Live In DCS Moines. RICEVILLE--Miss Mary Duffy lias gone to Des Moines to make her home with her sister, Mrs. Winnifred Connelly. Charles Duffy, Jr., will live in the Duffy house. Birthday Is Cclehralcd. CLARKSVILLE--Mr. and Mrs. Fred Voss entertained the K. Y. N. club in observance o f ' . M r s . Voss' fifty-seventh .birthday anniversary. C. A. Hammel and Mrs. Robert Poisal won high score prizes at five hundred and the Vbsses served a fine lunch. · Honored at Shower. DOUGHERTY -- A shower was held in--the opera house Sunday afternoon in h o n o r- of Miss Gladys Jacobs, whose marriage to Return From California. ROCKWELL--A few weeks ago Rockwell cpnlributed seven of its younger citizens to swell the population of southern California and on Friday afternoon, six returned, leaving Hubert Smith the sole representative. Those returning were H. H. Coleman, Cecil McMonagle, Pete McEvoy, Alvin Campbell, Richard Coleman 'and Edwin Grummon. The party left Los Angeles Tuesday morning and by day nnd night driving, arrived home Friday afternoon. American political parties are urged to adopt distinctive color schemes, patterned after schools. The G. O. P., it is understood, hastens to make it plain that its present black and blue is but temporary, it hopes. -- Williamsport, Pa., Sun. DEAH. NG°H=Vv'OUU.D A TAILOR.'S SON SOW HIS' WILD OATS WITH A SEWINS MACHINE ? -NUMB FAN" VE.KOC« / OMc DEAE. NOAH=WHY is IT WHEN YOU BOABB AT THE HOTEL. YOU /MUST AU.WAYS PUANK DOWN ? DEAR. NCAH^WILL.THE ICE CEEAM WHEN PINCHED WITH ?- J.TH.L-PATEHC3CM.M.3: AlA|k 1-OIH- IDEA'S TO NOOK . Jolm Barragy ot Rockwell takes place-at-St. Patrick's church Monday. . · .First of Series -Held. MANLY -- The Manly Band Mothers held a bridge parly at the home economics room at the school Friday afternoon. This was the first of a series of money making projects Ihe ladies have 'planned. This first party was a fine success. Mrs. Clarence Hogan and Mrs. Dick Williams won Ihe prizes, flliss Gorton Hostess. KANAWHA--The Alpha Lambda society met at the home of Miss Jean Gorton. Fourteen members responded to roll call, A paper on "Our Relations with South America" was given by Mrs. Orville Faber. Following the meeting the evening was spent playing games. The next meeting will be held at the home of -Miss Ella Trettin, Thursday, Feb. 18. Benefit Party IleM. CLARION--Proceeds from the benefit card party for flood relief, sponsored by the Business and Professional Women's club, Friday evening, amounted to 530. Prizes at contract bridge were awarded to C. H. Paine /or 'men's high score, and Mrs. E. E. Walsh, ladies' high score. Auction bridge high score prize was awarded to Mrs. B. ;W. Mincemeyer. Club 1'arly Held. KANAWHA -- T h e Woman's Country club held a party Friday night at the primary school building for their husbands and lam- Hies. After a basket social, a program was given which consisted of recitations, musical numbers and two plays, "The Deacon's Proposal" and "Lucinda's Mistake." The committee in charge was Mrs. Charles Hall, Mrs. Clarence Jordanger, Mrs.- Ralph Fisher, Mrs. Clarence Cook and Mrs. Ole Jordanger. Plan Benefit Party. BRICELYN, Minn.--The American Legion will sponsor a card parly on Mondtny evening. Proceeds will go to Red Cross flood relief. Club Leader Named. LITTLE CEDAR--Liberty township 4-H girls held a business meeting at the high school Friday. Mrs. Kugene Barker was elected as club leader for the ensuing year. Returns From Des Moines. PROTIV1N -- Lee Tucker returned from Des Moines where he has been the past week. Will Serve Wednesday. PLYMOUTH -- The Ladies aid society will serve supper in the Methodist church dining room Wednesday beginning at 5:30. Taken to Rochester. RICEVILLE--Mrs. F. M. Garrett was taken to Rochester Friday for a major operation. R e t u r n s From Kapiils. MANLY -- Mrs. Bill Kelly returned home Saturday after visiting friends and relatives in Cedar Rapids several days. Meet at Lacostc Home. RUDD -- Fourteen King's Heralds and their leader, Mrs. William Kollman, met Saturday afternoon at the home of Genevieve Lacoste. Leona Bornstein was the lesson leader. After the business meeting they played games and refreshments were served, Letter Carrier III:' ROCKWELL -- John P.- Nelson, rural letter carrier, route No. 1, is confined to his home by a severe attack of intestinal flu, and his route is being served by substitute, Arthur F. Way. Were In St. Paul. GRAFTON--Mr. and Mrs. Harry Christians and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wagner went to St. Paul and spent the week-end. Aids Flood Sufferers.' .LUVERNE--Mr. and Mrs.-Jjtmes Godfrey received a message from their'son-in-law, Dr. H. L. Martin, who is taking special work at Ann Arbor, Mich., in preparation for a federal position, that he had volunteered his services to help the flood sufferers, and was a Louisville, Ky. Mrs. Martin is visiting at the Godfrey home. Loner ISesijrns Position. IUCEV1LLE-- Guy Loper lias resigned as town clerk. Ed Sweet is expected to take the office for the time being. "Stomach Pains So Bad I Could Hardly Work" Says C. S. 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