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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, January 26, 1818
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MOM AY, JANUARY 48 By an arrival at Charleston Uat Monday, h 5 day from St. Mary, we learn that the Pa triot brig Morgiana, will) Col. lrvin, and all hi cfRc n on board, shipped out ' of Amelia on Sunday the 11th inst destination unknown - leaving commodore Aury behind j who was al - ao preparing to sail,. rth the remaining res - els The poor Spaniard at Amelia were Complaining very much in consequence of Au ljie hav ing ceased to issue rations to them. Profettor Witter. The death af this dHUn - f ul - ke - d character has excited the most sincere aud heart - felt regret. He may justly be consi dereda lots not merely to the university which be adorned bv hi talents and labors, nor to the medical profession to which be was so long and usefully deToted: but to the interests of science throughout our country. 1 We cannot present a better evidence of the high esteem in which he was universally held, than by stating that on the reception of the melancholy intelligence the Professors of the College of Th aiciwn and Surgeons, of ths city, sutpeaded their lectures, ami the students of the uuiveisity uiuuimoudy patted the fallowing f solut'ous : At a meelicg of the Students of the College o: . Physicians and Surgeons of the University ol the state oT New - York, Mr. Oweu, of . Tents tee, chairman, Afr. .Sheldon, secretary. " Retclved,.That we have received with the deepest regret the intelligence of the death ol that distinguished ornamcut of our profttaoa, Dr. WlUr, professor of anatomy in the aniverri ty of Pennsylvania. Resolved, That profewor llosack be re quested to deliver an eulogy on the occasion, and that Messrs. T. Fortier, J. Smith, and L. C Beck, be Appointed a committee to wait upon him fur that purpose. Resolved, That tile usual badge of mourning be worn for 30 days. R. OWES, Chairman. E - SHF.LDOV, Secretary. Kew - York, 24.h January, 1018." In compliance with the foregoing request, Dr, Hosack thu morning delivered, in the College Hall, an eloquent sketch of the life and charar. ter of the deceased t a copy of which has been requested for publication. FROM OUR CORRESPOKDEXT. Office of the Milledgeville Reflector, January 13. J lmpoitaiU uetri from the 1rmy! Coventor iinbmi received the following import ant despatch from eu G iiui on yesterday I v express, dated tlcul - quarters, llarttord, U January 8, 1818. . SIR I received on my way to this place Uie 6th intt. fiom lieut. col. Arbuckle, reports ol the slat of bis command up to (ho 21st Decern ber by which 1 learn thai the detachment with transports uu - Jer major Muhlcnburghad becust tacked about thirty nn!. - below Fort icolt by a force of lidiaus and blocks, estimated at from (i WW I ft ' . ' V 111. 111.. tjj IIU - V I ' I It U - V. . .III. I '1 1 . 1 1' of U.e mer from the 151 h to the I'Jlh D - ceiuW, and that our loss amounted to two kill ed and thirteen wounded Uie loss ol the enemy not known. The vessels were so fortified with bulwarks as to secure our troops irom the ene toy's shot, exrept when carrying out the anchors to warp, or when working with the rigging. The loss ofa vessel u not apprehended nor will the delay be likely to produce any serious louse uoeures to our troops above their supplies be big sufficient for some time beyond the period a! which others I have ordtired, and have reason to believe are on the way, are expected to arrive, and which will be taken up the river in keel boats, secured aguust the enemj'a shot. A small work command 1 bv cant. M'lntosh. 12 aide abve Fort Scott, has been attacked urrounded for several days,, by a large party but though the captain's force amounted to uo more than forty, he maintained Ins work without toe loss ol a man. I he ludians Gudiug tliem elves unable to make any impression upon tbel work or garrison, and having suffered Irom our shot, retired. Capt. M'luloah's commaud ha since been withdrawn. A friendly chief, Wm. Perry man, having mu - d a considerable parly or warriors on the Cha tahochie, for the purpose of protecting the friend ly traders below the line, 'and of aiding our troops, was attacked by the hostile party, and i supposed to have fallen, with Messrs. Hainbly and Doyle. It is reported that most of the paiiv were forced, perhaps willingly, to join the enemv. I have received information that a party of Indians entered the settlement near traders Hill, t few days past, killed a woman who. - e name I have not learned, and took off 3 or 4 rutrroes. 1 had previously ordered a detachment on artillery, with two of the militia, drawn from r.en. Flovd's division, to at Trader's H ill, for the defence of that te.tle - ItiP t. I have reason tn believe the artille.y arrived at the Hill about the time the murder wa; committed, and the milit a soon after, and that the Indians .were pursued. Th residue of the mlit.a taken from Ma jor tlener J Floyd's division, (five companies.) are ordered to this place, for the purpose of retiiforcuiir Gen. Glascock's command, expect rig one company, which will be ported near the II g Bend of Ocmulgx e. The detacl.m. nt under Uric. General Glas cock, delayed by rainy weather, bad nuds, and Want of punciual.ty in the contractor's department, will not be able to fonn a junction wi;h xne vj. tate' troops at Fort Scott before the 2Vd of the present month and as a irreat part of the detachment will probably be disposed to return nome soon ner the end of the month, there is reason to apprehend the time .will be too limited to make such an impression upon tin - savage, (wi ich one decisive victory would effect) as to put an end to the war, and leave them convinced, that their future aafety will depend alone upon the observance of peace on their part. I have therefore to request the f .vorof your excellency, to furnish an additional detach. ment of militia, to consist of four battalions of infantry, with four companies of riflemen, to assemble at this place on the first ol the next month, prepared for a three month's tour of duty, in the service of tlie United States. I shall make arrangvments for the necessary upplies to be in readi iesat this place in due time, fur arming, equipingand subsulin 3 the ueiacutnent. . I have the honor to be, with high consiicra tion aud respect your mol obedient sgrvant, E. P. GAINES, mj. gen. com'g. Uis Eic Gov. Ilabun. Copy ofa letter from David C. Mitchell, Ekj. aent for lodiau ara, to goveruor Rabuu, datad Creek Agency, Jan. 1318. u Sir The messeager who was seal below lo propose Unns of peace to the Seminole, ha returned ; anJ the enclosed is the substMJce of his repert, wbickl raceirtd bj esprea. I Tha Iriendlv chiefs and warriors are to meet ate at this place 00 the ! 1th instant, and 1 have great Dopes, that ear Oioerences wun we jcbi - Doles, can, with ths'ir askUnce, be adjuited. ' 1 tt.dersland that much apprehension prevails about the safety with which travellers can pass through the nation. ' It is my opinion that her is not the least danrer in travelling the road from Fort Hawkins to the Alabama, by this Viae and Fort Mitchell ; but I would not advise travellers to ne Ihe road frota Fort Perry to Fort Gaines, or indeed any road as low dowu as Fort Games, tor the present I am, with high respeU aad esteem, your most obedient servant . . D.B.MITCHELL. His eicellency gov. Rabun." Fort Mitceell, December 30, 1817. " My Friend The messenger which was senl othe Mickasukies has returned with an an swer to our talk. The Afickasukies say it was not them that began the war; they were sitting down in peace, and the white people camti on Diem in the night, and Bred on them The tlickasukies are all sitting down in their towns, and doing no mischief, rid wailing to see If the white people will make peace with then. The people that shot at the boat and killed all the white people, were the old Red Sticks, from the upper towns, them that turned hostile last war. The man that was sent to the Mickasukies, (llopoie llaijo,) with a peace talk, met the Vk kasukies at Ihe half way ground, coming wilb a peace talk to us. Mr. Hamb;ey and Mr. Doyle were taken prisoners. Hooie Haijo aw them. Tusteuuusee Cliapoo has gone to relieve them, and carry them to the tort at it Vlarks. "I hare sent you this little talk now; our mectiug that you appointed will soon be, and hen every thing wdl be made strict. We hear that the army has crossed at Hartford. The Cbcchaws have received two letters from the army, and they had nobody to read them, and hey don't know the contents: and with tho ar my rould be stopped until our meeting is over." (Signed) TUSTF.SlKiKK HUl'OlE, HOrOlE HAIJO. Extract of a letter to the editors of the Sa van nuh Republican, dated Cde cot - sir, Jaw. 4, 1813 "The Florida Indians have strain coalmen cetl their depredations .in ( smd n county. rive and twenty or thirty of them, as was con lectured by their fimt tracks, went last week at tnid - clay to the house ol a .Mr. Malloway who resided on the Si. Mary's. He wa ou of the way, but his wife, it was supposed, observ. ed their approach to the house, too late to leave it, and ran under a bed, as ber cerpse was there found.' shock ugly shot, and the whole or. he kin ot her head torn olt. 1 hev carried aw.y, a negro wench with her child, and whatever they wanted, from the house If the 5panL !i government cannot repress the imposition of the Indians for murder and ra pine, and they discover, that e - eneral Gaines, is not allowed tn chastise them, there will be no security on this I. on tier. Front Ike National Intelligrncer, Jan. 24. The Commutation Bill i at lenjrtli rejected. nv a mainntv "! two votes, in the House ot tie presentutives 1 and it is thus determined to a bide by the original terms nf contract with the soldier. We believe we do not err in sayi lp, that the sve. sion to varying, in any manner, the terms of tli;.t contract, formed a preponderating argument on the minds of those who o:ed against, the bill. It is p;onosed, bv a bill reported in the House of Representatives to add another star to our constellation, by accepting Illinois into the Union. From the Savannah Hepubliran, Jan. 14. Mr. M'lntosh observing, that apart of his letter ol the 3Jlh October last to Air. Craw ford is published in the National Intelligencer ol the 2Jd ult. among the documents pi e - ent - nl to Congress by the president, on the af fairs of Amelia Island, conceives it a duty in cumbent on him, in justice to the feelings of the family, ana to the memory of the lute sher - ifl of Itew - lork, Mr. Hubbard, to declare, that the information he receive !, and communicatee! to Mr. Cranford, of the cottse of th death of .this gentleman, he has since under stood tn be incorrect. He hopes, the public journalists, who have published his letter, will inner: in tueir papers, tins iriuuie totruui ana Immunity. From the Philadelphia American Ceiitincl. Conner's Point, Jan. 15, 1818. Respected friends Un exiniiuinz vnur paper ol the Zo'h of I;u - t month, I perceived an ac count of a malignant fever prevailing in one of 'ho jails ol yourcit), which brought lo my mind many cnvuuis'aoies respecting that disorder within about fifty years. The Art happened at the memorable time when the ludians fled to Philadelphia fiom the nursuit of the Paxlon boys, (as they tidied themselves) ; they were put in, and guarded at t..e barrack?, where they iioon contracted a malignant fever, which was then called thn jail fe - cer. 01 winch few, if any, recovered, until they were conducted by some of ihfir guard to the woodland on the Schuylkill, where they procur ed the herb called by them phipiisnway, in great plenty l by tho use of which (as I was informed) the sick all recovered, aud their disorder entirely ceased. Soon after th;s, a young man came from one of the Ve?l - lii.ha blands ill with the j ut lever, which he hud contracted by long confinement iu onon. lie was attfuued by several physinaus who gave him up; but an old acquaintance, A'hocarae to see him, found hi; disorder to be tho same as that of the Indian;, who had told him how they used the phipsissiway when he was with 15 em to procure it ; which was, lo make a trong tea of it, and when symptoms ol Uie re turn or iucreise nf the fever appeared, to give it hot and plenty till it produced perspiration. This was done throe successive days, on eachofwliich he was better than on the preceding. .7ftrr the third day, his fever did not return, and he was in good health as soon as he could gather strength. In ihe winter of 1 1 iO and 7. iren. Howe, turn ed the American prisoners out ol New - York, oa account of their hav ing a malignant putrid lover. Most of them died 00 tha road ; but one ol them, who had served his time with me, reached my house, apparently at the point of death ; and - noJter whose usual residence was nt tnv bro ther's .' - - try, reached there in the like tab My brother sent for the lale Dr. John Redman to tee bis man ; the doctor, after his visit there, came to see me as au old friend ; and bruig in formed pf the sick soldier, went in with me to ee him, but on examiuation did not advise any medicine ; and went down stairs, and said, he thought the man would not survive until that time to morrow and added that he would not insure him for 90 per cent. On visiting the man at the ferry next day, and bearing the one at my house was alive, he came lo see him, an J said he had never teen so great an alteration, and inquired what we had given him. 4 inform ed him we had riven Phipsiwiway tea very stron; and as hot as he could drink, at night, which caused pmluse perspiration, and for Ins drink a decoction of sassafras root and the bark of black aldr. The doctor dcVtred I woulJ treat the man at the ferry in the tame Way. I took some of the ingredients to the ferry th avetiing following : the PhipsUsiway was given as before : it had the like effect for that night, but next morning before sun - rise he was seen walking round the stable ; he said he was as well as ever, only weak ; but sweat sw that be could not lay in bed ; this beio one of lu coldest nights, that winter, the . consequence was, that he was attacked with the pleurisy, which soon terminated ms existence. From the last mentioned time to tha present, we have used the I'imusiway to great advan tage in most'kinds of ferer, varying the manner agreeable toircumslancea with the other arti cles occasionally. To relate a tenth part 01 the benefit I nave known from the use of the above articles woald be too treat an nndetiakinr, now in the 83d year of my age ; but hope the above will produce a more general use than hitherto. If you deem tins or any part of it worth publication, alter cor rection, it is at your service. 1 had commenced writing the above, soon ai ter your first mention of the lever . but bearing nothing further of it untd a lew days past, 1 Doped it had subsided 1 but seeing by a late paper that it ilill continues, I was induced to write the above. And remain respectfully vonr real friend. JOSEPH COOPER. MONTREAL. Jan. 17. Th isf&thor on Mnmluv. Tuesdav and Wed nesday, was so cold that it canned the river opposite the town to rise, and the Boating ice to set back 10 a way that had every appcarnnce 01 ne coaiins permanent for the winter, but on Thurs dav the weather moderated and the river again rose very considerably, purticolarly below the town, where on 1 ufS ay roaoi were ciearea ana crossins had become safe. We are sory to add, that the steam boats ate laid to be in a perilous situation, owing to the oneierled breaking up nf the river, the A .uting ice having driven thru and three or lour scnuno - rrs from their waterinc croundon the BushervilU shoie. Our inlormant sttys, it is impossible to ascertain the situation of the steam boats and river craft, hut as near as he could dis - 1 over it appeared that the steam - boots Lady Slitrhrook. Malsham, and Caledonia, and three or lour river craft, were driven ashore near IV lliishervi'le Chun h ; that the Car of Commerce was yet safe, and Unit the Swiftsure was sunk te the waters edge, we noe nowevcr tnni mr damage will out beio greut as is apprehended. SAVANNAH, Jan. 16. Amelia lilandVtt have accounts from Wash inelon City to Uie flth instant, fmm a highly re spectable source, from whence we learn tint our councils are unneciuea wnenier uie uccupuiion of Amelia shall be continued ar not much will depend on the course which Ihe negociations with the Spanish ministers may take then? if nothing ( tviirahle results from it, the troops will be withdrawn; because it is already d. severed that Congrt si will not support the executive in the measure. We alio learn that there is no other subject calculated lo excite any sensations, and perhap none likely to occur at the present session of congress. BOSTON, Jan. S3. A Cow, belonging to Mr. J. W. Stiles, of Tern nieton. lias been poisoned, apparently with ar senic. This diabolical crime was prevented fmm hnvine the dreadful consequences to which it mi'eht have lead, as to those who used the milk, by a timely discovery. Mr. S. hai off. r ed 100 dollars reward for the discovery of the wretch who gave Uie poisou. A letter received in this city from Havana, mentions mat me new cpanisn enrvcue snip , formerly the Gen. Scott, of about 32 guns, which recently sailed from that port, m.inned with a .L - ..1 - C - L 1 " Spanish crew, to convoy some merchant vessels to Porto Rico and thence proceed to Porto Ca - velln, has been taken with the whole of her convoy, bv a Patriot privateer. The letter states (hut at the Grit fire Irom the privateer, the Tew ofthe corvette all deserted their quarters, and she was taken by boarding. From the JVatiural Inltlligenter, Jan. 23. The consideration of the Commutation liill is revived iu the home of representatives, and its late will probably be decided to - day. It h id a narrow escape yesl.'rdav, by the speaker's cast ing vote. It is supposed it has acquired friend - by an amendment, since agreed to, which has increased the proposed commutation of money for the soldiers' lands to Uie rate of one dollar per acre. Our iewi of the subject are known : but, think of it as we may, it gives ns satisfaction to see, that an end is about lo be put to suspense on the subject. CONGRESS. IN SENATE - Januanr K. Mr. Tucker moved two resoluuous, referrmg to the military committee an enquiry into the expediency of rrpealiugor modifying so mutual the art establishing the military staff, as relates to hospital surgeons and hospital surgeons mates, and to the appointment of judge advocates; and au enquiry into the expediency ol a reform iu be provisions of Uie law respecting the emolu ments to the military and staff officers of the ar my, in order to place them on a more economi cal estabhhment. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. January 22. DICIPLIK OK THE NAVY. Mr. Johnson, of Va. after an introductory ex planation ol his views, introduced a resolution, which, after being subsequently modified, was agreed to, in the following words: " Jlesolved, 1 hat the committee 00 naval af fairs be iustructed lo iuuuire whether any, and. if any, what alterations are proper to be made in the several laws for the government of Uie navy." Connected with this motion, Mr. Johnson sub mitted the following, which wai alo agreed to : " Resolved, That secretary of the navy lie directed to report to this house the proceedings of a certain court martial, ordered by commodore Isaac C'haunrey, on the Mediterranean sta tion, lor the trial of captaiu Oliver II. Perry; ato the proceedings of a court martial, on the same station, ordered by the same officer, for the trial of capiaia John Heath, of the marine corps." The remarks of Mr. Johnson, and subsequent observations by other geullemen, ou this proposition, we are compelled to postpone to our next, from the w .tut of time to prepare them. COMMUTATION BILL. On motion of Mr. Johnson, of Ky. the houe proceeded lo the consideration of the bill, now lying on the table for tbe commutation ofsoldieis' bounty lands, with tbe amendments propoted thereto. Mr Game!', of Va. moved to postpone inde finitely lh whole subject, believing that it had been so widely debated as lo make further debate thereon uot uecesiary to ascertain Uie tense of tho hou - e. Mr. Johnson, of Ky. said he did not, after all that had been Sitid, intend to enter into Uie de bate ; but contented himself with calling Uie yeas and nays on the question. For the indefinite ostponenenl 77. Again tit 77. 1 he house being thus equally di - ideJ, the speaker, declaring the pleasure it gave him to give his vote to preserve in existence a measure wliijh he believed to be fraught with the greatest benefit to the soldier and to Uie nation, voted againH Uie proposed indefinite poitpoueruent. - o the motion was rejected. The question then recurred 00 'he amendment moved by Mr. Robertson, which pmiiosed to sub stitute stock of a certain description in lieu of money, as the commutation of Uie soldiers' right to bounty lands. Mr. Robertson's proposition was eventually negatived, 76 to 03. Mr. Smyth, of Virginia, then moved to change the amount ot commutation to be given for each 160 acres, by aAling the word "silly "'to oae hundred and sixty dollar The qtieton on this motion was decided without debate in the affirmative, sjes7G. Further debate ensued on amendments to the detail of Uie bill ; in tbe consideration of which Mr. Taylor, Mr. Holmes ol M. Mr. Baldwin, and Mr. Edwards, took part. Before tbe house gut through tha suhirt, a motion TTW na4c to adjourn, which pi evaded. anjBAT, Asf. tS. - lTr Pr.n.fro.i . I committee, to whom were referred certain memorials on the u! - ject, reported a bill to enable toe people 01 i:ubu territory to form a constitution and state government, and for Uie admission of tbe same into the untoo oa an equal footing with the original states, i.Lr - ti hi 1 twiem rean inn corum.nea. A message was recelvel Irom ine rrcsiaent 01 the United Steles, ny me nannsoi .nr. t. row roe, his Secretary, transmitting the information reonircd by a resolution of this house, calling lor ' . r 1 1 1 I . 1. J ... ..h an account 01 an roaos onus or nisnta out A. r th nuthnrit of the L'niufd States. On motion of Mr. Robertson, of Louisiana, it was . Resolved. That the Secretary of the Treaiu ry be requested to luy before this h.ue a stnte - uienl orthepalarics, and an eitimnte 01 ine present and futuie emolument cf Ihe respective Re - fitters and Receivers of Public Mouies at tbe dif ferent offices - if the I'nited States s and alio the amount of tbe salaries and emoluments of the se veral surveyors General and principal and depu tjr Surveyors. On motion of Mr Fori vth. it was Resolved, That the Committee of Ommerce and manufactures be instructed to inquire into the expedient y of regulating by law the number of nasseneeri to be hr 'Unfit into Uie United States by American and foreign vessels, according to the tooDnge ol the vessels. Commutation BUI. The' house returned tbe consideration of the bill to provide for the coromu'atioo of soldiers bounty lands. An amendment ni some import ance. moved by Mr. Taylor, yesterday, was greed to, ayes 78 ; noes 45. Mo other ament. ment huvins been offered The question was stated, on ordering .the bill lo lie engrossed lor a third reariing. Mr. HoDkinson succincUv delivered the rea soni for bis opinion against Uie passage of Uie bill. . Mr. Robertson replied to Mr. Hopkinson and detenuea ine mr. Mr. Hopkinson reinined. The question was then taken on the passage of the bill to a third rending, by uie following vote Yca 80 Navi02. So the bill was rejected, by a majority of two votes. CLAIMS FOR HOUSES BURNT IN WR. On motion of Mr. Williams of North Caroli na, tbe house resolved itself into a committee of the whole, Mr. Pleasants in the chair, on the re port ol the committee of claims on the claim of i. Patterson, and several other claims of a like nature, referred to the tame committee. This claim is for a house, situated on the naiiks ol the fatuxent, destroyed by tlie enemy during the late war, on account of previous oc cupation by provisions and by supplies issued therefrom to a detachment of uiiliua in the ser vice of the United Males, and for other similar reasons, as Uie petitioner desires to establish by the testimony of two or three witnesses. The claim is one of those laid before the commission er of claims, and bv him, according to Uie provisions of Uie law of" the lasttefeioa, transmitted to Ihe house of representatives for their decision ou the fact. I After some conversation on Uie question of proceeding in the consideration of this subject 0.1 thi or at a future day - Mr. Williams, of North Carolina, delivered at considerable length, and with much perspicuity, Uie views of the committee on the general principles on which thee cases rest, aud also on the evidence in this particular case. After a few observauons from Mr. mith, of Maryland, and Mr. Forsyth, the committee rose and reported their concurrence, not only in the case of Mr. Pattieson, but also in several other cases, which rest on the tame principle, and or nearly the same description of evidence. 1 he question on concurrence with the commit - ' tee of claims in rejecting the petition ol Vr. Pat ticson, was agreed to. I he question being next proposed on the claim ol John Ireland, for a house destroyed, because occupied by a part of com. Barney's men, hi nggiug, Ac aud the report recommending its re jection having been read A debate arose on the merits of the claim, and the amount of the testimony, in the course of hirh Mesirs. Smith, of Md. Harrison, Reed, Robertson of L. Peter, Bayly, aud Palmer, op. pord the report adverse to the claim, and Afr. Williams and Mr. Forsyth supported it. At length, this and the other reports were laid on the table, the hour growing unusually late acd the house adjourned to Monday. CHARLESTON, Jan. 19. Report of actual Stlei lor the week past. Cotton Seys. Island 55 a 58 rents per pound Short Staple, (New) 34 a 34 1 - 2 cents Rice Prime $5 3 - 4 ; Second quality $3 1 - 2. Flour Camden, (tup ) $1 1 1 - 2 Philadelphia, REMARKS. Dry Goods Tlie wather wa fine most of the week, but the tratelling has been rendered so had, by the late wet weather, as nenrlv to shut out all communication with the country this, of course has a very sensible effect on business, and nine nas consequently been uor.e. Groceries Sugars remain about tbe same as last week : Coffee lias declined half a cent ; Molasses has been sold at our quotation ; Hollands Gin and Brandy are scarce and high 5 Salt very dill ; Jamaica and West India Rum keep up. Cotton sales have been made at our quota tions bul tbe late intelligence from England hat itaggered purchaser!, and the article was heavy at the cloe of Uie week. Rice Took a start in the early part of the werk. and was told for one or two days at $6 ; but it declined again on Friday and Saturday to ft 3 - 4, and on the latter day was very heavy at that price. Uorn Has sold in one nrtwo instances, by the cargo, ai low ns 1 doll. 18 cents. I olmcco - Is 10 belter request, and best Charles ton inspected nas oeen soul at a dollars. t lour lias snia readily nt our quotations. Freights Still keep down : 3 4.1 is the most that that can be obtained for Cotton to Great Britain. " A lever of mall liquor" is informed that his adver.ising puff must be paid for before it can be inserted. DIED, evening, after a short but severe ill ness, Mrs. Jane Colics, wife of Christopher ("olles, in the 2"th vear of her nee. The friendi and acquaintances of the family, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral tomorrow afternoon, at ha f past 3 o'clock pre cisely, from her late residence No. 23 Pcll - st. aithoi t further invitation. Suddcnlv, (at New - lindon, Con.) on Thur - dav 15th inst. Mr. Htibbill B ooks. He here left a disconsolate family and numerous friends to lament his untimely de.itli. - At Louisville, (Ken) Paul Skidmore, esq. a native of London. On board the ship Ramdalolday, at sea, on 2ot! August last, capt. Daniel Goodwin, of suid ship On the 1st Dec. last, at Hoddesdoo, Hartfo - d - shire, England, Mrs., widow of Thomas Jones, Esquire, formerly one of the judges 01 the supreme curt In the late province 01 New OIK. EFEXLVri POST MAR f.Vf UST. NO CLEARVCES. NO ARRIVALS THIS FORENOON. FROM nUH COHItt SHi . V ) E Vf. Office ofUieMiarle - ton Courier,'! January 18. J . Arrived British ship Goudiea, M'Cullock, Gree eck 50 davs. ftritu!; brig "2Gth October 1812, Ramsay, Havana 7 davs Cleared, sh ps Brandt, Steinhaur, La Ro. chelle ; Rising States, Swinburn, N Yoik ; sch Nancy Richards, Cadiz. Savwa, Jan 15 Arrived ship Prudence. Fieid, NYork 8 dvs. Shin Ameieca, Heath, London 43 davs and 2 from the Downs. Dec. 17, in lat 32 3:. smut. 24 U. ,1,P ?ctl rf Uld ITom uverpuo. - . . , :.i.MWml - , Brig Langdon cnevea, - 1 J : Sloop Sailor's Fancy, Badcoca, new - iur v d's"oop Revenue, Eddey, Providence, (R I) 11 Uleared, amp camiua, m. uu , . sTiip John and Edward, Gales, Liverpool j brigs T.tMTPonh Mimm. Providence. (RI)s Scipio, - ri!" - i" - : i ,..1:. i Madders, Liverpool, rrencn ortK - sephine. Datnorett, Nantx; Britwh brig Elixa Ann, Little, t.reenocx sen uencrai inn Phrsi. N York. ' : . a. r a ii Noarota - .Jan. 20. Below last nigni, orig Venus, of Portland, 28 clayt trom ron - au - I'nnce. Hermaphrodite brig Cate, Tynca, from Bar - badnes. - . Blip Success. Harris, from Petersburg, bound to Bordeaux, with flour, having got a - hhore above City - Point, and sprung aleak - com inir ut to discharge and repair damages. Several topsail vessels were coming into the Boads yesterday afternoon. Charlmtok, Jan. 17. Arrived sloop Triton, Lvon. NVork 7 davs. NonroLK. Jan 21. Arrived," British brig Kate, Tynca, from Demarara, via Barbadoes, 26 days from the latter. The brigs Minerva, from Alexandria, and Vittoria, from Norfolk, entered at Bridgetown. Dec. 9, andonthe23d, the ship Tvger, from N London, and cutter George and Robert, from Norfolk. Cleared ai the same port, on the 6th Dec. ship Severn, for Wilmington, NC brig Sir Ueorge uecK with, for N York, and on tlie 23d, brig Atlan tic, for Norfolk. Schr Sally, Sheldon, 12 days from Provi dence, R. I. The 6'ally made the Capes a t l . , , rr wees ago, oui gtu oiown on again. Schr Ostrich, Collyer, 18 days from Boston. Spoke on the 12th inst. about 40 leagues to tlu northward of the Capes of Virginia, schr Ma ry Si Betsey, 8 d;.vs from Boston, bound to Baltimore. Sloop Edward, Mattenly, 19 days from Be verly, Mats. Brig Venus, Burnham, 28 days from Jacqtic mel. Vessels left have previously been re ported by the schr Franklin, Fitch, at Balti more. Markets at Jacquemel 12th Dec. dull for American produce; Coffee scarce and high. Schr Timandra, Blackman, 9 days from Charleston. On Thursday last, about 30 miles lo the N. E. of Cape Hattems, saw a vessel's yard of large dimensions floating with some of, the rigging attached to it Schr Tassel, Porter, 10 daj's from Havana, bound to Baltimore, with a cargo of sugar and cotlee, put in tor a pilot Wilhimotq, N. C.Jan. 17. Arriveel, brig wm iiowiand, southworth, from IN York. Brig Eliza, Dundee, from Jamaica. Schr Union, Dennett, fiom X York. Schr Three Brothers, Sears, from Boston. senr Mdo, Tallman, from Cleared, schrs Sanford 4: William, Bliss, for Si. Croix and a market ; Onn, Delano, for W. Indies : sloop Lincoln, Delano, for Bermuda - THEATRE, flr - Inconsequence of the non - arrival of Mr. Incledoo, the Theatre is necessarily closed till urtner notice. Jan ro MINOR THEATRE. , Corner ol Broadway and V arren - street. UR. W. BLANCH AKD. thankful for the encouraeement heretofore received, will this week ixlin it tn the public of this metropo lis, ins astonishing talents in Legerdemain ine ftriorniunce will also be attendee! with sui prising ' its of Mr. Tainauiiaha, the American Indian iii'Zler.whnse powers and execution oa the slack ire lar surpass any other who has attempted the amc. The pe.forniam e will commence with Wr. Blanrhard'i executing tricks, which by their 'iiiveitv win please a discerning audience. Mas ter James Belmont is also engaged, who is on il'iubtcdly considered one of the first in his pro lenion. His ground and lofty tumbling - will pleaie and Km use the public. For particulars see me mils ol ihe day. The whole to conclude wiUi the comic scene ol the Dwarf Dance. The theatre has been neatly btted up for the ccvenience of company. 1 er formance to begin at half past 7 o'clock' Admit lance, front seats 50 cents; back seats to ; Chil dren half price. Tickets to be had at the 1'hea trc. A select Band of Music is engaged to enliven and exhiiirate the whole. Jan 28 Iwt . NOTICE. ON Thursday evening, St. Paul's Church will be opened for Divine Service, at seven o'clock, when an address wtll he delivered and a collection mnrle for the benefit or the AUXILIARY NEW - YORK BIBLE AND COMMON PRAYER BOOK SOCIETY. The members aft he Handstand H.iydo Society" have libe rally volunteered their services to perioral the luiiuwiug piec s on uwi occasion. Rec. Com Tort ye my people Air Evry Valley Chor. For unto us a child is born Air Piou orgies, pious airs Chor. O Father, whose Almighty power Solo Sound an Alarm Chor. We hear, we hear Solo and Chor Sound the loud timbrel Rec. He measured Ihe water Air He layeth the beams Duetto How beautiful Chor. Break forth into joy Air Angels ever l - right and fair Chor Then round atiout the starry throne Air The trumpet shall sound Air and Echo strike the Cymbal. Should the weather prove unfavrrable, the ad - dresi, ic. will be pottoned until the Tuesday following. . . . ...(i.i ... III. ... 1 I rllpUJl.ll . N. B. The members of the Handel and Haydn society are lulorrned that a rehearsal will tall . place in Ihe church tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, at 7 o'clock. Punctual attendace is par ncutariy requested. Jan 26 STOLEN. CT3 A reward of 20 dollars will be paid by Uie subscriber 00 conviction of tbe scoundrel lhat stole a sign as follows, jOoor Plata of ere ry description," from off my office, on the evening of Saturday the 24 ih intt. or on the following Sabbath. JOSEPH L - 'LEWIS, Jan 26 It 39 Fulton - street. AT - tlC'7UY, RYBLEEf KER Si BIB BY, . YYTEDESDAY28th, at the Tontine Cof v Y fee House, at 12 o'clock, the houses and lots 161 and 163 William - street. A map of the premises may be seen at the auctioneers office. Terms at sale. - - jmi 26 2t v CM.ORN 10,000 bushels Viigima corn, of J prime quality, deliverable alongside a ves sel or vessels at Tappahannock. Fcr sa!c by K. CRUMP, . . Jrn 26 PO Pine - street. UUL.AS5r.S - 29 Moiasses, ol suwrior quality, It ing at Dover street wharf for ale bv R. & C. W. DAVENPORT 4c CO. Jan VC WINDOW GLASS First quality Russian window glass, for sale low by WILLIAM CODM.4N, Jan 26 4t 53 South - ttreet. LICiN U VI VI I 30 toot on board the ship Corsair, for tale by Jan 26 T RO K ES, D t VI D SON k Co. jri FOR S.1LE, . tsJkujTbc Itouseand lot of ground No. 18 Rose - ?lrea ; Uie lot is 25 feet frout and rear and 100 feet deep ; the bou se a brick front, sides and rear filled in with brick, and built in the most sub stantial manner. For further particulars enquire of A. STEENBACK, Jan 29 ? 9. 334 Broadway. VALUABLE PROPEnrv e lot No. 139 Flv - market. rnnnino through to Tletcher - street,with the build in its thereon, consisting of, on Fly - market a 8 store l..;lr u.... - K..:i. 1 .t . . uiib..iiinj3c,, iwiih wiu tiiiisiiru in uie oest manner, 4J feet deep 1 on Fletcher - street, a substantial 3 story brick fire proof store. The above can command a very heavy rent. Also, the lot 14 1 Fly - market, running through to Fletcher - street, with the buildings thereon consisting of two frame houses front and rear 1 1 it . I :i 1 . wouiumaa can excellent uuiittiiig - iuc. At pre. sent rents for $700 and taxes will command much more. Also, the House and Lot of Ground 276 Ws. ter - street, an excellent stand, 12 or, 13 feet tront and rear, ana 7U leet acep. Also to let, the house No. 42 Liberty - street suitable for a store - house. Apply to ANTHONY TRAPPAN, - JanS61w 1 . 139 Fly - market. " e VALUABLE DhVY GOOD STAND To be sold by Hoffman Si Glass on Tuesday Uie 27th inst. at 12 o'clock at the Tontine Coffee House, the valuable house and lot No. 215 Pearl - ttreet, now occupied by T. ic J. F. Lawrence The house is 29 feet 9 inches iu front, and the lot about 162 feet in depth. Jan 26 It a Very desirable country KtSlUfciCt.. The tubscriber offers for sale his house anda - bout 8 acres of Land in Flushing on Long Island, 11 miles from New - York. The house is large and very convenient for a genteel family and com. mards an extensive and beautiful prospect. The staLle, carriage house, wood house, poultry house, iwc. recently built. The buildings and fences are in excellent repair, and lately p tinted. The gaiden is large and well stocked with a variety of fruit, and the orchard with the best kinds of apples - pears, ic. Near the home are two wells 01 excellent water ai d a sew cittern, all with good pumps this place is very conveniently situated, there br ing conveyances, by good stages or packets to mid frr.m New - York every day, txrept Sundays. For further particular and terms of sale apply tn JOHN ASriNWALL, Jan 2G tm .No. 123 1'eart - street VALUABLE l'RUPLHli LY BHV.1D - WAY FOR SALE. Oa Tuesday the 3d Feb. at 12 o'clock, at tho Tontine Coffee House, by D. DUN -, that valuable property in Broadway, known as Noe. CO and 62, directly opposite the property of R. Lenox, esq. On the premises are two very convenient brick houses in good repair, and very desirable for small families. In the rear, fronting 011 New - street, are two frame houses, Nos. 23 and 23, producing an annual rent off 225. The situation of this valuable property is too well known to require a further descrip. tion. The dimension are 31 feet 7 inches it Iront on Broadway, 23 feet 9 inches in the rear on New - street, and 136 feet dcrp. Further particulars may be known at the auction store Terms at the sale. Jan 2 - 1 lw " r.ii.UABLK BWHE lTjiJ tor bale nt Auction. thi Saturday me 3 1st 111st. at ine 1 . c. 11. K o'clock, will bo told by Blceckcr & Dibby, the three - story brick house and lot of ground No. 35 Pearl - street The houte contains 14 rooms besides kitchen and pantries the lot 30 feet froflt 00 Pearl street and upwards of 30 feet on Bridge - street ; about 77 fret deep on one tide and 81 feet on the other Terms at sale The premise may be viewed any time previous to the sale. , Jan 26 5t BOARD A gentleman and Ins wife, and three or four gentlemen, can be accommodated with board, by applying at 30 Veaey. street jan 26 lw LOST, on Saturday evening, as is supposed, in Pump - street, between Forsyth and El - dridgc streets, a gold breast - pin, set with peart, with the Initials of the owner, B. C Any person having found tha same will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at 85 Cherry - street. Jan 26 It Juvrntie JJoott, JJturctrd Mapt, tie. THE tubscriber has still on hand, a general and pleasing assortment of books for youth, dissected prints, maps, and cards of amusement, for sale, wholesale or retail, at his store, No. t imam - street. - Purchasers of particular books, Sic. will do well to apply early, as the numbers of some are low. Jan 2 w THOMAS DARTON. CAMrAGNEs iilL.MOh.AfeJLl.5 ULO t RAN - CAIS, EN' Egypte rn Italic, en Hollando en Alla - mauur, en Praise, en Polosnie. en Esnazne. . n.Rus'ic, en Saxe, etc. par F. Roullion, eUt. Chaque peuple, a son tour, a brille sur la terre, Par les lois, par les arts, et turtoet par la guerre. Volt. The above work in two volumes folio, compri sing an account ofthe late wars in Europe, em bellished with upwards of forty elegant engravings, among which are representations oftba distinguished battles, fought at Auiteililx, Ma rengo, MOSCOW, l.eipIC, 4:C. SVC. HC With IM portraits ofthe principal characters concerned. just received fiom Pans, and for sale by rti,, Jan 26 lw No. 28 Wall - street. TO - MORROW, (16th day's draw - in;,) the first draw ticket will be entitle! to the prize ol J1000, in the Me - ical Science lottery, No. 4, which is now drawing re - gularly five days 1 tier week .more j I than a quarter over X saud all the grand capital prises of 0,000, 10,000, 10,000, 6,000, 6,000, .411 remaining in the wheel. ' A rlorious opportunity now presents itself for all those persons to procure chances who have delayed until the present for the above brilliant fortunes, at the rate of 12 dolls, each. at the Lucky Lottery Office of JUL) A It B CAZAKUr, 74 Maiden - Lane. Where have been sold in former Lotteries, 30,000, 25,000, 20,000, 15,000, 10,000, 5,000 Dolar. Prize tickets in former lotteries, most trocar - rent hank notes of the different states, and approved promissory notes will be received in payment for tickets. N. B. twins to the scarcity ofticketa and tha brisk demand lor them, they will be again advanced in a few days. A correct Check Book is kept at tbe Lucky . Lottery Office, which may be examined by ail, free ol expense. Jan 26 tt HOPS. btk - s Hops, just rtccived for sal by CAMBREL1NG ii PEARSON, lun XI ol Snain - Biren. 1 ALl - U I 1 A UOOUS. - bares corn y eulta Goods, consUting of . . - . . . .... . 1 . i 1 Blue Mamocdies, Sooty Komals Red, blue and white Madrass Pattern Hdkfs Bernagore and lgery Checks 23 bales Eeerboom Ourrhs all entitled t debenture. For sale by . . HlKll C SEWALb, . Jan 20 , 65 tSoulh - street. iCAltAGLA WOOD ts LlONU.VlV'lT 18 toils Nicaragua Wood of erj go quality 10 do jjignumvitse For tale by TUCKER Si LAURIES, Jan 13 9 Soulb - strect. ST.CKOIX 6UGAK IS hhds. laadiog, aad for sale at 55 line - street, by Jan 15 O EORCE V. TALBOT. wm I 11, . .r - nx ST

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