The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 12, 1944 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 12, 1944
Page 12
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12 W«tUwtd»y. 12,1913 MASON Cmr OLOBK-GAZETTE 553 REGISTER TO VOTE JAN, 21 8 Polling Places for Vote on Manager Plan There -were 853 registrations of voters for the special election, Jan. 21, on abandonment of the city manager plan of government, Miss Pearl B. Kellogg, city clerk, reported Wednesday. Of that number, 232 were registrations of per- con* who had not voted here before, the remaining 321 being changes of address and the like. The polls will be open from 7 . m. to 8 p. m. .on election day, the clerk announced. Eight polling places will be used, as follows: 1st ward, 1st precinct, school administration building; 1st ward, 2nd precinct, Mason City Lumber company; 2nd ward, 1st precinct, courthouse; 2nd ward, 2nd precinct, McKinley school; 3rd ward, 1st precinct, Lapiner garage; i 3rd ward, 2nd precinct Roosevelt elementary school; 4th ward, 1st precinct, S R garage; 4th ward, 2nd precinct, Mason City Motor Coach company. Man Who Claimed to Have Invented Modem Tank Dies at Age of 80 Washington, (if) -- J. Walter Christie died Tuesday at the age of 80 in the midst of efforts to collect ?40,000 in license fees from the war department on the ground he was the inventor of the modern tank. Only a few days ago, his attorney, S. Wallace Dempsey, had said he would appeal to congress Hog Receipts Show Drop PALACE NOW SHOWING NAVY VS. ENEMY AGENTS! AND ~^^~~^^~ "GIRL FROM MONTEREY" ARMIDA EDGAR KENNEDY · BARGAIN PRICES 4 SCAT. 21c - EVE. 30c. Pins Taj in behalf of Christie, whom he described as virtually penniless and facing eviction from his modest home in nearby Falls Church, Va., where the inventor died this morning. Before coming to Washington from New Jersey several weeks ago to press his claim with the war department, Christie, according to his attorney, had spent more than $2,000,000 of his own and borrowed money to develop the tanks now used by the united nations. Status of Nation's Pool of Men 18-37 Is Given by Hershey Washington, (IP) -- Here's the status of the nation's pool of men aged 18-37, inclusive, as outlined by Maj. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, director of selective service: More than 9,000,000 men have been drawn from it for armed I service. I In' the first 6 months of 1944, about 1,800,000 more must go into military service. About 1,050,000 men are in 1-A today awaiting call. About 4,500,000 fathers are being reprocessed from 3-A. More than 2,000,000 men are deferred in war industries. Some 1,600,000 are deferred hi HOLDOVER GUT T017,000 HEAD Supply on Hand Is Enough for This Week Chicago, (IP)--In response to requests by the Chicago hog marketing committee, farmers reduced shipments of hogs Wednesday, and estimated holdovers were cut to 17,000. Fed steers, yearlings, and yearling heifers sold steady to 25 cents lower. Slaughter lambs were 25 cents up in early sales. . The shipment of 13,000 hogs was supplemented by 7,000 directs and 23,000 holdovers from Tuesday's session. The hog marketing committee estimated that the supply on hand would take care of slaughter requirements for the remainder of this week with no fresh arrivals needed. Prices were unchanged good and choice 200 to 300 pound weights still selling at the support price of $13.7$. Although local receipts were smaller than a week ago, receipts at the 12 mid-western markets surpassed those of a week ago when embargoes were in effect at some points. (WFA)--Salable hogs 13,000; total 20,000; slow, steady on all weights; sows steady to strong; good and choice 200 to 300 pounds $13.75 the top; 170 to 190 pounds $12.25 to $13.00; 150 to 170 pounds $11.25 to $12.35; 310 to 350 pounds Midwest Livestock Butthtn-- 1«D-1M Ibf. »M* 150-1(0 Ibt, (10.1* 1(0-170 lltt |11.I» 170-160 Ibi IU.70 180-200 Ibi tllJO 200-220 llu. »1J.W 220-240 lot 013.W 240-MO Its. »U.M MO-MO Ibi. 170-300 Ibf. »U.«0 300-330 11*. »U.TS llw. *U.7» Good Packia* Sum 270-300 Jbc. . , (11 JO 300-930 Itx ill » 330-300 jh«. ill.50 MO-400 ib« 111.40 400-450 Ibi 111.30 450-500 lb« lll.W 500-6SO Ibs »11.10 (WEDNESDAY'S PRICES) AlbartLaa Auitln, Mian. Btatdy . *10.«0 I11.10 »11. SO S12.20 (13.40 . 113.40 I1J.40 113.40 »12.90 »LJJO fll.70 111.70 (11.70 511.70 $11.60 S11.30 Waterloo Steady $11.50 812.00 112.70 $13.15 »13-45 (13.45 il3.45 il3.45 $13.00 * »H.7S (11.73 111.75 (11.85 S11.55 J11.45 C*d*r KapUa BtMdjr ·11.00 (11.40 (12.90 (13.45 (13.45 (1J.46 (13.44 (13.15 (12.90 tO.1t fll.M $11.00 (11.00 (11.50 111.40 Ml. 30 Admits Taking $4,000 Worth of U.S. Tools From Navy Shipyards New York, (IP)--A navy yard emoioye admitted in U. S. district court to stealing $4,000 worth of governent tools and materials from the yard. The worker, the FBI said, not only had more of certain items at his home than the navy yard had but also had some articles the yard lacks and can't buy because of shortages. The man's excuse: "I just like to take things home." tut 20,741: steady, wholesale selling prio Current general t. follows: Mixed colon, tpeelala No. 1 to No. 4, 47 Ibf. «od over M-tDfti n*eui No. 1 to Ko. 4. 4» lb«. avaran M; apeclat medium 4fl Ibf. event* Mtt.2»; atandarda 43-44 4fl Ibf. everaj* Mtt.2»; atandarda 43-44 It*. HK-39M. White, .pedal Ho. 1 to No. 4. 47 Ite. and over 43-45; Mo. 4. « Ibe. averaii e: special ;e 4X-41H Ko. 1 to :V4; ipeelal BULL CAUGHT Spencer, (IP)--A city street crew and a 1,600 pound bull battled for an hour in a game of "we'll catch him this time." "Shucks, he got away again," before the city-wide chase ended with the man capturing the animal in a lumber yard. The animal jumped from a truck at 2 p. m. near the heart of the business district, dashed up a business street, visited the back yard of the home of former Mayor C. E. Golly, browsed on the lawn at the home of City Councilman G. G. Baker, loitered near the stock yards- and finally ran down lumber yard driveway. That was a mistake; the men barred both ends of the drive, put 2 ropes and a log chain around the bull's neck and back to the truck. towed him 11 Richardson Heads Iowa agriculture. And -- nearly been rejected. 3,500,009 have heavies $12.50 to $12.90; good and choice 300 to 550 pound sows $11.75 to $12.00; estimated 17,000 unsold. Salable cattle 14,000; salable calves 800; fed steers and yearlings, including yearling heifers steady to 25 cents lower, mostly steady to weak; largely steer and heifer run top fed steers $17.00; bulk $13.50 to $16.50; general killing quality steer run improved; best heifers $16.00; bulk $12.25 to Haiti and Liberia are the only Negro republics in the world. DANCE TONITE ' i (WED.) AT JIMMY SMITH £L" Orch. Ponce and Stay Young EARL HUNT T',*" FRIDAY Don Strickland Sat./ Sun. · RIDE THE BUS · l*lt Bo Alter Dance Wed. - FrL - Sat. - Ban. Last - Times«|l)S^f 2 MA nS n |.9 With Wednesday lUltlllg Illgll Dorothy - (.amour §14.75; cows steady with cutters at S7.50 down; most canners bringing $6.50 to $G.75; good beef cows to $12.50; bulls steady, veal- ers firm; weighty sausage bulls to $11.75; vealers $15.00 down; stock cattle continued slow, steady, mostly $10.00 to $11.50 with common thin light offerings down to $9.00 and fleshy weighty feeders to S13.00. Salable sheep 8,000; total 9,000; early sales and bids slaughter lambs strong to 25 cents higher; two and hall loads good and choice fed wooled westerns to shippers $15.50; deck medium and good lambs $15.00; few good and choice natives $15.25; sheep strong at the week's advance; deck good yearling -wethers $13.50; load medium and good fed western ewes $7.50; sorted 40 head culls at $G.OO. Local Livestock BOGS MASON CITY--For Wednesday Steady. Good Ufht Ufbtf 1*0-1M » «.90 Good lUbt li«hta 159-160 $ 9.90 Good liiht llehta 100-170 J10.SO Good litht lichts 170-180 »11.«0 Good llfllt llfhta IW-300 »li-«0 Good l|nt U*hU 100-3M 111.40 Good mad. wt butchan .. XaO-aw »13.« Good mtd, wt butchan .. Mo-JTO »13.*0 Good mad. wt. butchan .. ITO-MI Wa.40 Good mad. wt- butchara .. SOO-33O 113.00 Good m*d. wt. butehen .. S3O-3W 111.75 Good packing torn 170-MO $11.19 Good aow 300-330'tU.H Good tow MO-MO J11.70 Good aowa 3*0-400111.70 Good Iowa 400-490 (11.80 Good nw 430-300 111.30 Daa t* neaiatTi ru «f k*ct, vltaa* «*U tan »la*t k*lan 4aUtarUi a»» k«n. JACOB I. DICKBm * IONS.' CATXU MASON dTY--Tor WadutdaT Choice te*ra and htUera ...114.00-U.DO Good Mean and heliara ... »1150.13.50 tied. itnrj and heifers .... 110.00-11.50 Com. rteeri and hallen .... * 8.00- ».50 Cow*, dry ied t «.JO-9.00 Com. eowi »7.EO-«.00 Butcher bulla I «.00-10.00 Boloxna bulla 19.00-1.00 Bologna bulla, lifht * 7.00- t.OO Cuttera. 1 8.00-T.OO Carmen, Heavy * 8.00-6.00 Ctnntn, light I 4.00- 5.00 Fancy aalact eaSrea $11.00-13.00 Calvaa, (d. to choice, 130-1(0 111.00-11.00 Calvaa. talr to food .. 1M-1M V t.OO-lO.CO Calvn. common to talr $ TJK- «.M Calve*, cull s 4-Md'wn SHEEP STOCK MARKET TRADE FALTERS Efforts to Extend Previous Gains Fail New York, (#)--The stock market faltered Wednesday after failure of early efforts to extend Tuesday's upturn and industrial leaders generally retreated fractions to around a point. The decline was attributed to what speculative sources conceived as an impaired technical position rather than news developments, although domestic political events were cited as a reason for some buying caution. Persistent heaviness of steels and certain popular specialties helped to bring out selling in the late proceedings.. Rails were irregular. A few gold mine issues moved up in the final hour. Transactions totaled about 700,000 shares. medium 42-43 Ibs. S1J4-M; duck average 52-14: duck, email, 33-40. Brown, ipeclal No. 1 to No. 4. 47 Ibs. and over SS-IS'.i: i speoUl No. 1 to Ko. 4, 45 Ib3. average 1 « _ 37-37*. E p^i m^iuM,«. m, 3o*- : «. Commerce Commission CHICAGO FEODUCE We«nMtaT Market) C a 1 e a r e. W--Butter, · firm: receipt* steady; ottaera un- 411.336; market unchanged. EUt. receipt* 11,150; about pullet eua 23H to Utt; changed. UVISIOCK IOUCAIT (WHaataaj Market) Ckleete, *-- (WTAt--omdaJSy etU- .tad aalabl* livestock raeclpta Thursday: Ho«i 10,008; cattle 8.000; aheep «,ooo. DIES AT MINNEAPOLIS LaTenu--Word has just been received of the death of Mrs. Thomas Stinson at Minneapolis. Mrs. Stinson was formerly of Lu- veme, the mother of Mrs. Phil Henderson. Des Moines, OP)--B. M. Richardson of Cedar Rapids Tuesday was elected chairman of the commerce commission, succeeding Carl W. Reed of Cresco. * Junior Miss' to Be Given j at U Theater ] Iow» City--"Junior Miss," th comedy which still is running in Mew York, will be presented in the University of Iowa theater Feb. 14 through 19, Prof. E. C, Uabie announced. Some of the parts will be filled by students of University high school, since many of the roles were written for persons of high school age. University students will portray the older parts. Based on a series of sketches by Sally Benson, the play was written by Jerome Chodorov «nd Joseph Fields. ATTENDS HEMP MEETING Alcana--E. S. Kinsey, manager of the local hemp plant, went to Ames to attend a hemp meeting Wednesday. Problems concerning the raising of hemp were to be discussed and methods of fertilization. Fred E. Butcher, president of Chicago, speakers. War will Hemp Industries, be one of the MASON CITY--For Wednesday Qenulne «p. lambs, gd. to ch. ?!3.15-13.75 Gen. sp. lambs, m«d. lo good $11.75-12.50 Fed awa. good to cbole* ... * s.W- $o Common ewea i 1.00-l.oo Buclu .....I .75-1.50 Frolmn --Reuben Tuchek of the army arrived home on a 10 day furlough to visit with his wife and parents. Another - Real - Hit STARTS -THURS. It's - a - Honey! END WED. "Redbud From Manb»ll»a" Ellery Oneea Perfect Crime A-REAL-FUN-SHOW! PftlORITY- HUNGRY END WED. "SUSPICION" "MAN OF COUKAGE" NOW -- AT - REGULAR - PRICES! GRAINS STAY IN NARROW RANGE Traders Appear to Be Awaiting New Incentive Chicago, (iP) -- Grains marked time Wednesday. Wheat, oats and barley held within narrow limits in a restricted trade. At one time rye was up a cent on commission house buying, but profit-taking toward the close canceled about all of the upturn. Traders appeared to be waiting a new incentive before taking a. position in the market. At the close wheat was unchanged to H lower, May $1-72, oats were unchanged to Vs higher. May 7 9 }i, rye was Vfe. lower to % higher, May $1.32 y 4 -%, and barley was unchanged, M a y $1.22%. ' Produce (Merchant Quotations) (Cash Quotations by K. G. Morse) MASON CITY--For Wednesday Eggs, current receipts 28c Springs, heavy breeds 24c Leghorn springs, 2 Ibs. over 21c Heavy hens 21c Hens, under 4 Ib* 18c Cocks, heavy 17c Cocks, Leghorns 15c All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less Eggs, at retail 36c Butter, Iowa State Brand . ...49c Butter, Corn Country 48c Butter, Brookfleld 49c Butter, Decker's lowana 49c NEW TOKK nODtIC* w«a«ii»r Jaaik.t) T«rk. («--Butter 601.S47: SAINT OR SINNER? There are more good people than bad. If all good folks were to unite in a drive against crime every crook could be put out of business overnight. Even though you do not belong to any church the more you know about religion the better you will be for St. Here is a booklet that contains 400 questions that people have asked about religion. Send today and read the answers to these queries. Inclose 15 cents. Use This Coupon The Globe-Gazette Information Bureau, Frederic J. Haskin, Director, Washington, D. C. I inclose herewith 15 CENTS hi com (carefully wrapped in paper) for a copy of ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS ON RELIGION. Name Street or Rural Route City CHICAGO CASH GBAIX Chicaia, (Pl--Wheat none. Barley, malting Sl-25-$l-M!i nom.: reed Sl.lS-Sl.22% nom. Held seed per 100 Ibs., Timothy S5.75- $6 Horn.: Red Top 914-115 notn.; Red Clover $31.50 nom.; Sweet Clover 410.50 nom. State L unchanged at celling. t ·ae 503^39; nominal, no quoUUona. I (Mail to Washington, D. C-) BOARD AND ROOM By GENE AHERN Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Wednesday No. 2 white oats 70c No. 2 shelled corn (15%% moisture) $1.02 No. 2 ear corn (15^i% moisture) .98c No. 2 soybeans $1.80 Barley 75c-$l CHICAGO CKAIK CLOSE (WedQ»(a Malktt) WHEAT-May July Dec. .".'.".". OATS-May July May July Sept. BARLEY-May July Sept. ...... High 31.72V. I.70H 1.33k 1.33 1.32i'4 1.21 K 1-SHi Low J1.71V, 1.70 -77 %i .76 Vi . 1-2UI Close J1.72 1-70V. - .79V. 1-33W 1.31*4 UlVi I tJOMT KNOW 1TVOUBE tWfSHE OF IT, BUT TWO-GUN TEBSY MAS QUITE A CASE OH **Ou!~f3 TIMES HEfe AS UOOPY ASAVrfET KITE,--BUTAU-IN AU-, HEfe A SOUO CKARWTTEa. ·OWNS A TiANCHj-lS V(EU-- HSELED AI«5 NOrTABApTAtSE, TO AW Vtftt' OF THINWNG f - 3TU1- TX AW OWN THINKING,; AHDfOU STAY wrfH ^lOUR. El-ECTWC PXDAHD L1NIMEWT /" JUST GUWC1N3 AT THW TERR* PERSON GIVES ME A STY/ I -wOU-DMTBESEEN GOUXS'DOWMA 1.2 IV, 1-20 tfi Hides Quotations rumUhcd by Wolff Bros n Inc., 3«» Fifth Street S«utftw*st UorwhtdfcJ 96.00 ·GBEEN BEEF HIDES Bull hides 6c From 15 Ibs. up ,.,,.._.... lie From 15 Ibs. down 13c ·Cured hides Ic a lb. higher. Also Ic a Ib. higher for green hides to wholesale dealers in wholesale quantities, Miscellaneous POTATO MAKEET (*) --(WFA) -- Potatoes, art- vals 95: on track 187; total U. S. ship- 'rnents 181: supplies moderate; for beat Quality demand good, for fair quality demand slow; market slightly stronger for Idaho Russets, for offerings oVner section firm for best quality; Idaho Rua- set Burbanks U. S. No. 1. 3.30-03: Colorado Red McCIUres U. S. No. 1. 3.43- Michigan Russet Rurals U. S. No. 1. 2.50; Minnesota and Nortil Dakota BUss Triumphs commercials 2.90-99; Florida Bliss Triumphs U. S. N. 1 Z.55 per 50 Ib. lade, 2.65 per bushel basket. GETS SICK LEAVE Fertile--Pvt. Lyle' Lindquist of Norman, Okla., visited at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Vamer. He was recently discharged from the naval hospital at Norman, OMa., after a 30 day siege of pneumonia. He has a 14 day leave and will spend the rest of his leave with his parents, L. Jvl. Lindquist, who moved recently to St. Anthony. Hatching--Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gorman were guests Sunday I at the Denver Rose home at Ann- I strong. CBTFTOQOOTE--A eryptognai foatMI«B I F F J H S J L S F L A P T U Q F I P , X Z F H S Z U Q O H T A F I J U F N -- I F U U X W J U . Ve»t«r*»y» Crypto«jtMe: MY AGE IS AS A LUSTT WINTER, FROSTY, BUT KINDLY--SHAKESPEARE. Livestock AUCTION AT THE Kanawha Sales Pavilion Kanawha, Iowa, on Highway No. 11 Friday Afternoon, Jan* 14 STARTING AT 1Z O'CLOCK An entire herd of Hoisteln dairy cows, consigned by one man, will be sold at our auction Friday. This Is a fine herd--too food to miss. When you attend » livestock auction, why not attend one of the best, one of the most successful markets? Gome to Kanawha Friday. Cattle of all descriptions, hot s, fits, sheep and horses for Friday's auction. Consign any amount, any kind. Beit of service here. Consult us any time about your livestock problems. H. Brummund, Auctioneer Manager LIVESTOCK AUCTION FRIDAY, JANUARY 14--12:30 SHARP We will start selling sheep and hoes at 12:30 sharp. Be on hand early. 350 CATTLE--The run will include stacker and feeder steer* and heifers, fat steers and heifers, butcher stock of all kinds. Springing cows and heifers, bnlls and veal. calves. We will have a lot of cood White Face and Shorthorn steers of all weights. 10 Shorthorn springing cows, 4 and 5 years old, bred to purebred Hereford bull. A very good set of cows from Lloyd Wepking. Come and see these cows. We had a big sale last Friday. AH cattle met with good demand. We have lots of inquiries for good breeding bulls. By sdllnE your livestock at our sale you receive the benefit of competitive bidding by our many feeders and buyers which insures you top value on your consignments. 150 HOGS--Feeding pigs of all weights, bred sows and boars. A good many farmers are looking for good breeding boars. Bring them in. SHEEP--Fat lambs, feeding lambs, ewes and bucks. We have a good fat lamb market. 40 Shropshire ewes bred to purebred Shropshire buck. Ewes are from 3 to 5 years old. Consign your livestock to the Clear lake Auction Company for prompt sale and complete satisfaction. CLEAR LAKE AUCTION CO. HOW RT RIGHT HOW R3R ACHOU, LW. TRflMG WCWE IM OIBtlRHMEb K* B«?m»S Closing Out Sale On account of ill health I have to 4Uit fanning and will sell my personal property to the highest bidder on Friday, January 14,12:30 Noon LOCATION: 7 miles east and 2!i miles south of Mason City or 7 miles southwest of Nora Springs known as the Clay Banks farm. 2 HORSES Good pair work geldings, 7 and 11 years old. CATTLE 19 grade Guernsey cows, 3 to 8 years old, some milking, some to be-fresh soon; 4 red heifer calves; 2 Holstein calves; 4 White Face calves; 1 Guernsey calf. HOGS 30 fall feeder pigs, weight from 60 to 100 Ibs. CHICKENS 150 white Leghorn pullets--GEESE (one pair) MACHINERY John Deere tractor model 1936 on steel; Wallace Cub tractor 15-27, good condition; John Deere tractor cultivator; John Deere single row cultivator; Bock Island 8 ft. disc; SlcCormick- Deering mower; Ward's grain buster hammer mill, new; 40 ft. grain elevator with New Idea hoist and jack; John Deere corn planter with bean and fertilizer attachment; McCormick-Deering dump rake; John Deere draer, 3 sections; hand corn sheller; McCormick-Deering cream separator with motor; New Idea manure spreader; 1 wide tire wagon with triple box; Z steel wagons and hay racks; John Deere endgafe seeder; Deering grain binder, 8 ft.; McConnick corn binder; cement mixer with 5 horse engine mounted on rubber; Owens fanning mill with power attachment; slip scraper; walking plow, 14 inch; potato digger; John Deere 2 bottom, 14 inch plow; 2 gas engines, one and one-half horse; one gas engine, 5 horse power; V-8 truck, 1934 model, -with stock and grain rack, long wheel base; 32 inch Minneapolis thresher; one new saw mill with 42 inch blade, inserted tooth; one 36 inch blade, solid tooth; one 15 ft.. drive b«H, 8 inches; one 60 ft. drive bell, 7 inches, new; pump jack; oil barrels; tools; harnesses; pig troughs; new stock saddle and other articles too numerous to mention. SOME HOUSEHOLD GOODS INCLUDING PIANO GRAIN AND FEED 200 bales clover-timothy hay; 750 hnsheb No. 105 oats; !,«·· bnshels corn in crib; 3 sacks chicken concentrate feed; 5 sacks calcium lime; 1* feet ensilage in 14 foot silo; some ground corn and oats. TERMS: Cash or nuke arrangements with the clerk before date of sale. No property to be removed until settled for. WILLIAM BAACK, Owner Ora Baylen, Amct. First Nltliail Bank «f Mason City, Clerk - . ., . ^*;^^^^:^^^

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