The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 26, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1818
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POST. MONDAY, JANUARY 2tf, n. 8 .NUMBER 4874 NO. 42 PINE - STREET. c SALE AT TTIF. SHtP - YARU u A SLOOP, now building of Ihe best x&materials, about 100 too; l.robersoflive VSfcnak, locu?t and cedar; bottom plank jTeftule oat, built on purple for Ihe Alba - y trade. arftftP f r fM1 ralculatedfor any trade "hart dispatch, burthen, and .Meaty draft of water i inquired. . ar - unnWll - nf40toilt. lR will draw but lillle water, with a lee - TWboarJ through the centre other Keel, mad u expect! to tail, very fcwt - , TaUo, a SUIP of Ml) tow, ca Iculated lfferm Liverpool or London trader, (thai VlUcan be finished to wit the purchaser.) OJSPW, timber and plank. Alio, timber wedtobinforboubuilJi.!?. nov - If - ..' - ' Iff tt I S. Tne fast sailingicbr GREYHOUND, T2iHondley, master. Having the greater 5ruJHer freight engaged, for the remainder or passage, apply on board, tast aide of G. H. alip, " F. W. KARTHAUS, BEIMCKE ft CO. ja 74 Waaiingtn - tt. The ttibstantial ft tailing ship 'vpui - iimp. r Field, master: will commence loading on Monday, having nearly the whole of her cargo ready to go on bo u l, will be disD itched wi Iwut delay. Fur frcit of about 250 cask flaxseed, colton, or Cahin and steerage passage, having excellent accommodations, apply to T110S. S. WALSH, dec 13 113 Front - street COFFKK. TWO Hundred and Seventy hags St. Donstu - to Coffee, received per tchr Spartan, for tide by LE KOY, BAYARD k CO. J - nfi CALCUTTA GOODS. ONE hundred bale", comi'fling f Bulla, Luckipore, Chittaliuliy, Calliprdty uudrutlca. , ... Cossahs, Chaudpore, Comocoily, Johanna and Luckipore. Saniulis Jcllulpore and Mow. Checks - GilMis, Kimsls, Ale lor by CHS. L. OGDLN and A BUM OGDEN, ' jan 9 Washington street. COi ION ! bales (nit quality Upland Cot - ton, lauding, and for tale by SAUL ALLEY. 93 Tine - itreet. IN STORE, 32 hates Sea - bland Cotton. Apply as above. Jan 9 K .STRAITS BKANDY. i3 Pipes Cetto Brandy, entitled to debenture, for sale by CIIAS.L. OGDEN, and ABRM. OGDEN, Jan 17 Wnrhington - itreef. COr PEE, SUGAR, aod INDIGO. i f O bbU.aadSO bagi fine r eo Coffee 31 hhdi, 1 tierce and 4 bblf Muscovado Sugar 4 1 ceroons Caraccai Indigo Landing from the ecbr. Greyhound, front St. Ttinina. lor sale hy F. W ICARTHAUS. RF.IMCKE&CO. mi t 74 WMbinrton street. OLD TOAC(:0 30 hlid. old Richmond tobacco, will be landed tomorrow from the schooner Hero, from Richmond. For tale by KOTiERT GILLESPIE, jan 15 112 Front - street IJOl'SSO lio of first quality, for sale XX by ANUF.IISON At VHEAKEK, jun21 6t at 131 Water - street. lUTWAILSk WOOL. 60 casks Cut Noils, u irons m to ami , 3 bales Wool, for salt by ADA&13 k CLACK WELI - 175 Pearl - street JanSI lnr MLTSI C ALL the Songs. Duetts, a tunic by Mr. Phi - the .New - York Theatre, for sale at Wm. DUBOIS Piano Forte and Music Store, ?t lisoinway. Belmld in h;; soft espreiive face Ttio' love is warm awhile 'Tis but fancy's s Welch Is there a heart tWt never loy'd In vain ion v that rxisom lost quite deplore My early day what joj s was thine Love's yrungdrtain This blooming rose at early dawn Kohin Adair Beautiful Maid Let 'ttiue sound the trumpet Hadlahrart Eveleeo't Bower Dear maid 1 love thee Ah sure a pain was nTcr teen Said a smile to a tear Sigh not for love My heart with lov is hfinv The celebrated serenade of " Lilla come down Kird Duett r .. to me" With a laigs assortment of new Basic nVc54 K : 1 11 Mil i wiw. A SM ALL invoice of X cut Mill and Pit Sawt, vj. a, iuiuv. c. ririiie nr A.NDEtlaON k SHEARER, 131 Water - ttreet Whn KikviiM Alf. Hand, ripping and dovt tail Saws, brass and Cast Steel Chistels and Gonges Morlirit Oiimla afvH r.;. Patent Carolina t Virioia Hoes, No. IS 34 " ivugut bum, oa, (ki. loo, iz, S ZUd Brass and copper wire, of all tiies Rolled and Sheet Bra - t, Brass Pant London Pin Not. 3 l - t, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 Hardware aud Japanned Wart, assorted the country trade Engravers Copper, in plates of all sizes. Jnl2 fo IOrt SALK, Dm cargtof the ship Crirse, cap - lan - na - at thfoot of Liberty - street conjuring of Last India Suaar " Cotton Ginger: BlockTia Gum Shellftck Gum Copal Goat Skins of a large size , , ,ne Twin ,na Gunny. Bars description l0di latyia ot !m0,t TerJ Also, a small quantity of Rattans, and Odor oi Roses. For tale i - v Jan 7 ROBERT LENOX. H Riw 1 0BACC0 150 Uerc" P "e 13 hhds Kentucky Tobacco, - o bhds old and 53 do new Virginia do Xow landing from different vessels, for tale by Jnli DlVlKBF.THUSF.fcCO. friOD ACLO. 20 hlids.tobocco, will be L.nd - . ed tomorrow the schooner Elixa, trom Petersburg For s de by KOI1ERT GILLESPIE, - Jml6 112 Front - street W 'ilfc ttAVASA UGaR. brandy, 40 boxes 1st qual. white Havana Sugar IU pipes Bordea - it Brandy u "WCn - joac do (Msrtells brand) 12 htAtoid J.mska Ham 50 bai old J ava Coffee. For sale by JonV " J. L CODDING IX)N, Janaoiw S04 FrontWtt. IO LOIR, COTTON', &C 250 JL delphia flour 21 bales upland cotton, new crop IS do New - Orleans do do 5 torn lignumvita: 15 tubs German steel 2 pipes red port wine. 21 lihds do - do do . 5 hhdt white do do 3 qr. casks do do do 1 lihd Madeira wine 11 qr. casks do do 37 boxes superior claret (1 doz. each) An invoice of Uce veils, cotton lace, lie An invoice of Dutch toys for tale by , ROBERT GILLESPIE, jan 7 11 Frrt street fUsKEJ S, TAPES, Ac 60U0 Muskets IV a. entitled to Debenture 11 boxes well assorted Tapes. No 1 1 to 25 7 ceroons 1st quality Fto'ant Indigo 4 boxes Flaxen Linnen 3 bblt. White Lea:, for sale by J.C.ZIMMERMAN, Jan 8 1m No. 72 Washington - street WINE, OIL, PAPER, tit. 130 qr. casks and 200 half do dry Malaga Wiue 5 qr casks and 20 bull do sweet do very old 158 do Coliuenar do 300 half chests 8weet Oil, 30 betties each 100 hosts do do 12 bottles each 50 bales Italian Ibolscap and letter Paper 50 do Gasette do large silt 9 cases Fe't Hats 15 ctses Liqu orice Paste 1 box Ottrich Feathers, 1 do Chip Hats 3 do Manna in 0a Ices Mar le Slabs, veined and statuary, ai sorted sizes, lor pier tables, &c. A few boxes tery superior Anchovies and Olives 500 Marble Mortars, from 10 to 24 inch 10 tibia Furs, consisting of WildCat, Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, and Otter Skins Guooy Hart, 4tc For sale by CHAS. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDKN, jan 12 Washing ton - street. A CONSTANT supply of ground plarterof i. .m ins, in barrels, suitable lor the southern narket. Orders left with Walter Nexsen, No. 174 Front - street, corner of Burlin - slip, will be promptly attended to. JUHfl III E.I19, Foot of Ilarrisou - ktreet, North - River. Jan 19 tf O0 casks CHEESE, in hm'lvxne order for shipping, JNO. CODDINOTO.V, No. 78 Pouth - t. for sale by Jan 19 3t COT'l'ON New crop, prime, suilutde lor manufacturing, wilt be sold in parctls to ac commodate purchasers. Also, a lew tialcs oi old crop. enquire hu Pearl - strwt, up stairs. Jan 8 f l RAITS HtlA.NDY. TWENTY Cve pipes Cette Brandy, for sale by CHAS. L. OGUESi, and adh. tiuui - .A, Jan 9 V'ahington - street. IRISH MARKET TOBACCO 63 hhdi. of fin Quality, landinc from schooners Hero and Sail Ann, from Richmond, for sale by Jaa 16 . MC.H. slip. IJVDLi jn)Ai VjY. A CONSTAN T supply, old and superior qaa - A lity, for sale by - . BARRvlRIN, STANTON ft CO. J an 21 1w 17 Fulton - tup LOAF U LUMP SUGAR, &c. 1 Q Hhd.H aud 40 bbls 1st and 2d quality loaf L. fd suear 15 hhds and 60 bbls Istft 3d quaJ. lump sugar 20 bbls snar house sugar 100 lr;e pieces riltnedsuga;, and a few bhds eugar house molasses, lor salt by JACK.SON l w OOLLF.Y, 75 Wall - st Jxa21 ril Wo cases changeable f ynchews, for sal JL by MARCH fc L'.IW, Jan 21 210 Mroadwav. DAMAsK CLOiH.1, NAPM.Ns, LI E.N ic. Lie C. SUYDAM, No. 61 Maiden - lane, offer . tor "ale a grutral assortment of Real damaak table cloUw, some very large, with elegant large and small napkins to match Also Diaper aud d.unatk table linens, from 5 to 10 - 4 wide. Irish linens, long lawns sheetmgt, ftc. Also for salt by the parkagn, 12 cases 4 - 4 Irish linens, low and fiat assortment 2 do 3 4 long lawns 2 do Drowned fheetiop 1 do 7 - 8 black linens 1 do 5 - 4 strong Irish thtetingt Jan 19 tf SHOC3 Si BOOTS. I UST received 40 packages among which are I 3 caset Wellington Boots 2 2 do Ladies do do do do do do do iMockasons Cork Sole Shoes Ladies walking do Men's coarse Boys do Kid snitahle for the southern or West India market women's Leather 4 4 4 2 1000 2500 do Phose, together with a general assortment of Liaoier, nutiet and thildren't morocco, oiacsi and colored Roane, are offered for sate on rest enable terms by THOS WITT, No. 272 Pearl - street. Likewise 10 boxes first quality Cod Fish. Jan 15 1m MECHANICS' BANK, fjr The Stockholders are informed that a Dividend of four and and a half per cent, will be paid on the first day of February next. . By order of the President and UinM - toM, . JanJl la W. FISH, Ca - Uer. BOARDING. TWO gentlemen, or a small family, can br nccmniandHted with oleasant secant bed rooms, at 177 Pearl - street a few rods north of the Coffee House. Jr, im - X The subscriber having recently rt tui.' - d With n imniwlii,! ti.iimfm.lkliu the artificial spring LEU, he take this method oi ion inn nag ot ineous ana uie punic, wax au thota who are to unfortunate at to be in wxot ot a leg, or arm, they can be accMsuaoJated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - strett, New York. Jan 22 WM. PURVIS. l AN'i til so a pm.ue f .nnly, for some V t fcmcb ot time, one or two rooms, (at may he coarenientV Breakfast and tea only, w ill he required. A note left at the office of this pa p r will be immediately attended to. Jan 23 St ELKQjtJifT PORT iBLK DESK, he. V LONDON made rite - wood, v riling Desk, rich I v tr - s ouwnd. finished ia a superior style of convenience, with port folio, candlestick, ic Will he tidd cheap Also, two handsome dressing rates, an elegant tea tadv, kd a day or nig'it tektrnpe. Applito AMBROSE CKAtE, JuiiSei 13i Broadway. TO BE SOLD, THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE PROPERTY, BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF THE LATE DR. THOMAS JONES. The Dwelling Houte and premises bow in thenosscvioa of Mrs. Margaret J one. kiHtivn as number 343 Broadwav. bein So lect 8 inches in width in front, and 32 feet 0 inches la the rear, vnd 140 feet in depth ; together wfth the bhek stable, and lot on which it stands, ia thenar of the dwelling hoove, being about 27 feet square and the undivided hall of a lot frossting oo Leonard ttret - !, being ti feet wide on Leonard - street, and 03 fbet 10 iutbet in depth i which undivided kit it held in cotamon bet wet William Denning, Esq. and the owners of the property now offered for sale, and it intended for a passage way to tbeirstabfes and yards. The above property is situated in the most eligible part of the city, and n in every part, in the best repair and most complete order. Q Three Lots of Ground, situated at the corner of Broadway and Warren - street; hesti known on the up of Ike lands belonging to Trinity Church as Nus. 415,410 and 417, and coutain, togethe r, 75 leet in breadth on Broadway, and in the rear 87 feet 6 inches on Warren - street, and 89 feet 9 inches on tlie northerly side. These lots, with the builoinzs thereon, are now nder lease to various tenants, for terms which will expire on Uie 1st May, 1U20, and at tufb rente at amount, in the whole, to $2425 annually, besides all taxes. These three lots will be solo in one parcel, and subject to the unexpired leases. dPl A Dwelling House tod Lot of Grojnd, fan II kuowu as No. 147 Water - street, between Piuc street and the Fly Market, being 22 feet 10 inches io width in, and 21 feet 7 inches in tlto rear, and lOOlrct 10 inches in length. This house and lot is under lease Ibratprm ending 1st vtay, 1819, at the annual rent of 550 dollars and all Uxes. S"L A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, Hii known as No. 145 Water - street, adjoining the last above being 18 ftet 4 inches on Water - street, 17 feet in (lie rear, and 84 feet 4 inctes iu length. I las house and lot are under lease fir a term ending lit May, 1.119, at the annual rent of 250 dollars and all taxes. A LOT OF GROUND, fronfins the Broad - war lust above Jones - street, and next but one Mdjoiiiiut; the properly ot Mr. Martin Hoffman ; and the M fronting on Mercer - street, iu the rear oi the Bra.dway lot. These two lot will lie sold, together, and are 25 feet U inches wide and !2U0 fcttdy.ep. A L.OI Or LAMJ, known at number 1345 Bayard's farm, fronting on Rvnders - street, and running from that street to Orange street ; being in width on Rynders sircet 36 leet. and on Orar e street Hi fet tf im.hes, and in length on the n rth - i - rly side 145 fevt 6 inches, and cn the southerly side 151 feet 3 inches. All the chore mentioned properly is held in fee nmple. Ihe tuUmcmifu held under alias: from Co umovi 1 - uiiene, 04 yeart oj icMsn itatt teat wi'Tjiirtd oi t September Itut. A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, known asNu. 217 Greenwich street, now. under lease for the annual rent ol I'.jO dollars and all taxes ; lease expires 1st May, 1321. A Dwelliiiir ilonse aud Lot of Ground, ! known as No. 225 Greenwich - street, now under lease for they tally rent of 350 dollars and ait taxes ; lease expires 1st May, VSi. A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, at the corner of Greenwich street and Bar clay street, under lease for 450 dollars and taxes; leaie expires 1st May, J 1121. Two Dwelling Houses and Lots of Ground, known us No. 69 and 71 Barclay street, uow underlease lur COO dollars annually ana all taxes; leae expires lat May, lKtl. 1 hese two housts being leased together, will be toia togewrr. A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, known as No. 67 Barclay street, now un der lease for the uniiuil rent of 41 dollars aud taxes ; lease expires .May lit, t C 19. ADwrlliim Houe and Lot of Ground. known as No. 65 Barclay street, now un der tease for (he yearly rent of 90 dollars and the taxes; lease expires May 1st, I IS I LI. This leasehold property iniiir t conveniently bed' - scribed within the limits of an advertisement, but tlie size and extent ol each tot may be partiruUrlv seen on a map thereof, at the office o!" Mr. JON US, 44 Piuc street. The tith title to all thi property is unquestionable, the greatest part or the property haunt; been owned and itcssessed by the late Dr. Jones and ins representatives lor more than s years, now last ; and for such part at hat been purchased within that period t:ie subscribers hold warrauty deeds from the grantors. I he house and premises first above ririrnhed it offered at private ante, and may be viewed al ter the fourth day of January next, any day be tween one and two o'clock in the afternoon. If not sold on or before the twentieth day of January next, that property, together with all the rest of the above menti.ined property will be exposed to tale by auction, at the 1 ontine Coffee House, by Messrs. HONES & TOWN, on Tuesday. the tenth day of February next, at 10 o'clock in the torenoon ol mat uav. The terms of sale for the house and premi ses No 543 Broadway, will be 10 per cent on the day of sale ami one third of the residue on the nrstot May next ; at wtveh time a deed will be executed and possession given the remaining two thirds to be paid in 2 annual payments, with interest, from the first of May, te - tnred by a bond anil mortgage on the premises. Terms of talc for the rest of the property will be 10 per cent on the day of sale, 1 - 3 of the residue on the delivery of the deeds, which willbe about 10 days the sale, and the i emmninfr two thirds in 2 equal annual payments, with interest from the date of the deeds, secured by a bond and mortgage on the premises the purchasers are to receive tlie rents of such parts of the property as are under lease from the 1st of February next. For all other information and pa' ticularly in relation to the title of all the above property, applvto D. . JOES, esq. at his office 44 line - s:reet, where the title deeds, and maps ot Uie property may be seen. MARG A R KT JONES. MALTBY GELSTON, Exec'rs .MARY GELS ION. uec3i) etxltds TO BE LET, For a term of vein, the bouse and rounds occupied by (he subscriber,. lying be 1 ween the 1st avenue and the east river. For sale or to be let, two 2 story houses and 4 lots fronting on the third avenue, between 9:h uhI lOth - streels ; and a bouse and hnrn and 7 lots, ir juting 00 the 2d aieaue, between 13th and 14th streets. Also to be let or leased, a three story brick house uStuyvesant - ttreet Andiorstik, tour very desirable titoatioot for building, containing 4 lots each, fronting 00 the westSKlo of the 1st avenue, between l'Jth and 22d - streeU. And for sale or to be leased, several lots fronting on the 3d avenue. Apply 10 P. G. STUYVESANT. JmSI 1w ff FOR SALE OR TO LKASE, a?ij On accommodating terms, a number of water and building lots, near aud a tjoiain; the navy - yrd, at Brooklyn. For particulars, en quire of SAML't - L EVANS, jan 22 tf Brooklyn. O TO LET, Two new. uMt and convenient two - tlnrv wm J bnrk front bouses, situate ia Allen - .lreef, nest to Ibr tsail - AUty. r or terms apti 10 JAMES KNOX, i - Jan 23 lw 27 CrcharJ - st, j tOR SALE, The houses and lots Voo. 161 and 163 Wiiinirn - street. If not disuosed of at ucivate sale, previous to the Stub instant, they will on j i.m. uy utukicu iwr anir, ojf auction, ri me Tontine Coffee House. For farther particulars apply at fto. 2111 luanc - slrret. jan 7 tf 'a i.dn ule heal est.i ie pea ill - Ql STREET. I The following real estate is offered for snie to (lore a concern t if it is not disposed of by the ?4th inst. will on Tuesday, the 27th, be told at Miction, vis : 1 he "store at present ocruned ly 1'etert Hi Harrisau, No. 92 Pearl street ; the Store at pre sent ocTspied by lnersoll and Colles, No. 93 Pearl - street, and the new four story fire proof nricB ssorr, occnpied by Oilhert Asiunwall anil . 96 Pearl - street, alt of which are fitted e and in the best manner lor tlie dry - ice trade. roperty offers an opportunity to those h to Invest their monet to nay a rood in terest, Vr to those who wish a permanent and an excellent stand for business. A lanre proportion ol' tlie purchase money may reroalnf on mortgage. For further particulars apply to SHARP & TUTTLE, o.9fl, or to JOHNSON HAL - SI'ED, No. 100 Pcarl - ttrect. Jan 20 7 1 EOti HALE, The two story frame House and Lot of ground No. 73 Broome street, the corner of Elizabeth - street, with a stable in the rear. ALSO, a modern three storv brick Houkc and Lot handsomely situated within the village of Newburgh the house is large and commodious and well calculated from its re tired, healthy and elevated situation (having a fine view of the river and the adjacent country) for a family who wih o desirable a hiluation on the North River. Price low and possession euen the first of May next. ALSO lor Sale or to lnse, 5 avenue lots, situated on the First Avenue, between North and First strcets. ALSO to Lease for a number of yearn, 15 building lots fronting on the First Avenue and First - street. For further particulars, apply to CORNS. DU HOIS, jan 20 lm ;(i Front - sireet. To be sold and possession siven before tiie 1st of May next, it reuuired, a modern built substantial buck bouse, three stories hii;h, (with several accommodations and conveniences w Inch make it an agreeable dwelling fur a genteel la mily) situated in the most wholesome part of this city, and haviug a pump ol excellent water within the lot : the property n lee simple, ana free Irom all incumbrance. If not sold nt private sale before the l.jth of Fcbiuary next, it will tlien be sold at auction on tlto loili and fnl r. . ' I ,in. i n iv ln. Alan n pnmuLtfl . t ail . ' M TTI T . elegant furnitures, household utensils and various effects, particularly nrhnicecollectionof books, by C. tS. FONTAINE, towhoin apply for particulars, at his nuction rot in, No, lib Water street, corner of Pine. inn 7 lm D LYNCH, Juur. having made arrniiKcmeuts . with a respectable houe in idaueira, to lie supplied with a proportion of Uie wines of the Pa ntiles oi si. Aniouio sou Vvsuis an 1.11001, inn versally acknowledged to produce the best Madeira in the Island) has opened a wine store, at rso. 4(1 William - street, where be win receive orders for this wine, from gentlemen wishing to lay op a sloe x lor tnew own use ; and (,ry me agree ment with tht house in Madeira) il the wine, on armtd, be not approved by D. 1 Jr. it is not to be ent to Uie parties orderio it. 11. L. Jr. hat taken great paint to procure from various places in the United States and Ine West Indies, the best Madriia, that was to be purchased, in the wood, and old bottled wine, of very superior quality, trom private stocks, u mcn he now offers lor sale. He will constantly keep on hand an assortment or the choicest wine end liiiiioni, selected with care by himself, Mid will as IMPORTED. ,11fii. fun i. 1 iu BiHivi .... ...... . a - . . Jan 19 lm PA TrXJfT EL.ASUC RAZOR SI HOPS. GEORGE SANDERS, lately from London, once more addresses the public, thanks them for pat favors, and onrt more ventures to recommend his strops as one of the most comfort - giving contrivances that ever iilc?t the cluu of mun. He will instruct any sell - sliaving gentle man in the use of it, and when oucc possessed of Uie secret and a box ol composition, ha may say with the port of nature, ' To shave to sleep perchance to dream while in the operation and who would bear the tweaks and acts of barber base ; who would grunt aud sweat under a loatbome beard, or a dull razor use, when he might bis quietus make with a (imple Saunder's strop?" Come then to his manufactory at the coraer of Reed - street and Broadway, anl there you will find the subscriber always ready to receive the commands of his customers, dec 5 tf MKCti I ML HALL. On Monday Evening, 19th January, 1.113. MR. STANISLAS, member of the Academy of Arts at Paris, and other Philosophical Institutions in Europe, having arrived lately from France, with a rich and interesting collection of rlulooophical and .Mechanical apparatus, which for ingenuity and invention surpasses every thiog of the kind hitherto seen iu this city, will on this evening surpriso ami astonish the enlightened citizens, by several experiments in Philosophy, Mechanism, and ou Hy Jro - ?en and Oxijren Gas, on the system of the cele brated Dr. Franklin. For the paiticulars of which, see bills of the day. Mr. Mnnislnt does not feel inclined to make us of the mean artifices of pretenders to the profession, by pompous advertisement, calculated alone to impose upon the multitude but to a discriminating public, they need but once wiuiest his surpruiug talents to be convinced of tlie superiority - he chums over all those who have hitherto visited tlie city of New - York. Tickets one dollar children half price, lobe bad at the bar. The ptrformane'e will be continued every evening in the wtck with variations, and commence precutly at 7 o'clock. Jan 16 9t HONKS K I OWN, Sales at auction, at the 1'. C. H. on Wednetdav, the Sttti. inst. at half past 1 1 o'clock. jT1 The House and Ixt No. 27 Willism - vJJtJ street, next In ti Post Office. The front house is substantial and in good repair, an') Uie rear modtru, with srmcicu rooms and a good kitchen ; a targe cittern in the yard, and a pump ol good water, i nc. muiiim; extent iron, rroni to rear about 92 feet ;thc whole of brick ; three stories high, and calculated to accommodate a large familv, and aa extensive business. The lot is 190 leet deep, 30 feet rear, 43 feet at its wide.t ptrt, and 23 feet 8 inches front. A m of the premises will b exhibited at the T. C. H. on the day of sale. Jan 22 tdt REAL EaTATE FOR a A I.E. Two 2 - story brick houses and lot, situa ted No. 37 J. J9 Y escy - s'.rrtt. Also, a bouse and lot No. 11 Bowery, near Chatham - tqnare, 44 fuet frol by 125 detp. AU on actouimo.latiiiff terms. For partirnliTS apply tNoaj2Gronwicb - ?L TO RE SOLD, At tba Tontine Cofiee House, on the auui int.ut, at 12 o'clock, bv ord - r ! the rourt .1 kA,, anrf'lrt No ft Wall - Son, Nt) complat good nit' The ii who wif ill IIIID1..JT, .. - . W .. - street, together with the stare hoase in uie rear. For furtlitrpartirnlr. enquire tt Uie IVe of . JAMES A. HAMILTON, i - No. 3 Law Buildings. Where a mp mj be tcca. Jan 21 1 w x.ri ir - i. - t All M4IMI ha.inff il.i..L a.r o i n.f 1t - ..." - ." . .... . ... Uf.UU... Ml.... . .rv esiuie oi ine laie i nomas cooper, deceasen. are requested to present the tame. And all persons indebted to tlie said estate are requested to make payment to the subscriber. AUCL rtl.S OllrtUI nuu 1, Jan 10 1m Administratrix. COTILLION PARTIES. P TK M:iflir, trlvm iiAlifA Ihnt Hip next CoiTnion oartv will !e at Uie City Assembly Ro mi, City I fold, on the Evening of Thursday, the 22.1 inttant. Jan TO At JNO i U.K. flMIE co - partnership heretofore existing be - J. I ween, the subscribers, mailer the firm oi HurkUyk Abhull. is this duv dissolved, bv mu tual consent. I he affairs ol the concern will be settle by Thomas Buckley, 153 South - street rtew - orn, istmo. it', niiu. THOMAS BUCKLEY, ROBT. ABUATT, jun. THOMAS BUCKLEY, bavine taken bis son JOHN LAWRENCE ULCKLEY, into copartnership, the Commission busiueu will br continued on thf ir account, under the firm of THOMAS liUCKLEx ic SON. I mo 14 lm 600 COPIES OF W I HAW Eld. A TREATISE on, That being Born Again, without which no man can be saved; by Samuel W'richt. D. 1). : In which is added, the Communicant's Spiritual Companion, or an evan gelical preparation lor ihe Lord's supper, oy uie Kevd. Thoinns Haiveit. 600 copies ol this work ia sht eb, or by the single oue. bound, for sale by lr. CI1 AK I T.Kc, Circulating Library, 138 Fulton street Jan 15 lm LVUlUt.sTlOJf uu SuuR niOMAOH I S iii kn.iA leded by medical wrilert to be a I complaint 01 stubborn kind, and at all lime: very mtiM Uit ot cure. Ibis is snm. ipnuy 1110s trated in the dis:ip nint'uent of those who unlor nately suffer under it, as they, for Ihe ni.isl part, find thai after bavin? tried many things to little or no purpose. Uiey aire at last obliged to use (lor perhapt tlie remuindi - r of life) such nrticlet as can at test but pnlliate the disease. Under such circuit stances, any medicine capable of remo ving the complaint, must surely he mi article lug'ily deserving the attention of all those who arc ntHii ted with it '. such a combination is to be met with in Dr MEAD'S AjVTI DYSEP TIC or STOMACH PILLS ihe success of which has Levi - r yet been equalled, for Uie cure ol riyxpepfia in ill most complicated turm, urh ai. hus of uppetile, nausea, heart burn, flutulcn - :v, knawing pain in the stomach pain in the tide, treat costtveoeti. paleness iu Ihe cnunte nance, languor, lowness of spirits, pain in the brad, virlijro orgiddineis, and disturbed sleep .... .1: - - - vr uoever applies inene pun in ine aouvo iiirciisr. accordins to the directions, will never he disnp pointed, as they have never been once known to lail ia prcduciug a radical and permanent cure The use of a single box will convince the most unbelieving f their liknry. Trey will insl 1 (.actually remove nil sourness of the stomach, not merely by neutralising ine acta, nut uy correcting that morbid stale of the secretions which gives rise to it, and nt the same lime will re - id. ire to the debilitated organs of digestion, that tone and vigour which is absolutely nertsiury to the well bemtr of the animal economy. To be had at Brook tt Carle's, l'earl - ttreet, atJ.C. Morrison', Greenwich street, and at Hull 1 Uowne't 146 Pearl - street where drug gists and country dealers will be served on libe ral terms. (Cy Price one dollar per box. d. c 24 6w 'I ANNKKY I - OK SALr . riiO bo told at public auction, on Wednesday, X " the tJtth day of February next, ia - theafen ol ihe r.xrbange LofJte House, in the town 01 Boston, at 12 o'clock at noon, All tbe real estate belrnginr to the Hampshire Leather Manufactory, tituate in the tovtu 01 Northampton, in the ttate of Massachusetts. The estate will be sold in four lots, viz : Lot No. 1, containing about 31 Bi nes of land, near the centre of itc town of Northampton, on which is erected nil those extensive ami vidua b!o buildings, lately occupied by the corporation for t minor ol leather, with a: mil mvvais, some of which are very large rrd part of them under rover, iu which learner may ne iianniea ounns the winter; it it presumed there is not in - the slate so extensive and valunble an establishment forcarrvinr on Uie tanninir bii'ianf at tint. A particular description of the buildings and pri - vilr.dges would lake up too much room lor an advertisement. Lot No, 2 contain! about 3 acres, situate on the north side ol the counly road, directly opposite to lot No. I. on which are two dwelling hou ses, with convenient out buildings, is on high ground, and considered a very aengntiui situation. Lot No 3, containing about four acrrt of land, tituate on the easterly side of Mill River, about two miles from Ihe meeting house in Northampton, with a valuable mill privilege and building! thereon. Lot No. 4 contains about one acre of land, on which is erected a bark mill and bark heds, situate near Edward's tnv rn, about 6 mi let Irom Nnrthnni!iMi, on the Albany road. Any i - erson having a.1 inclination to purchase all or toy part of the foregoing property, are invited to examine it. Trie corporation pledge themselves to sell to the highest bidder, being determined to rlose their concerns. A ay in'orma - Uoo respecting the estates may he - obtained on application to JOSIAH D WIGHT, F.squire,at - Northampton, or EDENEZER FRANCIS, jnn 14 India - street, Boton CORPORATION PtiOPEitli. rpo li sold at public auction on Friday the L zut 20th February, 1811), at the City Hall, 12 o'clock. Tbe highly valuable FARM now occupied by Mr. Wiifiam A. Hardrnbrook, about 5 iiales from Uie city, containing toother nearly fifty a - cret of land. It will be told in l ilt from 5 to 10 acres each, situated on the 6th, 7th. Uth, 9th, li 10th tvenuct 1 on the latter Hand ihe dwelling house and out builuings, but a short distance from the Hudson liivtr. This property is worthy Ihe attention of those who wish to nossest handsome country teatt I as its continuity to the city, commanding vievs of trie nuns l, reureasuunnon, sou cnoica qai.niy of some of tbe ground, togeUier with an ample suiipiy 01 wood, render 11 one 01 uie most orwra A map of the premitet may be teen, aad further partictilart known, at tbe Comptrollers Of - Are. Citv Ha l. t o m lllliliACI mnivri. To those who are owing arrears ol taxes lo trie . : r . 1. ..; k .. .1 i .f nttw .. - a. . ...TO V.. - . ' L' corporaviw vi uw vi wm. - " - - - j ft - The time limited for the payment Uiere..f l - .i i.i ;n.t mrl I am now enl.lieul in maainr a rem "i ,.. - 'i. - 7, - : delinquent preparatory lothe advertisement and sale tliereol lor the payment of said I axes and such other sums as may bj required In meet the eaneasct of such sate, which wi" tku place . . f I - nMrlv iia rf.mmni when co!iip. - td. . - 1 A .Z..ak nil asMflH tl llaMt m tx I am diie lea inmnn .. - . - - .... be offere,!. prior lo tlie completion of tbe almve - named return rmd will att'pd at IbisclEcc dai - m A . as'f a.akt I t K sat ra rr4 IV IrOsB IUI9 .OlH'VtSsirM'IIUi - - JSTHirw 'J mm n T. w. fi I L B F RT, Collector. Collector's Office, N. ? City Hull,) - It I'lIU f Jaa 16 1m TV RE LEASED If.nua anil I - rf V TmiI ttroeU neur Old slip. House red Lot No. 53 luotevtH - ttreet, and f maw builuhin should be erected on the loU, they will be vahitd sum psud for at the expira tion of tb lease, jw n ntw leare riv' - Also, term! lots in the SiatA, lhtn aon Tenth Wards For partxnlart noqaire at Nn. 30 Ch&Uuun itrect. Jan 19 Zw Tr - 'IfPAI hU K nil.l.fl. - KlltTra - lee, in the County ol Kerry, Ireland, in the year IHOJ, will trau - niit Mrs. 1 itzherry, of Trake, bis address, it wiil be a particular advantage to both parties." TiaU, October, 1815. The alpse it inserted at the request of Mr. Dillon's friends. . Any roiDiuiinicklion oa the subject will be tliankfnlly rcrrivdl and traiisniitled by doc in IJKNJ'N. W. ItOGERS Is CO. NO I ICE. Qy - Public notice it hereby giv n that ti e subscribers intend to apply to the Legislature of the state of Nw - York, at their next sesMcn, fcr an Act of lnirporatino, incorporating theui and tlK. - ir associntet by the name and style of tlie Franklin Insiirnncc Company with a capital of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, for tht purposes ot making all binds of insurance exninst fire, and on a lile or lives, and also - vo the inland transportation of toodi, wares and rocrchandie. STEPHEN WHITNEY, BENJ L. SWAN, . ELISHA TIH61TS, dec 4 tf JOHN ADAMS. NOTICE. (tr The undtrsiered five notice, that tliey intend to apply to Uie Legislature, oi thistlate, nt nteir next aessino, lor iui art 10 inrnrporaio uiemstives and tncir atscctatcimto a company, iu Hie city of New - York, under the style of The North River Steam Boat Company," wiui a capital 01 six nunuica ti on sand dollars, for the purpose of navigating with Steam Boots the water of the North River. Dated the 22d day of December, 1617. tuwjtiu r. 1.1V1.M1..STON, ROBKRT L. LIVINGSTON, CHAS. ALG. DALE, D. LYNCH, Junr. dec 22 dfiw .NO I ILK. &y - The Fai - ilk Inturam e Company cf New - York have Jh is day declared a Dividend of twelve per cent wi die ctpilal Stock, payable at Uieir office, No. 49 Wall - street, . n the 191U iustant By order of the Board of Directors. ' Jon 5 lm WAL'l ER R. JONES, Sec. NOTICE. . , . jy The Sjubsrriber, i brhalt of himself and hit, associate, gires notice, that nn application 1 will be m;Hle to Uie honorable the legislature of lliis stale, at its next session, for an Act to inter - porale a ant with a capital stock of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, aiid with leave to increase it to One Million ; to be located north east of ileek man - street, in the city of New - Yerk, and to be called " The Franklin Bask of the city of New - York." Dated New - York, 16th Dec. 1817. Uy order of the Associates, ' dec 30 tf NOAH BROWN, Pec'ry. JYt .T i OA A" IflSURAXCE COMPANY. The president and direclois have this day declared a dividend of five per cent cn the capi - ' tal stock of the company for tho last six mouths, payable to the stockholders, or tVeir lega) rcpre - sentaUves, 00 and after tho 12th instant, at the office. No. 34 Wall - street. jan5 lm C. O.MflPMAN, sec'iy. NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY. The Pi esident and Directors of the National Insurance Company, have this day dcclal - ed a divi 'end of fifteen per cent on their capital stock, for tlieir last six months payable to the stuck holilcia, or their legal representatives, on and after '1 hursday the 15th inst. jan 5 iFehl JOHN J. JONES, 8ecry h.nyle Eire cimywny vf Jltte - York. NOl'K - 'E is hereby given that a dividend for tlie last six nimnhs of four and a half tier tvot. on IIhs capital silmk, ol (hie Cesnrmny has - fMs - n de tared, and wi.l be paid to tbe SlocLhol - dersonfbe 15thiust. Jan 5 1m JOHN D MEYER. Sec. NLV YORK FIHL.NiK.s INsLUitNCE COMPANY. . ft7 The Caiiiliil ftork 01 Ihe f onipunv hav jiik by a new subscription Nrn n - inst .t. - d In tho . lull sum ol r ite fitindrca thousand MMlais which is nniV'ly secured, arc now ready to r reive np - . iilii - ationt for A ire i:od Marine frisiirhiice at their . Office No. 56 Wnll - streel. Tlie Ollico solicits the patronage of the t uHicin the conCilence that adequate protection will be nffoidedto tbe hssui - ' ed and all losses be promptly adjusted. By order of the board of Directors, Jan 6 1m WM. M'NEAL, - Sec'ry. NEW PUBLICATIONS. 1 UST Published and for sale by ELI AS VAL - ,1 ENTi N E, 104 llrcadway, (3d door below I'ine - stn - . t) lorsyth's Itemaikt on Antiquities, Arts and Letters ol Italy, Naucredet Abridge - , ment of Ocield nn Poi,i'is. The Hero, or the adventures of a Night The W hite CottnKr, Ballance ( Comfort The Itinerant or Memoirs of an Actor, 2d part 3 vols The Kiiight of St. Johns, by Aliit Porter. Letters from the South. I .cell's Traw Is in Egypt and beyond the Ca taracts. Also will be published in a few day, .1 Print of Mr 1'RiLirri, in the character cf C apt. Bfi.dark, engraved by Gimbrcdc. Jn 13 tl' INEt'll.'dABLE lsCOVfcKY. HEVLTH preserved and restored without jlied'u ineor Quackery, which of trn de stroys the. Ucbcate constitution and debilitate the strong Colds bring on the moat alarming disorder, with those torturinr rheumatic pains, lumbago, gout, &c. whirh ail the far uity have not beru able to eradicate. To prevent ii better than to cure. It. Y FO has prepared (from n receipt cf a very eminent physician) leather (f which be . makes shirts) of the most vital and nutritious . iinnlitv, which will prevent all the above men tiotvtd comulaints. They produce an ai.iiua hent to the body, which cannot be obiaincJ fi'nn flannel, patent fleecy hosiery, or lamb's a ool , they nUorh all perspiration. anJ resul all the humidity that injures the htinian imm iuj are swft and pUassot to wear and ilo not produces thtit irritability llssat is so unpleasant in flanntl. . rimaa who hav favored him with their orders . have dee lared thrir astoruhment at the benefits derived from Uiem. To be had of RICIFD. YEO, breerbet maker and leather dresser, 165 Water - street : where al - o may be had leather pantaloons, doe skin vests, all kinds ofglovet and mittens of the best quality, wholesale a, d retail, at the hortert noUce. dec 3 1 lm GENTKEL BOARDING AG FN I LEM AN and his wile, or two single st - ntlctuen. may be hndoutely tccon ojo - daied with board and loaning, on reasonable terms, by a paying at No. 49 Dry - street A COACHMAN, ftt" Wants a place as cotrLman, a coloured man, who periectlr understands bis busim ts, it , sober and honest, and has lived lor the lt uiirn years in n respectable private fuirufv in tin. city. Apptv as anove. janzu ! JUtT PL rlEO. THIS day is published and ii sale by CLIA3 VALlvVllNE,No. H'4 Broi.dwav, third dor below Firas - 'trt - e l, a prini of .vlr. Plufipps, n ihe character ol C.l. Beldare, engraved by Gimbrede, bandaourly coloured and plain. Jan 17 NOTILK The Copartnerhi hereic - lore exnting in tliisciiv, oin'er Uie unu or WH vlf, PatkarJ k IM ulK, i lliit day ttissol - sed by tuKli:.! consent. 4l! persons having uo - tettltd accoen't with said firm, are requested to caii at 67 f mof street, t eclUt - tntU New - York, Dec. 311817. , JAMES rrVOLF, - , ISAAC PACK4KD, ! .is JAMES J'WtjLF, Jim, . dccSl

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