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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Saturday, January 24, 1818
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. Tt r v t. the lint of May next rDi couni - 14a ;z - pnnA floor. toother wim uie SirHiT iSr. No. 16 FaStl .trett rr - 'mi if ' Prixelist, Medical Science Lottery, Binuayt drawing, amin ot.sOO; 7247. 50. oTdav - Nos. 2952 and 1538, $50, lOthday - Nos. 12959, $2000 25582 and l6nAda? - NoS. 12793, $100; '8524, 1295, ""ih dayNos. 20,219, 1000 dob. ; WO, 513th day - Nos. 14,3H0, 600 dol. ; 14,396, 100 doU ; 15,277, 100 dol ; 3994, oOdols. Tithrfav - No. 17,196. 5'10dols l4.'! at ALLEN'S Truly Lurk, Office, M. ttsM D.Ml..rn nnnoiite the CltV n iiei - tvhrre No. 3.320. whicb drew on O. I uiuou''j "i - i . . - - r NrwYear' day the grand pnxeoi w?.a""?r' - and paid being tl.e Idlest pn . omenta. IN CHASUfclti. John BMurray. of New.York tl Souse in the e?ty ofNew - York. under the dl - SSS SlSTa - biriber. m one e - f .he master, of this court, on Tuesday the seeond day of Sep - Ember next. at twelve o'clock at noo, all that tract of land pining on the town of Lowv.lle, and lying in the county of Lewi, m the state aforesaid" being part of great lot No. 4 of Mteomb t aurrhase, and comprises all the lota known on a Mrtaio plan or map made by David Bronwn and B.White, in the year 18"8. from No. 88 to 342 incl isive. eontsining together 15,000 acre of land, with the appurtnanci thereto belonging or any wiie appertaining. Dated June 30, 1 h 1 7 " ' (Copy) JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jy il law4w dtdi .Ifasterin t'hsneery. The tale of the aliotre property it ponipooed to tlie first day of May next, at the tame hour and place. Dated Jan 22. 1818. v JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan 24 law tMyl Mailer in Chancery. DRY GOODS 2 cases ihepard's super blue and black cloths 4 cases 9 - 8 canibncki 5 do cotton hosiery 1 do checked hdkfs. just landed from lb Hercules, aud for sale by HURD ft SEW ALL, 65 South - street. Abo received by lale arrivals, 8 cases fine blue aud black London cloths 10 do japanned and plated hats 5 do men's super London do. Jso23 m INDIGO. RLW. kc. 4 Cam first quality Bengal indigo (entitled lo debenture) 20 lilidi aud 100 barrels first proof new rum 30 i'iuh Gray's brandy, 1st ti 4th proof 70 bags race gingrr (entitled lo debenture 50 kc; ground do. hmt quality 80 boxes Hill's Bodton chocolate, No. 1 &2 ' 50 ilc Wanes do do 150,0ft) bpiOi?)i fegars, in half and quart, boxes 2(1 ntUes Atft quality at. Uomtugo tobacco 4 lo I )anifh lambs' wool 150 ktgs Tbiladclphia starch, fresh from the lartory 80 caks F.nglLb refined salt petre 10 boxes suarcandy For sale by JACKSON WOOLLEY, Jan 23 75 Wall st EKMAX STKEL I) It f V, t?TW V 17 f.. 1C vr boxes Steel 129 boxes roll brimstone 1 case Leghorn hats 15 do tumblers 10 packages paper 3 bases chollcts SO boxes mould candles SO do koap, entitled to debenture For alo by JAMES IVWOLF, Jr. jan 13 57 Front - street, HK.MP At DUCK - 60 tons St. Fetersburgh clean Hemp bO bolts first quality Rouia Duck For sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Juor. Jf" 57 Front street, f T FLA ML) COTTO.X - 54 bale irime upland J Cotton, just received per schooner Laura, uum oavannan, ana lor sale ny OTIS ft SWXN, Jn 14 157 Pearl street. 250 tale by R. jan 12 TUHPKSCTIjVK. bbls soft turpentine, afloat, and for ft C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. 171 LOU K, TOB ACCO ft FLAX6LEU 860 JL bbls Fredencksburg flour 24 half tierces flaxseed 1 4 hhds prime leaf tobacco, received per schrs. vrra. s Henry ana V irginia r or sale by . jan 7 WALSH k GALLAGHER fl USKEI S and FOWLING PIKCES, eoti lV l tied lo debenture 13 cases British Muskets, with bayonets and scabbards comolete. r j'M, 'ow'in; I'ecea Just received per wan - ima tum, i ro to Liverpool, lor sale oy Jan 9 P - R EMS F.N ft CO. 26 South - st 150, RICE. tiercas crime new rice, recaived nor op nauius irom narieston, ana lor sale by D. BETHUNE ft CO. an 10 92 Coffee - House slip. Kum, Kc - 2 hhds. old Jamaica Rum ; 10 bags sup. Calcutta Sugar, landing from bivfu ucuiic, ana ior saie oy G. W TALBOT, J"1 0 55 Pine street l UM & CHOCOLATE 50 bis. 1st. proof! new num V 30 boxes UIP$ Boston Chocolate No. 1 Foraaleby JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, J 75 Wnll - street TVf 4 DEIRA WINE London particular Ma deira wine of the most approved brands, w pipes, hhds. and quarter casks, fit for immedi e use and well worth the attention of private ..iiit. - iim 09 so hi ai reasonable prices, aud hiahmi:i:.. . - r ' iuun uj luu pumiasers, oy . TUCKER ft LAURIE3, Jan9 29 5ouih!,t. SE4?J? JWINE - 5000 lbs. India juoo do English Seine do oi superior quali - i r. . W a - ,ort,Be?t ofolher Twine, and fni.Ti.7. " h"is w suit purchasers, Jan 15' 7 Pearl - strpeL OOUcHU.Ui k K AM HOY TfcASs in aes tTj k .lu,nltrr,33aoda4 lb eacK tntiUed w ucucuui.r, ior tale at 64 South - street, by CAMBRELENG ft;PEAR90N, J 311 A nOBAt.CO - sa hlidsncw crop Tobacco, of from Richm'onfor Jale h7inB "a . B D. BETHUNE ft CO. - Jan 6 92 Coffee House slip. n rii j ILMGO - 7 cases, J J Utled todehentnre, for Sale hy JACNkSO.N ft X.' WOOLLEY, 75 Wall - street. Jan la T1ROWN SHIRTIXGS. - A few cases 3 - 4 b ihTrOW0 fah,,rti"1P' j"t rec - ived and f.T sale CUM.YJlaisION CtVH - ANY. (an 13 148 Pevl - ptrp - t. pREsH RAISlNS - SOOIxTxes Bloom Rufsini u 6oe order, just received and for sole hr ,,B O. M WILSOS, n 15 130 Water - itrwt. of ed at to at 80 c or oi iv sale and . IT The very fast sailing sloop PARAGON, 'Iburthen 66'tons bnilt at Middletown, Connecticut, of the best materials; baa made one voyage lo the West Indies, is one year eld and can be sent to sea immediately For terms, and a view of her inventory, apply to GRIS WOLDS k COATES, Jan 23 68 6outh - st. tOti SAVANNAH, To tail on Sunday next. The packet ship MARY AUGUSTA hoi tti , master, having already cleared out, will sail on suuday (weather permitting; she can take some more freight and accommodate a few more steerage and cabin passengers apply on board, at Fine - street wnarl, or to . GRISWOLDS ft COATES, J n 2s! 68 South - st. for CH.iRLKSJON, tl. c . ..:i:n. ..k.... t oms A Napier, master, will tail with all dis patch, having the principal part ofherfreigl engaged some heavy freight will be taken low for which, or passage, apply on board. Bui ling' slip, or to SAUL ALLr.Y, jan 23 va fine - street. FOR HA LIC, The new and fast sailing bris FAMK built of the best seasoned timber, aud faitlilully put together. Her rigging and sails are of excellent aualitv. This vessel is well calculated lor a southern packet, having hand ome accommodations, tor terms, and a view her inventory, apply to uillaVVOLiUS SL CUA 1 .3, Jan 23 68 South - st for CHARLESTON. S. V. The fine fast sailing brig ATLANTIC, Geo. Bailey, master, has the principal pari ol her freight engaged, will meet witn nn mediate dispatch For freight or passage, hav ing good accommodation?, apply on board, east side f ly market wharf, or to UENKX COWllx, Jan 23 6t 191 Front, corner of Fulton - st for Freight or Charter, The fast sailing substantial schooner yvAM RF.TSF.V. capt. Turner, oneyearold. wui . - tow aliout 800 bbls. Is in complete order lor any voyage can be seen at I Jover - st. wharf. .4pply to UOUDHUfc St. CU. Jan 22 44 South - st. Pataaxt for1 Amsterdam, The ship CHRlSTOPllKtt GORE, master, having all her freielit tnjr - KeU. ami being nearly loaded, will clear out on Saturday, can accommodate very Handsomely several passengers, if application be made immediately at :So. 73 Waslungton - st. N. D. No bills against said sliip will bo paid unless an order tor supplies is given by JOHN ABM. W1LL1NK ft CO. jan 22 3t 73 Washington - street for freight or Charter. The hip PERSEVERANCE, bur - then 2C0 torn, iu complete readiness to receive a cargo ; lies cast side Old - slip. The brig MUSCONGUS, capt Dock endorff, burthen 152 tons, well calculat ior carrvin; lumber aud slock ; lies at bur ling - slip. Apply to BARKER ft HOPKINS, - ; : No. 84 South - street. Who hart for tale, 20 tons clean St. Petersburg hemp 10,100 Calcutta Goal Skins, large size Calcutta Duck 2 bales Russia Calfskins. 2500 gallons pure wiuter strained Sperm, oil 800 gallons rack' J whale oil 170 boxes first quality Spermaceti candles An invoice of elegant French hall stovts 20 tens pig iron Jan tl IQt JOw LOXDOJtDt.Klit. The fine last sailing ship FOSTER, AT 1 1 ... ,.. 1 : 1 Oik nfk.. cargo ready to go on board, will be despatrbed without delay. For freight of 100 to 290 tierces seed, or passage, apply to the master oa - board pier no. 13, or to Jan 20 W. ft S. CRAIG. for JVe.tV.OhLL A AS, (a regular trader) The fine coppered and copper - fastened bng CHARLE6', capt. Wibray, now loading and will sail on Sunday next t or freight or pas sage, having excellent accommodations, apply me captain on ooara, or to M'CKEA k SLIDELL, Jan 20 No. 41 South - st Pottage fur Lit EUPOOL.. The regular trading coppered ship CAROLINA - ANN, M. Reeves, mas ter, will positively sail on Sunday next, (wind od weatner permitting,) and can handsomelr accommodate ten passengers. Apply on board, pier no. 20, east side Burling - slip, or at uo, South - itreet, to Jan 20 5t ROWLAND ft BRAINE. for ulV&HPOQL. The ship DRAPER, Wm. Adams, master; she has three - fourths of her cargo ready to go oa board and will meet with immediate dispatch t or freight of 500 to 1000 bbls flour or passage, applv to the master on board, east side of Fly - market wharf, or to B. W. ROGERS CO. Jan 16 235 Pearl - it fOH S.iLK, The fast sailing ship SILENUS, 206 tons burthen, built at Rochester, Mm .n be sent to sea at a small expence. For terms, apply on board, at Steam boat - wharf, to J. ft J. COltUIiVUTUN, jan 20 Iw 204 Frint - street. for Hale, r night or Charter, A new pilot boat built sCHOO.N'ER. about 150 tons burthen, built in the be?t manner, copper - fastened, in complete order to receive a cargo in every respect a good vessel. ipply on board at Burhng - shp, or to N. L. ft . GRISWOLD, Jan 19 86 South - st. for ttle. Freight or Charter, A new pilot boat built schooner, 120 tons barthen, bndt in the best manner, good materials, copper fastened ; a very fast sailing vessel, and may be sent to sea witn small expense Apply on board at Burling slip, or to fl.LGU. UKISWUL.U, Jan 19 86 South t UPLAND CO r ION 15 1 bales prime Up land Cotton, landing and tor sale by SAUL ALtr. i, 98 Pine - street IN STORE, 42 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale as above jan 23 VI OL ASSES, COFFEE, ftc 32 hhds and JL 4 bbls. Molases, first quality 3 bags Green Coffee, 120 Dry Hides - 7 bbls. Sucar Landine at Dover - street ivnarf, from senr. Lunnet, rom Porto tuco, lor by it. e c w. uavu run r & uu. JanC3 ITOUR thousand Gonny Bags, tor sale by CEBRA ir CUMING, Jan 23 76 Peafl - stree. BLUE NANKINS. 4000 pieces blue Nankins, entitled to debenture, iut received for tale by HURD ft SbWALL, Jan ti 65 South - street. 150, VPLAKD COTTO.Y. bales very prime upland cotton, in store, and for sale in lots to suit purchavrs hy UKJSWOLUS ft CO A 1 1, Jan 23 68 South - st tjUM. 100 bbts. 1st pf. New Rnm for sate Xl by jAvikoUJi tt vvu'vliL.c.x, jan 17 - 75 Wall - dreet. T7ILAX9EED. FLOOR. &c 90 tierces Flax Jf seed, landing from schooner 'Nancy, from Baltimore, for saie by - V. BETHUNE ft CO. 92 C H. s!ip. Also laDdine. 159 bis supf. Flour, principally Gallego's b'd 3 bales trine l wine. J an 10 JOSEPH OsUORN, MS bouih - stieet, oflers J for sale the entire cargo of the ship Perseve ranee, Silver, master, from Bataviu,vit: 450,000 lb. very handsome Coffee 14,000 lbs Sugar " 400 Ox Hidts t bagsCubuh IN STORE. 120 hales Calcutta Piece Goods, via : Beer boom Gurrahs, bahaaagore, bagery and Calcutta hecks, red, blue and white Madrass pattern gilla hdkls. sooty romals, dag and bandanoe nuts, annas, cossas, sawns, bullas, jalalpore and blue mamoodies, lie. Ac. Castor oil, senna leaf, assofcedita, Gum beiijaniia, copal, trajacanth, salamo niac, ftc. c. 50 bags mustard seed 40 kegs pickled salmon 35 kegs ground ginger 50 chests hyson and singlo tea 26 hags Calcutta sugars 300 boxes No. 1 ft 2 Chocolate 100 bolts Russia Duck 60 torn Russia iron - 500 Russia Heal Skint 1 case cross bar'd Canton Hdkfs. 1 case black Canton crapes 3 cases colored do 200 piece blue Nankins 5000 I'ieces long yellow do 3000 Calcutta goat skins bUOO Madrass do , ftc. ftc. Jan 8 HIDES. nOUR hundred Hides landing this day from I? Perseverance, and will be sold low from the wharf. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORM, Jan 9 28 South - street. f EORGK W. TALBOT, No. 65 I me street, Ji has Tor sale, 18 hhds. St Croix Sugar . 10 bags superior Calcutta do 0 whole, ) 15 half ft Bohea Tea, very superior 20 qr. chests ) 50 chests Souchong Tea, Nancy's cargo 45 do Young Hyson do do do 24 do do do do N ateliers cargo, entitled to drawback 12 do do do do Phobia's c&rgo 3 or. casks Sherrv Wine 17 hampers Champaigne. do entitled to drawback 140 boxes Sweet Oil, in bottles 50 do old Castile Soup 16 caks Green Copperas i 2 bales Mrzapore Curpets 4 cases Longys and Sislr rsoys - Cologne Water, Mustard Se - d India'Twine and Marline. Jan .16 LOAF LUMP nUGAU, ftc. f f Hhds and 40 1 bs Ut and 2d quality loaf X 6d sugar 15 hhds and 60 bbls Istft 3d qual. lump sugar 20 bbls sugar house sugar 100 large pieces relined sugar, and a few hhJ iip.r house molasses, lor sale by JACKSON & WOOLLEY, Jan 21 . 75 Wall - st. TWO by I WO cases changeable Synchews, for sale MARCH ft LOW, Jan 21 210 Hroadway. IJOa'ION RUM. 24 hhds Boston Rum, lor JJ talebr G.ti.MS HOWLAM), jan 14 . 77 Washington - streetfl .'ICS 200 qr. boxes fresh Turkey pul'd I igs, X just receiveo, nnn ior sam ny L Jan 22 PETER REM SEN k CO. 30MBAZr,r,NS I case black Bonibazeens, m - m a mitriur uuuiny, ior saie ny N. ft D. TALCOTT, Jan - 22 64 South - street. Otr.HSUtai.riS i smnll b&les triJcd and O checked Seersuckers, for sale by P. REMSEN k CO. Jan 23 26 South - street. "I LASSWARE 15 hhds. Eng. Glassware, VJi connsting of Wines and Tumblers, for tajc by CHAS. L. OGDEN ft ABR. OGDEN, Jan Ti Washiniiton - st OAR THEN WARE. 15 casks, containing XU lustre 1 ea - etts, Jugs, cans, if. 4 crates blue printed Talle Plates, and 2 do Napoleon Plates. Now landing and for sale by Jan 22 67 South - street. i ARPETINO. Just received an assort ment of elegant Brussels and Ingrain Carpeting and Hearth Rues, with a variety of oiner articles in me carpet, line. ALSO A few superior Turkey Carpets, for sale by W. W. ft T. L. CHESTER, jan 22 3t 191 Broadway, cor. Dey - st. 741 HERRINGS. boxes 1st sort, Herrings, now land 177 do Zd do insr and for sale by UAtfBrlr - 1 - .LNU rt.AK.SUt, Jan 22 67 South - street. JUUAR 12 hhds. handsome at. Croix Sugar, j lot sale Dy JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, Jan 22 75 Wall - street, iVI1 USCOVADO SUGAR. 161 bhds. Hava na Muscovado Suear, of superior quality, andine from brie Boxer, from Havana, at Jones rrhari lor sale oy uuuuiiur. ai tu. jan 21 44 aoum - street. AlOLAjSES, COFFEE, SUGAR, ftc - 1 - tX 15 hhds. Molasses, 5 bbls fcui 32 bazs Coffee ar, 60 i - pfjiiih Hides Iand mding this day from brig Protection, from homas', west side Old - slip, for saie by DIVIE BETHUNE ft CO. St. I Jan 23 COALS AFLOAT 100 chaldrons Liverpool new nit Coal of a very superior quality is now landing from on board the shi p Hercules, lying at the east side of Pike - slip. Orders for these Coal will be punctually attended to, by applying either on board or at the Coal yard ol the subscriber, No 274 Front - street, who has constant ly on hand a large supply of Coal, ol every de script ion, and for sale by Jan 23 bt AL.r.A. r nascn. ELKGAJfT PORT iBLK DESK, he, LON DON made rose - wood, Writing Oesk, l. rich ly brats bound, finished in a superior style of convenience, with port folio, candle - slicks, ic. Will be sold cheap Also, two handsome dressing cases, an elegant tea cady, and a day or night telescope. Apply to AnsausL iai.i Jan 23 61 135 Broadway WHEATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. THE long and successful use of this ointment is a sufficient recommendation, as it has rern found to be a pleasant, safe and certain re medv for that disagreeable disease in all its tta Kes. It is for sale in the city of New - York, by A. ft W. R. Post, No. 41 William - street; I. ft T. Clark. No. 85 Maiden - Lane t H. H. Schieffclin ft Co. No. 193 Fearl - streel ; Law rence ft Keese, No. 195 Pearl - stiw:t ; Hall k Bowne, 146 Pearl - street ; R. ft L. Murray, 313 Pearl - strwt : J M. Bradhurst, 314 Pearl - street s hn Penford, No. 4 FMcher - street s Uuryee hi Pne, in Pearl - street; John C. Morrison, 188 Greenwich street ; John P. Fisher, 106 Broadway ; Walter. V Seaman, corner of Cbamher - st. and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; and in short it may be procured at rat of the Drug Stores in this city Also in Philadelphia, of S. Witherell k Sons : Georce Harrell . North ft Ro - ert, and almost a'l the druggists in the principal towns in the United stales. UKBW13K, WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTEaS may! be had at the above places. ju 22 6a it DICHMONp TOBACCO & FLOUR. t 6iH bbls. Rit.bniond tupf. Flour 37 hhdt prime new crop Richmond, priori - pally large and leuly, now landing from scbr Thomas, and in store, lor sale by ' ' Jan 6 BOOKMAN ft JOHNSTON. Mu Royal Utghnett the Prince HtgeiU. " KJ - ' From the number who are coining for ward to join in the ad Jress of condolence and re solutions passed on the 15th iurt. it is deemed proper that the parchment for signatures should re - maiu during this week at the consulate office, 21 Broad - street, before it is forwarded, in order lo afford an opportunity to every loyal British subject in the city of New - York to prove his attachment to the royal family aud the British constitution bv signiug the same. Office open from 10 antil 3'. JA5. BUCHANAN, Chairman. Jan 19 Iw MECHANICS' BAiNK. 07" The Stockholders are informed that a Dividend of four and and a half per cent will be paid cn the first day of February next. By order of the President and Directors, Jan 21 Im W. FISH, Casl ier. BOARDI.NG. 'I'lVO gentlemen, or a small family, can l - J. accommodated with pleasant separate Her! rooms at 177 Pearl - sticet, a lew rods north ol theCo.Iee House. J an 21 10t ILf" The subscriber tiaving recently relumed from England with an important improvemeut on the artificial spring LEG, ho takes this method of informing his friends and the public, that all those who aie so unfortunate as to be iu want ol a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 22 . WM. PURVIS. HLAL rVSTA I E FOR SALE. Two 2 - story brick houses and lots, situa ted os. 37 4 - 3 V esey - street. Also, a house and lot No. 11 Bowery, near L,natliam - quare, 44 leet Iront by 12a deep. All on accommodating terms. For particulars ap - ply at No. 332 Green wich - st. jan 15 tf SGa n UK SOLD, Uiiil At the Tontine Coffee llouee, on the 2tuh instant, at 12 o'clock, by ord r ol the court oi chancery, the house and lot No. 21 Wall street, together with Ihe store hnute in the rear. For further particulars, enquire nt the office of JA.VltS A. tiA.VHIj I U.N, No. 3 Law Buildings. Where a map may be seen. Jan 21 I w 'JO LLP, For a term of years, the house and grouuds occupied hy the subscriber, lying he twecn tr.e iti avenue and tne cnti river. For sale or to be let, two 2 ry houses and 4 lots fronting on the third nvenuc, between 9th and ltith - streets ; and a house and tiarn and 7 lots, fronting oo the 2d avenue, between 13th and !4lh streets. AUo to he kt or leased, a three story brick house in Stuvvesnnt - street. And lor sale, four very desirable situations for building, contmniug 4 lots each, Ironting on me west side of the 1st avenue, between l'Jth ard 22d - streets. . Ami lorsali or to he leased, several lots front ing on the 3d avenue. Apply to r. u. S lUi V r.sA.i 1. Jim 21 Iw FOR SALE OR TO LEAsE, On accommodating terms, a number of water and building lots, near and adjoining the nary - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, en quire of SAMUEL EVANS, jan 22 tf Brooklyn. ATI TO LET, tttoiu Two new, neat and convenient two - story brick front houses, situate in Allen - street, next to the Ball - Alley, lor terms apply to JAMK.S KNOX, Jan 23 I w 27 Orchard - st. iltONKS ft TOWN. Sales at auction, at the T. C. II. on Wednesday, me smi. inst. at hail past 1 1 o'clock. The House and Lot Nn. 27 William street, next to (be Post Office. The front house is substantial and in good repair, and the rear modern, with spacious rooms and a good Kitchen ; a large cistern in the yard, and a numi of good water. The buildings extend from front to rear about 9z feet ; the whole of brick : three stories high, and calculated to accommodate large mmilv, and an extensive business. I he lot is 190 feet deep, 30 feet rear, 43 feet at its widest part, and 23 feet 8 inches front. A map of the premises will be exhibited at the T. C. H. on the day of sale. Jan 22 tdt TO (JUAHMMEJY. .v. OUR experienced Marble Quarrymcn are JL wanted immediately. None need apply Din tnose prneciiy acquainted witn tne oust ness i to such constant employ and liberal wa ges will be given. Apply to till A LUDLOW, " 34 Beaver - street rf - l TO LET. UMfl A small 3 - story fire proof STORE, No. 27 Moore - street, , next to the corner South - st. Possession given immediately. Apply as bove. nov 12 Pftlltf WANTED in a private family, for some length ol time, one or two rooms, fas maybe convenient;. Breakfast and tea only, will he required. A note left at the office of this paper will be immediately attended to. J ma ot MLRIAO WOOL, COViOJY I'ARJY, HA 1 TINE ITS, ftc. VTANTED, a quantity of merino wool ; also. v v cotton yarn, particularly low numbers Proposals will also be received lor making ol sat tinetls. The manufacturer to be supplied with the materials, and the business to be rendered, probably, permanent. A contract is also wanted, lor tne running ol a cotton mill, of from 1 to 4000 spindles; the cot ton to be supplied, aud the yarn to be received at a stipulated price. Apply at 148 Pearl - street up rttir. . oct rM MEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERt. A FEW tickets at teo and a half dollars for ZX sale at 111 Front street Jan 23 3t SPL END ID LO ITER Y. OBF.RT WAITE, Jun. has the pleasure of informing his numerous friends and customers, that he has made a considerable contract in the MILFOHD K OWEGO ROADLOETERY Authorized by the States of New - York and New - Jersey1. To commence drawing the 5th May - , and to be completed in Twim Dats. SCHEME. 1 prize of '70.000 Dollars t do .15,000 do 2 - do 10,000 do 2 do 5,000 do 10 do 1,000 do 30 do 500 do 140 do . 100 do 3200 do 30 do 3386 Prizes not two Blanks to a Prize. Only Ten Thousand Tickets. Tickets $30 1 Quarters $1 50 H.Ives 15 Eighths 3 75 Two tickets in litis lottery may gain tlie enor mous sum of 1105,000. This circumstance alone renders it superior to every other lottery in we United States. The object of this lottery is to facilitate the intercourse between the western parts of the state of New - York and this city. As has a tendency lo increase the resources and wealth of a state and city already pre - emiBeht in the anion, it will doubtless meet with the approbation and eaconraement of sdl the citixens. ROBERT WAIi K, J tram. JwtJtf 136 Broadway. A CARD. , 03 MRS. DELAGE, Milliner from Paris, has the honor of informing the Ladies of thH city, that she has just opened a small case of the latest winter Hats received from Paris No. CO Reed - etreet, 4 doors from Broadway. jan 22 lw GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. (tt - The annual elertion for Directors will he held at tliucflice of the Company. No. 55 Wall street, on Monday, the second day of February next, tnepoilto open at i and close at o'clock. By order oi the President, - RICHARD DUNN, Jun. Sec'ry. Jan 21 tFeh t KAGLK MANCraCTCTRIKC COSirASIT. ftr - J'lie stockholders ol the Eagie Manofac tilting Company are requested to meet ni the B;ink CoflVe Iluuso, corner ol Pine and William streets, on Thursaay, the2tllh Jan. inst. at seven o'clock P. M. on business ol great iinportrinre to me oncern. Jan zzre . NOTICE. Oj The Co - partnership of VAN SCHAICK II LI VAN, is this day dissolved by mutual con sent. The business of that concern, will be settled by either of the subscribers, at No 163 Pearl - street. New - York, January 19, 1813. M. VAN SCHAICK, jan 20 6t JOHN GIVAN. (Kr MR. KEEN E respectiul'.y b gs leave to a. - iiuunce to the Ladies and Gentl Hitmen or eu - York, that hu intends taking a Concert at ti e ( itr Hotel, on Tuesday the 3d February, in which he will be assisted hy several professors and amateurs of the first talents as will lie expres - eti ill luinrc uuveriiseim'iilB. Jun i9 lw JACOB ISAAC'S inlorrushis Iriends ar.d ihe public generally, he has commenced the Brokerage k Ex hane Business, in its various branches, in the lower office of Merchant's Ho. tel, Walf - strei - t. Jan 19 Iw 03r The creditors ol. Vlrs. SYDNEY HEW - IT I' arc requested to send in their accounts. re irularly proved, at or before 1st day of February next, to Mr. BLAKE, No. 3 Law Buildings, for the purpose of having them settled agreeably to arrangement. All (ersoos neglecting to preduce their claims nt 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, will he excluded from a participation qf the fund which is to lie applied lor the settlement of her debts. New - York, January 19th, 1818 d ' ' i U l 1 L' flUDU a JOSHUA fcECOIl, i A'"' nees. Jnn 19151 C1NCINNAH ftt - The members of the New - York State So ciety of thi; Cincinnati, arc requested to wear the usual badge ol mourning lor thirty nays, in testimony of I he ir sincere respect for the memory ni uie laie coionei i)r..jrt.'iii' tv aiivcu, who served as an aid - decamp to Major General Duron de Steuben, and fur the last thren years of the llcvo ntionary war, as aid to the rver to be lamented Gen. George Washington, with great reputation to himseli ana svitii honor to nis coun try. By order of R.VA RICK, President. D. E. I)i'5SComb, Srcr'y. Jan 21 ii TAKE NO i ICE. 0" All persons having demands ngaint, and those indebted to the estute of William Rogers, dcreaied,are requested to call upon THOMAS MASTERS, Esquire, No. 92 Wall - street. Da - ted Jan. 19, 1818. ANN ROGERS, Executrix. Jan 21 dim NOTICE. ffj - On Monday Eveninznexf. the 26th inst. at 6 o'clock, the Anniversary of the " Auxiliary New - York Bible and Common Prayer Book So ciety" will be held in Trinity Church, when the report of the proceedings of the last year will be read, and an election taae place ior a uoaru ol Managers lor the enusing year. Ann. on I huri'lnv evcninsr. tne ZMU1 inst. ST Paul's Church will be opened for Divine Service, wnen an Address wih be delivered and a collection made fur the benefit of the above institution. WM. ONDERDONK, Jr. jy 23 3t Recording Secretary B IjA CK WELL'S ISLAND FOR SALE. 1 1' is situated about five mi'es Irom the city, I and rontains about 115 acres of labd of the best quality, with a good dwelling house, barn, kc. fossession may be had the 1st May, or ar Iter, if required. Most of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortenee, fur a number oi years, f or lurtber particulars, enquire on the premises, croi ' AUAMS li UhACKWELL, Jan 22 175 Pearl - street B? P. L. MILLS ft CO. Monday, Half past IX o'clock at Ihe auction room. large and valuable assortment of fresh imported dry goods. Ainone which are. 1 case linen cambric hdkfs, 2 do double chainilevantines, 2 do super blk silk vesting, 1 do mens silk gloves, 1 do florences, t bales assorted bombatetls, tlk and white tliulle lace, long and short kid gloves. j uctdav. in XII o'clock at the i . C. 11. the house No. 108 Fulton street. This property is an excellent sit oat ion for private families, or a place of trade. The recent openinz ol the street to the East river renders it uie mosieiigioie cross street in tne ci. ty. The house is replete with every convenience, and mav be viewed every day between 1 and i o'clock. A large proportion of the purchase may remain on mortgage lor some time ii desired. Wednesday Ztilh. XII o'clock at the T C. 11. that valuable three story brick house and lot No. 118 Pearl - street, now occupied by Messrs Arthur I appan ft Co, This property fronts on the most pleasant part of Pearl - street, and is a convenient and agrees hie residence connected with a store in the cen tre of business For particulars pply to the auctioneers, or at No. 30 wall - street. Thursday. 29th met, 13 o'clock atT C. n. The 4 story Are proof store, comer of Sloat lane in the rear of No. 197 Pearl - st. The eel lar is of the whole size of the house, and per fectly diy at all times the garret is very roomy and will contain storage at a consider ble amount. Its timbers of oak, the roof slate. and every other material of the best kind has strong partition walls, and may be used for two stores with a very trifling expence - l his place was built by the late Mr. bover neur, and is in every respect as auDstantiai a ... . i store as any in this city Its immediate vici mty to the centre of business, renders ii pecu liarly convenient to any who require an exten. sive and safe ware - house, connected with their counting - room. BY J. P. 1)1 t.T ERIC O ft CO. PRIVATE SALE. This Evening, At 6 o'clock, at 56 Chatham - at corner Dd - .... ..hlo rnllm - tinn of books and it tion .ry.viz : Crudens concordance, Hengley's useful knowledge i Turkish spy , Hoopers me - dical dictionary j tales of my isodlord . Camp bel.s rhelorick Plutarchs livesi J.jsephi.s works Saurins sermons FEmpries classical dictionary ; Spectator ; KoUins ancient iiwio - . . ni..ri.,M wnrka i Hislorv of Enrlaiul I Federalists Dictionary of the Bible; Henry's quarto bible ; Scots do i Miaxespears worxs nicy's worxs, ana a irgr wicvu u, uhhii - laneous works, stationary, kc. Monday, At 10 o'clock, at the Ladiis auction, 7 Pa. - k, general assortment of dry g - ds, ftc. fancy articles. I elegant patent banging lamp, suitable for an useiuhiy room. ' Also, about o miles irom tne city nan, oa uie Blooouogdale Road, a very handsome country seat with very coo renienl bouse and oat building, commanding a fine view of the north river; would be exchanged lor merchandne ; terms ac commodating, For particulars apply at the auction room. i - is ble y y 20 BY FRANKLW b ilfNtUlL ' Monday, ' 1 1 o'clock, in front of ttitir auction steM. 1 IT casks Raises ; 25 boxes Figs ; 30 boxes Boston Chocolate ; do Anchovies. t At - 12 o'clock at the T. C. House, , . 16 years unexpired lease from the 1st May nextolAhe 3 story frame house and lot of ground No. 1 Allen - street, lath 4th street, the house U 20 feet front and 26 feet in debth, con, taining 5 rooms , the lot is 23 by 87 feet in depth, and rents for ,225 dels, per annum. There is al o on the rear of the lot a new 2 story building, about 13 by 26 feet deep, suitable for a wui k shup or stable. For particulars apply to Abraham Hart, No. 84 Division - street, or at the auction store. 1 o'clock at tl.e T. C, II. The elegant pilot boat built schooner ALERT, burthen about 128 tons, is nearly new, and in as good condition as when she r.uiue off the slocks, copircd and copper fasti ncd, it a first rate sailer, stows a large Cargo, and can be sent to sta without further expense. On the 27th instant. At 12 o'clook at the T. C. House. Two lots fronting on lludion Sooire, beirgthe second nnd third lots on Ihe south tide of St. Johns Church, distinguished as lots No - 24snd 25, running from Vniick - stieet to a street in the renr of the Ms. Each lot is 32 1 - 2 feet front, and 175 feel deep ; tney are held tinder a lens from the corporation of Trinity Church of 99 years from March, 1i04, nnd subject to aa animal ground rent of 15 dollars each lot. Term (which are very accommodating) at ale. I he house ana tot or grounu corner oi rump ft Orchard - st ; the lot is 50 feet on Oi chard, and 44 feet some inches, more or less, on Pump - st. Any person disposed to purchase at private sale previous to the time above mentioned may apply on the premises or at th auction store. ' Also, the vacant lot of ground .in Water - st. between Burling - slip and Fulton - st. i the lot is about 37 feet 4 inches front and about 82 feet deep. At the same time, 12 vacant lots of ground near Corlear Hook, the west side of 'Valnut - st. situated as follows, viz. 3 lots on Water - st. 6 lots on Front - iit. and 3 lots on Soudi - st at present occupied by Thot. Cheesman at a ship yard. Mups of the property may be seen at the auction s'.ore terms at sale, which will be liberal. We&netday, Jan. 28. At XII o'clock, at the T. C. II. The two houses and lots of ground, Nos. 78 and 80 Riviugton - strcet ; the lots each 25. feet front and 75 deep ; the houses two - stpry, with good front cellars, cellar kitchens, ftc. t rooms on the first floor with pantries between and wkla airy hallo, 1 room on the second with S pautries and a jood garret each house has an alley through tbn yard, where there is grass plants, cisti m ftc. Ac. Also, that valuable lot of ground belonding to the estate of Ilarman Johnson, dec. Iieing No. 3d Roosevelt street, 25 foet front and renr, and 100 (ret deep on each side. The buildings on it rent for upwards ol f 400 per annum. The title is indisputable, being derived In m Leonard Lis - penard to Jnmes Myers, 1785, and conveyed by him to II. Johnson in 1793 Sold by order of H. Johnson's executrix. Terms at the day of sale. The title may be known by applying tq J. Nitrhio 38 Broad - street. LEAH COR WI N, Executrix of H. Johnson. Tl.ursdny, 29lh inst XII o'clock, nt the I . C. H. the 4 houses and lots Nos 543, 545,547 and 649 Pearl - street, directly opposite the Scotch Presbyterian t hurch. each lot 2i feet front and rear uud 100 feet in depth. At thetaren time, toe elegant z story uncss house and lot No. 67 Chamber st.eet, This house and lot are held under a lease from St. Jamet Church for 38 yeart, from 27th March. 1814. The lot it 35 reel irom, 47a ieet in depth. Great part of the purchase money may remain on mortgage. At the same time the house and lot of ground No. 49 Franklin - street, owned and occupied by John Ln gear, yvilh the lot in tl rear fronting on Leonard - stieel. The two lott Iieing 200 feet in depth and in front oo Franklin - street 24 feet, and in front on Leonard - street 27 feet. At 1 o'clock, in the dining room ot (be Mer - ch wits' Hotel, (if not previously disposed of at private sale) nine yetus unexpired lease from 1st of May next, of that spacious and very elegant establishment now occupied by S. D. Gibson, in Wa l - stret, well known ns the Merchants' Hotel, which for convenience at a boarding house. and for offices, is hardly equalled in thit country ; together with the stables, store - houses ic Fr terms and particulars, apply at the bar of the Hotel. I'ot - rsion at any time betw - ei the lt February and 1st iay. r - i n r . t . I rinay, uin ion. 12 o'clock. T. C. II. the house and lot No. 52 Maidtn lane ; a well known and long established stand for business, belonging to 'the estate of the late Robert Curtis, hei. ito settle the estate with the heirt. The tale will be peremptory Terms, ftc. may be known by applying at above and at the time of tale. At the same lime, the lot of ground No. 556 Pearl street, the 4th lot above the Scotch Presbyterian Church, near Broadway, being 25 feet in front and rear and 100 leet deep. BY HONES TOWN. Saturday, 31st of January, at 12 o'clock at the Tontine Coffee. House. SHERIFF'S SALE. BY virtue of a writ ol CerHacias to me directed and delivered, 1 will expose to sale at the Ton'ine Coffee House, on Saturday, the 31si day of January next, at 12 o'clock al noon, all the right, title and intered of John Kane, of, in and to all that certain LOT, piece or parcel of LAN I) with the. buildings thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the second ward, in the city of New - York, now in the occupation of the said John KaiM. bounded as (riMows. vis. in front on Pearl - street twenty five feet 00 ,ne northeasterly side by the houe or lot now or lately owned by Isaac Burr, and now occupied by Stephen Gorham, two hundred feet on the southwesterly si'te by the house and lot of ground now occupied oy James Amnry two hundred feet, and on the rear bv Cliff street twenty - five leet, be the tame mora or less ; together with all and singelar the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining. Dated, New York, December 9, U1 (.1 JAItlt.0 U. dec 19 tds , ... , The above premises consist of a 3 - ttpry bncK dwelling house, with a brick back building ad joining and communicating lbcrefiin, 'V.'"?"'J"r: ,V h. Irom front to rear, and containing 6 rooms with fire places, 3 a. .1 MI tYioftlk Irwr lft wr nealhl both completely shelved, and well adapted for an extensive dry good butineta I be kitchen is spacious and near it is an excellent wine and cider vault, with a very convenient root larder ; both buildings have slated roots xrellent condition. In the yard is a well ol One and also a very capacious stone cistern, with ntb - r conveniences too numerous for an ad vertisement, la the rear of thit lot and fronting oo Cliff tt. a new 3 story brick store, bailt at a dwelling house, with hich ceilings and twoUckt ofchim - neys can be finished at a small expense, suita for a genteel lamiiy AS to street pas imr - been wideneii, tne situation nas nrrooic a v - pleasant and a very eligible one. The lots ara uficiently deep to be divided into two separate tenement. N. B. The premises may be viewed every cay from 12 till 2 o'clock P. M. It is believed a large proportion ortbe money may remain on mnrtgHge a number of years. , New - York, Jaa. 17, 1013. eo t Fur flail at Public Auction, At the Tontine Coffee House, on Tuef daTliext. that very valuable MOUSE & LOT, No. 215 Pearl - street, ana nre prout the rear, fronting on Cold - street. A draf. or the said property will be exhibitedat U.el C previous to the day oi saie. i - made easy. Ten per cent on tne oa, . , per cent on the nrsl oi May ; u wwww may remain on moatgage u rvnu ran ot j

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