The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 2, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES - Published Daily Except Snnday -- ~ Times and News Publishing Company W. LAYERE HAFER, .Secretarv and Treasurer. PHILIP R- BIKLE, President. PHILIP R. BIKLE, Editor. SUBSCRIPTION Served bv carrier ia Gettysburg: for 25 cents per month- Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents, per monta. RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. HUERTA WAS LOST BUT SOON Dictator Was Missing Fi . Ibxieo Gilj Two Bays, VICTORIANC HUERTA. Chapultejec Castle. Official Res:- deace of Mexican Presidents. TO SWEEP NATION- THE SCRIP BAG is {PERSONAL NOTES FOR V, FOR W, * USEFUL FRIEND AND BR!EF |TEMS u t --i A FARM \akusc 15, 1904,. at Gettysburg- Pa-, as second-class matter, under Congress March 3, 1879. " ^ BELL PHOKE 1JN1TED PHONE OSce in Northwest corner of Centre Square. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. | it is 'Reliably Said He Has Been Drinking Heavily and All lions Have Seen He!d Up. -rf!S PAPER REPRESENTED FOR ? ADVERTISING 3Y ~H£ GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES '« Ai.L"s*«F -K"»C-**a.. ','·- cent wer word each insertion. Two cents a word if guaranteed, The report that ~ tio""- ' Resolutions of resoect, poetrj- and memonams one cent cumsiaeual. ra^roa " * : :ng that they bad City, Mex., Bee. 2.--Provis I ioi-al PresIueJii Huerta disappeared from ihe £ed«rai capital eariy Sunday- morning, and this gave rise to a report I that he bad goae to Yera Cruz, pre- I sumably to See from the country. ; Hue'ria returned to Mexico City on | .Monday afternoon. Ke had been pay- I lag a visit to a farm in the vicinity. The report that he had fled was cir- .d erapoiyes deelar- seen him board a trai" for Yera Ciuz at ~ a. m. on Sun- Want ads. One first page posi cer-word. TO Otm EEADEHS , , . 2r-ts^s.-«= xj Eeonbiican, Democratic, Prohibltioa, or j only drunk--ao; dead or ai'Sdl papers and "which is strictly non-partisan. . j iLey discredited both reports. Oar advertising columns are ope» to all candidates of ail NEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity" *00 Boom* irith bati ex »alt* fi«m ic. McCoaomy, Prbp'a. CHAS. S. MUMPER --Fire Proof Storage-Warehouse for Foraitore and Household Good* ttored length of time. The ie5icrt that the dictator had :ied ·ftas generally believed for several hours and it was taken to mean that ; he had decided to surrender to the ' Tailed States and step down from the · Mexican presidency, which oSce he i seized shortly after the tragic deaths j of President Madero acd Vice Presi- I dear Suarez. : In reply to Inquiries regarding the · reported flight, government officials j reported that the general had been 111 · t for three days past. I Reliable private information Is to i the eJIect that Huerta has been dr!ak- | Ing so heavily for the past two days j that negotiations on all pending mai- ! ters have been held up. Huerta's condition was such on Swn- Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store. "While they last! Very special lot .iiofi Ladies?. coHsrs-" r ;---'-'- - - W. H. TIPTON --Photcprmja«r-- Gettyabnrg Sotmolrx' : COMPANY * Paid l^t'"* r ^ 1-' trader *"~ -- FAEM T5me« «* t - Office, -e lit vH j| day that he broke an official engage- ! j meat vita Nelson O'Shaugbnessy, the · American charge d'affaires. \; The complication of tiie financial blockade Mexican officials will not re- ^ard as a vital blow to the Haerta administration, however enfeebling it ma~ be. ^.nything. siiort of interven- ;ion-or supplying arms' to the rebels will' bei, regarded * with, comparative i ff-firr.-nlar-eiicj-' by Baierta. sn so at Annual Gonvsnfiea From Its Odds v Gills ge WILL WiELUA BIS BBOBS:0 DDS and ends of cretonne, silk.] linen or velvet should LHJ; brought out vriieu tee Christ-! Paragraphs of Hews TdOoj cf tte , Kmt ^ - mtatamit1m j People Visiting Here and Thost Sojournini Mrs. C. Together With the "Antis'" They Wi!i March on House Rules Committee and Argue Their Cause. Doll and Mrs. Jaaies .mas jnft giver-sits down to' Del!, of Frederick, are'visiting friends nian tokens ti»at shall be botfcj aitrac-: ; n town for several days- " J tive and useful- $ Born to Mr, and Mrs. Johri D. Keith AYitli tliese fabrics she can design'^ daughter ' * bags of any sort, town dainty party or,"" ^^ M rs _ j. Ed Keef of 1 openi uags for t lie society g*r! to; . ... ° " , . ! stanch looking laundry or work ^ B^tmore are vismng: at the home 01 Washington, Bec\ 2. -- Emsusiasin * for ^ e hcusewife j Mr. and Mrs. J. B. ihellaman, on over reports on what already hasJ,e--B| Tbe t, ouse mother vrill appreciate a! East Middle street, aecorapllshed by the woman suarag*;. se , T j-g i, a ^ u^ t i, e OEe t e re iliustrat-j Mrs. Earl Gulp is spending- some movement, and even greater entiias:- j e ^ j_ ^ U! .,.j o j stout cretonne and I time with her parents IK York, asm over prophecies of w-s-t the ;u-! ,_,. Hne j with p)ain uj aler i a j. A fea-1 \ij ss An.ia McCall has returned ture will bring forth, juari.ed uie ;or- of © .by American Press F slUI P 18 AL h TO Q 10 His Attorney Opens ArguineDl For M Albony. X. Y., Dec. 2.--Attorneys for former Police Lieutenant Charles Becker, of Xew York, nailer sentence of death, for iLt murder of Herman Rcsenthal, the gambler, came here to ma!ce vi-ha- ma rove to be the final light for.Ius Ufa. . , The four.; HI ippeals, calendar, had Le.ea .cleared so tLav no-sins _migbt interfere »-:tU ynl^it-rrapte.d,. consider- auon v of uie ease -. decision, however, .is. not .expected :~or at least tliree |in?y'Ke"bankrupt. Huerta,is,far-froai hieing witifout lands and'is'no-;'likely l\o b"e~ entirely without money so long I .as private Institutions _and cprpora.- JTions possfis^-faaas. They, believe that ' ^ iil noc-falt''Sor the he considers 'rigat, TO-J ?s^4~ ~^r ·tf ables ' ^ W. H^lfeugTas $3^6and $4.00 shoes at $1.93. Others reduced to 98 cents and $1.48. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. Kitzmffler ovenrment is.taking no^cnances of forcing-intervention by the United States~_-Tlirs was -indicated when a semi-oSciai announcement was-iQades.that.-acfiuIctal^is likelv'^o be- orcSred for'alEof the'iii'emBers of the- oTd ~coagfess '"who' were recently ar- rgsted-j^Hufirta fe;atra^d that feidins and sentencing In ti-eis^ lega^j;-, l/rlefs. Sled the court Is. ^sui .,ort ol .their oral ar- gumeats.-Becker B attorneys mainiaia ttat. use fpnser -x^TIce.iieutenani, was no- concerned; In . -any way In, tihe -crinje. Tb.eir iujagai eiinraces · two pQiujs. an appeal from tlte in 1l\em~to deata~would result in. drastic- j action by the American government. · i The Feaerai gunboars Tampico and ! Guerrero bombarded the port of Al lie judgment of coaviccicn of, murder n taa'nrstAlss =e~ and "the consequent sentence. of dean-..; the other Isjia. ap- B^al from the order of Justice GoS denylcg.a ~oL3a ifvr.a, new TV, enty-j:re_ reasons "*'ny the_5vifiS- .me^t of th_e 4 3 ~,;er,pour arrested were gt · ca Dy~AUomey Joseph A.^ Shay. .C-isef._aaio2g theni were: ,'fhe tiiar.f;AS unfair; error was com- 3 " ' Real Estate \Te would like to add a few farms to «-ur list os lital Estate for sale. If yon have any that you wouU h'ke to sell and place, in the hands of a Real Estate Acents. we will be clad ro handle =ame for ; no matter whether large or small or where located. Or If you w-.tnt to buy any E^al 'Estate, call on or ai«ire=s Troxell and Swisher Real Estate Agents i tata. in the state of Slaaica, again and } of 'Be destroyed the city, not a building be-" Ing left Intact. The rebel force -srhlch had remained j In the city throughout the heavy Dom- j bardrnents of the previous daysJouna the place -untenable and. fled to the Interior. The gunboats thereupon left for lla- | zatlan to ;oin In a land and sea attack · on that port. Trh!c!i is occupied by a. I'largf rebel force. Generals Rasgado i and Garcia are to lead the attack from ihe land side. Consular dispatches from ilazatlan say that the rebels are protecting property and preserving order and that the few foreigners who remained there after the occupation of the city fay the insurrectos are in no danger. "mitted In. excluding evidence; Sani chepp-s p" a- nly _\vas an accomplice; ;he lerd'ct opposed to the v» eight I-Ie-ic-e; "mnuiaersble Inci- deats ana c.rcumstances u-hich oc- cuned the trial vre-re prejudl- _al to tee t: jendant. Including the ar- ma! opening sessions here oi the forty- aftii annual convention cf the Xauona! American AA'oman SuSrase association. In calling to order the delegates from, all over the country. Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, president of the organization, declared: -The time is past when we say. TPIease let. v.-otuen vo'e." This has boeii changed to 'We densaud aa aiiierid- sient to the federal consti:uti«u enfranchising women.*" The Illinois suarage Tictory tills year was celebrated, six speakers from [ that state telling how the resl!t hasl been accomplished. Three street meet- [ ings In various parts cf the city were f held, as wiil be done every day danng the convention. Xo greater ovation v.-as slren any speaker than to Mrs. Patty R. Jacobs, of Biraungpaia, Ala., v.hen she declared that Ic was an "iadietaient cf the southern wonan's intellc-C'" to say that she did sot want the ballot- She was responding to the welcome to the convention by Urs. Nina Allenuar and iliss Alice Paul, of \VashIagtGK. Governicent ownership of railroads was suggested as a result of woman suffrage, when iiiss Mane Y. Smith, of Xew York, reported that diHIct'lt;. had been found In getting reduced railroad fares for delegates. Dr. Shaw exc-aiaied. "Y.'iien we ''-o:e well own the railroads." Suffrage legislation has :een introduced or passed In \arious vear on aa unprecedented s-'-a!e. ac coriUng to' the report of "Mrs. .far\ TT. Denn'eti, of Xew Turk, correspond Ing secretary. . ' The satr-agists. together with the ·'anrjs"--tiipse opposed" to "trie causa" --will appear u'efore the house committee on rules toniorrtr." and Thursday. "Workers for "the cause" seek the appolntsen; of a new house com-' mittee 6n r woman's suffrage. All the rules committee can uo is to hear the 'arguiieTits pro and con and then report to the house "favorably' or un- 7'aiorabiy en the projeez. Glorification' of mnnicrpal life, reform of tte schools, jails, poorhouses and saloon? and a feminine influence _ !a settling- national and International j problems, was prophesied for Ii::nois i In an address -delivered by ilrs. Ella ^-Stc;wari,-of- Chicagft^Irs.- Stv-arc foriHerly-H-as; president of the Illinois jiJiual Suffrage association aa.I tarv cf the national association. ·.-.*··* '- bag ^ ifcs The' .rj-g.. visiting: at her home in Littles- for several days. j Mr. and Mrs. Ross Myers have re- s turned home after visiting- in Spring ! Grove asid Xewvilie. j Dr. James G. Stover, of Benders; %-il!e, Is spending a few days in A'sJan- |tic City. ^ I Mr. and Mrs. Allen Plank, of Strat- j ton street, are attending, the National Commercial Gas Exhibit Vt Philadelphia this week. -John Utz is visiting in York to-day. Mr. and Mrs. Levi Bushman, of Steinwehr avenue, have returned home after visiting in Dillsburg for the past few days. William Meals has gone to Philadelphia on a business trip. Bora to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Fissei, cf route I Gettysburg, a son. Mr. and Mrs. Homer H. Claggett, of Ilarrisburg, are spending a week at she home of Mr. and Mrs W. J. Chrismer, of route 9, Gettysburg. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chrisnier and SEWING BAG. 1 5 cn. Richard, of Littlestown, spent sex-top is ' ir-uheretl over a wooden em- j «"a 5 days recently at the home of Mr. broidery* hoop, and a cover Is cut out j and Mrs. V.". 3. Chrisrner, on route 9, of heavy cardboard to nt It. The card- i Gettysburg-, board is covered with cretonne and LOW DOWN TRICK is covered with cretonne ·Iiieti ;w mat' a Use iaside of the bag. A Siatid of tlastio Is sewed inside the cover, and in it is slipped a paper of ueeJ'fcs of is-.'jortwi bizes or a little -tates th's' ueeaifcbTMk i.ii|.piie'I ivitii them. Scissors, -if. tiiiiuli'e fiamins needles and ca«-e are added. Odd Variety of Vandalism at Taverns Church on Sundav. Two snas H r apd Suspended i . . , - , , . . ,_ ,i _ _·_ ! caafhter were attending services ac ::rt- :i--!-tt!fc outton bag and.a pin- " ° ~ a v.-e!i su;;!J-ed with all sizes of i Grace LTitheran caurcn, near- Two ribbons are added to the! Taverns on Sunday, some one" "cut off c':sLio: piti*. Two ba^. by which it icay be earned. Figured rlo'joii was used for making the dainty fancy wyrkbas. which has two r.bbon cover»«l eaibroidery hoops the lines from their, team which was tied in front of Sherman's" store. The vandal then chopped the lines in small pieces and threw them into a- whsaV field. riearbv W'LSON WATCKiNG RE BELS 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg Pa. Gettysburg Auto Tire Repair Shop TUBES A SPECIALTY With modern steam equiDment, I am prepared to do general rt-pair_ work ? xogales, renirced to ^Washington. He ,,,.,,;.,,_-, « n j J W .«^AA^~VW Tf rl-ii» ^^-.l* »C T-"|T lflTi^*«r Lll^Ul tlltUl It Ci^3 i 1,^^J « ^L~^-- r*f*.-nfr*f".*nt*rL ·vr'^i-'i. ^e.r*y'?*- Finds Developments !n Mexico Inter ] esting. But Won't Change Policy. \ ·vVashmrrtan. Dec. 2.--President "VTII- ! son observed to callers that the ilexi- j can factions seenjed to be running i things In ar- Interesting way at pres- ! ent and that no development was con! leroplaic-d so far as tie TJnlied States j -«\ as eoncemd. j The president's visitors believed he j had In r.vlnu the Increased number of " j Constiustlonaiist \ictories and the ra- i pitlly dim:nish!ng zone of control of j ;he Kuerta governn*.ent. . Dr. vrilifasn Bajard Hale, who talk- G-^JisuuitloiicItst chief's advisers at -. secEons and retreading. li the hole is r:ot longer than tlitnb oe repswred. Satisfaction gsaraniecd. TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOB1LE FOR HIRE ^ ,, , ^ . - ^ - , 3 ,^ Comfortable, Sellable and Powerful. Try «. Tours and Batuefidd ti^a s -Local.Phone 117 X C. A.STONER, P E it can | heW a s ^ or r conference wita Secre- i lary of State Bryan. ' The policy of the American govem- i ment coatln.ies to be one of waiting. S while the financial blockade weaken? j the resources of the H-aerta regime prop. | and the Constitutionalists press fcr- ,__._.._ j ward their vigorous campaign. ·*!·!?!· ] Blame Lead Pencile For Diphtheria. SufBeld. Conn., Dec. 2--Lead pen ells, distributed and collected each day in a school here, are blamed for an epidemic of diphtheria among the pn j pils In t h e school. READING LAYS_OFF 1000 MEN AH Shops of System Affected by Re- i-cnc.ittsesit Order. Reai:iir. Pa Dee. 2.--One thousand men em^'o.- - :1 Jn the various shops of the Phii£c.c«7."..a Reading ran--ay have been ia-U off. Announcement: to ·/cis e£e-_t .»s= made here. In anno::3' :'J^ the layoff it vras es- 5 Isined :r,ai k r»-as in accordance -Kith tae recc'ii or; es- Issued to curtail expenses /ro.n ~ to 10 per cent. Every operate ~. by the Philadelphia n? rc.l-vsy is said to have beets aEectec ;. the order. JAIL FOB TRUST OFFENDERS Henry's B:.I v/ou!d Aaricui- t^rs' sr.d Other Bodies. ·Washiag-Lr. Dec. 2.--Jail sentences one-'- and r. .-es for violations of the ia v. are proposed In a bill introduced i/ Representative Henry, wh'Cii ai=o ·' i!d declare illegal any device TO r-- rain trade, manipulate prices,*.': * competitloti or fix the standatis ;or controlling prices. Orsaaica-. r,s not cond;:oied for profit aad a^r . uUuii'al products In the hanfis 01 IT.J :cers would be exempt. "-\VIthcui. prophesying too mu s"ie said, "we have faith to believe that the Torch waich has been lighted for Illinois -svoicen --ill illnniine sosie of the dark places of government. "The township suffrage .s to open up a new era lor the Illinois women of the farms. The women voters" broom TV ill £-d '-'-s MEAT INDUSTHYTHE BIGGEST 38.000,000 Animji'-s Slaughtered For Food In United G.aiesjn One Year. ·\Vasaington, Dec. 2.--More than 83- GG'XOOO anlnjals w -e slaughtered for food In the XTnite-J States.In 1909, according to a census bulletin. Of this camber hogs constituted more than 60 per cent, while beeves were only a little more than 15 p9i- cect. The reoor; asserts that the slaughtering and r^eat packing industry is the most :T; lortant. :n value of products. la the ^untry. the lumber industry cozains s^v-sd and steel roll- ins mills third. ff SATURDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 6TH The Ladies Aid Society of Mt. Tabor will hold a Chicken and Biscuit Supper | at the old chunch. A general invitation is extended fcj 99 «e XT'" Mrs. Tumulty In Hospital. "vTashington. Dec, 2.--Mrs. Joseph P. Tumnlty. wife of the secretary to the president, was operated on for apren rtlcitis in the Providence hospital. H'-r recovery Is expected. ^ 3C,OGO Text.'e Workers Refused Raise. Fall Hr,ir. Mass., Dec. 2.--Condi- lions raa'; ^ --. i-.zTOS£:bIe at tlie present tim eto J ~'~esj;c the wages of the SCv 000 ope~ct"v»5 deployed In the textile mills In.r-. liners to this effect were ser.t to the Textile Council and tiie nar.» F:r-sen's union by Presl- Gcc-r^^ H. Kilis. of the Cotton facT"rc*s' n.ssoc;ation. The oper- :a-I d^-ed for an Increase of li'.i per tie-r. to take effect Dec. S. Queen !V]ci'-.-r Is 95. London, Dec. 2.-widow of Sing Edv. -z. nine ears old yestt born on Dec. 1. 1S- has passed "in^e ti: of the Daaish klnc phal entry Into En^' tiful bride o; tie :-; Sdward, but t;sc with her. and re make her appear r;. or fifty than of one : and ten. VII.. was si~ty- y, having been Half a center;. ^Idest daughter ^(ie her uiara I as the bsau ^ aad dashing .; dealz kindly phozogra?Ii£ like a wo^an :v three score ::"; hundie^. 'KD wsv. .^nt tht; iov. e: p serted iuiii FiNCT WORSBAG. -V v.- Faults- of Preachers.-'- : Sir. Cowarupoiais out that preaeli- ers iiave'a. remarkable^ lack of common sense "when ch.oosing.their-teits. | He has heard of an Edinburgh, minister -".-ho preached "a 1 sermoa 'on a miserly crother cleric from ! the''wbrds, 'And the beggar died."" Another cleric, in preaching TO a society of physicians, announced'as his tert, "A certain -woman . . . had suffered many things of many physicians and had spent all that she had, and was nothing better, but rather grew worse-" isle b:iad of the rib- to the hoops to form n «jl tLe l«xg. ivhiJe in- tlie circle trere bands of the ribbon gathered on elastic."" Inside the bas are pocfeets in ~hich to place embroidery siiJr. iieediebook, scissors. etc.. required 5y the fancy -R-orker. The other bag illustrated is made with plain red ribbon combined with Dresden ribbon. It is Intended as a party bag for a girl. Jlade in rather smaller proportions, it trill do for the acconjmodarion of opera glasses. gloves and the fan for the theater. Canvas may be made into many dainty articles. A big tvorkbag or a Hunter Shatters H Parslppany. X. J~ Campbell was cr«--.: ·while rabbit h";r.-. ac; Binghamton \Vit5iout Legal Tax Levy. '.Vccden S_eg. ·;. 2.--Edward ; =! - under a. tence c; i. 3, bolts barrels ··" exploded, shai- ieg. He crawled a siile through the woods to a farra j house. He cut off the remnants of the j wooden leg with a penknife, and then jumped into his carriage and drov his home. Courss in Highbrow Literature. After trying to read the .problem tales bis highbrow vrife delights In, an AicElson Tnan ^ICHV begins at the- back of a. volume and reads straight through, to the front. After finding otit -what happened In the end Be says fce realizes vrhat the author Is driving at in early chapters, and he can now read a Bernard Sha-w, Ibsen or Maeterlinck story almost as understanding!? as a baseball score---Atchlson (Kans.) Globe- Average Length of Life. Four hundred years ago the average length of numan life -sras between eighteen and twenty years. One hundred years ago the average of human life -vvas less than thirty years. The average human, life today reaches nearly forty years. This shows vrnat medical science has done for human life. COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Dec. 4--"The Dust of the Earth". Walter's Theatre- Dec. 19--"The Shepherd of the Hills." Walter's Theatre. a-^jton. X. Y.. Dec. 2 -- Bir-shanitor: :ic«5 Uie peculiar situation cf bcins wltho ;t a lesal tax levy, and Uie budget oi $7f",OCO may go by defanlr. TKe situaiior. I «5ue to a deadlock in the common vunc51 over a rediiction cf -.he tax rate and the failure of the council to adopt tae budget before the 3ate required uy the charter. to KODAKS, films, everything in Ko- FOU SALE: house and lot in Orr- Gets Prison Term For Mail i-raud. Trenton. X. J_ Dec. 2.--Nelson E. Giles, of Asbnry Park, was sentenced to three years in state prison by Judge Relistab in the United States court. Giles pleaded guilty to the mails to defraud. ALL outstanding tax assessed in dak line always fresh. Iluber's D r u g j B u f o r d avenue, Store.--advertisement I tisenicnt 'ranna. Apply John C. Hamilton, 205 Cumberland township must be paid on Gettyhburpr.--adver- I or before December 15, 1913. H. I Beard, Collector.--advertisement F. PAETT BAG. bag for soiled handkerchiefs or collars is fashioned of cream white canvas decorated with n pimple design in cross stitch. This Is lined with pink cr blue lawn, and the top is gathered over an embroidery hoop. Bewitching little i cwder puff bnap nre contrived from ^quarts of sash ribbon, finished off v!th n frill of lace. JUST received at Wolfs Warehouse, carload cotton seed meal.--advertisement Twenty-three Days to Christmas Dec. 2 Take Time by the Forelock and Do Your Christmas Shopping Now.

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