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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, January 24, 1818
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rrii rtfiTt KX .' tT? - ,. "V. tromLonLn Part recxd ml Hu'tfici if Iht JYeie - ier fctwtrwr rW. - ' LONDON, Dm ' POLICE. MANMON - HOUsE. Infamous SrMlitt if Polite ' Jfictri. Anin - Teeiga'uou hu Imt tor hhm Una going on si , ' iti different police offices in the metropolis, iato Uii - oa duct of several ot um omcer, against "whom ONBcUioU bur been preferred, for de - .taioing and appropriating to their own me prop Of Timna buiuii wihvu, wuuvf un imm. - ly the mm or searcD." uer nau usea from persons charred with crime , Air. SheruY ,ildersoo, ea th first intimation of th exineoce of such practices, warmly took i - ' mp tha affair, aod by hi unceasing exertions, aided by those of Mr. Brown, the keeper of NewraU. several of the dcfeucLntthav beea detected. : Mr. Sheriff Alderton yesterday waited upon the lord mayor, and hiving informed him of the progress which has beea made m the inyesufia - ' - tLo. trusted that his lordihip would adopt inch ' ' meainre a would prevent a recurrence of ' trauMctioat so disgraceful to the police of the . aMtropolM. The worthy thenff thaa proceeaea to Ute, that he had a rery serious charge to ' prefer against one of the pr incipal city officer, , for having appropriated to hiiowa use certain property which be had taken from a wretched . prorfitute who had beea coavicted at the A Old Railey Sessions of a robbery, and was now suCoriof the punishment of the Uwfor.the of - . feoce. - ir. Brown, the keeper of Newgate, stated, : . (bat at the last Old Bailey TJtsioas, a woman well known opon the town named Mary Margaret , Auitia, was tried and convicted for a robbery committed npyi a Serjeant of arUUery apon fur - lough, from whom she t tole a very considerable j lam of money. I'he officer named by the wor thy sheriff was the one who had the woman in custody. At the time of her apprehension she had various articles of wearing apparel, seven duplicates for pledged property, aod 4s Cd in sooner. J Tie whole ot this the omcer baa eu . cd, and had rendered no account, as the law di rected he should do, of the same to the sheriffs, - ' ' The officer was now called to (be bar, and 1 having, heard the charge againt him, admitted ' the tact, bat attempted to justify bis conduct by ajiug, that the man who was robbed was so pior that the expense of the prosecution bad . fallen ukm him (the officer.) The articles, of . which be had found the duplicates upon the coo Vict, he bad redeemed out of pledge, but not . ' being able to sell them, he returned them to the pawnbroker, from whom he had received one guinea. I'he, Lord Mayor " I certainly hoped to hear ." a better defence than that you have thought proper to oner. I cannot find terms sufficiently . atretic to tprets bt indignation at such conduct, ' Not satified with the attainment of your first object, I oven the committal of the woman to Me wgate, you deprived her of e very thing which . coma at ail tend to lessen the horrors of her si , tnation, and the unfortunate creature was put , into ner cell with scarcely a rag to cover her. Ton are paid to do jrovr duty, and therefore yoo can have nothing to plead in justification of your . COudact.n Mr. Sheriff Anderson asked the officer, if, ; npon the trial in question, the court had not a - warded him his expense, and at his own request? ' The officer admitted that it was so. He add - . ad that the late lord mayor, at the time of the , examination, had ordered him to keep the arti - ' clei ibnnd upon the woman, as there was every reason to suppose that they were the produce of ue mooev which the had st.len. Mr. sheriff Alders o " Then after plundering the poor creature or her little all, yon had the hardihood to claim your expenses for the pro - aecutioo.' The lord mayor again expatiated, with much " severity, a poo the transaction With respect to the oracer's statement, of his havinr been autho ..rised by the late chief magistrate to keep the property, he (the lord mayor) could not possibly - give credit to it. Hum an order, from any ma gistrate, would be quite unjustifiable and he - could not believe that the bite lord major, so distinguished as be ever bad beea for his buma aity, his lore of Justice), and his hatred of oppression, coald sanction as fool an act . ' The officer, still, however, persisted in his . statement. " - The lord mayor I shall thn write to Mr. alderman Wood, at Paris, and ascertain the ' truth or falsehood of your assertion. I shall also by the case before the court of aldermen, and, meanwhile, f addressinr the officer von are im. pended from your office and should you not be bora out in your defence by Mr. alderman Wood's answer, yon may rely upon bcinz te Terely dealt with. The police establishment of the city of Loodon is daily disgraced by the con duct of the officers, and no exertion on my part ball in future be spared to prevent a recurrence . - of such practices as those now the subject of investigation." LONDON FASHIONS FOR DECEMBER. From " Ackermao's Repository of Arts, Fashions," fcc. LADIES MOURNING DRESSES. Etening Dra. A black crape frock over a black sarsnet slip. The skirt of the frock is finished by full Bounces of the fashionable eie - raxue - defrue trimmiug. The body, which is cut very low round the bust, is elegantly decorated with jet beads. Short full sleeve, orna - . man ted to correspond with the body. The hair is much parted in front, so as to display the fore - v head, and dresied lightly at each side of the face t the hind hair is drawn up quite tight be - . hind. Head dress, a jet comb, to the back of Which is affixed a novel and' elegant moaning ornament j ti.d a long black crape veil placed at the back of the head, which fills in loose folds , round the figure, and partially shades the neck. Ear - rings, necklace, and cross, of jet. Slack chamois gloves, and black slippers. Walking Drtit A high dress composed of bombaceeai the bottom of the skirt is ornamented with black crape, disposed in a very novel style. The body, which is made tight to the ahaie, wrsps across to the right side ; it is adorned in a rery novel style with pipings of black crape disposed like braiding, and finished by rosettes of crape ; in tha centre of each of which is a small jet ornament. Long sleeve tastefully finished t the wrist to correspood with the body, and surmounted by a half sleeve of a new form trimmed with crape. A high standing collar partially displays a mourning ruff. Qaremont bonnet, so called because it is the same shape) as the one recently worn by the princess i it is composed of black crape over black sarsnet, and is lined with double white crape. The crown is rather low, the front large, and of a very becom ing shape ; it is tastefully finished by black crape, and ornamented by a bnoch of crape flowers placed to one side. Black chamois gloves, and black shoes. F row "La BUe Assembles." Evening Drett. Round dress of bombazbn trimmed rminj the border with crape in eAe - vaut - Je - frut t short apron of crape, ornamented In the same manner : ear pendant of let; tk hair dishevelled, and confined by jet bandeaux ; a while crape veil thrown over the bead ; black chamois slippers, and black silk rlove Washing Dm Round dress of Norwich crspe, with two flounce of white muslin broad peamed or raiHivfced ; spencer of rep silk, trim med with crape, and surmounted by a triple ruff of white ma!m ; Bonnet ot rrpt silk, hoed with white, and elegantly finished at the crown with crap and Mack cypress leathers ; black chamois sjii' and stores. General vbtrrtmiioru en fuhfan and irrts Th dark - and epprefive clo - id which now hxni over the domuuon oi fasiuoo, has caused her mi' laud cypres plume hang oer the fair form to lately arrayed in Um rambow tint of gaity nod senatihlv. Evening tarbaas formed ef blaek satin, cy - Drrts nun. and cKendle trimming, are in high estanxkin for dinner parties t " evening, tot - hntc or fall dress, thev are) surmounted by a Dlome ofevprues feathers uncurled Ladies who do not attend to the strict letter of the court order, wear alternately stripped gauae, grey crape and black silk, or bombateen, trimmed with muslin flounces ith broad hems. Cypress gauze is much worn, and is infinitelj more becoming than crape. - Ear - pendant of jet are worn of a prodigious length, reaching above half war down the throat; brooches of Jet, in the form of crescents reversed, are most prevalent. LONDON, Dee. 4. 7 Prsaress CAarfoWe. Her royal highness the prince Charlotte sat, a few day previous to her confinement, to lr. Dawe, the portrait painter, for a full length likeness, which wru the last 'sitting required by the artist : he after ward took it borne with him, CromClaremont to his house in London, to give it the necessary fi nishing touches. After tha lamentable decease of the princess, and when her corpse was solder ed down, prince Leopold sent a carnage from Clare moot to Mr. Dawe house in London, with direction to bring the picture to him with out any delay, whether it was finished or not, which was of course complied with. I its serene highness has since kept it under lock and kej in his own private room, where be consjtantly sits. JfEW.YOHX ErEJTLVQ POST. SATURDAY, JANUARY 24. The following extract of a letter was received by this morning's mail, by a gentleman of this city, from his friend in Philadelphia. " PHILADELPHIA, 33d Jan. 1818. " Melancholy indeed has been the issue of the illness of our much - loved and venerated friend Dr. Wis tar; he was called from ui last evening, a few minutes before 8 at 6 Dr. Physic told me he was barely living, and I returned a few mi nute after his decease. I have now jatt come from the bouse, and learn that bis fuueral take place on Monday, 12 o'clock precisely. "Words cannot express my feelings on the occasion i for years his society has been my great est enjoyment Bat when I look round and see how many will be affected, and bow exteusively the lorn will be felt, I am compelled to think of others as well as myself. - Never will the loss, public and private, be repaired. You can have no conception bow far the anxiety spread ; and all agree, that he was, of all individuals, the one that could least be spared.' From (Ac Democratic Prtu, Jan. 23 Yesterday evening, at half past 8 o'clock, died. aged 56, at his bouse in South - 4lh - street, Philadelphia, Dr. Caspar Wistar, many years a physician of the first eminence in the citv of Phila delphia, and professor of anatomy in the university of Pennsylvania. 1 he loss of this rentleman will be severe! v felt in this city, by all classes of the community. His great knowledge and attention as a physician, the kindness of his tones, the mildness of his manners, rus careful attendance upon the poor, wno couiu noi reward, equally assiduous as upon the rich who could, will long endear him to all wno knew Dr. Wislar in Ibis most useful character. As a professor of anatomr. he has not been e - qualled in this country, and be has been eicelled in no other. . Perfect master not only of the mi - nutiaj of hi prolan ion, but of the most effectual modes of teaching it, his lectures were alwavs crowded. Those students who were not com pelled to attend for the sake of a degree, were induced to attend for the sake of informalioa. The skill and care with which hi subje:ts were prepared and brought forward the simple, neat intelligible style of his lectures the kind and friendly character of hi voice and manner bis anxiety to make his students fully comprehend woat they baa to learn aud his treat success in these endeavors, have long been admired, and will be long remembered. A a scientific man, it will be difficult to re place him in scientific society here. His con stant aim was to promote knowledge of all kinds, in all ways. His house was the hospi table resort of scientific strangers from every quarter of the world his weekly conversation parties through the winter, were the means of concentrating and diffusing every kind of use ful intelligence in the philosophical world, nor will his friends who usually met there ever forget the elegant hospitality of his parties, or the charms of his own conversation that enlivened them. Dr. Wistar had for some years been afflicted by obstructions in the chest, and irreirularities of the pulse. About a week ago, he was sei zed with a low fever, not distinctly character ized as a Typhus, but which with his constitutional complaints, deprived his friends of a man whose society will hardly be replaced, and the community of one of its brightest or naments. Fortign Ullert. The National Advocate of this morning ha undertaken to justify the custom - house officers against the complaints that hare been repeatedly made, of improperly intermeddling with ship letter - bags, and carrying them off to the public store to be first rummaged for smuggled goods. The Advocate contends that tuch are the frauds attempted upon the re venue, by disguising dutiable articles, as news paper packages, or letters, that this mode of detection is absolutely necessary. Admitting for the present that the custom - house has the strict right to examioe the letter bap, surely a regard for the convenience ef the community might suggest some better mode than that Staking them away from the ship and detaining them, sometimes, 48 hours : suspicious - lookine letter and unsuspicious all meeting the same (ate. Letters to tie distributed south or north, miss thereby, sometime one and sometimes two mails, and I need not point out the suposeable consequences, now mnch belter would it be to appoint ah agent to attend in the post - office for the purpose of examining on the spot all surpect - ed letters, and detaining ouly such, till they can be properly searched, and delivering the remainder ? It is certain that the present practice is found pregnant with inconvenience and vexation, and may be attended with serious losses. Infmnu praciictt jmlitt - ifficert. The reader will observe that the article under this head ii taken from a London paper, and relates to the practice of that vile and naughty city, aod not by any mean to the virtuous city of N. York, where, I hope no such iniquity prevail. . The Washington Insurance ComDanv have declared a dividend of four and a half per cent for to last six months. Extract of a kite? from a tnercbaBt in Et f eters - 1 " & i v s' I i sr - TI jK ...... . ftksi sTtscrvewssa Kfw hrnVM MCClVCd J mjsj UlUaajt VI s vvewvat - w - iostractioo to admit no Papers when (igoed per areetcraf iow without exacting double duties. All Invoices, Bills of Landing and Specification, snest be signed at A Bottom otherwise doable doues will nave to be paid. It n important that the anercbants la the United State who trad to this place soon id De acquainiea wiin we aws .. Extract of a letter from capt William Duncan, ot the brig Rebecca, of Salem, dated "Havana, Dec 21. On the 17th at 11 P. M W. 8. W. 4 league from Stirrup Key, was fr edintoby a Patriot privateer, mounting one long 18 pounder, and having about 43 men, oi all colours and nations. They plundered me of a barrel of a pork, 5 or 6 coils of cordage, my fore sheets, all the pump leather, merlin spikes, coffee mill, and a great many other articles Some of my men were not icft with a second jacket, others were completely stripped. 1 ask ed a number of questions concerning the privateer, bar commander and officers, with a view of beiner able lo trace her : but to all they gave impertinent and evasive answers I expostulated with the officer respecting: the impropriety, in justice, and nngenUemanly treatment I was re - ceivmr : but all the satisfaction that I got was. that I might think myself well off if they did not take the maio - masL" From Ih Eotton Daily Advert iter, Jan. 21. A motion was made in the Legislature of thi Commonwealth, containing a proposition for establishing by law, nam: for the days of the week, as substitutes tor tne present names, which are sid to be derived from certain Hea then Gods. We would sureest such an amend. ment of the proposition, as will provide for a new appellation for the official recerd of the proceedings of the House, the wordj'ounwi being derived from Vu or Zeus, we breex name or the God Jupiter tor trom uis is de rived the Latin word diet, and rfiumui which in the Italian becomes gtorno, in the French, hour, and in English journal. This amend ment, perhaps, outfit to have tne precedence. ax the derivation is much more clearly traced than that of some of the names proposed to be abolished. We may fairly expect, in the report of this committee, a rare specimen or penological learning. Yet it may be doubted whether they will show any good reason for quarrelling with our illiterate ancestors, tor having named me first djy of the week, and that which we de vote more particularly to the service of the Creator, from the noblest object in creation, and one whose presence alone distinguishes the day from night ; and the other davs of the week from the moon, and other objects es teemed by them the most noble and ilirn fied It is perhaps impossible for us to determine. whether a part of these objects, when their names were appropriated to the days of the week, were regarded as Rods or men i and it is or little consequence to us, so long as tne name cannot deceive any one into the helief. that the day is, or ever was, consecrated to the service or these obscure deities. GRANSVILLE, (Ms.) Jan. 8. WOLF HUNT Jin old tnemuvanqvithtd For some time past the fanners in this and the adjoining towns had suffered serious losses in their flocks of sheep ; several being killed in one night. It was ascertained by the track, and the manner in which the spoiler treated his prey, that these depredations were committed by a wolf, whose haunt must be somewhere in the neighborhood. Uur injured yeomanry were determined, the first opportunity, to hunt down so dangerous a foe. It was discovered early on the moraine of the 5th instant, that he had visited a sheepfold in this vicinity, with his usual success in plunder. Alarm was immediately made, and the enemy was traced into a large swamp, which was soon surrounded by one hundred persons. At the " winding or the born" the company advanced towards the center of the swamp, when the wolf was soon discovered. He was regularly kept at bav. till hi ranze was confined to two or three acres of land.1 In thi situation, the charge of musketry commenced. It was calculated thai more than thirty gun were fired; yet the foe, braving all dangers, broke through the ranks ot the assailants and escaped, though with manifest symptoms ot inconvenience Irom the wounds be had received in the rencounter. Next morning th chase was renewed, when pursuing him a bout a mile from' the scene of action, he was found dead. He appear to have been an old offender, of uncommon sise, and well calculated to do mischief He measured six feet from the nose to the end of the tail, was three feet in height, and weighed eightr - five pounds. Noaroix, Jan. IS, We are politely favoured with the following; letter from the Officers of the frigate United States, to their late commander. Com. John Shaw, and his valedictory to his officers and crew, upon relinquishing the command of that ship in the Mediterranean, to return to the united States. We with great pleasure erive them a place in our columns, satisfied that it must be peculiarly grateful to the people of tins country to see so much cordiality and respect subsisting between individuals composing so essential a part of the national strength and so justly considered the guardian of its rights and its character. To see the relations of parents and child strikingly represented between the commander and the commanded, is a spec tacle calculated to inspire confidence in the friends of the navy and is the surest guarantee ot efficiency against its toes. t ngat United States, Gibraltar Bay, October 19th, 1817. SI R As you are about to relinquiih tha com mand of this ship, to which we have long been attacned, we trust it will not be thought indecorous, that we express to you the high respect w entertain lor your character. Whilst a seal for tha interest of the service. and a steady aod inflexible regard to subordina tion and discipline, have invariably marked your conduct, the claims ot humanity have never been rejected, nor th pride ol the omcer forgotten rennit us to assure you, sir, that the time in which we have had the honor of serving under your command, will be remembered with satis faction ; and that the numerous instances in which w have experienced your friendship and lavour, will ever be acknowledged with grati tude. That your health and happiness may be pre served, and your usefulness continued t that you may long enjoy th confidence the nation ; and that your successful and important services may ever De duly appreciated, are tha earnest wishes of Your most respectfully Obedient servants. Ice. fcc. Previous to Commodore Shaw's rivinr un the command of the frigate United States, he assembled ner othcers and crew, and delivered to them the followini; address : Before I relinquish the command of this ship, I feel much satisfaction in tendering to her officers generally, the assurance of my es teem and tneneship. lUvine had the honor of commanding her some years, 1 cannot regard with ind.tference, the prospects of those ren - tlemen, by whose discreet and officer - like con duct, I have been relieved from many in con veniences incident to my situation. 1 ou, gentlemen, Irom whom I am about to be separated, will ever bold a place in snv resoetn brance, and should any circumstance again place you noaer my command, it would be to nse a source of much satisfaction. I take this opportunity to express to mat Dart oi ue amp's company wnom 1 fear behind aaa, my approbation of their general conduct, and p i . - " wuim i earnestly assure their present j aad hap piness, 1 htr t perfect cceJdeaca in Usuring tbeaa, that as leog a they continue to preserve the same course of conduct, which has entitled thaa to my thanks, they will have no cause of discontentment, under any comsaaader in th VTn:1 Gtatmm SOI fHl ISMW , i mi ii i iip 1 1 i . . . NcwJIarxir, Jan. 20. We have seen a statement in a number of paper, thatcepC Clark, of the American ship n..MMMnr hi recovered of Mr. Thompson of Scotland, 26,000 dollars for the detention of his ship five year, and the imprisonment oi ui person. Capt Clark, U a citizen of New - Haven, and has obligingly promised us the particulars of hi case, as soon as he receive a statement of the final decision, which he expects by the first arriv! the statement will be particularly interesting to the commercial part of the community. CHARLESTON, Jan. 16. A letter from St. Mary's, dated 9th inst. says, U Vni, kav. hnrt. nf rmirio. tf nur fhrceB ha - M VW ,I.V ... m, w. . fine taken pot&euion of AneJia ; it wai done in atvlli f hp nnlnnla fan rnthpr nuict. bat do not eeinra ntr arw.f iiulirit) 1 1 nn in IpAVR tha? IP Mftt 1 ajwai.v? Mil y i..m vu bo sociability whatever eiisti between Aury and our ooicert - inuee inej uavenm ftco vccu cam Ak. fit at tmrili a - earlninlw sSnrl it iitfirillt to sTIt ft - way, as they will be compelled to pay all debts to individuals, as well as for denredationl commute u uutiug ueir ' . . - - i i : . i : , - , BOSTON, Nov. SI. Prize ox beef The beef of the. ox Magnus, which gained the premium at Brighton, in October last, was exhibited for sale on Monday, in Fanuiel - UaU. Its weight : Quarters 437 Hide 145 426 Tallow 287 " 358 " 344 Total 1994 Three of our wealthy fellow - citizens have purchased 200 wt. each at 50 cents per lb. 1 b beef is extremely fine. CONGRESS. IX SENATE January 21. The senate took up and concurred in the report of the committee of pension unfavorable to the petition of Lphraim ahaler, Do Lafayette Wilcox, and Alphonso Wetmore, first lieutenant of the sixth regiment United States infan try, stating that, during the late war, while en gaged in action with the enemy, they received several severe wounds, which occasioned to each the loss of an arm ; that the loss and wounds sub ject them to daily pain and inconvenience, al though the performance of their duty as othcers ol the army has not been suspended on that ac count since their wounds healed ; and soliciting the aid of congress, to liar as to confer on them a compensation equal to their sufferings and ex pense, by granting to them pensions from the date ol their several wounds. The report of the committee of commerce and manufactures, unfavorable to the proposition of madame 1'lantou, was taken np and agreed to. 1 he president laid before the senate a letter Irom Mr. r isk, of Vermont, resignint; his seat in the senate, be having accepted an office from th executive of the Unite 4 States. The senate then again resumed th considera tion of executive business ; after which The senate adjourned. MOUSE OF R EPRESEMTA TIJfES. January 21. The House took up for consideration an a - mendmentto the rules of the House, proposed by Mr. Bassett, the object of which was to designate more distinctly the Orders of the Day, and to make them peremptory (that is, the assignation of particular business to par ticular days.) A considerable conversation took place on the expediency of the new rule proposed, which was ultimately rejectee. 1 he engrossed bills making appropriations for the military service, was read a third time, passed, and sent to the Senate tor concurrence. Judicial Reeordt. The remainder of the day was spent in com mittee of the whole, Mr. Smith, of Maryland in the chair, in debating the bill prescribing the effect of certain judicial records. Mr. Fowling, Mr. Pindall, and Mr. Storrs, delivered speeches of considerable length a gainst the bill, and Mr. Spencer replied, also at considerable length. The committee having risen, and the bill being before the House Mr. Forsyth, to try the principal of the bill, which, havinsr been so lanrelv debated, must by this time be perfectly understood, moved to postpone the bill indefinitely. The question on this motion was taken without debate, and decided in the affirmative by a large majority. So the bill, after so much learning, labor, and ability displayed upon it. was finallv re jected ; and I be House adjourned. I'he Paris Moniteur informs us of the appearance of four ferocious animal, (commonly called lynxes) in La Notre de la Rose three of them were successively killed by the farmer. One of them, about the size of a large dog, after doing some miscmei, found his conqueror in a peasant oi extraordinary strength, made like a Hercules, and in the bloom of life. This man, who was unarmed, grappled with him, body to body, and after a sanguinary and obstinate struggle, which lasted three quarter of an hour, succeeded iu throwing him to the ground, but still would not bav conquered him but for his address and promptitude. The furious animal had devoured the hat of his adversary ; a large buckle, attached to the hat, stuck between his teeth ; the man availed himself of this circumstance, and having courageously thrust his hand, armed with a stone, into his mouth, as deep at possible, left the stone there, and in spite' of the numerous bites be received, did not let go his hold until he tore out the tongue of the animal, then flung him to the ground, and saw him expire in dreadful convulsions. This trait of intrepidity hat excited the admiration of the whole country. PRICES OF STOCKS. CORRECTED BT THE Aew - For Stock and Exchange Roard. New - York 1:12 3 - 4 134 Merchant 120 122 Manhattan 124 Mechanic 122 4 union 96 t - 2 96 3 - 4 uty , noi - 2 America 09 i.pI l - Phenix . 106 1 - 2 Eagle 130 none Globe 112 Washington 115 none 'dutaal 115 1 - 2 116 American 145 150 New - York 103 M3 3 - 4 Ocean 60 6:. Firemen new 19 1 - 2 tO United per share 4 1 - 2 6 1 - 2 Pbenix per share 14 sales National , 108 1 - 2 109 Pacific 109 l.R 109 3.1 Six per Cent City Loan 102 N. Y. Stat Sixes Ii00 1 - 2 100 3 - 4 sevens (none NATIONAL. STOCKS. United States Bank 150 Six percent, old and deferred do Louisiana do War Loans par and mt 1U1 none I0 109 3 4 110 Seven per cent. 1 (tree per cent. Yntno 7112 none . 86 3 4 3 1 - 3a4prem Specie Dollar Uoub loons 115 3 - 4 a 15 7 - 8 esooOooee EXCHANGE. Bull oa Loodoo, 60 days 101 3 - 4 a 102 ennsn uovercmcut 102 1 - 2 ranee fr. 5.3 j a 5.37 1 - 2 Amsterdam 39 cents Thi, Burning, Richard BeaUy, aged ti year, - rii..,, 'ih iVvuds and acanamt - m BttUV U iisuw. - aoce of tha family, and of Wn. OLff, are request ed to auena nis itinera v - aJtemoon, Irom 18 Sprnce - streu grEJfUTQ POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. ShiD Lorenzo Russell, . Liverpool ' , . ' Fish & GrinneU Cocfiance.Duprat, Guadeloupe Larue. Palmer It Co Grand Turk. Quereau. Londonderry Alex. V. twine Brig Maston, Simonet, Demerara Isaac Hull. Cornwall Greenock M Van Schaick Schr.Marsaret.VaU. Charleston Vandewater & - Wheeler Snnerior. Van Pelt. Norfolk True American, Kelly, Philadelphia L'Hoinmedieu & Brown Tell - Tale, Churchward, Norfolk Indian Hunltr, Seaman, Richmond Gre vhound. Hoad lev. St Thomas Kai thaos, Reinicke tt Co ARRIVED THIS fVREAOO.. Scb. James Monroe, Hipkiris, 6 days from Norfolk, with flour, brimstone, rice, Sic. to Page and Triplett, llowland B ursine, ana a rv Field. Passengers. Mrs. A Blackburn and 3 children, lieut J Trent, U S navy ; liout. J P Van Linger, do ; R Baldwin, midshipman ; B Caroender. do : D G Meyer, II Gorham, A D Reviere. and J Livingston, of N York. Sailed in co with sch Martha, Simiogton, for N York ; and sch Eleanor for do. On Sunday, off Sinitb'r Island, spoke sch Sally, from Rhode - Island, bound to Petersburg!!. Saw 2 brigs and 4 schr? tandinr into the cape. Arrived yesterday at Philadelphia Union Line sch Express, capt Webb, irom mis port. ARRIVED LAST EVESlffQ. British ship Alexander Buchanan, Clements, 46 davs from Londonderry, with bricks, pot a toes, coals, and 1 box linens, to A. C. Buchanan. Passengers, Mr. Buchanan and servant, Mrs Lowther, and 30 in the steerage. Sailed lc 7. No newt. I'he British ship Elira Ann, tail ea iroul uuimu lur i,evr iui& un uciuuitip v. Dec. The brix John M'Camrooo was to sail from .j r . ii - . r. v. v.i. i. k Belfast for New - York, lUtDUec. fcpoXe, uec 10. Int. 62. Ion? 14. an American briai from Phi' ladelphia for Belfast all well. Jan 16, lat 36 23, lone 67, ship Julia, of Baltimore, 14 day from Havana for Amsterdam. 20th, lat 37, long 69, 30, schr Mary Ann, swain, irom n x or lor 1 e neriffe. Ship Corsair, Sutton, 5 day from Charleston, with rice and rotton. toClark. Moore fc Co. and Uapt. button, owners, 1 roses, uavidton 4: Co. w Kozers. a uaivnite. J crawiord. ue tinam a De Lessert, Thorn fc Hawxhnrst, J B Lafonta. Mulford ft Leffinewell. J. fl W. Sterline tt Co. Kitsam S Wetmore, S Alley, J SherrirT, H Coit, T Austin, P Havens, H Jackson, A. K. Smedes, and other. Passengers, J. Wrigley, Hamilton, J Morrison, Win. Robins, Conrad Brooks, Wm. Brooks. Lemuel Coleman, John W. B Thompson, Phillip Arnold, Capt. Gardner, and P Brain. snip juatona, irvm new - x ora arrived the 15th tchr Sw insure from Boston, and Geo. Macomb the 16th instant. CHARLESTON, Jan. 16 Arrived, ship Latona, Low, 6 dayt from NYork. British brig Recovery, (of London) Gauntlet, 17 days from Bermuda. Cleared, schr Fen wick, Denison, NYork. Th ships arrived yesterday, report having ex perienced uncommonly severe weather oo the coast. The schr Ann At Susan, Lachicolte, of thU port, wat lost on the bar, at tha entrance of In dian river (East Florida) oo the 12th ulU The crew and all her materials were saved. Capt. Lachicolte arrived here on Tuesday last, in the smack Rainbow, capt Tifft, from Mosquito. GEORGETOWN, Jan. 14 Arrived on Sun day last, tchr Eliza, Wood, 1 1 days from NYork. The armed tchr Isabelita, Moore, from Amelia Island, anchored below on the 7th inst. NORFOLK, Jan. 19. Arrived, Sloop Wind ham, Wood, 9 days from New - London. The schr. Herald, s wanton, from Baltimore bound to Charleston was driven ashore in the snowstorm on Tuesday morning last, about half way between Lynhaven Inlet and Cape Henry Light. It it, however, the opinion of those who have viewed her situation that she may be got off with tha lint tolerable high tide, bbe is report ed to have received no injury from grounding. 1 ne tenr. Elizabeth, Uentry, Irom the Spanish Main, bound to Baltimore, took a pilot on Thurs day night ; she had lost her rudder in the late gale. The Elizabeth spoke a few days since, a brig from the northward bound to this port ; the nrig had made Cape Heary light - house, but bad got blown off again. I be ship Warrington. Smith, formerly of this port, arrived at Rio Janeiro on tu 17th of November last, after a passage of 5 1 day (round Cape Horn) from Valparaiso under date of the 22d of the tame month, the captain writes to a gentleman of his acquaintance in this town, and observes, that he expects to sail in the course of a month lor r ranee, with a cargo of coffee, sugar and cotton. II also states, that he ha made a great voyage for the owners in France, and has not been altogether idle himself, although things have not turned out so well as be had expected, in consequence of the goads having been badly put up. Sloop Roxana, Cotton, 17 dayt from Boston. The R. has been ashore for tome dayt near Old Point Comfort, and rot off with no other injury. except cutting a cable. Her cargo, wat taken out by the tchr, nancy, scudder.of Barnstable, nasi, wnicn usisiea ineeiune ner on.. BALTIMORE. Jan. 22. Arrived below. brie calypso, ieill, 7 dayt from savannah, aad 88 hours from light to light - on the 13th inst offTy - bee light, spoke ship America, of New - York, 36 dayt from London for Savannah Saw ia the Bay Douna up, z nermapnrooiie ana z lun rigged brigs, and 4 clump tchrt. THEATKE. For the benefit of Mr. FINN. On Saturday Evening, Jan. 24, will be present - ea, ine corneiiy 01 me CLANDESTINE MARRIAGE. Lord Ogleby Mr. Finn To which will be added OF AGE TOMORROW. Performance to commence at half oast six o'clock precisely. The public it respectfully informed that Mr. Incledon b engaged for a few nights, and will make hi first appearance on Monday nsxL in the character ol fiashly, in the comic opera oil 1 ne ijoru 01 tne Manor. CITY ASSEMBLY. . i - .Miiigbii gn uviiw turn um ucjii Assembly will take place on Thursday, the 29tb inst. Jan 24 TO JOURNEYMEN PRINTERS. 07 Five or Six COMPOSITERS, are wanted at the Type Foundry in - Beach - street. jan 24 3t 'OR t'.Nftl.avn niRrT T r I .ttr for 14m Rritonni. Ti it !. Pnol. et PRINCESS ELIZABETH, (for Falmouth, direct) will be received at the Post - Office till Wednesday afternoon, the 4th day of February. t a T nr ,nn r - . . u 4i t, ,,. r., Agent. A CARD. rrp Mr. M'Intyre, of the Washington - Hall, is not entitled to the vote of thank passed in his favour yesterday, for the offer of a room in his bouse, by those gentlemen who met at Doolcy's long room : no tuch oner ever riavinj been made. Jan 24 It tor HAVRE, Tht fast sailing ship FAVOURITE. Moses Hillard, master: havinsr two third of her cargo engaged and will tail by the 10th February. For freitrht or Dasgaere. having excellent accommodations, apply to the captain on board, at Fulton - street - wharf. or to FREDERICK JENKINS & SON. janS lw No. 19 B'jrling - slip. V DCVIESTIC k OTHER WATtra rrH t4btcriber keep constantly on hand an A. extei tv HwnucDIOl we louowug gooda, WS I - 1 Dutch 'anoV English Gunny Bag, &c. Pope Head Crumb Brotbet Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmith Hall and Entry Mat Pails and Tub Whel - Brrow Fine Wire Sieve Do Hair do Whip of every description Seine, tewing, wrapping, baleing and ball 1 v me Fish Lilies Shoe t s'adlert Thread Dearborfi' Ballan - cet Broom . Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fancy and common Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clainpt, l, 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Linet Sash Cords, Trace Rope Wrought and Cut Nails and Bradt Which they will tell wholesale or retail on i. beraltermt. CEBRA A CUMING, jan 24 76 Pearl - ttreet. BOMBAZETTS & COTTON 4 bales Bombazetts 34 bales .Sea Island Cotton, and 15 do. prime Upland do. landing and folate by SAUL ALLEY, 68 Pine - street. Is? Stobe 40 bales Sea Island. Apply u above. jan 24 HULLfe BOVVNEhave juit received by the Lorenio, from London, Dixon't Aotibiliout Pill Hickman's Pillt fur the gravel, tic. Ching't Worm Destroying Lozenge Roach's Embrocation Thompson's Cheltenham Salts Hayward's Tolu Lozenges Hen'ry's Calcin'd Magnesia, And a general assortment of British Patent Medicines of repute, not mentioned above ; warranted genuine, aod for sale at Jan 24 1m 146 Pearl - street. 2i CENTS REWARD. LOST last evening, a very small Dog ; bat a stripe of grey hairs down his hack $ is terrier breed. Whoever will return said d. g to No. 213 Broadway, shall receive the above reward aod thanks of the owner. Jan24ltt JOHN MORTON. PLAYING CARDS. AH. INSKEEP, No 3 Courtland - street, has .just received a fresh supply of very superior EAGLE CARDS, plain and figured hacks, and for sale by groce, dozen or single pack, at the Manufacturers prices. jan 24 3t VALUABLE BUII.UWQ LOTS AT AUCTION. rpO be sold on the 27th init'. 'at the T. C. H. X two vacant lots of ground in Water - itreet, between Burling Slip and Fulton - street. ALSO, Twelve lott of ground in Wafer, Front and South - streets, west side Walout - ttreet, at present occupied by Forniao Cheesman, as ship yard. As a ferry is to be established from Walnut - street to Long Island, this property will can - teqnently be much enhanced in value. Maps of the property may be teen at the auction room of Messrs. PRANKLIN & M1NTURN. Terms liberal and made known al the sale. Jan 24 3t A SPECULA TlOJf. On Thundavnext. the 30th inst. will be soldlt auction, by FRANKLIN ic MINTlJt.V, (il not sooner disposed of at private tale) nine ra bue fmm tha first of Mav next, oftbota elegant buildings belonging to the estate of the late Thomat Buchanan, eq. deceased, and now known atthe MERCHANTS' HOTEL, No. 41 and 43 Wall - street. The buildings are of brick, 3 stories high, built in the best and most fashionable manner, and comprise a front of 75 feet, and being directly opposite the City Bank, and in the centre of the stock and exchange market, pronjiees a greater enhancement of value than any other property of the kind. There are Ai rooms, besides cellars, kitchens, pantrftt, garret), tic, &c. The lot is targe and codbm - dious. with a substantial brick stable and . oth er out - buildings in the rear, aod a carnage way extending to sioat - i.ane. s no irowui um buildings may be altered into several offices which will command a ereat rents at any in the city ; and the residue is well calculated for an extensive tavern or boarding house, and separately a convenient and spacious dwelling. Jan 14 xi 70 Lt.T, For erne or more years a two story brick house inStnyvesant - strcet, nearly opposite St. Marks Church, containing right rooms, a large kitchen, servants room, cellar, pantries, fcc. in complete order for I he receptiou of a genteel family with a garden and yard of about tw ' and hair acres 01 land, containing a variety of the finest fruit trees, asparagus and hot beds, &c. fcc. together with a wood bouse, carnage house ana stables. Rent will be reasonable, and posses sion can be bad the first day of April Apply between 10 and X o'clock, on tne premises, to NICHOLAS WM. STUY VE3ANT. Jan 24 lw a FOR SALE, The lot No. 312 Water - street, 24 feet iu mcnes iront ana rear, ana 79 leet ueep. vn laid lot it two wooden building. ALSO, The two tory frame hone and lot of ground in Grand - street, next to the corner o( Orchard - street. For particular, inquire at 27 Roosevelt - street jan 24 lw JTORTH AMERICA' REVIEW. THE 17th number (for January 1818) of this interesting periodical work, is thi day received, and is ready for delivery at the store of KIRK il MERCEIN, 22 Wall - st. Who have just received and will publish in a few days, The London Quarterly Review, No. 34. Jan 24 LORD AMHERST'S EMBASSY TO CH LYA J 1ST received and for 'sale by E. VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, (3d door below Pine - street) Journal of tlie proceeding of the late embassy to China, comprising a correct narrative of the public transactions of the embassy of the voy - . age to and from China, Interspersed with observations on the face of the country, the polity, moral character, and manner of the Chinese nation, illustrated by a large map ; by Henry Ellis, third commissioner of the embassy, 1 vol.8vo. price $2 50. Letters from the Cape of Good Hope, in reply to Mr. Warden ; with extracts from the great work now compiling under the inspection of Napoleon. Character of Shakespeare' Plays, by . Hatlitt, Memoir of Dr. Buchanan, l. D. lat vice prevost in the college of Fort Williasa, 1 Bengal. Visiting and Addres Cards engraved and pruned. Jant4 TO PRIVTER S WANTED a quantity of type metal, for which a fair price will be given, by COLLINS ti H ANN AY, 230 Pearl - ttreet. Who hare for tale, low, pica, small pica, long primer, nonpareil and pearl, which has been but little used, and type metal taken in payment. Jan 24 D&C4t Gt R. WAITE'3 lit of prizes, drawn this week, in Medical Science Lottery Jo - - 10th davs drawing. 12,859, $2000; 16,2U6, 200 ; 9042, 17,741. 25,582. 50 eacb, , 11th dayt drawing. 12,793.$ 100; Ej25,1 599, 50 each. , 12th dayt drawing. 20.219, t000 J 1 fitJO; 23.890, 60. 13lh dayt drawing; 43W, $500; IK77 14,396, $100; 3994, 50. ' 14th day't diawing. 17,196, $500. An old at Waite'. ... ' mJ Where ticket and hare in the Milfojd aa Oweeo Lottery are now for sale ; price 30 oo Jj 70,1)00 dollars highest prize ; to be drawn a v dratrioz. Jaax

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