Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 27, 1931 · Page 7
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1931
Page 7
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FEBRUARY 27 1931. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARSHALLTOWN WOMEN ARRANGE BIENNIAL MEETING Local Board Plans Events of Sessions Semi-Annual S t a t e Board Meeting to Be Held in Des Moines. Plans are being made for the bienial convention of the Iowa Federation of Women's clubs to be held May 19 to 22 at Marshalltown. Mrs. David Lennox, Jr., of Marshalltown is chairman of the loca! biennial board. Mrs. Fred Loss is vice-chairman, Mrs. M. W. Cheslre, treasurer, and Mrs. Neil Mershon, secretary. Tho Marshalltown Federation owns a club home whicb was given by Miss Jessie Bindorf of the Hull house, Chicago, Hotel Tallcora will be the convention headquarters and the general sessions will be held in the memorial coliseum. Mrs. O. H. Albee of Marshalltown is chairman of the housing committee. Mrs. H. O. Hyatt of Laraoille, is in charge of exhibits and clubs which are planning displays have been asked to notify her. The art contest will lie held for the second time with Mrs. Henry Ness, chairman of the art department of the federation, in charge. There are two classes for entries oils and water color and pastel and prizes will be awarded in each class. The semi-annual board and committee meeting of the federation will be held March 3-5 in Des Moines. niAIIUIACE LICENSES ISSUED AT ALLISON ALLISON, Feb. 27.--Marriage li censes have been issued to Thomas Theodore Bauman and Laura Louise Wubbena, Allison; Lloyd Loui Luft and Viola Mae Sornsen, Parkersburg; Dan Lindaman, Bristow and Paulino Ethel Gerhardt, Aplington. Sensitive Sou! Finds Life Hard, Writes Advisor AUTHOR'S SISTER NAMED QUEEN Take Your Medicine With You! By VIRGINIA LEE THE SENSITIVE soul has, as a rule, a hard row to hoc in this seemingly indifferent world. Folk have no time to take into consideration the fact that this one or that one is likely to have his or her feelings hurt if they are spoken to sharply, or to feel slighted if they are not included in an invitation or their opinion asked on a certain subject. The one who is looking for trouble and slights always gets them. There is nothing more sure than that. The 'teen age is unusually sensitive. A boy or girl of this age is almost sure to think they are being discriminated against, both at home and abroad. Normal young people outgrow this phobia--if it amounts to that--as they see more of life and find that they get largely what 'treatment they think they do. But occasionally it grows on them-mostly thru unusual circumstances or environment, and they get a very real phobia that requires a doctor's care to overcome. TROUBLED L. T.: I hope you have read the foregoing. You say in your postscript that you hope you have made your situation as serious as it really is. You probably do not know the true situation, as one who was intimate with your family but not a member would. You are too close to it. And I could hardly tel! how serious it is from your letter svith nothing to tell me what the other side of the picture is. I do not want to seem unsympathetic. Even if you are not entirely blameless for the treatment you receive from the other members of your family, you suffer thinking that you are martyr and in not knowing how to remedy things. Later on in life you will be able to look back and see what the truth is, but that doesn't help you now. Make up your mind, my dear little girl, that you are not going to be one of those poor abused mortals whom everybody takes a whack at. They are the world's worst pests. Nobody likes them. Take this for a. fact: That people usually treat you as you expect them to treat you. If you are a jolly, happy-go-lucky soul they will forgive you many things, for everyone needs sunshine. If you are sympathetic people will tell you their troubles. If you think of others before yourself and go out of your way to be nice to people and see the good in them instead of the bad, they will turn to you and love LvDtA. E. PINKHAH'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND is now prepared in convenient, palatable, chocolate coaled tablets packed in small bottles. Eacb bottle contains 70 tablets or 35 doses. Our Vegetable Compound lias the written endorsement o£ half a million, women. During the three trying periods of maturity, maternity and middle age, it proves its worth. 98 out of 10Q report benefit after taking it. These tablets arc just as effective as the liquid. . vegetable Compound Preserve that smile of radiant happiness that it may recall pleasant memories in years to come. RUSSEL STUDIO Bagley-Beck Building Phone 2272 HATS OF THE RICH GLISTENING STRAW THAT COMPLEMENTS PRESENT COMING COSTUMES $10 to $15 lOt North Federal -- Mason City WASHINGTON CLUB AFFAIRS DESCRIBED Mrs. Dickinson Writes* of Interesting Events. EIHTOK'S NOTE--The Congressional club's unmiul breakfast for the president's wife and a reception for the Long- worths are two of the interesting social events of Washington which Mrs. I,. J. Dickinson, wife of IOWH'S senator- elect, writes of in her letter this week. The. Ounn-liong- wortb feud which most of us tiiot dcart and Imritx! is still raging according lo Mrs. Dickinson, who tells how cleverly the Woman's National Press club solved the difficulty and got the two women seated at a tnlilo together. At the close of her letter Mrs. Dickinson hints ill a visit to Iowa this summer mid also mentions the Dickinson genealogy which she is working on with the senator-elect. My deaf Jane: Having had a season filled with teas, receptions, balls and what not, society has now turned intellectual and is going to enjoy concerts and lectures during Lent. Mrs. Hoover has left town for how long we do not know. She Ripon's 1931 prom queen is Miss Katherine Wcscott, above, sister of Glenway Wescott, author of "Grandmothers" and "Goodbye Wisconsin." She is a junior at the Ripon, Wis., institution. you. These are rules of life, not just sayings. And if you go around saying, "Nobody loves me and everyone is against me," you will find that in time they really will be, and that you will not be welcome in any group. Think it over, Girlie, and decide which kind of a person you want to be. Then BE it. » · * SPOILED GIRL: Too bad you and the boy friend spoiled a perfectly good friendship by quarreling. I should imagine from what you tell me that he is filling in his time with the other girls until you two get together and make up. It looks that way. If you meet him anywhere, why not show by your manner that you are sorry for your part in the strife and want to make up ? He would probably jump at the chance. By MKS. ALEXANDER (JEOKUE. Entertaining At Luncheon. Cream of Mushroom Soup. Salted Wafers. Ripe Olives Pickles Tuna Pish Salad -lot Cheese Biscuit Currant Jelly Marguerite Parfait Coffee NATURE DEPARTMENT ASSURED SPRING IS PRACTICALLY HERE Curiouser and c'urionscr was the only comment of the aint-nature wonderful editor Friday morning at the contribution of a twig from an elder tree in bud. ,T, M. Barth olomew saw the tree near the high school and its evidence is to counteract the effects of the last snow storm which was brot on by the Globe-Gazette's too optimistic feeling about spring. This department will be willing to wager that the grass will be green by St. Patrick's day. We wil even go farther and say that the corn will be knee high by the fourth of July. Last one to see a robin is a nig gerbaby! GUESSWORK REIVED BY BOOTH COFFEE IH mm. QMHTITIES HELPING THE HOMEMAKER Patented Process Invented by Hills Bros. Insures Delicious, Uniform Flavor Always When coffee is roasted in the ordinary way, which is in two or three hunlored pound lots, it is a problem to get an even roast. Some of the berries may be overdone, some underdone. What is more, one batch may vary from another in color. AH of these variations prevent .a uniform flavor. 'Hills Bros, overcame this problem by inventing and patenting a roasting method that automatically regulates the amount of coffee roasted and the degree of heat. By a slow but continuous process, only a few pounds at a time pass through the roasters. So exact is the control, that every berry is roasted evenly and gives a matchless, uniform flavor in every cup. No other coffee can taste like Hills Bros. Coffee because no other coffee is roasted the same way. The continuous process, Controlled Roasting, that means so much in flavor and strength is Hills Bros.' exclusively. When you buy Hills Bros. Coffee it is as fresh and rich in flavor and aroma as when it comes from the roasters. Air, which destroys the flavor of coffee, is completely excluded from the vacuum cans in which Hills Bros. Coffee is packed. Coffee packed in ordinary air-tight cans does not stay fresh. Ask for Hills Bros. Coffee by name and look for the Arab -- the trade-mark -- on the can. Sold everywhere. K i l l s Bros. Coffee, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, £11931 Cream of Mushroom Soup, Serving 8. One cup diced mushrooms, 1-3 cuj chopped celery, 2 tablespoons chopped green peppers, 2 table- ;poons chopped pimentos, 1 tea- ;poon finely chopped onions, 1 teaspoon salt, 3 cups water, ·! tablespoons butter, 4 tablespoons flour, 3 ups milk, Vi clip whipped cream, 1 tablespoon chopped parsley. Mix: mushrooms, celery, green coppers, pimentos, onions, salt an( water. Cover and cook slowly 25 minutes. Press thru coarse strainer Melt butter and add flour. Blcnc well and add milk and muchroon mixture. Cook three minutes, stir ring constantly. Serve in hot cups top with whipped cream and par y. Marguerite Parfiiit. One quart French vanilla id cream, 1 cup strawberry preserves cup whipped cream, /% cup pe cans, '/·! cup almonds. Arrange portions of ice cream i tall glass. Top with portions of res of ingredients. Serve on paper doll ies which have been placed on serv ing plates. Checso Biscuit, Serving 8. Three cups pastry flour, G lea spoons baking powder, 2-3 tcaspoo salt, 6 tablespoons butter, 2 table spoons lard, 2-3 cup grated yelloi cheese, !', cups milk. Mix flour, baking powder and sal Cut in butter and lard with knife Mixing with knife add cheese and milk. When, soft dough forms, pat it out on floured board until *,'·· inch thick. Cut out with biscuit cutter and place biscuit side by side on a greased pan. Bake 12 minutes in moderate oven. ' Sunday Tea Menu. Shrimp Salad Hot Bisctiit Olives Currant Jelly Pineapple Ice Box Cake Coffee Salted Nuts Child's Hot Lunch. Poached Eggs Baked Potatoes Buttered Green Beans Lettuce Bread . Currant Jelly Apples. HISTORY CLUB HEARS CUUIIKNT EVENTS TALK Members of the History club met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mr.s. W. Karl Hall, 22 River heights, when Mrs. Tracy Stevens led the lesson on current events. Mrs. J. A. Gold, Clinton, Minn., mother of Mrs. L. P. Courshon, was a guest. with her son, who is ill in the ountains of North Carolina. Mrs. Hoover was our guest at ic Congressional club's annual reakfast the other day. The brcak- ist, which is really a luncheon, as held in the big ballroom of the Villard hotel and was attended by very member of the club--someone :'om every state in the union. arose Mrs. Longworth and Mrs. Gann have never attended a dinner or luncheon at the same time until the Womans' National Press club worked out a sealing problem GO nobly last year at one of their dinner and stunt parties. This club holds this a f f a i r each year and having been very desirous of having both Dolly Gann and Alice Longworlh among t h e i r guests, they spent days and weeks trying to solve the problem of sealing them so they both would be satisfied. A way to keep harmony between the two was finally worked out. Table- in Trinnglo Both guests "rating" first place, it was decided to use a triangular table--an equilateral triangle, with three sides equal to each other. The chairman or hostess of the club was to sit at this table with Dolly and Alice. But after having been convinced that she would share honors equally with "Dolly," "Alice" ran off the last minute to be with her friend Ruth McCormick at the counting of the ballots in the Illinois primary. This year both of the ladies were again invited and both accepted. Everything was .lovely as each one had the seat of honor. The chairman sat within the curve of a crescent shaped table facing four of the most distinguished guests; Mrs. Stimson, Mrs. Hughes, "Dolly" and "Alice." No men are ever present at these stunt dinners--even the orchestra is composed entirely of women. Political and social Washington are satirized in song and skit and the guests of honor are usually the in- SHE ALWAYS WINS T AWYEUS must envy the record of Miss Elizabeth Hcnningcr (above), co-ed of University of Southern California, and member of the university debating team. She never lost an argument in her three years of inter-collegiate competition. She hopes to graduate w i t h a perfect record and is preparin for her twenty-fourth match. Social Calendar Daffodil's and sweet peas com- spiration for repartee and humorous incidents. "Dolly" and "Alice" FRIDAY WIFE PRESERVERS Celery cooked with carrot?; makes n good vegetable combination. ined with acacia adorned the tables, 'he acacia had been sent from Cal- fornin in honor of this special vent. Because Mrs. Hoover has a aste for classic music, the program as composed of the music of old masters and it was given by a oung Russian pianist. Woro Black Velvet. Mrs. Hoover wore a very becom- ng black velvet tailored suit. The Mouse was of cream colored silk and had a plealed wide collar which was worn outside of the velvet jacket. Her hat was a combination f black velvet and black straw. She was escorted to the long special ;uest table by Mrs. Dale, wife of the senator from Vermont and our out ;oing president of the club. Mrs. Jann, in a fall the day before, wrenched her ankle rather badly, but she never misses this particular event so in she came, cane and all, limping and hanging on to the arm of our Mrs. Remseyer, who is.fin- ishing her term as first vice president of the Congressional ctub "Dolly" wore a flowered crepe dress and a black lace hat. Alice Longworth who up to the Hoover administration has always attended the club's annual breakfast for the first lady of the land was missing as she was last year. She and "Dolly" have never yet agred on the seating question. During the breakfast the marine band dressed in red coats and black and red stripped trousers played and several/lash lights were taken of Mrs. Hoover and the rest of us. I am not going to give you the entire menu but two of the dishes were a little unusual--you might try them some time, Jane, at one of your luncheons.--The clear bouillon had been colored red with vegetable coloring. II did not change the taste of the soup and made it very attractive. Then with the baked squab was served a pie crust tart filled with creamed new asparagus. Portrait in Program. The programs, which we always treasure were unusually handsome this year, an ivory color and on the front an engraving of the club and on the back the insignia of the club. Betvven the covers wan a beautifully engraved autographed portrait of Mrs. Hoover. After the program of music Mrs. Hoover took us all by surprise by giving us a short "thank you" talk. She had been promised that sho would not have to do anything but smile and chat with her table neighbor so we were indeed surprised when she rose and said that because she had been promised sho need not talk sha suddenly decided she wanted to do so. She expressed the wish that she were 30 different persons, that she might sit at each of the tables and make tho pcronal acquaintance of every lady there. Kccnplion for Longworlhs. Our reception for the Longworths at the club house was the last of tho season. It was an exceptionally interesting one as for some unknown reason the Longworths came early and -stayed late nnt! were jovial ant) gay all evening. Perhaps it was because it had been a day of triumph for "Nick" as the men call him. His pet hobby, the bonus hill, passed the house that afternoon (later vetoed by the president, however.) "Alice" was gowned that evening in a flaming dress of red taffeta heavily embroidered in huge gold flowers. She wore an antique heavy gold chain about her neck and carried a Spanish shawl of red em- broirlcred in the same shade. Alice never uses rouge or lip stick and very pale. Fcml Still On. The feud between "Alice" and "Dolly" is not ended. H never will be as long ns Dolly Gann is given the same rank (find she is) as a wife of the vice president of the United States. They do greet cnch other, but t h a t is all. Because they are cordial in their greetings to on*; another docs not settle the "sit or not lo sit" qnesl.inn. The battle HX is not buried. Since the question make "good copy." They enjoy the witty shots at themselves, too. Guests Are Subjects In. the skit called "The Mad Tea Party," "Alice," armed with a three- foot cigaret holder and a huge bag filled with poker chips was featured. Also in this skit, "Alice" seating herself at the head of the table says, "Where I sit is always at the head of the table." To Mrs. Gann was dedicated « song to the tune of "My Country Tis of Thee," which began-"My brother, 'tis for thce, Since thou hast only me, I scheme and plan." Presb.ylcvinn Young People -7:30 o'clock, nliurch, carnival. McKlntay school -- · 7:30 o'clock, play by children. Daughters of Union Veterans -7:45 o'clock, courthouse assembly. SATURDAY Novol club -Clear Lake Country club, dinner for husbands. "Right whore the host may be, At every jamboree, I reign officially, I, Dolly Gann." Along with our social doings we have found time to aid the unemployed situation by se\viug-rui- these people. Under the direction of the Red Cross we have turned out piles of children's clothes, knitted sweaters and socks. These have been distributed to families thru the agency of the Red Cross. The members of the Congressional club met each Friday morning at the clubhouse and those who could not knit, sewed on the little dresses. Mrs. Oanu Knits. Mrs. Gann, as busy as she was with her many official duties found a. few hours each week in which she with a few of her friends sewed and knitted in her apartment at the Mayflower hotel. In fact I believe Mrs. Gann started this Red Cross work before the Congressional club did. "They" say that Dolly Gann knit more than 380 pairs of socks during the World war. There are many things I have yet to tell you, Jane, but I have other things to do now, among them help husband on his book "Dickinson Genealogy." I hope I may have a visit with you this summer back In Iowa but if I do not my letters will follow you again next winter. Having husband in tho senate will be a new experience for me and there will be many new things to write you about, I nm sure. Affectionately, Myrtle C. Dickinson With no prohibition debate, no power issue, no drought relief anri no unemployment, the wonder is that a French cabinet ever falls.-Detroit News. Ifolt Leaves Kxlension Srrvico. AMES, Feb. 27. -- Budd A Holt, extension specialist in dairy marketing at Iowa State college, resigned to accept a place on the research staff of the Federal Farm board. While with the extension service, Mr. Holt worked on the installation of uniform accounting .systems in Iowa creameries and helping them with their accounting and business problems. (Punishment for Lying Not Half So Effective as Approval of Truth By ALICE JUDSON PEALE When we sympathetically consider the child's situation in" a grown-up world, we must see what difficult tasks aro required of him, and how many satisfactions he is expected lo givo up in return for relatively few compensations. Ho is made to be punctual, clean and obedient. Ho is required to eat certain foods and forbidden to cat others. He is compelled to stop his play at any arbitrary moment, to go to bed, to come and go, lo talk m- keep still--all as grown-ups please that ho should. On top of this he is expected also to tell the truth about whatever he does. Truth-telling is in the first place a concept which is fairly unintelligible to the small child. Even after it has become fairly understandable, it does not necessarily seem always pleasant or desirable. From the child's point of view, the advantages aro all in favor of telling the truth only when it is convenient. If, therefore, we wish to train him to the necessary standard of truthfulness, we must make truth-telling attractive. Punishment for lying ig not half so effective as approval for telling the truth. Since the child can, and no doubt often does, escape punishing thru lying, it is necesasry for us to sec that the rewards of truthfulness over-balance the rewards of lying. If Johnny admits that ho forgot to toll A u n t Mary to bring the children to lunch tomorrow and mother, instead of scolding him, thanks him for letting her know and then proceeds to invite Aunt Mary over Iho telephone, Johnny experiences the happy results of his telling the truth. Similar experiences, often repealed, demonstrate in terms that the child can understand that, telling the truth is really worth while. iHISS I5LICANORA JANSICN HONOIIED ON BIRTHDAY Miss Eleanora Jansen, 312 Connecticut avenue northeast, was honored at a birthday party given Thursday evening at her home. The time was spent informally and refreshments were served. The guests included the Misses Caroline and Bolty Balik. Helen Prazak. Eva Hulbert. Marguerite Evans and Ethel Yarges. A court has held thai a married man has a legal right- to open his wife's letters! Yeah! But he needa something more than a court, decree if she happens to catch up with him. --Shrcvcporl: Journal. A DINING-ROOM TRAGEDY! TARLES spread ·with delicious food . . . most of it scft, highly refined--lacking in the "bcillc" iind iron your body must have to keep well and strong. This is the dining-room tragedy that occurs daily in millions of homes. No -wonder most people suffer from constipation. No wonder headaches, backaches, anil dull days are frequent! Just add one delicious food to your table--and you will lielp correct all this sufferinp. Add Kellofirg's ALL-BHAN m eome form every day. ALL-BRAN adds Hie necessary "bulk" or "roupihacc"-- and iron--that is so often lack- Jug in our diet today. This h u l k is needed to prevent constipation--to sweep the system clean of poisonous wastes--to exercise the intestines and keep them healthy. ALL-BHAN is delicious ns .1 cereal with milk or cream. Sprinkle over other cereals or use in cooking. Two tnhlespoonfuls daily aro guaranteed to relieve both temporary and recurring constipation. In severe cases with each meal. At your grocer's--in tho red-and-green package. Mado by Kellogg in Battle Creek. This Coupon and One Dollar ICntitlcs You to one of our "Get Acquainted Boxes" containing a regular full sixe 51.00 Box Elaine Narcisse FACE POWDRR and a S2.00 Bottle NARCISSUS PERFUME, also to those who buy Saturday, wo will give absolutely FREE--A $5.00 Pearl Necklace! O l J A K A N T K K I ) rNDESTlUJCTIBLE WITH SAFETY CLASP This sale made possible by importer and m a n u f a c t u r e r paying expenses of advertising sale of Elaine Toiletries. Pay only SI.00 for all three articles. Send ISc for Postage on Mail Orders. I Mi SD. I'Ydcr:-.! A - c. On. Sale Saturday, February 28th.

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