The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 2, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1913
Page 3
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! I E : Tfilnp Orasffisnl end Useful That May Be fotie at Honie. OR the *:Tj»ly prtu'tlcaS ler of tlm fmuily sau:et!ii^s *« wear iiever coui*^ amiss a* a ift. There are so Hue tluu oa«? may ssev«?r t»f it) dotibr t so il'K^t* IY!U |»u-f«-! the i:iert-!\ uruameutal sutsve- «r«.- «-o!lanv :ti:! trinkets of e Love In th Stock Market By DONALD CHAMBERLLN h.sii-.iki-rchiefs. etc.. Al^ut tlie c!ose of the la*t century.! wuea shares on tbe stock market were j risiajr and falling Hke tbe waves oJ i the sea under a storni, James Klgdon j was for a tinie a power in \Vaii street! V.'lien it was reported that Kigdua was · sC'lHns a stock everybody rushed tcl seiL When lie boujjbt the price would 1 rise like ilie thertiJouietw on a July" !!!s^=tr:ijet! !:we is a sailor collar for a youiJK Kir'., li is of tau Uuesi. eiu- Uru:i!orr*l iu hi-ae aud r«-d- The jfct- teru is ;i s;st:!!e o:ie. l»ssi any otlier that p!oa-je I'.'.K taste iiiigiit be substituted for it As to s::$»i»«.-rs. they are always la f!rn::im!. froia the da::itU-r-i of Iwudolr cre:itio!Js fa-!iio:scvl of rsbbva to 'ue cozy knitted «r croi-ht-tcd cues which are the dt-!ij;!it of Ebt invalid. Very «-a\ to n;ake are the crocheted slioj-ers ho\vu ht-re. They are ia double trroc!i-,'t. tbe work lelai; done to fdve the familiar ribbed pattern. As each sl:jiivr i::ust be shaped to suit the t.:7i- of t!:e fo'^t for which it isjutend- M!. no directions' :n regard to number -f sti:c!i-; so !n- u-ed \vy;:!d be gtner- :d!v 'ssi'fi:!. The -lzi can be gauged lii^doii was a bai-belor. and as sooa as :t !x.*va£ce knovvu ataois^ ki* woun-a frii-utis that he knew v. !:a: tot-k; were goiiis uj» and what nwe goinu down he rttt-iiwU more atteutiuu ::i.sis the u N v -\v Vork One s- iJjrtJ!;«!.ile. he all r ::id uu: | THE BLOUSE COAT COMBINES THE PICTURESQUE WITH THE PRACTICAL Th? I'lvlf. liiile Cress is altogether · roo b-'.omirrs and practical to "»·- re-- " ;:cred by draperies c-ntlreSy. The j Jriip«--cl mo«ie!s arc smart arn! aTMract.5ve | j'.nti m:,r*: appropriate for :niny occasions thai the p2a.ii:. but for a. shop- [ ping trip or a. !i*!or ride It is a. joy to ; slip into a well cut little dress o~ serge, i rxvtJnc cr cJoih relieved perhaps !y a j Ijird-e or sa?h o5 brJgcUy co!or-.-*J silk, f J-^aving cm the blues--dark, navy and : Nattier, \vhich are always good style-- '· there nre rnariy other attractive colors ! this FpjjS'jii,. arnorjj thein 'naho;^sny. i ~-~-l \z c.i -liivtiyn. in this u-^vr ciirk j t»riv.-ri_ The- sash has a bteruln-g: of j :i an-J t-?rr:i cotta. which is highly j 5-r."ct:ive. The pockets on either side | arc- :· particularly new touch, and the t co'-ter is. another. . ', Th:s sirens may be made in size 35 · v.-:th 4 \ards of -52 inch material and -^ jard of si!k for the sash. One of rhe quaintes- and sznartest 01 th« "practical" modes Ss the blouse coat, v.-hich is usually made in a contrasting co!or anci material. Quite drossy enough for any afternoon affair Is th^- coat of taupe velvet trimmed, if you '.v!sh, iv ; th mole and the skirt of cloth it a slightly lighter shade of :aupe. This v.-ouid be an effective sug- Ststion for Sy57-S041 The b'o=:Ee has something ^; a Russian appearance and the skirt is a gracefully draped model. Here it is fashioned of Xattier i5ue ratine. This costume may be copied ii size 2C vrith -7; yards of -52 inch material for the co-it :tn-I 2~-4 yards of "- inch matfria! for the sklrr. Xo. SO.^i--pir^s 2- to -2. Xo. oOr-7--sines 34 to 42. Xo. S041--^-.:es Zi to 42. Each pat-errs 15 cents. j GIST'S S'.!i.o:: cc ' by meiisurinir. Select a co!cr of yarn i tc;:t y;u fcno'v the- receiver of tbe ^tft ! to he !"«'!:·? iif :;:;rl do no! wmoasIZP ; on tilt- !' : !;:":i for u:v.-^_ ' A liici- ^;f! for :i little one ss T lor iia ti _ j ' !}' To obtain either pattern K ant this coupon and enclose 13 cents in i! stamps or co:n_ Be sure to state number i' of pattern and size, measuring over the | lullesr part of the bust. Address Pattern | Department, care of this paper. Address - !J : r:i-^- · ·? :· very I:--. [ «!.it-!i v.-ork US' ·*» · : S.Ii;J'_-r cri:VTi- W5-11 t'Sl j i:v. Ii:tv:ns worUin t!u- trfj tha .t.-r ·:.-«· i..t-r-er- ion'.-, li'i-.- -~l.K. v\ ;·::·;; aucl oars' h t!!:.t the r.:«»r»!::i:sry r::iiJ- \v:th hook or is Ion:; t-aon-za ii I UTILITY GIFTS.:, . Any number of persons may play ."resolutions." - bui the game is much _mpre interesting in a par^T of a dozen persons or ruore. Qne of 3C=? chief charms is its sita- - plicity. which will enable it TO be _played oa a moment's notice. Seated ia a circie. each member of the company writes upon a slio of paper a resolution, suggestion or recotn- niTidation for the coining new year, ·which may be applicable to themselves or to any other member of the company present, or to save time they may fill out several slips at once. The slips are then p'aced in a hat. and one member of the company is chosen to re.-d them aloud, picking then: ;u random from the hat. They should be made to apply to each per- s"!j in the circle in turn, beginning wit'i the person seated to the left of tht- reader. Before reading each sl:p the re:ul** ^boulti always announce t : ie n.nrne of the person to whom it is to a;ip!y Tlie rearler may be changed with ear-h round if dftsired- As niny bf inwaiiefl. ·with a number of peopik- playing, the resolutions nrf so'dtim apnli^able to the person io whom tiK-y Innpen for the moment to be applied and often present the niost safotignioas coarrasts. As a result the fan is fast and furious. A ;:?-:-fiiI ar.u attractive gift for the iieus-i-kt C[!r i-- a handy telephone di- r« IO:T- Htp tl:e one sliown here This one vv.;-. a-a-Jt- of tancy silk and moire. ·.'.-i;h" a fancy braid around the edges. A riuy i.lfiKre cut out of tapestry :iitl fnnufsl :u braid afioraed tlie front of the p;:d. Underneath eacb of tue !:t:le- *:;M^ aljjirsbcficaUy raarkfd was a whi:i» spa' e for recording the uanaes and numbers of those most frequently -.-:::-'_t! up ovt-r the pUone. Yt-ry sin::!! details, which ;-oem of 'ittie i::n ortar:'-e. often ujar or make r»!!«re i'fjit-nful a piece of handiwork, ==» 5r is always wise To heed the lit- t:e thl::^ Ncvi-r K::ji the thread. Fasten it by ruiitiK's :t in the cioth or by sewing r«-r :·::,-; over in son:e portion of the ?'-.:-rr. that i to be covered ;y the to cover th»» Eower |xr;;on of tht- fcor. oversttteh oi:e iide of it to a s:ik liuetl hiso't. cro'-at-t a fancy Buish to tbe a::;-tr sXU:. ntn tisroach it-- meshes a ri".»!:on ::::d Iiave this drawstring terminate- in a huge rosette at the iostepl \\aHe the r«e is decorareu «:tij a lar^re roti:»U !»!:c-k!e of the nit-rrerized trorst- «-d. Then snake the slipper. Even more quickly made is the ~cs::Ie" tyi-s of bedroom slipper. This consists of merely a satin lined insole to vx :u-i! is att.iched. a V shaped piece o: woven mercerized worsted forming ! --,._!- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ j T . O I . V ; Kiislsh in the fame way and always f i l l - tlie ;iik short so the work will ADVERBS. the o;:t of tlsc- la a "Adverts" i: a very amusing sraine when there are witty people among One of the players goes reorn. and the rest sit sensicircJe. Tne outsider has to ns3c a question of each person In turn. anfi the answer must embody the advcrlj. Supposing that "boastf uHy" ,, is cno- PMI :ji33 thnt a player wlil reply that he has ?ot «lie best motor in town and that he drives faster than any one else anil yet he never has an accident. If a lady is asked if she likes dancing she wil! say that all her partners tell her^ she is js_ light as a feather and tnaj §gejfeance!, -witb the ting the nicrht before- When the outsider has gone all a7r«nn£jtlJe-circie.j»e must divnlge the word if "he has given it. and the person throng!) whom he guessed it must go out In his place. "Sulkily." "madly," "conceitedly." "gloomily," are all good vrords for this game. "Sarcastically" is one of the best, and "epigrammat- IcaHy" would be first rate if the play- 5T8 were capable of carrying it out. For Gas Stoves. " i After using a gas stove for baMng leave the door open a little while-, This allows the heat to escape, and j will prevent the metal sweating and rusting. * · present a aeat appearance. If knots are used the finished work win have a rough look. When working with silk it Is Imperative to have a sharp needle and. smooth thimble, for a rough thimble will rough the silk, and it is impossible to do good work with a bent or dull neeuie. A pair of small sharp scissors should always be used to cut the thread or a ragged appearance will be the result when the work is finished. The busy Christmas giver who has not time to make gifts or take an extensive shopping tour might step Into a bookstore and select some neatly bound volumes whose contents wou'd be appreciated by the recipient. Chopping can be done quickiy. CROCHETED SLIPPERS A-TD BOOTEES) a toe section. Wiien a pair of ribbon ankle tics have been attached ;o tbe -ides of the in-^oie's fceel a quilling of ribbon t"Ui: ;t daintily. A pretty bedroom slipper is made of satin ribl«»:i. shirred up thickly t« give 1 the ;ip:f r "ooslyTM across the- toe. Two kiJe-^-es of ine ribbon are USJH! for tbe sides, elastic bein? run through a jcn-nntr at the top. Tbe solo of tbe ipj)er !·* ilnt'd with quoted satin If tbe jrift cciver resiHy lacks the time to ·work for ber friend she 1-2n at least ! buy n pair of inexpensive ready made sttil siippers. trim *hr-m attnictive- | !y witli !:c bows of s:Uia ribboa cliin" jiiiiii^jrs forming fiutTy eds- ii!S_: :sad cive a touch of daintiness to " the inner side of the soles !»y covering | them wit!; si shaped sachet of Sne bat- ·tiim a::d d?!icutely co'ored cbina siifc. Or she nwy take a pair of inerpensive "imsls-s" of w.ulded si'.lc. etlse them with -wanstlown. manibou or fur and ilecorais' Iheir tors with big rosettes of ' r«b!»»:i or ma lines--in fact, rather do anything to make tbeni different from the cheap looking, impersonal sort of footrear which the fastidious recipient x\iil not wear. Sure. "What is the best way to develop an appetite?" asked the Old Fogy. "Being without the price of a meal is the best way I fenow of," replied the . Wise Guy. .o!iU! do 5ii- wJu-tluT sh»- u:si! ai:y !!iau to Uiiru !:o\v ;-j i^:ske u. stocks Oi:e eiwuSuir tvJjs'e v-'«:h her SOUK- tot-k HKII allot:: ~p:u up." He (x;)!:ii::ed tu !u-r that vraeu he boomed a t,:uok. if u \vt-rc kisov/ii that he wa-, lxx»i:is!i^ it. it would rise ia value, bat il:v tronbie was that, when he \r:su«i to inn!.»;:!.! the monieut it was kuovm t!.at he isadj begun to seH. down would ^o s!.e mar j ket and be would be !tft -.vith .-i !t-t o - « "undigested securities" oa hi: hais-Js He was about to put up the marker price ou a certain stock, bin h- coisSo not take ber into his scbwm-. for U! it were* tnown t^at she was ·and selling by his advice it w suit disastrously for him. "But I won't tell," she said j "Can 1 rely on your" I "Certainly." ; 'Tery we!L Buy Onarora Copper j It is selling at 7 cents a share." i "How awfully kind of you:" j "I can rely on you?'' i "Surely." j She gave his hand n special pressure, when he left her and. n:an-ng to te| telephone, ordered him to purt-hn^e l.GCO shares Of Onarora Copper. He, did so without disturbing the ia::rkft* price of tbe stock bsif a pornt. Then she fell to thinking th:'t h.-r fsirii-r and her brother and her s!-;ifr" ivould be delighted to participate i:s !»T ^IHM! fortune, so she told theui r-l:t- !i:ul bought Onarora- There vr::s !:·· ;UH '1 'for them to ask her why. bi'-:;i^t- :iu-y knew she had for a long white l»i»'i endeavoring to get a tip out of Mr.. Rigdon. Screly there was no breach, of coaSdeace in this. j So tbe ilartindale family pnt wtjati spare money they bad in Onaron Cop-[ per. and each told bis broker rea-j sons for doing so. Each broker had a I number of speculators hang!ur about; bis oSce who were given tiie tip The stock rose slowly- and" beautifuUy like a balloon sailing up toward the sky Now and again it 'would fall back, a few thousand snares beiag rarown upon the market ··Manipulation." said tnose in the se- crer. "The price is rising too r.ipifily for him. He hasn't got all he wants Walt a bit." By and by these sales grew smaller. and for some time tbe stock tv.ised to be offered- Miss .ilnrtindnie ,-i^kec! Mr. Higdon if it were not time 10 soH He replied. "Xot yet_" And the stuck went higher.^ Then suddenly it be gan to tumble- Every one w!:o h:!3 been speculating on tbe Rigdoi- tip be gan to get "from under" ext-i-pt tht Martindale family. \Tben Onarora aad sunk to the price they p:!:i! for i! iliss Martindale sent for Mr Kiirdon and asked Siitn if tbe boom wa.- v(-r "Yes. it is." he replied, ".·sn-l i iw-i unloaded a!I I bad. some 40.0Ci) !:ari-- at a fair price." Miss Martir.dale looked app::r.--d. ~I supposed." ?he said coiuiy. ·"!..! you ·were to let me know wbea to sei as ·well as to buy." "That would not have scronh-1 w:i: my plans.SI told yon \vben to l::y. :i» you told others. I knew yosi -.v«ui and that your tips to others w.isi:-' ;m up tbe stock, if I bad told VOM win-, to sell it would bave sp-:;«-d i:s. scheme." "In other words, you bave !ii-d m. to your own advantage. You h ivr i: on!y disappointed rae.-but you b.;-.t- i;i duced me to disappoint others." "How have I induced yon ti» ds-s-j; point others"' "Why. they knew 1 bought th- saw ; and suraiiicd that I did .«j l»j you- advice." "And yon did not te!i them tiie si- cret. We!i. you b.nd no occjisiun :o t-: them. 1 believe that, in all. vu a::your family hold 3.000 shares Am . right:--' "You are." "Well, wben tie stock reai-hed it- the dealers sent -by the box--of twenty packages--a hundred sticks-a hundred hours of joy--is a gift fiay'ii esp ©53 enjoying long after other gifts are put aside. Nearly all dealers will gladly sell it at above price! "The Beneficial Confection" is sg£r@ to please old and young. Ifs ideal for holidays because it's delicious aid to and digestion, CAUTION! The great popularity of f fee clean, pves, healthful WRIGLEYSi is causing unscrupulous persons to wrap rank imitations that are not even real chewing gum so they resemble genuine WSGLEV'S. The better class of stores -will not try to fool you with these fmitations- They uill be offered to you principally by street fakirs, peddlers and the candy departments of some 5 and 10 cent stores. These rank imitations cost dealers one cent a package or even less and are sold to careless people for almost any Medical Advertising fSMWESJlU DESIRE FOR DRINKS\2 MBROAD ST-.PHiLADELPHIA.PA. niglsest tage 1 sold S.OOO sh:in_-s fo: your account and also sold 3.utX» sjiarss more for you to le delivered ivithii thirty days after tbe sa!f. Von a:sc your family have made on the ri^e 01 tbe stock §12.000 and as much more 03 Ihe fall." Miss Martindale stood looking at Mr Elgdoa with astonish menu the cole look on her face breaking into a smile Then she put out her hand. Mr. Rig don improved the opportunity by putting tbe other hand aronad her wais; and. drawing her to him. kissed her. at the same time proposing a new deal by which she should always profit by hi- operntions. Illustrations of gold on one side of c scale and love on the othpr. jrohl out weighing love, are very popular Tin above i« an instance where gold wa used to 0nt5fv The Sutff. "I wonder if he'll succeed. What sort of timber is he made of, anyhow?"' "He's just a plain wooden man, that's all I know!"--Judge. «e«««o««««« I I STIEFF PIANOS; I will be in my room on the Square over "Stallsmitn's Store" on second floor, every j Wednesday afternoon from j | 12.30 to 8 o'clock, ! | where I wil! do fitting, or I will call on ! £ you in your home, at yonr convenience, j «· on any Thursday, upon receipt of pn?t', card. Please call and see th*- Spirclla corsets an«l corset accessories. I C. MYERS, Xe\v Oxford, Ta. "Spirelia Coreetierre. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF ! VALUABLE REAL ESTATE j On Wednesday the 17th day of De- | cember. 1910, "the undersigned, by 1 virtue of an order of sale to hiiri^ di- ; rected by the Orphans Court of Adams j county, will offer at public _ sale or; vendue. on the premises, the following ( valuable real estate; ; All that certain Tract of Land situ-; ate in Tyrone Towr.sliip. Adanis County. Penna-, known as the "Peter Gi?s; Farm", iying along the road which leads from the Xew Oxford road to Bowlder, two miles Northeast oi Heidlersbur^ and about three and one-, half miles from York Snrinss. adjoin-' nsr lands of W. S. Hoack. -Jacob Zepn, William Shull. William Arthur. J. F. Hoack farm, and others, containing ; 103 acres and 43 perches of land more or less, improved with a two-story brck dwelling house and outkitchsn. bank barn and necessary out-buildings; also'"apple orchard and other fruit, several good wells of never-failing water. This property is in a fair state o f , repair and cultivation and is con-. venient to Church. School and Mar-, .ce'ts. ' 25 per cent, of the purchase monev \ to be paid or secured on day of sale , and the balance April 1st, 1914. Sale i to begin at 1:30 P. M. sharp. i WILLIAM HERSH, Administrator of estate of B. Frank | Gise, deceased. [ Nov. in, 191:?. 2 When You Buy a Stieff Piano You get an instrument into which is bails all that the skill and experience that 71 years can Rive you. Tiie career of tiie Stieff Piaao is one of uninterrupted honor. Honor becau=e of excellence--and honor \\itii success. It is a piano known to our Fathers and Grand-fathers, and from the first it has ieen sought after, honored and esteemed, end alvravs because ' IT IS THE BEST--INVESTIGATE. SEE THE STIBFF--HEAR IT. Satisfy yourself as to v.hfrt-y«;ir piano money will bring trn uiaoit Stieff Player Piancs = Tisf-y arr different fr-im other p!;i\-«r?. It is i he one player-pian ¥ ; that -m rC played with a h:i:siaii-!ike touch. AVrite for onr itoiutisui new i-itali»g«c. fully illustrating each pia^o. V\*e will mail it to you, free, or call an5 see tiie instnuiients. EVERY PI \N"O FULLY «UAKANTEEU. WHY NOT OWN A GOLD M K D A L STIEFF O!.i pianos lakcn in exchange. Onr prices arc light, cur term? will S U J t J O U . S t i e f f P i a n o W a r e r o o m s j \VM.T.ONG, -J*' } Wts=t Market. Street j \{T_' YORK, r.\. ««« »c«c«««««««. *** THIS STOVE HAS BECOME FAMOUS ; for Its heating quality with.-a : small consumption of coal. --In--- : addition to this, which is the^eS^c sential reqiurement of any heater, it Is especially noted for its attractive appearance. We will take pleasure In showing it and explaningits full merit at our whareroom. H. T. Maring Hear of old Reading freight station in building for norly occupied by Strawstacker Co.

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