Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 16, 1936 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1936
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 16 1936 HOGS STEADY TO 10 CENTS HIGHER PRICES BEST IN NEARLY MONTH Mart at Highest Level for March in Six Years;' Receipts 18,000. CHICAGO, (.¥)--Hog prices were the highest in almost a month Monday and at the best level for March in six years. A modest Monday run of 18,000 coupled with reports of improved outlet for pork at various distributing centers gave the . ]ive market underlying strength and permitted steady to 10 cents higher quotations. The early top of 510.85 represented a 25 cents advance compared with Saturday's best price but the market was only about a dime higher on a basis comparable with Friday's average. Heavy hogs were numerous, one load averaging 400 pounds selling for ?9.65. Quotations on most cattle were shaved slightly, largely because ol the plain killing quality. Fed steers and yearlings sold 25 cents lower and all other killing classes were uneven steady to 25 cents down. Best fed steers sold early to $10.50. Fat lambs were steady at .$10.25 downward in early rounds. Severe weather conditions the first of the year in the corn-belt states will result in a late spring lamb season according to market observers. Losses from death and late pasturage, how- ·ever, are offset by more favorable · conditions reported in California, Arizona and Texas. The early spring lamb crop is estimated to be about 6 per cent larger than last year. Hog Markets MIDWEST BOGS. Hog prices at midwest markets Monday; \YAXE8JLOO--l!og» unchanged. CJSUAlt KAl'IUS--HOES unchanged. UXTL'MWA--HOES lOc lower; 11(1 lo ISO Ibs. SS.TOenfl; 150 10 160 Ibs. $8Gt'9,30; 16U to 580 Ibs. J9.40®9.70; 180 to 220 Ibs. $9.70(.(J 10; 230 to 250 Ib.i. J9.60W9.90; 250 lo 270 IDs. 59.10riS.70: 270 to 290 Its. SU.30Sp9.60; 290 to 325 Ibbs. S9.10te9.40; 325 to 300 Ibs. S9@9.30; 350 to 400 Ibbs. J8.80®9.10; packets 275 to 350 Ibbs. S8.50S8.80; 350 to 425 Ibs. $S.30®8.60; -125 to 150 Ibs. 5S.106 S.iO. AUSTIN--Hogs steady; good to choice 180 to 250 Ibs. S9.75IS10.05; 250 to 290 Ibs. J9.45®9.75; 290 to 350 lb.i. $9.15®9.45; packing sows good 275 to 550 16s. J8.20® 8.90. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS DBS MOINES, (1P--U. S. department ot agriculture-Combined hop receipts at 20 concentration yards and 9 packing plant* located in in- terlor Iowa and southern Minnesota for the. 48 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Monday were 38.300 compared with 31.200 a week' aco and 24.200 a year ago. Prices mostly steady compared w i t h Saturday, spots 5c to lOc lower; trade fairly active; loadinc relatively licht. Quotations follow: Light licbts no to Ibs. Rood BJid choice 59(^9.65: light weights 160 to ISO Ibs. S9.CO®10.15; 180 to 200 Ibs. S9.S5SSI0.35; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. S9.85I910.35; 220 to 250 Ibs. S9.80®10.35; heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. S9.45@10.15; 290 to 350 Ibs. S9.156ii9.80: packing sows 275 tq 350 Ibs. good SS.65@9.15: 350 to 425 Ibs. S8.508.95; 425 to 550 Ibs. $8.2508.75. Mason City Livestock MASON CITY--For Monday. HOGS Hog prices steady. Ccod light lights 140-160 SS.SO- 9.1 Oood lights 160-180 S9.45- 9. Good light butchers ... 180-200 J9.75-10.0 Good Jight butchsrs 200-220 S9.76-1U 0 Good mcd. wt butchers 220-250 59.75-10 0 ' Good raed. ivt. butchers 250-270 59.55- 9.85 Good mcd. wt, butchers 270-290 S9.40- 9.7i Good fteavy butchers .. 290-325 59.20- 9.5 Good heavy butchers .. 325-350 59.10- 9.40 Good heavy butchers .. 350-400 SS.S5- 9.15 Good packing sows 275-350 58.60- 8.90 Good .heavy sows ..... 350-425 58.40- 8.7( · Good big hy. sows .. 425-550 $8.25- 8.55 Good big hy. sows 500 and up SS.05- 8.30 (The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs. The difference lo price is for short and Jong hogs.) OATTU:. $7.75-8.75 , Steers, good to choice ...... ^.Steers, medium to good ...... ^JSteers, fair to medium _...... ^Heifers, good to choice ...... ^Heifers, medium to good ^ieifers, common to medium .. Cows, grfbd to c}i3fce ~""Cows, fair to good ,, -- "XIows, cutters ·. *'Cows, ' canncrs -S33ulls,. heavy vBulls, light ··Calves, gd. and choice 130-290 'Calves, mcd. to good 130-190 ''Calves, Infer, to com. 130-190 '-Lambs, sood to choice .. «;·'.*! , medium to good ..... . , fair to medium ....... --Common to fair ........ . ---- . Searlings, good to choice 70-90 SearllDSs, med. to gooi 70-90 -7 cartings, fair lo medium ---Culls ................ .... ..... . Kative ewes, good to choice ... Cull ewes ......... ............ H 6.00- 7.50 i Ha- 6.00 S 5.50- 6.50 S 4.75- 5.50 5 4.00- 4.75 S 4.25- 5.00 S 3.75- 4.25 .5 3.25- 3.75 i 3.00- 3.25 S 4.50- 5.50 J 3.75- 4.50 S 6.50- /.OO £ 5.00- ti.OO I 5.00 down S 7.50- 8.50 S 6.00- 7.00 S 4.50- 6.50 $ 4.50 down 5 7.00- 9.00 S 5.00- 7.00 S 4.00- 0.00 $4.011 down S 2.75- 4.00 5 1.50- 2.W S 1.00- 2.50 S 6.00- 7.00 S 4.00- 7.00 sales weak; bids mostly 25c lower; common to medium short feds J3.75®7.25; good medium weights held $8 up; she stock tending lower; most butcher heifers around $6.50 down; best held $7 and above; butcher cows $4.50@5.25; good beef cows up to $6; low cutter to cutter grades $3.50@4.25; bulls steady to 25c lower; .most sausage kinds around $5.25 down; better heavy weights S5.50: stockers scarce; little change Indicated; thin, well dressed western calves held around 17; calves 1.900; mostly weak to 50c lower; bulk vealers 56.50^7.50; choice sorts 58: cull and common $4i5.5o. HOGS 5,500: opening fairly active to shippers fairly active with Friday and Satur- tiay, now rather slow; packers bidding unevenly 10tfi25c lower on weights 260 Ibs. down; early bulk better 160 to 24o Ibs. to shippers S10®10.40; packers bidding $3.80 ($10.25; early sales 240 to 300 Ibs. $9,50@ 10; heavier weights aown to $9.25 and under; sows S8.S5®9.10; average cost Saturday $9.96; weight 229 Ibs. SHEEP 3.200; Supply Includes five loads fed lambs, two loads few ewes balance n tives; nothing done early; undertone strong on most classes: asking higher on rat lamb bulk fat Jambs at last week's close $9.8 @10.10; fat ewes $5@5.75. GRAIN MARKET HAS SETBACKS Wheat Unsteady at Close, Fractions Under Finish of Saturday. CHICAGO, (/W--Sufficient selling developed in the wheat pit Monday to give at times a cent a bushel setback to values. Buyers were deterred because of uncertainties regarding the Franco- German deadlock. There was also a prevalent disposition to believe moisture southwest -would yet prove ample for domestic wheat crops. Wheat closed unsteady, %% under Saturday's finish, May 99 (m @Vs. July 89®%. corn % © % dowa. May 60%@U, oats %{(% off, and provisions unchanged to 12 cents decline. Stock List ' NK\V YORK STOCKS. Ofunday Final quotations; A i r Reduction ISSVi Lib O F Al Chcm 4 Dye 186 Loews Amn Can 121% Maytag 81VI McKess Rob 51 li Mid Cont Pet, 108 54 Mont Ward 90 Vs CHICAGO' CASH GRAIN. (Monday Markel) CHICAGO. (.T!i--Cash wheat, No. 3 red $1-01 vi tough; No. 2 mixed Sl.04 1 ,^ Corn,' r!o. 4 mixed ST^ST'/ic; No. 5 mixed M^tgSTc: No. 3 yellow BKjIiei^c- NO ·! yellow 57^5S',ic; No. ,1 yellow M^STc; No. 4 white 59c; No. 5 while 55@56!ic; sample grade iStffiSic. Oats, No. 2 w h i t e 32c; No. 3 white 26% () 30c; No. 4 white 25U tir'Se'^c; sample crade No rye. Soybeans, track Chicago. No. 2 yellow sic; No. 3 yellow 79®80c; sample yellow 721ifi) 75c. Barley, actual sales 62@Sfic: feed 30@42c nominal, malting 44f!£S5c nominal. Timothy seed 53 cwl. Clover seed $12..10@20.r0 cwt. Lard, tierces 110.60; loose 59.97; bellies $11.77. Amn Sm Ret Amn Sugar A T T Amn Tob B Amn Wat Wks Anaconda Atchlson Auburn Aviat Corp B o Barnsdall Bend Aviat Beth Steel Borders Borg warn Cart Dry Can Pac Case C N W c r, w c M s p p c R i * r Chrysler Col G K Com Solv Comwllh Sou Cons Gas Cons Oil Contl Can Contl Oil Del Corn Prod Curt Wright Deere pfd Du Pont Gen Elec Gen Foods Gen Mot Gillette Goodyear III Cent Int Har Int Nick Can I T T Johns Man Kcnnecott 1'-' 130 ! 81 S.T.5 73;', S'/i 29 S 142'.i 35% 34 /. 23% Murray Corp Nash Natl Else Natl cash Rep Natl Dairy Nat Dist Nat pow Lt N Y Cent Nor Pac Oliver Farm J C Penney Penn R R Phillips Pet R C A Rep steel Key Tob B Sears Roe Shell U n i o n Soc Vnc S" Pac Stan Elands S O Cal S O Ind S O N J Stew Warn stone . web. Studebaker Swift Co Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll Bear Un carb Un Pac Unit A i r Unit Corp Unit Drug U S Gypsum U S Rubber U S Steel Warner Pix 20 Ifi 12; 33', 35': 35' f9 82 i 131 28 TV 14 5, 100 26', 63 11V West El MIR 112 Woolworth r»fl Wrlgley Mason City Groin SIOUX CITS LIVESTOCK fflfoiidny Marfcef) SIOUX CITY", C-pj--U. S. department a agriculture-CATTLE 6.000; practically no early sales steers, yearlings and she stock; few Old around 25c lower: stockers and feeders abou steady; liberaj share steers and yearling salable around $7(-18.50; some held abov S9-75; desirable fed hei/ers held above S7 most cow bids S5.25 down; low cutters bid down to 53.25; small showing light stock steers up to $7.25 · choice calves $8. .Wethers, 2 years oW ,Weth«rs, poor to best Buck lambs SI less. No dork on tamos. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. (.Monday Market) CHICAGO, CP*--U. 5. department ot agriculture-- ' - . . HOGS IS.000; including 8,000 direct; lair- jy active; steady-to lOc higher than Friday's average; top §10.85; bulR better grades J.60 to 250 Ibs. ?10.50jffilO-80; 250 to 300 Ibs. 510.10@10.60; 300 t o 350 IbsJ 59.85 10.15; load 400 Ibs. $9.65; sows mostly steady at $9Ti.9.50. CATTLE 15,000; calves 1,500; fed steers and yearlings 25c lower, very slow; middle and lower grades predominating, general klll- 3bg quality being much plainer than week ago; meaty feeders tending lower in sym? pathy with killer decline but thin stockers about steady; all other killing classes unevenly steady to 25c lower; bulls steady and vealers steady to 25c .lower; best led steers early 510.50; bulk of quality and condition to sell at S7-50@9.25; best heilers ?8.85; choice vealers up to £9. SHEEZ' 11,000: bMs and scattered early sales lambs scaling around 95 Ibs. down steady to $10-25 downward; bulk of supply held higher; heavy lambs neglected by all buyiai: interests in morning rounds; sheep scarce: quotabiy stsady; fed Texas wethers $"; ewes off at $S; few heavy ewes $5.75. HOGS 7,000; medium and light butchers mostly 10 to 15c lower than Friday; heavies teady to lOc lower; top 510.05; better 170 270 Ib. butchers $9.S5f(L10; early packer op 59.90; 270 to 320 Ib. heavies $9.6Qfv .85; 140 to 170 lo. weights S9.50@9.9Q; owg mostly $8.90; feeder pigs up to $9.50. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, .*V---Official estimaffid receipts Tuesday: Cattle 6,000; hogs 12,000- sbeep 8,000. MASON CITY--For Saturday No. 3 yellow corn 47c No. 4 yellow corn ., 45c Ear corn White oats, No. 3 22 Feeding barley 25-35 No. 2 yellow soybeans ....60 CHICAGO STOCKS. (Monday final Quotation^ Cities Service ' .5 Northwest Banco 10V. ·Dexter - 12 Quaker Oats 12 Heilmarm Br Co 12 y Libtty McNeil 9,; N a t l Leather 2',i Natl Standard 40 Swift Co Swift inll U t i l i t y Ind Zenith Representative Sales (Monday Markel) CHICAGO, lift--U. S. department of agriculture--Representative sales: HOGS. Lights-9.6.1 67 9.9S « 10.1ft 72 10.50 54 Heavy -400 359 292 54 266 Mediums-- 48 Steers. 245 238 212 208 1231 10S2 1217 1120 9sr 935 1076 1068 168 182 174 54 193 Light Light?-J 2 US 16. 5S7 IS 160 10.65 111.70 10.75 10.80 10.55 1(1.65 10.75 10. S5 CATTLE. Heifers-11.25 24, 1093 10.65 29 "oO 10.50 37 718 9.70 29 S.75 31 7.40 Cows-7.25 S 6.50 I ' - ll 2 665 640. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. (Monday Market) OMAHA, (.?.i--B. S. department of agriculture-- HOGS 10,500; including 250 direct; active; nutcners under 250 its. steady to lOc lower than Friday; over 250 Ibs. steaay to JOc higher; good to choice 170 to 270 Ibs. $9.90@ 30.10; top 510.1S freely to shippers, some held higher; medium to good S9.50@9.90; desirable 270 to 325 Ibs. $9.65$10; not much clone on heavier weights; better 150 to 170 Ibs. $9.75®10; 125 to 150 Ibs. S9.25@9.90; sows mostly steady to lOc lower, bulk S9, few S8.90; stags $9 down; odd lots strong wejght stock pigs at $8.75@9; average cost Saturday S9.82, weight 2S5; for the week, cost 59.76, Treisht 254. " CATTLE 10,000; calves 1,000; fed steers and yearlings slow, and -weak, few sales year- tings and light steers to shippers weak to slightly lower, but enough done to establish a market; heifers opening steady; cows very clow, weak to 25c lower; bulls 10-15c lower; veaiers 50c lower; stockers and feeders live and stronjr; few yearlings and light steers S7@8, small lots up to S9; heifers *6.25@7.25: beef cows 54.50515.90; cutter p-ades S3.25S1.25; light shells $3; bulls M.75(55.35; practical top vealers S7; stockers And feeders S6.50@7.75; several loads choice yearling's SS.25@S.50; load stock calves £8.75 ,SHi;EP S.OOO, including «8 direct: salable supply: 28 loads wooled lambs, 4 loads ewes. *3± loads wethers, 1 load mixed, mostly killers; Iambs siow. weak to shade lower, asking stronger; ewes opening steady, asking stronger; shearing; lambs 25c or more higher; fen wooled lambs down from 59.75, bulk held $10 and above; fed ewes up to 56, held higher,: shearing Iambs $9.40®9.90. Lambs-110 520 482 468 525 4SO 472 456 302 107 SHEEP. Ewe 10.35 '3 10.25 4 10.25 1136 1093 980 ,925 £96 3 10.15 2 10.10 10.00 10.00 9.75 123 122 158 100 2 90 Wethers-200 100 10.50 10.60 10.75 8.85 8.40 7.75 7.10 6.25 6.50 5.75 4.50 4.35 3.75 5.75 5.75 5.75 4.00 4.00 7.00 Hides WHEAT-May July lept. ..... CORN-May July Sept. . OATS-lay uly ept. ' RYE-May ly ept ARLEY-May ARD-far. May ...I.. uly ept , BELLIES-Mar May MONDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, t.r; Low High .99'i .89 vi .BO; -60'i .sou .87=1 .27 Clos .99 .89', · S7T -60", -SB-, ·55ft 10. SS 10.52 10.30 14. SO 14.52 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BKOTHEKS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Bidg. Telephone No. 7 DOW JOKES AVERAGES Inds. K»i!.« 153.25 46.75 Total Sales CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 10 Marshall Fields Cord Corp 6!i Wajgreen Co Kalamazoo stov 64 YORK CI;RB 3S : :i Hud B M S Humble Oil Co Lockheed NiaK Hud P«w NiJes-Ben-Pnnd Pcnnroad Corii S O Ky Co " : Un Gas Co Un Li Pow Co Utll P Li Co litils. 32.01 Gas Ele Mn Cyanamid B 35 Am Su Pow Co 2;k \rk Nail Gas A H'i 4300 G El A -l?i -an Ind Alk 9^ Eislcr Elec. 3S El B'd Share 20% Ford Mo of Can B58 Ford Mo of Ens 814 STOCKS SUFFER PROFIT TAKING Buying in Steels and Few of Air Transports Helps Steady Market. NEW YORK, W)--Buying in the steels, a few of the air transports and scattered low priced utilities helped to steady Monday's stock market after early profit taking. Steel issues reflected official estimates of a sharp upturn in mill operating rates. Various companies were -aided by improved earnings prospects. Although trading was rather dull, gainers of fractions to a point or more around the final hour included TJ. S. Steel, Bethlehem, National Steel. Republic, American Rolling Mill. Chrysler, American Power and Light, Na- :ional Power and Light, Western Union, United Air Lines, Transcon- inental and Western and Midland Steel Products. Down as much were Santa Fe, Allied Chemical, Westinghouse, United Aircraft, Colorado Fuel and Iron and Standard Oil of New Jersey. The late tone was irregular. Transfers approximated 2,300,000 shares. Tie dollar improved moderately against leading foreign exchanges. The European situation still held much of the attention of brokerage :ircles, although the concensus was that conversational, and not actual, war. could be expected. But most market commentators were orecasting irregular trends until the Rhineland dispute is ironed out way or the other. CHAITER 41. Thora gave a little gasp when she recognized Alec Babbas at the door of her room. Alec was coatless and without his scarf. His soft white shirt was open at the throat. These details impressed themselves Curb Market NEW YORK. \.J'h-The curb market en- ountered profit taking a f t e r getting off to fairly good start Monday and by the turn f the first hour had developed an irregular end. Trading quieted. Shares losing small fractions to around lint included Gulf Oil, Alabama Great puthern. Niagara Hudson. Pcnnroad and nger Manufacturing. Gainers of similar :ounls included Pan American Airways, ·ight Hargrcaves, Great Atlantic and Fac and International Pelroleum. American s and Kiectrjc Bond and Share were un- anged. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN (Mnnday Market) MINNEAPOLIS, Ul--Wheat--175 cars; % cent lower; No. 1 heavy dark northern spring. 60 Ibs., S1.23X to JI.33;i; No 1 dark northern, 59 Ibs.. sl,21Ts to 51.327;,; "18 Ib3., 51.19Ts to $1.31 %; fancy No.' i hard Montana. 14 per cent protein. sl.zOrs to $1.22'^; to arrive, 51.19 ; s . to $1.21 s,: srade oc No. l dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter, S1.03;s to SI.ogTi: to arrive, SI.02% to $1.08:1; No. l hard amber durum. 51.03',i to £1.21'i: No. 1 red durum S2K; Kay, $1.06-i; July, $1.02%; Sept., Corn--No. 3 yellow, ROV- to fil£ Oats--No. 3 white, 25'i "to 27',i. KANSAS CITT GRAIN. (Monday Market) KANSAS CITir, (/p;--WBeat. 151 cars- un. changed to l%e lower. No. 2 dark hard S1.07%@1.11; No. 3, $1.07K@1.09~i; No 2 hard Sl-OO'/i (81.09; No. 3, $l@l.05y.: Ho. 2 red S1.03K; So. 3, 51.01 =i®1.02,i. Corn, 77 cars; unchanged to Ic Iqwer. No. 2 white nominally 68?i tf?'71c; No. 3 nominally 663i@68^c; No. 2 yellow nominally 65-7i@ 67c; No. 3, SSc; No. 2 mixed nominally 63X @65c; No. 3. nominally 62%(JB64c. Oats, o cars; Vi-5c lower. No. 2 white nominally 27 J .i@28c; No. 3, 26VjC. NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Juneau 14% Gt Nor pfd 3j Allegheny 3% Houston Oil 11 43 U Hudson Motor 17 Am. Bank Note Am A: For Pow Am cry Sug Co Am C Fy Co Am Pow . Li Am Roll'g Mills 29 Am Ra S Co 21 Amer Tob Co 90 Armour Co 6 Armour Co pf S2 All Kef 30 Bel Hemingway Best Co Baldwin Loco Bendix Burr Add Byiirs A M Co B'riggs Mfg Co Budd Mfg Co Calif Packing Caterpillar Trac 6' Cerro de Pasco Ches £ Ohio CM Gt IV prd 22% 35% 51 '.» 5% 60= 1314 33 U 55 i Sii Hudson Motor Hupp Motors Intl Carriers Kelvinator Co Lambert Co Lorillard Mad: Truck Wathieson Alk McK Rob pfd McLsllan stores 13= Mex Seab'd Oil Minn, Moline Im 10' , C II S P P pfd 4 4 Coca Cola Co 90's 49 'A 2114 M K T Mo Pac 3 Motor Products 35 ·No Amer 2fi No Amer Avi 8 Otis Steel Co 19 Owen m Glass 155 Packard Motor 11 Park Utah Cop Plymouth n Proc Gam 45 Pub Ser or N J -12 1 Qnotafions Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest HOHSEH1DES Horsehldes .... $3 00 ·GREEN BEEF HIDES Up to 25 Ibs __ _ 6 K c 25 to 45 Ibs I... 5C llors than 60 Ibs. ...,,. ·- BuU hides ..... ,, ,'3 C ·Cured hides half cent more a'poundl"" {On ahove prices a cent higher to wholesale dealers In wholesale lots.) SOUTH ST. PAIX UVESTOCK (Monday Market) .SOUTH ST. PAUL, OP)--U. S. department *f agriculture-- WOOL MARKET. (Monday Market) BOSTON, C3V-U. S. department of agriculture-- Very little demand was received Monday for the limited supplies of domestic wools available in Boston. The houses that still had a few old wools on hand continued to quote asking prices that were either fully up to or aoout selling prices that prevailed durins the previous month. Askin K prices on occasional lois of new wools that have arrived wore mostly inclined to the low side of ranRe* received in the past month for wools of similar grade and slapjc. OMAHA GRAIN. (Monday Market) OMAHA. (.Pi--Wheat, No. 2 hard $1- No. .1 hard 9Jc: No. 4 hard 93%c; No. 5'hard 8SK592c ; No. 5 hard smutty SSc; sample hard 89c; sample northern sprins SO@S5c. Corn, No. 4 white 63c: No. a white 57c- sample white 4S^c: No. 3 yellow 64c: No. 4 yellow 54}i@58 1 .«c; No. 5 yellow 49a)56c: sample yellow 55c; No. 4. mixed ooc; No. 5 mi^ed 52'^c. Oats. No. 3 while 24c: No. 4 w h i t e 2215® 24 lie; No. 2 feed 2ic; No. 3 feed 51 kc. I.NVKST.MENT TRI'.STS. (By The Anoclaled Prm) Bid and asked Monday: Corporate Tr Sh 2.71 Corporate Tr Sh AA 5Iod'.'.' S.24 Corporate Tr Sh Ac SP- · r.s Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod ' .I'-H Dividend Sh i.efi Maryland Fund Nationwide Sec 4.,in Nationwide Sec Vtc .,,,.. 1 ~-» Nor Amer Tr Sh ·. 2 SB Nor Amer Tr Sh. 1955 ..... 3 27 Quarterly Inc Sh 154 Selected Am Sh Inc 1.55 Super Corp Am Tr A 3.71 U S El L P A ....18.25 V S El t, ft P B . . . . * . . . . . 280 1.78 20.43 4.40 1.89 1.69 1.70 .CATTLE 4,100; slaughter steers slow; few '. For COMPLETE Markets and Financial News THE WAIX SXKEET JOURNAL . Relied upon by businessmen · and investors everywhere. Send for free sample copy. "44 Broad St. New York U S El L P Vtc 1.09 Dead Animals OF ALL KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. W« P»j Dl4n« C»II« Phonr 1MB - Public Utility and Industrie! Stocks Qnoted by A, M. Schanke and Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. Com Solvents Cont Motor 3 Cr of Wheat 36 Cudahy Packing 39 Curt-Wri Co A tSU Dist Corp seag 25U Douglas Airc 6SU Eastman 160 Eaton Mfg Co 32 Elec Auto Lite 39'^ Elec Pow Lt 15-^ Erie R R- Co 13»i Fire'ne Ti Ru 30VJ First Na Stores 42 Foster-Wheeler 32-}; Freeport Tex 33 Gen Am Trans 56 Glidden Co 47'i Gohel BTi Go?d Dust. 20 \' B Gt N o r t n ' n Ore 19 Graham Paige 3-"i Pullman Pure Oil Co Purity Bakery R K 0 Rem Rand Reo Motors Simmons Co So Calif Edison 2a Sperry corp 20 St G- E g Telautograph 8 Tide W a As Oil is U S Ind Alch so U S Smelter Sf5 Utii P Li A r, Vanadium 22 Union Oil Calif -7 Un Gas Imp IB Warren Bros 7 Western Jlyld 9 Western. Union $T Worth'n Pump 31 Yellow Truck ITi Youngs E T 37 Bid and Asked Mondav. Cent. St. El. 6 pf. (S25 par) ij Cent. St. El. 7 pr. (525 par) 13 Cent. St. p. L. 7 pf. .. 15 Champlin Ref. la. 7 pr 75 Creamery Package com. ..... 2r,'i Hearst Cons. A '"?, 'A George A. Hormel A pf. ... 98 " George A. Hormel B pr. ... 9fi George A. Hormel com 17% Interstate Power 6 pf. 26 Interstate Power 7 pf 3n Iowa Electric CD, 6 ] /2 pr. ... 53 Iowa Electric Co. 7 pf. . . r4 la. Klec. Lt. Power 6 pf. 7: la. Elec. Lt. Power 6i pr. 74 la. Elec. LI. Power 7 pr. 7s la. Power ft Li^ht 6 pf 99! la. Power ,t Light 7 pf 102 Is. Public Serv. fi pf M la. Public Serv, fiu p r n" la. Public Scrv. 7 '" pf , 95 la. South, mil. 6 pf. _ 6 la. South, utii. 6'i pr sr, la. South, utii 7 pr 69 Kinncsota P. L. 6 pf. ... st Minnesota P. L. 7 pf. .,, 92 Northern St. Power 6 pf. ,., 78 Northern St. Power 7 pf. . . S3 N. W. Bell Tel. 6V4 pf 116V5 N. W. St. Portland Cement 23 Rath Packing 6 pf. 98 Rath Packing 7 pf ion Sioux City Gas El. 7 pf. .. 89 United Lt. fc Rys. 6 pf. .. 70 United Lt. fc Rys. 6,36 pf. ,. 71 United Lt. i R ys . 7 P f. _ _ 771^ Western Grocer pf. 82 Western Grocer com 7-}i 14 55 %* SB J f l l 91 52 SO S.i 119 24 100 102 91 7! Lam son Brothers Market Letter CHICAGO--WHEAT--Foreign prices were lower Monday morning although the political situation was generally unchanged. Moderate selling made its appearance in our market, which continued until the end the day. Thpre was a little more pressure on May than on July and the difference narrowed to about 9-?l cents. A little precipitation cocun-ed in parts of the southwest but none in the extreme western sections or the wheat belt. Winnipeg held firm car!;,- but later exhibited a raactionary tendency. There · a. disappointing export business over the week-end, Broomhall places the Canadian wheat board holdings at 150,000.000. The total supply in sisht is around 210.000.000 and after deductinj: bonded stocks and some ot Canada's eastern port stocks with what exporters held in Vancouver amo-j injr to about 60,000.000 bushels the result represents the ISO.000.000 bushel estimate. The trend of Monday's market was riisip' pointtnp to those who believe in htphci prices but without the stimulus of Fet'wif political complications abroad, Ihp present domestic situation appears to invite no a5* ssivc outside buying of futures. Miscellaneous *EW TORE SI;GAK. (Monday Market) NEW YORK, (.?'---Raw sugar iinchanfced «t 3.50c for spots and 365c for later shipments. Futures 2 points hichpr. May 2.4:ir. R p f i n M tinchanced at 4.?,V4 1 s. t te for fine granulated. POTATO MABKET. (Monday Market) CHICAGO, (.TT-- U. S. department of agriculture- Potatoes 237; o D track 293; total U. S. shipments Saturday 1,187, Sunday 163; firm, demand fairly good, supplies moderate; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1, 31-SO@a.90; U. S. No. 2, $1.50@1.65; Wisconsin Round Whites U. S. No. 2, $1.15(ft 1,25; North Dakota Early Chios U. S. No. 1, S1.45@1.50: Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1 and partly graded SI. 35^1.40; Early Ohios unclassified Sl,20frl.25; South Dakota Early Ohlos unclassified $l.2fi; Colorado MrCinres U. S. No. I. JKSO-ri-1.90: Nebraska B1J5K Tri- u m p h s U. P. Nn. 1 and partly cr.ldcrl centrally good quality and color $1.603-1.65. Bond Market little higher in Most U. Foreigns were N E W r O R K, (.T)-- Mcdlnro and low priced rail liens worked the bond market Monday. governments were lower. mixed. Carriers which rose fractionally were Baltimore Ohio 4'^s, Erie .'is, Illinois Central 4y,s, New York Central 5s, Nickel Plate 4!-is and St. Louis San Francisco 4 '.is. Investment circles said the bidding for these obligations was prompted by the outlook for heavier freight movements. The U. S. treasury group registered losses or around 2-323 to G-32S shortly before noon, Issues which declined were the..t%s of 1941, the 3'/i£ of 1941, and the 2;is. Thy 4s ·were up about 4-32nds at one time. Selling in this sector was described in bond quarters as a combination ot "normal" profit taking and concluded, lightening of portfolios owing to the Franco-German unrest abroad. It was noted, however, that ihe recessions in governments failed to unsettle the rank and file of low yield corporate loans. In the foreign group French 7s and German 5''is shitted forward a t r i f l e , while Japan 6Vis and s^s were slightly lower. Produce MASON CITY--For Monday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 14c Springs, heavy breeds I6c Leg-horn springs I3c Stags, heavy creeds 14c Heavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over ....16e Under 4 Iba .I3c Cocks _ lOc Turkeys, No. 1 20e Geese lOc Ducks 12c Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 16-lSc* Eggs, cash 15-17c* Butter, Iowa State Brand '. ...38c Butter, Corn Country 37c Butter, Kenyon's 3Tc Butter, Very Best 38c Butter, Brookfield 37c Potatoes, peck 33c and 45c .'EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO (.Monday Market) CHICAGO. kP)--Butter 8,138, firm: creamery specials (93 score) 32^32V'.c; extras (92) 31VJc; extra firsts (90-91) ~31{J31!lc; firsts (8S-S9) 30(!i!30!ic; standards (90 cen- raljzed carlots) 32Jic. Ksss 11,238, steady: extra firsts local 19c, cars 19 ! ,jc; fresh graded firsts local IS'-ic, rs 19c; current receipts l~~;ic. Poultry, live. 13 trucks, steady; hens 5 Ibs. ind less 23c. more than 5 Ibs. 21c; Leghorn lens 20c; Plymouth and White Rock springs 25c, colored 24c; Plymouth and Wbite Rock ryers 25c, colored 2dc; broilers 23@24c; ·costers 16VJC: hen turkeys 23c, young toms Oc. old ISc; No. 2 lurkeys ISc; heavy white lucks 24c, small 21c, heavy colored 23c. mall 20c; gccse Hi;; capons 7 Ib?. up 26c. ess t h a n 7 Ibs. 2,",c. Dressed turkeys slratly; oM hens 27r; oune ioms IS lhs. up 27',-jC: h e a v y y o u n c ;abby lorn* 2.'ic. old 2)c; No. 2 turkeys 22c. K\v VORK rnnnucE. '.Monday Markd) NEW YORK, (.p--Butter 10,831. firmer; reamery higher than extra 33fi,33-Kc; ex(92 score) 32=ic: firsts (89-91) 32® 2%c; centralized (90) 32fi32ic. Cheese 166,225, firm; state, whole milk lats held 1935. fancy 21CT22C. Eggs 27.950, firmer: mixed colors, special acks or .selections from fresh receipts 22Ji 3c: standards and commercial standards ',i®21',ic; firsts 19teffi20c; seconds 199 ^ic; mediums 40 Ibs. is^@19c: dirties No. 42 Ibs, 19c; average checks 17Vj^l8c. Live poultry easier; by freight: "chickens 7£I22c; broilers unquoted; fowls 22@24c: oosters 16c; turkeys 20^30c; ducks" (all ections) 16^18c. PRODUCE FUTURES. (Monday Mnrkcti C H I C A i~, O. u"--Butter f m u r c s Hosed: orac? s t a n d a r d s March .llxc; storage andards November 2fic; f r f s h standards p r i l 27r. E l u t u r r s : Kctricerator standards Oc- tober 21:;6; fresh graded firsts March 19c; storage packed firsts April 20i«c. GOVERNMENT BONDS (Monday Market) NEW YORK, dT--U. S. bonds cl Treasury 4U's, 47-52, 117.14. Treasury 4's. 44-55. 112.13. Treasury 3»;'s. 40-43. June. 10S.17. Treasury 3!S'S. 46-49. 105.2. Treasury 3's. 51-55, 103.27. Offhand we can name only one place where this zero weather would lie Appreciated. We wish it was there.--Ohio Stale Journal. j on her mind at first glance. She stood motionless. "Hello," Babbas remarked easily. "I'm in trouble. I happened to remember that you were my next- door neighbor and thought, maybe, you'd help a fellow." "What do you want?" "It's nothing- serious," he laughed. "Don't look so tragic. I was dressing for dinner and pulled a button off my coat. I hated to change again. I suppose you have a needle and thread." His gray eyes were roving around the little living room. "Nice place." Thora thought rapidly. It might be an accident, but he had chosen a clever pretext for his visit. Her first impulse was to order him from the room. Perhaps that was unnecessarily rude. If he really wanted a button sewed on his cuff, that was nothing serious. He might have thought that she was the one to come to, under the circumstances. As if he had read her mind, Babbas remarked: "I have the button. It won't take but a minute." "I will sew it for you," she said briefly. "Just a second, until I get a needle and thread." When she came out of the bedroom with the desired articles, her caller was lounging comfortably in her chair beside the reading lamp. In a flash, she noticed that he had closed the door in\.o the hall. With lips tightly compressed, she stepped over to it, opened it wide. ''Strong for conventions, aren't you?" All Babba drawled good naturedly. "Yes. Which sleeve is it, please?" "This one." He lifted his arm. "You'd he more comfortable if you sat down, I think." Thora made no reply, hut busied herself with the button he gave her. She would make short work of this sewing task. If only no one passed her door in the meantime, or saw Alec when he left. That would be in about one-half minute. "There you are," she remarked, straightening up from her work. "Thanks," Babbas buttoned his sleeve leisurely, but made no move to leave his chair. "If you will excuse me, I must go down now." Thora moved to the door, standing aside suggestively. Batibas got to his feet with a shrug of his shoulders. He came close to Thora, halted and regarded her speculatively. "You don't like me a lot, do you?" "I am afraid I do not, Mr. Babbas," she returned calmly. '"I dislike to have to speak of it, but while we are on the subject, I will have to remind you that your attitude towards our maids is ... distaste, ful. I am responsible for them." "Oh, so that's it!" He lifted his brows in surprise. "Nellie's one of those girls who kisses . . . and tells." He came a little nearer, still smiling. "I don't care to discuss it," Thora returned . quietly. "I'm only asking you to remember." "Quite. And that reminds me . . . I forgot to thank you for your little favor." Before she realized what bad" happened, Thora felt Babbas' arm about her waist, holding her firmly, drawing her close. With an angry twist, she freed herself. Babbas" smile vanished. "Then you're trying to make me think that you're particular, as far as I'm concerned. "Of course, if Gordon has . . ." He got no further. Some ancient forbear of Thora Dahi, some Norse warrior, must have instilled her with his spirit. Infuriated by her tormentor's voice, she went suddenly berserk. She struck out blindiy, with all the force of her muscular arm. She was conscious of the door closing with a resounding bang. She was alone in her room. Thora's knees still were trembling, but the little clock on her mantel told her that she could delay her trip down to the diningroom no longer. During those breathless moments following Babbas' departure, she would not have been surprised to have received a summons from Mr. Marsh. Ali Babba would report her, without -doubt, whatever provocation she might have had, she had no right to strike a houseguest. She had struck him. The white knuckles of her right hand bore testimony to that. They pained her even yet. Of course the Marshes would have to take the part of Ali Babba. If Thora were not dismissed forthwith, she probably would be asked to apologize. Her chin went high at that, and her knees forgot to shake. She would never demean herself by an apology. Her position might be little better than that of a servant, but she wasn't beir.g paid to take insults! She had an overwhelming feeling | of gratitude when Mr. Marsh and Wilma came to the table alone. Selwyn gave Thora the nod of greeting with which he always favored her, then turned to Wilma to ask: "Where's Alec ? I thought I heard somebody say he was back." "He is," Wilma told him, as she seated herself. "He came to my door a few minutes ago and asked to be excused from dinner . . . said he had a headache." "Umph. He must have been living high up in the big town. Well, let's eat." Thora held her breath when Wilma began her explanation. It must be that Mr. Batabas had said nothing of what had happened. Wilma seemed very indifferent about It and ate her own meal in a listless fashion. Thora's bands were steady as she performed her usual services, but strangely cold. She wondered if it were her place to suggest taking tea or some other light refreshment to the guest. It would be almost necessaiy for her to act as waitress; she 1 would not ask either of the maids to perform the service. She decided to wait and allow Wilma to make the suggestion. But, fortunately, that young lady seemed occupied with her own thoughts and left the table almost as soon as she had finished her dessert. Thora knew that there was little likelihood of her encountering Ali Babba at the breakfast table. She and Mr. Marsh usually ate that meal in each other's company. The next morning proved no exception to the rule. When the mail came, she carried it to the library, hoping secretly that the master of the house would not be there. But he was. "Heavy mail today?" he inquired, holding out his hand. "Not very." "Don't be in a rush . . . um-m- mra," He was sorting the envelopes idly and did not look up. "Just called on Babbas . ·. . he't not feeling very chipper." Thora 'straightened her shoulders. It was coming. "Had a slight accident . . . That's funny. I'll swear I paid those folks. Must check it up.' "Did he? That is too bad?" The housekeeper's voice was flat, impersonal. "Uh-huh. CANUCKS PUSHED OUT OF MATCHES Montreal Canadiens Lose in Dismal Windup Contest, Rangers in Race. NEW YORK, LVI--The Montreal Canadiens, the Flying Frenchmen ol the National Hockey league, have been shut out of the Stanley cup playoffs for the first time in a decade. They wound up a dismal season Sunday night, as far as a playoff berth was concerned, with their intra-city rivals, the Montreal Maroons, downing them 3 to 1. The New York Americans lost 2 to 1 to a New York Ranger team that was fighting to get a playoff berth and which managed to remain in the running, one point behind the third place Boston Bruins who defeated the Chicago Biackhawks 1 to 0 in Boston. In the fourth game on Sunday night's schedule, Charlie Conache'r sent a high drive into the net from center ice to give the Toronto Maple Leafs a 2 to 1 overtime victory over the Detroit Red Wings on the latter's ice. NORTH IOWA BOXSCORES AT WATERLOO Class A, Martin f I'ediTscn Cou-an r Olescn f Grance SrM.jl Said he got up last night . . . fumbling for the lamp . . . walked his face into a door. Thinks he could take a cup of coffee after a bit. I told him you'd see to it ... have Ted bring him a tray." (TO BE CONTINUED) 1 I .1 n i l f II 1 .1 :i l n ii .1 .1 II 4 n n i n n o WAVEBLl--21 ft Outer r ] Orawe f n Eirclesltm i n Hel.t f o. 'lolmiinsrn e I) Kepler K 0 Scully c ] Chestnut r o Totals 12 l i l f i T ,, nls 3 1 1 ) ] , *ree throws missed: West 8. Wavcrly 7 Class B. ORANGE--33 Peterson f Van Ouyn f Spoers f 1'eck f Moss c R. Brown e Miller ir Totals : ft f 4 II 1 n i) o 5 2 2 4 2 1 1 1 0 Rltcert f Oppcrman SclinHc c Werner g Reets c Brooks c ft f 1 1 III 10 7 Tiilnls NORTH IOWA SECTIONALS - DISTRICT NO. 2 At New Hampton CLASS A. Semifinal Kound. Crencii 39, Usage U. New Hampton 31, Charles Cily 19. Final Round, A'ew Hamilton 31, Cresco 20, CLASS B. Semifinal Bound. FrederlcksburK 26, .Mclntlre 4. Alia Vista 17, Frederiku 14. ' Final Kound. Frederlcksburs 23, Alta Vlsla 17. At Waterloo CLASS A. Semifinal Bflu/id. Waverly 34, Cedar Falls 22. IVest Waterloo 32. Jesup 15, Final Itound. \Vc»t Waterloo 29, \Vaverlj 14. Class B. Semifinal Rtrand, Allison 20, Falrbank Its. Orange 37, Jancsville 19. Firm! Round. Ornnge 42. AJHsun 20. At West Union CLASS A. Semifinal Round. '- Wept Union 30, Fayetle 19. Maynard 17, Sumner 13. Final Ruund. tVMt Union 33. Maynnrd II. CLASS B. Semifinal Kuund, "Clermtmt 23, Hazleton 15. Haivkeye 24, Rnndalia 22. Final Bound. Clermont 19, Hawkeye 15. DISTRICT NO. 5 At Latimer. CLASS A. Semifinal Round. Kanawha 16, Dows 12. Hampton 34, Sheffield 20. CLASS A. Hampton 26. Kanawha 6. CLASS B. Semifinal Bound. Apliitcton 38. Rowan 23. Goodell 41, Klemme 14. Final Roui'rl, ' Goodell 36. Apllnston K. DISTKICT NO. 8 At Alta. CLASS A Semifinal Round Cherokee 33, Sutherland 23. Storm Lake 33, Aurella 17. Final Kound Cherokee 27, Slorm Lake 17. CLASS B Semifinal Round \Vebh 36, Rembrandt 34. Brooke Consolidated 14, Larraoec 13. Final Round Brooke 35, Webb 34. At Buffalo Center. CLASS A Semifinal Round Buffalo Center 38, Thompson 11. Forest City 23. Swea City 22 (overtime) Final Rotrnd Buffalo Center 32, Forest city 28. CLASS B Semifinal Round I.edyard «, Woden Ifi. Fertile 30, Titonka 22. ' Final Round Lpdynrd 29, Fertile 15. At Algona. CLASS A Semifinal Rnund T;mmclslu!rc 24. \Vcst Bend 9, Rolfe 34, AIson.-v .18. Final Kour.,1 Rfllfe 23. Kmnief^hurfi is. 'I.ASS K Semifinal Kiumff HMir 31. Rodnilllt 20. Rcnivlfk 41. Curlew 13. Final Round Rcmvlck 28, ttodc lit. At Danbury. CLASS A Semifinal Round Ida Grove 36. Gallic Creek H. HolstPln 27, Mapleton 16. Final Round Ida Grove 22, Holstcln 21. CLASS B Semifinal Round Danbury 29, Washta 9. tie 36, Arthur 17. Final Hound" Dnnbnry 26. t'le 15. At Estherville. CLASS A Semifinal Round Spirit Lake 33. Graettincer 7. EstheiMlle 23, Spencer 2l. Final RiitinH fXhrrvtllp 18, Sjirll J.tthf 15. ("LASS II Semifinal Round Terrl) 33, Lake Center M. Free throws missed: Orange 6, Allison 7~ AT NEW HAMPTON Class A. ,VE\V HAMPTON--31 CBESCO--"9 is it t , e i, , Struble f 4 2 2 Hflrgim t ] (I 2 0 II 1 2 4 3 2 4 I Kemp Babcock c H. Carney G. Carney 1 1 1 Byrnes I Chchnk t Shack'lon Owen, c Kviim c Ln.vlnn £ Mobs K Total, in 11 in Totals 7 6 Claw B. FRED-BCKG--35 ALIA VISTA--20 Trlplett f F. Wittier I Dutcher c I-cllxm'n E Barker c fg It f 1 3 ? 3 Tolals 9 511 H. Tyler t Johann f Oratnpp f Jnschlm e IVcbb c (V. Tyler j Totals ft ! 1 2 AT WEST UNION Class A. IVEST UMON--25 MAYN-AKD--13 'K ft 3 0 n n n tt 4 2 I) 0 3 1 (1 0 Wlltgen f Blockhus t Waldnm f Smith f Swule e Moluniby c Kamni p Grimes s .Sullivan s rrntt c Totals CLER310M--J9 I.cchy f Cress f V. Olsnn f H. Olson s Rounds g Hamilton t-c 2 1 II 'jiee J 0 0 2 Oakejj f (i n I Miehe n 3 II 3 fiarrtim- c II o " Foss g 0 0 1 Totals | : II f 0 2 (I 3 :i 1 0 0 Totuls 8 3 8 Vroman f. .Mitchell ! P. Cass c Carmiehael S. Cass E Buhr e Tolals ft ft f 3 2 0 2 0 1 0 0 3 II 0 1. 1 1 2 0 0 0 6 3 7 AT BUFFALO CENTER Class A. BCF. CENTER--33 FOREST CIT1'--28 ffc- « f fg It t 4 1 1 Indvick f 2 7 4 1 Connor t Arkwright Kelso f Matson c Smith g C. Kopp E L. Kopp f Tolals FERTILE--15 K. .Sheimn f Hovland I -loots f P. Sheimo c Ouverson K Oreilson JT Humphrey c 0 S 0 Hauge f 0 1 4 Hanson c 4 1 3 3 Osmundson g 0 fl 2 0 Thompson s 1 4 14 9 Totals 9 Class B. LEDVARD--29 S It f 0 o · 1 I n 3 II 3 ii n o 3 2 I 0 Warner 1 Lluyrl f Moulhtn Barnes E Totals ROLFE--25 Rickard I Budelfson f K. Richard c Shelgren K Lamis K S 5 10 Totals 13 314 AT ALGONA Class A E.M.METSBURG--18 IB ft l SK M 1 3 0 3 Bcalty 1 6 0 3 3 4 0 Bryant f 0 0 0 3 1 3 Roberts f 1 0 2 1 3 0 Diilln s ham c 1 0 o 0 0 1 Appleby R 0 0 4 Norvell g 1 0 3 9 7 7 REMVICK--38 fe ft Blesie f 6 1 Maurer f 2 1 Goettch e 1 II McCurray K Peterson ir TOTALS Class B BODE--31 1 1 1 3 Palmer f Lewis f \VaInem a King jr Larson jr 9 012 0 0 2 0 3 3 2 1 TOTALS 12 4 9 TOTALS Lnkp Park 45. Arnolds Park 12. Final Round Lake Park 2n. Tcrril 15. At Sheldon. CLASS A Semifinal Rmmn Sfmi* Ccnler 37, Prlmchar KJ. Paullina 33, George 19. Final Round Sioux Center 41, Paullina 19. CLASS B Semifinal Round Hull 33. Alton 1C. Moneta 30, Gaza 20. Final Round Moneta 34, Hull 31. At Sioux City. CLASS A Semifinal Round Central Sioui city 37, I.a\vl on 28 East Sioui Clly 47. Le Mars 19. Finn! Round Kant Sloni Cily 29, Central Slou« rilj It. CLASS B Semlfinnl Round Rrnnsnn 4.1. Hrnt.rn 35. Hlnlnn 38. Knlnn II. " Final Round Bronson 25, Hinton 17,

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