The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 23, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1818
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a Two new, t convenient two - iUry . . . . ,tZ. JL... .it.t in AUmtreet, next situate in ART0 ' to the Ball - Alley. For term ayV'y ta . . JAMES KNOX, 27 Orchard - st Jan K5 lw yTtfUCAL SCIEXCE LOTTERY. a FEW fjckettat ten aud a half dollar, for 3. aaleat f roni - suees. Jao2J si OURNAL of the proceedings of the late embassy to China, comprising - a correct nar - rativeof the public transactions of the Lmbjuwy l. L.,Ll,n d from China, and of the Z::iZ ,e mouth of the Fel - he to the re rSninn - interioersed with obiervatiom Boon the face of the country, the polity, moral ctaracter, and manner, of the Chine., naboa - Jlluslratcd by a larse map, by Henry EUi. tmrd rnmmuuloner of the Embassy, 1 vol. 8vo. price Jan S3 92 Broadway. r i .i .L L'mtiAtru lA ChilUt, JUST published and for tale by KIRK, ana MERCE1N, No. 22 Wall - street, Journal of the proceedinpof the late embassy to Chuia, totersned with oteervaUon. on the face of tb. r . ... i sin nun. country, the pomy, mra - u . , . , - Zi' nation - illustrated by a large map. By Henry EUi, third commissioner ofthe "At a Court of Chancery held for the state . of New - IorK, at ine cuy ui niuuuji on the tenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thouiand eight hundred and eighteen, TnKat The Honorable Jamei Kent, Eiquire, Chancellor. William Seger, George Choumert, AlexanderGIennie. John Cap - ner. William Henlock and John Ritcher TT appearing to the latisfaction of this court, I k .J, - .,!.; nr William iN". Uvckman. iu - nior, the solicitor for the complainant, and the af fidavit ofthe compiain&ni, Uia prw.e. u, poena hai been regularly isiued, requiring the de. fenHu.t Afemmler Glennie. John Capper, Wil liam Henlock and John Ritcher, to appear to and answer the amended bill of complaint in thii cauie, and that neither of the laid defendanti Alexander Glenme, John Capper, vv imam nen - iock and John Ritcher, hat appeared, according totherulei of thii court i and that the said de - ri,nta inrlfr Glennie. John Capper, Wll liam Henlock and John Ritcher, reude without ihi. . tn wit. in the city of London, in th irinHnm nf Rreat Britain It il there fore, on motion of Mr. Munro, of Counsel for the Complainant, ordeted, that each of the aid defendants, Alexander Gleonie, John Copper, William Henlock and John Ritcher, cause hit appearance to be eoterei ana ins answer uieu to the laid amended bill of complaint within nine months from thii date, and in default thereof, that the laid amended bill of complaint be taken proconfeiio againit them to the end that sucb decree may be thereupon made ai ihall be just. And it it further ordered that within twenty dayi from thii day a copy of thii order be publiibed in at leait two of the public newipapen printed in this itate. and be continued therein lor the term of eight weeki successively, once in each of toe laid weeni. A copy, ISAAC L. KIP, Jan 13 law8 Assistant Register. IN CHA.NCERY. Slate of New - York, ss. IN puriuance of a decretal order of thii honorable court, wilt be told at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee Home in the city of New - York, under tbe direction of the tubicriber, ai one of the masters of this court, on Saturday, the fourteenth day of February next, at twelve o'clock at noon, all that certain house and lot of ground, eituate on the westerly tide of Nassau - street, in the third ward of the city of New - York, and known at nuoiber51, bounded at followi : east - erly in front by Nassau - street, westerly in the rear by property belonging te Mr. Isaac Mead, northerly by Mr. Hodgkinsoo'i Tavern, and southerly by property of 'Art. Elitabeth Giron - coart, containing in breadth in front and rear twenty five feet, in length on the northerly tide one hundred and twelve feet four inchei, and on the toutlierly tide one hundred and ten feet ten inchei. be the tame more or less ; together with mil and lii.gular the hereditament! aud appurte - ancei thereuuto belonging. Dated the zid day of January. 1818. RICHARD I. WELLS, Master in Chancery. Note The term of the tale will heat fol lows : 10 tter cent on the day of tale. 15 ner cent. on tiie tint day of May next, at which time a deed will oe executed and possession given ; the residue to be paid in aeven jean, with interest half yearly, secured by a bond and' mortgage on ine premises me nnuse to De insured by the purchaser Iron the taid tint day of May until the purchase money and interest thereon ii'paid, and the policy to be transferred to the inortagoe. for turner particulars apply atuie niat.;r' oh A V" - .1 11 . J w. ui.r, i'ii. ju rir.r - iireCI. jan vJI3W 1ST CM.1AV KKr. Stoic of ST tie - York. mi. IN pursuance of an unier of thii honorable Court, bearing date h 19th day of January in tant, will be sold at public auction, at the Ton line oonee nouse m the city of - New - York, on the 16th day of February neit, tit 12 ocl - ck .it noon, under tbe directi.ia of the lunsrrioer Ail uie reir, renuae ana remainder ol thi - term of years yei io come nnu uuexpired of and in all that certain lot, pice or p irrel of ground titu - ate, lying and beir2 in the Eighth ward cJ th. city of New - York, on the easterly side of llroad - way bounded in front h Broadway, in the rear ",e ooruieny nine ny ground belonging to John Jacob Astor, and on tie southerly tide by Uroome - street : containing in breadth in front and rear 22 feet, and iu depth on each side 10" feet. Together with the building! erected thereon. Said premiss hew beld under a deuine noiujonn jsiioD Aitor, Eq lor the term of 21 jrjn - , irom vciooer ui, luis, lubiect to an an ?HaL,eut of 100 dollan. Dated January 23d 818. THOMAS BOLTON, Mmtrin Ch,Mi.n The dwelliris houe on the above premises to "r mu iuu iur oy me tenor, at the ex piration of the term, or the lease renewed for 21 jean additional, at a rent to be fixed by two r - .v, u uc uiiikh oy nie parlies, and a the exrjiration nftl, ... i j n - houie to be valued an.1 paid for at aforeiaid. - y. pirticuinrs, enquire or the master, No. 44 fine - ilreet. jm23 lnwtF9tUi TJOaTON RUM. - 24l.hili. Boston Rum, for L r - le by G. G K S I IO W LA N D, J2jf "1 Washington - ttreet. r - 1,1 r ULK W toot St. Petcriburgh clean Hpmn 3! fir"lal'T R - niiaDuck T JAME3D'WOLF,J jan n t Z. unr. 57 Front - itreet. ., JO Be. Lt J r Or a tprm nf .1 r. .77.7.1. 7 . . toe iiouic nnn f.VuT;1""' DT lh ubscriber, lying be ilt. if.OMob" ,et' ,wo l'y bouiet and and , I hird avenue, between 9th &uuSOn Sd aveaue' belween ,3,n nd aoir'.c! kt or ,,!a,d three ,orr btk a i BS,uv'"ant - ttrect. Am. for sale, tour ye'v desirable lituatiuni for l - itreeti avenue, between lWh and And for tale or to be leaied, several lots front - (, on ine Jditniu ppiy to J.asl lv P. G. STUYVESANT. If!?l FOR SAI.rldR i d I I'lvi' HiiJ On accommodating terms, a number of - w UU1UU1. ioI nelr tail ij0inin5 u,e T - yard, at Brooklyn. For particular!, en - SAMUEL EVANS, Jw82tf I 0 1'l VT'i'ON - S4 bales pnm. epland 'o Sa.? a,t ,5c,t,ved, Pr schooner Laura, savataah, and for sale by Juu OTiS Sz SWXN, Wl4 157 1'earl - itrteU UM. 100 bbli. 1st pf. New Rnm for tale by JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, jam 17 - 75 Wall - ttreet. KLOUK, &c 90 tiercet Flai - 1? teed, landing from tchooner Nancy, from Baltimore, for isle oy I). UETHUSE H CO. 82 U. U. Hip. Alto landiue. 159 bis tupf. Flour, principally Gallego'i b'd J hale i Seine Twine. J an 10 lOSEPU CWBORN. - Mi tjouth - stieet. olTers J for sale the entire cargo oi the ship Ferieve - rance, bilver, master, iroin uatavia, viz: 450,0 HJ Ih. very bandBome Coffee 14,000 Ibi Sugar 400 Ox Hidn 2 bagiCuhuh IN STORE. 150 balet Calcutta fiece Goods, vix : Beer - boom Gurralu, bahanaeore, basery and Caicut ta (.hecks, red, blue and white Madraii pattern (ilia hdkt'i. sooty romali.flag and bandanoe bkl'i. lanuai, coiiai, lawns, ballas, jalalpore and blue mamooaiei, &.c. &c. Castor oil. senna leaf, nssotedita, ' Gum benjamin, copal, trajacanth, talomo - mac, sc. Arc. 50 hags mustard teed 40 kegi pickled salmon' 35 kegi ground ginger 50 chests hyion and linglo tea 36 bags Calcutta tugari 300 boxes No. 1 & 2 Chocolate 100 boltt Ruiiia Duck , 60 toot Russia iron i 500 Russia Seal Skint 1 case crost bar'd Canton Hdkfi. 1 case black Canton crapei 3 caiei colored do 200 pieces blue Nankini 5000 I'itcei lung yellow do : B whole and c. ., w. 10 half pipei 3000 Calcutta goat ikint (000 M admit do &c, Jan B Sic. HIDES. FOUR hundred Hides landing thit day from Perseverance, and will he sold low from the wharf. Apply to JU&fcfH usburlK, Jan 9 2tt South - street ii EORGfc W. TALBOT, No. 55 Fine itreet, VJI hai lor tale, IU hhdi. St Croix Sugar ' 10 bagi superior Calcutta do )0 whole, i 15 half Ai Bohea Tea, very tuperior SO qr. chests 50 chests Souchong Tea, Nancy't cargo 45 do Youns llvion do do do 24 do do do do Natchez's cargo, entitled to drawback 12 do do do do Phoenix1! cargo 3 or. casks Sherry Wine 1? humneri Chumpaizne. do entitled to drawback 140 boxet Sweet Oil, in bottlet 50 do old Castile Soap ' 16 caiki Green Copperat 2 balet Mirzapore Carpets 4 cases Longyi and Sistenoyt Cologne Water, Mustard Seed India Twine and Marline. Jan 16 LOAF At LUMf SUGAR, izc. f sT Hhdi and 40 bbli I it and 2J quality loaf A. id iu;ar 15 hhds and 60 bbli let Jis 3d qual. lump sugar SO bbli suar bouse sugar 100 lanre piecei retiued sugar, and a few hhds sugar house molasses, for rale by JAVKOU.'V WUULLfct, Jan 21 75 Wall - st. IRISH MARKET T06ACCO - 5U hhdi. of 1 fine quality, landing from schooners Hero and Sally Ann, from Richmond, for tale by U. CblUU.Iti Oi. 'J. Jan 16 92 C. H. slip. SHOES it BOOTS. JUST received 40 package! among whkb are 3 caset Wellington BooU 2 do do do do do do Ladies, do 2 4 4 4 2 .1000 Mockasont Cork Sole Shoes Ladiei walking do Meo'i coarie Bitvi do do Kid suitable for tbe southern or West India market woinen'i Leather 2500 do Those, together with a general anortment of L..idic, Missel and jniidreu'i morocco, uiaca and colored Roaae, are offered for tale on reai onabie termi by - thus, win, no. 2z rean - iireei, Likewise 10 boxet first quality Cod Fish. Jan 15 lm Wi!.1 E HAVANA SUGAR, BRAND 40 boxei lit qual. white Havana Sugar 10 pipes Bordeanx Brandy 3 do old Cognac do (Martells brand) 12 hhds old Jamaica Rum 50 bags old Java Coffee. For tale by J. A J CODDINGTON, Jan 20 I w 04 Front - street DAMAoK CLOTHi, NAPKINS, LINENS, ic. Lie C. SUYDAM, No.61 Maiden - lane, offer . for sale a general assortment of Real damask table cloths, tome very large. with elegant large and small napkins to match Also Diaper and damask table linens, from to 10 4 wide Irish linens, long.lawns, sheetings. Sic. Also for sale by the package, 12 cases 4 - 4 Irish linens, low and fine as - sortments 2 do 3 4 longlawni 2 do Drogbeda sheetings 1 do 7 - 8 black lineni 1 do 5 - 4 strong Irish sheetings Jan 19 tf RICE & TOBACCO 150 tierces prime new Rice 13 hhds Kentucky Tobacco, 26 hhdi old and 53 uo new Virzinla do Now landing from different vessels, for sale by jan IZ D1VJ& UM HUflhfi ci. X CUT MILL SAWS. Ate. A SMALL invoice of X cut Mill and Tit Saws, Jk. V. a. and C. s. Tor sale by ANDERSON &: SHEARER, 131 Water - ttreet Who have in Store. Hand, ripping and dove tail Saws, brass and iron oacas Cast Steel Cbisiel and Gnnges Mortice Cbisseli and Drawing Knives Patent Carolina & Virginia Hos - s, No. 12 34 rought nails, 4d, oil, Hd, 0d, 12, it, ZUd Bmss and copper wire, of all sizes Rolled and Sheet Bras, Brass Pant I - oudon Pint, Not. 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 Hardware and Japanned Ware, asso rted fo the country trade Engravers' Copper, in plates of all sixes, jan 12 MERIMV WOOL, CO rTO.V YA RX, SA T T'JVlL I TS, fie. WANTED, a quantity of merino wool ; also, cotton yam. particularly low numbers. Proposals will also be received for making of tat. t melts. The manufacturer to be supplied with the materials and the business to be rendered, probably, permanent. A contract is alio wanted, for the running ol a cotton mill, ol from 1 to 4000 spindles ; the cotton to be supplied, aud tbe yarn to be received at a stipulated price. Apply at 143 Pearl - street, up tur. oct 23 rH TO QIUKRYMEX. FOUR experienced Marble Quarrymen are wanted immediately. None need apply . .1 " . 1 . L , f uui uiinc jici icviij Muainicu wiui Vll c dusi nest i to such constant employ anil liberal wages will be given. Apply to EZRA LUDLOW, 34 Beaver - street OTO LET, A small 3 - ttory fireproof STORE, No. 27 Moore - street, next to tliescomer South - it Possession given immediately. Apply as a - boye. no? U P&Htf ! R i Fr HAVANA. The brig ALEXANDER, William Booth, maxler, havioir all her canro on boardi will positively sail on Sunday mopnrJiir t can accommodate a few more naseneer, if immediate application is made on board at Afrnewh - whart, pier No. 27. E. R. or at J5 Front - street, to jan 22 2t 1. PACKARD. for frreielU or CUorlrr, The fait tailing substantial schooner BETSEY, capt. Turner, one year old, wul itow. about 800 bbli. is in complete order for nv vovaee can be seen at Dovcr - st. wharf. Apfj to GOODHUE & CO. Jan 2 - 2 44 South - it ttuiaze fort.ivuterdnm, The ship CHRISTOPHER GORE, , master, having: all her freight ene - aired. ami beine nearly loaded, will clear out on Saturday, can accommodate very handsomely several passencers. if application be made immediately at No. 73 Washinirton - st. N. ii. No bills against said ship will be paid unless an order for supplies is given by JOHN AUM. WILUNK &CO. jan 22 3t 73 Wasliingtontreet For t'rtight or Charter, The ihip PERSEVERANCE, bur 5j3jthen 260 tons, in complete readiness to receive a cargo ; Lei east side Old - slip. .4 I..SO. A?v . ThbrisrMUSCONGUS.CRotDock endorff, burthen 152 tous, well calculat ed lor carrying lumber and slock ; lies at uur ling - elip. Apply to BARKER & HOPKINS, No. 84 Soulh - street. Wlio have for Male, 2D tons clean St. Petersburg hemp 10,000 Calcutta Goal Skins, large size Calcutta Duck ,2 bales Russia Calf Skins. 2500 gallons pure winter strained Sperm, oil 800 gallons rack'd whale oil 170 boxes first quality Spermaceti candles An invoice of elegant French hall stoves 20 tens pig iron . Jan 21 lOt fVH PUll, H UtLPHlA, Union Line sclir. TRUE AMER 1CAX, Jno. Kelly, master; liavioir tlie greater part of her cartro engaired and 0:ng on board, will sail on Sunday, wind una weatlier pei nutting. For t: eight, apply to the master on board, lyintr east side uid - slip. abrest South - street, or at the Union Line packet office, 34 Old - slip. jan 21 3t L'HOMMEDIEU BROWN. for LOJVDUjYVERHY. ' The fine fait sailing (hip FOSTER. N. Morau, master, having 7 - 0tbs of her cargo ready to go on board, will be despatched without delay. For freight of 100 to 200 tierces seed, or passage, apply to the waster on board at pier no. 13, or to Jan 20 W. & S. CRAIG. for Jfe.ty - ORLt.JXS, (a regular trader) The fine coppered and copper - lastencd brig CHARLES, capt. Wibray, now loadiug aud will sail on Sunday next. For freight or pas - age, having excellent accommodations, apply to the captain on board, or to Jan 20 No. 41 South - iL " Vintage for Ll EKPUOL. i The regular trading coppered ship JiCAROLINA - ANN, M. Reeves, mat ter, will positively sad on Sunday next, (wind and weather permitting,) and can handsomely accommodate ten passengers. Apply on board, at pier no. 20, east side Burling - slip, or - at no. 80 South - street, to Jan 20 5t ROWLASU BRAIN E. For HA YAMtAU, Tbe regular packet brig ELIZA, i Thayer, matter, having a large propor tion of her freight engaged, will be dispatched in a few days. For freight or passage, apply on board at Jones1 wharf, pier no. 4, or to HENRY THOMAS, No. 2 Joucs' lane. Mio offert for tale, 118 bales upland cotton 4 bales iea - lsland do 1 cae Madras hdkfs 2 do fancy muslins Jan 17 6t For .AVERPOOL, The ihip DRAPER, Wm. Adami, master: she has three - fourths of her cargo ready to go on board and will meet with immediate dispatch For freight of 500 to 1000 bbls flour or passage, apply to the master on board, east tide of Fly - market wharf, or to B. W. ROGERS & CO. Jan 16 235 Pearl - st. FOR H.iLi:, The fast tailing ship SILENUS, 206 tons burthen, built at Rochester, Mass. c in be sent to sea at a small expence. For terms, apply on board, at Steam boat - wharf, or to J. Si J. CODDINGTON, jan 20 lw 204 Front - street. For Sale, treishl or Charter, A new pilot boat built SCHOONER, about 150 torn burthen, built in the best manner, copper - lastentd, in complete order to receive a cargo in every respect a good vessel Apply on board at Burhug - shp, or to N. L. ii G. GRISWOLD, Jan 19 86 South - it. For Sale, Freight or Charier, A new pilot boat built schooner, 120 Lialtoos burthen, built in the best manner, ol good materials, copper fastened 4 a very fast sailing vessel, and may be tent to lea with small expense Apply on board at Burling slip, or to N. L.. SZ U. URISWOLU, Jan 19 86 South - it. JplGS - 200 qr. boxes fresh Turkey pul'd Fig j. iuii received, ana iur taie ny Jan 22 PBTER REMSEN I CO. 1 lOMBAZKtNS I case black Boiubazeeos, U of a unerior aualifv. Tor sale bv N. St D. TALCOTT, 64 South - street. Jan 22 (JEER.&UCKERS a small halei striped and O checked beenuckers, for tale by P. REMSEN It CO. Jan 23 2tt South itreet. Ens. Glassware, J consisting of Wines and Tumblers, for tale by CHAS. L. OGOEN & AUH. UulJt7, jan 22 waihiiigton - st 17 AR THEN WARE. 15 casks, containing Hi Lustre Tea - Setts, Juss, 4 cratet blueprinted Table Plates, and 2 do Napoleon Plates. Now landing aod lor sale by cluiiui'i rvrl iv Pi'mcnv Jan 22 67 SnuOi - itreeL 1 ARPETIXG Juit received an assort - V ment of eleirant Brussels and Ineram Carpeiin? and Hearth Run, with a variety of omer arucies in uie carpet line. .l is ALSO A few sunt nor 1 urkey Carpets, for sale by W. W. & T. L CHESTER, jan 23 3t 191 Broadway, cor. Uey - at. 741 HERRINGS. boxes 1st sort, ) Herrings, now land - 17? do 2d do i Log and for sale by C A ji u rv r.t.. j rcAusuiv, Jsn 22 67 Suolli - itreet. "JUGAK 12 bbds. handK'UK! Su Cf oix Sugar, 7 for sale by JACKSON & WOOLLEY. Jaa 22 75 Wall - street. I UoCOVADO SUGAR 161 hods. Hava - IV I d Muvuirodo Susar. of superior Quality. landintf from brig Boxer, from Havana, at Jones whanfor lalaTiy GOODHUE Sz CO. - 4: in BRANDY 40 pipe Grayi Brandy, lit and 4U proof, for tale by JACKSON Sz WOOLLEY. Jan 20 75 Wall - street. tLOUR ii TOBACCO 159 bbls. - superfine . Flour, principally Gallego's. brand, and 58 hhds Tobacco, of a fine fine quality, suit - b.e for the Irish market just received per schooners Hero, and Sally Ann, from Richmond, for sale by ' jan 15 D1VIE BF.TIIUNE ti CO. OLD TOBACCO. oO hhds,. old Richmond tobacco, will be landed tomorrow from the schooner Hero, from Richmond. For rale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, jan 15 112 Front - street. HOPS. 20 bags of first quality, for sale by ANDERSON K .SHEARER. jan 21 6t at 131 Water - street. U OFs.a bait - i Hop,, just received - fr tale XX by CAM UK LLINO el PEARSON, jangl C7 South - itreet. CtALCUTTA GOODS. 45 balet col'd Cal - cutta Goods, consisting of Blue Mamoodies, Sooty Roniali Red, blue and white Madras Pattern Hdkf Bernasore and Bt&ery Checki 25 baits Beerbooin Gurrahi all entitled to debentuie. For tale by HURD& SEWaLL, Jan 20 65 south - street. S'1. CROIX SUGAR 18 hhds. landioe. and lor sale at 59 ruie - iireet, by Jan 15 GEORGE W. TALBOT. Q U1CKSILVER. 20.000 lb. Quickiirver lor sale by jan 21 86 Soulh - itreet. rUTNAlLSet WOOL. 50 casks Cut Nails, KJ iromUdto20d 3 bales Wool, for tale by ADAMS St BLACKWELL, 175 rearl - itreet. Jan 21 1w XTlCAKAGUA WOOD 6c LIGNUMVITjE J 1 18 toji Nicaragua Wood of very good ...r - ouality 10 do Lignunivitae Fonaleby TUCKER it LAORIF.S, Jan 19 29 South - street. C A II P L I I . G, tec 5 bales 4 4 Ingraiued and Venetian Carpeting 1 bale Wilton Hearth Rugs and Printed Ta ble Cloths, green and hluu 6 do Rose and Twilled Point Blankets Received bv the Aou - Maria from Liverpool, aud lor tale by Jan 21 tf No, 16 William - street. rnwo cases changeable syuchewt, for tale JL by jMArwCrl S L.UW, Jan 21 210 Broadway. 200 VIllGUMA FLOUR. Barrel! Iticlimood flour, 200 do Pe tersburg do, for i lie by N. LA WHENCE, 27 Old slip, or Jan 21 3t l72Fulton - it. 1JVD1A rOLYT Ul.Y. A CONSTANT supply, old and superior quality, for sale by BARBRIN, STANTON iz CO. Jan 21 1w 17 Fulton - ilip rriOBACCO. 20hhdi.tobocco, will belaud - JL ed tomorrow from the schooner Eliza, from Petersburg For sale by jan 16 112 Front - street. ELLIS & FLECKNER, 20 Fulton - street, oiler for lale, An excellent anortment of the very best ENu LIS!! LEATHER consisting of Cordovan, long and ihort calf legs Weaned Calf Skint Grained Seal do Plain Kid do Boot Topt, Crop Sole end Crop Range Roans and Skivers of various colors ALSO, Russia Yellow Candle Tallow in hhds. Madeira Wine, in pipei and hhdi. of a supe nor quality Russia Sail Duck and Sheeting Cotton, Cotton and Silk, and Silk Hosiery Black and While Silk Lace Fancy and fig'd Mecklin Lace Black and white Lace Shawls Veils and Mantillas Moffatt's Schenectady Ale, io bbli. and hhds jan 16 lw T70R SALE, the cargo of the ship Cririe, cap s? tain Humphreys, from Calcutta, and now lauding at the foot of Liberty - street, consisting ot East India Sugar Cotton Ginger i Block Tin Gum Sbeliack Gum Copal Goat Skins of a large site . Seine Twine and Gunny Baert Alio for tale, India Muslins of almost every description. Alio, small quantity of Rattans, and Odof of Rosei. For tale I y jan 1 ROBERT LENOX TO BE SOLD, At tbe Tontine Coffee House, on the otti instant, at 12 o'clock, by order ofthe court of chancery, the house and lot No. 21 Wall' street, toeether with the store house in the rear. For further particulars, enquire at the office of JAMES A. HAMILTON, No. 3 Law Buildings. Where a map may be seen. Jan 21 In BLACK H ELL'S lsiiXU FOR SALE I T is situated about five nii'ei from the city I and contains about 115 acres of land of the best quality, witn a good dwelling house, barn, c. Possession may he bad the 1st ftlay.orear Iter, if reauired. Most of the purchase money may remain on bond and moitgage, for a number of years, r or luriiier particulars, enquire on toe preuuiei, or 01 ADAMS Sz BLACKWELL, Jan 22 175 Pearl - street XE)V FUBLICJTIOAS. TUST received and for sale by E. VALEN J TINE, 104 Broadway, (third door below Pine - street.) Letters from the Caie of Good Hope, in reply to Mr. Warden ; with extracts from the great work now compiling under the inspection of Na poleon. Outline or the revolution in Spanish America. Memoirs of Dr. Buchanan, D D. late vice - provost in tbecolleze of Fort William in Bengal Address andtermeu by the Key. Jamei Mil - nor, rector af et. ueorse't. Introductory lecture oa natural philosophy, by Benjamin Uewitt, M. U. Cox'! Female scripture biography. Character! of Shakspeare't plays, by W Hazlitt. Sacramental addresses anil msJilations, by the Rev. Henry Belfrage, minister in lalkirk. Alsoiust published, a print of Mr. Philipps 10 the character of Capt. Beldare, handsomely coloured and plain. Jan 21 WHEATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. rfMlE lone and successful use of thii ointment 1 in lufCcient recommeodation, at it has neen found to tie a pleasant, safe and certain remedy for that disagreeable disease in all its sta - 5es. It is lor sale in ine cuy 01 sew - iori, oy . A. ti f. R. Post, No. 41 William - street; I. T. Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; H. H. Schieff lm& Co. No. 193 Pearl - itreet ; Lawrence & Kette, No. 195 Pearl - street ; Hall A Bowne, 146 Pearl - street tn.HL. .Murray, 913 Peari - itreet ; J. M. Bradhustt, 314 Pearl - street ; ho Penford, No. 4 f letrher - itreet : Uuryee Poe. in Pearl - itreet : John C. Morrison, 180 Greenwich itreet ; JoJm P. Fisher, 106 Broad - war : Walter Az Seaman, corner of Cbaraber - st. and Broadway, and also in Chatliam - itreet ; and short it may be procurrd at most of the Drug; Mores in thii ci'y Also in Philadelphia, of S. Withered tc Sons : Georee Hanell . North Si Ra ters, and almost all the druggists iu the principal towns us the Luted Mates. L1KBW1IK. WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may 2 ol lar ble and has for sive be had at ti abort places. . jan 2? 60, s ' NOTICE. r CCT The Co - partnership of VAN SCHAICK tl G1VAN, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business of that concern, will be settled by either of the subscriber!, at No IBs Pearl - street. ' New - York, January 19, 1818. M. VAN SCHAICK, jan 20 6t JOHN GIVAN. THE FORUM fjy Will be opened ou Friday evening next, ine zm inaiani, at ine assembly - room, City Ho teL when the following question will be discussed " It it probable that the present pacific state of Europe wul be of long cootuiuaucef" The discussion, will commence precisely at 7 o'clock. Tickets to be bad at D. Longworth'i, "ark, and at the door, at 25 cents each. A ticket admits a lady and gentleman. The turplui receipts to go to the Female Mis - iinnary society. jan 20 - 4t MR. KLENK respectfully btgt leave to minimum io me LiBdies aud ueniicnieu ol lew York, that he intends taking a Coticert at the City Hotel, ou Tuesday the 3d February, in which he will be assisted by several professors and amateurs of the first talents as will beexpret - . .4 ; . ... ...... J . : . ( ku ui lumiQ nuvcruscuieuis. Jan 19 lw (7 - JACOB friends and the public generally, that he has enrnmom n,B Brokerage & Exchange Business, in its various branches, in the lower office of Merchant'! Ho tel, Wi.l! - itret. Jdu 19 lw (KT The creditor! of Mrs. SYDNEY HEW. ITT are requeited to send in their accounts, m eularly proved, at or before 1st da v of February next, to Mr. BLAKE, No. 3 Law Buildings, fur the purpose of having them settled agreeably to arrangement. All persons neglecting to preduce their claims at 10 o'clock ih the forenoon of that day, will be exctuaea irom a participation ot tbe lund which ii to be applied for the settlement of her dtbts. New - York. Jnnusrv l'lth. llilft. GEORGE GIBBS, JOSHUA &ECOR, S nees. Jan 19 l?t iiu lioyat Uiluifi the fruice litgtut fX - " From the uuuibtr who are coming for ward to join in the address of con Jolence and re solutions passed on the 15th List, it is deemed proper that the parchment for signatures should re - uiaiu during this week at the consulate office, 21 Broad - street, before it is forwarded, in order to afford an opportunity to every loyal British sub jeet in the city of New - York to prove his attach meut to the royal family and the British couititu lion by tiguing the tame. Office open from 10 until 3. JA5. BUCHANAN, Chairman. Jsn19 lw CINCINNATI. Vt - The membtri ol the New - York State So ciety of the Cincinnati, are requested to wear the usual badi;e of mourning fur thirty dayi, in testimony of their sincere Tesjiect for the memory of the late Colonel BENJAMIN WALKER, who served ai an aid - de camp to Major General Baron de Steuben, and for the last three yean of the Revolutionary war, ai aid to the ever to be lameuted Gen. George Washington, with great reputation to himieli and wiOj honor to his country. By order of it. vakick, rresiaem. D. E. Dckicomb, Secr'y. Jan2l4t MECHANICS' BANK. ff7 Tbe Stockholders are inlbrmed that a Dividend of four and and a half per cent will be paid on the first day of February nexC By order ol the President and Uirectori, Jan 21 1m W FISH, Cashier TAKE NO 1 ICE. ftT" All persons having demands aeainst, and those iodebted to the estate of William Rogers, deceawd, are requested to call iipoa I IIOMAS MAS l'ERS, Esquire, No. 92 Wall street. Da ted Jan. 19, 1818. ANN ROGERS.Executrlx Jan 21 dim fXy The subscriber having recently returned 110m England with an important improveuieuLoo mo artificial spruig LLU, lie takes this method ol iDlorniing his Irieodi and the public, that all those who are to unfortunato as to be iu waut ol a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 22 . WM. PURVIS. S REAL EM A I E FOR SALE. Two 2 - story brick housci and lots, litua - tedNos. 37 Ic 39 Vesey - itreet. Also, a house and lot No. 1 1 Bowery, near Chatham - square, 44 feet front by 125 deep. All on accommodating terms. I or particulars ap ply at No. 'S3 Ureenwich - st. jan 15 tl BOARU1.NG. TWO geotlemen, or a small family, ran lie accommodated with pleasant separate bed rooms, at 177 Pearl - street, a tew lodi north ol the Coffee House. Jan 2 1 lot HONES & TOWN. Bales at auction, ut the T. C. H. on Wednesday, the 28U. mil. at half past 1 1 o'clock. ftT" The House aud lit No. 27 William - IxaiS stieet, next to the Post Office. The front house is substantial and in good repair, and the tear modern, with spacious rooms and a good kitchen ; a large cittern in the yard, and a pump 01 good waier. 1 lie uuuuingi exieiiu icvin iruui to rear about 91 feet :the who le ol bricK t three lories high, and calculated to accommodate a larce family, and an extensive busineii. 1'he lot ii 190 feet deep, 30 teet rear, 43 feet at iti widest part, una Ti teei a incnes irom. a mn of the premises will be exhibited at the T. C. I; on the duy of sale. Jan22tdi JUliLlU SALiEb BY P.L. MILLS Si CO. Monday, Half nasi IX o'clock at the auction room. laree and valuable assortment of fresh imported dry goods. . Amoiur which are, 1 case linen cambric hdkfs. do double chainllevantioes, 2 do super blk silk vetting, 1 do mens silk gloves, 1 do llorences, 2 bales assorted ionibEetls, Ilk and white thulle ace, long and short kid gloves. 1 ucsuay, zuo XII o'clock at tbe 1 . C. H. the bouse Xo. 108 Fulton street. This property it aa excelleat sit nation for private families, or a place of trade. 1'he recent opening ol the itreet to the East river renden it the most eligible cross street in the ci ty. I he bouse it replete wiui every convenience, and may be viewed every day do 1 ween 1 ana z o'clock. A large proportion of the pun base may remain on monxuge iur some urnc 11 umira, Wedneidav. Uth. XII o'clock at the T C. H. that yalasble three itory brick house and lot No. 118 1 earl - itreet, now occupied by Alesirs Arthur Tappan K Co. This property fronU on tlie most pfeant part reari - sireei, ana is comxmcn - . . I ...... . .. MM.A ble residence connected wim a siore w uw u tre of butineis For particulars appiy io uie auctioneers, or at No. 30 Wall - itreeU Thursday, 29th mit. U ocioca v 1 . v. n. The 4 story fire proof store, corner of Sloat - I&m in tlie rear of No. 197 Pearl - st. The cel is ofthe whole size of the house, and perfectly dry at all times Uie rarret is very roomy and will contain storage at a considera amount, its limDers 01 oax, uie root slate, every other material nf the best kind it strong partition walls, and may be used two stores with a very trifling expence. This place was built by the late M'. Gov erne ur, and is in every respect as substantial a store as any in this city. Its immediate vicinity to the centre of business, renders ii peculiarly convenient to any who require aa exten and safe ware - bouse, connected with their counting - room. has the beld tbe ' . : .1 : Bf FRANKLIN ft MIHTUWC - On the 26tti instant,. - 'At 12 o'clock U the T C. House, , 16 years unexpired lease fVom the 1st May next of the 2 story frame bouse and lot of ground No. 1 Allen - street, lath 4th street, tbe house is 20 feet front and 26 feet in debUt, con. Uin'uigS rooms, the lot is 23 by H7 feet in depth, and rents for 225 dole, per annum. There is al - o on the rear of. the lot a new a story building, about 13 by 26 feet deep, suitable for a work sl. p or stable: For particulars apply to Abraham Hart, No.t4 Division street, or at the auction store. , On the 27th instant, , At 12 o'cluok at the T. C. House, .: . Two lots fronting on Hudeou Square, being the second and third lots ou the south side of St. Johns Church, distinguished us lots No. 2 lund 25, running from Vnrick - street to a street lathe rear of the i tt Each lot ii 32 1 - 2 feet trout, aod 175 feet deep; tuey are held under a lease from the corporation of Trinity Church of 99 years from March, 1804, and suhject to as annual ground rent of 15 dollars each lot. Tvrsss (which are vtry accommodating) at tale. The house and lot of ground comer of Pump & Orchurd - sti the lot is 50 feet on O. chard and 44 feet some inchen, more or less,' on Pump - st. Any person disposed to purchase at private sale previous to the time above men - . tioned may apply on the premises or at tha aucLon store. Also, the vacant lot of ground in Water - it. between Burling - slip and Fulton - t. t the lot la about 37 feet 4 inches front and about 82 feet deep. . ' . , 1 - At the same time, 12 vacant lots of ground near Corlear'sllook, the west side of 'Valitut - st. situated as follows, viz. 3 lota on Water - st." 6 lots on Front - lit. and 3 lots on South - ft at pre.ent occupied by Thos Ciieesman as a ship yard. M ips of the property rtuy be seen at tlie auction s.ore - terms at sale, which will be liberal. - ? 1 o'clock at ti e T. C. H. The elegant pilot boat built schooner ALERT, burthen about HS tons, is nearly nw, and in as good condition as when site came eff the stocks. copjiered and copper fastened, is a Gist rate sail er, itows a lursje caigo, and tan be tent to sea without lurtJi' rexpeme H dntidiv, Jan. 28. At XII o'clock, at ihe 1'. C. H. The two douse, aud lots of ground, Not. 78 and 80 Rivington - street ; the lots fach 25 feet front aud 75 deep ; th houses two - tlory, with good front ccll.ii - cellar kit hens, &.c. 2 room on the first floor with pantrim lelween and wide airy balls, 1 room on the tvcoiiU with 2 a.lnes aud a good garret each buuie h n an alley through the yard, where there is grass plauts. cisterns, Sic. Ac. Also, that valuable lot of eround helondir.e to tlie estate of Harman Johnson, dec. being No. 30 Roosevelt - street, 25 teet fruut and rear, and 1UU Teet deep ou each ndc. 1 he buildings on it rent for upwards 01 jf 400 per annum. 1'he title' is indisputable, beiucdcuved Irom Leonard Lit penaid to James Myer 1785, and cuveyed by Iiiiii to II. Johnson in 1793 - Sold by order of H. Jiihnson's executrix. Tcrmi at the day of sale. I he title may be known by applying to J. Nitchie 38 Broad - street. LEAH COR WIN, Executrix or 11. Johnson. Thursday, 29th 111st XII o'clock, at the T. C. 11. the 4 liouiei and lots Not 543, 545, 547 and 549 Pearl - street, di - rerlljr opposite the Scotch Presbyterian I nurth. each lot 25 feet front and rear and lOO feet io dejith. rnday, sum itisc. It o'clock. T. C. H. the house and lot N0.6S M;iidt n - lane : a well known and lona establish ed stand for business, belonging to the estate of ine laie uoDeri spurns. Deing 10 seme uie rsiaia with the heirs. The tale Mill be peremptory. Terms, Sic may be known by applying as aoova and at the time of sale. At the same time, (lie lot of grouud No. 556 Pearl - street, the 4th lot above the Scotch Pies - by terian Church, uear Broadway, being 25 feet in front and rear and 100 lett deep. BY HONeT& TOWN. Saturday, 31st of January, at 12 o'clock at tba Tontine Coffee House. SHERIFF'S SALE. BY virtue of a writ 01 fieri facial to me direct ed and delivered, I will expose to tale nt tbe Ton'iuu Coffee House, on Saturday, tbe 31s day of January next, at 12 o'clock at noon, all tlie light, title and interest of John Kane, of, in and to all that certain LOT. niece or parcel of LAND with the buildinei thereon erected, lituate, lying and being in Uiesecoud ward, in the city ol'New - York, now in the occupation 01 tbe laid John Kane, bounded as follows, vix. in front on Penrl - treet twenty five feet, on the northeasterly side ny the house or lui now or lately owneu ny.uaae Burr, and now occupied by Stephen Gorham, two hundred feet, on the luuthwesterly tide by the house and lot of ground now ociupid ty James Amory two hundred feet, and ou the rear by Cliff - street twenty - five leet, be the tame mora or lett ; together with all 6nd lingular the appurtenance! thereunto belonging or in anywise ap - rtaiuuiK. Dated, new iorK, uecemoer i, CUf HVW'lUlll sVCVCUfUCI til JAMES L. BELL, Sheriff. 817. dec 19 tdl The above premises consist of a 3 - story brick dwelling house, with a brick back building; ad - joiuinr and communicating therewith, 2 ti 1 - 2 . .... - i 1 1 . r . . 1 1 . 1 .La Siories mgn, anu uum in tue uiouern aijie iu whole extendi ninety - three feet from front to rear, and containing 6 rooms with fire places, 3 other rooms without, and garret rooms for servants, a laree store with a spacious cellar under neath, both completely shelved, aod well adapted for an extensive dry cood business The kitchen is spacious and uear it is bo excellent wine and cider vault, with a very convenient cool larder 1 both buildinei have slated rood in excellent condition. Iu the yard ii a well ol fine watrr, and also a very capacious stone cistern, with other conveniences too aumeroes for an advertisement. , In tbe rear ofthii lot and fronting on Chff - it. is a new 3 itory brick store, built as a dwelling bouse, with high ceilings and twoitackt ofchim - neyi 1 can be fiuiihed at a small expense, suitable for a genteel lunuly Ai the itreet hat lately been widened, the situation hat become a ve ry pleasant and a very eligible one. The loti are sufficiently deep to be divided into two separate tenement!. . N. B. The premise! may be viewed every cay from 12 till 2 o'clock P. M. It it believed a large proportion 01 me money may remain 00 mortgage a number of J8 - i , New - York, Jan. 17, lois. . BY J. P. DIKTER1CH St CO. PRIVATE SALE. 1 elesrant patent hanging lamp, tuitablefor aa MAlsoVabt"'mi'es from the City Hall, 00 the nioinrHaie Koad. a very handsome coootry - u iih very convenient houie and out build - net, comuiaodinx a fine view of the aortn river; . would b exchanged lor merchandise ; terms ac - 1 tomniodating, r or particular! apply at tbe auo . lion room. (i - V McCLaVE H PITCAITULY. Stoaa Cutters, corner of Harrison Ii West streets. Jan tl 3t" A CARD. rr MRS. DELAGE. Milliner from Paria, the honor of informine the Ladies of this city, that site has just opened a small case of latest winter Hats received from Paris. No. 60 Reed - street, 4 doors from Broadway, jaa 22 lw GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. ' r - The annual election lor Directors will be . at the office of the Company, No. 55 Wall - treet, on Monday, (he second day 01 r eoraary next. Tbe poB to open at 12 and close ai z 'clock. By order 01 the President, - RICHARD DUNN, Jan. Sec'ry. Jaa 21 tFeb t eagle iiAiieracTcaiKG eoMrAsri. . - r,. .inrkhniipra of tfie Easle Naonfac 1 turioe Company are reqoeited to meet at the RAitkr IaiTp nf Pine and Wiluata - streets oa Tbursaay. the 290. Jan. iniL at tevea o'clock P. M. oa kosinesa of gnat importance to coacera. 2St2 'I '1 ih ll ?; if. it

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