Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 8, 1937 · Page 9
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
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Monday, February 8, 1937
Page 9
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.MASUJN CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBEUARY 8 · 14)37 AUSTIN INVADES COURT TUESDAY NIGHT OUT of the PRESSBOX -By Al Mitchell- SI'KING'S COMIN' There aren't any buds on the trees yet . . . but, keeping a step ahead of the season, the American Legion national headquarters has already announced its plans for junior baseball this coming summer. Although the change won't affect North Iowa junior baseball to any great extent .. . one important revision in the national plan goes into effect this season. This year's change revamps the zones from which individual posts may recruit piayers for their teams, o ? u Tosts were classified into groups according to the populations of their communities with those PREP SQUAD TO TAKE ON YOUNG GAGERS IN TEST Little Mohawks to Scrap Johawk Youngsters in Prelim Contest. PROBABLE LINEUPS MASON C1T1 AUSTIN GRIMSLET Coach Y O U N G Wallace F Bulger M v K e n z y F James G o r m a n C l l a r t m a n Wood (1 Farnsworlh F l e t c h e r . . . O .. Low T1MK: X o'clock, T U K S l l A Y ( L i t t l e Moh.-iivk.s v v . L i t t l e .lohiiirks, f;.-r,. I-L.\C-1C: .1la«o.i L'llv I l l ^ h S t h r . n l . n t l ' L R E I C : C l y d e K i n s ( U r i n n e l l ) . S E A S O N ' S S C O R I N G in towns of less than 10,000 population placed in Class A, posts in I owns with 10,000 to 50,000 residents in Class B and those in towns and cities above 50,000 in Class C. The new rules now provide: "Class A--In cities and towns of the 'A' classification, a post may recruit players for its junior baseball team from any school or point within the county, providing that the Legion posts in the small cities or towns from which players are recruited are not sponsoring junior baseball, and providing further that the combined population of all'cities and towns from which players are chosen does not exceed 10,000. "Class B--In cities and towns of the 'B' classification, a post will not be permitted to recruit players from outside the corporation limits of its own community, except those boys who on Feb. 15, 1937, were regularly enrolled in the city high school but who, because of rural residence, live outside the city limits. "Class C--In cities of the C classification a post may recruit players lor Us junior baseball team, or teams from two adjacent nigh schools within the city limits, providing that the male enrollment of one of these high schools (private, parochial or public) docs not exceed 300 students, as of Feb. 15, ·1937, and providing further that any boy enrolled in any one ot these schools on Feb. 15, 1937, who lives outside the city limits shall be eligible." a * * An important change hist year extended the age limit for all junior baseball players by three months . . . which makes all boys eligible £OLV enrollment this ;year who will not have reached their seventeenth birthdays b e f o r e March 31. e -j a Another change in the rules requires stricter proof of the dale o£ birth than in former years i : leli:her c - t - g 17.1 nun i-r ... ··!-- W a l l a c e (·£ M \VornI t; . - lll!l Mcli'iy «-c-f US G o r m a n f - e . ftt H c p n e r g-e . :ir, Stoeeker c . IF* Major ( :l Cooper c ... fi M a c U o n a l d f :l Bruner £ ... ': shuts i'G i'T ''I'M IT Banning f M. C. T o t a l s «ll ini ·8 SEASON'S K i : C O R I Xewlim :tl; Mohawks l(i. M o h a w k s ·:',: M n s c a t m c I". Clear Lake Hi; M o h a w k * IX. M o h a w k s :!,: A l b e r t Lea. .Alum., Waterloo West W, M o h a w k s 3'.'. D a v e n p o r t 23! M o h a w k s Hi. iuarshalltuwn I ( j Mohawks 1'-'. Mohawk's :il; l.lilor.i £1. M o h a w k s 13: Charles City II. Waterloo liasl III; Mohawks 1C. A u s t i n , M i n n . , til; M o h a w k s so. M o h a w k s 2!l: Tort D o d g e '::!. D a v e n p o r t U7: M o h a w k s '^!. M u s c a l i n e ·-'.'i; Mohawks :!ll. A l h e r t Lea, Minn,. .::::: M o h a w k s M o h a w k s i l l ; Uhirlr.s City S I . Waterloo Wcsl 1~,; Mohawks :!:. BE-GAZETTE S Johawks Win, Northsiders Lose Contests If You're Big, Can Dish ItOut/Tubbs Wants You ~*New Iowa Coach to Build ;ER v BASKET HONOR Minnesota Takes Shot for Big Ten Crown in Go With Purdue U. Hoosier Victory Johnson Ktnire c I l o - i l c r c I l n r i n i a n A n d r e s s 1-latl r as i IOWA--si is n ti :i i r, sieuimis i 5 :; l [ .1 ohiison I » I ^ Dree* c I 2 1)1 V a n V ' d y k c. 1 ·: :l] llohhy z 2 II 2| T h o m p s o n p ·; I :.'| o n l Gus Young's Scarlet basketball team is due to hit town again Tuesday night, battling Mason City's Mohawks at 8 o'clock in a return contest--the first of a pair tills, year for the first time in the history of junior baseball . . boys living in slates where bureaus of vital statistics were established prior to March 1, 1920, will be required to submit a certified copy of their birth certificates except in those cases where .proof is shown that no birth certificate is available. In such cases the sworn statement of a high school principal as lo the school age of such boys will be accepted . . . In other cases baptismal certificates may be accepted. ft ,» * The important effect of the hew · classifications would be in Mason City ... under the new ruling, an all-county team such as played here in 1934 is prohibited . . . and actually, that doesn't mean any great change in local baseball plans, because more than enough talent has been developed for local outfits in the past two years. NO TOURNEY HERE For the first time in years, Mason Cily higlv school will travel to a sectional tournament. George A. Brown, secretary of the Iowa High School Athletic association, Monday morning notified the Northwood and Clear Lake schools that each had been awarded a sectional tournament. Because they arc adjacent to Mason City, this means the Mohawks will in all likiihood journey lo Clear Lake for the sectional meet, first of the scries of state elimination tournaments which load -to the prized Iowa high school basketball championship.' Mason Cily won lhe slate lournamcnl in 1935, was run- nerup lo Ames in 193G. 1 TOTALS 1 1 I I I 1 1 1 TOTALS I 1 T i l l Scnre al h u l l : I n d i a n a 111: Iowa IS. l-'rcc throws mi.ssed: I n d i a n a :i: Iowa t. O f f i c i a l s : Rclcrce. Gcorcc H i E c i n s . 51. T h o m a s ; u m p i r e , J o h n K o h s , M i c h i g a n State. By STEVE SNIDEU United Press Staff Correspondent CHICAGO, (UP) -- Minnesota took its second shot al a challenger for lhe Big. Ten basketball lead Monday when Purdue's sharp- shooling Boilermakers resume their campaign for their fourth straight title. The Gophers knocked olf Ohio State, 31 to 14, Saturday night and were confident of dropping the Boilermakers. Victory for Purdue would place the defending co- champions in a second place tic BIG TEN STANDINGS IV, L. IVI. TP. Ol'. mis .", i .s:ll ~n l!i:: Globe Trotters Win in Tractor Tussles CHARI/ES CITY--The Harlem Globe Trotters, Negro basketball loam, furnished plenty o£ opposition tor-'the Oliver Tractors and comedy for a large crowd here Saturday night scoring 42 points to the Tractors' 32. Dennis, Negro forward, had 1-1 points, while Clammer and Halm, Tractors' forwards, tied with eight points each. In a preliminary game the Tractor reserve team experienced little opposition in defeating the Rudd Merchants 32 to IB. THE BOXSCOKE. oi.nitK ITRACTORS--,-,·: ·moTT^ns--i: i it ti pt| t f (t pi J o h n s o n t I l l | l l a l n I 4 1 1 Dennis t " I I lidainmer t -* n tl S a t l f f l e t o n c 3 II ^ J D u j r a n e :i 0 Rowen tc 5 0 D J L l n d a m a n f 2 1 1 H a n k i n f ". 0 I J M u l l e r f i n 1 TOTALS lil n .1ITOTAI.S IS 1 5 Seorj by quarters: fjlobe Trotters M 'JN 3'i 4'i Oliver Tractors .1 t~ IM .'Ii Free throws miNseo*: G l o b e Trotlers fi: Tractors 4. ItcTeree: J o h n Finch Ilndil. which went to the Austin, Minn., high school team on its own court early in January 24-20. The contest will start at 8 o'clock Tuesday, with a 6:45 game, which will feature the Little Mohawks and St. Joseph's reserves, also scheduled. Use Same Lineup. Coach J. A. "Judge" Grimsley, with a win and loss in two games las* week, at Charles City and against Waterloo West, on the home court, will use the same lineup which he decided a week ago was his strongest starting combination. Jack Wallace and Harold Mc- Kcnzy will be at forward, Howard Gorman at center, and Everett Fletcher will run the outfit from his new guard position, teamed with Wayne Wood. Coach Young has liad the same trouble as the Mason Cily menlor this season, with a revised lineup needed for nearly every week of the season. One Vclcraii Back. He apparently will start Bob Bulger and Rex James at forward. Bill Hartman at center, and Gay Farnsworth, with Dud Low, al guard. Farnsworth is the only playei left from the stale champion Scar- lets of two seasons ago. Mason City played one of its best games at Austin in January but the Scarlets set a rock-ribbeci defense around their goal--anc probably will again on Tuesday. Whittemore Avenges One Loss of Season WHITTEMORE -- Whittemorc's j?irls avenged their only defeat of the year by winning from the Ottosen girls 35 to 19. Whittemore led 12 to 10 at the half; Imogene Wagner and Margaret Barber starred for the winners. Otlosen's boys won 56 to 12 after leading 29 to 4 at the half. Three Win Meets B O X I N G Mason City Armory THURSDAY, FEB. 11 HEARITY vs. KLOMP WKIGHT COTJNTY r HII5ET Al Belmond. Final nnnnil. C H A M P I O N S H I P GoTdltcld 4(1; Clarion :l:S. CONSOLATION' £a?)c Grove 313; Woolslock 27. HOWARD COUNTY MEET At Creseo. First Round. I.ime Springs 3d: Chester 7. Cresco Reserves 12? Elma I I . Final R o i i n i l . ClIA.lIPIONSIlir L i m e Sprine-s :!l): Cresco R e s e r v e s in. CONSOLATIOM C h e s t e r 1,1: Elma 14. PAI-O ALTO MEET Girls--At Emmclsinii'sf- Semillnal R o u n d , llr.irdiiijrer 2C; C'urleir '.VI, West ISend il'J: Mallard I I . F i n a l R o u n d . C O N S O L A T I O N M a l l a r d 31: C u r l e w 2!l. ciiA.nriON.sini 1 f i r a e l l l l i j e r 41: West tlend 38. Three North Iowa teams woi high school basketball honor. Saturday night, as meets endcc in Wright, Howard and Pali Alto counlies. Goldfield's favored team de feated Clarion 46 to 33 at Bel mond to take the honors in Wright county, while Limi Springs beat the Cresco Reserve: 30 to 10 in the windup game o the Howard county tournament at Cresco. Mallard won lhe girls' Pali AHo title with a 3-1 to 20 ricci sion over Curlew at EmmetsburR I'lirdlle . . . . . M i n n e s o t a ' . , Ohio Stale . , M i c h i g a n . . I n d i a n a Nortluvcslcrn \ Y K e o u h i n . Chii-aju'".'.'.'. . . i '2 .i;in :!!' l fin 1 K I ·:in Ui'i vith Illinois which does not play the early week. Oth,er games .will pit Indiana against Chicago, Northwestern gainst Iowa at Iowa Cily and Ohio Slate against Wisconsin. Purdue's record made the champions a strong favorite despite the ophers' excellent defensive show- ngs all year. Less than 21 points jer game have been scored against Minnesota, but lhe boilcrmakcrs, ed by southpaw Jewell Young, "igured to brush through this de- 'ensc with the same ease they have every other opponent but the eague leading Illini. Invasion Goes Sour. Unless the Buckeyes come up .vith a slronger attack their invasion of lhe west may be disastrous. Wisconsin has won only one of five conference games so 'ar, but the Badgers were al their jest against a slow scoring team. Ohio needed the Wisconsin game to remain in the first division. Indiana's losing balllc lo hang onto its share o£ the conference Up Team From Scratch in Coming Season, IOWA CITY, ( U P ) -- I r l Tubbs, new University of Iowa head fool- ball coach, and his giant assistant, Put Bciland, have served notice on more t h a n 100 Hawkeye football men thai full co-operation is ex- pectcd for what the new mentors plan to be a rough and tough 1937 grid season. "We will demand 100 per cent co-operalion," Boland said to the| squad, "and it won't take long to find out who is selling short. If you don't waul to play foolball, we can't teach you anything." Tubbs declared the Iowa learn will be built from scratch. He announced thai he and Boland arc chiefly inleresled in men who like lhe game. Next in importance as :i requisite for a Hawkeye foolball man, Tubbs listed the ability to "take it" and to "dish it out" with emphasis on the latter. A third requirement asked of grid men was "Are you large'.'" Tubbs indicated spring practice will begin before the March 1 date previously set. Boland will return to Miami, Fla., to clean up his business there. Tubbs, if his eye infection contracted on the t r i p lo Iowa last week does not permit travel soon, will remain on the Hawkeye campus until after spring practice. CITY RIDER HAS WIN IN CHICA Sverre Fredheim Takes Run at Windy Cily as Ice on Slide Stops Meet. CHICAGO, (UP)--Sverre Frcd- heim, Minneapolis, Minn., leapec 125 and 12B feet for a point tola of 153.00 to win the class A championship of the central Unilec States Ski association at Soldici field Sunday. A strong wind and an icy slide forced cancellation of the class C contest and compelled officials to shorten the actual takeoff from the maximum height of 180 feet to 150 feet, lhe longest distance the riders could negotiale safely. A record-breaking crowd of 55,000 shivered in an 18 degree temperature as they watched one ridei after another spill on the glassy surface. The tower, whose planncc summit of 180 feel would have made it the highest man-made sk takeoff in the world, was impossible for even the top ranking skiers to masler withoul beins, blown into the upper tiers of the stadium. George Kotlarck of Duliilh Minn., national champion, jumpcc 123 and 12G feet, scoring 150.; points to win second prize. Jimmy BOTH CLUBS FOR TEST OVER WEEK- Breaks Jinx Rudohawks Lose, Waterloo Cagers Win in Tussles for Local Squads. Johawk^ Winners Connor g Srorr l h m u m I l l l i U O I I . V W K S -- t l If It 1(| If Si III * II U l l V a f f n e r r 2 II 2 1 n (liLanda l :i l :; - 1 t l | L u l i C b e l i t I ;: u M l l a l i k f n n I v 0 (I llnoslal K tl n 1 II 4k I l i U o v a r i k £ tl 0 0 II I ll| 2 II l| I 1 ll| 1 II (I ii. :i :I|TOTAI.S i; 2 il h a l f : SI. Josciih's I5i K u d o l - St. Joseph's academy quintet returned from Protivin Sunday with North Iowa Heavy to Be in Main Tussle of Show Klomp to Scrap Here as " Feature Attraction; Meets Husky Joe. Mike Klomp, the Lime Springs l i g h t heavyweight who failed to appear as scheduled tin the last Legion f i g h t card, will enter tile ring Thursday night at the armory against Jarring Joe Hearily, the big Irishman who won an easy decision from Spin Nelson of Austin, Minn., substitute for Klomp. Supporting the eight round main go will be a six round scmiwind- up between Kenny Bauer of Mason Cily and Mike Mickclson o[ Austin, another pair, of light heavyweights. Michelson flattened Kenny Sawyer o£ Cresco in two heats at the last show, although there was little glory in the victory as he outweighed the Cresco lad a good 15 pounds. Among the prelims lined xip by Promoter Wnlt Irving are a four round match between Mason City's a 2D to 14 triumph over Rudol- I Curly Harris and Joe Ezarsld of my, its second win ot Brill, and a four round set-to be- against the Rudo- ween George "Roughhouse" Katz ihinum acadei he season lawks, chalked up. It was an even easier victory nan the 3G to 25 decision com- jiled earlier in the season and the Southsiders ran up the .count on .he Protivin team. Taking part in the Johawk scoring barrage were Bakck, who sunk three field goals; Chute, good "or two field shots and a free toss, and Tom Colloton, who bucketed three from the court. Leading the futile Rudohawk drive was Landa, who scored a trio of field goals and supplemented free shot. those with Lose on Journey If tl [f II II 3 IIOLV F A M I L Y -- 1 3 1 0 . L. V. A If II |i U R. H u s h e s I :: ll M u a n i g c t I l i G r c x o r i i i I I) II K K l u i l i l l I ;. Z i c c l c r t :'. n '-] U n i f y r. M u c h c c II II O j f l l u l v e h i l l C a v a n a u j h a "- 1 OjGlr»cli c II. Ziegler E u 11 II] T O T A L S II I silOTALS Score al hall: O. L. V. Family 1. HOLY FAMILY--'-'« |SAC'D IIL'AKT- IE ii iifi IB n p' l . n n c l i l h i t-c .1 I 2 | T h o r n s o n t I II I C. Z i e g l e r t 2 ll 2 | X c u c l i DiOreiorio I II I) l | I 5 i s l e r t Cavanaujh 1 Hushes c L l | l l l L r k r . i: IILyjich ir I j U e L o r b c f 'M .·Uurnhy : " (I II. VCtesler g " Kuril clt c II I) niuehc e :i n TOTALS 1:1 2 MITOTAI.S 1:1 r, :\ Seore al h a l t : Sacred H e a r t 111; H o l y I-'amily 13. Holy Family of Mason City was administered a double beating at Waterloo Sunday, losing to Our Lady of Victory academy 17 to 13 and lo Sacred Heart 32 to 28. Free throws lost both games for the Waterloo teams like number of of Mason City and Kuss Klomp, /Tike's little brother from Lime Springs. CHICAGO BACKERS SEEK SOLDIER FIELD SITE CHICAGO, (/P)--The Chicago forces seeking to bring a world's icavyw.eight title battle here next lunc began their "big push" Monday toward their current major objective--Soldier field. Acquisition of the huge sla- diuin on the Lake Michigan shore as a site for the 15-round battle June 15 between Champion James J. Braddock and Challenger Joe Louis was seen as a final clincher in solving the dizzy heavyweight battle puzzle. Officials were confident they would have the stadium rented within three or four days. A letter from Sheldon Clark, wealthy Chicago sportsman who offered Braddock 5500,000 to meet Louis, was in the hands of the Chicago park board, the Soldier field governing body. Clark asked the board, which meets Tuesday, to arrange a conference to discuss rental terms. JAYSEE GAGERS TRAVEL TO SEE TUESDAY ACTION Esthcvvillc to Be Host in Tuesday Night Contest for Trojan Five. TIIOBABLE LINEUPS MASON CITY ESTnF.HVlI.LE S U T I I E R L A N B ..Coach STARR Lane F o. W a r r i n B t o n Usher F R e y n o l d * Snell C Wee l l e r l , . ( ; K t i i . C - n t i S h e c k l e r r. . M i l l e r T I J I I ' I R o'rloi-V. T L ' K S I I A V . 1 ' l . A C K : I C s l h e r v i l l e h l « h s c h n o l . S E A S O N ' S SCOlUN'd S h u t . nix l.ailr r . . hei' r-l-t: . S u r l l l - c - c . l l e r l i H h c c k l r r i: . num. t . . . Anti'mi c-r-r «'ld;er c ... D l t l t I Uraham f-c H u b b a r d t . H e r h e n c r f . M. C. Totals fil I Out. Total!, . 581 I T 1'T.H 'in 11 MIAMI BEACH, Fla., (UI) --Donald Budge of California Sunday blasted lhe clay-court jinx Bryant "Bilsy" Grant held over him wlicn lie (rxiunced Atlanta's tennis tiny mite in four sets to win the Surf club championship. Budge, the nation's No. 1 net star, marked up his first triumph In live starts r.frainst Grant by fi-3, 2-G, li-i. fi-1. Northsiders, the being held to a ficldgoals in each game but winning an higher percentage ol free the second stringers tosses. Starling itle faced an unexpected threat rom Chicago's lowly Maroons. \fler seven straight defeats in the }ig Ten, the Maroons stepped out f lhe league for one night and ropped Loyola -- conqueror earlier n lhe week of Indiana. Fcchlman Goes Out. Loss of Fred Fechtman, giant enler, hurl the Hoosiers, which already had lost two league games Before the first semester ended, ndiana Hkely will be a slight avorite. Northwestern, logical ' favorite 'or the championship with a team 3f veterans and supposedly the softest schedule in the conference, expected to have a tough time ·caching a .500 percentage against fowa. The Wildcats have lost three jf their five games. A fine, showing against Indiana Saturday night kept I o w a ' s jhances against Northwestern fairy even. Iowa suffered its fifth defeat of lhe season Saturday, 38 to 34. Rake High Wins in Leland Cage Tests RAKE -- The Rake high school basketball teams split a doubleheader when the boys and girls playea at Leland. The Leland girls defeated Rake 35 to 23. The local boys won their second victory from Lelnnd by a score of 34 to IS, to make t h e i r twelfth victory out ol 14 games played. Cage Scores 1 I K I H S C H O O L .IU1IA.WKS 'J:i; Ilmlolpliimiin ( T r o l l V i l l ) I I . 0. I.. V. A. ( W a t e r l o o ) 17; HOLY F A M I L Y 13. S a c r e d I l c a r l ( W a t e r l o o ) 3ii HOLY FAMILY 28. Calmar Hi! Hawkeye J-. Itakc ?,I-'J3: Leland I9-3.T. l - e d y a r d 2fi-2fl; Thompson 18-25. I t u d o l p h i n u m Protli-In) 28-23: nidge* way 18-1'J, COLLEGE I n d i a n a Mi Iowa :',!. N o r t h w e s t e r n 117; M a r n . u e t l c SI. Chicj-o l|; Loyola 2». M i n n e s o t a :ll; Ohio Stale. II. N o t r e n a m e I I : I l l i n o i s X I . I l l - P a u l M; SI. l . n n l * L'. '.'II, Hendrickson of Eau Claire, Wis., leaped 119 and 125 feet for 14S.7 points and third place, while Gullorm Paulson of the Chicago Noregc club was fourth, jumping 114 and 116 for 144.7 points. The best jump of the day came when Fredheim, United States Olympic team member, soared 123 feet. In the senior competition .Torgcn Johansen of Rockford, 111., totaled 149.D poinls with jumps of 107 and 100 feet. The class B trophy was taken by Walter Johnson, Minneapolis, with jumps of 108 and 108 feet for a point score of 143.5. CHANGE IVIEET. 7OWA CITY, (/P)-- In order lo avoid a confliot in dates of home Irack and swimming meels, the University of Iowa has shifted the date of its track meet with Grinnell to Feb. 25. Bowling CITY L E A G U E S C H E D U L E M o n d a y . A l l e y s 1 -:' -- Open. :i-I -- T y l e r - R y a n F u r n i t u r e vs. Ko/.y Kor- .Vft-- fiolilen Clou VI. Stotltlard's. 7-8 -- I l e r m a n s o n Bros. Hairy vs. C o l t a r e G r i l l - B l u e Rlblnm. A l l e y * l-;_0n«-n. :,-!', -- l l r c k c r ' . s O f l i t e vs. I l u e t i D a v e y and Son. ;-«-- .Maple lllti vs. O l d T i m e r s . TI:AM STANDINGS l l l l f r l l 11.1 v r y and Son ... fill -1:1 I't ."· 1 '· K»7.y K o r n e r lill X :M .IjM M o o s e L o d g e lill ;E."i "5 -~i^' T y l e r - R y a n r i i r r t i l u r e .. fio :r: ':« ..",:i: I e c k e r N O f l l c c l»l 111 '·!'· .5U M a p l e Inn . . lll 2!1 :ll .18:1 Coltaee G r i l l - D l u c niblion c.n '4.1 r.,1 -111 OM Timers dfl '-'.". M .117 Stoddanr* tin 21 ^(i .1(111 I l e r m a n s o n Bros. Dairy CO 23 .17 ,HR:l Decker's Flanl (Id 24 38 .301 HIGH TEN Shannon. Edward fid 213 GI9 IB' Swaffonl. Carl B r" 2-ir, fi.lfi 187 Wall, Vred E. 37 -MS G17 187 Moe, L. A ."7 2^8 liill 187 C n l l i n s . C h n c k JI r.D 218 Kir, I»C I C a n C l u i r e , liahe nil 2:lft fM2 18r nej. ituiir .-1 -jjn fir; mi Strum, J o h n n i e .',7 2:11 f'lri IK J o h n s o n . Buhe. N ':« -."1 ":l" '*- rest for the night game, Northsiders fell far behind Sunday afternoon against Sacred Heart in order to give the varsity the and railed 17 to 4 at the quarter. The '··u-sity was sent in and did a great _ob of basketball, closing the gap o 25-23 at the three-quarter mark and just falling short of a successful rally. Each quintet scored 13 field goals. Against O. L. V. A. Holy Family went ahead 12 lo 10 in the last quarter of the low scoring garni jut Girsch's long shot pulled O. L. V. A. even at 12 to 12. Damge scored lhe winning basket in the final seconds of play. In the low scoring exhibition marked by great guarding and passing, lhe quarter ended 2-2 and !he half ended fi to 4 in favor ol Lhc home loam. Pat Laughlin led lhe Mason Cily academy team against Sacred Heart, scoring five field shots and one charity loss while against O. L. V. A. scoring ,vas divided entirely between Dici- Ilughcs, Cy "Babe" Zieglcr anc Robert "Boob" Cavanaugh. KANSAN TAKES YORK RUN !unningham Rules Yet Over Milers as He Wins in · Wanamaker Event. NEW YORK, UP)--Tlic veteran Glenn Cunningham remains unchallenged king of Ihe milers. T h e barrel-chested Kansan ivith the flame scarred legs inkied around the boards of-Madison Square Garden lo win the Wnnamakcr mile, feature of the thirtieth a n n u a l edition of the games, .thereby taking permanent possession of his second Wanamakci' trophy. Cunningham's f a m i l i a r last lap sprint spread-eagled the field and he romped home winner by a dozen yards, timed in '1:14.4, four seconds slower than his indoor record set in 193-1, when he retired his first Wanamaker cup. Laying back with the pack--Gene Vcnzke of Pennsylvania, Archie San Roman! set the pace for the 10 laps, Cunningham cut loose on the final round. Vcnzkc followed liim across the tape for second, San Romani third, Lash fourth and Fenske fifth. CflPITftL CLUBS WIN KEG EVENTS Heck Ross Takes Team Top as Hube Rainwater Is Best in Singles. DES MOINES, (/P)--DCS Moincs j bowlers Monday held all titles in LITTLU SEASON'S D i a m o n d nrcacl 3 1 ; Trojans ^H. Trojans r,l; A l u m n i ^3. T r o j a n s 111; I l l a i n i i n d nrrrail 13. M a r s h a l l ami S w i l l M; Trolans IV Carlcton r r e s h m c i i 2Hi Trojans 21. Trojans .17: Tori Doilffe ::!l. Trojans :ilj; I . u t h c r R e s e r v e * ^7. Trojans 11; IMarshalltown :!*. Trojans - 1 1 ; · I . u t h c r neserves -3. Trojans US; K M h r - r v l l I c 3il. C a r l e t o n F r e s h m e n -17; Trojans T!. Out on the trail for the second time in five days, Mason Cily junior college will make the long northwestcrnly trip to Estherville Tuesday night, meeting the Wolves for the second lime within a week's span. The Trojans, who losl a 47 to 42 overtime contest to Carletoiv's freshmen last Friday nigght, defeated the Wolves here a week ago to run their string of consecutive victories lo five. The score was 45 lo 35 al the end of a rough contest. Coach Clayton "Chick" Sutherland's shorl-statured lads lost lo the Carl yearlings Friday night as they stalled out the last min- ule of lhe regular playing time, with a faulty Scoreboard showing them in the lead by a single point. The Scoreboard also sent Gale Snell out of the game on personal fouls, instead of Gale Laue, through another error. A free throw in the final seconds ot a Friday night contest gave Estherville a 29 !lo 28 -decision over Sheldon junior college. Youngsters Win the twenty-third annual Iowa State Bowling tournament which ended here Sunday night. A 3..027 rolled earlier in the meet by the Heck Ross Clothiers team of DCS Moincs survived a final barraige by out-of-town bowlers to win the five man event. Hubc Rainwater, Des Moincs ace, captured two elianjpionships the singles evcnl wtih a 718 total, and Inc all-events with 1,987 pins. The Porter-Barker combination of DCS Moincs cracked 1,293 pins for lhe doubles title. The Booster doubles wns won by the Vorwerk-Oest team ot Muscatinc with 1,123 pins. MASON CITY SCORES. C O L D EN ! I.OIV K i v a l r » r d in* l"'i 1.11--.111^ \\her Hi" 1!" l"' n -- »"·'' Krall liil Ifili I l:l--.·!:»! Hill IK;I -.'ir: lan--r,7ii K a i l c l i f l c 111.", i:» i:i.--- l.'iH MOIIAIVKS--:;IT i tf it pr 0: It n l l l l u c h r t f :i I 4 M a j o r t ^ tl D I C h r i s l ' i t M o n r 11 1 I Cooper t I II l l l . a s h l i r o o k I n tl I C h i l l t 3 ^ l i n e m a n f S t o r c k c r o :i tl 2 j n u r k e t t ( douse c II II I J D U r m t I.iens f a II II [,Mils c A m l r r r i o n K II tl 0 | l ) r u e r U u m n h r e y c o (I 0|Scalon g I l r i K U i n e e 1 '.! ^ [ l l a l t l n e r t II O I) n n ii l ti i ii c Tree t h r o w * inta Score al l i a l l ; ImM-ks 10. R e f e r e e : Rosseli. Kt l III;TOTAI.S r in l: Lillle M o h i w k s II; o*arc H i i.iiiie MO- TOTALS KM 1101 T I'M-; it-in'A.V R o b i n s o n 1'uhch . . , S f i i i d c r f r n a r d ;U--2171 I t;n-- -(Ml | ;:IH-- fi7( UK-- m IHT-- fiMl till-- nil Mason City's Little Mohawks traveled Saturday night to Osagc where they outpointed the varsity five 30 to 23. Gilbert Chin, Mason City forward who played only d u r i n g the lost half, scored for the winners witli three fieldgoals and a pair ot free shots while Seaton, Osagc guard, scored a similar total for the losers. Mason City's representatives trailed 14 lo 10 at the half. Bob Brisbino, Little Mohawk guard, held high scoring honors for the evening with n quartet from the field and a dvio of free throws. Net Scraps Face Big Bunch of Table Aces in Y Pre-Tournamen Pairings for the prc-city tabl tennis tournament for Y. M. C. A members and dormitory men were announced Monday by Bol Walters. Fifteen matches and on 1 ? bye complete the singles round, w h i l e three doubles combinations and one bye are a]so booked. THE PAIRINGS SINGLES C. A. A n d r e w s vs. .lohn .lainr*. ( J h a r l e s J o h n s o n V.I. .lames nouhvare. Vernon O l s o n vs. Al T i h e a i r . K e n n e t h S w e e n e y vs. IHelc Cook, l . y l c H u m p h r e y vs'. Calo L u n d l , Jr. IJb Camnhell vs. Leonard nell. M e r r i l l M i l l k . i M vs. Max Amos. Ray Y o u n g vs. £rirlie Jones. Bert D u s o l d vs. S t a n l e y FrcmRord. Charles Carrol] vs. Joe Simmons. Ralph D l e c k m a n n vs. Ted Knudson. Draper Long: vs. Hob Jessup, Georfe Marty vs. Al Sailer. George Kelson vs. Harold Cannon. II. I,. Campbell vs. Harold Swltzer. Carleton Stewart vs. Ilyc. nouni.KS C a m p b e l l - C a m p b e l l V:.. A n d r e w s - N e l son. S w i t r e r - U i e e k m a n n v * . O l s o n - S w e e n e y . Tihraii-niKrrld v«. ".ye. Y o n n j-.lessup vs. I . o n g - S t c w a r l . Eastern Pro Wins Crosby Golf Meet SAN DIEGO, Cal., (UP)--Sam Sncad, W h i l e Sulphur Springs, W. Va., professional, stroked his way through rain-sluiced fairways Sunday to capture the first $3,000 Bing Crosby golf lournamenl with a low medal of 08. In a laic spurt, George Von Elm, business-professional golfer from Detroit and Los Angeles, scored a 72 to capture second professional prize money. Snead paired with George M. Lewis of Los Angeles in lhe pro- amateur listing for a score of 68, leading the team play. Von Elm and Matt Palacio, San Francisco amateur, captured second with a best b a l l score of Ti. D u n c a n , l l u n e a n , D u n c a n , I ' r n i a s S t r o m I l i - S o m e r : I'ou-rll S r l n n i i l l 7K11 HIU K O Z Y KOKN'm iiio 2«s 1:111 1:13 .'..!!"!!'.!! i5i! i«i ·^i i S O I IH3-- -JIK7 I IK r?7 COTTAGIi C H I L L inn i.i'i IKX ir,x , i:,n Ifi7 mi 11:1 Calmar High Wins in Hawkeye Scrap CALMAR--Calmar high school's c-agcrs won a fast game witli Hawkeye, 16 lo 15. 1311-- !»·: KID-- .1(11 HO-- 471 TOTALS ;fl-: S'iK R i l l -- ^ 1 H U G H U A V E V A N D S O N Moe nil 1(1.1 IK-- 413 S h a n n o n 17!) I'JI UK-- 4r,j vey I f i 5 If,:: L'ft'J-- .1110 Collins ney . . IDS inr, Ledyard High Wins in Thompson Tests LEDYARD--Ledyard high won double victory from Thompson as the local girls took a 20 to 25 decision, coming back in the last half 10 win, and the boys took a 2G to 18 game. 1 8 1 -- .705 Gumps Win in Cage Test at Home Town FOREST CITY -- The Forest City Gumps defeated the Fores! City Independents 38 lo 16 in a fast basketball game here for their fourth straight win. Rudo Cagers Win in Two Ridgeway Tests PROTIVIN--Rudolphinum o f Protivin won (wo basketball gnmcs from Ridgeway, the boys Inking n 28 In 18 decision, w h i l e the girls won 23 to 12. Iowa State Winner in Dual Tank Meet AMKS, ( U P ) --Iowa State su'im- rrici's set two new puol records and c a p t u r e d seven first places to def e a t Carleton college,'AS to 20, in a dual meet. The records were established by Burkett, captain, who swam the 220 yard free style in 2:21.6 and Haldeman, who won the 100-yard free style in :55.8. Ice Hockey N A T I O N A L LKAGUF. C l i i r a i r n H l a e k h a w J i i * ."·; New Avne i i r a n I. I l r . r r t U R t d \ V i n t * : H n ^ l o n Tim n ; i n r ' r f ; M a r o o n s I . A . M r i K I C A N A S S O C I A T I O N St. y , n u i -:: si. r a n i n.

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