The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 27, 1931 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1931
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

FEBRUARY 27 1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE lick and Ailing People Respond Marvelously To Important Health Discovery Dr. George Altenhaus - is one of the doctors engaged to pass expert judgment on the merits of Veg-All. He holds the title "EMERITUS SE- KXJNDAHfcJS AUZT," an Iionor bestowed upon him after outstanding service in various division^ of the Vienna General Hospital. DOCTOR UR8ES WEAK, NERVOUS, STRENGTH OF EINSTEIN BEGINS TRIP BACK HOME Two Months of Study in West Have Given Him Much to Think Of. PASADENA, Cal., Feb. 27. (/!)-Dr. Albert Einstein, having bads farewell to fellow scientists here with a smiling "till we meet again," leaves California today to return to Berlin. Two months of intensive study at the Mount Wilson Carnegie institution of Washington Astronomical observatory and the California Institute of Technology physical research work have given him much to think about, Einstein said. The Einstein partly will sped tomorrow at the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, in Arizona, continuing by train direct to New York aftei making a motor trip Sunday thru the petrified forest of Arizona. The party will embark on the liner Deutschland for Germany upon arrival in New York, March'4. IN THE RADIO At last the great health forces* so abundantry present in Nature' have been captured' and concentrated for those who need added strength and vigor. The new discovery which achieves this result is Veg-All. It is a veritable storehouse for the powerful health-giving and health-guarding forces which Nature has placed in roots, herbs, leaves, berries, barks and seeds. Veg-All is an all vegetable formula. It contains seventeen properties, each listed in the materia medica-- the official reference work cf the physicians. Yet there is not a drop of drastic drug in Veg-All. The potency of Veg-All is .derived from purely natural sources and its great efficiency enables it to strengthen and regulate the stomach and intestines. It tones up and vitalizes sagging, drooping muscles. It eases and soothes shattered nerves, stimulates and cleanses kidneys. Veg-All lends new and often boundless strength to normal but weakened bodies, by aiding digestion, assimilation and elimination. Says Veg-All Is An Outstanding Combination of Nature's Great Beneficial Forces, Scientific acceptance of the Veg- All formula, and its endorsement by leading physicians the world over, has quickly followed the introduction of this wonderful medicine. Dr. George Altenhaua sayg of Veg-All: "I strongly recommend that weak and run-down men and women become regular users of Veg-All. This is *n outstanding combination of the great beneficial forces inherent in Nature, and my examination of the Veg-All formula shows that it contains no harmful elements whatever. "Veg-All should prove exceptionally effective for the thousands of 'borderline' cases--people who are struggling for normal health, becoming steadily weaker, and in time become prey to one of the many SERIOUS diseases which take possession when resistance has been lowered and weakened. "Veg-All contains vital elements to restore flagging energies., revive tired muscles and activate important internal organs, improve the appetite and generally tone-up the system. I am heartily in favor of its wide and general use." U SUBCONTRACTS' SALE LOOKED INTO - Contiin]ed I-'rnni ruse I K dition to the men's dormitory of which J. M. Fiak, university building superintendent, had been in charge. He repeated his statement that his office had no record of purported changes made in the plans, Gemmill explained when asked for various records that his office force is small and that as a member of the board's finance committee he is away much of the time. He said detailed records would be found in the university business office, asserting that the board considers the latter a branch of the secretary's office. He testified he sends the university secretary a copy of all board proceedings. * 5 Attend Funeral. Five members of the board were at Lisbon today attending the funeral of their colleague, W. C. Stuckslager, Chairman H. B. Carroll of the investigating committee also was absent. He was reported to be out of town talcing depositions from witnesses unable to come to Des Moines. Ralph Crawford, superintendent of schools at Conesville, testified that ss a university student he worked in the buildings and grounds department. He asserted that frequently he was called on to do grading and landscaping at two houses which he understood were owned by Fisk. During all that time, he said, he was paid by the university and no separate account was kept for the residence work. He did not remember the name of the foreman who assigned him jobs. The committee recessed at noon until 1:30 p. m. An hour later it was to adjourn during Stuckslager's funeral, Marshall Demands Retraction. DES MOINES, Feb. 2T. (/T)-Verne Marshall, managing editor of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, said today he had instructed his attorney, Don Barnes of Cedar Hapids, to demand a retraction from the Daily lowan, University of Iowa student newspaper, for an editorial charging Marshall with attacking the university for political reasons. Marshall is credited with Vicing the instigator of charges against the university administration which have resulted in the legislative investigation. Gandhi and Viceroy Meet but Are Thot to Have Disagreed NEW DELHI, India, Feb. 27. /P) --Mahatma Gandhi and the viceroy of India, Lord Irwin, had a long conference today and after its conclusion it was understood they hud failed to agree on a vital point of the pending peace negotiations. After the meeting Gandhi said the talks "might be resumed." This was taken to mean that it would be again necessary to refer the subject matter of the conversation to the British government for a decision. Five thousand dollars has been posted as a positive guarantee that you personally must benefit from the use of Veg-All, or your entire purchase price will be promptly returned to you. We have so much confidence in the ability of Veg-All to make you feel, better, eat better, sleep better and have results reflect themselves in your improved appearance, that we say: "Have no hesitancy in trying pure, harmless' Veg-All. If, by the sixth spoonful, you do not recognize the improvement, and. if your friends do not compliment you and say that you are looking better, you may feel perfectly free to return the partly-used trial bottle and have the price of that bottle handed right back to you." Any of the leading druggists gladly stand behind this unique guarantee, and invite you to improve your condition of health and so your outlook on life, by starting today to take Vcg-All. By C. E. IJUTTI5RFIELI) Associated Press Radio Editor (Time is central standard thmouti NEW YORK, Feb. 27. M 1 )--The National Broadcasting company is to begin the production of recorded programs for broadcast purposes. Tne records will not be used on chain broacasts but will be for stations which cannot join the chain at certain hours, and for regional stations. While officials admit that broadcasting records introduce a second mechanical process between the listener and the artist, they feel developments in this line have been such as to warrant participation, at least on an experimental basis. NBC artists will supply the talent. FRIDAY Gordon Graham, Dave Grant and Bunny Coughlin, vocal trio in a new WABC cnain program nt 9 a. m. Three high school musical organizations in the NBC music appreeia tion hour, combined WEAF-WJZ chain at 10. Radio guild play, "The Romantic Age," WJZ network at 3 p. m.' Amelia Earhart talking on unemployment, WEAF group at 3. Selections from various operas in the Institute of Music program, WABC ana others at 3. SENATE APPROVES BRANCH BANK ACT (Conllnucil I'rum Tugc I). during the debate. She declared it was a theory which would not change the economic or moral standards. Another till by Hill was passed unanimously after a short discussion. It authorizes the chief of the state bureau of investigation to issue permits for carrying concealed weapons. A house bill providing for the parole of prisoners in penitentiaries and reformatories to places outside the state when the board of parole deems this advisable was passed unanimously. A bill providing for registration of lobbyists was introduced today by Representative Carolyn C. Pendray, Jackson. Registration would be with the secretary of state. The bill would make it unlawful for any person acting as a legislative agent or counsel to go upon the floor of the session except by invitation of the house or to solicit support or opposition to any measure unless registered. Could Buy Whisky. Representative Stanley Watts, Van Buren, introduced a bill which would give dentists the right to buy and keep whisky for professional use. A bill by Representative Finnern of Crawford county would make taxes on farm equipment and livestock a lien on such property. Representative George Kern,' Polk, introduced n bill requiring insurance policies or contracts other than life to be written by agents in Iowa, when the policy affects Iowa property or persons. Before the senate adjourned at noon to reconvene after the spring recess it passed a number of other bills including that requiring horse drawn vehicles to display lights when traveling at night on public highways. The vote was 27 to 8. PERU REBELS IN NORTH RETREAT Populace Aroused at Killing of Pro-Government Citizens. LIMA, Peru, Feb. 27. /P)--The provisional government of Lieutenant Colonel Luis M. Sanchez Cerro announced today that insurgent forces in the north had retreated from Piura and were expected to capitulate shortly. Lieutenant Colonel Santibanez, advancing with 300 men, occupied Piura on the heels of the rebel evacuation. Santibanez reported that the populace was greatly aroused against the rebels who killed a number of civilians during a pro- government demonstration. Municipal authorities were restored. A government bulletin said central Peru continued undisturbed and that rebel troops from Cuzco had been dispersed. The Arequipn. and Cuzco troops, were described as disorganized due to the rival ambitions of the insurgent chieftains. Elmer Faucett, an American aviator who was forced to fly a group of insurgents from Piura to Paita, was said to be safe at Paita. Three American aviators have been detained at Arequipa by insurgents. Their names were given as Byron Richards, St. Louis, pilot, George Hillman, Texas, mechanic, both of the Pan-American Grace .airways, and Bill Grey, Red Hook, N. Y-, of the Faucett air lines! restigators, and when he paid for a meal for this outfit it ran into sub- tantial figures; the speeches give ho impression that he was satisfy- ng only hia own appetite. "Five hundred dollars a month cli for investigators!" exclaim the auti-Nye folk in horror. And, truly enough, it probably will be hard work o convince South Dakotans that he senate's standard rate of pay for his class of service is $1,000. It is, but try telling it to a Pemblna county farmer! Six Killed in Battle With Mexican Police CIUDAD GUZMAN, Jalisco, Mex , Feb. 25. UPl--A report received hera from the town of Bjutla today said that six persons were killed ther? yesterday in a battle between police and a group which tried to stage a street poltiical meeting. CAPONE GETS SIX MONTHS IN JAIL (Continued T'rom I'tige 1). of the record and suddenness of the decision. Epstein said there "certainly was" an appeal possible from a citation for contempt o£ court and he indicated he would lose no time in making the appeal. The precautions taken to prevent any attack on the gang chief continued to the very end of the trial. Today's sentence was the first ever passed on the notorious gangster in Chicago but he spent nearly a year in the state prison at Philadelphia for carrying concealed weapons. Capone appeared surprised at the sudden decision; he had apparently expected the judge to take the case under advisement. When Judge Wilkerson began to tear down the defense evidence hit by bit, Capone looked dejected. The geniality he had displayed only a few hours before in talking with reporters was gone and- after the decision he spoke to no one. N YE TO HAVE HARD ELECTION BATTLE (Continued from 1'llRC 1), ly did not improve Mrs. Ruth Hanna McCormick's republican chances. In Nebraska, too, altho the insurgent Senator George W. Norris doubtless would have been re-elected even without Gerald's assistance, there need not have been a couple- of regular G. O. P. workers indicted but for his activities; noi need Bob Lucas' name have been dragged into the mess, involving the republican national committee anc inflating a statewide rumpus to major proportions. Possibly-also it was not the Nyo committee which caused the democratic Edward P. Costigan's election to the senate in normally republican Colorado shortly after the committe had chipped into the situation there; however, it was a coincidence. THUS AT LEAST three serious G A O. P. reverses are accounted for for which the regular republicans more or less blame the North Da kotan. In Pennsylvania, notwithstanding Nye's h o w 1 i n. about excessiv campaign expen dilures, ex- Sec rotary of Labo James J. Davi won the republi c a n senatoria honors he was- striving for, bu he took his sea ill defiance o Nye's protest ant the latter tried for some time to have him unseat cd. Moreover, in 6 SOUTH FEDEKAL MASON CITY Whether you want to buy Gag or Oil ... want your car Washed or Greased . . . want your Battery checked or Tires inflated . . . you will find a man with a Smile waiting here to serve you. Heal Service At the Highway's Super Statist you'll'get careful attention . . . the kind of Scvice you want. Modern facilities for washing and greasing. HIGHWAY OIL COMPANY Super Slaiion at West State and Washington. Other Stations 303 North Federal; First Street S. K. n n d - P c n n . ; 1801 Ftr.i-lh Street S. W. SRIDGE MURDER TRIAL IS BITTER Prosecutor Seeks to Impeach Testimony of State Witness. KANSAS CITY, Feb. 27. (.Tl-Threats of James R. Page, prosecuting attorney, to impeach the testimony of a state witness heightened interest today in the trial of Mrs. Myrtle A. Bennett, 35, accused of slaying her husband after a bridge game quarrel. Judge Ralph S. Latshaw, presiding, denounced the prosecutor lor "legal third degree methods" in a sharp excange over the testimony of Charles M, Hofman yesterday that the widow wept as she lay beside her husband's body and "wanted to use the gun on herself." Hofman and his wife were players in the bridge game that preceded the fatal shooting of John G. Bennett, wealthy representative of a perfume company, Sept. 29, 1929. Page, denied an opportunity to "refresh the memory of this witness," launched an attack which drew fire from the judge as well as defense counsel, James A. Reed, former United States senator, and J. Francis O'Sullivan. With the jury excluded, he quoted from a record purporting to be Hofman's statements at the preliminary hearing--"She brushed me aside and opened fire." "In every particular," the prosecutor asserted, "this witness has changed his testimony. Unless I am allowed to compare these stories before a jury I may as well dismiss the case." Gasoline Explodes in Garage at Sioux City; One Killed, Two Hurt SIOUX CITY, Fb. 27. (/T)--Death this morning claimed Howard Lemoine, 14, one of the _three persons who were seriously burned last night when gasoline exploded aa it was being poured into tne lank of an automobile in a garage. His brother, Harold, 17, is near death and the boys' father, Peter Lemoine, 59, also was less severely burned. LABOR HEAD TO SPEAK IN IOWA Green Refuses Other States to Talk at Ottumwa on Labor Day. By STAFF COnitESPONDENT WASHINGTON, Feb. 27--Declining invitations from virtually all other states in the union, Porto Rico und Hawaii, William Green, president of the American federation of labor, today accepted an, invitation to speak at the labor day celebration on' September 7 at Ottumwa, Iowa. Green's decision came as. a result of invitations extended by a large delegation here from Ottumwa last week including- G. E. Manning, mayor, and Olin Michael of the state board of control. Mr. Green received similar invitations from Governor Turner, Senators Brookhart and- Steck and chambers o£ commerce, American Legion posts and labor federations and unions all over Iowa. The labor day speech, Green's first speech in the state, will he broadcast over a nation-wide hookup. American Red Cross decision not to accept a government subsidy is a Declaration of Independence.--Philadelphia Bulletin. i Senator Gerald P. Mye the course of his inquiry, the Da kota solon heard some story con cerning Davis that he has consid ered worth repeating to the Cara way lobby investigators, explaining that it does not appear to germane to his campaign "probe' but he thinks perhaps it will he!] Senator Caraway, in the latter' task of fixing: responsibility for III use of "influence" to shape legisla tion. Quite likely it amounts tr nothing, but Nyc seems to bch'eve i does, and the incident just goes I. show how reckless he is in handling 1 what, for all he knows, may prove to be political high explosives. * * * C ONSERVATIVE DEMOCRATS are as angry at Gerald as conservative republicans. His earlier investigations, in Illinois und Pennsylvania. jilcEised them greatly, but when he turned his attention to Tennessee .'inri Alabama they pointed out that he was interfering with "states' rights'' and vehemently resented it. It is true, he chnnged no results south of the Ma.wn-Dixon line. Nevertheless, according to reliable advance information, the report hi presently will submit to the senate emphatically is the opposite of flattering to .southern electoral methods. He himself predicts an awful roar when bourbon statesmen read his criticisms of their system. * * * 'THE; PRINCIPAL WAY in which ·L his foes plan to create anti-Nye sentiment among North Dakota voters is by yelling about the money Gerald has spent investigating. They began mnking speeches on the subject some time ago. Originally the senate gave the: committee $100,000. which i:; mostly gone, and recently an additional 550,000 allowance was made. It does sound like a tidy total until one considers that Senator James A. Reed's committee, which conducted n. similar investigation of the preceding campaign, spent nearly twice as much--but that is a detail the anti-Nye orators don't mention. They likewise spft pedal the fart that they are utilizing an expense account which contains a good many typographical errors--as, for example, an item of 590 for telephone calls, which appears as 00 cents in the corrected record. * * * N YE, THO CHAIRMAN, was not, after all. the whole of the .slush fund committee. Some of the time lie had as many as four fellow senators with him, plus a staff of stenographers, official reporters and in- INC. The Cheerful Service Store -,RY DAY IS VALUE DAY" HERE! Comparison is a true measure of values! New merchandise is arriving daily. Now, aa always, you will have the largest assortments oil the season's favored fabrics to select from. Obey that impulse! Make your selections now! Fashion Says It's Smart to Be in Prints ALL SILK CREPE Beautiful designs-gorgeous colors-$1.59 $1.95 $2.25 RAYON CREPE New spring colors in many different patterns. 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