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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, January 23, 1818
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NEWT - tORX EVENING POST. FRIDAY, JAXUARY . V" XHfori mJ Owegt Road Lniy It being iLnitulthtlottrii,tboaihaTa, must and will nU. it onlv remain that wo hould tarn ::m to thalW vc - nt, rumrfiog th,.. , nach u hi oar power, from Um auschieis that ? rny accompany them. Of all the lotteries that offsr theatelve to Um public, that of the ' Mitfori and Oseego iW Lattery, advertised in 4 Mr column this evening, presents, if not superi - or advantages to tlx ad? eolurer, at least equal , U that of any other, and wry superior at roqsects , - the (tab. Tb object it to raiM Aiadstooom - . fWtw a aew road between tho city of New. York ? ' and tha great weetarn dittrict, by connecting the . ' tarr pikes id the tat of New York and the state ; at Hew - Jersey through the northern part of ', . ronsylvnia, and thereby shortening the dist - - tce of the route, sou to make It as near, within Tory few smiles, from this city to Generals frota Albany to the same place, and thus open a CrectCMuaonicafioato the whole western dis - "trict. ; ; ; : Since oar test poblicatioa respecting lotteries, 'to wbih we recosameaded strongly, short draw - ings, as tha only way to pat an end to the per - " alcioa practice of insurance, we have beenin - ," farmed, that inch are the habits of the country, ' (hat His generally necessary to begin the dtaw - ''. bgsbefcre the tickets are more than half disposed of: it would, therefore, for obvious reasons, he impracticable to go on with lotteries, unlets more time than that mentioned was allowed for , the sale of tickets, by protracting the time of ' .drawing. . It Will be observed, however, that the above lottery will be drawn in twenty days , which is less than half the customary time, and perhaps in as short a tide as,' all things considered, is jm ticable. ; v - Mr. Noah tells at this morning that the Court ' of Sessions hare decided to grant him a new trial . It may be so t no such decision bar been public - ' It Drooouoced: H would teem that Mr. Noah ' has some mode of private access that other citi ten know nothing about. Whether, however, the court have a right to grant a new trial, perhaps remains to be teen,, on a mandamiu. Sweden. Public curiosity was a short time since, considerably excited in consequence of a paragraph Irom the London papers with regard to the motive that led to the convocation of the Diet of Sweden by aa ordinance of the king. Yft have atcertained that the object was simply to take into consideration the propriety of the government's interfering to support the Bank of - Malmo, which had impended its payments. - We are further authorittd to contradict the re - ; port of the Gollenburg Bank having stopped pay ,xneat. - - wmr. nn i snrw 1 oi young gentleman has appeared during the week, at our tbea 'cawwunwoKa renuirsiMru" - " rdiuary powers. I state r;poession of no every person of tat and J, more than what i c:i:uii wv - orfi I'aj.'ijjodgmeot present will ami lttfa I Bweri um pum mnni 4 them, and afforded promise of futor excellence. The ouly reward he expects, I understand. Is this brntjU, and we hope it will not be forgotten that he is a native of our city, and certainly ponesses talents that will make him quite an acquisition to the company. - i - The body of a still born infant was found hi morning1 on tbe church watk, at the corker of Cross and Mott - street. A Britith Subject is too licentious in his language to appear ia tho Evening Pott. ' ' - The Belfast Neve - Letter of Nov. 1 8 tb, contains the following Proclamation : u Whereas information bath been received that a midign.iot fever is prevalent at Savannah, in tbe Uuited states of America and it is judged probable that the said infectious disease ma be brought into Ireland, by ships or vessels com log from, or having touched at the said place. Now we the lord lieutenant and council, in pursuance of the said act, do therefore order and direct, that all vessels, persons, good, wares, and merchandise, coming from, or having touched at Savannah, and from all ports ol tho United State south of the Delaware, shall, on their arrival in Ireland, be placed under ejuarantine, and not disc barged therefrom with' out aa order of this board." Extract of a letter from a respectable gentle - man ia the Havana to his friend in George - town, (s. C.) dated 11th December, 18)7. e poo, Amelia Island, and indeed the whole province, seem fated to suffer more than the horrors of common warfu - for as vou sav. the people who have taken possession of it, are n unprincipled set of men a cession to the United States, which 1 think has or will take place, would be a happy thing for the inhabitant of tha province, because it would relieve thm from tbe repeated serious evils now experienced from such a piratical force We are inthTstnj; eered however, as to a Cession from the circum stance of the iutendant of this place having lately received hi commission from the kin; giving him the additional appointment of inteu - dant of tbe two Florida (an appointment never before made) with particular instruction to do very yuog iu hn power to encourage the set tlement of both provinces: add to this his oni Bioo. that the king has not the mwl distant idea of makiog a cession, would give but a faint pros - fm m sucn a wing taxing place very soon. F rem the Connttlieul Courant. A New - Year's Gift ; or, how those who are not to live the year out may be their own Administrator. x 1. Post up your books to this day, and b careful to see that all accounts that have been paid are balanced on your ledger. . t. Where yon have an unsettled account of inre than one year's standing, and there is a bill against you and you do not know what it i, or Bow much, get it in immediately, and credit it, and strike the balance. 3. If the balance is against vou par it without delay ; if ia your favor and you cannot get your pay, t ike a note or writ a reckoning: and have itig.ed. ' 4. If yoa have any oat Jawed account dxi'l patter yoarseirthat your debtor is a clever man, and will do about the thin; that's riht ten Chances to oae he'll tell vour administrator that 44 be will thick of H. and the proUhiiity is that Will o ta ta4 he'll see of bun, and that everv time he thinks of it be will think he woot pav it or at least tfU be gets able, ft. Be vry rvfulter close all accounts with i e oououui honesty, and especially if they art mdkung to troublesome miplaioi called Bankniptcyt tor be sure iney wui nave a wotj UU against your estate. No matter whether yoa owe them or not, depend upon H every discharge yoa get from them will "be worth thirty dollar to your heirs. Finally, reader, your life may not continue fortvtirht hours, therefore. Iffyou nave any matter ol nonorary oougauoa I',!'"?, 1 vou have anv disputable matUr settle or refer it to arbitration, or sue or ne snea wiinoui delary, bearing in mind that yoa know much more about that matter than those that willcome after yoa. HOURGLASS. January I. Tb above is good and wholesome advice, and well worth following even by those who expect to live manv years and we would recommend it to the special notice and regard of those of our subscriber who have not paid for their paper the last aix, seven, eight and even nine years It was ascertained, even as long ago as when the w Freeman's Friend" was published in this town, that Printers, unlike lameuons. could not subsist upon v we cannot but indulge the hope. therefore, that by furnishing us with something more ttid, we shall be relieved from the dis agreeable necessity of resorting to the statute in sven cases snaae ana proviaeu. ttcmtmttT March, Uu Met of March remem From tf Jfcvburypart Hera'd, Jan. 13. Baring Robbery. $200 Reward On Fri day morning last, (9th inst) between the hours oi z ana 3 o'clock, the d welnng - bouse of the sub' tnwr, in iTinnuorougn - street, (newoury, eras forcibly entered by two or more villains. After collecting together the most valuable articles in tbe lower rooms, and ransacking the drawers, 4c. I was awaked and alarmed by their move - menu; tuniortunaieiy no person slept in the bouse but myself.) On passing - down my front stair, I perceived a faint light in ono of mr front rooms, proceeding from the glimmering of a lamp, wnicn in robber had placed there. I now armed myself with a sword - cane t and on softly entering the room, saw a man rum aging one of tne drawers or my secretary t alio another per sm (of whom I had but a slight glance) standing in tu passage way to toe scullery, with a very mall lan thorn in his hand, and who I sopixwe immediately ran off. I presently found mrsell closely engaged with the robber at the drawers, who I attempted to knock down turninr bun - self nimbly, be eized bold of the sword, and drawing off the scabbard thereof, (which btiog DevyJ was enabled successfully to parry most of the blows and thrusts aimed at him. I finallt however, succeeded in giving turn a wound whit h caused him to make off. 1 now embraced the first opportunity of getting my pittol, which happened to be loaded, and following him into th - yard, fired as be was oeariog the fence ; the fall, (a many person have teen,) struck the corner of the out - house, apparently but two or three feet from the villain, a the marks oi DioMi were plainly teen on the fence, o - ver which he escaped. The wound wa probably severe, and made in, the hand, or wnsi, as mucn blood was left on tbe floor of the house, and also ou the parts of my clothes which the robber laid bold of ; he was a person of middle stature, thick set. and dressed in dark Jacket and trowsers. Tbe villains being sudden Iv interrupted hi their blackjdesign, succeeded in carrying off but Little property. A purse containing a three dollar bill of Exeter Bank, a two dollar bill (new) of Newburyort Rank, and ome smau cnange, is ail that is, as yet, missed GEO. WATERMAN. NeQjajrjjJan. 13, 1818, ... X l - XVam Ihr - V Mn'u JwrJiW. Two packages of news - papers, brought from Liven ool, by tbe Ann - Maria, captaiu Waite, and directed to this office, were taken by the Custom - House officers into their care, and not delivered to us till yesterday forenoon. By what authority this is done, we are not informed. It would seem that it could not have been suspet t - ed that they contained smuggled goods, as well as news - papers, because they were returned un broken. If we can understand the law on thi rabject, such a procedure b iu direct violatioii of it for that require the master ol a vessel, before he make report or entry, to make oath that he had dtlvertdtht Men at the pott office. It u impoMible lor nun to do this when tb lt - t ten are previously taken into custody by the custom - house, and the requisition or the law must remain unco m plied with, in consequence f tb interference of it owa officer to prevent it literal execution. It is very apparent that the publisher of news papers, who are at great trouble and expense to obtain the earliest intelligence from abroad, if their correspondence can be arrested ind detained in this mode, will be entirely frustrated of their object, as well as lose their tabor. from the Albany Daily Advertiter, Jan. 20 Com of Col Andtrton. The case of colonel tndersoo continued to occupy the exclusive at tention of the hou of representatives at the la?t dates from Washington. An animated debate had been kept up lor several days, and there wa every appearance that it would continue several Jays louger I be debate it not upou fie ques tion whether col. Anderson shall be punished for the supposed coutempt of the bouse, but whether the house has cognisance ol the ouence. For ourselves, we think it not a little singular, tbat the bouse of representatives should have involved themselves in so much difficulty, upon such a triding and frivolous occasion Colonel Anderson, it teems, having claims to a consider able amount against (he U. btates, offered a trifling pecuniary emolument to the chairman the committee of claims. The chairman ol tbe committee, like an honest man, spurned the offer. This was as it should be ; and had Mr. Williams dismissed the colonel, with a suitable reprimand, and said nothing more upon the sub - jet t, he would, in our opinion, nave taken me proper course, out this would not answer. Mr. Williams flew into a violent passion, and de dared the offer an attempt at bribery ; an insult ujoo himself aud upon the houe collectively. Col. Audeisnn wa frightened ; begged pardon, and declared that he bad no tntentiou to offer a bribe but that be knew be hid given Mr. Williams the chaii man of the committee, a goo! deal of trouble, and suppond it no more than just that he should be compensated. Mr. W. it would seem, was almost as mucn ingnteneu ai tii colonel ; for had he discovered a plot to How an the capitol. be could scarcely have been in a late of greater agitation than he described him self. He run from one room to another in quest oi gentlemen whom he wbhed to witness bis in - dimatioo at the iorult, while poor colonel AoJer on was ireinonng anu sfiaung iu ci jmui " from top to toe,' undor the most awlul appi e - hrnsioos. The dav Isllowing, the tubject was introduced by Mr: to illiams to the house, with all cooreiva - blc solemnity and circumstance. Mr. W. de - rlared that the occurrence had deeply wound - ...... ed his feelings," and also was a r flection upon the house. ' Had Mr. W. thrown a five coal into a magazine of a 74, the explosion would not have open more sudden, though jirobably more fatal. Wi hout stepping a moment to consider the magnitude of the insult, or what wis proper or expedient to be done, the speaker was directed to iue his warrant, and the colonel was thereupon apprehended bv toe serjeant - at - arms, and bro't to the bar of the house. This being done, and tbe members having had a little time lo ffl darn, doubt began to be rai - ed as to the power cf the bue to punish for the alledyd off nee. A debate, which is a yet wi'.hout end, accordingly arose upon the powers delegated by the constitution, and ctsocerning Incur own ciyuty acu privilege. 1 ny hare thus, by taeaUaCtrtito what era their pnvdege, and the power granted by the constil'rtioo, nobbled ihemselve iuto tbe truly awkward dilemma, of having to decide whether in their hast they have violated the constitution, or acted agreeably to it provision. We repeat, there is in our opinion someining a little approaching tbe ridiculous. In the importance which ha been attached to this affair - There is no danger, eayt the Boston Yankee, to tbe community from offering to bribe, but only from receiving it, and to make a vast deal of parade oa such aa enquiry is to show at least an apprehension of danger. The best way to manage depravity of this tort would be silent contempt and private admonition, w ben a member re jects such au offer without giving it publicity, he convinces every one who ts acquainted with the transaction of hi honesty l ana the man whose attempt has been indignantly spumed, feels the force of the reprimand as severely as whan taken into the custody ol a sergeant ai arms. To treat such things with the contempt they deserve, shows a greater confidence in the stern integrity of our legislature, than a formidable and grave enquiry, which indicates dan - rertothe community from merely such deprav ity of a citizen a may attempt at corruption. It it the success, and not the attempt, which de mands the solemn enquiry and ttern and exem pbwy vindication of that honorable body. from Hit Baltimore Patriot, Jan. 20. On tiv 4th instant, and consequently since the surrender or Amelia to the United State troop, Aury issued a proclamation, declaring William r. Moore, late commander ol the private armed Mexican schooner Sueess, un authorised by that government to ciuiae a Sainst i; enemies, and requesting that he be etained wherever met, and brought to trial as a pirate," alleging that he proceeded to sea with the prize schooner Isabetita, lawful ly condemned by the court of admiralty, without bis order or consent, and without any pa per or documents whatever from him there by proving that he can ossibly have no other intentions than or committing depredations on the high tea. A friend of captain Moore appears in the Charleston papers, of the 12Ui instant, and af ter requesting a suspension of the public opin wn on the subject, until me arrival or the naui Moore, declare, that the Iaabelila was con demned and sold by Aury, land pun based by capt. Moore fur a friendi and proceeded by or - der of her owner, for the United States that prev ously, finding that she was not intended for a cruiser, and to act in concert with him. Aury embargoed her for aeventy - three day, and on applica: ion being made to him 'o ascer tain the cause of her detention, he replied, that " the must convey him and hi (sable) miu to a place not yet determined on which, not thinking proper to comply with, she rot under weiirii in the midst of the Amer. ican squadion, mid proceeded to tea without interruption. BOSTON. Jan. 13. An. unfortunate rase Among the convictions at me municipal court last week, was that of a young and interesting female, the daughter ol very reputable parents, whose case excited con siderable sympathy. She was charged with the crime oi theft, and it appeared she bad stolen from the house of an acquaintance, anindispen - iible containing about thirty dollars, and a silver spoon. The articles were found in her posses ion, and she acknowledged her gudt before the ..MllNINl HldgUUMSi ' . J IT It appeared, however, that shejiaij . . ded from the house ol J: - - r" d,u - if?itijii'AVJ ' utt parents, ana alter - r!rahandoiii by the defpoilerof her inno cence and peace, roriorn aud with no friend to lead back her erring steps, and uo kind adviser to put her once more in the paths of virtue, she was induced, from the very hope lessness of her condition, to commit the crime of which she was accused I and to retire, with the fruits of it, to that society in which alone females of her ruined character are received and enter tamed. 1'bere the was the next morning found and arrested t and was brought at length to the criminal's bar, pale, sad, and trembling with dis grace t while ber flowing tear veiled tbe fading beauty which bad probably been her rum. 1 be learned and humane judge who presides in that court, xennted to it utmost length the discretion of his office ; and accompanied his sen - trace of a short imprisonment, with au affecting ind admonitory address, which if it fails of producing any good on the unfortunate object to a. U'l H HU MK1IU mil uui um AVCCtl iugly impressive ou the minds of the young audi - tory, with which the court - room was crouded. whom it was directed, could not but be exceed PHILADELPHIA, Jan. tt The ship Dido, from Liverpool, arrived at Redy - Idand yesterday. Left there 5th of De cember. Captain Maxwell came op in the stage vesterday afternoon from .Newcastle, and informs that nothing of importance had transpired since our hut advices. ST. LOU13. Dec. 13. We have received information from Lawrence county, that the attack on the Osage by the "ouft - derate Indians, bas been more decisive than 'hose conflicts which usually take place in their warfare. T he Usages had removed from the neighborhood of Earhart't taliue towards their illa;e, where their Parthian mode of fighting could have more effect. Thry were, however, driven off tbe plaiu, leaving on the ground a num ber of dead and wounded and several hones - It is not stated that the Cherokee and their allies intend to follow op the blow. CO.WKfSS. IS SENATE - Janiiary 50. Mr. Sanford, from the committee of Commerce and Manufactures, it - ported a bill esta - blis ng the port of entry for the district ofi Brunswick, in ueorgia, at the town or Darien h ch bill was read and passed to a second reading. Mr Tait submitted a resolution to instruct tin Judic.ary committee to enquire into the expediency of repealing the 3d sec ion of the act to establish a territorial ;o eminent for tht eastern part "f the Mississippi territory, and of investing the LeirU'ature of Alabama with power to regulate the judiciary thereof in sum manner aa i niny uecm eirv - uient ; ana al - o of investing the highest grade of court which may be established by the aid Legislature, with jui - Udic ion in all case in which the United aiatea shall be a party I he following resolution, submitted yester day Dy Mr. Harbour, wa taken up, and, after a tew explanatory remarks by the mover, and ome observations by Mr. Tait, approbatory of the object oi tne motion, u was agreed to without opposition : Kewlved, That the committee oa Naval Af fair be ins.ructed to enquire into the expedi - ncy or establishing naval depot in uch nrnn ber, and iu such places, as may in the r opin ion beniostadtan - .ageuus to th. - United States Mr Sanford, f om the committee of Commerce and Manufactures, to miiom was referred the letter of Madan.e Hlantau, prupoxing to Congress the purchase ol her national pain ting, made a report adverse to the proposition of Madame Ptantou. The Senate then proceeded to th cons id e - Uon or Executive business i aJter which The Senate adjourned. HOUSE OF REP ItESE.fTATIVES. January 20. Mr. Bawett, from a select committee, report ed a bill for the relief of commodoro Johu Rodger, (reimbursing Us him mooey recovered by action by John Donoeil, of Ballimor.) Mr. sergeant, having orxaiaea leave, report ed a bill to asacad tit act ucorperating th U - i 1 oUsJ Slate Bank, (authorizing tha company to ! disoens with the signatures ol the president aad cashier of the principal b ink, from all note issued from the several branches, and authorising the president and cashier of tbe branches to tigu and countersign the bill issued from their respective office, be. .These bill were aeverally twice read and committed. - . Mr. HaiTiwo offered tho following resolution for consideration i ' ' Resolved, that a committee bo appointed, jointly with such committee at may be appoint ed be the senate, to cousiaer anu report, wnn measures it may be proper to adopt, to manifest the puouc respeci tor we memory ui gm. iiani Kotriusco. former! v an officer in the ser vice of the United States, and the uniform aid distinguished friend of liberty and the rights ol man. f Mr. Harrison introduced this motion by some feelingTrtlnartis on the subject of it, and by a view e the principal eveuts of gen. Kotciusco'i life. We shall present them to our readers shortly. On motion of fr. Forsyth, thi resolution was ordered to lie on the table. The speaker presented a letter from the secre tary of the treasury, transmitting, in obedience to a resolution of tbe house of r ebruary 1817, a report on tuch measures as may be necessary for the more effectual execution of the laws for the collection of the duties on imports. The speaker also presented tbe annual report from th navy department, of the state ol the oa vy pension fund, th disbursements therefrom, a list of tha pensioners, kc, Also, from the same department, a statement respecting the condition and management of the navy hospital fund. On motion of Mr. Basset, the message of the president, transmitting the claim of the repre sentatives of Baron da Beaumarchais, which had been referred to the committee of ways and means in the first instance, and afterwards trans ferred to the committee of claims, was now re ferred to a select committee. In the conversation which took place respect' ing the reference of this claim, one gentleman estimated its amount at four or five hundred thousand dollars, and another at near a million 1 he bill making appropriations for the arrear ages of military supplies, was ordered to be en grossed for a third reading. BREVET RAMS. The bouse then resumed the consideration of the report of yesterday's committee of the whole on the military appropriation bill for the year lUlb. I be question to concur in the amendment which strikes out the allowance of 35,000 dollars to defray the eznence of extra pav to brevet of ficers, who hold separate commands of districts or pwts, according to their brevet rank gave rue lo much debate, of considerable interest, aud was at leugth decided by yeas and nays. Mes srs. Mercer, Ingham, Harrison, Robertson and f aimer, opposed the amendment ; and .Messrs Lowndes, t'itkio, Johnson of Ky. and Forsyth, supported it. , At the debate cannot be published, even a tketcb of it, at present, it is thought proper to state, generally, the principal ground on which this que tion was contested. On the one hand, it wat said, that a strained construction had been given to that provision ol the law of 18 IS, which authorises pay according to the brevet rank, to such brevet officer of tbe army ss are employed oa asperate stations, which pro ition wat meant onlhrto JljJ - 'SCetsary dchicrula7 had at the last session endeavored to remedy what they thought an evil in this respect, by an express provi - mn oi law, which had been rejected in the tenate ; that, in the only way in which it probable th. object could be reaihed, it was proper for tb bouse to attempt it, by re I using, in the exercise of their legitimate power, the appropriations required for that object t that if the construction given by the executive to tbe law, was correct, it wat yet inexiedient to continue it, for reasons connected with the good of the service, and with the principle of equal justice to all officer similarly situated ; and that brevet rank was in itself, especially under its preseut construction, in jurious lo the interests of the army and of the nation, Sic. On the other hand, it was r rged, that the law of 1812, so far as it regarded brevet rank, was in the - nature of a compact which this House ought not to violate that the executive had corr. ctly construed the law, and could not well have done otherwise, particularly with the four brevet major generals, than by placing them nn aeniraie command i that at Dresent. i . of 72 brevet officer, about 27 only were o stationed as to entitle them to brevet pay t I.I . . I , f I A. It - - I I ..'!.. miline numoer oi orcvci oimnt wouiu uaiiy dimmi - .li, and toon be entirely merged in the lineal rank, as they became entitled to promo tion i that it was inexpedient to rob there offi cers, whose high character and services were generally acknowledged, ofthia little pittance, kc. ; that, if it were admitted too great a latitude had been taken in the administration of the law. it could only be corrected by a modi fixation or repeal of the law, and not by this indirect course, which would have the eflect merely to shift the responsibnity from the shoulders of the executive officers on those of th House, kc By such, and similar arguments, the motion was defended and opposed, un me question the House agreed to concur with the commit tee in striking out the provision for brevet pay, by a vote of 130 to 30, being a very decisive expression of the opinion ol ints uouse on uii subject. Tne bill was then ordered to be engrossed sndread a third time. Mr. Johnson, of Kentucky, called up the commutation bill ; but a motion, to adjourn ass made and carried. And tbe House adjourned. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Boston Exchange Coffee House,) Reading k Ncvi Room, Jan. 21. ( I received the following this morning, from my Vineyard Correspondent : IIOI.MKS HOLE, Jan 18 - Arrived, iloop Tame, Colman, 4 hours from Nantucket for N. York ; schr Leader, nuth, 4 hours from Nan tuck4 - for London, with a cargo of oil ; tchr Return, SpraKue, 7 day from Charleston for Boston ; sloop Twoiders, Davis, Ti days from Nee - tas, (Cuba) for Boston ; schr Lorenio, Smith, 72 hours from Norfolk. " I have received a letter from Edgaron,con taioing the following in nrmation : ' At 5 o'clock in the morning of the l7lh, brig Prince George, of Petersburg, (Va.) William William matter 60 dayt from London for N York, run on shore at Edgarton. She had sprang aleak 17, day i be fore, had 5 fett of water in her hold, and wat in a sinking condition. She had a cargo of gun - pow der, white lead, vitriol, porter in catkt, and a few packages of dry goods. Most oi her cargo is wet; part of it bas "been got out, and tlie vesse it likely to be got off " The brig Sampson, Gill, (till remain at Holmes' Hole. Arrived at Boston this morning, British brig Francis Ann, Hallett, 3U dayt from Demcrara Yours, lie J. HOOPER, Jr. The (hips Mote Brown, for Bordeaax ; Ontario, for Dublin ; brigt Gen. Ward, for Brasil and Levant, for Savannah, went to tea this fore - ooo. DIED, A Fiihkill on th 12th inst. Abraham Brinlc - erhoff Rapalje, esq. iu tbe 57th year of hit ag". At Boston, last Tuesday, the Hon. Samuel Fairs, of Taunton, one of the members jef Uie Executive Council of that Commonwe Itli , on Monday even in Mr. Wo. Amery Codman. god 25 years. KVLMXG POtf MAHLVE LIST, m " . CLEARED. . ' Ship Caroline Ann. Reeve, . Uverpuol r Tho. Musgrove , Protection - . Kft Igftg MaryAuguttPorUr - Brie Neptune, Madegan, Wilmuigton, NC. . vi; .inn H.rber. Havana " Kaufman b Baker a - i;.. Ann. rtarber. . Havana Kauffman ft' Baker ?chr Wm b Henrv. Ames, Fredericksburg Murfreetborough. Nt Wevm'outii, Davis, ' Richmond R,,L.r Wnnl. . NorlOlX No'AHKlVALS THIS FORENOOX. R Al.TiMOltF - Jan. SI Arrived. tchr. Leo nard. Eauietton. from Gonaivtt, and 19 days from Monte Chrittie. Left no American vessels Dfrnn Ni. holn Mole, saw a tchr which shew ed the Metican flagFriday evening last, tpoke sc hr Cbarlet fromTJexandna. un ounuay taw a sharp man of war brig go into Patuxent same time discovered 6 Or 0 sailol square nggeu ves st It laving thf'e. ' CHARLESTON. Jan 15. Arnved, choo rur Swiftture. Thomas. Boston 14 days. Schr. Retrieve, White, Havana 8 dayt and 1 liom i J oee, wiin sugar ana cram w . v w"3 and John W. Richardson (on board). The R. was bound to New - York, but out in here leaky. Coffee at Havana wat $i0 - , Molasses 1 1 bittt ; Muscovado Huzar 9 a 10 dolls ; no white or brown in market. The shin America, of Mew York thip frudencc, Field, from NYork. and brig fp - erty race, B day from do. were on ca tannah bar on Tuesday FmLintLruu, Jan. 22. Arrived tch. Duck, Tliurlow. Ne burynort 9 day. Cant. Thur - low. informs that lie met with no obstruction bv ice, thi s - ide of Keedy Island. Savanhah, Jan. 13 Reported below last night, S ships, 3 brigs, 4 schooners, and 1 or 2 sloops bound up. THEATRE. Mr. Finn'l 3d appearance in America, and last nighl otitis engaeeuient. - On Friday Kieiiiug, J an SJ, will bt - presented for theuist lime these 4 tear, uie comedy ol THE WEST INDIAN. Bi lcour, " Mr. Finn To which wnl be added, the musical farce of PAUL 6l VIRGINIA. Virgin!, Mrs. Darley reriormance to commence at nail past six o'clock precisely. ..... - HIE FORUM 37" Will be opftoed THIS EVENING at the Assembly Room, City - Hotel, and the following question will be discussed : " Is it probable that the prtsent pacific state of Europe will be ol long continuance Ui - cusiiou to commence at 7 o'clock precisely Jan S3 It frt" At the annual meeting of the New - York Society for promoting the manumission of slaves. and protecting tuch of them as have been or rny De liherated, belli nrst month (January) ZU, 18111, uie following utiicer were elected lor the en suing year : t - adwallader V. golden, President George Newbold, first Vice President Peter A. Jay, second Vice President Jeremiah Thompsoa, Secretary Mt - kieiouwgill, Ai sisianl oVI.?r - . - JjPslAVSyJ unrTjfitorer Robt. C Cornell, Register Hugh M'Cormick, Chairman, Robert White, Secretary of btanding Committee. John Murray, jun. Chairman, Isaac ioiunt, Secretary of Board of Trustee! of School Thomas Eddy Chairman, Isaac M. Ely, Secretary, oi' Committee of Correspondence. tsruci ,urc vuuirmun, iveuueu laeegeii, secretary, of Committee oi Wavt and Me. ins. U. lolden, reter A. Jay, Wm. slotton, Benj. Clark, Isaac M. Ely, Tho. Addis fcmmett, Wni. bampson, Uiram Kctcbam, Counsellors j an AOTICE. ftr On Monday Evening neit, the 96th intt. at 6 o'clock, the Anniversary of the u Auxiliary New - York Bible and Common Prayer Book So ciety' will beheld in Trinity Church, whwi the report of the prox ewliogt of the last year will be read, and an election take place lor a Board ol Managers for the causing year. And, nn tnurs'lay evening, tbe'zuin init. si. Paul's Church Mill be opened for Divine Service, when an ddress will be delivered and a collection made for the benefit of the almve institution. WM. ONDKRDO.NK, Jr. jy t3 3t Recording Secretary. si noiher prist told b v R . H Allb, Jun. No 17,196 the first drawn number this day and entitled to Fve Hundred Dollars, was sold by R. Waite, Jun. 13b Broadway, who al so sold ami yesterday paid No. 4647 and 2j263 each 1000 dollars, in the present Medical so. ence Lottery. jun 23 It FUR.iALt:, The vary fast sailing sloop PARAGON, burthen 66 ton built at Middlutown, Connecticut, of the best materials ; bas made me voyage to the West Indies, is one year old ind can be tent to tea immediately For terms, aud a view of her inventory, apply to GRISWOLDS & COATE9, Jan 23 68 South - tt. iU AArA.'VNAIl, To tail on Sunday next, rne parget snip auuusi a. iti, master, having already cleared out, will sail on Sunday (weather permitting; she can lake some more freight and accommodate a few more steerage and cabin passengers apply on board, at rioe - street wnarr, or tti GRISWOLDS & COATES, Jin ?T , 68 South - st. for CH.tRlr.MvN, 1 he fast sailing schooner LOUIS, A L Napier, master, will sail with all dis patch, having the princpal part of her freight engaged some heavy ireight will be taken low lor which, or passage, apply on board, Bm ling - slip, or to SAUL LLEY, jan 23 x 98 Pine - street. fUR SALE, Tbe new and fast sailing brig FAME, buil. of the best seasoned timber, and UilhJully put together. Her rigging and tail, are of excellent quality. I hu vessel is well alculated lor a southern packet, having haod - some accommodatioot. For terms, and a view of ber inventory, apply to GRISWOLDS Si COATES, Jan 23 68 .u'h - st. t or Cii.t HLhS 1VN, 6. V. The fine fast tailing brig A TLANTIC, Geo. Bailey, master, has tbe principal ,.ari oi her freight eonged, will meet with im mediate dispatch For freight or passage, hav ing good accommodations, apply on boaid, east fide Fly market wharf, or to HENRY COWING, Jan S3 fit 191 Front, corner of Fulton - st. UPLAND COTTON. 15 bales prime Upland Cotton, landing and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - street IN STORE, 42 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale at above, jan 23 Y OLASSES, COFFEE, &C. - 32 bhdt and 4. VI. 4 hblt. Molatset, first quality 3 bagt Green Coffee, 120 Dry Hides 7 bbl. Landing at Dover - street wharf, from schr. Linnet, from Porto Rico, for sale by , U.liC. W. DAVENPORT CO. Jan S3 FOUR thousand Gunny Bags frsale by CEBRA A - CUMING, ' 3 78 Peaxl - itreet. v luas,nUUed to debenture, just receij and fortattfhy , HURO fc 8EWALL. Jan TJ v ' 65 South - treet DRY G00D3 - 2 case ahepard't super blu and black cloth 1 4 cases 9 - 6 cambrickt - ,. ; . 2 do cotton hosiery 1 do checked hdkfs. just landed from th Hercules, and for salt by , HUIID k SEWALL, 65 iSouth - Etreet. Also received by late arrivals, ' 8 cases fine blue and black London cloths . 10 do japanned and plated bat - 5 do men's super London do. Jan S3 1 rti upland vorrojf. lejvf balet very prime upland cotton, ia store, and for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by , GRISWOLDS ti COATES, Jan 23 68 fioutb - st 7. 1MJ1G0, HUM, kc. Cases first quality Bengal indigo (entitled to , debeuture) 20 bids and 100 barrels first proof new rum " 30 pipes Gray's brandy, 1st & 4th proof 70 bags race ginger (entitled to debenture 50 kegs ground do. first quality 80 botes Hill't Boston chocolate, No. 1 & J 50 do WaiU'a do ' do 150,000 Spanish segars, in half and quart box 30 bale first quality St. Domingo tobacco 4 do Danish lambs' wool 150 kegs Philadelphia starch, fresh from tha factory ' 80 casks English refined salt petre 10 boxes tugar candy For sale by JACKSON ic WOOLLEY, Jan S3 75 Wall - iL GERMAN STEEL, BRIMSTONE fca - Ud boxes Steel 12'. - ' boxes roll brimstone ' 1 case Leghorn hat 15 do tumblers 10 pack aire paper 3 bases chollct - SO boxes mould candles 50 do soap, entitled to debenture For sale by . JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. jan 13 57 Front - street CLASSES, COFFEE, SUGAR, 4Jc LL 15 hhdi. Molasses, 5 bhdt and) 5 bblt ( fcuSar 32 bagt CoflVe 60 cpaniah Hide Landing this day from brig Protection, from it. 1 nomas', wett tide Old - slip, for sale by DIV1E BETHUNE ti Ct Jant3 LtOALS AFLOAT 100 chaldront Liverpool new pit Coal of a very superior quality is now landing from on board the ship Hercules, ly - ; ing at the east side of Pike - slip. Order for these: Coal will br punctually attended to, by applying uther on board or at the Coal yard of the suIh tcriber, io 274 trout street, who ba constant ly on band a lare supply of Coal, of every dc4 scrip tion, and for sale by Jan TS et ALtA. r IvAsfctv. ELLO.i.Yl POitP iBLt. a LOMjON made rose - wood, Writing Desk, i a nchiy orass ocuna. nnisneu in a supeno 1 it t ie of convenience, with Dort folio, candle sucks, vc. win ue sold cheap Also, twohatiifontM dressing cases, an elerin l - S j . . i - m. i tea caav, ana a uay or ni&m - .cviesj'yn. Apply to AMBROSRCitASE, Jan Ti 6l 135 Broadway, WANTr'.D in a private family, for some length ol time, one or two rooms, fat may be convenient). Breakfast and tea only, will be required. A note left at the office of tlui paper will he immediately attended to. Jnn?33t For ."tale at Public Auction, At the Tontine Coiiee House, on Tues day next, that very valuable HOUSE & LOT, ,' No. H5 Peari - Jtreet, and fire proof store in ' the rear, fronting on Gold - street A draft of the said property will be exhibited at tlieT.C, II previous to the day of tale. Term will be made ay Ten per cent on theday of tale t 20 per cent on' the first of May i the balance p ay remnm on moutgage it required, jan 23 3l "' j(W0 Dollars 1000 Dollar, fri HE first drawn numberjon Tuesday next, A will "be entitled to 1000 dolls, and oa the Monday following, (at which time tho drawing of 4th Medical Science Lottery will beneaily half completed) the 1st drawn num. ber will be entitled to a capital priae of 5000 dolla's, and the GRAfUES, 146 Broadway, having already told and paid to the ta'.UfaC - tion of fortunate adventurert at their office, more amount of prize than have been obtained at most other offices in thi city, have now the satisfaction of ofll - ring to adventurer, chances for the above splendid prizes, with a confidence that fortune will still continue dispen - ing her favor, as usual at GRAC1ES The following prizes told at Gr - xie. No. 129J9 2000 dolls. , 12883 100 "1266 100. 12793 100; 12911 100, and many of 30, &x. Sic ; Present price of ticket g!2. Draw again on Monday morning. Frizes taken at par for warranted undrawu ticket and shares. jan 2$ f7C7"AlTE'S Prize Litt, Medical Science Lot - . VV tery, l - ltb day's drawing. 17196 (first drawn) 500 doll. No other prize drawn this day over 10 dollsJ jan 23 SPLENDID LOffERY. ROBERT WAI tE, Jun. ha the pleasure of informing his numerous friend and customers, that he ha made a considerable contract in the MILFOIil) & OWKGO ROA D LOETERY., Authorized by the States of New - York and. New - Jersey. To commence drawing the 5th May, and to be completed in Twejttv Dats. SCUEME. 1 prize of 70.000 Dollar 1 do 55,000 do - 2 do 10,000 do 2 do 5,000 do 10 do 1,000 do 30 do 500 do 140 do 100 do 3200 do 30 do 3386 Prize not two Blank to a PrUe. Only Ten Thousand Tickets. Tickets . $30 I Quarter $7 50 H ive 15 I Eighths 3 75 Two tickets in this lottery may gain th enormous sum of $ 105,000. This circumstance alone renders it superior to every other lottery in the United State. Hie object of thit lottery i facilitate the intercourse between th western nnrlaof the tal nf Now.Vnrk and this citV. A it has a tendency lo increase the rmource and wealth of a state and city already pre - eminehtm the union, it will doubtless meet with the appro batioo and encouragement of all Uie citizens. ROBERT WAITE, lv Jan S3 tf 136 Broadway. . M EDlCAL Science lottery, 4th Class, no dnwine five times a week. Com - cl List of Prizes, Htbdaytdrawiflf'J ' 17,196, (lit number) 500 dollar. Draws agaiaoo Mooda) morning. . Prizes taken at par for wamuiti tickets, and tuaret. J u

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