The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 2, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1913
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MES VoL XiL No. 53. Pa., Tuesday. D.ivrEh.r Tii-J, 1913. Frict lo Cent* HAVE YOU SEEN THE New Short Stiff Bosom Shirts? We are showing them In the Corner Window; the new feature about them is that the bosom :s set underneath instead of on the top, thereby making a practicalle summer shirt minus the starch. The bosoni is small and short and will not catch on top cf the trousers. The newest shpcles of P ink and Brown, also the staple colors. The cuffs attached or detached. The Price $1.00 and $1.50. MANY BOUT THE CiVIO NURSE MANY ADAM NTAIN MEN FROM NTY TO triuie iowsrd Worthy Preset.! Suddenly I alien by Death. ny \ by Bulletin of the Chief of Staff ! Large Gifts and Small Ones. Qthars Die si their Homes' i Four Camps. ECKERTS STORE, ! Fiftv one enthusiastic friends of the j ! Civic Xurshig Association called at. a j · majority of Vhe homes of Gettysburg j ae* Ziegler, was fou:.;i dtad at the · Monday evening-, aiiii, v.-hen the tola!'home cf her daughter. Mrs. \V. G. it. was; Group, near York, -S-r:: ; -jr.-. Monday years, 7 153.0«; had ii to s Customer. Kstel Men :i Affected. MRS. MICHAEL ZlECsLER » The report current some months ago Gettysburg's soda fountain pro- Mrs. Mary Zieg-e:-, \.luw of Mich- that Gettysburg v.vukl not get a siu-j prietors must, wash with boiHn"- water 1 Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief '.terns. NEW CHESTER Xeiv Chester--Luther Shank and I of their labors was compiled, was ! Group, near York -S-r:: ; -jr.--. ' found shut cash and pledges to the; snorting a't i):45 aic-.-J ·-,' ! : ArKiv which savs: ! "i" J i n like manner ail glasses used at'Shank. f «-*T » f f s \L "*Tt-\*rt nr*T T*" 1 A T^F^ 3 1 WALTER S TKnATRi tne; snorting- at moast of ?153.0«; hail been secured.: months and 2-1 days. ! "ic is expected ;h--?rc- wiil be four.bnrs r.iusc be similarly cleansed before! David McDannel, of Readin~ spent ·The largest donation was S-5 ar.ti the- ] Mrs. Ziegler had b-.-_-; : i:: apparently = camps--cn«.- sji the lake regions of |a:rai: being asc-d. * ; he past week with' his" moth?-' Mrs · smallest five cents. j perfect health and dcrir.- tLc m,rr.s:.; | Xorther» Xew York State, or farther}. If after you drink, you use a towel j Charlotte McDannell | The cordial manner la which 'the- |hau Lien doing: some v.xrk about in the mountain country; one in - in the pjbiic place where you hid j Mr. a:-.d Mr« Fr»nk Oe-i«-jek of j solicitors were greeted showed with-| hcu.-e. She went iii'.w a i-jorn adjoin-· the rcouiitam and spring region of ycur Huuid refreshment the towel j aear Xew Ocxon! scent, Su icut question the high esteem In which , L«g that :.·. which the f^ir.ijy happened I Virginia, or a liule 10 thy south; one t inus-, br rc-laundcreJ before- anybody 1 J-ccb Trimmer and familv! 1 : the work of the association is held, j :_-.» be a;.d a few FATIiE EDISGX THE CLOWN, THE GIRL AXl THE IXAKEY E:i-=r.-! S Jliestory of a circuscloivn wbos«-on!y frivii'Ls v.vre a. burebairk-r.ile u:i-i :·.«!· «r:-y A SERIES OK TALLL'LAII FALLS £Tt=ou Sce-ni.; A -AeH-kiiosvn sum-ju^r n.-=orc. TKE ACCIDENTAL SHO T l'atbc-iiay \V«=i-jru A DAY AT SIXGAPOKE Mehts A mofi iaterestinjr trip uromui liie- show ;::u.-tei of Singuj.or_-. in the World. isic by the Cullejp- ' reh»-stra eacli The general spirit in which the rgK.ji-Wicsrhier four.i :;itw bfcr; iii tiis Jiorthern part oi ivinsj there i Slates. a:;d one in the c; can use u. ! Mr. and Mrs, Alonza Yinglsrjg, of sectit.n ; The «i::e ruks will hold with the | Jeuysburg, spent Sunday with Cletus j \Vhea the last one appeared he said. · ters. jlrs. Kute Hii-ic-.;, cf Pktsburgrh, ] The interest taken m the plan !a«t'···--" u;:c "- ' ln a:l V public place the pro- : '·! niade my contribution several v.-eeks ] and Mrs. Rachel Wiix-. uf Kansas. She | suKimer Is an indication of verv Sarp-e ; P 1 "^"^ 0 " is liable to a. $100 fine or one " Show- starts C:30. Benefit of Fire Companv. "THE DUST riiajrT u '. COME AND HEAR THEM" Admission 5 cents. A Four ACL Dranta OF THE EARTH" There were two pledges cf $15 each J Brown and ili'ltr. jlr. and Mrs. Harry Lerew spent Sunday with Emory Myers and familv, 3f York Springs. Etijjur Eby, of -.liddietown. is visit- ngr J. Frank .March and family. -»!»"· and Mrs. Milton Wagner, of jnicrt ?.Iec-ti::g^ Hou^. conducted by i faai work of the camp, mcsl of which parlment of Health and the penalty | 5tone Jujj, spent Sunday with Clayton I Charles L. I^ker, a^Ll-.-J by Eld-.-r^ ; ; s confined to the mc-:-ni.-iij hours, is 's provided by iuw when also empow- j 'vVagner and wife. One of tlte^e- | aj^o and so 1 have had to turn you all · h^.ci been a member ,£ ih-_- Church of !c£«ios in 101-1 and 'the face that Get-'' i!loni -^ ' p - J a "- ^° common drinking] away tc-nigl/t, but I v.-as glsu 10 set | che Brethren for forty ilvt years. ! ij-sburg- is not to g-et c=:e of them is a cll i ca:! *' e u sed in asy public place. · you anyhow." Some campaigners for [ Funeral Thursday :o.-..i::!;. meeting; matter for rcgre:. The abjcncs of ar.v \ *'"'- rulingrs just be=n made by : funds wouid net be so received after [ at ihe house at 9:C). Ser-.ices aV Li.ti- ! means of diversion hire afLor the ac- i £ ' je advisory board of the State De- | i rive visits which under other circara- i stances v.-c-jid be judged annoyances. lid to be the CMUSC fur .-;e:ecti::s a::Cl ' s uh - s advisory board to niake rules Thsircday D-.-cesjfaar 4, 1313. O I _ i 4 1 i ^I i. L ian-d several ^iics oi S · srnsiler fC'fts .-epressutcu fully as Ic-y- j | j.1 R spirit ana us rrrrch sslf detijal as J :th2 larcrar. I a one a wi^uw I ;he *i::Ure c:r.-^r.-_r. ci' her j-ur. -j, · " JGKN W. AIILLER | o; Joha ""-jl-am M:i!t;-. o-idc-st: ^on of j Mr. ana IMrs. Antes Mil'j:-. d:cu Men-· ri sire. i:'i bcli and regulations relative to the health cf the iiaooie of Pennsv'vaaia- Frank March has purchased a Mit- .heil automobile. Miss Oliie Gochencur, a drained niiiltarv camns .--f T:ie b -^ r " has ai=a forbidden b^r- raise of York, spent a few days with ^ r '-'' *'~^r- tha e e s of ; y v/or«I~ ·'! ti-^ h : j:hcsl ·.··,':--.-! ;=or. '..^--e i-..}^::sr. by frler.di r-ho i:: GLtr. 5 =ey, fro.:; »}.. -"-'. *' ; :::._· I'. · - -"-'-" *"·'=«·= ty '=:· p. . ; h.struotioji for ii-jt!-.-:ns «-f t.J"-a : J:s Jratil .,... fc: .:.: duKnr.'-Itriy ^h " : trcst -'f the r-r; ^^m-iter -- ":io:::,-rcv. · ; % , ; _ ; L n ; T -..j\ ·_- ,»r-- t l\i.. t'li · \Var a s eyes 01 customers j ier ur.cie, C. E. U'inand, and wife ths brush anJ zhe pn- j )ast week, public eit'unjr houses ur. r e - l i « of siji-irants must thoroug-hly ceans-. i«tens:s c c e r each h:d -\ -.xfahhy ^ent:'--:!'u:; iiiiH-r;^ Iri»::i hi-t UK'-'* H::'»r lii'".--» :»:!'! -t fnriji. «he hitter oci-ii^iet: L-y i.-i-.i f.f bi- ·:::;-'- v.'io '.iv~ ih-»r ien the : hive L-^ELt : --t.-Ir-td by th-s nurse. Miss j riasvvry -'-;i ·Sr:e-I- And those living in the locality | --'-?* ^ s--i-.-n in the c-'.;. V;di!Ietov.-:i; j -Tro-jpc 01 the regaur arn-.y wsil The bjurd lias physicians to · report reiisiired ai. tv.-o additsoiia .-l iirst-ume. «rt/. ris G.';0 ·· :i-- . i · - · , · ' - ·" !- ---I:- n ·(: - - 1 · Pen-lrasosis v.-L=!i t- :i y.-nn«r iRun. and they g'-t their nitrce whr.Ls visit'.::;: ";»-y-»".nsriii2n f^li? t in love witit i.^r, bnt -lofei n---i '»«int of her |i.^:'io!i. -aves the Fc-n t.f the To:!'!- aeon's from tiit who l5i i-.j ii-1 is, iiii-i : = Kie srsrl. a:: ' ; of her patitnts knew of her goyd work !-to ..ii::sr, oi Canic-eri^i.a;} co-operate iri the miikary instruction coramuiiicabie disesues, scabies a:ic : land were ready contributors. The can-I Mary MilJer. cf Bijnerviile and the |and in the dJlrerer.L field maneuvers.' iiapetigo-eontagiosa. jvass shows that the work of the j following at home, Lulu. Ralph, Lizzie, 1TM K.-=- ly i: i:«j'- | Xurrlng Association is popularly rcc- j l resr-ie and Luiher. j ognize-d and highly appreciated. I Funeral ^.^~:--.~- j Because cf a slight misumierstand- S ing a few of the canvassers did not get ·'· - Ccnolfes the licuse Thurs- Copies of the new rsgiilstions are bsing san'., broadcast through the rai-.i- v'-»:neJy · Admissicn -"Jc to alL jto the meeting- Monday evening. They ^ j will canvass the portions of town assigned them at an early date. In adai- ticn to these several have not yet re- iricei:, Rev. Interment £.-«ergreen Cemetery. Gettysburg-. MRS. HOWARD C- exercises and ueasonsirations. If -Di"ac- ticab'.c. cavak-- and ac-ia arliiiery instruction will be given. The subjects stale by the State Department of ^-- i to be i_ijjrht include the theofeticai IlealVh. AH boardsvof heaith. sehoo: !rt j pi-tncipis of tactics and war games, boarus. cierks of councils and health j military man making- and roan sketch- ' officers will receive them in addition tc · ing, handling-and use of the rifle, ail hots! sue] restaurant keeners of Vht I.Irs. E!!a Hcmiii. ^.-ife of Hov.-arti C.' I Physical drill, marching. camping, Commonwealth. i tent pitching-, making- and breaking · When jnraryiewed relative . to the t ail lin ;; -tc-d tu th:-. ?xe not a tov/ever fherv are ^iso g^sd tl«:n«r jpr-t:ialiy tho : :-2 inrli-de-'I i like crAvuVs, {;i^\ . fancy vests a.i-i THINGS -; to eat, :nay be. _-j wear, ;hose es- t -s. hand- hosierv ^hich all go to make up the line of joods as sold as furnishings. Sellg- -tan's have an exceptionally fine llne. The Quality Shop WILL M. SELIGMAN The Cash Tailor j Monday night- About fifty givers j 8air: Eugene, ilsry, Bow I pleagoi! annual support. ' i?ar==t. Naomi ar.a i-^ul. n Spledgoi! annual suppor [ Representatives of lodges and broth| erhoods sta'cc their orders propose to "Irepeat thair contributions. This is es- jpeeially gratifying since its conies j without soiicitaiiGi!- j The Xursijj^ Association takes this jn-.eans of thanking- most heai'cily all ;the friends who have contributed and res:t : also by her parents rxnd several I _-, *iome jrothsrs and sisters. r ar.eral services "Wednesdav morn- : use privation anu tne traveJmg- public duties of infantry. Selu artillery, demandissg that the common drinking ::ry, engineers, signal troops and cup and towel be abolished. Some e Medical Corns, field fortification, years ago when the agitation was i)a' m'Htary bridge building, use cf ex- g-n. leading to the present -action of Miss Sussniia Ehrshart is spending ·:e \vc-tk v.-ith her uncle, Eeiorv Mv- rs, i.r.'J fauiily, of York Spring-s. Mrs. Elmer Moul, of near York ;pri:ii;S. Is visiting her father. W F Shull. Mrs. C. A. liickman aac tv.-o dangh- .ers. of Highspire, spent a week with ler parents, Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Oiei'terich. Sev. E. E. Dietterieh and son spent Thanksgiving with their son, Roy Jictterich, and wife, of York, and heir daughter. Mrs. C. A. Hicknian, vjsbana and children, of Highspire, .vere also present. At the Lutheran parsonage in Xe-nr Jhester Rev. E. E. Dsecterich on Saturday married Harvey Dennis, of -near"' \ew Chester, and Miss Bessie M. loffman. of near Heidlersburg. . . DANCE Young People Entertained at Home of Mr. and Mrs. Long. plosives, demolitions, installation and the department, there was unfavorable A dance was held at the home of m g a t Leschey-s chureh by Kev. Paul | ; pgr , tkra of - c}d Hres of clcctric; ., comment on the part of would-be hu- buzzers, morists. the ignoran i-adioteiegraphic out during the past few years the -~ t..3 c.surc ceme " ry JriformatioR and the use of buzzers, morists. the ignorant and unthinking nc-Id te!-_-?hcr.cs nd I the faithful canvassers for their help. -,rZ-"~r -NOK O D A K S F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S Everything needed by the Amateur Photographer oar entire stock i» of the standard E a s t m a n M a k e Direct from the factor}"- ALWAYS FRESH. Careful attention to the development of films. Mail and Paone Orders Given Careful Attention. H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E I = i BACK TO CAROLINA iiy, son of s. JLutner »V. MeGarvey, their home in York Springs rijiV ni"rc-r^of5n nf rni-*»f» r*',- 1 years apparatus. flags, heiiojrraDhs gener_! public has come to ra!ir:t r- that it is a1rris.\. as insanitary and tils r f 1 ganization of United States military g«stmg to use the common cup as i. .. 7 ; ~ i forces', and coinp-irlson with tha^ of would be to usa a common toot! * '",, [foreign armies, the supply (food and brash, and that, likewise, the major- t T T J r r O T 1 ·z.T^r- \ i-J-trrr 1 -?- jiiuauiiiius. S:g."C! ^-viji£/lCjL ifiC^rAl^. \ i^. i, [ , . .. , ,, . .ar.-j acetylene Sunr-sms. the taclica! Kev. anti : a;eci ; Colored Boy will be Sent South Care of Local Men. = Otto Mitchell, the young colorei I man who was arrested several weeks ; ago on a charge of being drunk and ! ' disorderlv the evening of the dav he i PROPERTY SOLD official records and military policy." i was paroled, came up for further ac| tior of Court on Monday. Judge Swops i !alio\ved the boy to remain in the hands | ; of the Sheriff until December 10 when j he will be taken to Washington by ' Hoase and Ixt in Conowago Sold for S2125. Walter A. Sn:a;l. adminisiraVor the estate of William H. Srnai!. of i ""^"13 ir.ereasL-d kr.owledge is now so ; widely extended that in railway trains. ' schools, factories and office buildings. '. individual cups or sanitary bubbling Plans for Low Grade Line Conipk-tcd drinking fountains are available ar.c NOT A NEW IDEA Long Time Ago. The oossibilitv the Western j like'vvise vise individual and the pa; · tov/ei are nov.- found everywhere." )AY Attendance nur: Month. MARRIAGE LICENSES s Permits to Wed Issued oy the I of the Courts. Mr. and Mrs. John Long, near Bon- iauviHc, on Wednesday evening, .November 2iith. Those present were Ur. and jlrs. Jossph Gebliart, Mrs. Long. Misses Esther Spalding. Mabel £cker.rcde. Bessie Sanders, Bemette jpakiing. Mary Smith, Messrs. Zach- in- Sanders. Edward Brown, Roy clawn. Frank Eckenrode, Allen Ecken-ode. Harry Spalding. all of Littles- .cvm. Charles Klunk, Esther Eclr, Leo Xoel, Margaret Bucher, Bernard Wag- xman, Carl Griffin, Katherine Staab, Anna Staub. Xorbert Gmail. George ^taub. Francis Smith, Margaret Myirs. Emma Myers. Regina Sanders, loseph Smith. Anna Grndorfi. John Long. Guy Sanders. Mary Bucher, jenevieve Gebhart. Linus Smith, Amrose Mj-ers. James 3Iurren. Agnes 2ck, Teresa Gulden, Lee Strausfaaugh, | :Iarry Sneeringer. Regina Omdorff, I \ileen Xoei. Edith Scrausbaugh, Ray! nor.d Small. Dick Livelsperger, John. ^ Graceful Lines Beautiful Proportions Exquisite Coloring and New Weaves. A LITTLE TOO MUCH These, the underlying ieatsires which ra«:::iie visii'h" Usroii^lj ail our cloths and characterize them £i:3::r-: . J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. · Clerk of the Courts Olinger has is- , ^ - :sued njarrJage licenses to the folios-1 Mai! Carriers Say their Patrons WanJ i -he road. This entire layout is now J ing: Michael S. Burgard. of East Ber-I to Know. ] the hands of the company, with all ; lin, and Mary F. Seifert. of Washing- T ^ ^ .~!77~T~ . .. .J otJJsi:Ass of its probabse cost- The pupils of Bender':- sun-eys for church School were present even.- .ir.x it.-, engineeis. Creighner, Mary Riegic, BJanche Tay- An actual survey was made later of ],-,r Flora "-Io--e --da " -- "a line by J. X. Barlow, who succeeded Jiilier. Walter GUIS" .Mr. Vandavtnter as chief engineer of Ed^ni Kcc-fauvcr. Kay Fidier. Claire . ln Guise. *Ioy Guise. John Lady. CaUur-S ir-o TavJor. Cirnce L. Sixihr, teacher. | .-.rook. Ivan Shanebrook, Bernard ! Stella Eck, Catherine Wagner, .vaymond Strausbaugh. James Small, Ley Orr.dortf, Ruth Strausbaugh. A-oose. r rons | Calvin Eckeri. j Mr _ Weikert V-EIKERT--3IICKLEY ·ion township. York Cour.Vv; Harry J. j J " St ^ow (.ettysourgs city mail jg..,^ if Lc ^.^ is on]y about 04 I Hoover, of Hamilton township and!1 "" 61 ? C °f id ^ hand3e 2ft °- (i ° y j:o the miie and ihe buiiding of it wi!J I Blanche Slaybaugh, of Reading town- j iCRS ^ ^? K ia *·-*·«;»» "^ **m !e , i: . Uc :he W e5v.-rn Maryland to draw iship; Clarence E. Weikcft, of Fair! field, ana Farsuie D. Mickley, of: ' Franklir! township. TOWX KOl'SES SOLD For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. JUDGES CHOSEN I Automobile Show ars Added Feature : of Biglerviile Event. O L D F A S H I O N D MOLASSES TAFFY j Xicholas Schmitz, of the Agricul- ' ( tural Experiment Station at College jPark, Maryland, has been secured to ; judge ths com at the Biglei-ville show, j Valle i December SI V.o Januarv 3. D. X. ?.Isn- i know a matter ;or argument in t^.wn j lhe 1:Cav ; JS -, train 5oa ,j s since issc's Times apr^a-cd. | o{ ;.^ fr . 5c . ht ; ., vulewa _ The explanation is that the three ci- j , oaf . pos j: 4le moi : vc enor:r v/These phcrs dici not hjiong on the total. I'le i..^ lhc two clen:tl!ts . it ;/ * dcc i an .j of coal or lUiCwater v.-ith the of Throe Houses on W Si root Purchased. j Clarence E. Weikert, of FairSeld, i ind Miss Fannie D. Mickley, of Mum- i iiasburg. \vere hiarried this morning ! 'jy Rev. IX T. Koser, of Arendtsville. NOT CO3IIXG amount carried bc-ins- 2i")0 tor;;. which ;;I! railroads now seek. NEW SYSTEM CO3IIXG LECTiTRE Mr.-. Collins E. RpangJor. of Harris- | l.;:rrr. lias purchased the three houses ! ?{ock Company Booked fcr-Xeft Week of Gor.r^r.. p. Thorn, on Xorth Wash-1 w 5 t l ROt be Jsere - ::;£Ti':i s'n.'ot- The fourth house of j " I ' . , . i, t-. · i *- . · Tne Picket t fctocs Companv wh:cn to the Dru;-l fraternity , , . . _ . , , - , ,,., 1S.-J been annour.cea lor V\ alter s The- row was ,o several voars asro. no Longer be Xccessary to Ring Free Lt-rliire Course Xatabcr to bo up Central. Held in Brun Chapel. j ANOTHER BAZAAR Early in January the Cumberland' Dr. Charles Wharion Stork, of the Church Fair Ends w i t h Profits over .exL week will nor be here, the having been cancelled. Valley Telephone Compr.ny, locally AlmondTafly, 40 ccnte H., Bntternnt. Tafi'y. of .ents lb., Peanut Drittle, 10 cent* II). IK Cream Uai'y at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN i, n i ·· «· ·« nick, of Chambcrsourtr. will judge the !., Peanut Taffy, 20 ' *" J fo potatoes. ' 10 « nte l')--? 1 ^' I An added attraction will be an au j tcmobile show in which are bahig interested. local dealers ,-n as the "United" will install Jie system on Lhe Gettysburg exchange whereby simply the lifting of the receiver will cull central and it will no longer be necessary to ''turn the crank." ff;ir at the St. Paul's A. M. E. Universiiy of Pennsylvania, will loc-. Fifty Doliars. lure in Tirua Chapel this evening on "John Masefiekl ur.rl Alfred Xoyes-- Two Cor.Vrafiing- Types in TJecent Z5cn church on South Washington Poetry". It is one of the lectures of street closed Saturday evening with a (he free course at college and the pub- ,','ocd attendance. The net receipts lie is invited. Eight o'clock i^ the hour, verc .f.52.52. FOR SALE: beagle hounds. Three , full bred beag-ii* puppies three months i old. al?o beagle hound, well broken and :ino hunter. Indian Runner d'jcks: seven-full bred white and fawn Indian Runner ducks. Good layers. Apply to D. .T. Kiole, basement of First Xational Bank.--advertisement 1. INEWSPAPERif

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