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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Friday, January 23, 1818
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J FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 1818. NUMBER 4072. NO. 42 PINE - STREET. t SALE AT THE SHIP - YARD OF JVR 1 I TIB OUViu - at tttai'liti'tKr Ar tndl hMl THE 'BUB&ititiaastf rfTT BtttwitU, about 100 ton;; limber of hw VUok, locurt and cedar ( bottom plank JeraeywbiU oak, built on purpose for the Alba - y ' A SLOOP of SO ton, calculated for any trade where dhpatch, burthen, and r .easy draft of water is required. r A periagua SCHOONER, of 40 tow, Jtffii will draw but little water, with a 1 - Aboard through the centre of her keel, and ie expected to tail very fait. . Abo, a SHIP of 360 torf, cafc" ! vllfvfor a Liverpool or London trader, (that jj can be nabbed to wit the purchaser.) i TH Spars, timber and plank. Also, timber awed to bitti for boute building. ; BOVO U lltmw. - Smie. Freight or Charier, ' m. - hri AMERICAN, burthen 200 W mils fast, if well found and can be ) suit to tea laimeuiaiciy. i - i i UL was built of the best material and wa employed the last year as a packet between this 1 '. nortand Savannah, lies at Marry ' wharf Ap - iwto . GRISWOLDS St COATES, dec 1.3 68 Souths. For SALE, The verv fast aailinir sloop PARA - " - 'goh. Child, master burthen 66 tons, ;"buiit at Middletown, (Conn.) .by Mr.Thp - nas ChilU, of the nest materials, nas mauc one , Toyaee to the. West Indies, is one year old, tnd can be sent to sea immediately. For terms apply to the master,' on board at Burlinir - slip, 'r to GRISWOLD9 & COATES, dec 18 68 South - street. For SAL ti, - vlf VV The new ,nd x ',lniP briS FAME - SSJaibuilt.of the best seasoned timber, and laithfully put together, her rigging and sails tare of excellent quality, this vessel is well alctilatrd for a Southern Packet, having hand - .some accommodations. For terms and a view of nor inventory, apply to - . - . GR1SYV0LDS & COATES, dec 15 68 South - street: For Sale, Freight er Charter. The ship MIRROR, 320 tout bur - athen, is a good vewel, 2 years old, stows out 3200 bbls. and sails fast. Apply on board, west side Burling - slip, or to N.L.G.GRISWOLD, jaa 8 86South - st For Sale, Freight or Cliarler, The good ship BRILLIANT. J. .Geer. master ; 330 tons burthan. 2 years old, in complete order to receive a car - I - I . u, aim u in 'ery respect a one vessel. Ap - 3ly on board, west side Burling - slip, or to . Ni L. & C. GKISWOLU, jan 8 , 86 South street. Far f - t'reiglit or ,'... ,rr, '11 staunch rood thip ANGELICA, .270 tons burtheu, one year old, sheath ed auU in complete order to receive a cargo, rtowi about 2800 bbls. a very fast sailing ship, lias large accommodations for passenger?, and well calculated for the New - Orleans trade Ap - lyto N. L.&G.GRJSWOLD, dec 4 88 South - st. h anted to Charter. A good SLOOP or SCHOONER, that will carry about 500 barrels, for a voyage to liermuda i immediate aispaicu will be given. Applv to TUCKER & LAURIES, jan 3 29 South - street VUR FREIGHT OR CHARTKR, fM Tbe ,,:hr FAVORITE, II. H. Fiiher SUbmaster, lying 1st wharf above Dover - it. burthen 1 100 barrels, 1 1 months old, Philadelphia built, now ready to receive a cargo. Apply to the Captainoo board, or at 93 C. 11, slip, to jan S DIVIK BKTHUSE& CO. For Frrtght or Charter, The substantial bri? EUNICE. How, .master, of 195 tons. 12' mouths old, a su - : perior vewel aud ready to receive a cargo. Aprply at 67 South - stroet, to jan 5 CAMBREJ.EXG k. PEARSON. For Sale, Freight or Charter, The schr. POLLY & SALLY, of .Philadelphia, burthen 120 tons, twelve 1 tmnilis old, ernes 1100 bbls. is a fast sailer, I e excellant order, and now ready to receive a C argo. Apply on board at Alurray's - wharf, or to N. ii D. TALCOTT, jan 7 64 .South - street For Sale, Freight or Charter, The good fast tailing brie NYMPH, (1S7 tons burthen, in complete order to receive a cargo, may be sent to sea without de - Jay. Apply on board, east Fly - market wharf, ' to N. L. & G. GR1SWOLD, ' jan 8 ' 86 Southt For Sale, Fretght or Charter, Tbe ship FOX,.burihen 2200 bbls. 'is .a verv Cut saUin? ttiul. and in rood or. ier to receive a cxro. A pply to N.L. kG. GRIsWOLD, - jan 8 86 Sooth - st For Sale, Freieh t or Ch arter. A new pdot bout built SCUOOXER, 100 tnna Kiltlirm Im'!. I . manner, of good mate ialt, and copper fastened, a verv fast aailinir vessel, and mav be sent to tea with small expence. Apply on board, J" 8 N. L. k G. GRISWOLD. Fir Freight or Charter, The fait ait!nr hrir I .ni II a .rr. hna ma.l hut nn. JS, and it now in.reailioeu to receive a careo I 1M in T . i .1 l .. B uvui mine sumcnoer'S store. G. G. k 3. HOWUND, J" 13 77 Wahinetoo - t. I'ur I jt,e i 'a. a V The Hue ship DRUMMONU, capt. , . .nv a cargo, and will take freight i ri m J1 - AWr 00 board, at pier w. 17, Fly - Market.lip,orto WALSH tt GALLAGHER, - )m 1J 66Routh - st. For yr. TUO.VAS, Tbe fast saiiin rhi n R r t 1 1 nn v n noadlev. niti ir.r;n. iv. " ''gni enpageu, tot the remainder or rply on board, east side of C. II. slip, P. W.KARTIIAUS,REINICKEC0. ?4 Wa.hinKtMi - st. For DUBLLV, The nhiiin;.i r. . . r - mil r" ' r K. tieict, master t will - mmence kuuJu, , Mon.lav, having nearly Win! l:of,,ercnr ready go on board, ill be d,n,tchrd without .:elay. For freight jbout2j0cak. flaxseed, eottoi., or canin ,nl steerit r... i. . , . iiTmr excellent ac - 'onunodations, apply to k V - TH0S S WALSH, !j 113 Front - street f - nrri - v J , 'f"j'dred uid grvraty bat PL Domin - kl k. W0Hcet received per K - hi. Spartan, for V ROY B ARU & CO. FLOUR, COTTON, &c 250 bbla Philadelphia flour 21 bales upland cotton, new crop 8 do New - Orleans do do 5 tons lignumvitss " ' 15 tubs German steel 2 pipe red port wine 11 hhd do do do . 5 alula white do do S qr. casks do do do - 1 hhd Madeira wme 11 qr. casks do do . ' 37 boxes superior claret (1 dox. each) An invoice of lace yeila, cotton lace, lie. An invoice of Dutch toys for sale by , ROBERT GILLESPIE, jan 7 1 12 Front street MUSKETS, TAPES, 6000 Muskets entitled to Debenture 13 boxet well assorted Tapes. No 1 1 to 25 7 cerooni 1st quality Flotant Indigo 4 boxet Flaxen Linnen 5 bbls. White Lead, tale by J. C. ZIMMERMAN, Jan 8 1m No. 72 Washington - ttreeL Q lYJCCO & FLOUR. Otc hhds new Richmond tobacco , 20 dp old do do - 13 do Petersburg do 300 bbls Philadelphia superfine flour Landing from brier Risiar Sun, and tchrt In dian Hunter, Sea Lion, and Brothers For sale by BOORMAN & JOHNSTON. Abo, in store 500 bbls superfine Richmond flour ; 200 do Petersburg do. dec 27 BLUE GOODS, tec 17 bales company blue Mnmoodies, fine qual. 4 bales Company blue Baftna, do - 17 do India Calicoes, sud. aual and new pat terns, selected particularly for this market, just ree'd per ship India, for tale by jan 3 86 South - rtreet. RICHMOND TOBACCO i. FLOUR. 628 bblt. Richmond tupf. Flour fT7 hhria nrimA npw rrnn Rir - limnnrt. nrinri. pally large and leafy, now landing from tchr Jan 6 BOORMAN Si JOHNSTON. DOMESTIC & OTHER WARES. TBE subscribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the following goods, vis : Dutch and English Brooms Duster, or Counter Gunny Bags, Lc. Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall aarf Eotry Mats Paih and Tubs Whecl - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every dote riptiou ' Seine, sewing, wrap ping, baking and ball Twine Fish . Shoe i 'Sadlert Thread Dearborn's Balances Brashet Hearth Brushes, fan cy and com moo tiean ao ao ao Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe ti Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Ilcwv , do ' Bed Cords. Giuties Lines Sash Cords, Trace Rope Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Which the v will sell wholesale or retail on li beral terms, CEBRA CUMIno, j on 5 76 fearl - street. tRINE TWINE 5000 lbs. India Twine ) 3000 do Eodish Seine do of superior quali - . . .... ... " . Alio, a general assortment oi otner i wme, ana White Cordage, in quantities to suit purchasers, for sale by CEBRA & CUMING, jan la vo rean - ireei. WINK, OIL. rAPER, iic. VJH qr. casks and 200 half do dry Malaga Wiue 5 qr casks and 20 half do sweet do very old 158 do Colmenar do 300 half chettt Sweet Oil, 30 bettiet each 100 boxet do do 12 bottles each 60 balet Italian foolscap and letter Paper 60 do Gazette do large cue 9 caeet Felt Hats ' 15 caset Liquorice Paste ' 1 box O - tnch Feathers, 1 do Chip HaU 3 do Mantis ia dakes Marl le Slabs, veined and statuary, assorted sites, for pier tablet, &c. , few boxet very superior Auchoviet and Olivet ' 600 Marble Mortars, from 10 to 24 inch 10 bbls Furs, consisting of Wild Cat, Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, and Otter Skint Gunny Bar. &e. For tale by CIIAS. L. OGDEN, and ABR, OGDEN, jan 12 Washington - ttreet. PLASTER UF P.iRIS. A CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of i Jt. pans, in parrels, suitable for the southern market. Orders left with Walter Nessen, No. 174 Front - street, corner of Burlinz - slip, will be promptly attended to. JOHN BYERJS, Foot of Harrison - ttrect, North - River. Jan 19 tf CHEESE. JJ casks in handsome order for shipping. ft sale by JNO. CODDINOTON, Jan 19 3t No. 78 Sonth - st. COT'J'OiM New crop, prime, ruiikbie - lor manufacturing, will be told in parcelt to ac commodate purchasers. " aiso, a lew Dale or old crop. fcoqmre I4!i Parl - street, up slairn. jan 8 SOUCHONG ti KAMIOV TEAs, in boxes and tannistert, 33 and 24 Ibt each, entitled to debenture, for tkleat 64 trouth - tr - .L by CAMBRELENG i.PEARSON, jna 5 'pOBACCO - itl hhds new crop Tobacco, of X excellent quality, landing from schr. Rolla, from Richmond, for sale hy D. BETHLNE ft CO. Jna 6 Si Coffee House slip. )I7Q CO TEE, SUGAR and INDIGO. d O bbls. and 20 bags fine green Coffee 3J hhds, 1 tierce and 4 bbls Muscovado Sugar 41 cerooQsCaraccat Indigo Landing from the tchr. Greyhound, from St. Thomas, for to le hy F. W. KARTHAUS, RF.1NICKE & CO, j.y 3 74 Washington itrret BENGAL INUIGO 7 caset 1st quality, entitled to debenture, for a by JACKSON A WOOLLEY. . Jan 15 75 Wall - street 59 COTTON, balet prime Upland cotton, landing: from scb South - Carolina for tale bv 8. ALLEY, dec 13 S8 Pine - st BKOVVM SHIRTINGS. A lew caset 3 - 4 Brows Shirtings, just received and for tale by the COMMISSION COMPANY, jan 13 143 Pearl - rtreeL LEATHERS Russia Kealhers, of good qual - 1? ity, in quatitittet to suit pcrchaten, at No. 44 South - ttrret. Jan 15 FROH RAISINs 300 boxet Bkiom Raisins in fine order, just received and for sale by G. M. WILSON, Jan 15 w - 130 Water - street 200 rrLVK Si WHITt: L.F - iD. nr caks old Sherry wine 29 casks white leal, dry For tale by JAMES G. KING ft CO. Ja20 61 Piae - st COTTON YARN. The, COMMISSION COMPANY, 14U Pearl - street, have now for sale, most Nos. of Cotton Yarn, from No. 4 to 30. jan 8 ODOR OF ROSES. A FEW pound bottles of Odor of Roses, just received from Smyrna, and for sale by dec 22 ROBERT LENOX. COTTON. ; TWENTY bales Prime Upland Cotton, for tale at 35 Peck - slip, by R. - It C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. Jan - . SHINGLES &c. 100,000 22 inch Shingles, 11,000 W. O. Barrel Staves, for sale br . R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. Jaa6 rTOBACCO FLOUR. Landing this day X frost tho schooners Rolla and Weymouth, 26 bode, prime old, and) Tobacco 53 do. nw S 105 barrels tupernoe Flour la Stork, 100 hhds. old Richmond ft Petersburg tobacco 500 kegs of ltt ft 2d quality manufactured do. various brands for tale by DIV1E BETHUNE ft CO. jan 7 91 Coffee - houte - tlip. WHITE LEAD IN OIL. 400 kegt of White Lead, ground in oil, 28 Ibt. each, landing from ahipt'aroline Ann. from Liverpool, for tale by . D1V1E BETHUNE ft CO. jan 7 No. 92 Coffee - house - slip. UPHOLSTERY 4 tierces best black curled Horse HHir 1 case best Satin Hone Hair Seating, and Thread Tickling, jutt received per Lorenio, from Loudon, and for tale by HURD ft SEWALL. ' jan 7 65 South - street. , O. STARCH. NE Hundred and Sixty, kegs Philadelphia Starch, landing Ironi tchr. Fair Trader, at Old - slip, for tale by JACKSON & WOOLLEY", jan 5 75 Wall - ttreet. fjiiq INDIGO, SUGARS, Ac. 3 O O bagt Benares and Radnagore Sugars, the latter' very superior quality, hard grained, worthy the attention of retailers 17 rases Btngal Indigo 4200 Goat Skios. laree size and fine Quality, just ree'd per ship Indin, - for sale by r. n.c?i9v a u. jan 3 26 South - street. TWENTY five pipet Cette Brandy, for tale by CM A3. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEN, Jan 9 Washington - street. . Cem - r nn Wanted. VTANTED immediately, a corn - fan ; a se - v T cond hand one will answer. Apply to TUCKER A - LAURIES, Jan 20 29 South - street. 250 TURPtWIJVK. bblt soft turpentine, afloat, and for sale by R. ft C. .W. DAVENPORT ft CO. jan 12 71LOUR, TOBACCO ft FLAXSEED 860 A tU FreJcricksbprg flour ' 21 half tierces Uaxseed 1 4 hhds prime leaf tobacco, received per schrs. Wm. ft Henry and Virginia For sale by jan 7 WALSH A GALLAGHER. i CSKETS and FOWLING PIECES, enU - iT.l tied to dehentii" . 13 cases British Muskets, with bayonets and scabbards complete. . 5 dodo Fowling Piecet. - Just received per Carolina Ann, Irom Liverpool, lor taie oy jan 9 P REMSENftCO. 26 South - tt. 1 IUCF" , ' 1 JJ tierces prune new nee, received per ship Radius from Charleston, and for sale by D. BETHUNE & CO. jan 10 92 Coffufl - House slip. RUM, fcc 2 hhds. old Jamaica Rum t 10 bags sup. Calcutta Sugar, landing from sloop Satellite, and for sale by G. W. TALBOT, jan 10 55 Pinc street. 13 UM k CHOCOLATE 50 bis. 1st proof XI - New Hum 30 boxes HilVt Boston Chocolate Xo. 1 For sale by JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, jan 13 75 Wall street MADEIRA WINE Loudon particular Ma - deira wine of the most approved brands, in pipes, hhde. and quarter casks, fit for immediate use and well worth tbe attention of private families Will be sold at reasonable prices, and in quantities to tuit purchasers, by TUCKER ft LAURIES, jan 9 29 outh - tt. FLOUR ic TOBACCO. 150 bblt Flour, branded (Richmond Mill's) 200 do Petersburg do 7 hhds Old leaf Tobacco 50 kegs Manufactured 4o. branded I k P Labby," landing from the sloops Brothers and Juliet, and for tale by WALSH ft GALLAGHER, jan 6 66 South - street CALCUTTA GOODS. ONE hundred bales consisting of Bellas, Luckipore, Chittabully, Callipalty and Putka. Coeeaht, Chaudpore, Comocolly, Johanna and Luckipore. Sunuahs Jellalpore and Mow. Checks Gillahs, Romsls, tec. for tale by CHS. L. OGDEN and ABRM OGDEN, jan 9 Wathrngtou - streeL CIOTTON 9 balet Gist quality Upland Cot - ton, landing, and for sale by feAUl, ALLEY. 98 Pine - street. IN STORE, 32 hales Sea - Island Cotton. Apply at above. Jan 9 1 )( FLOUR. JLfmixf bblt. superfine flour, received per schr Ceres from Richmond, now landing and for tale by DIV1E BETHUNE ft OO. jan 14 92 Coffoe - Houte slip. lblHJVU COCOA. TWENTY - FIVE bags of very supeilor quality Island cocoa, for sale by TUCKER A LAURIES, Jan 2 29 South - it. K" "ENTUCKY TOBACCO. 6 hhds. Ken - tucky tobacco, suitable for manufacturing, for tale by N. ft D. TALCOTT. jan 7 MOLASsES, ate. 6 hhds. sJolastet, new crop - 3 ra. Cocoa Nats, landing Irom brig Mary, from Havana, for tale by N. k D. TALCOTT, Jan 14 64 Sonth - ttreet. ENGLISH Cannon and Musket Powder, lor tale by LEROY, BAYARD ft CO. dec 9 ALEXANDRIA FLOUR. 450 barrels superfine Floar, landing from schr. Jtrscy, from Alexandria, for tale hv D. BETHUNE ft CO. Jan 20 91 Coffee - Houte Slip. OK . STRAITS BRANDY. GtoJ Pipes Cette Brandy, entitled to debenture, for tale by CH AS. L. OGDEN, and . ABRM. OGDEN, Jan 17 ' , Wi - 'hingtoo - streeL eFOR SALE, The houses and lots Xo. 161 and 163 Wilham - ttreet If not disposed of at pqjvute tale, previous to the 2ath instant, they wHl on that day be ofered for tale, by auction, at the Tontine Coffee House. For further particulars appiy at o. 31 1 Uuane - ttreet. jan 7 tf Y A L.UA BUS HKALFSTA Til m PEA ILL f STREF.T. The following real estate it offered for saJetcks a concern ; if it is not disposed of by the t4th intt will on Tuesday, the 27th, be sold at auction, vis : . Tbe store at present occupied by Peters ft Harrison, No. 92 Pearl street ; tbe Store at pre. sent occupied by Ingersoll and Colles, No. 93 PearMtrcet, and the new four story lire proof brick store, occupied by Gilbert Asiiinwall and Son,No.o4Faarl - stret. all of which are fitted complete and in tlie best manner for tbe cood Dices trade. dry - 1 ne property oncrt an opportunity to those who With to Infest their money' to pay a good in terest or to those who wish a permanent and an excellent stand for business. A large proportion of the purchase money may remain oa mortgage. - - For further particulars aoplv to SHARP ft TDTTLE, o. 98, or to .JOHNSON k HAL - 3 icu, rno.iuu f earl - street Jan20 7t VALUABLE REAL PROPERTY rORSALE ON TUESDAY, the 27th January inst. by Bleecker ft Bibhv. at public auction. in uie 1 onune uonee Mouse, at iz o'ciock, ONE LOT OF GROUND, wilh the BUILDINGS erected thereon, situate No. 32 Pine - street in the occupation of Robert Stuart The lot U 22 feet 3 inchet in front, 21 feet 10 12 inchet ia the rear, and average length 75 feet 9 inches. Ao indisputable title will 1ms given to the purchaser, and possession on the first of May next Information as to tbe property, title, and terms of sale, may be had by applying to CORNELIUS BOGfcRT, No 14 Cedar - street. JAMES BOGERT, 1 Surviving Exec - end utors of Jaco - JAMES VAN ANTWERP S busBogert. Jan 20 6t Oi'Ott SALE, The two story frame Houte and Lot of ground Xo. 73 Broome street, the corner of blizabeUi - ttreet, witu a stable in the rear. ALSO, a modern three story brick House and Lot handsomely situated within the vil lage ot Newourgb tne house it large and commodious and well calculated from its retired, healthy and elevated situation (having a fine view of the river and the adjacent country) for a family who wish to desirable a situation on the North River. Price low and possession given the first of May next ALSO for Sale or to Lease, 5 avenue lots, situated on the First Avenue, between North and First - street. ALSO to Lease for a number of years, 1 5 building lots fronting on the First Avenue and First - street For further particulars, apply to CORNS. DU BOIS, jan 20 lm 36 Front - street. 7tVLEENS BOWER, as arranged and MIA sung by Mr. PIHLIPPS, is now ready for sale at J. A. ft H. GEIB'S - tfusic ?tot, 23 Maiden - lane; - - jan 10 tf f AJTTED immediaialyt as an attittant in v T the writing ameut of Adalphi School, an elegant penman. AoPlrts Ho. V ham - street. D'LlNCH, Juur. having made arrangements . with a respectable house in Madeira. t( be supplied with a proortion of the winesof the Pa rishesofSt Antonio and Camade Lobos, fuoi versally acknowledged to produce the best Ma deira in tne island) bat opened a wine tiore, at No. 40 William - street, where he will receive or ders for this wine, from gentlemen wishing to lay up a stock lor thetr own use ; and f ny the agreement with the bouse in Madeira) if the wine, on arrival, be not approved by D. L. Jr. it it not to oe sens 10 uie parues oruenng 11. D. L. Jr. hat taken trreat paint to procure from various placet in the United States and the West Indies, the best Madeira, that wat to be purchased, in the wood, and old bottled wine, of very superior quality, irom pmate stocks, wmcn he now offers ror sale. He will constantly keep on hand an assortment of the choicest wines and liquors, selected with care by himself, and will tell none which he cannot WARRANT PURE at IMPORTED. Jan 19 Im PA TAJVT ELASTIC RAZOR STHOPS. gpi EORGE SANDERS, lately from London, JT once more addresses the public, thanks them for past favors, and once more venture! to recommend hit strops at one of the most comfort - giving contrivances that ever blest the chin of man. He will instruct any icll - sharing gentle man in the use of it, and when once possessed of the secret and a box of composition, he may tay with the poet of nature, " To shave to sleep perchance to dream while in tbe operation and who would bear the tweaks and acts of barber base; who would grunt and sweat under a loathome beard, or a dull razor use, when be might hit quietut make with a simple founder's strop?" Come then to hit manufactory at the earner of Reed - ttrcet and Broadway, and there you will find the subscriber always ready to re ceive the commands of bit customers. dec 5 tf BROWN, stone teal eugraver and jewel - A . ler. No. 166 Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, ftc. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold seals, chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' seals eugraved with eoatt 01 arms, mottos. aod fancy devices. Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, uc. bongbt in the rough or cut to any form. Books of heraldry kept with upwards 01 60,000 names. Jaa 7 3m BOARDING ft LODGING. A GENTEEL family, or two or three gentle J. men. can be accommodated with boarding and loderine in a warm pleasant situation, a short distance irom the lonee nouse. iwo 01 me ... ' " . as TS - f S . rooms communicate with folding doors, and are very convenient for a family ; the oOjert have all fireplaces, and very warm. Tbe terms will be verv moderate. A line addressed to G. S. Q. and left at this office will be immediately attended to. Janltflwt MECHANIC HALL. On Monday Evening, 19th January, 1818. 7TR. STANISLAS, member of the Acade my of Arts at Paris, and other Philoso phical Institutions in Europe, having arrived lately from France, with a rich and interesluig collection of Philosophical and Mechanical ap paratus, which for ingenuity and invention surpasses every thing of the kind hitherto seen in this city, will on this evening larprite and astonish the enlightened citiaens, by several experiments iu Philosophy, Mechanism, and 00 Hydro - sren and Oxieen Gas, on the system of the cclo - brated Dr. Franklin. For the particulars of which, tee bills Of the day. Ir. Stanislas does not feal inclined to make nse of the mean arti - ficet of pretenders to the profe ioa, by pompout advertisements, calculated alone to impose upon the multitude but to a discriminating public, thev need but once witness lus surprising talents to be convinced of the superiority he rlaimsover all those who bare bi - erto visited the city of NA - York. Tickets one tUlar children bail price, tone had at the bar. The performance will be continued every e renin; in the week with variations, aud commence precisely at 7 o'clock. Jan 10 ft . . - NOTICE. (77 All persons having demands against the ettate of tne late Thomas Cooper, deceased, are reouesled to present the tame. And all per - out indebted to the laid ettate are requetted to maze payment to tne subscriber. - Jan 10 Im .... Administratrix. COTILLION PARTIES. ftT Tbe Managert give notice that the next Cotiil ion party will be at the City Assembly noou, ity noiei, on ice Lvtning 01 1 nursaay, the 22d instant Jan 19 4t iir NOTICE, rpilE co - partnershin heretofore existing be - LJweentbe subscribers, under the firm of iivuuey ot .3 scarf, h tnit dnv t isso ved. bv mU tual consent. The affairs of Die concern will be settled by Thomas Buckley, 153 South - street New - York, 1st mo. 10, 1818. THOMAS BUCKLEY, ROBT. ABBATT, jun. THOMAS BUCKLEY, havine taken hii ion JOHN LAWRENCE BUCKLEY, into co partnership, the Commistion business will be continued on their account under the firm of THOMAS BUCKLEY k SON. 1 mo 14 1m 600 COPIES OF WRIGHT HAW Els. A TREATISE on, That being Born Again, without which no man can be taved : bv Samuel Wright, D.D.; to which it added, the Communicant's Spiritual Companion, or nn evan gelical preparation for tbe 1ord't Supper, by the Itevd. Thomas Haweie. 600copies of thit work in sheets, or by the tingle one, bound, for tala by u. LiiAK 1 r.Kr, ' Circulating Library, 13U Fulton street. Jan 15 lm LYDlGKSTIOJf Oli SOUR blVALiCH. IS acknowledged by medical writers to be a complaint ol stubborn kind, and at all timet very difficult of cure. Thit is sufficiently illus trated in tne disappointment 01 those who unior - nately suffer under it, as they, for the most part, find that after having - tried mnny thincs to little or no purpose, they are at last obliged to use (for perhaps the remainder of life) such articles at can at best out palliate the uueate. under sucn circumstances, any medicine capable of remo ving the complaint, must surely he an article highly deserving the attention of all those who are afflicted with it ; such a combination is to he met with in Dr. MKAIPS AjrTI UYSEP TIC or STOMACH PILLS w success f which has never yet been equalled, for tbe cure of dyspepsia initt most complicated form, such m lost 01 appetite, nausea, heart burn, natuien :y, knawiug pain in the stomach pain in the side, great coetivenctt, paleness in the countenance, languor, lowness of spirits, pain in the head, virtigo orciddiness, and disturbed sleep Whoever appliet these pills in the above disease, according to the directions, will never be ditap pniated, at they have never been once known to laii in produciue a radical and permanent cure The use of a tingle box will convince the moil unbelieving of their efficacy. They will most effectually remove all sourness of Ilia stomach, not merely by neutralizing the acid, but by correcting that morbid state uf the secretions which sives rise to it, and at the same time will re store to the debilitated organs of digestion, that tone aod vigour which it absolutely wecetsary to me wen oeing 01 me animni economy To be had at Brook k Carle's, Pearl - ttreet, at J. C. Morrison's. Greenwirb - street, end at Hull k Bowne's 146 Pearl - street, where drug gists and country dealers will be ttrv.d. on Ube rai ieo" rice one dollar per box. dec 24 6w TANNERY FOR SALE. rilO be told at public auction, on Wednesday, J the 181b day of February next, in (he area of the Exchange Coffee House, in Uie town of! uoston, at ix o'ciock at noon, All the 'real estate beloneior to the Hampshire Leather Manufactory, situale ia tbe town of Northampton, in the state of Massachusetts. 1 ne estate will oe told in lour lots, vis : Lot No. 1. containing about 31 acaet of land. near the centre or the town of Northampton, on which it erected all those extensive and valua b!e building!, lately occupied by the corporation for tannins: of leather, with aiout 300 vatt. tome of which art veiy huge end part of them under cover, in which leather may be handled during (lie winter t it it presumed there it not in the slate so extensive and valuable an eitanusnnient for carrying oa the tanniug business as this. A particular description of uie buddings and pri - viledges would take up too much room for an advertisement. Lot No. 2 containt about 3 acret, situate on the north tide ol the county road, directly oppo site to lot No. 1, on which are two dwelling bouses, with convenient out buildings, it on high ground, and considered a very deiighiiui titua - uon. Lot No. 3. containing about four acres of land. situate on the easterly side of Mill River, about two miles from the meeting house in Northampton, with a valuable mill privilege and buildings thereon. Lot No. 4 contain! about one acre of land, nn which it erected a hark mill aod bark sheds, situate near Edward's tavern, about 6 miles Irum Northampton, on the Albany toad. Any uersou bavins an intimation to purchase all or any part of the foregoing property, are invited to examine it. .The corporation pledge themselves to tell to the highest bidder, being determined to close their concerns. Any informa tion respecting the cstatet maybe obtained on application 10 juciaii u n iun 1 , Mqiurc, Northampton, or t.ULu'r.iv r aantis, fan 14 India - street, Boston. COKFOHJ'JlOSf PKOPEitlH. TO he told at public auction on Friday Ihe 20th February. 1818. at Uie City Hall, 12 o'clock, I ce highly valuable l ARM now occupied by Mr. William A. Hardenbrook, about 5 miles from the city, containing together nearly fifty a - cres of land. It will be sold in lots from 5 to 10 acret each, tituated on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, ft 10th avenues ; on Ihe latter ttand the dwelling houte and out buildings, but a short distance from the Hudson Kiver. This nrooertv is worthy Die attention nf those who wish to possets handsome country seats ; as ilt contiguity to the city, commanding views of the Iludsm. retired situation, aod choice quality of tome or the ground, together with an ample supply 01 wood, render 11 one 01 the moy detira nfe obiectt of purchase. A map of the premises may he teen, and fur - ttter pnrtirnlart known, at Ihe comptroller! wi nce, uity nan. jan t ms THE LAST NOTICE. To those who are owing arrears of taxes, to the corporation of the city and county 04 Aew York fty - The time limited for the payment thereof expired 00 the 1st lost, ana 1 ant now eogigcu in mskinr a return nftucb property as remains delinquent, preparatory to the advertisement and sale Ihe of lor tbe payment of laid Taxes, and such other suras as may be required to meet the expenses of such tale, which will take place when completer!. ... I am directed to retire all arrears which may h nffml. nrior to the completion of the above - named return and will att;nd at thit office Jai - lv from 10 to 2 o'clock, npW that period. ' T. W. GILBERT. Collector. Collectors Otfice, Nn. 2 City Hall, , r ,oir. January ij, 1010. Jaa 16 lm TO BE LEASED for 21 years, Haute and Lot No. 88 Front - street, near Old tup. House sod Lot No. 53 Roosevelt - street and if new buildings should be erected on the lots, they will tie valued and paid lor at tbe etpira. liou of the lease,.or a new lease given. Also, several leu sn tne sixin, ra - nta and Tend wards f or particulart enquire at Pta. 30 Chatham street. Jan 19 tw OCT " If PATRICK DILLON, who leil Tra - lee, in the County of jtory, Ireland, in Ihe year 1803, will transmit Mrs. Fitinerry, of Traiee, bit address, it will be a particular advantage to both warties." Traiee, October, 1 8 1 5w . The above is inserted at the request of Mr. Dillon's friends. Any communication on the subject wilT b thankfully received and transmitted by dec 16 BEXJ'N. W. ROGERS k CO. aotk;e ftir Public notice it hereby aiv that tbe subscribers intend to apply to lite Legislature of the state of New - York, at their next session, for an Act of Incorporation, incorporating them ntid their associates by Hie name ami style of the Franklin insurance Company with 8 capital of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, for the pa ari ses of making all kinds of insurance against fire, and on a life or ii vet, and also on the inland traaa - portatioa Ol'goodt, warn and merchandise. BENJ. L. SWAN, . ; ELISHA TIBBITS, ' dec 4 If JOHN ADAMS. NOTICE. nfy The undernamed cive notice, that the - r intend to apply to the Leicislature of thit state. at ineir next scasion, ror nn act to incorporate themselves and their aitociates into a company in the city of New - York, under the style of 4 The North River Steam - Boat Company, with a capital of six hundred thousand dollars, for the purpose of navigating with Steam Boat the waters of the North Kiter. Dated tbe 224 day of December, 1817. - . . EDWARD P. LIVINGSTON, ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, CHAS. AUG. DALE, v 1. LYNCH, Junr. . dec 22 d6w NOTICE. 0 Tbe Pacific Insurance Company of Ncw - Yorn have this day declared a Dividend of twelve percent, on the capital Stock, payable at their office, No. 49 Wall - Mreet, on tlte 19lh instant. By order of the Roard of Directors. Jn 5 lm WALTER R. JONES, Sec. NOTICE. . , . ft3 The Subscriber, in Ithall of himself and bit associates, gives notice, taut an application will be made to the honorable the legislature of thit state, at its next session, for an Act to incorporate a Dank with a capital stock of Five Hundred Thousand Dollar and wilh leave to increase it to One Million ; to be located north east of Beekman - street, ill the city rf New - York, and to be called " Tbe Franklin Bank of the city of New - York." 7 Dated Now - Yoik, l6lhDec. 1817. . , By order of Die A "ferial es, dec 30 tf NOAH BROWN, Sec'ry. JV '.! OcA' IJfSURAJVUu CUAH'Afi'Y. The president and director! havi luu day declared a dividend of five per cent on the copi - tal stock of the company for the last six months, payable to the stockholder, or their legal representatives, on and after the 12th instant, at the, No. 34 Wall - street. jan S Im C. G. KHIPMAN, secVy. ' . NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY. The 1'iesident and Directors of the National Insurance Company, have this day declared a dividend of fifteen per cent on tli'e.r capital stock, for their last six months, payable to the ftock holders, or their legal representatives, ""janVTpebl JoilN J.'jONBSs Secr'y t.SZ1 - 're Company of Atw - York. TVTO'iiCE t? hereby given that a dividend for l i,. in.t.; uiodiIis of fear and a half per cent on tlw capital" Stock, ol thit Company baa. ' been declared, and vWI be paid to the Stockhol dert on the 15th intt. 'Jan 5 lm JOHN D. METf?R. Sec. NEW - YORK FIREMhN INSURANCE . COMPANY, ft - The Capital Stock of the Company hav - inic by a new subscription bee.i n irst .ied to tbe full sum of Fire hundred thoutamd Dollttrt which ii amply secured, are now ready to receive application! for Fir and Marin liiiurnce at their Office No. 56 Wall - street. The Office solicit the patronage of the public in the confidence that adequate protection will he afforded to tbe assured and all losses be promptly adjusted. - By order of the board of Directors. : Jan 6 lm WM.M'NEAL, Sec'ry. M;W t - UULlCA'liONo. JUST Published and for tale by ELI AS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, (3d door below Piitu - ttrert) Fortyth't Remarkt on Antiquities, Arts and Letters of Italy, Aaaciedee Abridgement of Orfield on Poison. The Hern, or tho adventures of a Kight The While Cottage, Ballanre of Comfort The Itinerant or Memoirs of an Actor, 2d part 3 vols. The Knight of St. Johns, by Miss Porter. . Letters Irom the South. Legh's Travels in Egypt and beyond the Cataracts. Also will be published in a few days, a Print of Mr. PniLirra, in the character of Cam, engraved by Gimbrede. Jan 13 tf INbbTI.YI ABLE DI&COVLRV. HEALTH preserved and restored without .Medicine or Quackery, which often de stroys the delicate constitution and debilitates the strong Colds bring on the most alarming disorders, with those torturinr rheumatic pains, lumbago, gout, Sic. which all tbe faculty hare not been able to eradicate. To prevent it bet ter than to cure. " R. Y EO has prepared (from a receipt of a very emiornt physician) leather (of which he makes thirts) of ihe most vital aod nutritious quality, which will prevent all the above nim tioned complaints. They produce an aniina heat to the body, which cannot be obtained from flannel, patent fleecy hosiery, or Iamb's wool . they alnorb all perspiration, and resitt all the humidity that injures the numan iranie mey are soft and pleasant to wear and do not product) that irritability that it so unplearaut in Cancel. ThoM who hare favored him with their ordort " have declared their astonishiiient at t benefits derived from them. To he had of RICH'D. YEO, breeches maker sad leather dresser, 165 Water - street l where al'o may he had leather pantaloons, doe skin vests, all kinds of gltfvet and mitteus of the best quality, wholesale and relaiL at the shortest notice. dec 31 lm 1 . GENTEEL BOARDING. . : AGI.X 1 LtMAiM and hit wile, or two tingle rent If men, may be handsomely accommo - datrd with hoard and lodeing, 00 reasonable terms, by applying at No. 49 Dey - tlrecU A COACHMAN. (t7 Wants a place at coachman, a coloured man. who Derfetllv understands hit b at i nets, is sober and honest, and has lived for tbe lust thretj years in a respectable private laauly in thit city. Apply as above. jan: 1 20 lw JUiT PUBLISHED. THIS day it published and for sale by ELIAS VALENTINE, No. 104 Broad war, third door below Pine - street a print of Mr. rhiliiips. in tne character 01 tjapt. tieidare, engraved by Gimbrede, Lindsomely coloured and plain. jan 11 N( OT1CE. The Copartnership heretofore exisime in thit city, under the firm of UWolf, Packard J? DHYoV, it thit 4ay dissolved by mutual content All persons having unsettled Brenimli m tth said firm, are rectuettrd to call at 67 Promt street, lor settlement New 1 or a, uec 31, 101. JAMES D'WOLF, - ISAAC PACKARD, . JAMEa D'WOLF, W dec 31 i 1 ,1 'c, f,. r I'

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