The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 22, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1818
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UN CHANCERY.' ; . ,. IN lJi i vtRT - , Klale ni'N'e.w.Ynrk. m.i IN pursuance order of this honorable curt, beariogdate the ,7th day f July lat. will be wddatfMiMic ruction, at the Ton - line tYftee Home, In the city of New - York, un - de rthe dirw - inn of the iib ri1ier. asooe of I he ju.tstenof 'hi court, on Thurtrlnifc the 8th day i January next, al tVer o'clock lit nwn, all ft.;,, .'..rtnin olitrk. or - irie nf .rmiirul and toll "wider wider, to tie msde land ui il ground, out of the V. - rth or Hudson's River, situate, lying and i - . : 1, . , .. 1' - :,.. - . .. .. . . . i I .in ' rv - vi lnel of tevtti'y uct in liriadlli, to be made froiilii,; on tht: said North P.ivtr, ca'.lrd West - xtrret, ut il is Isrut.fVd n follows ! north - easterly and .a - ter!y 1 - y Liberty sire I ; north - westerly fuid WfHti - rly by vVcst street afo - esitid i uth - ,rrirtij .,u w.r:.ij r, vtvii - r v - , ...... . . , r . .. I. - i.i..l..r'. ka tV.tKinef nn - tp ft : coi.l lining in lirentUh on Washiucton street and WmI tretone hundred and ten fWt Bis inches, and iu length along Liberty street ' ooe l.iwid.ed aud vtnh - r"ll feM, nnd along . - - . .j ... . r....u . Uwlir street one nunorea ami iry - m - iwo ni - i together with the r.pnurteaanres, suhje' - t never tln K - n to the rents, rofnaots resl nctl - if i ant. agreement. M which t.irt pn mises are subject, in vorot tlx? t Tonrati'in of the city of New - York - a imposed. and created by them. DutedNnv. JCth, 1UI7. . . JAM LS A HAMILTON. . r ' .Mnster in Chancery. ...w I - 1 - J I - A - :.!,. IL.. Ortfk Minl it t blm el. ' Thfl ;.' nl lh Mil nr.i vnf It IXl't o'cl. ck. A. M. atthe tame place. It will he sold in tots ;r parcels, and on lit ral term, Which if. Ji - aw nuiiomgi: wuere anapoi tue pre njiv may be i.'eB. Jauuar Ctli, IU 13. Jao9dU , IX CHANCERY. State of New York, i TN pumnnnre of a decirtal ordnr f thi? honora J. hie Court, will lie M at public auction, at thn Tontinet,ttw Hmiae, in the city or iew York, under the direction of the tulivrilwr, a on ofthp mtcr of, this honorable court, on THUUSD AY, the twinty uinth day of January init. at l2n'clo kat noon, all that certain lot, piwe or parcel ofland, litu.ite on the easterly kiUu ol tsroaaicai, in tlie mm warn oi uie ciry of Nw York, known as Numlier SW, bounded a follows : - B srinninffat the corner of BmadUible part of the city, nnd is, in every part, in the v ljmifil .(M.I ihanra ni.tfiinv nnr4itr ry and upon Broadway tnirty feet and ix inchi', . to a houee belonins to and occupird by 8ti phen Price, K'.q iire, thenre ermterly alon the tame and parallel to Leonard street, one hundred and tevenly Ove left la Ueno;i - tryet. liicnce tou'n erly and urxm Bemon - fireet, thirty tet n inch rt to Leonard itreet. thence wesle'ly and u;on , Lonard trect.rne hundred anrt teventy - five feet to the nla e oi hfijmnitt ; wiih the appm tcnan ce. I)atel the 7th day of January, oue thou and eight huiidrcd and eisldeen. ' J3n I kii .iirftii - r in v.i.ancery. IV CHANCERY. John B. Murray, i vi. State of New - York, m . , Jaraei T ation. IN purtuance of a decretal order of tins ho - noi mlile court, made in the above ciiiic, will be anld at puhlie auciinn, at the Tontine Ctiffee Houit, in the city of New - York, unilrr the direction of the subscriber, as one of the matters ol this curt, on Tuesday the second day of Sep. . teinber next, at twche o'clock at noor, all tlmt tra. tnf laud iHnina; on the tiwn of liwville, aiid Ij iig in the ei iinl? of Lewi - , in the state afore su'ul, he'iiiB l"rt of ureal lot No. - V of Macomb's : P'ircbiise,'aiut comprises :ill I 'if hits known on a ct'i'tain plan 'ir map i1 ml. - by Dittid Kronson and H. Whiti - . in the vrae IH from No. I Mil t. 34' iucl sir. cuiiiaiiiii.if locciher li.'Ki'l a :res of land, with the ipni H r slices tin rtto belong ini; or any i.e appertaining IJ uliI .luoe o'l, (Copy) JV1E3 A IIVMILTOV, Jy l laaiv.dids rIA,i rin t'liaiittry. Tlie 'f tlm aitove ir. jM - ity is mi,i - hum! t the 1st d.iy ol .'Novi,iiihi,rn s',il '.n: - am.' lieu andpl'ue. J AM Li A H.1II.IN, .. .1 I .. ... t. hlat. r I !l.'.ii. TV 'IV .f the above nmptriy is postimmd t" S.i'uul iy. thr 8lh !a of the same Lour ami place. N.iv I, 1I7 J WlKsJ A HAMILTON, nnv 1 SI F3t Master iu Cham ery. Tlie ale of the above properly isp - 'itponed to Tin (liiy. tl lUth day of .V vnulx - r. instant, at the same hour and nl.n e. Nov H, I !il 7 JAML3 A. HAMILTON, novCS W MI7 Jt - . M titer in Ch m - ry. The sale of the uuove pmpe; ty u pos'poii - ed to the 4;!i i v t December next, u.ilcti November U, 1817 J AMES . II MILTON, nnv27dls Master Chancciy. The ah1 of Ih ah ve pr'ipi itt is pntton - d to tlio sreond day of Jan,ia - next, at the lame hoar ana place, icc. 1st, I "17. J1ME - 3 A. HAMILTON, dec 2 lawtds " Master in Chancery. I'hn tn !. ftfth fthii nr. ru rlv is linstivmpd to jhursnar, me kilns' at inc saiae nour aim place. Jan. 2, IB P. ' J.W1E3 A. TIAMILTOV, ' ?af 3 dts - Mast. - r j Chancery. IN CHAM'M'Y Stait vtw York, i INtwrsaahce of adicrelilorder nfihis h' - norit ' J hie co'uit, will he sold at pn'iiie air ti - in, ot the 1 lNllli:e V'III c ll'll", ill l - n: i lit :t - .v - ill n ' nn II. n Ut A - tm nl" Jriimnrtf 11 1 1 nVlnf'lr i - the fiiri'tiin - n. till that icrtain house nnd l it of ground, si' iBtrd in the - ity ,f New - York, nt th : cpmct i - HIedir nnd WiMiam - stree'c, and known ' and distinsui'l ed as house Tin. t .i William street ; savi M b'inr - in breadth in frrnt and refir 8 j feet 2 inches, and in length on '.'edar street 91 leet 10 inches : and on the south wester ly side thou' iiioi t three feet, mre r less. Al t, bit that other lot of ground ndj .ining tl,e tormer, an I Irontine on W illiam stieet ; b in: in tr adth in front 21 feet 10 inrhct, and in rear M leet 4 rtiche ; leaving an off - set or break on the southwest ide of two fert four inch - s ; and in length on the noith'ftsierly side n'loul S3 feet nnd ivn the southwesterly side - 94 let t 4 inches, be Uie t ime mora or less. Together witn all and singular, the heredit iincntt and appnrte Dances thertuulo beloiiins. t f n i r 1 1 ii f T - 1 1 ' r. u, rnil in r. 1 n. Jan 15 Master ir.t'hanrery. IN CHANCERY. State of Jl'rio - York, ft. TN ri;r;usnce of a decretal pnl - r of this honora 1 ii.V court, bearing date the sixteenth tlay cf Jii.iuary instant, wi l he sold, al public auction t'ie Ti. - itinefJ. ffee House, in the t it of New l .rk.un'er the direction of the su'isrnlier, as one of 'he m.i - to's rT this court, on Saturday Hie 3lst 01 J iiiinry i .slant, nttuelie o'clock, nom, all thatc rtainl it. niece, or narcel of eround. si'u at - , lying and being in tlie second ward of the city ol . ' - ora, aloresaid, on the northerly i :e oi u.i iiu - 'Uei, at ttie corner ol J ta tr - et ; branded southerly hy W illiam strtet. Bi - terly hyjilm treet. o - ir'herly hy property JamrsW. Robinson, and esierly by pmptrty - ty iiftilrsj. Moore, cm Mining in ' rout and rear. - riueteen feet five i.n. - hes, in leiuift n tt'e. l, liity - ooe feet ninn inches, and in lenctii on . t! priperly of Mm. Moor ti'ty - lwo b et e even, i (lie same mere orli ss, with the at pur - . teoantcl. Dated January 17th, IKIft. James a. iumilton, Jaw 17 dlds Master in I 'Inner ry. : J At KON HOTEL - 41 NISlAC iekt t f '111. ,parlnerhiti entered into hf Al lciaii.e J. .Montliin and Mr. Peietra, forearming on iuf jm uion norci, it this flay dissolved. The Hotel will in future be conducted by Ma dame .VONDION. alone. 11pnMic nre hrreiivcautionel,thnt ni lehts be'f alttr contracted in IIr name of trebra nd , M - rndtoo, will ie paid by Madame MONOID Madame Moocin solicits .H.h i - h ire nf the public farur as the merits of t i.e. hotel may, hy "etrefenrr, lie fa - sod todeserve. Her cuffomert m'I alwiyi a Bar and Or - m.irr, or I utile d'tlote, well supiwi'd, and t : Lanhtr embracins every delicacv in season, Club raorat always dean, warm and ready fir! sue ivcriHioa ui (uem, iLlONDIOV. If ew - Tofk, Jia. Qth, 1818. jao 9 Sw n ri - I - IN CUANCEHY. . I !:.rA Y ft . - .: StOltfAtW - Yoit,U. IN pursuance of a decretal order of tWi Uoijo - rable court, bearini; date tlie 10th day of November, in tlie year 1BI7, will be aold at pul'lf u - tinh. it ill Tontine ( :oiTc House, in the cl ty of New - Votk, on Wednesday, tlie aeventli day ol January Belt, at twelve o'clock, noon, all that lot, pit - ceor parcel of ground, situate in the fourth ward of the city of New - York, on the corner ol hrm anil l lover - streets. Dounnea norinwtrw erly in tront on Cherry - street, northeasterly by r.mnii i on ine io maiiawsiroou. souioeiwiti'j in the rear ry rr"ino; now or taie uie proii y v doctor Joseph Youn, and southwesterly by Iioi ver - street ; and is now known and distinguished bv house and lot numher two Clierry - ftrcet, and boue oumber one Dover - street t contain ing in breadth, in Iront and rear, twenty acres feet and sis indies, and in length on each id.' one hundred and Mfffii feet, .be the aame more or Ins : toe ther with thu appurtenances .jr i t.u mi4 Llaltu uvu - cmuc iiui, iuii. JAMES A. HAMILTON, - Master in Chancery, dec 17 2awt30lhD dts IfCy 1 he sale of the alwve proierty is postponed t'' the 19th instant, at the same hour and place, icitea January , isih. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan 7 did - - Master in Chancery. The s.le of thu above property is postponed i the ."xii instant, at uie same hour and place Mated Jan. tytti, luni. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan 19 dtds Masterin t'lmnwrr TO bE SOLD, THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE I - ROPEM TY, BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF THE LATE OR. THOMAS JONES The Dwelling House and premises now in the possession of Mrs Marrarct Jon - , knuHO as number 343 Uroadtvav, bring 30 fert 8 inches io width io front, and 32 leet 6 inches in the rear, and J4U luet in depth; together with the brick stable, and lot on hich it stands, in the rear o' the duelling house, being about il leet quare and the undivided half of a lot fronting on Leonard itreet, being ti f - et wide on Leonard - street, and 63 feet 10 indies in depth ; whicl undivided lot is held in common between William IJV nnins, Esq. and the owners of the property now nfl'f red lor sale, and is intended for a passage way to their staiiits and yards. I neaoove proerty n situated in the most ei best tepair and most complete order, ySTl Three Lots of Ground, situated at the HlciiJ corner ol uroadwa) ami Wairvn - street ; being know n oo the map of the lands belonging to Trinity Church as Nos. 41, - , 416 and 417, and contain, together, 75 leet in breadth on broad wy, and in the rear U7 feet 6 inclet on Warren street, Hiid!l9 feet 9 inches on the northerly side. These lots, with the builoinss thereon, are now under lease to various tenant, forteims whith will expire cn the 1st May, HJ - JO, and at such - nts as amount, in the whole, to $2425 nn nuully, Irt - Miles all taxes. These three lots will he sold in one parcel, and subject to the unexpired h ases. 1$5. A Dwelling House and Lot of Groind, !UrsI known as No. 147 W'aU - r - street, between I'mu - street and the Fly Market, beinz 22 feet 10 hes in width in fr lit, nnd 21 feel 7 inchis in tiie rear, and 100 feet 10 inches in length. This house nnd lot it under lease for a term t nding 1st May, lll, at Uie annual rent of 550 dollars aui .11 taxes. tfjjft A Dwelling House and Lot of Grouud, 4SiisJ known at No. 14 Vat r street, adioininc Inn last above : being 13 f et 4 tneht - i on U ater - treet, 17 feet io the rear, and i!4 feet 4 incl et in ll:gh. I hi house and lot are under leaef'r a term ending 1st May, 1H19, at the annual rent o' CjtJ lonars and nil taxes. A LOT OF . ROUND, frontin;.' the Broad way just above Jones - stri'et, and in xt but out I'ljoiiiiiig the property oi Air. Martin It llm;in : md Die lJ Ir'ihtini on Merrer - sT i t. in Hi. - rear o'the BroidwayM. Tliee two lots will tie sold, g - thi r, and are ijftut li inches wide and - JA "i deep. A Of OF LAND, known as number Clfi Hh iiiU'j Inrm, Iroiiting on Rylnltrs - street, am mining In. in that tireet 1 1 Or ,ne street ; Ix mt u n.tth .n :lynlt'r street i.6 let t. and on Orai street 2 te t ' ill' lies, and in leretli rut the n rth - ily sid.; 145 fei l ri iin hes, and on the soulhenj id. - 151 ft ei 5 - i cIks. . .11! tht. nhnrt m vtiuti'J prnntrlu it held in fit ttmjilr. 1 he J'ullovinx it lit la u utter litite Jiom n umfiia College - . 54 ieart oftchieh lease teat wi'i pired on 1 it Heplembt r Uist. jl A Dwelling I louie and Lot of Ground, ijlknnwn us No. 217 Greenwich street, now in il - r lease fortheuniiual rent ol ii0 dollars and all tale - ; lease expin i M Mav, 1021. A Dwelliiu; lbne and Lot of (i round, nwn as No. 215 Greenwich street, now under lease f..r the yeaily rent ol 350 dollars and j:i taxes ; lease expiret'ht A lay, I 'il. A l)w llin Hntisa ihnrl Irfit of Ground. 'iVi at 'he corner of Greenwich street dud Bar clay street, uuder lease lor 450 dollars and '.axes; k - e expiree 1st M, iv, ISt?l. Ti?l) ' w" Hwel'ing Houses and Ixjts ol tirisfcOrou'id, kuoH - ii as No. CI' and 71 ban - lay to - et, now in. drr lean: lor 6H dollars annually aiM alltax' - s ; lease expire 1st May, 18?l. These Iw i hiiuics ltiiig leased together, will he suld fgetlicr. &Jfi. A I Mvrllin: House and Let of Ground, i ,iiil Wii'itvn as No. 67 Barclay ttreet, now un - il l! for the annual rent of 90 dollars and taxis; lease expires May lit, 1319 'flV Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, !itii unown at No, ti.i Barclay street, now un fit; i ,e ie for the yrarlv rent of !H dollars and the tasei; lease expires .May 1st, II; III. J his leased, id pr pe.rly ennn - 't conveniently hedtsenbtd within the limits ol an adtertue - inent. hut the iz and extent ol each h t may be particularly seen on a map thereof, at the otSce ol vir. Jilr.3, 44 l ine Haet. 'lfe title to all this property is unquestionable, the greatest purt ol the property having been owned and nss ssed by the late Dr. Jones and his renresi ntatives lor more than S years, now laft ; and lor such part as hns lieen purchased within that period l. te subscriber hold warranty deeds from the uraiifors. I he house mid piemises first ahove oesenhed it nfTered at private sale, mid may lie viewed al ter the fourth d iy ol January i.rxt, any day l tween one antt two o'elot k in the alb rnoon. It nt sold on or before the twentieth day of January iKit, that pr p. r'.y, t'igfiher with all ih.r rest o Iheabote mentioned pr. peity will be ep ,ed to sale by aui ti'in, at the Tiititine I f lff" Ifi - u't, liy Messrs. IMNF.S i: TOWN, on Tuesday, the tenth day r - f ' ehruary next, at 10 o'clock u the forenoe.n !' that d r. The t - ms of sale For t' e house and premi - sen No .41 Hroadway, will be 111 per rent on the day of ..le un I one third of the residue un the first oF May ncx at wh ch time a deed wil. be executed and piKse - siou given the re maining two th rds lo he paid in 2 animal pay menu, with interest, from the find, "f M )' e iredhya bovd and rremgage on thepi emi sea. Terma of sale for the rest of the proper. tv will be Id pet cent on tli - day of title, 1 - 3 of the residue on the tie ivcrv of the deeds. which will be about 10 tlm s after the ;ale,arid thejemyininff two thirds in 2 final annual niymenw, wiui interest imm roe aaie oi me deeds, secured, by a Ixmd and mortg ge on tlie premise the purchaser are to receiv t' - e rents of audi parts f the property as are inder lease from tl. 1st of f ehrtiary next. Fr r'her infiirmation and pa ti. ularlv in relation to the title of all the above properU. - pplv to I). JO ' ES esq. at his office 44 I'me - s reel, whtj e the titie deeds, and inapn of the properly mav be tt en. siARG v'KCT JOVES, i M A LTBY G IX - TON, F.xec'rs. M KY GELS ION. S dec 31 eodtds Itv.Ji '' SALk, The m - itl rn built basement story II - tise. Nu. od Ctiin'H - r - 'treet, etmplelil.v furnuU - d. 1'he furnitu - e is new and fashi maide and will be sold at a lf. reduction from coat, tueeider wi'b the hoti - e, or p .ratelr as mav Suit the (purchaser. For terms apply on ll.e premitrt which may be viewed I rum 11 until 3 o'clock. Jaa 19 lw tf. . r - A 1J0USE. "I To be sold and Bosaesaion riven before tlie ut of May next, il required, a modern built substantial brick bouse, three stories high, (with several accommodations and conveniences which make it an arrecablo dwelling for a eeuteel fa mily) situated in the most wholesome part of tliis city, and Having a pump oi caceiiem wuu - i within the lot t tne property a lee simple, anu free from all incumbrance. If not sold at pri vate sale' before tiie 15th of February nest. It will then be sold at auction on the loili end loi - oIIowlie day. Also, a complete set of canit ts, elegant furnitures, household utensils nn l vaiinus 'fleets, particularly achoicecolleclioooi hooks, v C. G. FONTAINE, to whom for par ticulars, at his auction room, No, 135 Water street, corner of l ine. janvlin K'Oll SAl.H The tleeant S - story bri k HOlTSrT and lea - e. second door from Biwom - street, in Brosd - way, occupied by Mr. George Lacey, at the moderate ground rent of $75 perannum j about 1 5 years uneipirrd : the buildinjts to be valued at the end of the term, r the leaso renewed for SI years looser: it rents lor $400 per annum the walk and street has recently been pared. For terms, apply Io C. C. TUNIS, fan 14 tf 91 CoBee - house - slip. i u s i o LL the Songs, Duetts, as sung by Mr. Phi - jTA. lipps at the New - Yoik 1 heat re, for sale at Win. DUBOIs I'iano Forte and Music Store, No. 126 Bsoadway. Behold in his soft expressive face Tho love is warm awhile 'Tit but fancy's sketch It there a heart that never lov'd In vain mav that bosom lost quite deplore My early day what joy t wat thine't young dream - This blooming rote at early dawa Itohin Adair Beautiful Maid Let tame fund (he trumpet I J ad I a heart Evtleen's Bower Dear maid I love thee Ah sure a pnin was never seen Said a imifr to a tear Sigh not for love . Mv heart with love it beatins The celebrated serenade of" Lillacome down Bird Duett to me" r lora't wreath. With a large assortment of new music, dec 24 For Hale, I. case, or Let That pleasantly situated place, on the road leading to King's - bridge, by way of Harlxm lane, known as Rose - Hill. The avenue to Ma - oinh't bridge runs a few roils in the rear of it, reudering the premises very desirable, as the bouse, in consequence, shews two frents. The garden, aud about two acres of meadow, are well storked with fruit and shrubbery, asparagun beds, currants, &c. The house and coarh - housc are in good condition, and with small expense ran be made a very genteel country retreat. The terms will he made easy. ALSO, That very genteel - two - story house, stable and two lots of ground, situated in Bank - st., Greenwich ; at present occupied by George Lind - ay, Esq. Apply at 55 Broadway or, to CHARLES OAKLEY, jan 15 1m 1 4 f Front - treeL 'UjJiJ "fi accommodating ferm. the House ami ki ao u Miiti.n - stro - t. me premises may at any tune he viewed ami terms made known, by applying to the present occupant. J;iit lo or Lotsin the 5. 6, 0. and 10 Wards; many nt v, inch ate mi rrguisiteri and paved streets. rso money will he required under ten yean, if sold, Ihleiclt excepted. HOUSES. Several tw and thrt e story houses, on which a greut part cl the money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent stand for butmess, with ten acres of Ian i. r leas:iotly situated, with a wharf, store house and barn. Cu f 1 1 1 WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, andn never failing stream, upon w hich 20 mills may be erected, with a sufficiency of waler tor each. Apply at jXO. z iireenwicn street. jau 13 If I'UBLIG SALE. ON Tmsday, the 27th of January, at twelve o'clock, will be told by Hones i Town. that valuable and pleasantly situated Property in llroad - st'cet, hclotiginglotrieestale o: the late Mr. John Post. The Lot is 47 feet tt inchesfront and rear, n the north 126 leet 6 inches, and nn the south side 138 feet in dentil. The lluse stands about tlie centre of the Lot, leaving a good gangway on the nortli side, and fine garden front and tear. The situation is deemed delightful. Persons desirous nf purchasing, are request ed to view the premises. Title indisputable. rossesnn will he given on me ist uay oi iviay next. Further conditions on the day of sa'e. Delnrah Post, ) Deborah Douglass, Executrixes. Catharine Ritier. John I. Post, I l - - - - ..i Peter R. Post. Jan7t27 FOR SALE, RKAL PROPEHTy IIS TH K CUT OF If BW - 10RK 1 A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II 4Sssi Biwerv STABLE in the rear - toceth - er wi'h Die LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, and 125 leet on each side. HOUSE and LO I' No. 37 Vesey - strcet , and House and Lot No 3f Vesevstrtet. A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollan. do and do for 750 do do and do fir 4.V) do On valuable property in the rity of New York. The in'erest has always been p - tnctuidly paid. For particulars tnqnre at the idli." ot STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, dec 10 tf No. 27 Wnll - street. TO BOARDERS. 'IIlREEeeittleinen can lie conveniently ac I cuiinod dt .t with genteel Boatding and lodging, in h' ue situated in a central part of he city, and in whit h there are no children At ply to No. 50 Nassau - street, near Fulton tntt. LOST OR STOLEN. QSr A COI.IX.HAI.V. (suit .t.le for a min iaturt 1 consisting oi two 'trawls clasp and yel l - iw tnpar stone : on the clasp are the letters M. I '. A siutadle reward wi! be gntn to whoever may return it. Apply at above. Jm 17 41 1 AL'1 I' N - tin Iht - Pth day of October last, s ' we ut loscd in a b - ttr r directed to.T. & D. I'RQ! IIARI', New Orkans, 2t Post Note or lb. BmU.v Ain. ri. n. irom . l3M'i to 1J'65 inc lusive, earl, for jf. Also, in anothor 1. 1 - tcro, the simie date. - Hi P't Nob sol s id Bank, t'rotn N... l.'STh i - ;Jill ; incin:v - . each for f 50, simountin to j4iim. U mid - pty - hie lo the order of T. K O. Urqoh trt oi New tlrleans. .As ll e - e l tter dad not been received on 6th Dec. i isprob,.ble they have ben piilaged frm the mail. We hereby caution all persons aeainst re - . riving any of the above notes unless pnperly endorsed hv T. & D - Urquhart Ptytner.t hat 'ten 't - .ppi d ut the bank. Jan IS N L. AG r.RISWOI.D. CAtHI'IN. ON the 4th day ol Oct - ber lait we enrlosed in a letter, direi t - tl 1 Mr. J. R Lnionta, New Orleans, sixty Post N.les of lb Uitik ol meri - a, fr ra No. U O.titoNo 14.08", inclusive each for 1100 toother C6nini allendor - sed hv us t - ithe order of the sanl J B. If - mfa. As tbutlettirdadnol been received on lt! 16th I secern' er, w. conclude that it must have been ttolrn from the tiviil. Therefore, all person! are cautioned asai'itt recrtrins xny of these notes, at the endorsement must be forjed POTTfc M'KINNE. . The editor of the National Intelligencer it re - qt.'Tt. d to give be lwve 3 luserliow, and to forward bis' bill for py men t. Jao 17 r.A FALVASLK FARM. inj! Tobesoldoreicbanged lor property m , w. York. The subscriber bems; in a rery low staieoi health, and having very little hopes of recovery, Oiler for sale his farm at Barbados neck, coun ty ol Bergen, containing aboot one Hundred ana thirty live - ncres of arable, meadow and woodland. This farm lieson tlie main road between New - York and Newark, about half a mile this side of Newark Bridere. It is in a very high ttnte of cultivation, and is not surpassed by any other in the VKinlty oi .eu - r oru, as a vaiuame a:ia nrreenhle residence, either for the farmer or pri vate gentleman. J tie dwelling bouse, though small, i neat and well rinif - hf d, and the fences, irates. barns, stables, and other out - houses, are in excellent outer and wt I! planned. In front ol the house, bordering on the public road, is a handsome nnd well stocked t'ardrn, and on the iirrniiirs is a Tonne and thriving orchard, con taining a choice selection of the licit grafted fruit trrn. A more particular detrrinthn of the pro perty i thought unnecessary, as thoe disposed to purchase wlU view the premises. The title is in - disnutahle. For particulars. atplv to the siib srnher. No. 1!!3 Ptarl - ilreet, or to Mr. Andrew Smith, near the premises, no? 14 If . ROBERT STUART, VALUABLE PROPERTY for sale. WILL BE SOLD, u,;il At nunc auction, on the premises, on Thursday, the Zld day of January next, at one o'clock, r. oi. A SMALL FARM, containing about ten a cret of land of the first quality, lying in Brooklyn about two miles from the ferrv." On the premi ses is a handsome new dwelling house, standing on an eminence, which commands a most beauti fid and extensive prospect of New York Bay Staten Island. Sic. and 'or pleasantness of situa tion is not ex eeded in King's county ; and anew liarn or Carriage House. ALSO. A FARM, of about 17 acret of upland nnd D 1 - 2 of Salt meadow, adjoining the property he - lore described, having a good house, uarn, &.c, ALSO. A FARM, containing about twelve acres of upland, io a high state of cultivation, and o " acret of salt meadow, adjoining the turnpike leading from Brooklyn to Jamaica, on which is nn excellent young, a good dwelling house, a first - rate barn, c. &c. LIKSLWISF. Four lots of Woodland, of 7 arret each, lying about a mile from the above described farms. The above property will be sold separately. Any person wishing to purchase is invited to call on the subscriber, by whom the premises will be shown, nnd any farther information given, which may be required. JUlLM L. HAiM. ian 3 tds Brooklyn if JO LET, nJniS For a term of years, the house and lot a oroaaway, at present occupies oy toe diss Kinsey't, as a boarding house. For particulars enquire of ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, Clermont. j m3 tFl uSSl Ct U.YTtU SEAT FOH SALE, - M" Jamaica, on Ixmg Island, Queens County, late the residence of John Troup, Esq. d. t eased. On the premises are a good two story Frame house, barn, and other out - buildings; 28 acres of land in a good sta e for cultivation 28 acres oF wood land, oF a fine thrif ty growth For Fencing and timber ; and a lotoF 7 acres salt meadow. On thin property are two apple orchards, and a variety oF other fruit trees. : Jamaica bcinjr one of the most flourishing villas, s on the Island, i enders th.s proper ty desirable tor a gentleman retiring from business. For particular - , applv to M. lMTMIS. 148 P arl - s - t. ; or to JOHN k ROUT TROUP, jan 9 tf on the premises. jw H)'.' S.1I.K A T .IUUTii i.y, rx2 A 1h' T - H - on,he 1,1 dnT of :s,ap " next, the FARM belonging to the estate ofthi lateDr Isaac Lrdyard, situated one mile south ol th - village of Newtown, Lone Island. The Williamshuruh turnpike runs through the Farm, on me side of which is n new ext ellent slone wall, half a mile in length 1 he K.rin caita - ns adnut I50acres. 15 til whit h is n fine Wood L..t, will: two apple orchards, one old, the other j'it litgiu - to Lear well, anil a suitable proportion oi good salt me.idow. The Mansion 1 louse is large and convenient, four rooms on eai h fl ior, with a go d kitchen anil cellnrs; attached is a lure, barn, cri.i, hen house, smke house. Veil, and n new cistern, 4 c. 'I he court yard ami garden contain a varirty of Iru - t tr rs and shrubbery, a larce aspari.g'is :ed, rtispherries and currants Also A 0 ARM udj'iinii.g uV ab'it r, contain ine ajjnut sixty acres ; atlaehed lo which is ane - qual proportion of Salt Meadt w, and t lot ol y.iung wood, iituatea within it 'S inan a nine oi the l.tiin. containing ten acres, with a laim house, t arn, well, gatden, &c. LiUewi'e A Lot of Land, lying at Pprinfield, south i f the village of Jamaica, containing be tween four and lite acres, on whit n are noout a d'jzen iarge chesnttt trees, suitable lor fencing. I he alinve lands wi l rte all regularly surveyed, and maps ol the same eilnliited some time previous to, and at the sale, and disposed of by the acre, with the buil 'iags (hereon, inclusively. Tosjession given on da urn o1 April. For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - str;et jan tds ltr..i f.i - jiSilC kK.i.iti Si iiiifa. G' EORGE SANDERS, lately from Loudon. once more addresses the public, thanks them for past favors, and once more ventures to recommend his strops as one of the most com tort ivmg contrivances that ever blest the chin ol man. He will imiruci any scu - snaving genua man in the use of it, and when once possessed of die secret and a box of composition, he may say with the poet of nature, " To shave to sleep perchance to dream while in theopention and who would bear the tweaks and acts of bar ber base ; who would grunt nnd sweat under a loathome beard, or a dull razor Q?e, when he might his qui.tus make with a fimple Sauuder'i - strop?" Come then lo his manufactory at the corner of Reed - street and Broadway, and there you will find the subscriber always ready to re ceive the commands ol lus customers, dec 5 tf ' IfROtvN, none seal engraver aud jewel - 1. . ler. No. 166 Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, &c. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold seals, chains and other jewellery. Ladies' seals engraved with coats of arms, mottos, and fancy devices. Diamonds amethysts, crystals, kc. bought in the rough or rut t. any form. Books of heraldry kept with upwards - of. 60.000 names. Jan 7 3m RUSSM IL. rvT s.v . U. CO. Chvmical Perfumers, and Fancy Scap Makers, N. 136 Kmadway, New York, ff r f :i the ladiet and e. llemen cf this citv tlieir Russia Oil, which i one .Kit e mod agri - ea . lile and useful "il for pr moling the growth of the hair. Lathes v ill lind it the best for tlressirs real or false hair. Gentlemen whose hair has been injured by bad poude, would do well hy using this oil, as itcorrrrts the injury it has sustained. It may he hsd in bottles with printed directions, at wholesale or retail, at their matiuf ctnry. Al - t , a general ass ortment of perfumery, fancy articles and soap, drssjt,g case, work boxes thread cases, purses, raiors, scissors, prn - knie. sili er pencil cases, tweezers, tobacco pip. s, tool h pick cases, amber and spar smelling IkiIHi.s, o - donr of roses in bottles, colosme, lavender, honey, orange nower and rose waters, dec. tic. ian 12 BOARD Ai LODGING. 'I WO or three Gentlemen can be accommo I dated in a French family, with Board ;nd Lodjnr.g, where they ran take lessions in the French language if ticy cbme. Apply et this office. . jaa 13 Sir U. S. MAIL COACH FOR rnlLAU.LrtllA, WITH A UUAKIJ. The public are assured that this line is umfto eoual to any in irie u. r. ior me riwiniins.c uim ccinfoitofthe traveller. Willi tlie addition ot the guard, the passenger may rest tecure as to his baggage ana pcrsonu saieiy uie coucu never being left whilst changing at the post offices, without a person on the box. The way mail it put in separate bags and changed in the European style. The V S. Mail Coach will ttart from the roach office, old No. 1 Courtland - st.eet, New York every day at 2 o'clock P. M. and arrivent Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock ; only 6 Dassennert admitted in this coach. For seats apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the oltl Coach and Stage Office, old No 1, terond cfjite from Broadway in Courtlandt - street, or to A. 1. bUUUKii tl bi i.o. io. 1X4 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, New - York. N. B. All coods aud baggage at the risk of th owners. J. LYON & SONS, Powles Hook. WILLIAM GUL1CK & CO. Kingeton CHESTER BAILEY. Philadelphia. Expresset sent to any part of the Continent by .ptnlflJ 1 HUS. WHII HI.LU I'Oal CHAlaL Llr. . mmst FOR PHILADELPHIA The TOST CHAISF witli every convenience for Passengers and their baggage (through in one j . - ii 1 1 . r.i... ,i ,i 2 nay; win leavi? uie tiiy noiei every iiuy iciiu - dayt excepted at 7 o'clock in the moniinz. by way of Newark, and arrive the tame day at Philadelphia. The MAIL COACH IT LOT, in opposition (o (he Mail Conch, with superior accommodations for Passenger and their baggage, ill leave the City Hotel every day (Sunday est e - pffd) at half past I o'clock P.M. will pMceed belore the Mail, and not subject fo the inconvenience of stopping at the numerous Post Offices on the road but every accommod. - .tion provided for the tra veller, and arrive some hours before the Mail at Philadelphia. All letters nun pnpets carried free of expense by the Coaches. For seats in the ahove lines apply nt the Tost Chaise and Albany Mail and Diligence Office, No. 118 Broadway, opposite the City Hotel. fj All goods and baggage at the rhque of uie owner. JOHN N. CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK H SONS, Pnnceton. STOCKTON & HOW ELL, Philadelphia A". H. Expretta tent to any part of the l'm'n, Jan 6 tf tilt TO LET, The Store No. 134 Front - street, an ex cellent stand for a Grocer. For further particu lars inquire of RIPLEY .V WELD, nny 1 1 9l r ront street. TO LET, And immediate possession given, the house No. 9 Pearl - street, toeether with tlie ta hie and Conch Home in the rear on Britlge - st. The premises are in complete repair (did have every convenience neceisary lor the act wuino datum of a family. For particulars apply to ocl2l! L. BRAIHSH. B A NCK E R - STR EET N OTI C E. VTOTICE is hereby given to all persons inte r - rsted, that the commissioners ol estimate ami assessment appointed by the stiprcmo court of judicature ot tlie. state of New - Yoik, to perform certain duties relative to the enlarging, ex - It ruling and improving of Bancker - street, between Clinton street and Grand street in the said citv, hate completed their estimnte mid assessment. Ti well of the loss and damage sust ained o - ver and aho. - e the benefit and advantage received hv (be owners of the lands and premises required lor the said enlarging, extending and improving .f Banckcr - ttieet as aforesaid, as also ol the be m (it and advantage received by the owners and patties inter' stfd .f and t'i certain lantls and premise! not leqttirtd for the said improvement And that we the said commissioners, have deposited a true copy of such estimate and assessment in the clerk's (lire of the city of New - York. for the inspection ol whomsoever it may concern Ami notice is heiehy further given that the report of Iht said estimate and assessment will be pre sented for confirmation to the supreme court of judicature of the state of New - York, at the capi - tol iii thecity ot Albany, on r nday, thesixteetitn day of January next at the opening: of the said court on that day, or at soon thereafter as coun sel ran be heard thereon. Dated thu 2b Ui day of Dei ember, IRI7. PETER HAWKS, 1 ROGER STRONG, bENJ AMIN A. AKERLY. dec 26 ' Commissioners IRt VALUABLE. REAL PROPERTY. The following pr.iierty, part of the real estate of James R Suulh, Esq. deceased, will be sold at auction, on friday, the 30th day of J in. inst. at the Tontine Coffee House, at 12 o'clock, by Messrs. I). Dunham A: t - 'o. vir. Th elegant large three ttory brick HOUSE and LO P No. 53 liroadway, with a crick stable and coach houe in the rear, fronting on Lumber street The lot is 26 feet 3 inches fiontand rear, nnd 19,i ft et deep on both sides The house is built in 'Inmost fashionable and substantial manner, and the whole property improved to the best advantage It is rented nt present for !3'0 dollars per annum and all the taxes. The psemises can lie viewed 'till the day of tale, between the hours of 12 and 2 o'clock. The three ttory brick House and Tot No. 211 Pearl - street, with a wooden houie 'on the; rear, fronting on Gold - clreet, No. 10 ; the lot 21 leet 10 1 - 2 ui' In s Iront and rear, and zrw leet Z mines on one side, and 230 feet 2 inches nn the other. The building on l'cajl - street was erected hy the deceased in the best and most substantial manner; is very extensive, and cotumodiously arranged The situation it well known at a very desirable one for the wholesale drygood or hardware husi ness The dwelling part of the house can lie viewed between the hours of 1 1 and 12 o'clock. The f itir story fire proof brick Store and Lot No 25 Sooth - street, occupied by Messrs Ira Day t Co. with the right of the wharf in Iront of it Dimensions unknown, will Ix declared at the sale. The two vacant Lott of Land, on the casterli side of Washineton - street, between Carlisle and Hector - streets, dein; lott o. 19 and 20, ol cer lain lots loTmrrly belnneins to Carlile Polio k being each 20 feet front aiitf rear : No.' Id, 93 feet d - .fpon both titles and No. 20,93 (eel 6 inches on the southerly tide, aud 94 feet on the north erly side. The title to the whole of this property is indiv putahle. It is sold under lull powers given It the executors hy the will. Ten per rent, oftm purchase money to be paid down. 23 1 - 3 Perot. on delivery of uSe deeds, and the remaining 2 - 3ds can remain on mortgage, ior one year ior tw prrmiset on Pear! - strret,nd for longer, V required, on the other property, as will he declared at the tale For any further particulars that may lie necettary, npply to JOH H.N THOMPSON. or . . . JA JanSOnt JAMES BOOKMAN, ( executors ffTt FVH SALE. CluZJ Tn' houses and lots Vos. tGl and 163 Wilham street. If not disposed of at prjrate sale, previous to the 28th instant, they will oo that day be oJcred for s:d, hy auction, at the Ton' ine Colfee House. For furtlier particular? aplv tt o 211 ll'tane - strret. jan 7 If A - I F.MOIRS of tne lite and writings of the iX Revd. Claudius Bnchannan, l. I. late vice provost cf the college of Fort William, in liTK H hytheltevd. H. Pearson. M. A. - of St, John's College, Oxf ird : just received and for talc oy tULU. K HAWAY, ' ito. xju reari - itreet. rmiifi PaliCr knAir low to tliitiiiffakH t? l twtwn tbiocs that differ. ,of the cfty of loudon, Jd 'and turgery there, deems it fiid?'. ty to repeat tome ooteevatioo. C1 the. abuse of MERCURY a rash, indiscriminate, and unouali lAlltll nr Annua II W tmsasss4nlAJ ence. Thediseaie we have in vjer owei iff r" c - - i i an stent d . way from all the prospectt and enjoymenU of iu by the consequent! of one unguarded mom and by it disease not in ltt own nature fatal whicii only proyet to from neglect or imn'mrS. treatment." A gcjitlemta - , (late Dr. Kr Uent) now perfectly hearty and well, had be under physiciant of gcnpidl practice, tixveI and repeatedly tali vat. I j when recommenued i Dr. H. (by a gontleroan of Uiit city) Wl DOn - were carious and bis fleshdropping from theT - lm friends declared he could not possibly turi, ' t wo months locger. Thousands exiri( know with whitt ease and txety Dr. H. eraH catet the severttt cases, and confirmt tlie'conit'" tution. The Doctor't plan (advertising) i, cessary to guard the public against the anu,!) mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth Pe rxons, therefore, having contracted a rT vale disorder, or tuspecting latent poiioa. adraonithed not to tamper with their constita tion, or conceal the disorder, till past recot." ry ; otherihaving tlie remains of an old cai" or other impurities of the blood, at well at ,Jff er complaintt of a delicate nature, jD e;o. sex. thonld remember posterity, and do justir to their coniciencts,' by making apiil!cafi! to Dr. H. at his old and respeVtaKi!. lishmcnt, No. 134 Water - street, four houiet wets' of Old - slip, to olitain that prompt assistance a lone calculated tt prevent disclosure. And he let me claim your serious attention - Rememh. a superficial cure is no cure at all; unlets the bo sinessit radically done, you will certainly hava he disorder break out again with redouhled B. liguity, at some future period ; perhspt Uien will he too late for remedy. Don't you often meet lathe streets miserable, mutilated beings, with0U even a hit of nose on their face ? Take warnm - I beseech you. Dr. H's. character for skill and stubborn intt gri y being universally known in this city, sine. 11104, guarantee to thai delicacy - aud se. crecy hitherto unknown, nnd having confined hit practice for years past, exclusively to the cure of diseases of the blood ay item, tlif y may saMy calculate on the most decided advantage! in con" lulling Dr. H. t1ects eradicated in tw or three weeks. Stricture! removed without bougiei or any other iiislrumcut ; and all debilities : likewise a" oltl ulcerations, fistula's & A plurality of oilires are proi ided, and so ijf,. ited that patients ate not exposed toeachother't observation. Open till half past 9 in the eveniae All persons concerned are invited to be free'ia . tilling, and speaking with Dr. H. whicii it tree of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid the unrrminn nfivrAlitiila fm :mln.Li. ... .. . ............... aniMiuiciauie rcroin - mendations, nud for the decided preference fit it inc - uuieu si - mi jusi lbuscj long given tun by a uidicious public. 3 N. B. All letters must be post paid. ' - 'r. uucnanan. Aug 27 1v JS'LIIHER HUAtKt.llY JVOH J.aFZii. Tit 1 A" Dt. EVANS' ,up,4i,t method of curirga ces - taia Disease, is nnwuuiver - lally ackaowlcdgi d in this fity : his motle of treatment 1! Perfec tly mild. ir. ... i - ruiuous. and lus charge! reasonable. In every u stance he warrants a curt, tnti wui return Ihepayifl doet not Perform ae - reesKl. .to contract. ""ihe stnt test locrecy always obterved. nlmsj nra s - n ss ri r rurttnna an 1 1 . L : . . s . llicic ...v i.u.j.n.w.guunnjigg U Tl - cinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, such at cancels, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or kings evil, fiitulas. diaetuet of the erethrt, bladder and kidnies, old complicated csmImis of a certain nature, biliout and other oostruc - tiont, rheumatism, Vc. which they consider inct - rahle, they can certainly be cured (in general) hy arplyingat Dr. EVANS'S Medical 8tore. No. 9, f eck - slip, having practised in extetart hospitals in Europe 12 years, under tome of tht first Surgeont and Physician! in the world, and made thote obstinate diseases his constant study for W years. Oct II WHEATON DA - IS, Fancy Chair Mantfac - turert, No. 153 Fulton - street, omiosite St. Pauli Church, offer for talc, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant tv sort meat of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornamented in gold et bronze. Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Converse tion Chairs. Sofa. Settee, l.rHintees, Music Stools, tec. ,T i , . 1 - J Lrraersirom any panoi uicconuuenicxecaicu ith neahve' - i and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented, oct 13 - A GREAT NATURAL CURIOSITY. THE public are informed that this on ing was landed the (of expected FEMALE Eh - EPHANT, ami is toot seen at No. 296 Broad way, near Washington u.'ii Th. sl.A nf this UH1UI..I is about 7 le t high, and about Iih lone from Ihe end of the proboscis to the ewi the tail. She is to heseen from 9 o'clock A.ff - to 9 in tlie eycmr.g. I'nce 01 admittance cents. noy27tf jjs WANTED " j ' To hire or purchase, a good two ttorf , brick house, situated on the west t de of Oil town b. tween L berty & t;hamber - strrew Possession to be taken at any time previou t the 1st of May next Apply at No. tertrcet. . - - . J sw jfJX lOK SALE, , I JiJjJ The Home and Lot No. 101 Liberty; I 3 1 feet, breadth 5. Depth ol the k feet. Those w ho may wish to purchase proper ty of thil disci iption, can al any time wf ' i : c .... I. . K i.rMd 01 - 1 premises, ami terms ui wic moj us I - V application to ...",. ' rr Tirt - TT I. M1T1V"SE. dec 31 t 56 Sotfth - slrett .... ..... ... , . t .i.ii t'tr - . i. c s r - . trtI - ltt WII.I.SON - I.iun OAi.r. t ..cs - - . m - i .. . c, ,.x.. - ii . MTnarK - M. vmiic n orr, li .'uiuitu - iour, p . - t Hoe tooed s,ecod hand piano, bTtx1v' wood. Also, the lollowuig sougs "l - Philipps : S . iaid a smile to a Tear ; Sigh not lot Let Fame sound the Trumpet ; Just like Love ; Love's Young Dream . .1 , A .L. - - ll JtC. is mere nean inm umi . . 1 he Bower of Roeet, from Lalla Room - Willsoo. , Clintou't Grand March, compose rj Will - on. The Smile of Affection . .. 1 he young Mary Moor ; Oh! Remembe" The Wood Pecker, tung by Mr. InclcOja Clack - Eyed Susan And every article in the musical Via Jan 7 2w TNGLISH Cannon and Musket Powder, t tale by m LEROY, BAYARD & CO. dec 9 NEW - YORK L, ' n PRINTED A.m FUiLlSHED, MICHAEL RvhxilAX c? - No. 42 Pi - iPKwy that a young man, the hopes of hit country .7' the darlin? of his noronts ahnuM k .B0

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