The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 27, 1934 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1934
Page 2
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 27 1934 WINNING ONE ACT PLAY TO BE SEEN Fantasy to Follow "Uncle Tom's Stabbin' " Tuesday. Mason Cityans will have an opportunity to see the Woman's club prize winning one act play, "Ten Minutes by the Clock," when it will be presented Tuesday evening at 9:45 o'clock following the junior women's musical comedy burlesque, "Uncle Tom's Stabbin' " in the high school auditorium. The first play will be staged at S:15 o'clock and during the intermission tickets for the second play will be sold. Mrs. E. E. Hunter is director of the one act fantasy whidh placed first among community dramas at the play production contest at the University of Iowa. The cast of the prize winning play includes Mrs. R. E. Romey, Dr. H. K. Jones, Mrs. Charles Grippen, Mrs. Douglas Swale, Mrs. Draper Long, Miss Gretchen Bickel,-Don Helbling, Edwin Helbing and R. A. Washbum. "Uncle Tom's Stabbin'" an original burlesque will be played by a cast comprising Miss Mary Gould, Miss Katherine Sheffler, Miss Dorothy Decker, Miss Jean Barclay, Miss Phyllis Propp, Miss Lillian Leedstrom, Miss Gretcben Carlson, Miss Eleanor Hazlett, Miss Louise Leach and Miss Olga Moen. ROOSEVELT VETOES BIG SUPPLY BILL (Continued From 1'age 1) benefits and for restoration of federal pay cuts, is now dead unless congress overrides the veto. In the bill are money supplies for various government departments. House administration leaders, who suffered several setbacks in the veterans pay stampede, were confident today that the veto would be sustained. It appeared improbable also that the two-thirds -vote necessary to override would be mustered in the senate. Bonus Bill Substitute. Meanwhile, a substitute for the house bonus bill, proposing a compromise between cash payment of the face value of the bonus certificates and cashing their present loan value, was introduced in the senate by Senator Pittman (D-Nev). Pittman proposed to pay the veterans the amount of their adjusted service credit plus interest at four and a half per cent compounded annually since the armistice. He presented estimates by the veterans bureau showing that the cash value of the certificates today is about $2,000,000,000. Brandan Elected President. CHARLES CITY, March 27.-Henry Brandau of Rudd township was elected president, John Wendt, vice president, and Ivan Bartz, secretary-treasurer at the reorganization meeting of the Floyd county cow testing association held in the Farm Bureau office. ARRIVE TO GET MARTIN INSULL Chicago Officers Will Take Him Back for Trial on Larceny Charges. TORONTO, March 27. UP)--Lieut. Frank K. Johnson of the Chicago police and Lawrence Ryan of the Cook county state's attorney's office arrived today to take" Martin J. Insull back to Cook county to face trial for larceny and embezzlement. Martin Insull, the brother of Samuel Insull, Sr., -who is supposed to be aboard a Greek tramp steamer somewhere in the Mediterranean, paced the long grey and white hospital ward of Don jail waiting for the Chicago authorities. There would be little delay necessary, authorities said, in carrying out the extradition which the white- haired fugitive fought unsuccessfully for 17 months. The order of surrender" has" been received by CR. Magone of the Ontario attorney general's department. This will be handed over to the deputy sheriff who will bear the presidential war- rent recipias. On his arrival in Chicago, after the formality 'of application, Insull will be able to gain release from custody under bail of 575,000, it was said. JMynew \tudebaker cost fv-X/T FINEST OF ALL STUDEBAKERS Marvelouily streamlined skyway style bodies of steel reinforced by steel -.· ; i'quadripoise suspension that cradles the action of all wheels, not jusrthe front wheels... high- powered, sensationally economical engines... uncanny "mechanical brains" that leave you little to do but steer ·;;; stamina derived from years of triumphs in stock car and Indianapolis Speedway racing i.. better cars than the Studebakers which sold for $ 180 to $700 more last year; X7TS, I'm a confirmed Studebaker JL owner," says Mr. J. H. Pettit. "This new 19-34 Dictator is my third. And you're certainly right when you say it's a finer Dictator than the best you've built in previous years. "I'm glad to tell you that this Dictator more than comes up to all my expectations. "It is comfortable and easy to handle. Its skyway style makes it beautiful to look at--and it's very economical on gasoline, averaging approximately 19 miles per gallon for me. "I paid practically $400 less for this 1934 Dictator than my 1932 Studebaker cost. And I feel I've got everything anyone could want in a car." You'll feel the same way when you become the owner of a new 1934 Studebaker. Go for a thrilling, convincing trial drive today. FROM THE SPEEDWAY COMES THEIR STAMINA FROM THE SKYWAY COMES THEIR STYLE Distributor 520 NOKTH FEDERAL AVE. MASON CITY PHONE 896 Dealer KNUPSCHIEIJ) MOTOR CO. ... CHARLES CITY , 'AT THB FACTORY IN DAY'S NEWS 3 Coundlmen NamedAgain at Election Des Moines Votes for Lewis; Men Rule at Bradgate. DBS MOINES, March 27. UB-- Des Moines voters re-elected three ouncil members Including Mayor Jwight N. Lewis at the biennial election yesterday. Lewis defeated Parker L. Crouch, ormer mayor, by a 22,670 to 16,749 ount Roy C. Welch won the fin- nee race defeating Mrs. Margaret Medbury Blackburn, 20,755 to 18,58. Safety Commissioner Roscoe F. Bane won from'his opponent, Oscar 3 owell, with a final count of 19,612 o 19,113 and George M. King, de- eated two years ago, won this year against Streets Superintendent John MacVicar. The streets vote was King, 20,467; MacVicar, 18, 891. Pete Welsh, commissioner of ·jarks, won easily from Mrs. Bert McKee by a 31,240 to 7,658 count. Males in Command. BRADGATE, March 27. (JP)-Males are in command in Bradgate, after repulsing a determined bid for what they called "petticoat rule." A political battle of the sexes culminated last night in the defeat of Mme. Paul Dubonnet, the former Jean Nash, called the "best dressed woman in France," Is shown after she visited her son, Andrew Kirwan, at the federal detention house in New York. He faces trial for murder on the high seas. (Associated Press Photo). SOCIAL REFORM OUGHT TO WAIT (Continued From Page 1) are in effect prohibited by their government from free bargaining for the exchange of services for dollars. And since they can't swap dollars they haven't, trade is restricted. Chance to Vote. "I am interested in giving the citizens of the country a chance to vote on clear cut issues of social reform if the brain trust wants to bring them, without the smoke screen of depression war, into the open. "We .submitted to; the temporary measures .'of the NKA and recovery legistlation jmuch, as .we were, glad, in the,World .war, to abidfeby martial But who would' think of making martial law permanent,. to go on and on in peace time. 'The business of the brain trust- ers is to get us out of the depression first and to then bring up their social reform legislation, not to confuse them, befuddle the'public anc so saddle it with economic martial law that will endure in economic peacetime. Not on Same Basis. "Theplain truth of the cause of our economic trouble now is the disarrangement of the price structure That means this; that one class of workers is able to exchange its goods and services for a number of dollars that in no reasonable way compares with the number of dollars another class can get for its goods and serv ices and thus is not able to swap dollars on the same basis." Dr; Wirt thinks it not unreason able to foresee, in the excessive regi mentation he predicts, the erection of tariff barriers between states huge masses of permanently unem ployed, and other snarled problem: similar to those that once plunge the world into the dark ages and might do it again. Pisgah Youth Dies of Meningitis That Resulted From Fal COUNCIL BLUFFS, March 27 UP--Levi Hall, 20, of Pisgah died a a local hospital Monday of roenin gitis resulting from injuries receivec March 17 in a fall from a building at Mondamin. He suffered a skul fracture and internal injuries. The youth fell in descending fro a roof of a hardware store at th command of a night watchman. A companion, John Davis of Little Sioux, is beinsr held for the grani jury under $500 bond on charges o breaking and entering. Hunt DiF'nger in 2 Parts of Country LOS ANGELES, March 27. UP)-John Dillinger, fugitive gang chieftain, was hunted in widely separated sections of the country today on reports he had been seen at San Bernardino. Cal., 60 miles east of here, and at Detroit, Mich. Named Foreman of Crew. LELAND--Harold Rastad, Carpenter, was appointed on Monday, March 26, foreman of the crew at work on the new gymnasium south of the schoolhouse, a CWA project. The men are now engaged in pouring cement for the floor. Returns From DCS Moines. POPEJOY--Mrs. Myrta McMurry returned Sunday from Des Moines where she had spent a few weeks with a daughter and family. VOTE TO CONTINUE WATERLOO, March 27. U-In what is believed to have been the first election in Iowa on whether a town should discontinue its municipal form of government, Castle Hill, suburb of Waterloo, voted 81 to 58 to retain its corporate existence. Mayor John Hanson was reelected. NILA CRAM COOK ON HONEYMOON \Taxes Poetical About New Husband, Mess Boy on Ship. NEW YORK. March 27. C/D-- ila Cram Cook, the "flaming ser- ent" who was deported from India £ a vagrant after she had forsak- n Mahatma Gandhi, was honey- oonlng today with Albert N. utchins, mess boy on ,the ship on hich she returned to the United tales. The couple appeared at the mar- age bureau late yesterday with vo witnesses and while Hutchins --"call me Al"--rather shy and ill ; ease, waited for the filling in of he necessary papers, his bride-toe waxed poetical about him. "He is my nirvana--my glorious ight of compassion--my infinite enderness," said the daughter of le late poet George Cram Cook of davenport. Al said nothing as she ontinued: 'He's my angel child, my star- ght on the waters, my ruby on the ock." The couple was married by a dep- ty clerk with Leslie Fulenwider and George S. O'Neal as witnesses. Miss Cook gave her age as 25; Hutchins. who gave his occupation is a writer, said he was 28. The ride said her marriage to Topolo 'roestoes, by whom she has a 6 ·ear old son, ended in divorce In 932. The witnesses are connected with . theatrical and motion picture lews service. an all-women's ticket, headed by Mrs Perry Lanning for mayor. A one sided victory gave the mayoralty to L. A. Malcolm and all council seats were filled by men. The women first tasted victory in 1930 when Mrs. Clarence Burr was elected mayor and one woman won a council seat. This year the sec rallied into the field with a com plete ticket. Two factions of males sprang up to do battle with them and the voters recorded their decision yesterday. Hayes Elected Mayor. SIOUX CITY, March 11. (#)-Official returns of the city election were as follows: For mayor--W. D. Hayes, 14,415; Keyes C. Gaynor, 11,786. For finance--D. Spence Lewis, 13,139; A. P. Soelberg, 12,488. For public C. Kuhlmann, 13,054;- Goirdok' C.. .HcJr larV 12,721. · -'·"', ? For streets--Charles- I. Small, 16,441; Frank Montgomery, · 9,5SSr ·For parks--D. A. Murphy, 15,460; Milton Perry Smith, 10,510. Berry J. Sisk and H. R. Kenaston were re-elected judges of the. municipal court and Bernard A. Brown was elected judge to succeed Ralph Prichard (not a candidate). Harry Harbeck was elected clerk of the municipal court, and George H. Brown was elected bailiff to succeed F- Max W'ltsey, unsuccessful incumbent candidate. Former Mayor Wins. BURLINGTON, March 27.--E. G Marquardt, former mayor of Burlington, was elected to that office in the municipal election here yesterday, defeating Thomas J. Smith for re-election by 1,047 votes, 4,739 to 3.692. Three incumbent commissioners were re-elected: Frank N. Lapoint finances; Harvey Jaeger, public safety; and E. H. Niehaus, parks. Charles F. Rolf defeated Henrj C. Wegener for street superintend ent. KEOKUK, March 27. W--Thre' incumbents, Frank A. Willmering Harry Ayres and W. L. McNamarr were returned to their offices o mayor, street commissioner am judge of the superior court in thi city election here last ni^ht. Th remaining incumbent, Paul F Coombs, was defeated by Harold C Riser for the office of safety com missioner. Judge McNamara ha held his office for more than 2! years. Elections In Summary. DES MOINES, March 27. UB-- Iowa municipal election results yes terday included: Cedar Rapids: W. J. Niell defeat ed W. H. Stepanek, incumbent fo mayor. Bradgate: An '.'all woman" ticke was defeated and L. A. Malcolm named mavor. Waterloo: Mayor M. J. Morgan was re-elected. Iowa Falls: F. M. Cottrell wa re-elected mayor and the superio court abolished by the voters, Cresco: Voters approved a taj assessment for a municipal band. Denison: W. H. Laub, mayor fo 10 terms, was defeated by John E Shawvan. democrat, who is the firs democrat elected mayor jn 30 years Onawa: A. T. Christensen was elected mayor. He headed a ticke opposed to municipal ownership o an electric light plant. Carroll: A. N. Neu was electe mayor. Tipton: J- E. Morton was electe mayor. Elkader: W. W. Davidson wa elected mayor. Rockwell City: W. P. Parson was elected mayor. Villisca: George Farquhar wa elected mayor. Ida Grove: Thomas McLeod wa elected mayor. Clinton: William J. Greene de feated Harry F. Bulow for mayor Sioux City: Mayor W. D. Haye was re-elected. Corning: Fred Binder was elec ed mayor. MITCHELL--Mrs. Ella Smith, who has been spending the winter at he home of her son, Mr. and Mrs. Elma Smith at Chicago, returned .aturday to her home here, where he will spend the summer 2 Weeks of Direct Relief Will Follow CWA End in Iowa DES MOINES, March 27. Iff)-- lowaus deserving assistance will go on. direct relief for a two weeks' period following the discontinuance of CWA projects March 31, Gov. Clyde Herring said today. The plan was decided upon in conferences with E. H. Mulock, Iowa emergency relief director, the governor said. Work relief, under their plans, will begin April 15 and the two weeks interval will permit the drafting of projects. It was estimated that the two weeks of direct relief and the first two weeks of work relief will require about $750,000. Announce Plans for Construction of New Theater at State U IOWA CITY, March 27. UP}-Plans were announced today for the immediate construction of a new University of Iow.a theater building at a cost of $70,000. The theater will be built on the west side of Iowa river near the Fine Arts building now under construction. It was originally planned to make the theater part of the Iowa Memorial building. Seventy per cent of the construction costs will be paid by the university and 30 per cent by PWA funds. The theater will seat approximately 500 persons. Postmasters Appointed. WASHINGTON, March 27. UPl-- The postoffice department has announced appointment of the following acting postmasters: Hollis S. Saar, Cantril, Iowa, and Frank G. Huebsch, McGregor, Iowa. FRENCH POLICE CONDUCT RAIDS Say Political Factions Are Arming Themselves to Stage Revolt. PARIS, March 27. (3 1 )--French police smashed at political factions which, they say, are arming themselves against the government in a widespread series of raids today throughout Paris and the suburbs collecting hundreds of rifles and pistols and a huge stock of ammuni- aon, swords, and bayonets. The raiders searched for evidence that the extremist groups of the right and left political parties were arming in anticipation of a "civil war" as their rival newspapers have repeatedly charged. The details of the raids were kept secret although various incidents seeped out. It was reported that 40 guns were found under beds and behind cupboards in an apartment in Saint Ouen, a working-class suburb where many radicals are known to live. In another hall, 30 automatic pistols, a quantity of bayonets and swords, and a number of rifles, were taken. Two persons were Known to be arrested in the earliest raids of the day. Of these two, one claimed he was a collector and the other a second-hand dealer to anus. Submits to Operation. SEXTON--Mrs. W. Z. Miller was taken to the Kossuth hospital Sunday evening and underwent a major operation Monday morning. Mrs. Miller is the wife of Mr. Miller, who is agent at the Milwaukee depot here. T » It's Easter Bonnet Time . . . Gay, new Straws -- ~". that look like Easter, and feel like Spring^ Flattering hats to fit every Spring budget. Black, Brown, Navy, Colors. Headsizes 2V/ 2 to 23»/ 2 Buy Your Easter Hat This Week and SAVE 2% TAX! MAKE PLANS NOW . . . To Attend the BUILDING AND HOME FURNISHINGS SHOW ADMISSION FREE APRIL 4-5-6 HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM An elaborate and beautiful display of the newest and finest in building materials and home furnishings. -**JM. .

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