The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 1, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, December 1, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Dafly Except Sunday Tinea ui.Nen PoMiflhiiur . JLAV£K£ JfcLAFEB, '' Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP *. JttJLJB, PFTTT.TP R. BIKLE, Editor SUBSCRIPTION .Served-bY carrier in - . . Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per isoath. BATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. MEXICAN RULER READYTOSELLOUT Dfasiiington Expects His Abdication to Gome Any Time, j DUCHESS OFMARLBOROUGH To Be Reunited With Husband After Long Separation. I; CONGRESS !N REGULAR SESSlOi !iie Extra Session is Aoto-j £»t«r«d.Aoea»t 16, 1804, at Gettysburg-, Pau, as »ecoEd-c!aaf matter, ia4*rl , , , .{- .,' Congress March 3, 1S7». . ' -~ I 1 Every Event In Southern Republic BELIr PHONE UNITED PHONE Oftzc tm .Northwest, coats, of Cemtr* Sgnaw, Gettysburg, *'H!S PAPER REPR£S£KT£D FOR FCREi6« - - ADVERTSSttiG BY GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES «ri AiI.THr "--fc.^C.P*.. -'T Working Toward Cuimination of President Wilson's Plans. [ Washington, Dec. 1. -- Official dis- I patches indicate that Huerta has es- 5 pressed a willingness to retire from 1 the ce facto presidency, provided he j gets enough money and is assured an } opportunity to escape from tbe coun- j His future is what is giving him the most concern at present. The Consti- 5 lutioaaiists have.sworn that they will execute him without trial if he is cap- Waat adm., On* cent p«r word each insertion- Two ceat« Jt.word.if guar»ated nt-p«g» positiom. Kwolution* of respect^ poetry mnd memonams oa« cent per word. C3t TO OUR EEADEKS The Gettysburg Time* takes absolutely no part in poIMar, beins neutral 6* afl | each matters. Anything.that appears in our general news columns, concerning: . -- - *v- T _ _ ^«- , _ E 5*- ,._ j.___ --__ m _^_ _ j _^__ t_-- T 1 !.** A -w«n» «·*»·*% TOwAe-e- A c??«"MWt«i4t/Yn » i wncera tured. Huerta, while recognized as devoid of physical fear, is willing to leave the country if provided v/ith sufficient money to keep him for the remainder of his life. Everv event in jlexico is working papers -- . . Oar adveriisinjj columns are opea to all candidates of all partSet lien. 6 iii.flte fMnjs pa pel HOTEL Capacity 40! .Boom* mth. fo*th.« «nltt *-.McGcnomy, Prop'*. Trimmer's 5 and-10 cent-Store, While they last! Very special lot - -of,Ladies' collars^ - . WILLIAM E. ZIEGLER Expert Electrical -work. Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St Phone 34 T. CHAS. S. MUMPER --Fir« Proof Storage^-Warehouse for "S\in!tare *nd Ecnsefcold. Good* itortd any length of ttni*- all BiCEL P .. C»,sh .Price* PRODUCE-Gettysburg .-. UPTON Gettysburg - Socrexsrs ,ffl|ililf } HARVEST;'-- -- j£f:Kv : to SHOES-MYERS' " ' You will find-on our Bargain. Tables shoes of well known lines which we have dls-conilnuecL W. H. Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.98. Others reduced to 98 cents and $1.48. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. Kitzmiller li a successful culmination, of esiclem Wilson's plan of forcing the dictator to eliminate himself. Wash- i lagton expects Huerta's abdication to come at any time. There are officials who believe that the conference between O'Shaughnes- [-sy and the Japanese minister and bei tvveeu O'Ssaughnessy and ilinister of ! Foreign Affairs Moheno, and the iat- j ter's trip to Vera Cruz to consult with ! John Lind, the president personal · reoresentative, have 10 do with the j abdicates of Huerta and the relief of : the financial stringency in Hexico. J Xot only is Hueita feeling the anan- i cial strain, but the utilities belonging ; to ihe government are suffering. The ! interest on recent loans to the rail: roads, all of which are government I controlled, is due. About §400.000 is ! needed at once to pay of this interest. | American and English bankers are r behind the loans made to the rail! roads. It is said that Huerta will not [ be aided through the payment of tills j interest, and. at the same time, it v.-Ill ! prevent the railroads from becoming ! bankrupt. ' '\ .- ··· --. :: [ Viila Starts For Chihuahus. " r '. t- EL Paso. Dec, 1. -- Paneho Villa's f rebel army.-has-"not encountered any \ Federal soldiers as far south 'as it has i gone, and the vanguard has reached ! Villa Ahamada, eighty-Three miies to [ the south, of Juarez. - · ; -There the rebel army -srill wait for i General Villa to .join it before moving ] further. Villa. loaded, his artillery-antfc |.another large lot of food supplies. an"i' said that he expected to move; south, tomorrow. He says 2500 men 'Kith, sirreen rapid-fire guns have already one. From Villa Anufnaoa he may- iniareh 6'verlahd to-Chihuahua,-. sys he. fears" th"e~Federals have planted xainas beneath tne "-railroad. He~\v!ll take-all ith "him when he goes. ! '; fne "artillery KIDNAPPED 3Y LOCOMOTIVE MARLBOROD6HS TO Queen. Hary Aids, la. Reunion 01 Otiks and Doolisss, Ixndon, Dee. 1---It Is learned from a nigh authority that as soon as certain, matters can be arranged, without attracting zoo much notoriety, the Duke and Duchess of ilarlboroagh will start their lives anew and resume together their recognized position in society. Public Indications are net lacking. to support tins, and lead to the Infer- i Democratic" Leaders Realize Thit j Party's Policies Wil! Be Scrutinized i Closely by the People and Radicals* Will Be Curbed. I s Washington, Dec. 1.--The regular: session of the Sixty-third congress' was called 10 order at noon today, and · the extra session which convened lasc spring was automatically adjourned. In the house Speaker- Clark presided and in the senate Vice President Marshall occupied the chair. The asaal scenes attended the opening session. As many of the committees were announced at the beginning of j the special session there will be little routine work before congress gets down to business. The president's message will be read In both houses tomorrow. The Democratic leaders realize that J they have entered upon a session in which party politics on many import| ant questions will be fully developed II Cfl j for scrutiny by the people at the polls 1LLU ; is the congressional elections or 1314. It would be a serious blow to the purposes of President "Wilson to lose control of the lower branch of congress midway in his administration, and this thought will be kept before radical Democrats who are disposed to run amuck at all times. The Democratic party already has revised the tariff, ana it Is now overhauling the banking and currency laws. In the near future It -a 111 disclose Its Intentions relative to the corporations, conservation and other oaestions that are regarded as Important economically as well as politically. The leaders realize that if the parry Is to retain the ground that It gained the elections of .1912 that It mi;s' :h caution in the consider- PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS · Paragraphsnf Mews Telling.of tin Happenings in and about TOWP People Visiting Here and Thost Sojourning Elsewhere. ,.,, , i aroceed ence that the serious differences that ^.^ Qf ^ mher aHlbi .5 C)us i eg isla- caused the duke and duchess unoffi- Queea about diplomacy ^for cwo reasons--^tne first "because she Is particularly fond of che" ducbessi -and -the second.- because of'tbe children of the pair. '- C Ann THPPT O-UUU I HELP 1 cially ip dissolve matrimonial partnership severs: years ago are now being bridged over. * · ^The'- dtrefcess wen-: TO Saston · sta- j f^jg-jg^jj tion"'to ! bid 1 farewell to W_ K- Vaader- j * *"- - - · bilt, Jr.','her brother, who told report-1 ers he had, sreni_2^ 'four weeks' vaca-j iiori in iJbncIon and' Paris and was notv glad to return to work. The duchess looked' radiant. She kissed Sir. Vanderbilc affectionately. The recoisc.Hatibn of the 'most popular, duchess ia England and her'hus- band is something that their'-frEsntis irt i^ave Sqpeil for a Jong time. 3Iary has tiiei to bring - it Sha has-"used all the'arts of rive program that Is rapidly framing In. next year's elections the administration." will lie. judged by the new tariff and banking laws and stich.oiheE s may_ be enacted at the session. . '. ana Progressive iking- ready for a;liv£lyj session. It Is understood that tae estimate of nnprojpriatloTis required to keep the wheels of government Ia motion In the fiscal .year tcit will, "be begun July i, 1914, repiesent a total.considerably in excess of a -billion dollars. In the las- eongress. when the Democrats -sera in "control of the house only, they economized to some extent by allo?.'- iRgr an appropriation for one battleship Instead of rwo. 2Co.w- comes the JaKiccrauc secretary of tie navy with a "building* program that includes two battleships. Democrat!j leaders.'are prer'ired to adn::t,teat, tae approprla- | ±ions for the forthcoming session Wil! I , '· ilrsf Daivwj L. Plank, of Route 7 Gettysburg-, is spending, some time ' with her daughter, '3!rs». Prank Barnes, :at Easton. ~~ * ^~ \ Miss Hazel Fanus has returned to | her home after spending^ fe\v days jjwith her sister, Mrs. Eddie Toddes. !She was accompanied home by her nephew, Master LeRoy Toddes. Mrs. Charles H. Huber and son, Charles, of Carlisle street, are guests at the home of Rev. and 'Mrs. J. T. Huddle, in Washington. Miss Louise Weaner, of Stevens street, spent Sunday with friends at Seven Stars. Donald Coover has returned to Philadelphia to resume his studies at S *:!u:e can create more f-an !dle University of Pennsylvania, after spending the Thanksgiving- recess at his home on Seminary Ridge. Dr_and Mrs. G. D. Stahiey have returned to their home on Springs avenue, after visiting friends In Philadelphia for several days. 31iss Ethel Weaner, of Stevens street, was the guest "of relatives in aiul !:s lighter than almost any »f«er Everybody who can re:iI «;:i !5sy it. but an expert JiBgtiist is required to play it suc- cessfasly. A yrize Is a%varded to the player wiio can -rend.^and nrocounce distiuct!y :ss we!! as" rapidly, every v.-cru ::s iht? following list of "expressions. Tae pronouncing these J Omanna over Sunday. Miss Margaret Coover, who is attending Wilson College at Chambersburg, has been spending the past few- days at her home here. Mrs. Charles S. Trump, of ilartins- burg-. Wesc Virginia, is visiting her father, J. I_ Schfck, at his home on Baltimore stree'c. Dr. and Mrs. Chester X. Gist, now on their honeymoon trip, will occupy a Sat in the Warner builu:sg upon their return- Sa-sh ia a shawl shoveled soft snow j Dr. W. A. Granvilie left to-day for Pittsburgh to attend a meeting of the Pittsburgh-Gettysburg C!ub. Maurice S. Weaver has returned to Philadelphia to resume his medical studies after a visit of several days at his home here. correct^ a^J disunctJy in the shortest rinse is ;;v.-arilwi a i-rize: Sis thick ::!ii!e sticks. Gaze on i!:e ^rt«y brigade. , Siran^e siraipsric stntistics. She s:iyi she sells secsbeHs. H«s!« ro"er. sow roller, vower. A pl«v::is -^U-ziai grooving green. "· Gii.e tJrlnies Nina's ^Uffgig ivhip. FU-i! of ff'-sliiy fried ilyiag: fish. TUe se;s t-t-a-^eth. aud it suffieeth us. of i-oCee In a copper coffee- softly. A box of mixed biscuits; a raided Biscuit lios. A Weak breeze blighted the bright broom bleswi:i;s Say. should such a shapely sash shabby, stivgiics^ ihOtc?» - .' ; f Smiths sij.rit SasS split Philip's -sixth-sister's fifth sijairrei's-skull: --- · - :Stry;tT . sirens Stephen . ptringer snared s'icUIy six sicily silky snakes. Sjvra n! swam. over the sea. ; Swim ·svfasi-s'sviin.* S».vhij swam back again. "WiH some swan. I Swift . Co.'"EmpIqye Blames Playinc be eonslfierably in excess of a,billion n _ T-- * 4 « - _ ^^^ »^i---. · " » *1*tllrs »*s; " ~ on Jj j Garmer. Snatched From Biiggy · Track. Takes Wild Ride. I Chicago. Dec. 1.--"'The wild ride of | Jim Pfcelps"--Jim almost v\-Is£ies he ·. had done It for the movies now---was 1 told today. I Phelps is a farmer. Irrrng five miles 1 northwest of Momence. 111. Driving j along In the rain in a closed buggy, ! he v.-as suddenly snatched from a soft ', seat in tho r«g and deposited on a j precarious perch on the pilot of a t rushing locomotive, j He hung on for ten miles, to Soliit, Til. He has not seen his horse and. buggy since. He had only a few minor bruises. The engineer of the train, a Chicago JEasiern Illinois freight, did not knc-.v a colision had occurred. We would like to add s. few farms to «nr list of Real Estate for sale. If you have any that you would like to sell and {lace. in the band? of a Ifeal Estate Agents, we will be slnd to handle same for you; l~: no matter whether large or small or where located. Or if you want to buy any Real K-iate, call on or aidress Troxell and Swisher Real Estate Agents 104 Baltimore SL Gettysburg Pa. DYE IN NEEBLPS EYE KILLS Particle of Red Silk Responsible For Wonr-ai's Sad Fa~e. Lewistov-n. Pa.. Dec. 1.--Mrs. F. W. i Keifprle is dead here after three weeks of terrible suffering from blood poisoning from the prick of a needle. j On Oct. "0 she siooped over to pick ! a needle from the floor ar.d. los;ns ! her balance, fell so that the eyelet j end of tbe needle penetrated the palm I of h*=r risSit hnnd. causing a v.-oiraa a j ·jaariT o: an inch long, which Imme J d iately became Infected. · I The r.eecle's e?e contained a small poriior. be rcsp red ---Jlk. -nhicb is saic to ^' 1 for the infection. · PuBlic Sale % : , ~° F - »valuable Town Property j : *. * ^SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6TH,AT1 O'CLOCK Two story, well built brick, seven rooms and bath. Halls all through. Heated with hot air. Stable, outbuildings, etc. Lot 75 feet front, situated at 112 Hanover Street. George C. Gottwald 1 24 Hunters S!a:r. For Deer, i, "WIsTM Dec. 1.--Tweets- j lonr hunters -n-ere killed m \V-sconsir. and northern Michigan and many ethers were wounded during the deer season which opened Xov. 10 and closed j at midniccht Sunday, iiost of the fa j talities -nrere dye to men bcin~ m:s- I taken for deer, despite tie red cap^ ! which most of iae hnaicrs wore. Races For (nis Downfall. Mew York. Dec. 1. -- ileryn Shaw, twenty-ilvc years old. was held on the strength of a telegram from Toronto, Can., charging him wita embezzling $7.OGO frcm Sv?Ift Co., the meat packers. Shav.- admitted-that he-Is short, but says he took less than sifiOO of the sum. Detective work by Bernard Betsch ani Patrick Regan led to the arrest. The two detectives were investigating two robberies In his boarding house, -s-ben they discovered letters which Sha-v had thrown Into a waste basket, written in endearing terms and al'ad'ng to Siavr's narrow escape from ihe Canadian police. Sha-nr said plaj inz ihe races had cansed his fall. dollars. RAT HALTSSEVEN TRAINS TRIES TO DROWN HERSELF \Vo" Deserted by Husband. Wanted to Throw Herself Into Pond. Feaeral?::'jrg. 3Id~ Dec. 1.--Screaming tjat =he wo':id end her life, and j "" runni"s r~ad!y toward "Williams" pond. her e3lT-jQ3-year^5ld daughter, Esther, desr- rateiy clinging to her. Mrs. Thomas ("ordy, of- Seaford, attempted to th-ow "lerseU Into the water. She ~as sirp-ed bv Charles and Robert Marvel. Mis. f;or*5y ha? baen despondent ever ?:?.- _ her hnsband separated from her two r ~-n"hs ago. leaving her wiu. i Holds Up Expresses ad Fast Freights by T-iic'o'tlng Wire. TTilmington. Del.-. Dec. 1.--Three express trains and four fast freights on the Pennsylvania railroad were helt: up at IToore Station, between here and Phiiade?phia. by a rat. Tragic on the foar-track system was tied up for thiny minutes. The rodent hstj- eaten the insulation off 2, signal wire, causing "ground" and putting the entire signal system ont of com- 3-ission- ^The e'lgsnecr on ;»n express train di?covereil the trouble. The signal at i-5 Moore gave bim a "clear track.'." whereas he knew a train was a. short distance ahead of him. He stopped anil then the other signals started to act qiiserly. An emtjloye from a nearby to-s-cr ~as ntriified, traced the wires to the station, autl after the platform ha'3 een «orr$ T"5 he clscorered the cans- ged wire and evidence that the ral hs.-j sniwefi a^.-ay five Inches of ins'i Nation. Ho raade repairs, bat mean time t r a:ns had to stop till all was clear. She ;;j]3 the oldest daughter of her :ntent.ou -- kill herself and cautioned ner to c^t homes for the smaller ehil- cren. i~c of whom are twis, aboat sis rears old. j Man!s Jaw Locks When He Yawns. j Batavia, X. Y.. Dec. 1. -- Waiter t Gray..t'n:rty-fi%e years old, a farmer. i presents a baffling case to Batavis | physicians. He has yawned three times j since Saturday, and each Time a phy- j sician has been obliged to man's mouth closed again. Negroes to Africa. G;«!hr.e. Oka_. Dee. 1 --Negrces of kiahc-nia Kansas aad Missouri In J particular, are making ereat prepara- " lions to rcc-e:ve Chief Albert Sam. of the As.ii: tribe, Ashante. West Africa, who is · o nmg to Boley, Okla.. a strictly r.pzro town, with an invitation | from tn- Chiefs of all the tribes in i get the Manufacturer Killed by Fall. Denver, Pa,. Dec. 1.--Ambrose liar- burger, forty years old, wes kilied by falling through a chute and breaking his neck at the hat plant of which he was the junior member. Says She's Too OJd to Be i axed. HUivSHe. X. -;., Dec. 1.--Claiming that s"ie is too oicl to be taxed: and adding: "I am on cl"! maid. am. glad o j ^ aa ^ -^-0,313 rather be one-than a grass widow.TM iliss Jane Qaina ap peered before the CnnU;er»aad board of taxation, aslnng tbat tae tax b3 reir.itted. Tne boars! will consider the unique appeal. It's :t iiiuae.^ Sata, these are the snsae. S»« . "Tis sdl a shame. Sain. ana a sSiacie It Is to sbam so. Susan stiincajshoes and socks. Socks and, -shoes sissces Susaa. She ceaseth - shining sboes a ad. socks, for shoes and socks shock Snsan. ^ - GOST-A-3BLLION Nearly a Minrbn"for 6ettysburg Event t;iy be started corice. for there need be no jvreparritii:L If thg party num- "According to 'Colonel I^wls E. Beitler. the secretary of- the Pennsylvania Commission in. charge of-the arrange- msnVs for the ssmi-centenhial of the battle of Gettysburg-, the; appropriations made for-that great.event aggregated a million dollars:' ^Ehis sum includes -what was appropriated by the nation, and the various states and accounts for the success, of "the eelebra- In .appropriations iPennsylvania led =--ith something- close to half a million, as was eminently befitting- the state whicsr-was host loathe survivors of the bers ten. :«cre or.'!er=s. let there be as -battle and the'notable's of the Parlous nunjbers. from 1 to 10.'inclusive, distributed :i:nocg tlieai. Then eacts player fuld his number underneath a corner of nis bsntlkercbicf and pins ii-scciireiy out of sl^Ut- AH toss their han{I!ji--:v!:5e* l " ; = :::jon tlie carpet In tise middle c«T tU«- s"-oij. Then once more tbe |.Ian:st strikes np a lively tune, ant! everyfco'jy skips or dances about ia a circle around tue "pooL" At any moment tbe music may suddenly stop Tbeis everybody must seize a. handker chief frons the pool. Immediately the music strikes up again, and all start off In tbe frolicsome circuit, aiean- T7aile nnpincinj: the corner of the handkerchief to Sad oct the number eacb has drawn. At this point the hostess or leader drops Into t?:e pool as many duplicate numbers less one ;;s there are handkerchiefs. :«n! agnlii tbe music stops unexpectedly, and everybody scrambles for a number, one plnyer. of course, securing none. Tbosa who tai2 to draw n number to matcb tbe one plnnco in their handkerchief must toss tbe number hack into tbe pool, and the frolic goes on antfl tbe music again stops, and another rush is made. Those ·svbo csnn their OupHcate first tie tbeir hnncVterchlefs about their Sends and retire from tbe game, ·srear- them as a crown of victory. Cnt tlse one who at tbe last fa:Js to secure n number vein? tbe jokes and prophecies of the- Snckler ones--and a brown paper dunce's -cap besides- l Advertising How To Keep Active sta'ces and the nation. Had it not been. for the initiative of the people of Pennsylvania the attention of the country ^Rrould never have been drawn to the timeliness of the observance and much of the credit for the success ·which attracted ivorld-wide attention belongs to the Keys'tone State. 33S6 MILES LONG According- to figures just completed by Frank H. Trego. chief engineer, the Lincoln Highway is -33S8.6 miles long from Xe-sv York to San Francisco- The half vi-ay mark is betvsreen Lexington and Cozad. Xebraska. At the annual meeting of the Baltimore Automobile Dealers' Association ac the Automobile Club of Maryland's rooms, the association Trent on record as offering- all possible assistance to the Lincoln Hig-hviray association project. The dealers' association declared by resolution to lend its support and exert its efforts 'totvard securing- subscriptions from its members and their customers and also by placing posters of the Lincoln Highway association in their sales rooms. Baltimore is not on 'the route of the Lincoln High-way but it TTSS the sense of the meeting that al! similar organizations, no matter -where located, should help in obtaining one real highway to act as a model and stimulus to others. Slain as Ke Says Goocby. TVinrhester. Va.. Dec. 1.--Charles -I. rs, twenty-nine years old, salesman for a Baltimore drug firm, was struck anc fatally, In.pjnre-5 by a Southern Q"5cksonri When · Old Age Overtakes Us- Mrs. John "Widmayer of Jackson, j Mich., says: "Although 69 years of j TWENTY-F STMAS ranway- aad sain goedbyMq_ Djc. A. C.'BJiier. whose aaesihe-natrbeen~on a hunting trip. - : I can truthfully say tha't Vinbl has i-wonin'iv« atl^ ORS "^ouders to keep me as active as 3.\r4*\J*iHjci. * " dc 1 ,,, ,, - « A ^- ·· , . " ~ T,~^ T,«^^_ il am. it is the best medicine to .create shooK lane*, strength t h a -j evcr 53^. This spring I was very much, run down and worn- Ashante :or tne negroes of America to: out bat I took Vino! and -soon feit, stronger ar.d able to work about tsie j house. I can recommend VInoi as a locate n ibat oountrv. NOTTCE: all road tax of 1913 must be paid by December 1st. By order of Board of Supervisors. II. C. Shryock. --advertisement £1.550,000 For Beet Growers. Greelfy, Colo.. Dec, 1.--More than $I.".".i"'«» W as paid last month to tbe farmers o," "Weld county by tte three sugar factories in the Greeley district. This was for beets delivered in. the Wonth of October. (Signalman Struck by train Is Dying. | verv invigorating tonic." V\"ilm;ngton. Del.. Dec. 1.--Struck by Should the system get run down-train as he was crossing the elevat-! digestive organs weak--the blood thin t - _ -v-w _ ti.- -»_ J ft···* jffn tV» 4-tT."ih "triT^rxl TTrTti^Tt icr ^ ed tracks of the Philadelphia, Baltimore Washington railroad at Madi and sluggish -- take which is a tnington ere be I STRAYED or stolen, \vhite Billy DON'T forget Emory C. Zepp's big Roa . u j ohn Eckenrodc, 43 Kailroad ° f liv stcck on Dov e mb er 2nd.- advertisement street, ment delicious combination of 'the medicinal bodv-buiiding properties of cods" livens, with the useless grcs?e eliminated and tonic iron added. We regard Vinol as one of the greatest bodybuilders and strength creators in the world for aged people. We wish every feeble old person in this vicinity_would try on our agreement to return their money if it fails to give satisfaction. People's Gettysburg, Pa.--advertise- Drug Store, Gettysburg, Pa. P. S. If you have any skin trouble - try Saxo Salve. We guarantee it. The T-ast Mouth of tbe Year Is Here. Tempus Fugit to Beat the Band.

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