The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 1, 1963 · 55
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 55

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 1, 1963
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Nitrate to Acetate: Saving Great Films Museum Meets Emergency; Lancaster Stunts on Train Only Scheuer BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER How can you save rare old films for posterity? on wav: transfer them from Velluloid" to acetate less we art soon, all pre-19n0 movies on nitrate may crumble to dust," warns Arthur Knight, curator of films and tapes for the Hollywood Museum. The museum is acting now. Eastman Kodak is don-nating 360.000 ft. of raw film stock for the purpose, bringing the total for this year to 720,000 ft. Consolidated Film lab3 here offered free use of processing facilities. As a result restoration has been made on such classics as D. W. Griffith's "Birth of a Nation," Douglas Fairbanks "The Man From Painted Post." "His Maiesty. the American" and "The Three Musketeers William S. Hart's "The Toll Gate" and Laurel and Hardy s Two Tars." directed in W2 hy ln McC'arey and photo-craphed bv George Stevens. Also restored was David Harum" with Will Rogers, which though it was made as "late" as 10.14 us salvaged just in time: the print was ihrinking and the negative was unusable. In on Rebirth of a Nation New York's Museum of Modern Art, repository of many priceless features, is collaborating with the Hollywood Museum to the extent of allowing copies to be rnTde of them. But saving a "definitive" "Birth of a Nation," for instance, required more effort than the mere borrowing of Modern Art's negative. Consolidated has a second one, but both are now unreproducable Modern Art is also in possession of four prints none of them complete. As I get it the museum here took over these prints and enlisted the aid of Daystars Leslie Stevens (why not such an authority as Seymour Stem or Herb Sterne?) in putting together one 'good print. This Stevens reportedly has done "by careful editing. For Fairbanks' "Three Musketeers," the 13 shrunken reels were re-photographed and a new negative made. A significant factor in the arrangement between the two museums is that Hollywood's will not lend or m any wav distribute these pictures as New York does. They will be shown onlv in Hollywood's new building ground for which is to be broken Oct. 20 at 2 p.m. A second point of departure: New York's archives are open to international cinema; Hollywood will concentrate on the American art-industry. However foreigners who were later to "make good" in Hollywood - like Germany's Kmil Jannings and director Ernst Lubitsch will be welcomed into the local collection. Donors of movies and memorabilia so far have included Mary Pickford. King Vidor, Mrs. Cecilia De Mille Harper, Edward Alperson, David 0. Selzmck and the Mirisches. All others are invited to step right up. They're All Aboard 'Train' Late word from "The Train," filming at Acquigny 60 miles outside Paris: "Director John Frankenheimer and star Burt Lancaster are very high on this project. As usual, Frankenheimer is bringing great imagination and several new concepts to the picture, which is very physical. As usual, Burt insists on doing all his own stunt work much to the distress of producer Jules Bricken. Because the director wants true realism the explosion scenes are realistic as hell, requiring constant standby of a corps of medical personnel as well as fire trucks, emergency equipment, etc. But when you see it on the screen, you get the feeling it is happening right now. "As you can imagine, this film is very popular with the French since it deals with their heroism in delaying the German trainload of art ($200 million) on its way to the fatherland just, prior to the liberation of Pans. In fact, when the 20th anniversary of the liberation is celebrated next summer (August), the government has asked for the world premiere of 'The Train.' " COAST PREMIERE: University Extension's Theatre Group will inaugurate its fall season with "Brecht on Brecht," the off-Broadwav revue of the late German dramatist's works, Oct. 2,)-Dec. 1. It will be staged by William Allyn. Excerpts will be read or sung from The Threepenny Opera," "Galileo," "The Good Woman of Setzuan," "The Private Life of the Master Race," etc. t w 5 ijiris in o)y raseu on Discarded Title JOANNE WOODWARD emerges from a conefsntrated beauty course as a glamorous Parisienne in "A New Kind of Love," opening Friday at the Fox Wilshire. FLAMENCO PROGRAM EMULATES WEATHER Los Flamencos del Cid par-sion of the JoL.; in a Spanish Urinated in a program of Spanish song and dance in Wilshire Ebell Theater Sunday night, and the heat of their perfomance raised the crowd's temperature nearly as high as last week's sizzling weather. Clark Allen, singer-guitarist, supplied informative commentary throughout the evening's entertainment, illuminating the various music and dance forms with historical points of interest. Added dimension was thus imparted to such traditional flamenco forms as "Alegri- as. ' nemos, ana soiea as danced by Margarita Cor dova, Juan Talavera, Raul Martin, and Marta Amaya, all of whom garnered bushels of "oles" for their fiery footwork. Less usual fare emerged in a hepnaraic song, ios Bilbilicos"; in a Basque ver- 4Circus World' Before Cameras in Barcelona BARCELONA Director Henry Hathaway put Sam uel Bronson's Rita Hayworth and Lloyd Nolan co-star. Following 11 days of loca tion filming in Barcelona the A - 1 1. company returns 10 me Samuel Bronston Studios in Madrid, base for additional "C i rcu s 'locations filming and inter 1 1. I" C.V. worm- oewre me earner, Hichlieht of the Barcelona here this week, initiating;fiinijng will be the capsizing filming on the Rig Top nf a 2o0-foot circus ship spectacular in which John dunng a maritime perfor- Wayne, Claudia A playwright should nev er tnrow anytmng away. Success of "The Girls in 509" at Pasadena Playhouse pro vides proof. Author of the plav, How ard Teichmann, collaborated some years ago with George Kaufman in writing "The Solid Gold Cadillac," which ScgflngtlfatCitttfg TUES., OCT. 1, 1?&3-Part IV 9. Though the title was discarded the idea remained. Teichmann recalled it in writing "The Girls in 50V which is concerned with two whacky heroines who were panicked into locking themselves in a hotel room by the defeat of President Hoover years, immuring themselves with 30,000 snares or gener al Motors stock. Believing it worthless since the advent of the New Deal, they papered the wall with it Nominated Twice "The L-Shaped Room, starring Leslie Caron at th Beverly Hills Music Hall Theater, has received two in an early draft bore the in 1032. title, "Poor General Motors." They didn't emerge for 2" Maudie Prlckett and Golden Globe nominations Madge Blake play the lead-jhy the Hollywood Foreign ing roles. 'Press Association. I ((NATIONAL rmj GENERAL CORPORATION 11 iiiiii .5TV it's... J3-f b:Vft 'V, r& a. 4No Strings' Due Oct. 15 at Orpheum Seat sale for the musical play, "No Strings," has opened at the Orpheum Theater, where the produc tion opens Oct. lo. Richard Kodgers wrote both words and music for the new attraction. There are 14 songs in the score among them "The Sweetest Sounds, Love Makes the World Go" and the title tune. The story of "No Strings" is based on an idea of Rodgers and Samuel Taylor It is concerned with the romance of an American model and an author whose paths cross in Paris. Howard Keel and Barbara McNair are co-starred in the musical. Supporting cast in cludes Jane van Duser, Robert Goss, Kit Smythe, Juki Arkin. Beti Seay, Fer- dinand Hilt, Anne Hodges and Marc Scott. bagpipe solo by Clark Allen, and in a dance from Asturias performed in wooden shoes by Miss Amaya to flute and drum accompaniment. A more recent type of the or dinarily tragic "Tientos" was aunounced as a version of the rhumba. but as executed by Leona Wood, appeared to be an average belly dance. A quintet of singers from Veracruz, Mexico, offered a change of sound, accompany- inof thpmsplvpe with mitara and a harp, and their version M of "Malaguena Salerosa" with its use of falsetto and yodel was especially appealing. Pepe Segundo, flamenco singer, and Julio de los Reyes, guitarist, were as impressive in their solo numbers as they were in spurring the dancers on in accompaniments. Philip Harland supplied percussion at appropriate moments. Scenery and costumes were effective and colorful. MIMI CLAR. I vsa TPS 1fV- a if -j CALL THEATRS or CR. 4-0411 BR. 8-9261 TONIGHT t 8:30 the FOX WILSHIRE theatre PROUDLY PRESENTS AN IMPORTANT fi '$ MAJOR STUDIO PREVIEW $4 jacK swmur mi BILLY WILDERS JRMu DwE lav$ Soonl f UUt tUIW IM' MTrt UADDIH !'" fl'M'.'Jl-"' RACHEL ROBERTS UK - GO0LIO IV RCnbGiltATION fitSt 11th WEEK! ItlllD V? Y? i ALL NIW IN COLOR ON OUR GIANT SCREEN W'th BURTON HOLMES NARRATOR IN PERSON fo Wfl Cetit Thnlr$ tnd Burton Homt ern( "THt ORANOTOUH Eursp I Ywf Own Car CREST, Lon Bttch "ITALIAN HOLIDAY" ACADEMY. Pmadtna CRITERION. Santa Monica FOX. Fullaitnn TODAY AT 230 nd S:1S .. 1 , I V j?? J Hf Chi1iirtnwJ hs Itvonia fliftt. i than mum praaranavng gicW.amenfl J nd"Lou(M .wiiMwMiniCEGIItVMiEn r-uiASi 1 QTal.fe cmriAvr tXCLUHVILY rh LuxurtouN FOX ...the fabulous Edith Head, creations from "A New Kind of Love" at Ohrbach's October 2nd-7:45PM ill WILSHIRE naar LA CIENEQA OL. 3-0893 OL. a-1303 canon 0'Vt CR S-5244 MARGARET RUTHERFORD ') "Ths Funniest Womon Alive!"-Tima Moo.aAlvC IPITUI (unicTit' w nuninn bnnian&a IPS ANGELES fl , EL REY nfitin fiwn i ic ' Wl i-miii :4S Wront Arm Of Th Law S4&. 55 DAYS PEKING f we-3ii8:4 Gidget Goes To Rom BEACH PARTY Cidftt Go ta Rom HIGHLAND 504 N. Fl. 79 CL 5-9S t Ab LIDO Rich"i H,rrit & 8607 w. Plea Ai Rachel Robert In 0L i-tm Park THIS SPORTING LIFE (Coolea By Refrigeration) C3i i WESTCHESTEH LOYOLA 4s DAVID AND LISA 8SI0$ep0v(a vnlu '"" sp K-I4IQ pii. Wrong Arm Of The law ItliLBIITlU-IESTKai CUllfiltlTY WILSHIRE 6440 Wilshira 0L3.08M S.-4S Tonitu! MAJOR STUDIO PREVIEW, Clr. 1:30 PM! Come Blow Your Horm iiiiiiLijiiiMii u '. s-" . iry " ' 1 11 1 1 ev f j JU "PULSATING DRAMA . . . SUPERB!" Via I 4lM LESLIE CARON nSS iiipiiiipii iva 1M WUlliLl&S&l ri FINE ARTS L,s''?,,,s! I 8ij Wilahira RVi I 0L 2-1330 S:3 ' (Coolea By Refrigeration) i VILLAGE Frank Sinatra-Les J. w. (105(1 Cohb-Barbara Rush In GR 3-3042 :4S Come Blow Your Horn iCcolea By Refrigenlion) I BRUIN GR 7-2W7 DAVID AND LISA nf 1 efni Wront Arm Of The Law (Cool'01 By Refrigeration) CULVER C. Romero F. Avilon :-8m"k CASTILIAN 9:45: Cliff VE 8-3124 Robertson, PM09, 7:15 (Cooled By Refrigeration) LENDAIE IGCMHlHirHE These academy award stars Tell its shocking Storyi I? ALEX Country Music Craze! Cniilinuout 12 nuuiuwnni nuui: j. CH 5-1525 Lewis, Rockabye Baby (Cooled By Refrigeration) GLENDALE On. 6:45 5-2815 F. Avalon-C. Romero, THE CASTILIAN: Cliff Robenson, PT-109 SANTA MONICA' VENICE T,7 1 CHINESE n i"?'' Ho i!,5?, IRMA LA DOUCE (Cooled ByRefrigeraion) Hollywood c. T;jM 12:30-5 A.M. THE CASTILIAN) HO 3-9171 Wall Of Noise OPEN AU NIGHT UNTIL S A.M. DAILY (Cooled By Refrigeration) DAVID AND LISA IRIS 508 Hallvwaoa' 81. HO 4-2164 12:15 wrong Arm Of The IID (Cooled By Refrigeration) WOMEN OF THE WORLD (Cooled By Re'rlgeration) 875 HoTiywd, HO 2-6621 12:11 I J SAW fERNAHOO VALLEY f "l FOX 6T. J-2;, DAVID AND LISA 1 2:4j Wrong Arm Of The Law Northrltfta 1 3i, 12:45 wrong (Cooled By Refrigeration) STUD 0 CITY Jull Harris-Claire Op. 65-Park Bloom. THE HAUNTlNGi TR 7.1977 Sweet Bird Of Youth (Cooled By Refrigeration) MIAL DAVID AND LISA TR 7.29S3 12:15 Wrong Arm Of The L (Cooled By Refrigeration) GUILD Douglas-MGaynorT 3ihl Lank'nhlni FOR LOVE OR MONEYi P0 2-2272 4S Hudson, Come Sept. (Cooled By Refrigeration) LA REINA Frank SinVtlT"cl3ME Sherman oVk. BLOW YOUR HORN: A ST 4-1 mi 6:45 Gathering Of Eaglet (Cooled By Refrigeration) FOX Country Music Craze! v"n Nuyi HOOTENANNY HOOT: ST. s-2731 12:45 Gidget Goes To Rom (Cooled By Refrigeration) CAPRI F Avalon-C. Romero. 6258 Van Nuyt THE CASTILIAN; Fondl, T 5-3819 6:45 Spencer't Mountain (Cooled By Refrigeration) o C0NEJ0 VILLAGE THOUSAND OAKS CRITERION Kalian 'Solida-lTY Mr Cont, 2:15 Italian Holiday z Hr. ix 5-11282 Motion Pict. in Clr. S In Person Lecturer 2:30 A B:15 P.M. Frank Sinatra. COME BLOW YOUR HORNi A Gathering Of Eagles WILSHIRE OP. 6:45 EX 5-6995 FOX-Venice e:4 Para EX 8-4215 D. Day-J. Garner, THE THRILL OF IT ALL: Gathering Of Eagles IN6LEW00D ACADEMY k IS Pirk l i.Jisi wrong t (Cooled By Refri CflV Country Music Craze! Op I2 l HOOTENANNY HOOT: OR -23:j Gidget Goes To Rome (Cooled By Refrigeration) KDONM MANMTTA)lRFJ!MOSA FOX-Redondo DAVID AND LISA ??t 4-0495 Wrong Arm Of The Law R. Thp RrpatFtranp 'enimula Canter 1 ' PR 7-6773 7:00 t 7:30; Spenceri Mtn. Margaret Rutherford Going Strong at 71 One senior citizen who is not thinking of retirement is Margaret Rutherford, who stars now at the Beverly Canon and Sherman Theatres in the comedy, "Murder at The Gallop." "I have no desire to sit hack and write my memoirs yet." said the 71-year-old 'actress. HLTrrrmsTOd park IEUC0MPT0H B RST FULL-LENGTH HOOlfeNANNY MUSICAL! a f jaafcar"! Trmmmn Y-H-ti-a trmr HIBOiililiHHi X 9 auia-j:? s .l.i.i.i j.t. i. n ii 1 ..i.i jiixin, i.ii.. . I . Cr . IIWiH!"!.1 II :aatl aiii llaillBi A A ae. ft A I Arlinin mm W THESE SHUT iGCTEKMHT HITS! Vje:wif Mwt" 'A6r "Pirttti T SM" "Pure M! Hf Teajit "TM f"f I.KU" 1 f lm "TV i s y (irtw I; eir aM ewi! Biiie-PMSi "aJoM4 ar Alf nil lITTl I I II A FOUR LEAF PRODUCTION "LI'L ABNER"Af oil Pacific DrWe-ln Theahet. See directory ods for Second Featurei of ofer Theofrei. 111 WiliLLi:l P'-; II di ' -y: t, h-iiaesr Li- , , . """" ji I I r ANO WITH ri I .1 Ir.o.r.bya ScrnBlay A I hDAMnniOC rDQflOT inrrnmnnr nini in n ni'ni'rii nTnr i nnuHiVui ATiTANuSar4 iVSrl I nMMUUIOL I riLVUuI I VlllUnlU Ut bluA JcAN mULbAhlntl AtSbi MM E3 DAVID AND LISA Arm Of The Liw geratinn) The Great Escape Sinatra. Sergeanti 3 D Stack-J. Crawford- P. Bergen, CARETAKERS; Mason-Lyoni, LOLITA C. Romero-F. Avalon, THt CASTILIAN; Clitf Robertson In PT-109 PALOS VERDES H Thriller Duallersf BorU Karloff. THE TERROR; Dementia 13 PARK DAVID AND LISA 6504 Parlfle vn"u n,,u "fn Lu 7-3441 sl Wrong Arm Of The Law SI M7iP Walt Disney'i 20.000 Ati. at Sage. 0a LEAGUES UNDER StAj LU 8-3306. t:45 Spencer's Mountain Thriller Duallers! Compton-Par 2rJ! ' TMt . . HE 6-1315. :0o TRR0R; Dementia 13 RIVERSIDE DAVID AND LISA Wrong Arm Of The Law BEACH PARTY Gidget Goes To Rome latnt iRTisrs soldim sin JtL4lW rout star ia--f m vt ni , Mrv fWHOKT MM M MS-Hi III 1L fti en 'l r.nia SAH BERNARDINO Hi CAL C0NEJ0 Ann-Margret Van Dyke-Of 1.1 "i Leigh, BVE BYE BIRDlEi 495-7008 Gidget Goes To Rome (Cooled By Refrigeration) "J rimju-.rtKiu Burton Holmes' ont. 2:15 ITALIAN HOLIDAY, 2 Hr. mu i-smu Motion Pict. in Clr. & I Person Lecturer 2:30 i 8:15 PM STATE 6:45 Park Y 2-7139 DAVID AND LISA Wrong Arm Of The lave RIALTO So Pasadena MU 3-1239 :30 K. Dougias-M. Gaynor, FOR LOVE OR MONEYi Gathering Of Eagles a POMONA LA VERNE I "1 WTARIO CLAREMQNT j nAvin AMn na omona 0. ;45 na 2.1333 Wrong Arm of The Law MT. BALDY DRIVE-IN Faathill-Whita LYJi-4931 GRANADA Ontarie 984-224S:4S Frank Sinatra-Jiff St. John. COME BLOW YOUR HORN; . Hudson, Gathering of Eag'es VILLAGE Clarcmont NA 4-2812 8:45 Frank Sinatra, COME BLOW YOUR HORN: A Gathenng Of tigles Orson Welles In Franz Kalka's THE TRIAL; PIUS The IsUni J 0RAN6E COUNTY I j DAVID AND LISA hi 3-8317 Wrong Arm Of The law The Great Escape Hope, CaM Me Bwana FOX Anaheim RE 5-3602 8:45 fSurl Burton Holmes "GRAND lerton 2:11 "TOUR" Z Hr. Motn. Plct LA 5-2181 In Clr. t In Person lecturer 2:30 8:15 P.M. f IONS BEACH SEAL BEACH p WEST COAST ,.J?5,!;LS,m.?,'.n- Com. 12 HE 1-4209 Shirley MacLeme IN IRMA LA DOUCE Burton Holmes "GRAND 4275 Atlantic iuuk ' z nr. woin. ricu Oa. 2:i Pa In Clr. C In Person lecturer 2:10 8 8:15 PM BELMONT Open 6:00 HE 8-1 on l IMPERIAL Open 12:00 HE S-3973 BAY Snl Batch GE 0-1123 :IS Frank $inatr. COME BLOW YOUR HORN; A Gathering Of Eagles DAVID AND LISA Wrong Arm Of The law Film Festival FOUR DAYS OF NAPLES IAKERSFIELI SANTA PAULA Theatre (tented Tnday Reg. Perf. Starts Wednesday 1 REDLANDS.IANNIN8 Q REOLANDS REACH PARTY Gidget Goes To Rome Op. :45 r A Titan US an CALO 0NTI PraMnttLiyi a(aaa by 20th CEHTUKY-fOX TOMORROW City-Wide! 2J FEATURE AT THESE TMtATMS DOWNTOW LOS ANGELES Mi 4-6271 VIST LA. PICWOOD G 7 ?M9 rsc(MA UNITED ARTISTS MU 1-6577 MIRACLt MILS 4 STAR 164211 moLiwooo UNITED ARTISTS 6718977 COVIN CGVINA EO 2-2003 -r- CLtNOH CAPITOL Ci 3-4?61 lOt ANOCLC& MANCHESTER FOX WEST COAST THEATRE HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD HO 3-9371 HUNT. PARK PARX IU 7-3442 O OUT TO A Movie TONIOMTI CALL THEATRE TOR SHOW TIME! SANTA MONICA WILSHIRE CX 56935 N HOLLYWOOD EL PORTAL TR 7-2H3 VAN NUV1 FOX ST 5 2731 DRIVE-INS START AT DUSK PACIFIC DiVt INS WEST LA. OLYMPIC Hivt-m GI7-M1; OUTMtATt S0UTH6ATE Hiyt-ii 10 4-1137 INOLEWOOO CENTURY tiivt-m OR i-9917 . ARCADIA EDWARDS 0lll-l HI 7-8179 t JOANNE (.FJICMAWO XDWUO'BEYHER Trevor -Litf iii r. A" I f XCLUSrVfLV HP j t m i Deivi in .n.i... "T" I , r-J.-U.- 526 682 I Bl J 5550 I A M I rrf' Y 3-4331 BANNING 0. :43 VI 9-3714 2 Jerry Lewis' Hits! F0CKABYE MY BABY i Don't Give Up Ship FOX Rakftnfifld FA 3-7311 43 Liz Taylor-Richard Burton. Louis Jourdn-Rod Taylor In VIP S California DAVID AND LISA fa i-30ii n m Wrong Arm Of The Law , Thriller Duallers! Boris Karloff, THE TERROR; Dementle 11 FOX Sanla Paula 1A 8-41 IU MJ ri SAN PEPR0a STRAND tin Pedro Ti 2-2i.1l :43 Thriller Duallers1 Boris Karloff. THE TERROR; Dementia 11 LAJI 4 UHIJ "A RIPE AND RACY SATIRIC COMEDY1 PELLINI'8 "Oz' N.Y.Tim Starts FRIDAY! "JOSEPH E.LEYINE I ntaorri wmim MM " x : l a story of the Queen aa ueMT acrvacs Mm Wilshire nr.La Cieneg 0L.2 1330 uoen oaiiy a a sir. sunjw r.i n j j t jr.T.i tiii 7imiir:ti;n?.iinn 3 PL 3 1431 lllllMtMnilllHU PAGAN. HELLCAT tRAtSt Fll IU I ffll ftCSEBft CAU THf ATtl Of OtlVf-IN tOt HOW TW - raeuM ua ttttia n 4 141 PCIW) ELLFIOWER I ALMAMMA N'JBEL CARFIELO 5-3711 I AT 2-4154 "THE GG.'DU".ED OF ALT0!!A" MONICA 7T34 SaKa W4c tv 0L4-S74A 'MATS. CONT, tf"i Frt. 1 Ml. St. 1 v.m. - ' 1 ' K V, .Ml "'CO. pill I II l MM 1 X c HSUfci plus Cjrj SUNDOWH I f7E!S i Mr Wf Y 0X 3-3242 01 I ymmm " 1 jRjl f jjjj sj1

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