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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, January 22, 1818
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if; '? ( V il ! '' ! 1 1 1 St : t';l rr; I! J ' !'!"' . 1 it if i', . .. - ) f" v - ' - - VwstA LvurpoU Advertiser, Doe. S. ; AIus ATM so,. Mr. Bandars pamphlet CO that tub act of this celebrated persoa&ge, has just appeared, and will tTobably be thought thi last, . which this singular controversy can aver require. It b wriUw w a style M iranKnest, spi - rit Mid Intelligence, which U likely to command - the attention of lu readers ia an eminent degree. The obicct of tbe anther U to establish three principal points t first, that Mia M'Avoy b aot . blind t secondly, that deceptive art hare been oaed in the exhibitions of her wonderful powtrs ; and thirdly, that other persons, blinded by the same processes used in her cue, bar been in that etata able to perform the same experiment If thee propositions are desaouitrated, and' we , apprehend that ia the opinion of most penont they will be thought at least rry probable, the wnols mystery ol the miracle is at ooce tuuoiaea. We could present a number of extracts from the pamphlet, which would serve to confirm this position, aad would greatly entertain our readers, bat perhaps the following will ha thought , ittukaenl " M The following statement contains the sub - . stance of what occurred, though it may pot b comet ia point of order. Mm M'Avoy was , seated upon a chair, in the presence of nearly thirty persons ; all standing, with tne exception of about half a dosso. Wheal entered, she was exhibiting' with her eyes uncovered; she toM colours by rubbing her fingers upon the ob - ' JecU presented. Approaching close, I knelt at the siiU of her chair, aad watched with great attention the pupil of her eye, which could not . be accurately observed by a person standing. I saw her several timet depress it, till she caught a glimpses the objects; sooo after this, gold beaters' skin was applied. 1 remained at her side, and looking in at the corner of her eye, to which part the covering had not closely adhered, distinctly perceived a slight elevation of the eyelid : an elevation sufficient to admit the edge of a dull knife. In the course of the perform - . vace, it sometimes increased, and sometimes diminished: vet it was never perceptible to per sons standing; immediately before her. I was then so convinced she nsed her eyes, as I nsed mine, that on the impulse of conviction, I decja - ' red the lady could see. Upon this declaration, Dr. Jardioe called me out of the room, aad stated that it would be better that the expert meats previously agreed upon between himself . - and others, should be tried witbout any inter - . ruptioa. To this I assented, observing, at the same time, that I was sura she could see, and : that the goggles were not satisfactory blinds. In coosequeavoe of Dr. Jardina's differing in opinion, I requested they might be fixed upon myself; they were seat for, brought into the kitchen, and applied by Dr. Jardine, Mr. Bywater, and Mr.. Turmeau, with as much care as possible ; - the moment a watch was presented, I told the hoar. The goggles were then taken off, and ... put oa a second time, with still greater care. A small watch was then produced, and I observ - . ad, " This winds up on the fates, but I cannot tell you immediately what the hour how aver, ia a short time I saoceeded. Finding I ' could still see, the experiment was again tried, the goggles ware then fixed in a very tight and . oppressive manner, so mnch so, that I could not breathe through my nostrils, a thine; indispensable to Miss M'Avoy. I (hen declared the pov - erwai gone, or ia other words, that I was com . pletely blindfolded." "At the close of the experiments, another person present expressed an opinion that Afus , M'Avoy could see; uwn which Dr. Ren wick proposed that the goldbeater's skin aad the adhesive plaster should be applied to that person's yet, wnicii was assented to, and uncommon pains were taken by Dr. K. in plartng them, so as to prevent all possibility of seeing. When fixing them, Dr. R. said, " Now close your eye inn," to wtucnan answer was returned ey one, "You were act so particular with Mist - M'Avoy." However, the request was compli d with, aad when the bandages were properly ' placed, a watch was presented, and the hour Was immediately pronounced ; a glove was givet .and ibe colour was told ; a letter was produced, Which was read with great facility, although the writing was very small." TO TBI IDtTOK. Sir The case of Abraham Thornton, who - nat been appealed of the death of the late un . turtuuate Mary Asbford by the brother and heir - at law of the deceased, excites great Merest, and will, na doubt, elicit much useful information of the principles of the common law upon this antiquated though not obsolete part of it. Amongst the variety ol arguments mentioned ia the public papers to have been adduced on be half of the appellant, against the allowance of Ui" defendant's plea of wager of battle, I do aot observe the following, which seems to be worthy of attention : "It b i good countcrplea of battel that the defendant hath been indicted for the same fact; when if appeal be brought the defendant shall aot wage battel." Vide Jacob's Law Dictionary, 4to. 1809, Title "Battel." How this authority, which' to me appears respectable, has escaped the observation of the , appellant's legal advisers, aad of the various expositors of the law upon the subject, I cannot resolve. Your insertion of the above will oblige, years, REFLECTOR. JfEIV - rOHK EVKJfUtQ PuST. THURSDAY, JANUARY it. Congrttt. The following is the resolution in troduced by Mr. Hopkinsoa into the House of Representatives on Monday last - M Resolved, that the committee on the judiciary be instructed to enquire what fees have been charged and received by the district attorney of J the southern Oistnct of tue state of New - Tori, in wecatious broucht by him against retailers of . its, for vending them without license ; and, what Cses have been received and charged t same cases, b the other officers of the . . - d States, In the courts of the United States, e said southern district of the state of New - :, and that the said committee have power d for persons aad papers." the practice, dishonorable to the officers sited to, and oppressive ana injurious to many dividuals in this city, hare prevailed here, & we have too much reason to believe they have. We cannot express sufficiently our thanks to the honorable member from Pennsylvania for step - ping forth to expose them ; nor at the same time avoid expressing onr wonder and disappointment at not finding the New - York members at least ready to second him. From facts that have come to onr knowledge, and from more that we have heard of, we expect thit if the troth is brought to light, a seeling of indignation and astonishment will ba excited throughout the community. . Lam Since the editor of the National Advo cate insists upon my expressing my opinion respecting his prosecution and conviction, be shall bare it. It was not my wish or intention to press apoo bim ia his mitfortuac, but this will not Con tent him. . He is very petulant because I merely undertook to correct an error of the reporter for the Daily Advertiser, in mis - sUting the precise point of law co which he was .convicted ; but very ' prudently abstains from e vea an attempt to rhew wbartia I wax wrong. I aa "Wed the ride of dok bim any iojiutfc ia via particular, tinea 1 am ready to take ha own account of the affair iabis own paper, and let him u he can, new wherein it differs from that g)vea by me. 1 ven tured to my tha( the jury did aot convict him of publishing the letter, bat expressly of sWafctng iiMin. Whilnvs Mr. Noah himself.' In ba j . paper of Jan. 14 is the following : st Rnr I.. Birch, nor clerk, a man of on - im pet enable character aad veracity, declared, en ocuh, before the grand Jury, that ktfmirt the Utter that It was orx when he found it ; vet the mod jury declared that we tnfcreepieo, The seat evseWc was given on the trial. Ths district attorney declared, and the court was a - ware, that no evidenca was produced that we opened or tnitrtepted the letter j yet the jury returned in their verdict that wa did open, inter cept, aad publuh it." Now, if I can read English, here is the precise point stated as the foundation of the vtrdict, th&t I stated t namely, that the jury found that Mr Noah did intertept and pen the letter in ques tion? And it is also admitted in his paper of the L5th that the mayor did charge ths jury as I sta ted he did, that unless they were satisfied that Noah brk open the letter, thry should not find him guiffy of the mitdemeantr ehmrged in the in dictment ; but they did find him gvtly, and thereby twelve men on their oaths declared they were satisfied that he had commXled ths base act of breakihg open the letter, with which ha to accused. And if they believed the presumptive eridenoe afforded by a combination of circum stances which could not lie, rather than the unsupported oath of any witness whatever, who will deny their right to do so ? Who will under take to say what ought or ought not to satisfy the minds of a jury ? Who will undertake to say they were wrong in believing that the man who would pvbluk a letter of his political adversary, and openly boast that he did so upon the profligate principle, that, in his mind, all teal fair in politic, would not scruple upon the same prin ciple to brea! open a letter ; and that be did break it open, or, what comes to the same thing, was directly or indirectly concerned ia it ? Mr. Noah told us at first that there was to be a motion in arrest of judgment ; but as this could only prevail, on the supposition that it was no misdemeanor to break open a seal, I suspect, whatever anight ba Mr. Noah's ideas of law or morality, od this score, his counsel knew better than, to venture upon such ground. He then told us that the motion was to be one for a new trial; and one, I understand, has accordingly been ar gued on two objections, first that the verdict was without evidence I second that the mayor mis - di rected the Jury io point of law, in this, that after he charged them that to publish a tetter was no misdemeanor but that to break a ttal was, he added, that they, after all, were the sole judges as in all criminal cases, of law as well as fact This b the ground principally relied on, and can dor compels me to say I think the objection well taken. But the court postponed their decision to the next term, on a doubt that occurred whe ther the court of sessiooi bad authority to grant a new trial. No idle doubt certainly, since the supreme court has already decid ed that the court of sessions, as aa inferior court, bad no such au thority : aay, his honor the mayor was then on the bench and. the very judge who delivered this opinion himself, which is to be found in the first volume of Johnson's Cases : The People against Tbe Justices of ths 8eseions of the county of Chenango." Two points were determined.Jb - t, That the Sessions is a court of inferior jurisdiction. Second, That do such court possesses the power of granting new trials. Tbe statute since passed, extending the jurisdiction, gives no new powers. Mr. Noah, in talking of the wound that bai been inflicted on the liberty of the press on this occasion, talks at rundem and in attempting the pathetic falls into the ridiculous. Mtchanie'HaU On Tuesday evening I was among the number of spectators who attended the exhibitions of Mr. tanislas, and feel myself compelled in justice to my, that tbe high raised expectations of all who were present were amply gratified, .tffler treating us with a number of curious and instructive experiments in electrici ty by means of a complete and powerful appara tus, he proceeded to exhibit instances of slight of hand, which certainly exceeded what has ever been witnessed here. Amons other feats the following was exhibited. Seven watches, borrowed of gentlemen pre sent, were laid upon a table face upward;, a dish with three eggs were placed on the same table ; a card was then drawn from a pack by one of the company, unseen by the performer, and in order to know it again, a piece was tore out and preserved by the person who drew it; tbe card was then handed back, and the name of it being declared aloud, Mr. 5tanilas broke one of the eggs in the presence of the company, out of which be took the identical card with the fragment mis sing; then taking the fragment from the gentlemen who held it, and giving it a toss towards the table, he desired a lady to name any one of the seven watches and the fragment should be found inclosed in the case ; the one that was pointed out, beings handed to the owner of it and opened, the piece of card was found inclosed. Young gentlemen who witness these deceptive exhibitions, may learn from them this important lesson, for their future lives, vis. never to engage cards, or aa pastimes of chance or dexterity, where any thinrb hazarded, with a man of equivocal character. There is no possible se curity but in the honor of your companions. The legislature of Tennessee have passed an act, imposing a penalty of f 50,000 on the esta blishment of any branch of the Bank of the Uni ted States, in that state. THE ALBINESS. Mr. Coleman The following description of wis singular if male wbo is now exhibiting her - mu in this city, is taken from a British magazine called L Belle AtsembUe, (1816.) As H may not have been seen by many of your readers, it may aot only be gratifying to them, but afford an inducement also toothers to witness a phenomenon which has excited the admiration of Eu rope; . jj. " This highly interesting and pleasing aheoc - imeooo ia nature, wu.born at a town to Leex, Widila40 miles rfIdiecDlimW the Dame of Harvey. They were people wbo) were remarkable by no peculiar load, of com plexion; bat were of that ordinary oator Ural to tbe English, which is neither fair nor dark, thoorh rather inclined to the latter. They had six children, three ol woom uuwraou ur am maiulevion as their parents, and three, in - eluding tbe AiUocss, ol us same exiraoruuiarj appearance ; th brother and sister who were possrssrd of tbe same colored skin, hair and eyes, as the Albinese, are both dead. m The tint of Miss Harvevl skin is oeiscaieiy fair, with a moderate portion of color l but her hair is most wonderful s It b of the exquisite very pale straw color of the silk - worms silk, as first spun by that miraculous production of nature, and of the same fine glossy texture. Her eyee are about a shade lighter (ban an inuian pink, a mixture of rose colour and lilac; they are exoressive. and though her eye - lashes and eve - brows are auite while, her countenance is strikinrlv animated. Her fine lone clean hair is as pleasant to the touch as to the eye, and b kept so by frequent immersion in warm water, as sue never oses either a comb or a brush. . 44 Her manners are pleasing and well - bred ; her voice sweet, and she sings with taste, though her vocal talents have not been much cultivated, " There is a delicacy and modest animation in her demeanor, which render her truly interest inr. Her conversation b fluent and agreeable ; and she possesses the happy art of warding off and repressing impertinent remaros, wiinout be ing impolite, while she yet maintains a proper femenine dignity." To the Editor of the JV. T. Evening Pott, Sir We view with contempt the call made on us, through tbe medium of your paper, by Mr. Buchanan, H. B. M's. consul, to "prove our attachment to the royal family and the Bri tish constitution." bv siznins his test act. Our attachment was sufficiently tried during the A mencan revolution, and several of us are now enjoying half pay for the services rendered our king at that time ; others of us have pensions for personal sufferings in his cause ; and many of us supported by his majesty's liberal compensation for our property which was confiscated because of our loyalty. We consider the address alto gether incorrect and unprecedented, and calcu lated to eflect Mr. uucnanan's omect only. By giving this two or three insertions, you will much oblige ' Many old Tories, Extract of a letter from Havana. 12th Dec. re ceived by the editors of tbe Boston Palladium. 44 The Swedish ship Galathea, capt. Wallis, from Hamburg, with a cargo of linens, belonging to Mr. firancia .Doorman, a well known merchant there, was robbed by the Full Blooded Yankee, revolutionary privateer, capt. Jewitt, ofa great part of her cargo, and after doing this capt. J. gave capt. Wallis a passport, a copy of which is eocloeed. The privateers have broken open several letters, by various vessels coming from Europe, and taken out whatever they stood in need of. Copy of a passport received by capt. Wallis. 44 To the captains of the hermaphrodite onr Intrepede and or tbe sea Independencia, belonging to the Chilian .Squadron, under my command. Gentlemen You will please respect and pro tect the bearer of this letter, capt. B. Wallis, of the Swedish ship ualathea, whose papers and remaining property, I have strictly examined, and are fully, to my satisfaction, neutral. At sea, on beard brig I ull - blooded - Yankee, lllh Nov. 1817, and of our independence, 9th. (Signed) J. JEWITT .' SiviFNiH, Jan. 12. Another skirmish tcilh the Indians, An ex press reached Darien on Wednesday last, from maior central Gaines to mat. INix, theuthcer commanding at Darien, dated at the mouth of the Oconee river, 3th January. 1013, stating' that he (gen. Uamea) had just received an express from colonel Arbuckle inrormingr him that major Mulenburg, who was ascending the Flint Kiver with three vessels, having on board a detachment of United States' troops, provi sions, tc. was attacked thirty miles below Fort Scott bv twelve hundred 'Indians and . from both sides of the river, on the 16th ulti mo. When Uie express left, which was on the 18th, Die firing from both parties continu ed t at which time major Mulenburg bad three men killed and thirteen wounded ; but there was not the least apprehension of any of the vessels being taken that were under bis com mand. The troops so defended themselves in the vessels, from the enemy that they were perfectly safe. No man was killed or wounded only when in the act of warping, or casting anchor. Captain M In tosh, who commanded a post IS mdes from Fort Scott, with 40 men was attacked on the 15th ult bv between 2 and 300 Indiaus Captain M. defeated them without losing a man, and has since been re lieved.' There had also been a skirmish be tween the friendly and hostile savages, in which the chief of the former was killed, in consequence of which a number of the party under Ins command deserted and joined the hostile lnd.ans - The drafted troops from this division were assembling at Darien every day, and it was understood that they would march immediately for Hartford. General Glascock at the head of 1000 men from this state left Hartford for the Indian nation on the 27th ult. in rood order and high spirits. We under stand that the troops Uut were drafted from thi.s city will take up their line of march on Wednesday next for Darien From the Baltimore Federal Republican, Jan, 19. We are desired to state to Mr. John Maerav wlio, it will be remembered, had several children afflicted with that horrible malady, denominated the hydrophobia, that the widow Story, of Lancaster, lias what our benevolent correspondent considers an infallible remedy for that disorder He further adds, that this remedy has been applied to several cases which has fallen under his immediate notice, and in every instance with success. KEENE, (N. H.) Jan. 17. Distressing calamity On the night of the 1 1 th iost. the dwelling - bouse ol Mr. Philip W. Kib - bey, of Newport, in this county, was entirely consumed by fire. The circumstances attending were truly distressing : it appears that the family bad retired to rest, and the progress ol the names was so rapid, and so far advanced, when discovered, that Mr. Kibbey, his wife, and their children, had only time to make their es cape, with no other than their night garments on The seventy of the weather was such, ha their nearly naked situation, that Mr. K's feet were so badly frozen it was expected he must suffer amputation. Mrs. K. is also badly froxen, and their children likewise. The household furniture wss partly saved, but a quantity of grain ia the chamber was entirely lost. CaaaLUTo, Jan. VX From St. Augustine Governor Coppin - ger expressed his satisfaction at the Americans having taken possession of Fernandina, 6 driven out the Patriots i but he was nevertheless determined to give them a warm reception if they should make any attempt upon St - Augustine. January 13. From Havana K letter to the editors, dated Havana, 30th Dec. per brig Angelina, remarks "Our market ts extremely dull for American produce, (Flour excepted, which is at $23 'per bbl.) and the new crop of Coflee, is beginning to come in, ana u ael4 at f 18 per Quintal. Bice It u low at ffi 1 - 2 la 3 - 4 per PHILADELPHIA, Jan. Jl. m . - - i . : - - aF.miI ft fleW davs aro m the House of Representatives of reansyivaniat ov mi. . Resolved, That tbe Committee on Banks be . . - A .nil raivirt In thia House on tbe propriety of taxing the United States' Bank aad Uie Drancnes mercoi, ui - . - tablished in this state, and that the said committee have leave to report by bill or otherwise. ... . 1 . 1 . Juu.1. 1mm Im.lil. we unuersuuw wmi ui ucpmj Island, has stopped in this city, on his way to Washington, on account of ill health. The small - pox has made its appearance in : mtitm ncrwni have di - LHIIUIB, HI ua w... - . f ed of it, and others are dangerously attacked. Albany, Jan. 20. O . M.r A nfruin named Josenli Bond. AFHII - W - - I was apprehended on Saturday evening, having in his possession neany $juw m cuu"1 k:i1a The (Sill ft ml fill the Bank of Columbia the Farmers' and Mechanics Bank of Pitts burgh, and the Westmoreland Bank of Pennsylvania, and are all fives, tens and three dol lars. Bond says the bills were put in his pos acinn hv a nprwn tn be delivered to an ac cessary in this city he refuses to mention any names tint the paper and bill were made in Canada. RICHMOND, Jan. 17. Wheat yesterday sold in this city for 12s and 12s ed. A number of letters written and put into the post - office, are directed to their owners, with a special note that they are 41 private letters," and not to be opened, published or intercepted, by the " editor of tbe Advocate. Cot. CONGRESS. IN SENATE January 19. A letter was laid before the senate, by the president, from madama Plantou, proposing to make sale to congress of an allegorical painting from her own pencu, representing: the glory ana triumph of the United States in the ratification of the treaty of Uhent ; which letter was reterreu to the committee of commerce and manufactures. Tbe amendments of the senate to the bill fixing the compensation of the senators, representa tives, and delegates in the congress of the United States, were read and agreed to. The amendments of the senate to the bill for the relief of Winslow and Henry Lewis, were read and agreed to. MILITARY APPOINTMENTS. On motion of Mr. Lowndes, the house having resolved itelf into a committee of tbe whole on the bill making appropriations for the support of the military establishment for IBIB : tbe several appropriations passed without opposition, except one which provides for the appropriation ol 35,000 dollars to compensate such brevet officers as may be placed in service in such situations as to entitle them to pay according to their brevet rank. This provision Mr. Lowndes moved to strike out of the bill. Whereupon a debate arose on the expediency of continuing this allowance. The debate was of so considerable length, that even a brief sketch of it would exceed our limits. It is therefore reserved for a future day, when it shall be sketched off. Those who supported the motion to strike out this .section, were Messrs. Lowndes, Clay, Sergeant, Reed, of Md. ; and those who opposed it were Messrs. Mercer, Harrison, Ogle, Baldwin, and Smyth. Mr. Culbreth and Mr. Taylor al so expressed their views of iu Tbe motion was founded on tbe absence of any necessity for employing brevet officers in situ ations, enhuinc them to pay beyond that attach ed to their lineal rank, and was supported on that and other grounds. It was opposed on the ground that, as the law bow authorises the employment, and extra pay of such officers when commanding separate posts, ic it contains a compact which the government ought not to annul, between it and tbe officers : and also on the ground, that, whilst the law exists, the appropriations ought to be made accordingly. The motion to strike out this clause prevailed by a large majority. The remainder of the bill having been gone through, the bill was reported to the house, and was ordered to be engrossed. And the house adjourned. DIED, At Norwalk, Conn, on the 14th inst. Mr. John Newkerk, in the 66th year of his see. . In Boston juil, last Monday, William M'Donnotigh, under sentence of death. erffjvf.vw posTMAntxF. list. NO CLEARANCES. NO ARRIVALS THIS FORENOON. ARRIVED LAST HVkWIJHi. Brie A rent. Lewis, 125 days from Marseil le, via Gibraltar and New - Londn, with wine and dry goods, to Suvdam & Wyckott, a ii rand, D Gelston, N D Talcott, and G.Ludlow. Scli Gold Hunter, Bunker, from Amelia Is land, with 200 boxes sugar. CaaaLasToa. Jan. 12. Arrived, British brig Amity, Parker, Kingston, Jam 18 days. Rriir .VI en herd ess. Lines. N York 8 davs. Ech. Sallv, Bowers, St. Augustine 7 days bound to Wilminirton. KC. but put in here short of provisions and water. Sch Martha, Keilen, Jeremte, Hayti, 11 days. Sloop Lark, Sanford, N York 8 days. Sloop Thomas, Tolman, N London 14 dys. Went to sea yesterday ships Thalia, Mor ris, Bordeaux 1 canton, Kogers, Liverpool ; Manchester Packet, Burke, Havre - de - Grace : Comet, Center, do ; British brig Margaret Rook, Greenock; brigs Margaret and arah, Whittemoi e, Havre de Grace 1 Sea Gull, MTn tosh, Rotterdam 1 Arrow. Gilmore. Port - au - Prince 1 Rolla, Small, Providence, R. 1. 1 Are1 thnsa, Holmes, New lor a: j British sch Friend ship, Willey, Kingston, Jam. ; sch Return. Boston. Wilwisotox, N.C.Jan 10. Arrived, ship Phocien, Con gar, from Liverpool. Brig Wilson, Corre, from a tore. Brig Martha, Smith, from Middletown. Brig Horatio, Hale, from Oemerara. Brig Rapid, Smith, from St. Pierres. Brig Sally. Coffin, from St Croix. Brig Comet, Hunt, from St. Jago de Cuha. Brig William, Evans, from Bassatere, Guad. 20 days. Norfolk Jan. 16. Arrived sch. irrinia. Anderson, 4 days from NYork. Sch Union, Meraereau, 4 days from N York. Sch Margaret Ann, Dissosway, 4 days from Ne w.York. Sloop Jay, Thompson. 4 days from N York. Sloup TryalL Dillingham, 20 davs from Camden, (Me) S.WAIAH, Jan 12. Below, a ship from Liverpool, and another from Portland, names un known. BOSTON. Jan. 19 Arrived, bris Chance. Blackler, 75 days from the Isle of France. Left. Nov. 5th, ship Frances Henrietta, CUrk, from NYork, discharging ; Wm. Peno, Sherman. Phil adelphia, do ; Fisber Ames, Lewis, from Portland, do. Robinson Potter. 1'illincham. arrived 3d Oct from Bat a via, for Amsterdam, leaky, on - ktaded and repairing ; ship Ramdololda, from Calcutta for NYork, put in the 10th of Sept in distress, unloaded and repairing. Capt. Goodwin died at sea the 24th August, Spoke, I attitude 29, longitude 67 70 brig Edward Byrn, Leader, (days from Antigua lor New - York. Passenger in tbe C. Punqua Winchong, Esq. a Chinese merchant, and Mandarin, the same who visited Bortoa ia 1808. Sloop Young - Hornet, Lewis, from N. York. WM.Mr.'g HOLE. Jan. 18. Arrived, brig Sampson, Gill, 61 days from Bristol, Eng. for Norfolk, put in in distress, in want of provision s has been off the coast sw aays anu ueeu umwu off 3 times. ' - - . . Jan. 17 Ar. brur Lydia, Wuson, 48 nours from New - York, for Boston. I received information this evening at oxwca tmWwh I nunnoM to be true') that a British brig rm rnion.i nn hnr but nirht 3 - 4 ofa mile from Wayque, soplh side of the Vineyard, and has bilged ; she baa a cargo oi muiacis, tamwu, white lead, aquafortis, powder anu ury goous, he will probably De lose Jan. 18. Ar. brie Hvder - allv. Luce, from Baltimore, 3 days from the Capes, for Boston. Capt. Luce of the Hyder - ally, spoke Cape Hrnrv. hearinor WSW 10 leairueti.sninsxran ger, of Philadelphia, 124 days froin St. Teters burg, and supplied lier with provisions. THEATRE Mr. Finn's 3d appearance in America, and last nicht ofliis engagement. On Friday Evening, Jan 43, will be presented for the nrst lime tnese 4 years, tne comedy of THE WEST INDIAN. Belcour, ' Mr. Finn To which will be added, the musical farce of PAUL & VIRGINIA. Virginia, Mrs. Darley reriormance to commence at nail past six o'clock precisely. jj - Among the various manufactures andiin provemeotsol our own country, none, perhaps, deserves more encouragement than that of the art of brewing. It is in a great measure, a preventive to the perpetration of vice, as well as a promoter of health and long lile, by doiug away, (in a grout degree.) the use of ardent liquors. Besides which, it tends to the encouragement of agricul ture; for it promotes the means of creatio; the consumption of a much larger quantity of grain. and opens a new source of enterprise for our tanners, in tne cultivation of hops a plant which is indigenous to this country, and which has of late years been cultivated in large quantities in Massachusetts, and is now begmniug to be cultivated with great success in this state. There has been, for some years past, a meri torious competition existing among the brewers, particularly of this city, in attempting to produce an article that would take best with the public, and be equal, if not superior, (if possible) to tbe malt liquor produced in England. This laudable, (and advantageous competition to the public) commenced with the celebrated " Alba oy ale," brewed by a Mr. Le Breton, some years ago; lor wbicn, he certainly deserved much cre dit, and realised, (very justly) a handsome profit Having a few days since come to town on mat ten of business in. my own profession, 1 took tome pains to nod tbe best malt liquor in New York, and I am obliged by candor to say, that I do not believe any country capable of producing an article superior to the malt liquor now on draught at the bank Coffee - house ; which, 1 was iiiiorBMU, was manufactured by the same Mr Le Breton, who is now a resident in . this city, ana is peroaps the most scientific practical brew er in the United States; and, a man who cer tainly merits not enly the encourarement of its innauiiania, out mat 01 the public at large. jansctic A Country Brewer. A CARD. C? MR1 DELAGE, Milliner from Paris. has the honor of ir.forminir the Ladies of this city, that she has just opened a small case of the latest winter Hats received from Paris No. 60 Reed - street. 4 doors from Broadway. jan22 lw KAOUK MAIfCPACTVainO COMFAW1. frt - The stockholders of the Kaale Manufac turing Company are requested to meet at the Bank Coffee House, corner of Pine and William - streets, on 'I Imrsaay, the 29th Jan. inst. at seven o'clock P. M. on busiuess 01 great importance to uie conrem. jan Xfta) II r Thff aiihrrihf liuvintv ru - .nil M..H. from England with an important improvement on the artificial spring LEG, he takes this method of informing his friends and (lie public, that all kuuw wuu are so unionuiiaie as to De in want ol a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - strert, New - York. 500 DOLLARS. T7 Ticket No. 4.380. which drew a prize of nve nunareu dollars, 13th day of drawing, was. as usual, sylJ at the Lucky Lottery Office of Ju - dah ti Laxarus, No. 74 Maiden - laae, who still have lor sale a few Tickets all the capitals re maining in the a heel. Jan 22 More Prttet paid at Waites. U Ticket No. 20.219. drawn vesterdav owe thousand dollars in the Medical Science Lotte. ry, was this day paid to the fortunate possessor 01 me same. Also, iMo. loss, drawn the capital prize of five thousand dollars, in the last Sur - Jical Lottery, was the same dav presented to G. Si R. Waite, and paid by them with the same promptitude ; as was the capital prize of fifty tnouiana uouars, in tne same lottery, and the ca pital price of thirty thousand dollars in the late Washington Monument Lottery, sold onlv a few days since by U. C R. Waite. jan 22 It tor H.HVAXA: The brig ALEXANDER, William Booth, master, having all her cargo on board, will positively sail on Sunday morning can accommodate a few more passengers, if immediate application is made on board at Agnews - wharf, pier No. 27, E. R. or at 35 Front - street, to jn 22 2t I. PACKARD. , r or rreiem or snorter. The fast sailing substantial schooner 'k.hktsky. capt Turner, one year old, will stow about 800 bbls. is in complete order lor any voyage can be seen at Dover - st. wharf. wfpply to GOODHUE ft CO. i an 22 44South - st. Passage forAmsfrdam, The shin CHRISTOPHER flORF. . master, havinir all her frricrlit cimrca. ana neinp neariv irudN) win out on Saturday, can acrnminndat v liaml. somely several passengers, if application ba inaae immeauteiy at no. 74 wasnington - st N. B. No bills against said ship will be paid unless an order for supplies is given by JOHN ABM. WILUNK &CO. jan 22 3t 73 Washington - etreet ."MGS 200 qr. boxes fresh Turkey pul'd Fit, x jusi received, ana lor sale oy Jan 22 PETER REMSEN ic CO. OMBAZfctNS I case black Bmbaseens, ofa superior quality, for sale by N. U D. TALCOTT, Jan 22 64 Sooth - street. OLkKaUCKERS a small bales striped and w turcica aeersucaers, lor saie oy P. REMSEN Ic CO. Jan 23 26 South - street. GLASSWARE 15 hhds. Eng. Glassware, consisting of Wines and Tumblers, for sale by CHAS. L. OGDEN & ABR. OGDEN, Jan 22 Washington - it EAR THEN WARE. 15 casks containing Lustre Tea - Setts, Jugs. Cans &c. 4 crates blue printed Table Plates, and 2 do Napoleon Plates, Now landing and for sale by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON. Jan 22 67 iouth - street f TAKrr.u.NU just received an assort - Vy ment of elegant Brussels and Inerain Carpeting and Hrarth Rugs, with a variety of umcr ariicm in me carpet line. ALSO A few superior Turkey Carpete, for sale by W. W. & T. L. CHESTER, jan Zi St 191 Broadway, cor. Dey - t 1A 1 HERRINGS. XV botes 1st sort,! m - , 17sdo 2d do I Uerri0Si now land - ice and for sale by - . ' CAMBRELENG k PEARSON, jan tz Ofooutn - street. SUGAR li hhds. handsome St Croix Sugar for sale by ' JACKSON & WOOLLEY. Jan 22 75 Wall - street. BLACK WELL'S ISLAND FOR SALE. IT is situated about five miles from the city, and contains about 115 acres of land of the best quality, with a good dwelling house, barn, ic. Possession may be bad the 1st Maj, or earlier, if required. Most of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage, for a number of years. For further particulars, enquire on ths premises, or of , v ADAMS & BLACKWELL, Jan 175 Pearl - street A BAIZE Dining Cloth was found last evening iu tue area ol a house in Wall - street, supposed to be stolen. Tbe owner may have it by applying for information at this office. Jan 22 It WANTED immediately, 2 or 3 good compo. sitors, single young men whose reccm - mentations will be unexceptionable for discretion, integrity, application and ability. Also, 2 or 3 good book - binders, who understand every branch thereof thoroughly and cu be recommended in like manner Apply to S. THORNE, Jan 22 It 82 Joho - sL Q - FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, On accommodating terms, a number ef water and building lots, near and adjoining the navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, enquire of t SAMUEL EVANS,, jan 22 tf Brooklyn. - HOSKS&TOWN, Sales at auction, at the T. C. II. on Wedncsdav, the 2'Jtn inst. at half past 11 o'clock. ' dF The House and Lot No. 27 William. knB street, next to the Post Office. The front house is substantial and in good repair, and the rear modern, with spacious rooms and a good kitchen ; a large cistern in tbe yard, and a pump of good water. The buildings extend from front to rear about 92 feet ; the whole of brick ; three stories high, and calculated to accommodate a large family, and an extensive business. The lot is 190 feet deep, 30 feet rear, 43 feet at its widest part, and 23 feet 8 inches front. A map of the premises will be exhibited at the T. C. H. 00 the day of sale. Jan 22 tds W H EATON 'd ITCH OINTMENT. THE long and successful use of this ointment is a sufficient recommendation, as it has t ee n found to be a pleasant afe and certain remedy for that disagreeable disease in all jts sta - ges. It ia for sale ia the city of New - York, by J. A. li W. R. Post, No. 41 William - street; L (i T. Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; H. H. Schieffelinft Co. No. 193 Pearl - street; Lawrence & Krese, No. 195 Pearl - street ; Hall k Bowne, 140 Pearl - street ; R. & L. Murray, 313 Pearl - street ; J. M. Bradhurst, 314 Pearl - street ; John Penford, No. 4 Fletcber - street ; Duryee k Pne, in Pearl - street; John C. Morrison, 18s Greenwich street; John P. Fisher, 106 Broadway ; Walter& Seaman, corner of Chamber - st and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street 2 an ' in short it may be procured at most of the Dreg btoresin this city Also in Philadelphia, of 8. Withered ic Sons ; George Harrell , North tt Rogers, and almost a - I the draggiets in the principal owns ia the United States. Lixxwiaa, WHEA TON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may he had at the above places. jan 22 61a ( POST COACH LINK for PHILADELPHIA. 11 WAX or rOWLKI - BOOK i'AsVKI I4 - 2.t - jy. iwroaTASTT to r asseoxh. - No ennaection with the port chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPOSITION REVIVED. NEW Line of Post Coaches with every con - i venitiwe for Danrnrera and barraee. oa Springs THROUGH IN ONE DAY. The Post Coach will start from the Coach of - . flee, old No. 1 Courtland - street, N. York, every morning, Sundays excepted, at 1 - 2 paste o'clock, by way of Newark, New - Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the same evening. Fare 8 dollars. lht steam ttoal L.tne IINUI'&1 HI, win start from New - York every morning (Sundays excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalanta, from tbe north side of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive, in Philadelphia next day to dine Fare through $6 United States Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for passeagers and baggage, oa soriBirs. The U. S. mail coach will start from Ithe coach office, old No. 1 Conrtlandt - street, New pfiMc, every day at S o'clock, P. M. and arrive at rmiarfUiptua next morning at 0 o'clock, uniy 6 passengers admitted. Fare 10 dollars. For seats in the above named Lines, apply to TH03. WHITFIELD, at the old estaiJirhed Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Courtlandt - stieet, the second office from Broadwav, New - York ; to ISAAC BROWN, No. I Washington - stre t ; or to A. T. GOODRICH k CO. No - 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar street New - York. ftTAII goods and baggage at the risk of tbe owner. JOSKPH LYON, SONS fc CO. N. B Expresses sent to any part of the Continent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD. Jan 22 CHARACTERS of Sbakspeaie's Plays, ooe vol. 12 mo. price Si 25, by Wm. Haslert. Letters from the Cane of Good Hope, in reply to Warden, price 75 cts. f orsyttrs Remarks oa Italy. 8vo. $2 bV. Chinese Puzzles, with the books and index, It 25 cents . Moore's Irish Melodies, price 75 cents. Da in 6 vols, with the music arranged and a dapted for the piano forte. Dissected Maps el United Stat, Lurope,sc Chess Men, a complete assortment For sale by A. T. GOODRICH t CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar street op - JanTZ I potile Uity noiei. WB.G1LLEY has this dav put to press, . Mandeville, a tale of the seventeenth century, in Engiaod, by Wm. Goodwin, author of Fleetwood,' or new man of feeling ; Political Justice, &c. &c. J an 22 I E I TERS from the Cape of Good Hope, A 1 l" J .1 ui: u 1 niui 1 11 - thf great work now compiling for publication, under the inspection of Napoleon ; just published and for sale by PETER A. M ESIER jan xz ix o. x rvaii - simw jl J FDlCAL Science Lottery, 4th Class, BOW is I drawing fire times a week. 146J$roadivay: Correct List ofPrixes, 12thdaysdrawioa. 4 No. 20,219, 1st drawn No, fKXK); 21,422, 200 t 23,890, 50 dls. ' 13th drawing. . . 4380, $500 5 14.396, 21.43:, 15,277, 100 dacb I 3994, $50 each. , , 1st drawn No. tomorrow entitled to 500 dols. Prizes taken at par for warranted undrawn tickets and share. Jan 22 JU1JAH & LAZARUS nnutlwTliit - f nrirr in the Medical V Science Lottery No. 4 13th day of d ing. , 4380 4500; lSr 14.S96 21,431 $100 3,994 $50, &c. Sold at the Truly Lucky Office of JUDAH A L4ZRAU5, . 74 Maidea - Laoe. When have been sold in firmer Lotted most of the highest priiei. Jaafx fir Kr 1 ;

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