The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 1, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1913
Page 3
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I i i I Christinas Gifts that Mean Something Whether you spend little or much for Junas It is important that your j:i«ts have lasting valw. Christaias prices here are iiiosiiy lower thaa at oilier seasons because of «ur large purduase?- 3 Tbe quality of everything ia this store makes it a worthy jriit wheth- "er'tlie price you pay is large or smsQ. , HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS: I For Mother or Wife Hoosier Kitcfcen Cabinet China Closet Buffet Sevang Table The best Girl in the World Music Cabinet Drester Pedistol Writing Desk For Father Morris Chair Revolving Cfcatr Leatner Rocker Smoker'* Stand For My Rest Fellow Chiffonier Arm Chair Fool Stool Book Case A- "FAKE" SUICIDE Girl Frightens Parent- by Drinking Water From Settle Labeled Poison, -Camdsn. X. J-, Bea. 1.-- illss Celhi Taylor, eighteen years old, of 114C | Sycamore street, didn't get some from j i. friend's birthday party until after \ssSdms,ht Sunday moraiag. | Her parents reproved her for retarn- jing ar -.vast they called an unseemly j hoar. I '"I'll make you sorry for this," she I said. "Goodby." | And with thai she lifted a bottle las' foeled~r:Ch!oroforni" to her lips and ldrained s .ai Tee girl fell to the flwr, {rolled her e^es. doubled uy like a; kaife;Tro:2ied at the mouth aad mattered thicss about s^eias the gates ajar. Her remorseful parents ca:ic-d asd and the sirl wa« iaUr-a to the Co j hospital. SUe ivas calm when sie got there, and after a careful examination the doctors aaao«ace-j thai she had taken aotfciag stronger than \va- ter'and must have oeea merely srying to frighten the folks. She admiueti it EGG BOYCOTT ON D rO^STS" R3 EoP Tfc PL L.wl I E SH i Z-. B SQIGFJ*' irfT ; ! | TJT*T il r to'i*!?f'in ud;ci5 AlgeiH3»'i UilSai»I3C-| H riicp%jypc uuiC-nij^Oi WIDER* So many now buy Christmas Gifts for thtlr wives here that he have, made a specLd study of helping men with cartful suggestion?. Come in and examine the hua'ireds of beautiful and useful gifts y.e have for the entire family. A Standard Sewing Machine Would Make an Ideal Gift for the Wife H. B. BENDER, THE HOME FURNISHER I fa- I I I i y. s N o t i c e Owing to my intention to retire from the milling business on Saturday, December 6th I hereby notify all persons having grain or other material at the mill that they may secure it during the present week. All bills and accounts now due will be received on cr before the above date. A. Calvin Basehoar CHILDREN SEE MGTHEB MURDERED' Stsp-FaJliar Culs Her Throat »··'·'»··· a ec e · ?ee 9 «e · · a « a « » * A NEW FOOTBALL. PLAY'OF J '" GLENN WARNER'S- % * A new play ^,asecL oa the rule * permitting one roan of. the Siue- o with, tie boll tu be In rcotion to- J ward, his own. jroii! tlaci before a' _ihe ellipsoid is put in iilny and * devised by G'e,un S- Warner." the » Carlisle coaefc, is debC-ribed as 2 follows by D. L. -Heaves; · ""One of the Indian ends, usual- * ly the heavier, moves out far · beyond his tackle, immediately 8 joying tbe impression that the e team is abouc to try a ^forward o pass aucl that he Is the man to * whom the pass is to re made. -* Wliea the player reaches tl« re- Jj quired distance froai the t;ick!e » he stops an inst:;nt. looks at the ' center nut! immediately dashes · toward his team, vrhieh is con- ° stmed as running In the filrec- a tion of his owu soai. * "Just licfore he reaches the » tackle nearest: him he slows up momentariy. end slionts a word immtelliglhle to the opposition, but which the center interprets as the Fisnal to pnt the l-.ii! in play. The end. being hack of the ball ·svben it is snapped, is. of course, on the side, -incl he immediately crashes into the opposing, end or tackle, sometimes besng able to "bit" both and put thum ?it of-the play. Itight on top of biai rush rn"o of the " ly is the mnner. -svho. if the pSay is-worked perfectly, finds a splen- difi-openinsr.and little opposition. ^The Indians ·\vorked IE repeatedly against the Quakers for good gains, and TVarner expects to realize even more benefits from the piny in future srames- bccause it in a measure \vas in *- a crude state of experiicentation ol when Carlisle met Pennsylva- · ^ nin." Medical advertising Faulty .Digestion Quickly Shatters the Nervous System-Immediate Action 2S"ecessary-- - Try 3ii-o-na. - -When you fael irritable, tired "and despondent--when yon have nervous "twitehlngs. specks before the eyes, headaches, sour stomach, heartburn, indigestion and jsaiiis in the colon and bowels--you suner irom indigesrion, vriiich soon develops inro dyspepsia-the chief cause of nerve exhaustion-you need 3Ii-o-na at once. - MI-o-r-a is not a cure-all, but 2. scientific remedy that surely ends stomach misery. It builds- up and strengthens the stomach walls and glands, improves quickly the digestive system. Then the vital force and nerve energy is restored, imparting strength and good spirits to the discouraged, run-down and wea-k- Do not suffer another day. Get a fifty cent box of Mi-o-no Tablets at People's Drug Store. i FOR SALE Modern nine room house Heat and all conveniences. Lot 40x232 ft, Terms to I suit purchaser. J. B. Hamilton p. Bushmafl Cleaner and Medical LESS BOWEL TROUBLE IN GETTYSBURG Getcvsbura: people have found out that A SINGLE DOSE of simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as compounded in Adler-i-ka. the German bowel and stomach remedy, relieves constipation, sour stomach "or gas on the stomach INSTANTLY. This simple mixture became famous by curing appendicitis and it draws oif a surprising amount of "old foal matter -irom_ihe bodv. It is -wonderful how QjraGKLY_,it helps- H. C. Landau, druggist. _,, ^ __ · _ _ Two Puny Boys Scared Their Aunt Philadelphia. Dec. 1. -- Fiv^ II: tie children, the oldest thirteen and tbe youngest two years old, were made homeless, heart-brokea orphans when tl:eir stepfather. Frank Polli, of 431 Thocipscn street, a grocer, drove the blade of a butcher knife through the neck of h:s wife, Mary, thirty years old. Greed fcr a part of a small fortune which, she Inherited from relatives in Italy prompted the murder. The raan escaped. Polli married his victim, a widow, lost July, according to the police and Father Paul Getile, of the Church of Our !-acy of Angels, performed the ceremony. Sooa after, the latter said, the wife came icto some money upon the death of a relative. Her husband, ee said, immediately began to beset her for some of it, but she always refused, because sbe wanted her children to share its advantages. Three of the children, Jennie, thirteen; ?."ii!!e. nve. and Dominick, two years old, had trudged off to church an hour or so before their mother was killed, but for some reason Louis, twelve, and Helen, seven, stayed at home. They were playing in another room, when they heard their moiser's frightened voice raised ia argument and the threatening- tones of PoIlL Childishly curious, they crept to the door and peered into the other room. Taey were just ia time to .see their stepfather seize a knife from a table and start chasing his terrified wife around the room. A second later ilrs. Polli. shrieking for help, dashed cut of the door and into a rear alley, ·with rhe infuriated husband close behind. The little ones followed as fast as '.heir scared legs conid carry them. crying to hira "not to harm their ^ Polls overtook the woman, and wiih one band ja!.:.-ca the blade entirely .arough her throat. He left the Tmife sticking in the wound and dashel away. Thr- police searched several iouses in the vicinity in the hope that ae might have taken shelter in t bu; fee haci vanished- LEGLESS VETERAN WEDS His Bride Has One Arm. and irg "Squire One Leg. Kittannine, Pa.. Dec. 1.-- John Vsa- bir.der, aged seventy-three years, a veteran of the Civil War and zniaus boA £.iS legs, tool-: for his mate Mrs. Mary CroyJe. aged sixty-seven, -who is ?hy an ana. Srraugeiy enough. Vasbiner inslstea an having his old friend. Jnstice of ·:ae Peace Joan E- Crast, Tvho'has but oae leg. perform the ceremony. Vasbinder lost both legs as a re- suit of being severely grounded in a battle, ilrs. Tasbiaoer. nee Croyle. strstaiaed a broken arm ia a runaway accident several years ago. and it was iater found necessary to amputate the arm. "Squire Crast. who tied the knot for his old friend. lost a leg in a railroad accident a number of j-ears ago. ead n= ralncte. Moaer bacV if it-£a2s. Get a 25c or 50c tafce oi K ONBON'S Calarrtial Jelly TJso it qnict. For chronic nasal catarrh. dry C3.t.-in:rt- sore cose, coasfts. scoezra^; npo t".cs«i, etc. \\ r::c for freesansple. "TT:e1Trst drop used wiJ -·.For,Jiale by People's Dimg.Store Gettysburg, Pa. plofhers Can Learn a Useful Lesson | From Mrs. Bowers* Action. I Dr. John D- Bear Bro. T } Elkton. Va.. Gentlemen:-During the nsor«ths of Sepi^ and Oct., two of my little nephews. John- land Ed Burke, were with me a^id I they were so pany and run-down thai il decided to give them a treatment of {Bear's Emulsion which had been rec- ! ommended to me by my druggist- As ' soon as they begin to take it they started to improve both in appetite ar.d flesh, and after taking two bottles they were so much improved you would hardly recognize them as* the same children. Bear's Emulsion is the best thing I have ever seen for puny children and a run down system. I -would r.ot think of doing without it where there are children, I think it is the finest medicine in the world. Very truly yours,Mrs. E. G. Bowers. Shenaudoah, Va., Dec. 13th, 1911^ Bear's Emulsion h uilds up- rundown systenisvin old or younsr and if an uneoualed remedy for.cousrhs ant colds. Sold and recommended by Peo pie's and Huber's Drug Stores. " Paralyzed by Spider's Bite. Slaeoa. Ga.. Dec. 1.--Representative 3. R. V.'aiKer. of the Eleventh Georgia district, was bitten by spider while in a fishing camp. In half an hour he WES paralyzed. Doctors were called ;nd administered remedies, but his condition was so critical that he was removed to a hospital at Taldosta. by special train. Plans to F!y Over High Andes. Santiago, Catle, Dec. 3. -- Preparations for a Sight over a range of the Andes 20,000 feet high are being made by Senor Ligueroa. the Chilean aviator. S i M j T T ,' F I S 7 1 9 2122252411 1011 141151617IS^^ 12 13 Women In Middle Western States^ Piedgsd.-to Boycott Egcjs Until Tney] Sett For 32 Cents a Dozen- ,, C * * · Ci»scaso, Dee. 1. -- Arrcss a table oa." T,-ii«ciiTeposed a Jonel;. l»ut iilgaly syai-j bplic. egs«' the/ boase'»\i.-es 01 Chicago; aiid tae-'Cgg !salc-rs, tarcugh iheir." represeatatiyes. aiei here to discuss; the- boycott being coadacted by la;; women. · : -· The eoaferecee lasted t-.vo hours an i ' there was no compromise- The boy: cott will -continue. Tbe ·.vho!esa!er3;0'pinrC said.tHe high pr-.ces \vere due to a ' W l l l ' I C shortage- and that the boycott mistt; be a- good, thing for a!i concerned, as! the^ abstejasoasaess of the boycotterj| .would lighten the task of the dealers,] who haven't enough e^gs to go round, j The v.-ome£ declared that everv effort' would be -made to enlist the womeaj throaghout the country ia addition to; the 100,000 said to be in the ranks in Illinois^ Already Indiana, Missouri.! Kansas and Ohio have takea up thgj boycott. * "You irarnejj with' dog, gun. or trap for -the , purpose of '£cr for fchingvor" jo, any way in jtrririgxjf destroying propert^ JUl lating the laws of the e6minonwealta ! with-regard t/o .txtspuaaaCion iaadi « , the undersigaer will be dealt with under the provisions of the Act-of April 14. "- - unftreuc TO MEET AT BEADING _ mnn FOF lOOO D8i30.3t8Si "° _ s. Pa., Dec. 1.--Reading has ask for co-operatson." sail^c-omsleted arrangements for the an- airs. Caroline E. Key, president of^ai "convention of the Pennsylvania che Clean Food club, and leader or th^jstare Granse, Patrons of Husbandry, boycott, -at one stage of the proceed- jvrhieh *ri-! be held here from Dec. 9 to ings. -'Well. y.'e -rouid 'Je glad to sit '12. with you at meetings of the batter a n J j - f E is expected that 1SOO delegates egg board." To this there f.-as no re-1-nil · attend, acd the Auditorium, oa sponse. . · I South;Fif th street, the largest kz.ll la Replying to a statement of John!.Reading, has been engaged for the jlitchell, president of the board, that»meeting place. in the absence of oScial figures a j : preparat:oas for tbe convention press estimate of a reserve supply of.'have'"bees made by a committee of only six eggs per capita for six v.-eeks,; the:. Reading Chamber of Commerce, ilrs. Bley said: · [xiie following program for the coaven- "Your argument falls down. Yoa)tioa m cas been arranged: know there are thousands of persons! Tuesday, Dec. 9. 10.30 a_ 'm!--Re- in Chicago who have not eaten aa Iceivirig ,, credentials and opening the egg in six months. If the eggs will; grange, open ^session. The public ivil! not last six weeks or until the neiv^ he" admitted to" bear the annual ad- crop comes, why don't you give then.; dress""qf the Worthy Masiej: ~WiIIiaaj to us at decent prices? We are netfT,. 1 -Creasy! -Afternoon, appointment, of concerned with tne shortage; we arsicbmniittees. reception-of resolutions, fighting the., nigh prices, which seera J to" be referred to committees withjmi to be brought'about by pro5ts to four ; debate: 'reports of'officers, or Sve middle men, including specti-i: Tuesday evening. 7.30 o'clock--Pttb- lators." . tile reception to tae officers a'nd-icem- .EggB -'strictly fresh" are selling etjters of the grange by the Chamber of 45 and 46 cents a dozr-n. and the wo-j Ccsnaserce and citizens of Reading, men of ninety six clubs of Cbicag;! Wednesday morning--Reports of of- have pledged themselves to boycott | Ecers. Afternoon, reports of executive them until the price drops to 32 cents. J and legislative committees. Evening. jconfering the sixth degree, the degree THIS BILL HAS TEETH j Thursday morning-and afternoon-i Reports of committees. Evening, re- An ami-high- j ins DIDN'T KNOW OF S200.-000 Would Restrict Cold Storage of Fcod,?or;s of committees, unfinished busi- and Penalize Agreements. " ' ness and close of convention. n R"ashington...Dec. 1.- high-cost-of-livrng. bill introduced Lhe bouse by Representative ilcKel lar. of Tennessee, alms not only lc| Hciress _ Lonc Sought will F csse s3 restrict the cold storage of food. bu:_ Her p ather , s Fotrune .- \ to-penalize agreements for storage! p; C:3 b« r ch. Pa.. Dec. I- A f e r - a Gamble, zn ar_ ,, announced s^-dint of traae m fooastuus. j hc , 0 lhat in the person of Mrs . Eu . Tie bill, which w;D be usgcd ..^^ Griffm. of Pittsburgb he hao Immediately before the house cosvj fonnd ,- ne rightful SUCC essor to the merc-e committee, would make *e. S2 «,\ftft') of the late Isaac X. maxiunj period of storage on beef or cra^ r o-d- its products, seven montiis; veal nva, effort, who ^as ilrs. GriSin's aonUis: ror.-t, jour montns: saeep cr; fa:h ..- i e f t pfosh-argh more than ?oats. fc:ir months; larab or kia=.-. Mr:y vears ago ana never saT ,. the ?o~lias._ division of territory, interfer-:,_.,,, se=rt ^ " Goorge A/ Gam snce "K"ith cciip^titipn. or otSer re-j. ^ p ,_ = r.o^^n^por* Ind Uiree mc-r.ri»s: fish, two months: e3=s. i(Ia . j::h , er io v -- nonl in b!s ^^ ho lefl chrse nontis to six monzhs. with a ^ principal -an of the fortune he prcviHicn for labelling all over TM~ ^K.^laiel after coins to Losans- found by the at, tcmej" living at the home of an aim!:, wl^i the cates _o: production, killing/ shc ; ^ ad never h« ar a O f the b-os;ne=s packing or manufacturing and perio :; [S: , iCCCSs of ller father. of storage. It wauld bar tSa-crlag oa;| ^ rold storage products, v.-ould have! GIVES POISON FOR MEDICINE of asric:il:-.ic- and other precantions. I MoTh , r s Mistake Nearly Proved Fata! Arter prov;j;ng against long storage j to £on of ioodsnp. tne bin prcvHes t b a r j Scraat0 a. Pa.." Dec. i.--Take it and P-a; e;_ must furnish o the government uauy, Tr p lac ; I!E: a c-j?, supposed to con- staienicsts o- goods on bano. ship- ' ; n Calcine . t o the boys lips. meurs. reresots ar=d deliveries. :a v.o . Ths boy swa i] OW ed and fell to taa chers or meat, poultry, better ana;_- op _ onr co , Jgb ; ns .-- sa ;d j lrs . T^ gs ana a : . cold storage concerns j g nyder to her g re -year-old son Leo. latlon of ~«::irh fines rangin fronii 8160 to 5VJO';. or prison sentence nct ', Cocr writhing in agony. She had given | h i m mistake for medicine. diciary committee when it takes UF a long ccn^aiplated investigation 01 New E! , c i 3n d Has Tbin Tee Victim. an alleged beef trust. He intends r." Gardner ". ;,r a ss.. Dec. 1.--John Best, asr the committee to investigate par-j tfc!rlcer! ycars 0 ]^. ^-35 the Srst vic- ticularly whether meats ^kept in coMi,.^ o . -^jj, ; ce j n x^iv England this storage are irerj;ed with chemicals. j season. Tie venture dont on~ska:cs OT !a pcnd near Gardner, broke through e Ice and was drowned. Baby Born With Teeth. j Xashvjlle, In2.. Dec. I.--A baby boy| bora to ?.Ir. and ilrs. Samuel Batti3, has two" lower teeth. PaysicTsns in, Xashvnle say they never heard o: ; such a case eefore. One *of the teeth ( caused the infant-so much na:a ts?-t| ;he cccrlrs estractsd it. A bey born to \ Mr. ai=d ?^Irs. Ben Perro has six: fin-js gers en each hand and s ; x roes ou; each foot, ', WEATHER EVERYWHERE, Observations of United States weather bureaus taken at S p. in. yesterday follow: Teiss. "Weather. SHELL oysters always on hand at Evans' Restaurant United Phone.-- §30.000 to $70,000 In Mail Stolen/ {' Scut'i Bend, Ind., Dec. 1. -- ?.iail val-| ued at between $30,00J and S7-XOOO,! ;toien from an eastbound Michigan; Central railroad train, near DowagaicJ Mich., was traced to outh Ben.3. Xoi trace of the thieves or the missing |, val;;abies. however, was found. T h e ' j empty mail pouch was found near the|i !^ Shore railroad station in South! 8end. i , j Albany ......... Atlantic City... Boston ......... Buffalo ......... Chicago ........ "ew Orleans ___ Xew Tori-- ...... St. T.O'.HS ....... Washington ..... 4G 55 TO 42 -54 Clear. Cloudy. Ciouciy. Cloudy. Rain. Cloudy. Clear. Clear. Clear. P. Cloudy. The Weather. Cloudy today and tomorrow; southwest winds. XOTICE: all road tax of 1913 must be, paW by December 1st, By order of · P r f vlde T 1 · i brings h BoardvOfi.Sapervisors. II. C. Shrj'ock. n p m --advertisement Mellow Generosity. Many a man thinks he is a good because he occasionally cheese sandwlch at -'--***- William Allison, SamT. Walters fenn, John D. Eiley, S. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland Townisjap, 31rs. J. E* Hughes, Cumberland Township. D. B. Wlneman, Cumberland Township. Frank Mumper, IL 1, Getrysbnrg, JPa. C. J. Deardorff, Orrtanna, Pa. 1 ; , Charles Wagaman, (Dr. W. H. O'Xeal Farm) Highland Township. F- L. Kime, Butler Township, Biglerviile, Pa. -· " . C. B. Shaak, Strabaa Township, R. 1, Gettysbura-P«.-%-.-i*-r J. H. Kuha (J. F. K-uhn Farm) R. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. Mt. Joy "rirp. Jacob Froicniejvr, Strabaa Township. -· - -' - »-'eJ%, George E. Harnian, P- 6, Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Township.v George C. Shealer, Straban Township. " '"'--" '· -^ .-Vr»s/. ilrs. Mary J. Weikert, R. 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Town»bip. J. H. Res, Kox JO, R. 2, BiglerviUe. " Mrs. Matilda L. Coder!, Cumberland Township. --* '·-- -*-.*s£ Samuel Robinson, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa, Cumberland ToTnutip. J. L. Toot, S-jaban Township. = : D. L. Jacobs, R. 1, Biglerviile, Pa. Butler Township. Joseph B. Twining, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. - - -·- » Edward A. Scott, R. 4, Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D. Brown, Highland Township. · ^ R. F. Biddle, Mr. Pleasant Township, R. 8, Gettysburg; V D. J Reiie, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. Leo Frommeyer, Mr. Pleasant Township. Martin Winter, Ctiraberland Township-and Gettysburg, '"r W. T. Mehring, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township. Robert K. Major, Straban Township. - " -·_ -·' «-· John W. Mcllhenny Farm R. 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. Charles F. Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa. G. W. Eldon, BendersviUe, Pa. George D. Thomas, Chambersburg Pike. Robert Hamer, Greenmount, Pa. ' ' "V -- '*. Harry E. Shriver, B-utier Township, R. 6", Gettysburg.-. Joseph A. Albert. Buder Townsh-p, R. 6, Gettysburg. ' William Coshun. Straban Township. Jeremiah Weaver, R. 8. Gettvsbarg:, Pa. · "·' D. C. March. Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg^ Elias -Wcliord. Mt_ Pleasant Township. - . ' " " - . E. L. Smith. Butler Township, Biglerville. '"'' -'--,:·;.,'· '=J. Edward Lav.-ver. Batier Township. R- R. Xo._2, Biglerville. S. J. Haverstick, M. M. Stsonseller farm, Straban Twpl, "R;"8, Gbgr. M. E. Freed. Mrs. G. W. fiiesecker farm, FranMin Twp.,jCashtown. J. Kerr Lott. Cumberland Township. " ^' " " ^ " " ' " John H. SoonseHer, (McPherson Farm). CumberlaniiTownship. Robert S. Shull (J- A. Shull Farm) Franklin^TawnshiD. " "" H. C. Hartzell ( J. A. Shuli Farm) Franklin T;o[^nsbiD^ " Jacob E. Hoke. Straban Township, Gettj-sbufg,"R?7?'^ 5 H- M. Sneeringer. R. 9. Gettysburg, near Bonneauviile,,Pa« J.- D. Moose,. BjglerviUe. Pa. .:*G^.F. Basehoar.,. Gettysburg. Cumberland and"Germany Townships. Loais Mizelb Strabac Townshio, Gettysburg,. R. 7.- N. J. Shank, Biglerville Route "l. * i ' . , · T. F. Roth. Butler Township, Gettvsburg JIoute_6: *'-* C. S. Griest's Sons (C. Arthur Gjriest/Mgr.J-Guemsey-' C. A. Heiges and Mrs. H..F. Heigfcs,,Franklin Towjjship H. C. Warren. Menallen .Township...:'. ""7/ :: "~ '" " C. H. Rummell on_C-_Ll .Osborne -faring lUenallen Township.. , Wm. -31. Bighaitfs Sens, Freedom TownshiB,. , -. v - , ' " " - ' - " : ·-- -- -· *' · ' Jaco1 F. ; Peters;-Tyrone. Township, R. 3; Charles-Essick and-sisters. Butler-Township'R.'5, J. C.'Goulson. Butler TawnshitiC.-. ' " " --A^-S-.-Whisler; ^Itr -Pleasant-Township, R-. 10. Mrs- Clestia A. Black. R. l_Bigleryjlle,-Pa., ..... _ - : Georga '"Herring, Highland Townstiip. · · - - · * · - - ' - ·· '· - , W. F. Herbst, Orrtanna R. 1. " " ~ J ^ ~ * O. B. Sharreits. Cumberland" Township, R.'2," Gettysburg-^ Pal G-"E. Stallsmith", Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg, Pa_. i John Dick. Hpftacker Farm. Strafaan Township..---'- " ·' [ Gilbert HudisUl. Cumberland Township, _Gettysbure,Ro^lte.l.J -J. : E.-«facobs; ; Eugene S. Kelly farm, Cumbeifend';Towrish^._i J. Clayton Rider, Mt- Joy Township, Gettysburg R. I, ' Charles Fidler, ^W. E^GoIdi^-farin^^R^l^Bigleryillej^Bjafler Twp. H.-S. Mertz, Hamilton Township^rCampbelFandliloyer Farm:) James L. BIgham,,.Freedom Township^ Gettysburg^ Pa. Levi Crum. Menallen Township"." ~"*^'";~ " ~ -"""" * }t Mrs. Andrew Brough. R. 1. Asoers, Menalier£Township. i? L. Hi Meals^Coniberlaird Township,'R./o, Gettysburg.^ : J C- W. Black. (J. Carna SnBth Farm) Rr^/.Gettysbtirg", 3Jt. Joy Wm. HI Johns. Cumberland_ Township and Gettysburg. fieorsrA'W_?WoIf. E. 1 ":-?- Cfttv=:linrp- riirmhfsrlaiirJ Trromsliii ,,-.._-. -^ -·, Gettysburg, p^ f . ;; Edmund Little; (John Blocheir Paim), Cumberland Township;. "Harris Ccok. Henalfen Township. " '· Y/alter. C. Snyuer, S. 12. Gettysburg. Pa., Cumberland Twp.,?SayIy Farm- -- Vincen'c Redding, R. S. Gettysburg, Straban Township. - -__""_; v \ Edward Redding, R. 9. Gettysburg. Straban Township, A. Jr Smith Faxnt^ H. E. Boyd. Guldens. Pa.. Straban and Mt. Pleasant Townships- Harry S. Trostle, Straban Township. · : , - , , Edward A. Trostle- Straban Township. ^ . x · " John Leese, on Nathan Brown farm. Straban. Township, Gbjr. Route 8: - - ller%*in L "W'eikert. Highland Township, R: 1, Fairfield. y . , D. F-BaYterman. Butler Township. *-"-,'%, - - 'T Shultz Bros. D. B. Snyder Farm. Straban Township, Gettysburg:, P. O.. ; '. ilcDannel BrosTM Arendtsville-and Franklin Township, Biglerville, "R-^^L' · S. B. Bream (F.' M. Bream's farm) Butler Township! __, - ' f Calvin R. Snvder. Bonneauville, Pa. - *-~' . " "" Otis Walter,"(Conrad "Walter Farm) R. 1, Tillie, Franklin .Township."-? - " F. B. Twisden. Gettysburg Poultry Farm, Cumberland Township: .".-- ·- E. F. Strausbaugh. Orrtanna, R. 1_ ^.'» " ," · " . Albert Hollinger, Cumberland Township, Getfysbtrrg, E. G- ' r -^ . Deardorff Brothers, Tillie. Pa. Franklin Township. . - E- P. Garrettson. Butler Township. _ ·' J- John and Frank Garrettson. Menallen Township. ". - ^ R. H. Blackj R. 2. Gettj=sburg, Cumberland Township. " "' .-.? Sirs. Daniel Miller, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, Eoute 6. : ^ D- S. Reynolds, Straban Township, Gettysburg Route 9. - " · W. A. Bigham, Cumberland Township. Gettysburg, R. 3. John Groscosr. R. .-. Gettysburg. Straban Township. . . : . Garfield Jacobs. R. 13. Gettvsbarg near Barlow. " '" .Dorsey Deardorft. Highland Township, (Mrs- H- B. Moyer Farm). -* Emanuel Plank. Highland Township, Gettysburg Route 4. ' : " E. D. HeigtiS. Biglerville Borough. , -\ John H- fcckert. Siraban Township, Gettysburg, R. S. ' - · W. W. Miller farm (Oscar Bream tenant) Strabaa Township, Gbg\ E 8- Mervin Black. Biglerville. Menallen Township. Mrs. M_artha Reed- near Arendtsville. Waybrigbt Rice. Bsglerville, Pa. -.*" H. S. Cromer. Mt. Joy Township, R. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. John S. Wolf. Straban Township, R. /, Gettysburg, Pa- Clarence Hoffman, R- R. 2, Bigierville. Pa." ' " J. C. Walter. Batier Township, R. 2, Biglerville, Pa. Robert Withero\v, Cumberland Township, R- 13, Gettysburg, Pa. t \ · , Frank Herr. Cumberland Township, R. io. Gettvsburg, Pa. " .-; Frank Eicholtz, Freed Farm, Straban Township" R. 12, Gettysbura Pa.'.D. W. Stoops, Highland Township. R. 4, Gettysburg, Pa. J. Martin BreanCTvrone Township. R. 3. Biglerville, Pa. - " " H. H. Hart. R- 6. Gettysburg, Pa.,"Butler Township. \ \ -"*· Samuel Schwartz, Mt, -Joy Township. Gettysburg, Route 1. . -.--^ ,.J. A. Wetzel. (Mary A- Snyder farm) Franklin Township. " * "'^- f r J. M- Bushman. (Mary A. Snyder Farm) Franklin Township., ~ YS J. W. Tate, Tyrone Township. E. 4. Xew Oxford. " "~~? J. W. Cook. Mer.a'"en Towns'hip, Flora Dale. Pa. ,-j\ A. I. Osbome, R. 2. Biglerville. .'^^ Allen Barnes, (Cronier Farm) Cumberland Township, E, 13^ C^ttysbur^ Chas. E. Schults. (Gilbert Bucher Farm) Franklin Townsblp£5c 5. Gbg R. A. Diehl. (Minter Farm) Butler Township, Star Route, Biglerville, Pi John B- Eiker, Cumberland Township, R. 12. Gettysburg, Pa.~ - * W. J. Beamer, Straban and Mt. Pleasant Townships, Getiystrarjr, EL S, J. BJairie Bushey. Franklin Township. R. 1. Biglerville, Pa. Jacob Groscosi/Tyrone Township. R. 7, Gettysburg, Pa. \\*. T. Howard. Straban Township. . \f. C. E. Tawney. Mt. Pleasant Township., Gettysburg. -E. 8. "'"rS C. W. Toner, (E. A. Grouse Farm) Mer.aHerc Township, R. R^daville, P* Curtin McGlaughlin (John P, Butt Farm) FranklinjrbwnshT|tj'" s James SandersT (N". H. Musselrran Farm) HamHtoaban To^'ship. Howard Bream. Straban Township, R. 9. Gettysburg, Pa. '^ Allen Redding (Robt, S. Bream Farm) Cumberland Township,. William J. Eckenrode, Cumberland Township. G. G. Griffin. Straban Township, Route 9, Gettysburg. Den ton Hot? (Rufus Lawver Farm) Butler Township. Harvey Scott, Cumberland Township. *' Jacob "Boyd. Mt, Joy Township, R 13, Gfag. (William Cromer Farm). S. F. Bus'hman, Franklin Township, R. 5, Gettysburg. D. M. Hoffman. Biglerviile, Route 2. E. X. Hoffman, Bisrlerviiie. Uoi.te 2. ., J. I. Hereter, Highland Township. R. 4, Gettysburg, Pa. *' · 1 Ernest Manahan,(Mrs. P. L. Houck Farm) R. 9, Gettysburg^ Pa David G. Lott, Straban Township, Gettysburg, Route 7. W. C.-Storrick, Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg. M. ShindleJocker. Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, R. 5.^ II. M. Trestle, Highland Township, Tillie Post Office. D. A. Ilankey (Mrs. Jeremiah Bender's fariri) Cumberland Twp., R. 4. 1). C. March. Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg - - -· Robert M. Eldon, Aspers, ___^ .'? '·* Nls,WSi»APIiR IV ®

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