The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 26, 1931 · Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1931
Page 22
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HI-Y HEARS OF JOEFRE CORTEGE E. R. Dunlop DescribesMany Observations on Trip f x la Europe. , _ 'A. description of-the funeral cortege of Marshal Joseph Jaques Joffre which he saw on the streets of ^Paris was one of ,the many sights Which E. R. Dunlop narrated at the meeting of the Hi-Y club Wednesday night in the Y. M. C. A. Mr. Bunlop recently returned from a trip to Europe. He said that the streets of the city during the funeral procession of the noted war marshnl were filled with residents of Paris and visitors. When in Dublin, Mr. Dunlop said, he entered a large department store in which he was employed 45 years ago before coming to the United States. Three men with whom Mr. Dunlop had worked in this store ·were still employed there, he found. Mr. Dunlop also described several other places of interest which ha visited. Among the interesting features which he told Hi-Y members about Were personalities which he met while going over on the steamer. He became acquainted with a skywriter who wrote signs in the air with the smoke of an airplane. He also met a wool exporter from Aus- MAD LAUGHTER * * * * * * * A Thrilling Mystery Story By MILES BURTON (Continued From Comic Fate). do care for him," replied Alison defiantly, with flaming cheeks. "It's unfashionable, I know, and all that; and all my set would think I was mad if they knew that I'd admitted I really cared for anybody. And, what's more, I think he cares for me, in a way." "You'll never persuade me that love will ever go out of "fashion," said Dr. Weatherleigh gently. "Well, my dear, I'm very, glad to hear of it, and if matters come to a head, you are assured of my blessing beforehand." Alison jumped up from her chair and kissed her father impulsively. "You're a darling," she whispered. And then, as a knock sounded at the door, she regained her seat, assuming an air of the utmost tranquility. (TO BE CONTINUED) tralia. Stuart Kelsey will have charge at the next meeting. - . Is Hurt Cranking Auto. LUVERNE, Feb. 25.--Mrs. Mike Stripling, wife of a farmer living north of town suffered a fracture of her right wrist while cranking her car. W I L L B U Y --SUBJECT-Foreman Jo Bonds Grcenbaum Bonds Stone Co Bonds American Bond and Strauss Bonds Mtg; Bonds Or Any Other Chicago Real Estate Bonds. FREE ANALYSIS OF ANY SECURITY Apply 439 M. B. A. BIdg. Phone 2220 We Are An Authorized Ucensed Security Dealer DOBRY SECURITIES CO. Covered From Head to Feet With M Eczema. Healed by Cuticura. *·( . _ « · * - "My husband had eczema for about fifteen years. It broke out in blisters and a rash and he was covered from hia head to his feet.- He sat up night after night and could not sleep on account of the irritation, and could not wear his clothes on account of it The breaking out affected the growth of his hair. i "He tried all kinds of remedies but they did not help him. 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CHICAGO, Feb. 26. UP)_The ties competition that has been seen in the hog- market this week bro prices back another notch towarc the levels prevailing on Monday, a the start of trading today. Weight from 170 to 210 pounds came int their own again, alter a bad sea sion yesterday, ana sold tally 10 t 15c higher, with the early top a 57.50. Butchers scaling 240@30C pounds sold to shippers and packer at $S.75@7.10. This activity re suited largely from the fact tha there were only 16,000 hogs on sale and 3,000 of those were unfinishec kinds held over. Local packing houses took the other 10,000 of th total run of 23,000 on direct con signment. Only fair demand in all the east ern markets for beef, with the ex ception of Philadelphia, *hich wa poorest of all accompanied by weak er prices yesterday, acted as a draj on the early cattle market here. Al tho for the select shipping- yearling; and steers there was ] the usua steady demand. No further price reductions were asked, and seller, even expected to bring plain steers selling at the start at $7.25 to $9.00 a little higher, in line with the ad vance of strong-weight steers. Sup plies of 5,000 head at Chicago bro the week's total to 29,800, agains 38,200 at the same time last week Encouraged by the failure of sellers to get higher, prices yesterday buyers came out with lower bids oa all grades-of fat lambs today, and altho a few finished loads were hek at $8.75 to $9.00, the trading vntf done early on $8.40 to 8.60 kinds any of which were westerns weighing 95 Ibs., and less. HOBS closed unchanged from early prices. Cattle finished steady to 25c h i g h e r , mostly strong. Sheep closed slow, mostly 15-25C lower. Local Hogs MASON CITY, Feb. 26. -- Best sorted lights, 180 to 230 Ibs., §6.60; best medium weight butchers, 240 to 260 Ibs., ?6.30; best heavy butchers, 270 to 300 Ibs., $6.00; best prime heavy butchers, 310 to 350 Ibs., ?5.80; best packing sows, 300 to 350 Ibs., $5.30, best heavy sows 360 to 400 Ibs., ?5.10. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, Feb. 26. (,v--United Stales department of agriculture-HOGS 23,000: including 10.000 direct; fairly active; 10it20c higher; good to choice 170-210 (IJ3. ST^S^.-iO; top $7.50; 220-320 Ibs. SG.65(if 7.35: pigs $6.50^-7.00; plain kinds SO.OO; packing sown S5.85I3 6.10; light light, Good and choice, 140-160 Ibs. 57.0l)trl7.40; light weight 160-200 Ibs. S7.25W7.50; med- i u m weight 200-250 Iba. S6.9rCy7.40- heavy weight 250-350 Its. J6.50W7.10; packing sowa, medium and good. 275-500 Iba. S5.75ff 0.25; slaughter pigs, good and choice. 100130 Ib3. SB.25S7.00. CATTLE 5,000; calv'os 2,000; common and medium grade, fed steers strong to 25c higher; better grades, slow; steady to strong; shippers not very active on Eooci to choice ateera; better undertone and strong to unevenly higher prices on light heifers and helferettes with cows fully steady; bulls and vealers about steady; most fat sleera S7.UOV 9.25; slaughter cattle and vealers, steers good and choice 000-000 Ibs. SS.OOffll 25900-1100 Ibs. S8.25-911.25; 1100-1300 W SS.255J 11.25; 1300-1500 Ibs. J8.25'JM1.SO: common and medium 600-1300 Ibs. $5 notfi 1 8.50: heifers, good and choice 550-850 IDs. S6.25S9.25; common and medium S-tTjO© 7.00; cows, good and choice S4.25«J0.25' :ommoti and medium .Tfl.50SM.50; Tow cutter and cutter S2.T5jJ3.50; bulls (yearlings excluded) good and choice (beet) S-l.255j5.1ii; cutter to medium I3.fiO(i71.40; vealers (milk fed) good and choice S7.505T.0.25; m e d i u m 57.00fr7.50- cull and common 55.00^7.00; stocker and feeder cnltle, steers, Rood and choice 500-1050 Ibs. S6.75Q8.00; common and medium S-l.75W7.00. SHEE1- 18,000; fat Iambs weak to 25c lower; other classes about steady; early top lambs 58.85 paid by outsiders; packers SS.OO 5.J8.50: clipped lambs Meld at $8,00^8 25 unsold; fat ewea 54.OOff-S.75; Iambs, so Ibs down, good and choice $7.75fT8.00; m e d i u m S7.25ff7.75; Di-ioo Ibs.. medium to choice 50.754i8.75; all weights, common S6.00«ii «^* W M t 8MDO 113 " "n«ll"i to choice S3.50fi5.00; all weights, cull and common 52.00®,J.OOr feeding lambs, 00-75 Ibs., Rood and choice S7.75(fi 8.25. SOUTH ST. l-At'I, LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL. Feb. 20. (.-IV--U. department of apricullure--- ' CATTLE 1,800: slow, buyers resisting higher asking prices; early trade fully steady; bulk steers and yearling kinds salable $7.50 down; beef cows S3.75ft -I.."Hi; butcher heifers JSfi'e: lew yearllnRS to $7.50; cutlers unchanged; bulls slow; bulk $3.50fj3.75; fair Inquiry for feeders ani) atockers. Calves 2,000: vealers around 50c lower at new low for several years; good grades 50.50; choice k i n d s SS.50; throw ouls 5-1(55. HOGS 9.000; unevenly 10-25C higher than Wednesday's average; desirable lights and butchers selling mostly from S6.-30-j 6.75; a few up to $8.85: a few heavy weights down to SB.25: sows steady (o strong, S5.25 (Tt'5.50 or better; pi£s -about steady; mostly $7: bulk light lights $6.75; average cost Wednesday $6.42, weight 230. SIIEKT 2,000; packers talking unevenly 25c or more lower on fat lambs; no indications on other classes: Wednesday's I n l e h u l K fed western lambs $8.25. OMAHA- LIVESTOCK. OMAHA, Fen. 2G. (.l 1 )--TJ. S. department of agriculture-' irOGS 13.500 Including 1S9 direct; slow, steady to lOc higher to shippers; top $7 on choice 175 Ib. lights: bulk 170-230 Ib. weights 56.7500.90; 230-200 Ib. butchers S6.60ff 6.75; nothing done on heavier weights; packing-sows $5.60f?5.75: average cost Wednesday J6.51. weight 251. CATTt.K 3.300: killing classes slow, about steady; stockers and feeders scarce; fert Fleers and yearlings mostly $6.75fr8; few loads $8.25ir 8.75: some held higher; heifer:! ?5.50WH.50: few lots SB.75^7.50; bulk beet cows 51^4.75; cutler grades S3ft3.75; mc'l- lum hulls 43.75^4: practical top vealers 58. odd head choice selected kind to Independents at $8.50{JO. SHEEP 14,000; lambs weak to 25e lower; cheep and feeders steady; early sales and bids on 90-100 1!. InmbJ S7.50T?8; top S8.25: some held higher; ewe top $4.75; mixed, fat nnd feeding lambs to dealers averaging 73-70 Ib. weights S7.B5H7.75. SJOI/X OITV LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITV, reb. 20. I.Tl-- TJ. E. department of agriculture^ OATTLE 1,800, calves 100; hecf steers nnd yearlings alow, about steady; fat she slock moderately active, unchanged; bulTs and vealers about steady; stockers and feeders scarce, mile changed; bulk steers an,: -earllngs $7.50 down; scattering lots 58'tf 1.50; good fed heifers up to S7; bulk cows S3.75^4.50: few veaiers about $8; majority erirum bulls S.1.23fi 3.50. IIOOS 13,000, fairly ncllve to shippers for 100-190 Ib. and 240*280 Ib. butchor.i, mostly 10-lSc higher; other weigh',.-, alow: packers inactive, .early bulk 160-190 Ib. weights $6.G5'if6.85; lop S8.90; 240-280 Ib. averages 56.2511-6.65; packing sows 10-15C higher; largely.$5.4035.75; slaughter and stock pics S6.75 down. SHEET 8,000, fat lambs opening'10c olw- er to shippers; load medium weight wooled lambs $8.25: other classes quoted about steady. ' · KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITX', Feb. 26. W)--u. S. department of agriculture-- IJOOS 4.000; 350 direct; fairly active, uneven, 15-25c higher than Wednesday's aver- OKe; top $7 on 180-220 Ibs.; good and choice 140-160 Ibs. $6.35®6.S5; 160-180 Ibs. $6.65© 7; 180-200 Ibs. «6.75@7; 200-220 Ibs. SG.B5 Si 7; 220-250 Ins. $6®7; 250-290 Ibs. $6.405}' 6.80; 290-350 Ibs. $6.25515.GO; packing sows 275-500 Ibs. $5.35^6: stock pigs, good and choice 70-130 Ibs. S6.25?TS.75. CATTLK 2,000; calves 300; generally steady; outside demand a support to trad" on killing cattle: choice mixed yearlings sy. Steers, good and choice 600-900 Ibs. S7.25JJ 1 10.50; 000-1100 Ibs. S7.25fT10.50; 1100-1300 Ibs. S7.50® 10.50; 1300-1500 Ibs. S7.55''J' 10.50; common and medium 600 Ibs. up S55i' 7.75; heifers, good and choice 550-850 Ibs. 56.25^9; common a n d . m e d i u m 550-850 Ib*. S4.25??6.50; cows, good and choice $-t.50|- 6; common and medium 53.50^74.50: low cutter and cutter 52.50^3.50; veolera (milk fed) medium to choice $5S9: cull and common SS.SO'iiS: stocker and feeder steers, good and choice (all weights) $fi.25-Z?8.75: common and medium (all weights) S4'i?G.7.'). SHEEP 10.000; a few openlng'sales lambs steady to weak; best beld around 58.10. Lambs, good and choice 90 Ibs. down 57.25 fT8.40; medium 90 Ibs. down $0.25^7.25; common, all weights S5W6.25; medium to choice 91-100 Ibs. S6.25W8.15; ewes, medium to choice 150 Ibs. down $3.25®4.75. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, Feb. 26.--Estimated receipts for hogs, 26,000; cattle, 2,000; sheep, 11,000. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, Feo. 26. (.-Tl--Official estimated receipts tomorrow: Cattle, 2,000; hogs, 25,000; sheep, 11,000. Representative Sales CEIICAGO. Feb. 2G. I.T sales as selected by the U. S. agriculture-- HOGS. Lights 6.50 li.70 Representative department of Heavy -54 334 41 30(1 50 291 48 27, r , 09 2G:i 74 25,'i Mediums -- 25 21 2,1 16 2.1 13 243 236 22 T 218 209 202 1.173 1381 1550 155r 976 1065 1359 1214 102(1 1001 1010 S97 S42 ·12 65 6.75 .59 6.85 57 6.95 87 7.U5 Light 7.1(1 03 33 17 21 t.20 7.3S 7.3(1 7.40 C'ATTLK. Uuifers 10 29 35 IDS 192 ISr, 176 1GB Lights-157 150 14:1 137 133 7.50 7.40 7.3.1 -7.30 7.25 7.3r 7.11 7.00 GRAINS UNDERGO DECIDED TUMBLE Fall Due Largely to Report of Exports of Wheat Planned. CHICAGO, Feb. 26. /T--Grati prices underwent a decided tumble today owing largely to announce ment that the grain stabilization corporation would offer 35,000,000 bushels of wheat abroad. The announcement was generally con strued as bearish. Stop-loss orders, to let go of wheat future delivery contracts carried, the market down quickly about 2% cents to the lowest level since Jan. 29, with corn at a new low price record for the season. Wheat closed nervous ti*?2/tc lower. Con K'U'i'sC down. Oats nnchanger to %c off and.provisions unchanged to 20c higher. Unofficial forecasts of the new Argentine corn crop put the total at almost 400,000 000 bushels, R record yield. The average production In the last seven years has been 252.000,000 bushels. Domestic primary arriv als of corn today were 085.000 bushels against 000,000 a week ago and 696 000 a this time last year. CHICAGO CASH CHAIN. CHICAGO, Feb. 26. tut--Wheat. No I ra 79c; No. 2 red 78'XjC: No. 1 har.l 7S'iS70c No. 2 hard 7S)4cr No. 1-mlx-ed 7Sc. Com, No. 2 mixed 60VjC; No. 3 mixed 57}i ft59yc: No. 4 mixed a e f t ' o S ^ c ; No. J mixed SGfloG'Ac: No. Z yellow 60*1 ftfil'lc No. 3 yellow 5S',i«?60Ac: No. 4 yellow r,7 (riSSTic; No. 5 yellow 5Gf?56V.c: No. G yellow 51VJc; No. 2 white Me; No. 4 white 59 f r f S O H c : No. 5 white WAiftSTV-c. Oats. No. 1 \vhlte 3 2 t f c : No. 2 Vr'hite 32 32ic: No. 3 white 31»'ii'32c. Timothy seed SS.75^9. Clover seed S131T-20.75. Lard S8.20; ribs S10.75; bellies $10.62. 9.75 9.60 9.25 8.75 8.50 S.Oi) 7.50 fi.50 ii.'IO Cows-8 822 8.0C 772 7.0ft 71S fi.05 912 5 1214 Z 1206 -i N a t i v e Lambs-- 97 100 0 5 82 7S S3 72 103 , S.S5 142 8.75 120 S.C5 S.GQ S.5I) X.M) Fed Westerns-- 8.25 8.UU 7.75 7.50 7.25 7.0,1 li. f)1J 85 87 560 92 225 96 112 105 Fat Ewes-2 11(1 40 . 127 23 136 ~ ISO ·2 190 8.75 8.2,-, 7.SO 5.90 4 75 4.50 4.2s 4.01) Hog Markets Ky THE ASSUCIATKK PRESS Hofi prices at Iowa markets Thursday: C E D A R ItAI'Jns--Prime hogs: Medium-; UOJ|6.35: heavies S5.60«6; lights 56.30'u- .50; packers $5^5,35. I1K8 MOINKS--2.800; s t r o n g to 10 cenU Ighef; prime lights S6.50G.SU; p r i m e m e d - .ims 56.35^6.70; prime heavies SiSoSiS-l.V :oud packers 5S«i 5.75. OTTI1MWA--Higher; 120-150 Ibs. 54.70; 50-180 Ibs.'SS.SO: 180-230 Ibs. S6.6S; 23060 Ibs. SG..15; 260-300 Ibs. 5C.15: 300-350 I)S. S5.85; over 350 Ihs. $5.55: good packers 5.3.1; f a i r packers $4.35. WA.TKIU.OO--Prime hogs Sfl.201T6.50: mediums S5.SOff6.3r); heavies ss.cojj fj.00; ackers §4.3011 5.30. (·OMIUNKI) Jtoci HEfBU'TS. DBS MOlNfiS. E'eb! 26. l.TI--U. S. deprm- ment ol agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 23 concentration ·ards and 7 packing plants located in 1n- erlor Iowa and southern Minnesota (or the 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today were 21.800 compared with 31.300 a week ago. Strong to 30 cents higher, ho^s scaling 220 Ibs. showing the mont a d v a n c e : trading 'airly active; hulk of 170-230 Ihs. J[i.r0;-;- J.80: closely sorted 130-190 Ib. w c l R h l a up to fi.S5 and JB.90 in spots; 250-300 Ih. averages mostly $G^?fi.50, Quotations for KOOI nnd choice: T.iK'U Kllts. HO-1GO Ibs. Sq.254i«.Ta; l l K h t ights, 1GO-1SO Ibs.; -180-200 h3, SG.50-1TG.90; rnetlium weights 200-22U bs. 5G.Mfifi.S4r 220-250 Iba. 50.2S1J 6.7K: leavy weights. 250-200 Ibs. §6fi1'6..'i5; 2UO- 150 Ibs. S5.7. r .W0.30. flood p a c k t n f r sou-3 27S-3r»tl ]|IH. $5.25V^ i.75: MO-42D Ibs. SS.lOiifn.lO; -125.550 Ibs HO'J I'liTURViS. CHICAGO. Vob. 20. r.-i' -- nog futures: !,i£hl hogs to arrive tomorrow hiildln^ S7.50; for medium^ S7.10; mciliumK lo airlve next Monday bidding 57.50. .Riile · IHIernl Jtli) .1GI1TS -- 'eb ....................... March . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . April ..................... 8.50 M a y . . . . . . ............... .8.50 MEDIUMS -Feb ....................... March April ·IEAVIBS-- Feb .larch A p r i l Jay 7.2r s.r.o 8.50 7.50 7.50 H.I10 8.00 7.00 7.00 7.2S 8.00 8.00 7.50 7.00 7.01) MISCELLANEOUS .TS FLOCR MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 2fi. LT»--Flour u n - h.inKCd; sliipmcnta 3S.30S. Bran SM.00^ 14..10. Standard m l d t l l f n g s $13.50^1-1.00, POTATO M A R K K T * CHICAGO, Feb. 2S, (.1')--United States iepnrtmont of HfirieiiHure-- Potntoffs 103, on track 300, total U. S. hipments 785; barely uleady, trading slow; ackcti per cwL, Wisconsin round whltca ^St 1.30, occasional car hi^li^r; Mlnne- ola roun 1 ! whiten Sl.lO^i 1.2Q; Idaho nis- eis No. 1, $1.50i771..19. few SI.GO; No. 2, 1.10ft 1.20, few $i.2f; Colorado MeClnres Branded Zl.GQfi l,6f, unbrandcrt f f t l r to ordl- ftr- 51.251.40. HAY MARKKT. Feb. 26, (.Ti-- Hay CHICAGO, unchanged.- NKW VOHK NEW YORK, Feb. 2f5. U')-- Rnw supar (Ivancc l-32c or 3.3Sc for apota d u t y paid; uturcs at mldd-iy net u n c h a n g e d to 1 point ower; refined unchanged at -l.r»0c, TOT.K11O S K K I ) TOJ-EDO, Feb, 2ft. (.T--Seed u n c h a n g e d . MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, Feb. 26.-- BaHey S Oats , 23c Shelled corn, No. 4 ; 43 Ear corn 40c TIIUKSDAV OIL-UN CLOSE. CHICAGO, Feb. '(',. l.-Vi -- May dill new. . . . . July Sept W H K A T -Mar. old new old new July Sept OA.TS-- Mar., old HlKh .02 VI .01 T .fin May .79 .79 ','· .SHI- .82'ii May July R V B Mur. new. .. . nlil new. ... new. .. . old July Mar. ...... May ...... July ...... BEt.LTES-- May ...... J u l v . . . . . . CORN -Mar. o l d . . . May o l d . . . W H E A T -Mar. old n e w . . . May old new... July .Kept OATS-Mar. old. .. . . n e w . . . May o l d . . . . new.. . July . Sept RYB-- Mnr. old Clos ·in** .79 .79V- .Sly, '.33 .33.. 8. Ill .S-.'iit . . S.2T. S 17 .. H.42 8.37 . . 8.55 8.52 ..11.00 10.95 ..11.10 11.05 !KA(N OI'K.V CHICAGO. Feb. 2fi. l.-l')-- Clnse Yea'rt'y. Open Today. .70'.i' .79=', .77 May old new July 781 Sept 79 L A R D -Mar 10. l2 May 10.82 July l l . o r j BELLI KS-May 13.5.-, July 13.82 .32'; .32 -s .33' ( .:«'» .:u . M ' l .1.3% · 4'-' v . . .39 Vi .-li^, · ·13II .137', MIN.NKAI'OT.IM C H A I N MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 2U. [.1|--\Vlleal 157 cars compared to 127 a year a^-ri; m a r k e t unclianKed; cash, No. 1. rtortlitrn 73'^^r 1 77!4c; .N'o. l tlnrk n o r t h e r n 12, 13. 11 ;md IS per cent protein 73!4fi77He: No. 1 dark Market Notes BY TICKER From a yield standpoint, stocks listed 01 the New York slock exchange appear reasonably valued w h e n compared with those listed on foreign exchanges, it is pointed oul by James H. Ollpham and company. The average dividend f r o m 90 representative torn mon stocks on the New York exchange, according to the firm, was 5.11 per cent Feb. 18. This compares with 2.51 per c e n t from 17 stocks in. Paris on Pet*. 5, 3.96 per c e n t from 15 stocks in Brussels on the same dale 5 per cent average f r o m 25 slocks on Feb 10 in London and 8.74. per cent from 34 stocks on Feb. 6 in Berlin. The yields in Berlin. Incidentally, are subject to 10 per cent special tax. The markets abroad as well as here have risen since these dates so that the yields have generally shrunk further. Considering the Tower structure o money rates in this country with the ban 1 .* rate En New York at 2 per cent, the lowesi in history, the comparison is regarded at especially favorable. SOLD OUT IMPRESSION E V I D E N T IN SINCLAIR Tlie relatively small amount of activity in Sinclair consolidated common lias Impressec t h e bulls on the stock who regard this as indicating a "sold out" condition. The re cent turnover in tho stock of only scvera thousand shares a day is In contrast to 100.000 to 200,000 shares in the past. Due to the priority of Ihe approximately S83.000.001J 01 bonds and preferred stock; slight f l u c t u a - tions in the earnings are quickly felt by tlie common outstanding in the amount of 6.100,000 shares. Sinclair, in common with other companies, was affected by unfavorable conditions in the induslry last year as a result the forthcoming annual statement is not expected to make a favorable comparison with tlie showing of the preceding year! WAItn A N D SKA US SHOWIXf! STUKNGTII Prominent in Wednesday's session was pronounced strength in Sears. Roebuck add Montgomery Ward, each ot which gained 3 r j'i .points to close at C2 and 29, respectively:' Naturally, talk ,f the much reported merger was revived. Interests close lo Sears professed J u s t as much surprise about the strength In the stock as did tho "street," and so far as merger negotiations are concerned the stains, it was said, is no different today from what it has been r i g h t along. J. p. Morgan and company have been reported to be big buyers of Ward for some lime and Wednesday two other houses were credited with buying big blocks. .STKKL INDUSTIIV SHOWS INCREASE News from the steel industry continued the same as in recent weeks in Hint a slight gain in operations was accompanied by conservative predictions of the f u t u r e . Deular- Eng that production has advanced to 52 per cent from 51 per cent of capacity in the preceding week, the Iron Age-said that, while the upward trend in demand lias not been checked, the rate of g a i n is'still gradual, The review- bears out recent talk of increased activity in the auto I n d u s t r y , declaring thai business from Ibis source is the largest since last September. Aiivi:uTisi.N-c: RAISES IIKVNOL1IS STOCK ' The -new advertising campaign started b the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco company was accompanied by an a d v a n c e In t h e stock. A d v e r t i s i n g has been a big factor i,i Ihe record e a r n i n g s o f . t h e tobacco companies and Increased expenditures on tills account continue to be regarded as bullish marketwlse. The advertisement offering prizes is to be followed by an aggressive prctgrani in newspapers, magazines, and on the radio and outdoor display. LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER m : \iN ,MAKIU;T REVIEW. CHICAGO, I-'cti. 2U.-- WIIKAT--The expressed [ioLU;y ctf tlic arm board's stabilisation corporation n:- HJLrdln^ selling for uxporl a portion of their toclts of milling v;heat now at senhonrd, af- fcctcil the wheat miirKiit EidvtT^cfy u u l niisciJ mtlier heavy yenenil selling or lu- urea. How rontMly and oi^ how favorable n a sis these .sales of cash u-hfiat can lie iiiafli!, vill bii ttic :iH i m i J o r t a n t m a r k e t fuclcir for tic n cur riitiiru. F;i.voring the procedure is .he txtrotiicfj- (o«' oceini freight r n ( y at thu ;n]f ami tlia o r i e n t a l donianil for white at, as the higher Cuimtlfan pro-, autil. It a p p e r t r s llltyly that thia wood mill- wticat will be offered iti wurlil markets n p n r w i t h Cunadian and A r g e n t i n a Kra'm. This t u r n oC e v e n t s alyn is l i k e l y ti l i m i n a t e Rutisia us u | f i t t ' n t i f L l factor In Uie it nation abroad. WiHiiTpcfi r/C'iitynuil w i t h ur mnrkcl scMiiiK there beinsr r t t l r i h n l « t to »Icw Vcirk antl fort-i^n ju:cuitnt. C l i i e r inter- dt tomorrow will proh.-ihly center iti Ltver- lool's reception of this a n n o n n c e i n u i U hery, JOIt\--Corn broke oti the weakness iti vliuat nnd tlicro wus only a leeblo rally, arch we/it to a new ir\v for the saimii). J u u n l r y o f f e r i n g s \vctu u t i l y fair nnd t h « [nit ha.sip was r e l a t i v e l y 1'irtii on choice r a d t w , Slilppinfr t l c n j a n r l nioderate, salefl iciny aroimil ·10,000. Private reports on f a r m t-serves are due M o n d a y . O p i n i o n ' a s to what win be rcvealtid vary widely. F.xpeci corn lo "ollow w h e n t for the present, hivurnooi t l u o ; Jowyr. STOCK MARKET MOVES FORWARD Trading Shakes Off Load of Impending Liquidation in Climb. By CLAUDE A. JAGGER. NEW YORK, Feb. 20. OP)--Having shaken off a load of impending liquidation, the stock market moved forward afresh today. U. S. Steel common was suddenly jacked up to the best levels of the new year, but bullishness "again concentrated on the electric power issues. Some of the steels, electrical and railway equipments, and miscellaneous manufacturing issues miulfi good headway, but most of the rails, oils, motors, coppers and merchandising issues held back. The advance in U. S. Steel approached four points, and Bethlehem, Gulf States and Republic preferred made gains almost as wide. Utilities rising 2 to 5 points included American Water Works, Electric Power and Light, American Power and Light, North American, Public Service of N. J., United Gas improvement, and Standard Gas, all of which recorded new high for 1831. General Electric, American Can, Westinghouse Electric, Underwood Elliott, Loews, du Pont and American Locomotive gained 2 to 3, and Eastern Auburn and Macy rose 5 or more. Simmons gained more than 3. In the rails, Frisco dropped 4 to a new low. Gillette was a weak feature, losing 3. Montgomery Ward lost more than a point of yesterday's gain. Speculative sentiment in Wall Street remains preponderantly bullish, acknowledging that the market's recovery has run well ahead of the pickup in business, b,ut pointing out that troublesome situations are out of the way and liquidated, and stock now for sale can be disposed of leisurely, so there is little in sight at the moment to check the advance. Call money continued a little firmer, with little available under the official rate ot 1 \k per cent. STOCK LIST ' YORK STOCKS: NEW YORK, Fed. 26. Final Quotation.*. 103',4 Kroger Lchlgh Porl C LIBS k My B A i r Reduc Allegheny 12',8 Al Ch Dye 172 VI A His Chal Miff 41!i Loeiv's Am Can 12ft Vi Loose Wiles Am Car Fdy 37 Lorillard Am Com! Al 1Z'\ Louia.G E A Am For Pow 47lt, Am Inll 25 Am Loco Am Pow I. Am Rnd St San 19-*a 34 56'j 29% 55s; 30 61 Am Roll Mil! Am Sm Ret Am Steel Fdrs Arn Sug Ref A T T Am Tob B Atn Wat Wks Anaconda Andes Cop Arm of 111 B Atchison All Ref A u b u r n Aviation Corp B O Barnsdall A Bendix Av Beth SI Borden Borg Warn Briggs Burr Add Cal Hecla Can Dry Can Pac Case S3 69 122 .NEW YORK, Feb. 2fi. I.Ti--Rested by a [lay of p r o / l t - t a k t n K , the curb m a r k e t sumetl tti« advance today, altlni the Ktreii[-lh was rather cloyuly cimhned to the utilities. Lea'leraliip in tliat Rronp swung to United LlRht "A." which was actively taken, climb- .ni; about 3 points to ;i new high for the year. F.iectric Bond and Share dropped u point -t Hie opening and then slowly recovered I" above UO. A m e r i c a n Has and ElecliTJ, A m e r i c a n Lignt and Traction. A m e r i c a n ami Foreign Power warrants, A m e r i c a n Snpei- powtr and U. S. Kloutric Power rose a point or more. Motor and aviation slmri's were steady to r i r j n . but relatively i n n c l i v e . C h e m i c a l * i!id [IHlc, nor could the oils tnove out of their rut. t3eore wns strong. Call money renewed ut 2 per cent. Corn--No. 3 yellow .-)2r., . Oats--No. 3 w h i t e 2,7 ··villas'*; ·· BarleySl fe D5c. ttya-- No. l, 34-H«i38-Sc. Flax--No. 1 sl.MCi l.r.8. OMAHA fiKAI.V. O M A H A , Nebr.. Feb. 26. (.TH- Wheat- Hard No. 1, G » | 4 l i 7 0 c ; No. 2, OS M'.i C O i / . c northern s|rin K No. ,|. j-j c . d u r u m N o " ']' 65c; mixed No. 2. 71c. Corn-- Yellow No. 2. r3rjV5ic' No :t ;)-·' . r 2c; mixed No. 3. - i O ^ C ' No t IB.- . Oats-- Feed No. KANSAS CITY C H A I N . KANSAS CITY, Feb. 20. (,!'._; cars; u n c h a n g e d ; No. 2 dark tiard 70c- N,» 1 n o m i n a l l y 63!i?r71c; No. 2 hard 6'J',.'·'"' 70ic: No. 3, 6 S H ^ f G 9 c ; No. 2 red 72c" No 3 n o m i n a l l y 70*fo71 I / J c. ' Com--53 cars; down V - t l c ; No 2 whil" 55,ic; No. 3. 53c; No. 2 yellow 55i4c: No" 3. .j2'/ t l/:55c; No. 2 mixed nominally . r i2' : j- ·3c; No. 3 nominally 50''i5I^c. OaLs--1 car; u n c h a n g e d ; No" 2 white non'- innlly 32'.i'.i33c; No. 3 nominally 3 2 f j M v » c A lot of middle west railroads arc cutting their local ticket-rate to two cents a mile in an effort to regain Business. They may pick up some, mt like the woman who put off laving her picture taken until she Became better looking, they may lave delayed too long- to be successful.--Sl!)ley Trilmne. Move to Minneapolis. JOICE -- Mr. and Tvlrs. Orville Haugen have moved to Minneapolis. y. MASON CITY, Feb. 2.-Cash Quotations ly E. G. Rlorse. EGGS Eggs (current recsioLs) ....... l i e i?,c lie 13c lOc 8c -)c lie I2c 30c 33c 36c 30c peck -IIICA:O riuinrri-: C C I I C A C i O , Feb. -2(i. (.T)-- P o u l t r y -- A l i i w , 2 cars. i ; t r u c k s , easy; fowls 17'.n; 2(ic; springs 2lii:. No. 2. IHc; rooslers I. r ':.c; t n r - liey.i 2Sc; ducks 23c; geese lie. R u t i e r . 7.010. (inn. prices unclmngc:!. Uses, 1S.OOS. f i r m e r ; extra Ilrsls ISv'i I f l ' - r j ; fresh untried firsls t7rcf!17y.c; o r d i n a r y r i r s ' j I'r.oDiici: ITTIIKKS. O r t l C A O O . Feb. 20. I.Tt-- EBB (uture.i closed: Frt'sh graded f i r s t s . Feb. 17',-jc; do. Marcri 17V,c. Storage packed f i r s t s . " Marcb 2(lc; do, A p r i l 21«; r e f r i g e r a t o r a t a n i l a r d j , Nov. 2 I V j c . B u t t e r f u l u r c s closed: Storage s l a n d a r d s Feb. 2G'.ic; do. March 2t'ii 2fi',ic. Stags Leghorns, spring rieavy hens, I 1 ,?. Ibs Jight hens Did cocks, heavy Ducks ·eese Alerclinnta Quotations. Iggs, in trade ....... : !ggs, cash 3utter, Plymouth 3utter, Clear Lake ....... Butter, State Brand ...... Jutter, dairy Potatoes ...... lOc and 50c a NKXV voitK rrtoiiiin:. N K W YOniC. Feb. 20. I.-TI-- E B B S 2SMD; f i r m . .Mixetl colors, regular packed, closeh" selectet! heavy 20V.- ^ 20-yiC ; e x t i n 2 0 ^ i 2 0 ' , i C ' o.tra first m f l lO'.-jc: f i r s t 1S'.!,c; seconds 17 ·;n«c; m e d i u m firsts 10^,170 relriceraloi' seconds M ^ l f i c : m e d i u m firsts 1 2 " / l l c : nearby h e n n e r y brown, extra 20V, ^ 2 1 c ; extra f i r s t I0^?20c. Nearby and n e a r b y western h e n n e r y white, closely selected extra 23Vi r,, 2 4 t TM c ; do. average e x t r a 22lj22',:c; nearby while m e d i u m s i O V j I Z l ' . i c ; Pacific coast white, extra 2f '/· Tr'27c: extra first 2.1W2R/.c. , Biilter 20. ^ O n : f i r m e r . C r e a m e r y , n l g f i e r i h n n e x t r a 2 9 i ; ^ r 3 0 c : extra (02 score) 2S*i S29c; first (SS-S1 r.corel 26',-; fi 2a'.ic. Poultry -- Dressed steady. KANSAS c ICANS.VS CITY. tmchanged. iTr I'ltoiirrr. Feb. 2B. (.TJ -- Prmluct XBW YORK r NKW YORK, Feb. 2T. (.Tl-- Poultry-- M v p i r r e g u l a r Clifckens hy freight I 0 ^ 2 1 c : by cxprer,. 1 ! 21''2c; broiler::, f r e i g h t 32c; express 3K|,|Oc; fowls, f r e i g h t 20{i21c; express 17Tr21c. I^\V Y O R K . Feb. 2(5. (.Tl--Quiet trading charnctcristics ot recent sessions made little mpretision on quoled boiul valnes today. Tlie U n i t e d Stules yoverunient gl'onp, huw- _ ^-er, was an e.xceinlon. resuniiLig its ill;- clluti u n d e r pressure apparently Induced by the approaching announcement of the treasury's f i n a n c i n g plans for Match. Of- lerlugs of 3^s of two maturities were rather large and both reacted to new Lows for the year, selling Inns t h a n a point ab.ive par. L i b e r t y bonds showed some tendency to steady. The resumption of the d e c l i n e demonstrated the thinness of the absorptive powers of the m u r k e l ior liiese obligations. In I n v e s t - ment blinking circles t h e r e is no disposition lo believe that the situation will be altered u n t i l tile u n c e r t a i n l y concernhi^ the treasury's f i n a n c i n g plans are divulged. N a r r o w l y Irregular movements r n i e r l corporate, domestic bonds. Marketing ot SS.OlHi.- 000 4'X, per cent mortgage- bonds by the Tcre Marnnetle brot an a d j u s t m e n t in the lisleit issues of the same series in the market. The f o r w a r d m o v e m e n t ot f o r e i g n bonus was m a i n t a i n e d altho it did not i n c l u d e as many issues as in p r e v i o u s sessions. (T.OS1NC. UONI1 lll'OT-VnoNS NKW Y O R K , Feb. "'· '-I' 1 - - U n i t f d Sillies government bonds closed: L i b e r t y 3tis 101.10, First I l l s 102.23. Fourth ,| 1 .is 103.11. Treasury 4 Vis 110.1H Quotations rtirnislierl ly Wolf Bros. HOS Fifth street soiithivost- Horsc hides '· · -51-75 Cured beef hides S'^c Green beef hides 2Vic Hoover Picks Swdnson for Netherlands Post WASHINGTON, Feu. 26. (.T)-President Hoover today nominated Laurits S. Swenson of Minnesota to be minister to the Netherlands. 20 Men Are Reported Trapped by Gas Blast SCRANTON, Pa., Feb. 26. (/I 1 )-Reports that a number of men were entombed, in the Underwood Colliery of the Pittston company at Underwood, near here, caused rescue squads to be rushed into the mine this afternoon. A gas explosion was reported to have let loose a flood of water which may have trapped 20 men. Sponsors Patriotic Program. SWEA CITY--The American Legion auxiliary will sponsor patriotic and citizenship program at the high school auditorium Thursday night. Rudy Vallee's Income is S2fiO,000 n venr. Now let his opponents croon that off.--Waterloo Tribune. Cerro [Ib Pasco Ches O Chic Gt W · Chic Gt W pfd C N W C R 1 P Chrysler Coca CoTa Col Fuel * Ir '30V- Col G F: 43% Col Orapho 11 Com] Solv 21 Comwlth So 11 li. Congoleum Consol Gas Contl Can Conll Ins Contl Mot Corn Prod Curtlss Wr DniR Inc Du Pont El Pow I, En;; Pub Eer Eric [··Jslf. Fox Film A Freeport Te.v Genl El Oen Foods ?,cti Motors Gim Puh Ser Gillette Go lie! Gold Dust CJootlrJcli G u o d y e a r Grab Paige Granby G N R nfil 0 N I O I'll Grip; Grun H n h n Hartmaj) B Houston Hudson H u p p 111 Cent Ind Ref f n t Comb Eng I n t l Har Int Nick Can 1 T T Johns Munv K C £ So Ki'lvinalor Kcmiccott Mack Math Alkali Hay D S Maytas McK Rob Mex Sea. Oil Mid Cont Oil M K T . Mont Ward 199v.:, Mot W h e e l lO^i Nash 78-H Nat Bis 41-% Nat Ch Reg A 3Vs Nat Dairy 2 Nat Pow I. 99T; Nat Tea 22 W N Y Central :0!-.l N Y N H t H Nor W No Am No Pac Oliver F Oils St Packard Pan Am Pet B Para Pub Pathe Penlck Ford Penn Phil Pet Pills Fl Proc Gam Pub Berv N J Pullman Radio Rad K O Reading Rem Rand Reo Rep Stl Rey Tob B Roy Dutch SI L Sim F Sears R Shell U Simmons Sinclair Skelly So Pac So Pr Sug So Rail Stand Brds St G E St Oil Cal St OH N J St Oil N Y Stew Warn Stone Web Stude Superior Oil 1 Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B linion Carb Un Pac Unit Airc Unit Cig Unit Corp U n i t G E U S Ind Ale U S Rub U S Smelt U S Stcei Ut P Lgt A Vanadium Wabash Ward Bak A Warn Fix W Mary West A i r West E . M/e Willys Ov Woolworth Wrigley Yell Tr 29 44TJ Tf- 2"i L .s 4 - l ' 60 2214 10 V, 101 59 72 100'.', ll'.i 59 ·!·! VI 38--, la 36' 3S 4011 · -I -,'· 61 22 1:1% Young S ft W CHICAGO STOCKS. CHICAGO. Feb. 26. Beatrice Cream 75 Std Dredtins 13 U - -- - 19 *; Cen E'ub Ser A Cities Service Or Lakes A i r c ilisill! Ut I n v ICell Switch I.ibuy McNeil Mid W Ut 0 pf, N'al Stand N W Bane 17 S w i f t . Co Swift Intl t/ S Gypsum ITI11 £: Ind Zenith Grlgsby-Grunow Majestic H'hold Mid ut pf 60 ?i 53 17 3, r , 42 27i; 35V; 8 J f i 3SK 81 /i 38 VI ' 20 1, 120 U 02 217 80 IB 51 y. us 35 -IS 2« 44 V, 63 =i 11 Vi 30 69 Vi 89 40 48,i 60 U 9'.i 22 V. 15 10 '.i 30651 U l k 61 20 84=1 50 151, 31V, 54^ 5T»i 68 204 H 37 5.i 27 31 ', 73 »i JO'i 22 151 30 ii 70'i 19 26 10 It 1.1 W 27 LrVl 4 = 29 « 3 tf, SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS · Supplied by IjAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Bcclc Building. Telephone No. 7 NKVV VOHIC STOCKS. A h Pow A P Co 13 IA Lambert C') Am Beet Sugar ; ; . AITI Br:LUc Slioe 37'/i Am Car l-My 3f,y.; Am Metal 21 A m T o b t i n Am '/.c l.d Sm S" 1 ^ Ar Ci B ( I I I ) 2-li Assoc Dry Grls 27 vi Baldwin Lo '2K% r , 0 ~ M f £ Co 21} ; B-B-Collcn Co 12 B u r r Add Maeh :U !i Bush Terminal 29 untie Cop St Zc l?; Calif P a c k i n g 4!S-". Com C r e d i t ' 21S Cnml Solvents 21 Cont Motors ,-{-··; Cont O l l v s-n Croum of Wht C u r t i H S \V'r pfd navi Chemical First Nat! Sirs Flak Rubber ICelvinator Corp Liquid Garb Cp Mathleson Alk 2S McK £ Robb Kiij, Muns Wear Inc 2!) N e v Cons Cop !·( N Y A i r Brake 24 CMEs Steel 16 Pathe Exchange 2-v PilTshury Flour 3n % Pure on Co iof : Purity Bak Cp 50=}; Fleo Grande Oil 8; , Reo Motors S J /. St Joseph Lend 27^ Schulte Retail St 5M- So Calif Fdison 53^ Standard Brcis 20 Superior Oil It', Tobacco Prod 2" ; i U S Real 1m 35' Vanadium 7n Wnbash Ky in Western Myld 8 21'I 51 V. Western Union 148 - .... ... . Wrigley Jr Co 77 VOIIK TURK QUOTATIONS Atn For P Co 28/j Hud B M S SU Aip Gas El 85 Humble Oil 65 Am Sup Pow !«", Nlag Hud H \ r k Nat Gna A 6Vi NI-Bern-Po 21 ~l Assoc G 1-1 A 221.4 No Am Avlat Carr Marconi . 37; Pennroad Corp Deforest Radio .Vi S 0 Ind Durant Motor 2 3 o Ky Tllsler Ml 4 ',. Trans Air T ,, . Kl Ed ft Sb Stl'v, Un L t P A 32': 'ord Mo of Can 23 Util P r. 141; ynrd Mo of ftnfc 17Vi Vacuum Oil 651-' Fr.x Theaters A 5V; Walgreen Drug K Hecla M i n i n g 7 ',i CHIOAr.0 STOCKS All Mo Indus! 2'/i Gt Lakes Alrc · i A i m A u t o Co 208 GriKsby-Gnmow Bendix Av Corp 24 Morgan Llto liorg-war Corp 2s/i Nat standard ., u1i Butler Bros · 5?i Unit Corp liu Cont Chic Corp 10X xu S Gypsum 45Vi Chicago Invest -t Utll . Ind Corp 9U Cord Company 1114 U S Ra Tel 3IM. .MI.VNKAI'OI.IS STOCK Ft Bk Sk Corp 2244 MIN.VKAI'OT.IS G R A I N .MARKET CASH SALES Flax 15214 to 158',i 31S 227; S-14 S-V, BROWNS STAUT GRIND EARLV. WEST PALM BEACH, Wla., (.-W --One long drill a day, from 10 n. m. to 3 p. m., with-a brief time out for lunch, will be the daily program o£ th« Browns while in training camp here. Would Provide for School. DES MOINES. Feb. 26. (UP)--A I)MI has been introduced into the Iowa senate which would allow the auditor of state to call all county officers, or their deputies, into a school of instruction. Senator C. A. Benson of Clayton county presented the bill Is Afjnln in Chicago. MARBLE ROCK--Mrs. Joe Mc- 'Vinch. who has been a guest of Dr. ·md Mrs. S. W. McNinch, returned to her home in Chicago. 11 ' / I j: i m " .1

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