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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, January 21, 1818
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J - ivm the Baltimore ftitralGmtetli. A NEW SONG : . Toanoldlnne. " John Anderson, my jo John, how could yebasae i - nuh. - As try to 6uy a Congress man, and not product the cash.' . Why offer tut so small, John I your pnc wu quit too low, fiid W,rhr aud wi' cash neut time. John Ander - . John Anderson, my jo John, ye now maun understand. Whun neitt y deal wi men o'law, y Uk nae va in hand, Thuee woo mak' mickle promises, like Congress mau, 1 trow, Think, they wha promise gie naa goad, John Anderson, my jo. John AnJenoo, my jo John, 'tho1 Congrats male a rout; Debate, resolve, interrogate they'll let ye safe - lyoot: ' Tha crime ' lend'riny fees, John, will maet tic fate. ye'II know, At lend'ring lanes proofs o' lore John Under sea, my jo. LONDON, Nov. 25. The following anecdote of the lata princess Charlotte was iotro luced by the Rev. .Mr. Jay, in his disontirs delivered at Argyle ChapeL ' Bath, on Weduetday. The preacher vouched - for its authenticity, having received it from an undoubted source. 'About a month since the princess was walking in the pleasure - grounds at Clare moot, when she accosted the gardener, and amoog many othr questions asked if ha could read " , madam," wu the reply (for she never suffered her domestics to address her hi any other manner.) " Have you a Bible "No madam."" Then." reinuinl Ihe , M I'll give you one." She immediately went to me noute, ana returned with a Bible, which she presented to the poor fellow, having written his name in it, with these words subjoined, M From Disiiicnu llurlotte." . On the morning ofthe 13th instant, about two o'clock, the elegant mansion of Dormont, in the pati - h of Dalton, and county of Dumfries, the ' resideuce of Ka, - tejfiel 1 Smiih, Esq, was diicov - ered to be on fire ; and before proper assistance ' could be procured the whole of that elegant building, together with the furniture of every description, was consumed. The loss is stated to be immense. Tha Cra originated in the store - room, bnt from what cause we have not been able to learn. LIVERPOOL, Nov. S Xtmoxr of (he prince xi Charlotte - Carlton Ilo - ise was tha place in which princess Char. lotto drew her first breath, between the hours of nine Ana ten in the morning ofthe 7 th of January, 17tf6, when there were present, the duke of Gloucester, the archbishop of Canterbury , , the lord high chancellor, the lord president of ni majesty'! council, the duke of Leeds, the lord rhamberlain, (earl Cholmoodelry,) and master of the horse, (earl Jersey.) to the prince of Wales, lord Thurlow, and the ladies of ber royal highness (princes of Wales') own bad - chamber. At a proper period the bishop of Exeter, a mau of eminent piety, profound learning and a - nimble manners and disposition, was appointed to the important office of her private tutor by the parental choice of his majesty, who, by the eu ternary law of England, as well by the feu - , dal, is guardian of all infants, and of course more particularly of his grand - daughter and the heiress presumptive of hii crown. On bein? taken from the pareutal superiutendance, the good and accomplished lady be Cliuord was selected as her governess and this venerable ladv. on I tha advance of her royal pupil hi maturity, was uperreueu oy ine uucnoss dowager ol Leedi - . January the 7th, 1815, when princess Char ' lotte completed her I9ih year, her birth day was observed for the first time at Windsor. Her royal aunts proceeded in the morning to Cran oourn Lioage, to compliment thoir niece upon the' return of the day ; and an entertainment was given at Frogmore, where the princess had tha leasure to receive the congratulations of the oobihtr and the queen. Music was called .in to conclude the festivities of the day, nor did the princes fail to experience new tokens of af - , lection in presents from her relatives. Not many davs after this festal scene, her majesty's birth - day was observed in a similar way. rriitcass Charlotte gave on this occasion full proof of ber skill and execution in music, bv . performing a fine concerto on the grand piano , forte, accompanied on the violoncello by general Taylor, and on the violin by general Upton nor royai uignness was passionately lona oi mil' tic's delightful art, and musical parties constl tu ' ted the c hief gratification of her life. Fashionables were still wondering why the princess Charlotte had not been presented at court, when May the 13th, 1815, she suddenly tnaue ner appearance at the queen's drawing, room. Since it was the only one that had oc curred for ten tedious months, it caused some bustle in the town Soon after ber introduction at court, her roy al highness went to the sea - tide for the benefit of her health. During her residence oa the coast the princess took occasion to display one of .Uioie energetic trails which have to distinguished herconduct. Just before her departure from Weymouth, her royal highness being at sea in t t . .i . .i tier yscni, uie Lviainan, ol 74 guns, sailing near, Drongnt to, ami nred a salute to the royal standard flying ; and soon after, captain Nixon, who nniniaudsd her, rowed on board the yacht, to :.ay uu respects to the princess, fehe receiv ad him on deck, and, after the usual ceremonies, said Capt. .Nixon, year's seems a very fine ship of war, I should like to go on board her." The bishop, her aged preceptor, standing by, asked whether she tlwught her illustrious father might not disapprove of her passing in an open "bout through a rough tea ? The immediate an - rwer to this was ' Queen Elisabeth took great delight in her navy, and was not afraid to go on boird a esaaof war in an open boat ; then, why sho'ild If ' Pray, captain Nixon, have the goodness to receive me in your barge, and let me be roweti on Doard the Leviathan : for I am not on. ly desirous but determined, to inspect her." Tha Bcce;ry preparations were made, and her royal holiness passed down into captain Nixou's Darge, followed by her two ladies in attendance, with the liop ; and, coming alongside the Leviathan, the yar ! were instantly manned, and chair of statu let don. The princes desired ii o ue noisieu, say ipg I prefer going op in thananner that a camau does ; you, capt. Nixon, will kindly follow me, taking care of my e'ot'iei ; and, shea I am on deck, the chair ttiav be let down for the other ladies and the bishop." No sooner mid than done ; as her royal highness amended with a fjciiitv that a - tonih?d the whole delighted crew. Therovalsuiie bein - Upon deck, the ship's officers were severally introduced. Her royal highness expressed great wrpric at the spare, and streegth ol Uie ship, and remarked Well oiichtsuch noi.le structure be called the woodtn walls of Old England ! She now told captain Nixon, that she thnuM not be at!fied with an introduction to Jiis Mite cab:!i, as she was very anxious to see ' U - r rojal highness' dre was com. osed . f mr.S'.iflrcnt laiia, with dratfries nf rUzaut " frmn wliiclt wss suspended wreatiisof TV '" ntv - , ntermnoa with silver lama leaves, and nt - Srd with ilver cord and bullion tassels, iu the Frrrl stvle. Addi - J to '.hi' L'cnenl dr - !l', was rirh white satin iKtticoat !rium - d H' - nd iUr. Her hetd - Jre w the reset's rlurr f wu"te 'enlher, mounted - - n a tiara of brilliants; neck - lire ' aud r hog. of lia,, ai.d 'rr - m rf 'lvcr4isso u ptrOly trimmed with, very beautiful blood lace every part of bis ship between deckt and mo' bdow i accordingly, be accompaniea ner nj bighnest down, when she inspected every birth, cock - pit, pewder - sagaxine, store - hold, c; and, on ber return npoa Uecx, gave neruuw to captain Nixon ana attendant officer! in the Mit rracloat terms, assanne usein, uii mj had afiorded an exhibition, of more interest to hr mind than aov she had hitherto beheld. The princes having presented a purse to capt. Nixon, desiring him to apply it for the crew, as a token of her respect to tneoa, descended down the shin's side as she rose, nnder a royal salute, and the mora gratifying cheers of the loyal and hearty crew of a British man - of - war. TWiinn and frankness seem equally to nave inSuenced the actions ofthe princess CharlotUof Wales : aad, therefore, what her ingenuousness would not oermit her to tsica, the has nnuormly had the intrepidity to avow. These qualities may account for her resistance te the union Ant proposed to her j which, however apparently fortunate, not meetine; the feelings of her heart, she refused to sanction with a reluctant band jjmoor her objections to that alliance, there was also one peculiarly strong, originating purely to her dislike of being obliged to reside in a foreign country. Those who are acquainted with the character of the late princess' contort, and with the mutual progress of their love, hardly required to be re minded of the auspicious torn of both. . Whoever knows any thin? of prince Leopold, knows, in re lation to him, nothing but what is honourable and estimable in haman life ; while the manner in which be conducted bis courtship, with regard to his illustrious bride, at toon as h discovered that he had interested her affections, is inch an instance of dignity of mind, of true nobility ol soul, as renders him worthy or all the commence that has been reposed in him, and all the distinction to which he has been elevated. Such was his sensibility to religious truth also, when he had received the sacrament the first time, during his residence at Brighton, that he addressed a letter to the princess Charlotte of Wales, in forming her of hit communicating, and imparting to ber the tentimtnls he then felt. Tbuisday the 2Jof May, 1816, the marriage of this illustrious pair was solemmzsd at Carlton Housa, where she originally drew breath about twenty vears before. Her union with the prince of Saxe Cobourg was an event every way auspi cious to their mutual happiness, ferhaps there never was a royal match formed in which political considerations had let influence on the parties themselves, and in which the fetliigs of the heart were more deeply engaged. , Hence, from the day on which their marriage was solemnized, they have shunned the glare of pomp and the fascinations of fashionable life, and embowered in the shade of Claremont, sought seclusion from the world, and tranquility and happiness in each other's society. The blessings which virtuous wedded love could impart, were to them the chief solace of life, and the great source of their mutual felicity. The prince of Cobourg has been made a iridower by the inscrutable decree ef the Great Disposer of all events, who alone holds the issues of life and death in hit band, and in whose eyes princes and peasants are regarded alike. I he princess was bred up in the knowledge of pure political principles, and from all that hat uanspired of her opinions and conduct, the sin cerely adopted the creed which she was taught The order of succession to the crown It now by her death disturbed, and from the age ofthe princes in order of succession, and the state of the illustrious family, apprehensions will occur to every loyal mind. It will' be the earnest prayer of the nation, that an early alliance of one ofthe unmarried princes may forthwith be let - tied. The succession to the throne of these coun tries has, from the distressing character of some portions ol our history, been long an object of the deepest interest to every person ; and, pro bably, not less on that account, than for her ve ry estimable qualities, did the princess Charlotte centre in herself the solicitude and regard of the whole empire. As the future sovereign of these realms, the people watched over her infancy, and marked the progress of her childhood with the fondest care. Her matured age was hailed with joy, and the approach and merits ofthe rival princes who sought her hand, were noted by very individual with an almost parental solici tude. Her marriage was, as a public festival, distinguished by a kind of rapturous applause, as incere as it was general, while ner untimely death alas ! the public sorrow it still burning fresh. CURIOUS CASE. POLICE COURT, EDINBURGH, August?. A lady, residing on the South Bridge, brought a complaint against a person possessing a back tenement and area in Whidcey - row, for having on his premises a cock, which annoyed ber with crowing the whole morning from five o'clock and most part of the day. She stated that she felt the nuisance to be so great, that she had offered the proprietor of the cock 5s. for it, in order that she might do summary execution upon it, but ne had mused to take less than 8s The defendant having been called opoD.ttt.ted, that the cock was the property of his son was a favourite cock, and that it was solely upon his own premises, and was not allowed to wander iu the street, and consequently it could not be look - td upon at a nuisance. One of the lieutenanti of the police stated. that he had visited the place, and found that the cock was strictly on the defendant's premises, auu ii any nuisance existed it arose more from a silversmith's shop adjoining, where the sound of the hammers was sufficient to drown the crow - iug of all the cocks in Edinburgh. The magistrate informed the lady that he could give her no redress. The same lady brought another complaint a - gaiust a cowfecler near the same place, for allowing bis cows to low from five in the morning until nine, to the great annoyance of the neigh bourhood. This she stated, the apprehended arose from their not being regularly fed and watered, and that the nuisance was most grie vous upon the Sunday mornings. The defendant stated that he had possessed the premises for twelve years, and that this was the first complaint ever brought against him, although the prosecutrix had resided in the same place for twelve years also ; that he could not prevent bis cows from lowing ; that he had a right to keep the cows upon his own premises. and that so far from not feeding and watering the rows, it was his interest to do to, otherwise their milk would fad : that to convioce the pro secutrix of her error, be had thai very morn - uig given thrm a double allowance ol meat and drink, and still there was no diminution of their lowing. I he prosecutrix contended that be should send hit cowt to grass during the summer months. The defender mauitamed that that wa his concern, and be was entitled to feed and keep his cows at be best liked. The magi'trate in this case also informed the prosecutrix that he could give her no redress. 1 hese last two cases afforded considerable a - ninsemeirt in court. JfEIV - rot.K ErjLbLYQ PuST. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY SI. I - at al Foreign AeiM. By the arrival this mooning of the ship Ann - Maria, Waite, in 40 days from Liverpool, we have received from our correspondents Glasgow papers to the Sd, Lloyd's Liits to the 5th, Lomlon papers to the 8th, .Myers' Fri e Current to Uie 9th and Liverpool pa pers to the !0:h Dec. all inclusive. The papers are all E!1J wt b condoling addresses from every pirt of Uie Kiug&m of Great Britain, to the frinM Iterant fot Ua loss of bit danghter, the Princes Charlotte, tt it tsserud in several of the London papers that the Poke of York hat retired from the oBce of commander la chief of I Ike British forest, but la positively contradicted iatjie Courier. The tchr Mary - Ann arrived in the Downs earty in the month of December, 13 days from Fayal the master of stated that on hit passage he tell in with the American brig Gessa tnerof 8 gnns, from Leghorn, bo and to Bos .on, having on board Lucien Bonaparte and tuite It will alia be teen that an - attempt had been made by a batsf of robbers to seize and carry him off from hit seal near Fratcati. A fracas took' place on the 58ih of Novr. near Calais, between a party of British dragoons and the populace, in which two of the former were killed and 11 wounded. On ofthe East Indian juggler, while exhibit inf bit art in the city of Dublin of catching a ball fired from a pistol between hit teeth, was shot through the head dead. The pistol was handed to one of the company for the purpose of firing it, and by mistake was actually loaded with powder and ball, instead of Wing prepared in the usual way, Accounts from St Petersburgh to Nov. 5, state that the weather was very mild and the navigation open, Five hundred and thirty - eight thousand two hundred and seventy - one barrels of flour had been imported into the port of Liverpool from the U. State from the 1st of Jan. 1817, to the 6th December of the same year. Prices current at Liverpool, Dec. 8 Ashes, pot, 1st, New - York, 52s a 53s ; Boston, 55 9 56 ; Montreal, 49s a 50s ; pearl, 1st, Boston, 61s; New - York, 60s ; Montreal, 60s. Cotton - wool, Sea - Island, ioe, 2 7d a 2s lOd ; upland bowed, It 6 l - 4d a It lOd ; New - Orleans, Is 9d a It 1 1 1 - 2. Flaxseed, American, 10s 6d. Flour, Ame rican, 66s a 70s ; tour, 50s a 54s. Quercitron bark, New - York, 18 a 20 ; Philadelphia, 21 a 24. Rice, Carolina, new, 49 a 50. Tar, A me rican, common, 16 a 16 6 ; Virginia, 17. Tur pentine, .American, 14 a 16 3. American fund 3 per cents, 72. Old 6 per cents, which began paying off the 1st of January, 1796, and will be liquidated 1st Oct. 1818, no thing done ; new 6 per cents late deferred, which began paying off January 1802, and will be liquidated IstOcttiber, 1824, nothing done; new loans 6 per cents, 105 tellers ; 7 per cents, HI. (Dividend from 1st Oct.) Louisiana 6 per cents, nothing done ; bank shares, 33 5. Price of bullion Portugal gold in coin, per oz. 406; gold in bars, 406; new doubloons, 400; new dollars, 0531 - 2; silver in bars, standard, 0 5 3 1 - 2. P ricei of tlock, London, Dec. 63 per cent reduced, do. 82 7 - 8 63 ; 3 per cent consols, shut ; 4 per cent corisels, 99 3 - 8 1 - 2. From Lloyd Luti,to the bin Dec. Dover. Dec. 4 Arrived. TexeL . from Boston Gravesend, Nov. 28 Arrived, Alert, Jones, Lfrora New - York. 30th - taiied, 'Agnet, Spain! Charleston Off Dover, Nov. 30 James, Fleming, from i eiiaueiptna Cove of Cork. Nov. SJ Arriwl, Mail Aim, Cose, from Norfolk llelfast, Nov. 27 Arrived, Union. Taylor, Baltimore Vlie, Nov. 6 Arrived, Nicola v. Paultontch, Baltimore Antwerp, Nov 23 Francis. Longhead, Provi dence ; Swtih, Foster, Boston. DEAL, Nov 27. Arrived from the river, Curlew, Young, fur Charleston ; America, Heath, for N York, and remain. GRAVESEND, Nov 27. Sailed, DieTrene, Thompson, for Wilmington, OFF DOVER, Nov 25. Plato, , from Boston. FOLMOUTH, No 24 Arrived, Twins, Nichols, from vVew - York. LEGHORN. Nov. 2. Arrived Diana. Jay. Ip'tn Alexandria. PERTIUS, Nov. 17. - Arrived Ann. Charleston; New - York Packet, New - York. LONDO.X. Dec. S Extract ofa letter from Capt. James, of the brig Hero, from Zante, dated Standxate Creek, Nov. 30 : - :" On the 8th instant we tell in with a squadron of Algerine cruisers, three brigs and one schooner, about 40 miles east of Gibraltar ; the schooner ran up alongside under American colors, but we soon saw hat they vrtre Turks ; tney nailed ut, and ordered ut to heave too, and got our boat out and come alongside. I wat un willing to comply with these orders, but bei::g obliged, I got the boat out and went alongside the schooner ; I wat then ordered to the brig, which 1 supposed to be the Commodore. After examining our Mediterranean pais, I was told to return on board ; they then hoisted the red flag. They had three or four prize ships with them, Swedes or Portuguese. They did not hoard us, but were very impertinent." An article under the head of Rome. intheGer man Papers received last night, gives an account of as attempt made by a band of robbers toeiie and carry off Lucien Uonaparre, from hit seat near Frascati. They earned off his Secretary in mistake for bis master, and wounded a relation of the family who wat there on a visit. Lu cien and hit family have, in consequence, renio veil into nome. LONDON. Dec, 7. Thursday se'nnigbt, the schooner Mary Ann, in 13 days from t ayal, arrived in the Downs. The master reports, that iu the course ofthe voyage he fell in with the American brig Gossamer, of eight guns, from Leghorn, bound to Boston, having on board Lucien Bonaparte and line. J his may have been one of Jonathan's hoaxes ; but it is worthy of notice, that according to the last papers from the U. States, there was an expectation of Lacien't speedy arrival in that country. Tlw Glasgow and Andromache frigates, which have gone round to 1'ort'mouth, are destined, the former for the Mediterranean, to attead upon Gen. Vaitland, and the latter for the coast of Uruzil, to replace the Ampluon, which hat gone round Cupe Horn. Accounts from Copenhagen of the 15th alt. state the failure of two ol the first bouset in that city. One of them had been established since the year 1646. The failure of one is attributed to tome unlortunate West India speculations, and ot the other to the occurrences in Norway. The court of Wurlenibcrg went into mourning on the 18th ult. for a month, on account of the death of the Princess Charlotte. There are good grounds for believing that the Allied Powers have come to the resolution ol preventing, as much at possible, tuppliet of any kind being sent to the Spanish American patriots. The ships Dawson and Emerald tailed on Sa - tar.iv afternoon, from Portsmouth, with abrut ZiO commissioned and non commissioned offi cer to join Uie Spanish Patriots in South America. The ships go to St. Thomas'. A letterfroiu Inspruck, dated Nov. 2, says A new Bull of the Pope it expected to be shortly publihed, relative to the determination ol' the frontiers of the new diocese of the kingdom of Lorn hardy and Venice. The oerocia - tinot between the Courts of Vienna and Hsune are nearly terminated ; at least, it is certain Out the principal omts are regulated. Prince Kit 0iu ill leave Rome till the final agreement concluded .: V hen received iii London that la Russian krce bad takeo possession of ope ofthe Sandwich Islands. ..i ue paruciuax no yet learnt. , ' . DaiUJl3j S USUllI UA1UIW K nw.aii - farther proroguing parliament to the 27th January, then to meet M for the despatch of divert urgent and unportaui anairt." The tame uateue contains a prohibiting hit majesty's subjects from serving in tha miliiarv forces, or thiol of war. of the Spa niards or Spanish American!. There is an ex - rnt'.nn in favor of those who have already en tere d the Spanish tsrvice wuu uie leave gov eminent ; but they are not to serve with the forces of his catholic majesty in cpanisn Ame rica. A letter from Paris states, that prince liar deoberg, the Prussian Embassador, has present ed an othctal note, complaining oi a passage w his majesty's speech at the opening of the ses sion, and the address ol the cnamoer oi ucpu tics in reply to it. This official has excited I strong sensation in Paris, from the emphatic manner in which the Prussian minister complains of the declaration put forth respecting the treaties, and his demand of an explanation. Freihanger, the assassin of Mr. Phillips, was capitally convicted before the prevotai court at .4 miens on the 21st ult. and next day underwent the sentence of the law. Previous to his execu tion he turned Roman Catholic. The trial of the murderer of Fualdex it now fixed for the 15th of this month. A considerable number of additional witnesses hare come forward to establish the charge. Russia continues, it it said, to urge the other powers to form a league for the total suppression of the piracies rf the Barbary itatea. From Gibraltar we have received letters of the 10th inst. which state that the Algerine plague squadron had made its appearance in the Bay, but was not permitted to anchor within reach of the guns of the fortress, and that a guard ship had been dispatched, to keep it at a proper dis - ance. The rock continues very healthy - abundant showers of rain having fallen rather earlier than usual, and been succeeded by course of fino weather. All apprehensions of fe ver had subsided. The Paris papers inform us that in consequence ofa letter from the French consul at Cadiz, an councing. that the plague wu on board the Al serine squadron, and the instructions received f rom government by the prefect of the Lower Seine, the latter hat prescribed measures of qua rantine in all the ports ol that department. By a letter from the French consul at Cadiz, it appears that the Algerine squadron has been making captures of vessels of different nations, Dutch. Swedish. Russian, and, it it added, one English ; while they professed to be looking after Prussian and Hamburgh vessels only. We understand that the Bey of Tripoli has consented to receive a man of science and litera ture at bit court, to reside there, and acquire the language and manners of the country; after which he will give him a military escort to pen etrate into the interior of Africa. In conse quence of this, Joseph Ritchie Esq. now the private secretary of sir Charles Stuart, it selected as a person highly qualified for this undertaking. He will be appointed consul at Tripoli ; and he will travel with the caravan to Tombuctoo. This, after all the unsuccessful expeditions that have taken place, promises to produce the information so much wanted. No person it better qualified for the important task than Mr. Ritchie. it has been reported that the Duke of York it to resign bit office of commander in chief of the army, in consequence of the change of his relative position in the succession to the the throne, occasioned by the death of Uie late lamented princess Charlotte of Wales. It is said that the British government nas sig nified its intention to give permission to any of the followers or Bonaparte at tt. Helena, lo quit that island, who may apply for leave so to do. LONDON, Dec. 8. A private letter from Dublin, r - l on Sa - tnaviij, mentions the following melancholy accident : One of the ti icks performed by the Indian jugglers, now exhibiting their art in that city, is the catching of a ball between the teeth, nretl from a pistol. At a recent exhibition, the pistol, according to custom, was handed to a young gentleman, one of the company, for the purpose of firing it. He did so, and shot the unfortunate juggler through the head. It is supposed that a pistol actually loaded with powder and ball was, by mistake, substituted for that prepared in the usual way. LIVERPOOL, Dec. 6. The two courts of France and Austria have presented a ote to some of the Swiss Cantons, recommending them to suppress certain periodical works, now iisued in Switzerland, of a revolutionary tendency. We need not observe, that a recommendation from two tuch powers as France and Austria to the bwiss government, is something like a conge a" tlire for the election of a bishop; which swiltdcscnoes as recommending a man to fall to the ground after he has lie en thrown out of a window. The French exiles. it appears, having been driven out of Holland and Belgium, have taken refuge in Switzerland : the only other place in Europe where they could place the sole of their foot. They have there resumed their attacks on the cause of tegitima ey, and the allied powers are again in pursuit of them. , MOSCOW. Oct. 2i The following ttatement bat been laid before his Majesty, respecting the destruction of public i 1 . i - ii i . L i L. : anu private ounuingt uurnig uie r rcum invo sion : Ol public buildings destined for Divine Wor ship, there were 368, of which 343 are now re stored, so as to be fit for use. Of dwelling - houses, there were at that time 2.507 of stone, 6,591 of wood in all, 9,158. - On the enemy's retreat there remained undamaged ofstoue, 526, of wood, 2,100 in all, 2,626 Since that time there have been built or repair ed 3,137 of stone, and 5,561 of wood in all 8.688. Of booths and shopt there were 6.324 of ttone, and 2.197 of wood in all 8.521. Of these there remained undamaged, 989 of ttone, and 379 of wod in all l,Ktu. There have been since rebuilt or repaired 5,102 of stone, and 4 17 of wood in all 5549. The population of Moscow consists of 197,401 male inhabitants, and 114,518 females in all il7,wu touis. INSPRUCK. Nov. 25. The Princess of Wales continues at Pesaro. According to the latest intelligence, she had not yet received intelligence or the death ofthe rnn cets Charlotte, her daughter. BRUSSELS, Dec. 2. " All the doubts which still subsisted, respect ing the retirement of hit Royal Highness the Prince of Orange, from his military employment, haveiow ceased ; it is no longer doubtful that me i mice obi nemsnaeo. nts aiscnarze, anu inni, ny a Decree of his Majesty, of the 15th November, it has been accepted." FALMOUTH, Dec. 5. Arrived the Swiftsure packet, with a mail, from New - York, in 24 days. L1LERPOOL, Dec. 9. The Baltic, Jenkins, from Antwerp for New - York, which put inti Fayal 13th Sept. leaky, hat been condemned, told and brcken up. Arr rived, Caitalia, Forbes, from N. Orleans , British Jar, Clark, fnm Quebec. Liverpool, Dec. 2. Arrived, Sally, Watson, from Charleston. Dec. 6. Superior, Burkhart, from Philadelphia ; Frederick, Collins, from Savannah. Dec. 7. Independence, , from N. York, at Greenock. Dec. 8. Importer, Rogers, from N. York ; Eaphrttes, De Cost, do. ; Telegraph, Collin, from Philadelphia. Dec. 5. Cleared, Glenthorn, Stillman, New - York ; Harmony, Tullock, Charleston. Dec. 6. Indian, Balbarney, Charleston ; Ann Maria, Waite, NYork. Dec. 4. Sailed, Aldebaran, Borden, Balti more; Dido, Maxwell, Philadelphia; Potomac, Bradford, Virginia, Hee. R - Fjnnlous. Chace, Savannah ; Indian, Balbanev. Charleston : William, Caitcheon, do ; Glenthorn, Stillman, NYork; Maria, Poulsoo, Madeira and NOrleant. GLASGOW. Nov. 29 - Tbe Thorntons, i itn - er, which arrived oere on uie xim iu ii in with the wreck of the American brig Barah, Owen, of and from Bath to the West Indies, with both masts gone and full of water. The crew, 7 in number, bad been 14 days on the wrec'., and have arrived here in the i nornious. FOVVEY, Nov. 30. Passed bv for Antwerp the James, Fleming, from Philadelphia ; sailed 29th Octolier, reports that an American 74 would leave ruiiauciyiua for England on the 8th inst. One ofthe great oxen raited by col. Chapitr, and exhibited at the Brighton cattle - shew, last fall, has been slaughtered and the beef exposed for sale in the Boston market. The 4 quarters, hide and tallow, weighed 1994 lb. From the Philadelphia True American, Jan. 19. The Theatre. Saturday evening wat most fully and fashionably attended for Mr. Philippt' benefit ; in fact, I never saw a more fashionable, nlendid audience. That excellent opera of th Maid of the JtfiU, and the lively afterpiece of Brother and Sister, went off with the greatest anulause and satisfaction. Mr. Philipps was in excellent voice, and gave alibis songs with the highest effect. Uh Lveleen't Bower, noniu Adair, and the beautiful ballad of The Bewil - der'd Maid, were enthusiastically encored. A repetition of hit Duett with Mrs. Burke, " Together let ut range,' would have been insisted oa but from a feeling of the audience that the i infers would have been distressed by the repe tition. There must have been upwards of 1400 dollars in the house. FROMTOUR CORREgPONDE NT. Patriot and Mercantile Advertiser Office, ) Baltimore, Jan. 19 noon. S Central Mma Again. Capt Gantz, arrived here last evening in the schooner Elizabeth, 28 davs from Camoeachv. states, that a lew days before sailing, advices were received there of General Mina't having been executed in the neighborhood of Mexico, on account of which, the town wat brilliantly illuminated. Capt. G. fur ther states, that it wat asserted and fully credit ed. that the followers of Mina were either dis persed or annihilated ; of course, the cause of the Patriots in Mexico must be in a most forlorn state Arrived last uight, scbr. Elizabeth, Gantz, 28 davs from Camneacbv. Left brig Day. of N York, to sail in 6 or 8 dayt. Spoke nothing in the bay, or at tea. Cant. Cole, arrived at Boston from Matantat, spoke, off the mouth of the harbour of Matantat a Jollv boat, with cant. M'Lean and 2 men late oi me Png Ann oi rorismoum, can away on ivry Nicholas, ism UfC. our 11 aaytirom rnnaaei - phia for Havana cargo fl.iur, Kc. the Long boat with the remainder of the crew in tight at the same time towed the boat in towards the shore and supplied them with provisions, they had been 4 days in Uie Dost and were steering lor Havana. A number of editorial articles prepared for this evening are unavoidably postponed. The City Inspector reports the death of 67 per sods, irnm tne turn to me l tin aay oi January, 1818. viz: Oncer 1 : consumption 16 : convulsions 3 ; drops v 1 : dropsy in the chest 2 : dropsy in the head 2 ; fever bilious 1 ; fever typhus 1 ; hives or croup 2; inflammation ofthe bowels 4; in flammation of the ciiest 2 ; intemperance 6 t me a slet 1 ; old age 4 ; pleurisy I ; small pux 3 ; still born 9 ; sudden death 2 , tabes metenterica 4 ; teething I ; whooping cough 1. Or WHOM WHXRK, Of the age of 1 vear and under. 17 . between the age of I and 2 yearn, 4 ; 2 and 5, 6 ; 5 and 10. 2 ; IU and 20, 1 ; SO and ISO, o ;,ao and 40, m ; w find 50, 6 - . 50 and 60. 5 ; 60 and 70, 3 ; 70 and 80, 1 ; 80 and 90, 3 ; 90 and 100, 1. ur.uiM.Ea uu.vimu, uiiy inspector. DllaT. On Tuesday afternoon, after lingering illness. wnicntne uore wnn pious resignation ana enns - tinn fortitude, in the 74th year of her age, Mary, consort ol me late William Uunlap. ol white Plains. Her friends and relations, as well as those of her son Robert Dunlap, are respectful ly invited to attend her lunerai on I hu"day afternoon, nt 3 o'clock, fiom her late residence, No. 47 Division street, without further invitation. RYEXWQ POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. Brig Minerva, Tylr, Charleston Schr. Gen. Scott, Williams, tewburg Native, Cole, Richmond ARRIVED THIS FOREXOOA. Ship Ann Maria, Waite, 40 days from Li verpool, with coals and dry goods, to J Flack, owner, J Thompson, J Brown, Hyde Si Bunter, J E Hyde, A S Norwood, LCJlT Hamersly, W .Manks, J ijfaham, Marsh 61 Hrooxs, ti As - tor, A Armstrong, F.sq. F Thompson, R II Sa - per, W Took, J W heelry, Otis & Swan, C De - bruter, J B Duraitd, B Manliall, R Si I Thomp son Si W Steele, R Bat h, J C Watson, R Stafford, T Wright, Pattison & Booth, Collins and Co f :orp & Talmage, G Coggill, LCIcA Og. den. P Remsen & Co. H Wrav, Adcock Si Co & R Brooks, E Lyde, C K Clarke, W Todd & Co. Day, Downs tz Eastburn, K Rainey and Co. J Varev & Co. Van Geisun. Stephens and Co. Vose Si Low, W W & T L Chester, John Tansliarr, J Dixon, Jun. Major tc Gillespie, R uivan, U Johnson, Marx L.insley, A iticn - a ds, J S Henry, Boggs & Thompson, Tobias & Co C Gascoigne, II Si W Haieht, J Graham Si Co. J Bowerbank, T Sands St. Co. J Cauldwell, W Watkinson, D Madden, G Wragg, Aiken, Fisher & Goddar, Crarys Si Babcock, 9 Marsh Si Brooks, S Archer, "Callender Si Embree, Loom is & Learned, .Vhipman Sc Lord, Hicks, Lawrence & Co. N llaight, I Wright Si Son, G Lodge, J Anderson & Co. J D White, R Nugent, 11 K Toler Si Co. J Heard, Van .Vchaick & Given, E Dodgshun, Duval & Co. I Waite, E Robbins, J Thompson, and to order. Passengers in the steerage, Mrs. Isabella Barrow, Richard Nugent, George Reaney, and Thomas Coil. The ships Importer, Rogers, and Eu - pliratus, De Cost, had arrived on the 8th Dec. The ship Telegraph, Coffin, had arrived from Philadelphia, and the shi,. Triton, from Boston. Ship Little Cherub, M'Kever, to sail in 2 days for Savannah. Ship Sally, for Charleston. 50th Dec , Triton, Hoicomb,' for Boston, 1st Jan ; Nestor, Sterling, for N Yoik, 25th Dec ; brig Wm & Eliza, Baldwin, for Baltimore, uncertain j Ceres, Forsyth, for Charleston Bel - videre, Hobson, for Baltimore, Jan 1 ; ship Indian, Rolbarncy, fur Charleston, 15th Jan. Ship Glenthorn, sailed 8th for N York.; Fran - ccs, Stillman, do do ; ship Albion, for Savan nah i brig Martha, Kennedy, for do 11th Jan ; Eliza, Phillips, for N Orleans, 15th Jan; ship Alexander, Martin, for do 21st ; Superior, Bas - kut, from Philadelphia, just arrived; Frederick, Collins, from Savannah and Liverpool Packet, from Boston, do. brig Protection, Goodrich. 17 days from St. Thomas, with coffee, sugar, molasses and hides, to Fish & Grinned, A. S Halle tt, D. Betnune tl Co. J Hitchcock, and Kanhuus, Keinick ii Co. Left, brig Olive Branch, for Havana Jan 16 : schr .Mary Jane, for Philad in 10 days ; brig Minerva, Howland.from NOrleaos, uocer; Flying r ish, Johnson, from Coast of Africa for Norfolk in 10 ; tchr Dover, Clashing, for St Domingo next oay ; urig tleoor, r itts, lor Bath In 6 , bng cuniDeriand, 1,1'Uay, from Alexandria, just arrived ; schr J ackall - Packet, Domunck, lor South America Jan 3. 1 he schr Decatur. HIL hri just arrived iroin Norfolk; and schr Felicity, C.. a. Hi V l . ... ... ... filial I, ii. ii ivn id 1 1 U3JS. leil at 61. croix. West End, ship Laconia. Swain, for St Dnmiiurn Jan 2 ; South Carolina Packet, for New York in all Feb ; schr Planter, for Boston in all Jan. At J Bass End. St Croix, ship Vininia. RiH,. 1 for NYork uncer brig flewi; do do, fleotv of P.U.I. I. HAH aaaxat A . J O - !!.. J ! . "" r" uu yivuiM.c. nimi co Stun Rose - in - Ploom, for St. Jago. Jan. 18 in lat 38. - lung 75, stooke schr Fox, of Boston, 10 day fro Charleston - A Danish frigate bad just arrived at St. Thomas from a cruise. Brig William, Bradley, t dayt from New - Ha ven, with produce, bound to Charleston. Brig Edward, Trink, 2 dayt from New - Loo. don. to Buck & Coit. Schooner Ambuscade, Skidmore, 20 days from Georgetown, via Newport, with rice, cotton, pearb brandy, dry goods, naval stores, &c. to S. Penny Ct Son, G Gibbs, S Alley, G. Forbes, F B. Wakemaa and others. Schr Aurora, Hall, 9 days from Boston, with planter, rum, coffer, f:uit and crates, toWm Davis, W Vernon, Canibreleng & Pearson, and W Wood, Esq. Sailed in co. with sloops Hen. ry, Rapid and Delight. Schr Hetty Franklin, Hall, 21 dayt from. N. Bedford, with fibli, to order. Sloop Huntress, Beecher, 8 hours from N. Haven, with gin, flaxseed, &c. to Strong and Havens., Sloop Invincible, Rawson, 4 days from Ocri. cock, with staves and naval stores, to Mr. Le Bouisse. Spoke scbr John, of Middle town, Conn, from Havana, standing into Ocracock. Sloop Fame, Coleman, 3 dys from Nantuck - et,with oil and Haydock Si Jenkins, N Comstock, and others. Sloop Delight, Gaudy, 7 days from Boston, with dry goods, figs, raisins and griaJ - stoaei, for Philadelphia. Sloop Rapid, Been, 8 days from Boston. Sloop Atlantic, Smith, 2 dayt from Boston, with rum, chocolate, crates, glass, goat - skins 4c. to D Dunham, Anderson t Shearer, Cambre - leng Si Pierson, and others. bloop Justina, Stevens, 1 day from New - Bedford, with oU, wood and candle to T Aston, and others. Sloop Henry, Delano, 9 dayt from Boston, with platter and crates to Wu. Davit. theatre; Mr. Finn's 2d appearance in America, and last night but one of his engagement. On Wednesday Evening, Jan 21, will be present, cd the Play ol THE' IRON CHEST. Sir Edward .Mortimer, Mr. Finn To which will be added LOWINA OF TOdOLSKOl, ' OR, THE FATAL SNOW STORM. Lowina, Countess Romanoff, Mis Barnes Performance to commence at balf past six o'rluck precisely. lO - McCLiVE ii PITCAITHLY, otoue Cutters, corner of Harrison U W est streets. Jan 21 3t MECHANICS' BA.SK. fj The Stockholders are informed that a Dividend of four aod and a half per cent will be paid on the first day of February next. By order of the President and Dinctort, Jan 211m W. FISH, Cashier. GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. fr - The annual election for Director! will be held at the office of the Company, No. 5 i Wall - street, on Monday, the second day of February next. The poll to open at 12 sod close at x o'clock. By order of the President, RICHARD DUNN, Jun. Scc'iy. Jan 21 IKeb 2 NOTICE. The creditor! of Clayton Fanshaw are requested I o present their account! to the subscri ber, regularly proved, on or before the 10th Keb, next All accounts that are not presented by that time will be excluded the benefit of a divi dend. ALEXR. BREMNElt, Assiguee, Jan2leodlil0 1J1 Kront - sr - et. CINCINNATI. Ity The members or the New - York Slat So ciety of tbt Cincinnati, are requested to wear me ususi oaage ni mourning lor iniriy days, in tistimony of th lr sincere resert for the mt - mory of the late Colonel BENJAMIN WALKER. who served as an aiJ - de camp to Major (icnerai Baron de Steuben, a - d for the last three years oi Ihe Revo.ntiooary .nr, es aid to the ever to lamented Gen. George Washington, with great reputation to himself an J with honor to his con. - try. By order of R. VARICK, President. D. E. DovscoMB, Secr'y. JaU2l4t TAKE NO J ICE, (t5 All persons having demnnffs against, aad those iudebted to the estate of William Rogers, deceased, are requested to call upon THOMAS MAS IE IIS, Esquire, No. 92 Wall - street. Dated Jan. 19, 1818. ANN ROGERS, Executrix. Jan 21 dlni For Freht or Charier, The ship PERSEVERANCE, buN then 260 tons, in complete readiness to receive a cargo ; lies east side Old - slip. The brig MUSCONGUS, capt Dock - endorff, burthen 152 tons, well calculat ed lor carrying lumber and stock ; lies at Bur - liog - slip. Apply to BARKER & HOPKINS, No. 84 South - street.. Who hare for sale, 20 tons clean St - Petersburg hemp 10,000 Calcutta Goat Skins, large size Calcutta Duck 2 bales Russia Calfskins. 2500 gallons pure winter strained Sperm, oil 800 gallons rack'd whale oil 170 boxes first quality Spermaceti candles An invoice of elegant French hall stoves 20 tent pig iron Jan 21 lOt FOR PUILHDFLPHIA, Usnoa Lin a schr. TRUE AMER ICAN, Jno. Kelly, master : liavu'gtae greater part of her cargo engaged and going on board, will sail on Sunday, wind and weather pei milting. For freight, apply to the master on board, lying - east side Old - slip, abrest South - street, or at the Union Line packet of fice, 34 Old - slip. jan 21 3t L IIOMMEDIEU Si BROWN. TTOPS. 20 hags of first quality, for sale JL - 1. by AINUKKSOJ & SHEARER, jan 21 6t at 131 WateMtreet U OPS. - - 2 balet Hops, just received for tale CAMBREL1NG & PEARSON, 67 South - ttreet. X by jan Jl QUICKSILVER. 20,000 lb. Quicksilver for tale by t . Li. 01 M. liHISnUlaLI, jan 21 86 South - ttreet. Tl9 cases changeable Synchewt, for sal MARCH & LOW, 210 Broadway. Jan 21 LOAF & LUMP SUGAR, kc. - f O Hhdt and 40 bblt Itt and 2d quality loaf X k ingar 1 5 bhdi and 60 bblt 1st & 3d qual. lump sugar 20 bbls su?ar house tne - ar 100 large pieces refined sugar, and a few hbds sugar house molasses, for sale by JACKSON tc WOOLLEY, Jan 21 75 Wall - . CUT NAILS k VV OOL. 50 casks Cut N nil's from 3d to 20d 3 balet Wool, for tale by ADAMS Ct BLACKWELL, 175 Pearl - street. Jan 21 Iw , - MU6COV ADO &UGAR. 161 bhdt. Havana Muscovado Sugar, of tuperior quality - landing from brig Boxer, from Havana, at Jones wharf lor tale hy GOODHUE fc CO. jan 21 44 8outh - treet. - lARPETING.ic. balet 4 - 4 Ingrained and Vy Venetian Carpeting 1 bale Wilton Hearth Rug and Printed t" Tiiicuau vn'vi4Uk . ble Cloths, green ai.d blue 6 do Rose and Twilled Point Blankets . Received by the Ann - Maria from Liverpool, and for sale by . EDWARD LYDE, Jvttl M . . So. 19 Wimun - itiw -

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