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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1818
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AA WINE ft WHIT. .Im ttofcitA lfffldL flTT k.NGr& Co. rof SiJ eipawt VALUABLE REAL PROP ER IV OK bALL KALUOi''' ,.. v h.97tk Januarvinat t, Bleecker & Bibby, ot public auction, e Tdntine Coffee House, at 12 o'clock. ...rn 1 ftT OF" IJKUUnU. Willi HW r. i.iviu .m.i thereon, aituate No. 3? KlrJrrr. theoanation of Robert Stuart lFhe lot if 22 feet 3 inches in front, 21 feet IV . . in sh war. and averaee length 75 feet 9 inches. An indisputable tille will be gijen to the purcbaer, ana Pe,lon on i.f,moi,nn to the nroDcrfv. title, end term's of isle, may be had by applying to COR' urinmRnr.iiT. Na 14 Codar - street JAMES BOGERT, ' i Surviving ;Eec - JAMES VAN ANTWERP bus Bogert. Jan 20 6t ' ?A lAJA BisU HEA I. EbTA i A W rilARL - At STREET. UXifi Tbe following real estate if fSetti tot .ifletoclose a concern; if it to ot Attwyd of by the 4th inst. will on Tuesday, we iiui.uc told ai auction, . , . The store at present occupied by Petert Si fi.ll ' V ai P..ri - treet : the Store at ore a"'y"' h. - Vaoll and C.llct. No.' 93 Pear VutV and U.T new four .tory fire proof brick s&e occupied by Gilbert Asprnwairand 3on, No. 86 Pearl - street ail oi wmcu are ullcu compiete bjiu in uio v ui v. j t - ood piece trade. ,, Xbe property offers an opportunity to those who wuh to Invert their money to pay a good in terett or to thoe who wish a permanent and an excellent itand for business. A large pro portion of tbe purchase money ma; remain on mortft - age. ... DD For further particular! app y to SHARP ft TUTTLE, NoT 98, or to JOHNSON HAL - STED, No. 100 Pearl - ttreet. Jan20 7t OfOii SALE, The two storr frame House and Lot of ground No. 73 Brooroettreet, the corner of Elizabeth - street, wiui a tunic in mi - rear. ALSO, a modern three ttory brick House nd Lot handiomelT situated within the vil lace of Newburtrh the house is large and commodious and well c alculated from its re tired, healthy and elevated situation (having; a fine view of the river and the adjacent country; for a family who wish so desirable a situation on the North River. Price low and possession gi en the first of May next ALSO for Sale or to Lease, S avenue lots, situated on the First Avenue, between North and Pint - streets. ALSO to Lease for a number of years, 15 building lots fronting on the First Avenue and First - street For further particulars, apply to CORNS. DU urns, jail 20 lm 36 Front street CD r a real property. The following or marts. Dart of the real estate o jasaet smith, bsq. deceased, win 0 sold at a action, ea Friday, the 30U) day of Jun mit. at the Tontine Cufiee Hons, at 12 o'clock. by Messrs. D. Dunham it Co. ix. Th elegant large three story dock tiuuet and lu I no. 53 Jiroadway, with. a bnck stable and coach l. t, . : , i The lot is 28 fret 3 inches front and rear, and 193 lest deepen Dotb sides l be bouse is Mult in the most fashionable and substantial manner, and the wnole property unproved to tne best advantage. It is rested at present for 1800 dollars per annum and all tne taxes. Tbe pmaises can be viewed 'till the day of sale, between the hours of 12 and 2 o'clock. The three story brick HoaM and Lot No. til Pearl - street, with a wooden bonse on tbn rear, fronting on Gold - street No. 10 ; the lot 81 feet 10 1 - 2 inches front and rear, and 234 feet 2 inches on one side, and 230 feet 2 inches on the other. The building on Pearl - street was erected by the deceased in the nest and most substantial manner; 11 very extensive, and conumodiously arranged Tbe situation is well known as n very desirable one for the wholesale drygood or hardware buii - ess., Tbe dwelling part of the house can be viewed between the hours of 1 1 and 12 o'clock. Tbe f'Hir (tory fire proof brick Store sad Lot No. 25 South - street,' occupied by Messrs. Ira Day ft Co. with the right of the wharf in front of it. Dimensions unknown, will be declared at the sale. Tbe two vacant Lota of Land, on the easterly side of Washington - street, between Carlisle and Rector - streets, being lots No. 19 and 20, of certain lots formerly belonging to Carlile Pollock, being each 20 feet front and rear : No. 19, 93 feet deep on both sides and No. 20, 93 feet 6 inches oo the southerly tide, sod 94 feet on tbe northerly side. Th title to the whole of this property is indisputable. It it sold under fall powers given to the executors by the will. Ten per cent, of the purchase money to be paid down, 23 1 - 3 perct. oo delivery of the deeds, and the remaining 2 - 3di can remaia on mortgage, for one year for the premises on Pearl - street, and tor longer, if recjoi - red, so the other property, as will be declared at tbe sale - For any further particulars that may be necessary, apply to JOHN THOMPSON, or) JAMES BOORMAN, i Jan)9t ' Executors EKTTERi from tha Cape of Good Hope, in reply to Mr. Warden ; with extracts from the great work now compiling for publication no - dr the inspection of Napoleon. Price 75 cenU. Just rtcsavad and for sale by W. B. GILLET, 'an 20 92 Broad war. LETTERS from the Cape of Good Hope, for sale by KIRK k MERCEIN, 22 WaU - st Laturt from the Cape of Good Hope, in reply to Mr. Warden, with extracts from the great work now compiling for publication under the inspection of Napoleon, price 75 cents. Just received and for sale as above, Charar. ttrt of Shakvpeare's Plays, by William Hash!', price $125. Jest published by Crk ft Mercein, Introdur tory lecture on Natural Philosophy, by Benn - mm - De Witt,Jlf.D 'jan20 rpHE Aphorisms of Hippocrates, from the a uun version ot ver&ooW, with a literal translation or the opnite raee. and exnUn. tory notes, bv E. Marks, M. D. price 75 cent, ju rcccivea ana tor sate by COLLINS ft RANN AY, JM80 No. 220 Pearl - street 1 1ST Medical Science Lottery, 10th day's Ho. 12,959, ftooo s I8,t8, 2oo; t9,842, t5,582 .... . . i,iit esca. t Sold at Aliens. TL'.. "t drawn Mater oo Wednesdsy morning will be entitled to On Thonsaad dollars. A few tickets and shares for sale at , . ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Office. N. 122 Broadway. W here No. 33to, which drew on New - t earS st ine urand Prise of 1 00,000 doUnra was sold, and immediately paid, being the highest prise ever drawn ia America. J an 20 The Utt day at Hex Dtlian r U - Morrow Medical Science Lottery Tick - JL eu will advance to Twelve Dollars. The Lottery is nearly one fourth drawn, and all the Capital Ptue remain in the wheel A few more Tickets, Halves, Qvarters and s - ignuis, may be had until nine o'clock this eveninj.u jueat G. at R. WAITERS, Truly Fortunate Lottery OdVce, 51 Maid - . - o Une. rnres remainin!: in the W1 J 1 of $30,000 7 of I of 10,000 9 of 8 of 5,000 8 of f of 3.000 46 of I f 2,000 85 of 8ftf00 - 46ofl00 - 94of50. JsatO $1000 500 200 100 50 H 20001000, IGHEST Prises yet drawn, told at GRACIE'S. 146 Broadway. Where adventurers ban' been furnished Whh most of the Capitals yet drawn i also with no inconsiderable amount oi prizes every days drawing since the commencement of the 4th Medical Science Lottery, and where tliey may hereafter repair, with a certainty of success, for fortune's favors, whico sue is o - iit ampen sins;, at her permanent residence, 146 Broad - wy Chances Ibr tbe following capital prises, may be obtained for 11 dolls, tmtil 9 o'clock this evening. To - morrow Tickets will be advanced to $12. 30,000 Dollars 3000 Dollars 1 0,000 Dollars 3000 tollars 10,000 Dollars 3000 Dollars 000 Dollars 7 of 1000 Dollars 5000 Dollars 8 of 500, 8 of 200, ftc. Draws again to - morrow morning, whin the first drawn number will be entitled to $1000. A correct list of prises may be examined gratis, jan 20 EDlCAL Science Lottery, 4th Class, now XT J. urawuigOve times a week. 1463roa&way: Correct List of Prises. lOlhdavidrawia.. No. 12,959, $2000 ; 16,286, 200 ; 9842, 17741, Sold at Gracie's, being the highest prize yet 11th drawing. 12793, 100 die. ; 8 - 24, 1295, 593, each 50 dls Hiehest nrize this moraine:, sold at Gracie's, as nsuai. drawn. On Wednesday next the 1st drawn number will be entitled to 1000 dollars. Tickets advance to 12 dollars tomorrow; may be obtained for 1 1 dollars until 9 o'clock this evening, at 148 Broadway. J he nth day't drawing was completed uin morning, and the following capital prizes nave been obtained at GRAClrJ's: iNo. 13,5'J, 12000 ; 12,883. 41000 ; many of 100, Ac. &c. ; being more capital prizes than have been obtain ed at all the other othces in this city. Prizes tsken at par for warranted undrawn tickets ana snares. jsuzu I J AITE'S Prise hist, ftledicaj Science Lot V V terv. 10th dav's drawiue. 12,959, $2000 ; tl6 286, $2oo ; 17,741, 9342, 25,582, 5U each. First drawn number, t Sold at Waite's. 11th day's drawing. 12793 $100; 599 1295 8524 $50. Both sold at Wsites. jan 20 Bjf tuthority of tlie tatet of Stew - Jersey and JVew - York. THE MILFORD ft OWEGO ROAD LOT TERY. fir Ucilitatinc the intercourse be tween tbe western parts of the State ol New - lorn and the City of New - iork, through the States ot rennsyivania an 1 new - Jersey. OCtlbMrJ. 1 prize of 70,000 DOLLARS 1 35.000 DOLLARS 2 10,000 DOLLARS 2 5,000 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLLARS 30 500 DO i.LARS 140 100 DOLLARS 3200 30 DOLLARS 3386 Prizes not two Blanks to a Prize 10,000 Tickets Part of the Prizes wi II be determined as follows : First 1000 Blanks, Thirty Dollars each. i mi arawn ao. 111 aay, win ds enuuea 10 do 2d do 500 do 3d do 1000 do 4tb do 500 do 5th do 5000 do 6tb do 500 do 7th do 10OO0 do Rut do 500 do 9th do 1000 do lotn do - ' 6OQ do 11th do 35000 do 12th do 500 do 13tn do 1000 do 14th do 500 do 15 th do 70000 do 16ih do 500 do 17th do 1000 do 18tb do 600 do 19th do 1000 do 20th !o 500 This Lottery will commence drswine at the city of Jersey, 00 the first Tuesday in May next, and will ne completed in.iwroty drawings. 1 he prizes will be paid at the Union Bank, in the city of New York, sixty days after the drawing will be finished, subject to a deduction of ii per cent CHAS. KINSEY, ) D.STUART, Commissioners JNO. LINN. ) Tickets 30 dollars each. Adventurers and Dealers can be supplied on application to ISAAC G. OGDEN, Janzuoodtr 4U van - reei COLOUR ft TOUACCO. 159 bbls. superfine aV Flour, principally Gallego's brand, and 58 hhds Tobacco, of a fine fine quality, suita ble for the Irish market just received prr schooners Hero, and Sally Ann, from Rich mond, for tale by jan 15 D1YIE BETH UNE & CO. 'pOBACCO, FL.OUK, Sic. 2 buds. tup. X Kichmond Tobacco 63 bbls fine Richmond Flour 6 do fine Middlings 190 lbs. Flntant Indigo I0 French Demijohns 5 or. tasks old Sercial Madeira Wine 4 do old Malms rr do do For sale by W. Sc S. CRAIG. Jan IV .LLIs 6i FLECKNER, 20 Fulton - street, of - Lu ler for sale. An excellent assortment of the very best ENGLISH LEATHx - R consisting .f Cordovan, long and short calf legs Weanud Calf bkins Grained Seal do Plain Kid do Boot Tops, Crop Sole and Crop Ranges Roans and Skivers of various colors ALSO, , Russia Yellow Candle Tallow in hhds. Madeira Wine, in pipes and hhds. of a superior quslity Russia Sail Duck and Sheeting Cotton, Cotton and Silk, and Silk Hosiery Black and White Silk Lace Fancy and fig'd Mrrklin Lace Black and white Lace Shawls Veils and Mantillas Moffatt's Schenectady Ale, in bbls. and bhds. jan 16 lw HEMP b DUCK - 3 - 60 tons St. Petersburg clean Hemp 80 bolts first quality Russia Durk For sale by J AMES D' WOLF, Junr. jaa 8 57 Front - street. If B H AG A L ISO IG O. J cases very prime quality, entitled to debenture, forraleat7J Wall - street, by jan 10 JACKSON k WOOLL.EY. SHOES & BOOTS. JUST received 40 packages among whkh are 3 cases Wellington Boots 2 2 do Ladies do do do do do do do Mrx - kasons Cork Snlr Shoes Ladies walkiog do Mto's coarse Bnys do Kid suitable for the southern or West India tnarkt wnmen'i Leathi.r 4 4 4 2 1000 2500 do Ladie. .Misses and Children's morocco, macn and colored Roane, art offered f w s.ile on rd - enable terms by I IIOS WI I T, - HO. .Z rtar. - iri - ei. Likewise 10 boxctfirst quality Cod Fun. ii& M la Fit Sale. FrtittJ or Clutter. A u nilnf hrail tinill tmnnVFrL i caftniit 150 tons borthsn. built in the oett manner, copper - fastened, in complete order to receive n cargo in every respect a good vessel. Apply on Doani at Borlmg - sup, or to N. L. ft G. GR1SWOLD, Jan 19 88 South - st. for Hale, Frtieht or Charltr, A new pilot boat built schooner, 120 tons burthen, built in tbe best manner, 01 good materials, copper fastened ; a very f5' sailing vessel, and may be sent to sea with small expense Apply on board at Burling slip, or to a. L. C U. GKISWOLU, Jan 19 86 South - st j or HAVANA. The brig ALEXANDER, William Booth, master, being unavoidably de tained, will take freight of about 200 bbls. and a few more passengers, and sail with the first fair wind. Apply on board at Agnew's wharf, pier 27, E. R. or at 35 Front - st. to ' jan 19 3t 1. rACKAKIJ. tor CI1ARl.L!) JW, The elegant packet schooner TONTINE, S. Hoy t, master, will sail to - mor row, (weather permitting, 1 at 9 o'clock ; can ac commodate two or three more passengers. - Apply on board, east side Durlins - clip, or to SAUL ALLr.Y, Jan 19 98 Fine st. for CHARLES'lVA; S. C. The regular packet brijj MINERVA, Samuel Tyler, master ; will positively sail on the' 2 let inst. wind and weather permit ting. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board, west side Bur - bng - slip, or to JONES k MEGRVTH, 83 Sou'.h - st. jan 19 for SAfAffNAU, The regular packet brig ELIZA, Thayer, master, having a large iirotor - tion of her freight engaged, will be dispatched in a Tew days. For freight or passage, apply on board at Jones' whan, pier no. 14. or to HENRY THOMAS, No. 2 Jones' lane. Who offers for sate, 118 bales uplaud cotton 4 bales 6'ra - hlainl do 1 case Madras hJkfs . 2 do fancv muslins Jan 17 fit for SAVAJs'JtAU, The fast sailing blip NANCY, H, Packard, master; will positively sail on Wednesday 21st inst. tor freight or pas sage, having hundsome accommodations, ap ply on board, at Crane - wliart, or to THO. C. BUTLER, Jun. jan 16 74 South - street. for L.IVEIWOOL, The ship DRAPER, Wm. Adams, AiZiu master; she has three - fourths of her cargo ready to go on board and will meet with immediate dispatch For freijht of 500 to 1000 bbls floor or passage, app'.v to the master on board, east side of Flv - markrt wharf, or to B. W. ROGERS Sc CO. Jan 16 235 Pearl - st FKESll FRUIT, fcc. REEN Grapes Turkey Figs s naisins Almonds Filberts I'ruens Currants Spanish Clif - snuls Bourbon Si Java Coffee Wax Candles Snerm do Olives Capers Anchovies Dutch Hi rrine Water strained Oil, of Curry Powder 1st quality Madeira Citron Spices - Cayenne Pepper Irish Whiskey London ricales and Sauc - ra Brown Stoat Burton Ale Old Peach Brandy time Juice With a ceneral assortment of WINES. LI QUORS, and other G ROCERIES. Also, Morris' Patent Block Tin Cocks, for sale by WILLIAM BRUCE, 139 Broadway, near City Hotel. iuipri . Ofi 6THA1T3 - BRANDT. mi 3 Fipes Cette Brandy, entitled to debenture, for sale by CHAS. !,. OGDEN, and ABRM. OGDEN, Jan 17 Washington - street. moilACCO. 20lilids.obocco, will belaud - JL ed tomorrow from the schooner Eliza, from Petersburg For sale by KOBEKT CULLESP1E, ian 16 112 lont - street DAMA5K CLOTH 5', NAPKINS, LINENS, v Ac. T C. SUYDAM, No. 61 Maiden - lane, offer M d. for sale a general assortment of Real damask table cloths, some very large, with elezant lar?e and small napkins to match Also Diaper aud damask table linens, from 5 to 10 - 4 wide. Irish linens, long - lawns, sheetings, kc. Also for sale bv the package, 12 cases 4 - 4 Irish linens, low aud fine as sortments 2 do 3 4 long lawns 2 do Drrt?heila sheetings 1 do 7 - 8 black linens 1 do 5 - 4 strong Irish sheetings Jan 19 tf 50 casks CHEESE. in handsome order for shipping. for sale by Jan 19 3t JNO. CODUINUTON, No. 78 South - st. TERPENTINE 350 buia Soft Turpentine, X 27 do. I ar 2 do. Beeswax Afloat and for sale by R. tl C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. Jan 19 'flTULFORD LEFF1NGWELL, No. 182 J.Y I. Front - street, offer for sale 100 hhds Philadelphia corn meal, fresh from the mills 40 Itbds Connecticut do 200 bbls Philadelphia superfine flour 100 tierces new rice 100 bbls prime beef ' 12 hhds Boston rum 10 qr. casks old sherry wine 4 pipes fine flavored old cognac brandy 40 boxes New - Haven mould candles. Jan 19 3t Pi - AST Kit 11K PA HIS. 4 CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of i paris, in barrrli, suitable for the southern market. Orders lelt with waiter lessen, wo. 174 Front - street corner of Burlinj - slip, will be promptly attended to. JUIl.X dlt.115, Foot of Harrison - street, North - River. Jan 19 tf NICARAGUA WOOD Sc L1G U.M VI 17L. 18 toas Nicaragua Wood of very good quality 10 do Lignum vitsf For sale by TUCKuR & LAURIES, Jan 19 29 South - street. J FINE TWINE 5000 lbs. India Twine 3)00 do English Seine do 01 superior quali ty. Also, trerreral assortment of oUirr Twirw, and W!ntr Cordage, in quantities to suit purchasers, for Jr ty CEB11A K t'UMI.Mi, Jan'15 76 Pearl - street RCEt TOBACCO. 150 titrces prime new Kice 13 hhds Kentucky Tobacco. 6 t.:idi.M and 51 rio new Virginia do Now huidinz fr.i'n airTrrttit vrsw', for sa' by jaa 12 OKIE BETHL'NEft CO. HIDES. FOUR huvlitd Hides landing this day from Perrrrcrance, and will be sold low from the wharf. Apply to JOitTH OSUOR3, J suif 30 aoma - sueci. - in. ma lucnnrann Or latirlj . . .14 v. - 1 . I u wmorrow uvm ?Aic""Ond For .ale jan 15 ?r C1LI.ESPIE, UPLANDCOTTON - i,3 i.Z? Cotton, just recrived rA"01 ,treet - from Savannah, and for sale hy - ne upland f)T19 ft ew&ira, Jan 14' 157 Pearl sUeri. INE, OIL, PAPER, Sic. 130 qr. cast w V ano zuu nan ao dry Malaga wine 5 qr casks and 20 half do sweet do very old oo uo voinenar ao 300 half chests Sweet Oil, 30 bet ties each 100 boxes do do 12 bottles each 50 bales Italian foolscap and letter Paper 50 do Gazette do large size 9 cases Felt Hats 15 cases Liquorice Paste 1 box CMrich Feathers, 1 do Chip Hats 3 dti Manna in flakes AlarMe Slabs, veined and statuary, assorted sizes, for pier tahles. &c. A few boxes very superior Anchovies and iMivei 500 Marble Mortars, from 10 to 24 inch 10 bbls Furs, coniistinc of Wild Cat, Raccoon, Fox, Muskrst, and utter Skins Gunoy Bas, &c For sale by CHAS. L. OG DEN, and ABR. OGDKN, jnn 12 Washington - street. TO BOARDERS. I H R EE gentlemen can be conveniently nc - 1 commodated with eenteel Boardins: and lodging, iu a house situated in a central part of lire cuy, ana in wmcn mere lire no ciwuren, Ajiply to No. 50 Nassau - street, near Fulton - street. LOST ORSTOLEN, Or A GOLD CHAUt, (suitable for a min iaturc) consisting of two strands, clasp and yellow topaz stone : on the clasp are the letters M C. A suitable reward will be given to whoever may return it. Apply as above. Janl7 4t W A rCH MAKERS. IXfANTED a good Journeyman Watch Ma - V V ker, to go to the Southward. Good wages and constant employment will be given. Enquire at 156 Broadway. Jan 15 6t MKIilJVO HOOL, L'O'I'I OA" k'AHJf, SA T TLYKJTS. kc. WANTED, a quantity of merino wool ; also, cotton yam, particularly low numbers. Proposals will also be received for making of sat - tinetls. The manufacturer to be supplied with the materials, and the business to be rendered, probably, permanent. A contract is also wanted, for the running o( a cotton mil), of froni 1 to 4000 spindles ; the cotton to be supplied, and the yarn to be received at a stipulated price. Apply at 148 Pearl - street, up stairs. ort 23 P&H GREEN - STREET SEMINARY. S successor to G. Brown, in the male depart' . - . 1 : c : . 1 i: : I rncrif ui una cciuiuui jr, niit'iuai u engaged WILLIAM A. TAYLOR, a graduate of Yule Colltge, and formerly a teacher in Connecticut. Under the general direction of the Principal, and the immediute tuition of W. A. T. the boys school will be conducted from the first of next month, with a careful attention to its reputation and to the moral and literary improvement of th scholars, by a steady and rational system of dis cipline. The course of instruction in this school includes the elemcntarv brunches. Arithmetic. Mathe matics generally, English Grammar. Geography, History, tie. and the Latin, Greek, and V'rench Languages, either at a preparative of the ttudent to enrage in businett, or to enter college. i he r emale department It continued under the tuition or K. F. MO I T. All the branches of an extended literary education, are attended to in J 1 . 1 - .1 . I - . " una orpnriincni uwiuaincuie minuie oisuncnoos or u rammar, the principles or Khetonc and Com position, and the French and Latin Languages. For information relative to the terms and hours of tuition application fJMy be made at the seminary 10 ciuier oi uie icacners or to J. GR1SCOM, Principal. ls1mo17,3r iTi mamiq HALL Oo Monday Evening, 19lu iauuai,. tOIU. MR. STANISLAS, member of the Academy of Arts at Paris, an J other Philoao. phical lostituUons in Luropp, having arrived lately from France, with a ncl, tuid intereatinr collection of Philosophical and Mechanical apparatus, which for ingenuity and invention surpasses every thing bf the kind hitherto seen in U)is city, will on this evening surprise and fit ton - i - h tbe enlightened citizens, by several experiments in Philosophy, Mechanism, and on Hydru gen and Oxigen Gas, on the system of the cele brated Dr. Franklin. For the particulars of which, see bills of the day. Mr. Stanislas does not feel inclined to make use of the mean arti fices of pretenders to the profession, by pompous advertisements, calculated alone to impose upon the multitude but to a discriminating public, they need but once witness his surprising talents to be convinced of the superiority he claims over all those who have hitherto visited tbe city of New - York. Tickets one dollar children ball price, to be had at the bar. The performance will be continued every evening in the week with variations, and commence precisely at 7 o'clock. Jan 16 6t TO BE LEASED Ibr 21 years, House and Lot No. 88 Front - street, near Old slip. House tnd Lot No. 53 Roosevelt - street, and if new buildiogt should be erected on the lots, they will be valued and paid for at the expira tion of tbe lease, or a new lease given. Also, several lots in the Sixth, Eighth and Tenth ards For particulars enquire at No. 30 Chatham - street Jan 19 Tw - - x fOH SALE, Hraj) The valuable property, occupied by the subscribers, No. 215 Pearl - street, long known as one of the best situations in the city tor the dry good business, fronting on Pearl - street 30 feet. and in depth 173 feet Also, lot and fire - proof store fronting on Gold - street, immediately in the rear, 24 feet fronl, and 73 feet deep. Attached to the store is a con venient brick stable. The whole will be sold tozetherorsepcrately. Considerable part of tht purchase moucy may remain on mortgage. For further particulars, apply on the premises. T. ft J. F. LA WRANCE ft Co. jan 19 4t fO ft SALE, Or exchange for lots, or a country seat near this city, an highly improved farm of 140 acres, situate on tne banks 01 the Hudson Kiver, cointwiihg all the requisites for a genteel country establishment : 10 per cent of the purchase, will be received in an approved endorsed note at 6 months, the residue may remain on mortgage such period as may M desiraiiie to the purchaser Price low. Apply st 3.J6 Bowery. Jan 17 5t REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Two 2 - s!orv bric's ho'ites aod lots, ritua - 1 . os. 37 4' 39 esey - strret. Also, a house and lot No. 1 1 Bowery, near Chatham square, 41 feet front by 125 d - rp. A II oa accommodating term'. For riirulars ap ply at No. SJiOrernwicJi - st jan 15 tr TO WARRY.VEX. TTJOCR experienced Marble Quarrymm are A wanted immediately. iNone need apply but those perfectly acquainted with the busi, ness ; to such cor.stani employ and liberal wages will be given. Apply to EZRA LUDLOW, . 34 Beaver - street" ero LET, A small 3 - story fire proof STORE, No 27 Moore - street, next to the corner bouui - st. . rossession given immediately. Apply a a - . theirhnonei: Will .. s. , hove. cor 1 rami Arwtt I frtTC PARTIES. - Uflion part w.U i k wA f& - - - Rt - jm it i) instant Vy WR.KUENE iMyWjffigl anaouoce to tbe Lad and Gentkmeo of New - York. ll,ol ha inlPtMil IB V""" - ' - " . iiwHoM on Tuesday uie au rei;ji Mewill be assisted by several pr feasor, an ur. of thefir.t talents as will be exprcs - . V i . - i an advertisements. a A bunca. was lost y est ere somely reward state - street - II keva on a steel ring by inder shall be hand - - them at No 5 (fr - JACOB ISAACS informan 19 2t the public generally, that he h&a comnitnda aii Brokeratie 4c Exclianae Business. :.. .! ttit - branches, in tbe lower office of Meru.. - ,, 'iou tel, Wall - street. Jan"1. - . fCT TnecreditoranfMrs. SYI).KV Hl - Vl i are requesieu 10 svna in iiM ir accounts, re - Rularlypro.ed, ator helore 1st day of February next, to Mr. BLAKE. No. 3 Law Buildings, for the purpose of having them settled agreeably to arrangement All iiersoos neglecting to produce their claims at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, will lie excluded from a participation of the fund which is to be applied lor the settlement of her debts. i r i - i . . . ... . i. rtew - 1 om, January l'Jth, lBia. GEORGE GIBBS.) . JOSHUA sECOR, nees. Janl91 His Houal Htehness tlie fruxce Hegent I' From the number who are coming for ward to join in the address of cou Jolence and re solutions passed on the 15th inst. it is deemed pro per that the parchment lor signatures should re main during this wekat the consulate office, 21 Broad - street, before it is forwarded, in order to afford an opportunity to every loyal British sub ject in the cityol ISew - Jorlt to prove his attach ment to the royal lamtly and the British constitu tion by signing the same. OtEce open from 10 until 3. J AS. BUCHANAN, Chairman Jan 19 lw THE LAST NOTICE, To those who are owing arrears of taxes, to tht corporation of the city and county of New York : (Kjt The time limited for the payment thereof expired on the 1st inst. and i am now engageu in niakine a return of such property as remains (lulinqucnV preparatory 10 me acivnriinruieni ano suie tnerenl lor tne paymrni oi saia i - , mm such other sums as may be required ! meet the exponst'S of such sale, which will take place w hen completed. I am directed to receive all arrears which may be offered, orior to the completion of th above - named return and win au;im ai tnisomce uai ly from 10 to 2 o'clock, until that period. T. VV. GILBERT, Collector. Collector's Office, No. 2 City Hall, January 15, 1818. Jan 16 1m frt - The Ladies and Gcntlem n of this city are retnectiuliv iniormen, tnai it. utio nas commenced teaching music on hit new plan. Terms 20 ner Quarter. Davt of Tuition, Tues days, Thursdays and Saturdays, at Uie hours of irora ix to 3. No. 20 Wall - street, first floor up stairs, back room. jan 14 iw NO I'lCE. 1 MI E co - partnership heretofore existing be J. tween the subscribers, under the firm oi Hutklev tl Abbott, it this day dissolved, by rou tual consent. The affairs of the concern will be settled by Thomas Buckley, 153 South - street New - iork, 1st mo. iu, iib. i dui. rvi.r.i, nOBT. ABBATT, jun. THOMAS BUCKLEY, having taken his ion JOHN LAWRENCE BUCKLEY, iuto copartnership, the Commission business will be continued on their arcouut under the firm of THOMAS BUCKLEY it SON. I mo 14 lm NOTICE. (7 - All persons having demands against uV are requested to present the same. And all per - WI lUUCUieu IO Ult, l a mmimtv br. r,Milc(1 f maxe payment to the sunscriDer. ALICE ANN SWARTWOUT, Jan 10 lm Administratrix rVTOTK - K. - Tl Copttrtnenhip heretolon J - l ei xistinr in thiscitr. under the firm 01 U'Wolf, Packard k DWoU, is this day dissolved by mutual consent All persons having unsettled acconnts with said firm, are requested to call at 57 Front - street for settlement New. York, Dec. 31, 1817. JAMES D'WOLF, ISAAC PACKARD, JAMES D'WOLF, Jun. de3 CAUi ioN - Onthe8thday of October ,,. we Kdod ia a letter directed to XJ 1 ; URQUHAIT. New - Orleans. l 'V tbe Bank of Africa, from N". 13946 to liuos inciuMTe, entn yyf iuu aihu iu uu.n. r. . low M III. .am. iI.l. Aft PmI Mnfulnf Bftifl Bank, from No. 13176 to IJ9I i inclusive, each lr (50, amounting to $4000, all made payable to tbe order oi T. at D. Urquhart, of New Orleans. At these k - tten had not been received on 6U1 Dec. it isnrobableihrvhavo (ven uillaxed from tin - mail. We herthy caution all persons against re - t - eivine: SDV of tht. above notes unless proiwrlv endorsed by T. k b. Urquhart. Payment hat been stopped at the bank. Janl5 , N. L. It G. GRISWOLD. CAUllON. ON the 4th day of October last we enclosed in a letter, directed to Mr. J. B. Lafonta, New - Orleans, sixty Post Notes of the Bank ol America, from No. I4,06to No. 14,08 . inclusive each for 100 togetier 6000 nil endor erl bv us to the order or the said J. B. Lafonta. As this letter bad not been revived on the 16th December, we conclude that must have been stolen from the mail. Therefore all persons are cautioned against receiving any tf these notes, as the endorsement must he forced. POTT ft V.'KINXE. The editor of tbe National Intrlligmcer is requested to give the above 3 insertions, ind to for ward his hill for payment Ian 17 nL Y CH, J unr. having oiadr arrtuig.inents .. mwhhli liouut in Mautnirii.ln ! supplied with a proportion of the winet of the Pa - nsnesofSt Antonio ai d Caina o Lottos, (n - versallv acknowledefd to pr ifuce the nest Ma deira in Hie Island) has opened a wine store, at No. 4il William - street, wbi rn he Wll rerrnfor den for this wine, from gentlemen wishing to lay up a stock k their own use ; aii toy ine aieree ment with the house in Madeira) 11 1 he wine, 11 arrival, be not approved by D. L. Ji. it is not to oe seni 10 uie parties oraeriux 11. 1). L. Jr. has taken great pains to procure from various places in the United States and tbe West Indies, the Iwst Madeira, that was lo he purchased, in tbe wood, and old bottled wine, m very superior quali'y, from private tto ks, v.hkb he now offers foraale. He will tnnatitiy kt - ep n band an assortment of the enmcesr wiiwj uUri.vl with rare hr himself, and will atllncn which lie cannot WARRANT I'UBt r.. IMMinTI). J"" l" "mTCOI'IOF WRIGHT jM v MS. TRl.A tlsK on, That Being Born Asain, without which no man can hesavMf, I'y Son.fHd Wright. I). V. i lo which is aneo. u Com municaid's Spiritoi.1 Companion, or an ran - al prttaretiji. for 0:r Lord's tupprr; by the 1 fk.V..., Haw. OOOcoinrs of this work celic in sheets, or by the single 'ff Kevd Circulating Library, t38 Fulton street. Jan 15 lm WARDING ii LODGING. AG EN tamiiy.oriwo grnne - mco. can lo accommodated with ixiardmi - id io - uuix in a warn pleasant situation, a short dit'aoce fri m the Coffee House. Two of the rouiBS fomowtifate witii fokJingd'r - ra, uid are rery convet'ient tur a lauuiy ; liieoUjcra nave an fire placet, aod vtry warm. Toe terms will be very moderate. A lis addressed to G. S. Q. and left at tins urncn wiil M uuaediatery attetjoro to. jaolSrlUT . City Hotel, on uie mb - 4 ait an is ly a I e s. oi an I1 PUBLIC SALES. - i BYFRANKLIN ft MINTURN, Wednesday, ' , At hslf past 9 o'clock, at their anctkm stor assortment of English and trench dry gOOdS. ... 1 1 .y. v Al All - i"., 20 ounces real oil of roaes. On the 21st instant, 12 o'clock at the T. C Houxe, 6 veara uneipired lease from the 1st May ..yr.he honseand lot No. 176 Fulton - st .ubject to a gro - md rent 300 dolt P" the lot is 25 feet front and rear and 75 feet la At the time, tuc . - house and lot No. 180 Church st. with the privilege of an alley to Franklin - st m the rear, now occupied hv lien. St ddiford. REAL ESTA1 B, Also .,t Urge and . legant three story brick l,o' aTJ0 - " Couttlandt - ttreet. Also J,nee . .. - u. : - i, l....,.M Vo. 10. 12. 14 and 16 Mx.fvw fc t. rec 8toriei, i,iKi,. recently built, and good ti..yonl for bustnet No. 10 being the corner ofi,tertreel and Moore - t'reet. Unquestionable titles will be riven and terms liberal, which v. ill be made known at the lime of sale. Persons disposed to pur cli.ise at privatf sale or wishing further information will please apply at Ve auctioneers. - On the 20th instant, At 12 o'clock at the T U. House, 15 years unexpired lease from the 1st May next ol the 2 story frame house and lot of ground No. 1 Alh - n - stre - 1, lath 4th street , the house is 20 feet font and 26 feet indcbtli, containing 5 rooms , the lot is 23 by 87 feet in depth, and rente for 225 dols. per annum. Tlrcre is al - o on the rear of the lot a new 2 story building', about 13 by 26 feet deep, suitable for a work slv p or stable. For particulars apply to Abraham Hart, No. 84 Division, street, or at the auction store. On the 27th instant, At 12 o'clook at the 1'. C. House, The house and lot of ground comer of Pump ft Orchard - it j the lot is 50 feet on Orchard and 44 feet some inches, more or less, on Ptimp - st. Any person disposed to purchase at private tale previous to the time above mentioned may apply on the premises or at the auction store. Also, the vacant lot of ground in Water - st. between Burlinj - Blip and Fulton - 6t. j the lot is about 37 feet 4 inches front and about 82 feet deep. At the same time, 12 vacant lots of ground near Corlear's floo... the west side or ValuuU st. situated at follows, viz. 3 iott on. Water - st. 6 lota on Front - st. and 3 lots on Sou li - at. at present occupied by l'liot. Ciieesinan as a ship yard. Maps of the property may be seen at the auction store teems at tale, which will be liberal. Wednesday, Jan. 28. At XII o'ekx k, at the T. C. If. ' The two houses and lots of ground, Not. 78 and CO Rivingtou - ttrect ; the lots ea'.h 25 feet front aud 75 deep ; the houses two - story, with good front cellars,' cellar kiti hens, ftc. 2 roomt on the first fioor with pantries between and wide airy halls, 1 room on tbe second with 2 pautriet and a good garret each house ha an alley through the yard, where there it grass plaiib, cisterns, ftc. Ac. BY HONESft TOWN. Saturday, Slst of January, at 12 o'clock at the Tontine Coffee Huue. - SHERIFF'S SALE. BY virtue of a writ of fieri facial to me direct ed and delivered, 1 will xpose lo sale at the Tontine Coffee House, on Saturday, the 31ti day of January next, at 12 o'clock at noon, all the right, title and interest of John Kane, of, in ami to all that certain LOT, piece oi parcel of LAND with the buildingt thereon erected, tituate, lying aud being in the second ward, in the city of New - York, nowitjhe occupation of the said John Kane, bounded as follows, vis. in front on Pearl - stre t twenty five feet, on the northeasterly side ny the lio. i ioi now of lately owm - u ny Isaac Burr, and now occupied by Stephen Gorhnm, tw hundred feet, on the southwesterly tide by (he house and lot of ground now occupied by James Amory two hundred feet, and on the rear bv Cliff street twenty - five feet, be the same more or less ; together with all and lingular the avpur - tenances thereunto belonging or m. " v'' pertaining. Dated, New YorVs s1' mil. jAMf.." ' " . dec 19 tds 1 be above premise' consul of a 3 - story brick dwelling house punning Jltnrrmgh, and built in the modern atyle the vhule extending ninety tliree feet from front to rear, and containing 6 roomt with Cre places, 3 olhrr rooms without, and garret roomt lor servants, a larjre store ' a sparioutceilnr under - necith, both completely shelved, and wen adapted for an extensive dry good business ' - fe kitchen is spacious and near it is an exctllei ine and rider vault, with a very convenient cool larder ; both buildings have slated roofs in excellent condition. In the yard is a well of fine water, and also a very capacious stone cistern, with other conveniences too numerout for an advertisement. lo the rear of this lot and fronting on Cliff it. a new 3 story brick store, built as a dwelling house, with his;" ceilings and twoUackiofchm,. neyt ! can be finitheii at a small expense, suitable for a genteel family As the street has late, been w idened, the situation lias brrome a very pleasant and a very eligible cot. The lots are sufficiently deep to be divided into two separate tenements. . ' N. B Tbe premises may be viewed every daj from ii till 2 o'clock P. NL It is believed a large proportion or the money mv remain on mortgage a number of years. New - York, Jan. 17, 1818. tf eb 1 BY J. P. Dlr.TF.hlca ft CO. This Evening, At 58 Chatham street, corner of I hiane street, valuable collection of Books and stationary. Catalogue! ready. To - morrow. A large assortment ol dry goods. At 1 o'clo k. an invoice l supe - b dress mm - m.ngs, cnpeaidmnslin, black and wluie i u tft, case ladieVand muses beaver ban with l - ath - "udiei real - ork' - "; w.;h .M - ru - ovnts complete, and a f. w mor. pair of he much ught after ladies patent boots lined with lamb. AK elga"' ""rt00 "1d Cfap , Kj t - 'ash liberally advnced on go.ids left to bo 0ld - PRIVATE SALE. ,egnnt patent hanging lamp, tuitable for an assembly room. Also, about b miiei from the C ity Hail, oi. the Rl.wiminedale Roxd, n very handsome couutry - Hiit. uiui verv conrti'imt house and out build ings, comroainling a fine view ol the north mert would be exchanged fit uirrchanlie ; terms uc commodating, 1 or particulars apply at the auc - tion room. BY P. L. MILLS ft CO. Thursday, At 10 o'clock, al the Aucti - .o Room, a general assortment of Dry Goods amung wlndh are 3 bulel Calcutta cl.iois patterns, 3raes tiM wuisted sto king, 2 do cotton do. and a num&er - - .trter articles. EVELKEN'i BOWLR, as arranged aad sung by - Vr. I'HILH t'S, is now ready w k.Is al J . ft H GEIB'S .Vusic mc, 23 Maiden - lanr. Jan lliu ; AN it.U ininifHliati V. uut in f ? Uie w ntirgdcpartaitut of Adelphi School, oeuman. Apply at No. liii Chat - elcaut penman. Apply bam - strect. Jan 19 ,tt ST. PALL'S CHURCH. . I70R S VLE Pew o 111 in s - rd it - burch - ia - q..irr. of Wn.. Young, No. 141 Broadway. Jan 19 2t

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