Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 26, 1934 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 26, 1934
Page 11
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-hi MARCH 26 1934 ! i PALM SUNDAY IS OBSERVED WITH SPECIAL EVENTS Confirmation and Reception! of New Members Is ' Featured. at the Calvary church Sunday afternoon. The parents and the junior choir from Our Savior's Lutheran church attended the service at Calvary and the junior choir directed by Miss Fern Meurs sang u group of songs at the opening of the service and Sunday school. A f . A PPearance or Hoosier Hot Shots ·Palm Sunday was observed a special services in Mason Citj churches, attended by large crowds Confirmations and reception o members were special events in sev era! places of worship. Before an altar banked with palms and flowers a large group of young men and women having taken the course of instruction were receivec into communicant membership al Central Lutheran church at the morning services Sunday. The group consisted of Gwendolyn I. Ander- uerg, Ruth R. Hintzen, Anna M Thiel, Florence. I. Cory, Frances H. Cory, Norma J. Boyd, Marian P. Peters, Betty J. Williams, Maxine '.".. Ravenstad, . Stanley A. Rivedal Donald R. Wass, Lloyd E. Kellarj Harold H. Mills, . Otto A. Grelk, Jr., V. Richard Zarling William H. Williams, and Howard O. Welcher." The membership of Mrs. Charles 'L. Wertz was received into the church, being transferred from the Lutheran church of the Atonement New York City. Others admitted by confession of iaith are: Mr. and Mrs. M. Walter Auburn, Mrs. R. L. Cory, Miss Nora Gustafson, Lee Hahn, Mrs. Enid Hyde and child Grace, Mrs. Martin Hulke and Miss Beatta Peterson. Class Confirmed. At the St. James Lutheran church the children of the confirmation class were confirmed. They were One of the features of the "WLS Meny-Go-Round," special stage show playing Tuesday only at the Palace theater is the Hoosier Hot Shots, a group of laugh creating comedians and comedy singers seldom equalled. As their name implies, the Hoosier Hot Shots are from the Hoosier state (Indiana) from which has come so many big names of the air'and stage. With an odd collection of comedy musical instruments and the grotesque characterizations presented by this clever group, the offering is just one fun riot Few features, such as the Hoosier Hot Shots have been able to register comedy both on the lir and stage so effectively.. Their Broadcasts have been for a long Jme one of the comedy highlights of the air, and in their personal appearance their fans will be able to see just how this comedy is so ef- "ectively performed. Nine other singers, musicians and comedians are in the cast of the ^reduction. The screen feature for Tuesday is to be "Jimmy the Gent," tarring James Cagney. . Henry Felker, Ruby Weitzel, Estelle Schneider, Mildred .May, Lorine George, Margaret Hansen, Elizabeth Lauer and Evelyn McKee. The children sang, "Jesus Still Lead On" and "Take Then My Hand, O Fath Do not forget your Bible and prayer." er, and Lead Thou Me." These children received their first communion. The Rev. O. Mall admonished them to lead a Christian life, saying, "You children have learned your catechism, the doctrines of your Lutheran church. You have learned how you became Christians and how you may remain God's children. Now it Is your duty to walk according to iour Lord's will. Your motto must be, Heavenward. "You never will have a continuing city in this world, therefore you phould seek one. In seeking this'fu- ture, continuing city, you must not r.Ilow unbelief and pride to enter your life, nor must you ever have the wrong longing for enjoyment. ~ ' church, your 'Matter" was the subject of the / iesson-sermon in the Church of Christ, Scientist, Sunday. The Golden Text was from Exodus 20:7, "Thou shall not take the jmme of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in v'ain." ·· The lesson-sermon comprised quotations from the Bible and from the Christian Science text book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. -. One of the Bible citations read: "And a woman having an issue of Wood twelve years, which had spent nil her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of an}', came behind Him, and touched the border of His garment; and immediately her issue of blood stanched. And He said unto her, "Daughter, tie of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee The Holy City" Is Presented by Choir of St. John's Church The senior choir of St. John's Episcopal church sang Gaul's "The Holy City," Sunday night. The girls' sextet consisting of the Misses Madalynne Powell, Esther Storer, Elizabeth Scheibe, Evelyn Almklov, Naomi ' ., Baxter and Johanna Nelson sang "At Eventide It Shall Be Light" and -'For Thee O Dear, Dear Country,". Earl Dean, tenor soloist, sang the solo, "My Soul Is Athirst for God " Mrs. Bennett, contralto soloist in her "Eye Hath Not Seen," showed a command of difficult and technical interpretations. Miss Powell sang the soprano solos, displaying her ability and quality of voice in the solo "These Are They Which Came." Edwin Helbling, baritone soloist, was at his best in this oratorio, singing a number of solos. The oratorio advanced step by step, increasing in its motif and effect, until it reached the final chorus, "Great and Marvelous Are Thy Works," sung by the quartet and chorus. Mrs. R. E. Patton, organist, played with great precision the intricate numbers. The quality of the production showed careful directing of Miss Ellen Smith. V. Anderson Hearing Is Set for April 2 The hearing for Victor Anderson former manager of the Rockwell co-operative creamery, who was arrested on a charge of embezzlement was continued until April 2 by Justice of Peace M. C. Coughlon Monday. The defendant is alleged to have been short in his accounts during the past year. The system of bookkeeping used at the creamery dur- COLFLESH TALKS ATI.O.O.F.HOME Expresses Gratitude to Lodge for Rearing Received at Its Kind Hands. "All that I have, all that I am I owe to the two orders that operate this home." This was the admission, offered m impressive gratitude, of Robert W. Colflesh, past state commander of the American Legion and at present a republican candidate for governor, in a talk before residents of the Odd Fellows home Monday forenoon. . . . . ' "They call this an orphans' home," he added. "I'm not sure that is exactly the right term. As a matter of fact there is no such thing as an Odd Fellow or a Rebekah orphan in Iowa. These two orders constitute both father and mother to the unfortunate." Draws on His Memory. Most of his talk was in the reminiscent mood. The speaker recalled the day in August, 1907, when as a lad of 7, he came up through a field of buckwheat to the children's home. To the right, in front of what is now the old people's home was an orchard. Now all this is a spacious lawn. The children's building had burned and been reconstructed'about a year before his entry to the home, he recalled. Mrs. Grace Lewis, loved by all who contacted her, was the matron and superintendent. · During the course of his talk, Mr. Colflesh hailed and referred to several of the present residents of the home who were there in his day. As he looked out the window of the auditorium he sighted the present orchard arid-recalled thathe'had assisted with the planting of the trees. During the construction of the old people's home he had served as water boy. Admit* He Was No AngeL "Mr. Stubbs has found in going- back through his records," the speaker chuckled, "that my conduct wasn't always exemplary. He found, for instance, that I had no more love for school attendance than the other boys and girls. "In that connection I recall the most effective means of dodging school. In the winter I ran a string of traps and quite frequently I would catch a skunk. I discovered that if I was careless enough in handling the litle animal, the idea of absenting myself from school suggested itself to tile teachers. Thus I-obtained both the money for the hides and a much appreciated recess from school duties." Mr. Colflesh alluded to a number of his contemporaries in the home who have made good in the professions or in the business world. One.friend, serving with the marines, he contacted quite by chance on the eve of the battle of Belleau Wood, where he lay 14 hours in a shell hole, following an injury which left him with one leg. Would Apply Teachings. The speaker's only reference to the political campaign in which he MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE vh'ole; go in peace.'" (Luke S:43, in £ the P ast year was introduced 44, 48. as evidence Monday and an auditor's Choir Appears. check of the accounts was also Choir Appears. Sunday morning at the 11 o'clock Eei-vice the newly organized boys' choir of St. John's parish made its first public appearance, singing the Foster communion service. The men's section of the senior choir assisted throughout the service. Edwin Helbling sang as the offertory liumber "Jerusalem," by Parker, following the service Palm crosses were distributed. Soloists of the choir are William Thompson, Stanley Grupp, Ray Kunz, Jr., and Kenneth Harrington. Members of the choir are Kenneth Harrington, Raymond Kunz, Jr., Stanley Grupp, Royce Farrer, Richard Uffcrd, Archie Simmons, John Whitson, James Hammersley, Roy Highsmith, Ralph Nelson and Jay Gmbb, sopranos; Erwin Searle, J. B. Young- t-ilood, William Thompson, Willard Thorson, James * Ford, William Burke. Richard Grow, Barr Peterson, Charles Knouse, John Kunz and Frank Snook, altos. "God now commandeth all men everywhere to repent," was the text for the first of a series of evangelistic messages being delivered by the Rev. H. A. Chaney at the Church of the Nazarene, 333 West State street. Repentance involves confession of. sin and restitution followed by a Godly life, he said. Service at Trinity. ,'ln the Palm Sunday text John 12:20-33, "the words 'We would see I Jesus' presented the coming- of the Greeks to Jesus'" the Rev. O. L. N. "Wigdahl declared at the Trinity Lutheran church. "Little did they realize that no one could see and know Jesus as a savior except he like a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, so also must Jesus die and be raised again or there would be no fruit unto salvation for anyone," the pastor added. "The Savior gave His Hfe upon the cross that we might have eternal life. "There is, however, a condition which must be met by man. He too must give up his life in order that he may in Christ have eternal life. That is, he must be willing to din to self, to give up self, with all Kin. 'He that loveth his life loseth it: and he that hateth his life ir tliis_ world shall keep it into eternal A large attendance was present L,, accounts was given by Frank Pinnegan. L. R. Boomhower is the attorney tor the defendant and M. L. Mason is the prosecuting attorney. Acreage reduction: A method of making two bolls of cotton grow where one grew before.--Wisconsin State Journal. QUALITY Be Smart and Thrifty! Get the MOST In Dry Cleaning, for Your Money Suits tc ?S 75c Dresses tc !S d 75c PHONE 788 OK 789 1ar.rrajUcSu)ift 1 ·.,.[ i-.cnv * · n « r n - J Pimples Relieved Skin made clearer, smoother, finer, the easy Resinol way For free sample of Ointment and Soap write to], Dept 75, Balto..*!.!. C-O-A-L .$6.50 ton .$6.50 ton IOWA LUMP . . . (Centervlllc) W. KY. NUT Above Coals Best In Their Respective Fields. WHY PAY MORE? Wolf Bros. PHONE 1148 HUXTABLE DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTIONS filled exactly as prescribed by Your Physician. PRICE DOES NOT MAKE A BARGAIN But Quality and Value certainly do! price is what you Pay-Quality and Value \ what you GET HUXTABLE DRUG COMPANY NORTH IOWA'S LARGEST DRUG STOCK _.. Clerks Gilda - Burl - Milton - Frank 116 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. la engaged was his assertion that he 19 trying to apply .to politics the principles of right thinking and good citizenship that were'taught him in his seven years residence at the home as a motherless lad. Mr. Colflesh was presented to the audience, which included a number of townsmen, by W. Earl Hall. Supt. A. W. Stubbs presided. NOTTOQOESTION LIQUOR BUYERS Clerkf at State Stores to Look Up Permit! to See They Are in Order. DBS MOINES, March 26. UP)-Permit clerks will not subject customers of state liquor stores to "censorship" or questioning, Chairman Harold Cooper of the state liquor control commission, ex plained today. "That impression seems to have been received," Cooper said, "that every citizen who walks into a liquor store to make a purchase will be subjected to 'third degree' questioning-. "Nothing could be further from the truth. Plan No Questions. "Permit holders will not be questioned in any way. Their permits will be checked, to make sure they are valid, but otherwise .they will make a purchase in the liquor stores with no more red tape than is attached to the purchass of a suit of clothing or an order of groceries in a 'private store. "The commission at first designated the permit clerks as 'censors.' That title should not have been used, however, because it left i false impression and hereafter these employes will be knowu as permit clerks.' Look Up Permit. "The duty of the permit clerk ELEVEN will be to check the purchaser's, permit, to make sure that it has not been revoked by the courts oj by the commission or is not otherwise in question, it will not be within his province to suggest how much the purchaser may buy or to question reasonable purchases if the permit is valid. In fact he is specifically forbidden to question the customer. "If the permit clerk aees anything irregular about the permit, it will be his duty to call it to the attention of the store manager. "If, for instance, the permit shows that the purchaser has bought large quantities of liquor a short intervals then it is pretty obvious that the liquor was not for private consumption and the matter will be called to the attention of the store manager. Check Is Needed. "It is necessary to nave this check on abnormally large purchases to prevent illicit vending. It also is necessary to check the validity of permits to* prevent buyers from using revoked permits. . "But the permit holder has nothing to feur from this checking. He may make whatever purchases he- wishes. Only if he should make such purchases at unreasonably short intervals would the matter be looked into. And, if investigated, it would aot be investigated by the permit clerk. He merely would call it to the attention of proper persons." Measles Cause Early Vacation for Greene GRENE, March 26.--Because ot the many cases of measles in the public schools, the Easter vacation was begun Friday, March 23 Instead of March 30, as was before intended. The simplest way 10 keep enemy planes from spoiling big cities would be to have our next war in February .-^Cedar Kapiils Gazette. LULU BELLE, "The hayloft cut-up," popular entertainer with WLS MERRY-GO-ROUND at the Palace Tuesday only. HEALTH is in his hands! Tht object of the Quality Lfiigur of America is o cultivate a belter understanding of the ex(rj value and added satisfaction YOU can obtain by making . 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