Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 26, 1931 · Page 17
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1931
Page 17
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FEBRUARY 26 1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 17 CUT RATE GROCERY SAVES YOU MONEY THE HOME OF REAL BARGAINS The Inventor of the Cut Price Grocery and Still the Keeper of That Invention. Prices Below Good For Friday, Saturday and Monday. Phone 112-113-114 30 E. State Free Delivery CANE SUGAR - - 10 Ihs. 49c With $2 Order of Other Groceries--Butter Not Included CRACKERS, Crescent Brand, 2-pound Caddy BREAD--Rye, Graham, Raisin Graham, Whole Wheat or White, 16-oz. loaves... 25c Butter, Creamery; O O - 1 S5c Cherries, white Royal none better, per lb.. . £OC · Anne, large 91r ZOc Cove Oysters, . y r f I 25c Lily's Mixed O -1 . 2 cans * Ji - | Fruit Salad ^ I C Crlsco, « C r 2 Ibs » J *- Whole Wheat, Rye or Graham Flour 10-lb. 4 Q ,, sack 4SC ZOc Catsup, 1C-, largo bottles IOC Cocoa, best O C _ grade, 2 Ibs. £DC Oleomargar- 9 C _ Ine, 2 Ibs OOC Red I'lmentocs or Mar. Cher- 1 A _ ries, bottle.. 1UC Apricots, Grapes or PIums 10r I'ears, Peaches, Jams or -J A Jelly, per can J L w C 6 O'clock Coffee Per 23 c Pure Cider Vinegar Per O C gallon J J l- Sac Cut Rate Special Green o O Tea, per pkg- £OC Prunes, 3 Ihs.. .25c Prunes, Z Ihs.. .25c Prunes, 2 lbs...35c 5c Candy -|A Bars, 3 for. . l U t Nut Meats, CO best grade,] b. «JO C Decker's Sliced Bacon, O-l per It). O JL C Toilet Paper S rolls . 25c 4 rolls 25c Olives or Sweet Pickles, full DC*, quart jars.. OOC Rice, fancy or head, 5 Ibs.. . £3C Grape Fruit Small can . . . .10c Large can 19c Pure Sorghum Per 1/2 gallon. . .65o Quart cans . ...SGc Brooms, Good Ones 49c 59c 69c Canadian Stylo Bacon, 49 per Jb IJC Uncolored Japan 'Green Tea Per lb 46o Per 1/2 lb 25o Occident, 49 lb. sack 51.69 Big Q, 49 lb. sack.. $1.10 Omar Flour, 49 Ibs. §1.45 Jersey Cream, 49 Ibs. ?1.29 Plllsbury, 49 11). sack. . .$1.60 Sunbeam, 49 lb. sack. ..§1.39 FLOUR Cheese, full cream o r 35c Flour, OQ«» 5_11) sack £ «7 C IVtacaronl in bulk, 3 Ibs Decker's lowana by the '/z slab 25c 25c ORANGES, sweet and juicy, per dozen.... Spinach, per c n n . . . 18c 29c 33c 49c 10c 15c 23c Dates, 2 Ibs. . 25c 10c Kitchen Cleanser, o P t cans fc«JC Argo Corn or Gloss Starch, 9 [· 3 Ihs £«JL. . Oyster Shells 100-Ib. QC bag J/Jt- Peanut Butter Per pound 19; Llbby's Beets No 2 can . . lOc Quart cans . . . . It5c Pancake Flour s'/Hb. no,, sack l**i\. Ginger Snaps or Fig Bars, or Z Ib3 iiOC Tangerines Sweet and 9C/« juicy, 2 doz. £3C Japan Green T e n sif tings - J Q 1 lb. pkg. . . lm/C 10c Jelly Powder--use same as Jello, all flavors, ")^\ic 4 pkgs AiUt, Marshmallows, Camp- flro brand, per lb 15c VEGETABLES IHc I^lma Beans, 2 cans Kidney Hcatis, per ciui . 10e Jinked Rcnn-i, 3 cnns l«c Succotash, pc.r can tv"' ^t:' * IU1H * - C p n n R S\vcct Vfttntofn, cnn . . Knucrltraut, No. 1 vans Spaghetti, per cnn .... Ific Sniierkniut, 2 cans . . .2J5f . . .JOc .2SC. .10c .Sfic .Ific 2Bc .Iflr, .10c .IOC .2flc Pumtikln No. 2 can lOc Kraft'H ^fnyon,naljic H oz. jam 18c Dry TJma Jieans 2 1[JB. 2J!c Corn Jreas Tomatoes IBs grartp, 2 can* ...,25c IHc Rrndc, 2 cnnn ....3()c 2flr Rrnile, Z cann . . . -3fic Z5C RHlrfft. 2 CAHK . . . . 4 D C 15c Currants 2 pkgs ----- Pop Corn, Guaranteed to Pop, S Ibs ....... I 15c Mince Meat, 2 pkgs, ,25c Dried Apricots or Peaches, best -j Q grade, per lb. i. »* C I 15c Lye, 2 cans. 25c Date Nut Cookies, 2 dozen. ... "R T T T TC Peabcrry, best grade, per lb 26c ^TM T TTM Cut Rate Special, per lb 29c COFFEE Nash in bulk, per lb 32c GROUND THE DAY YOU GET IT--WHl 1 PAY FOR A CAN? BEET, 100 LBS '... .$4.82 CANE, 100 LBS $5.02 SUGAR NOT DELIVERED ALONE AT THIS PRICE QUAKER OATMEAL, 9 Ibs 25c . Hard Christmas Candy, 3 Ihs Vinegar Pint JURS lOc Quart Jugs ... -20c Water Softener Salt 100-lb. 99c I Black Wal- Inuts, 3 Ihs... 25c Pork or Beef Roast! Our Prices Are Right English Walnuts lrest grade, (per lb Pears or Green Gage Plums 1 Large No. 3'/ 2 1 Q j cans ... X «/ 1^ 1 Peaches or Apricots, -f Q 1 large No. 2 '/j cans . . A v C | 1 Crushed Pineapple, OQ large No. 10 cans. . . . Oi/C . Matches, best grade, 1 Q .Bartlett Pears Per gallon c-an Milk 8 large cans I Salt, 3 lb. sacks lOc I (Salt, 10 lb. sacks23c| Navy Beans I Best o r I [grade, 4 Ibs. Zr3C| MlncedClams per can 25c SOc Wright's Silver Cream, per jar LENTEN SUGGESTIONS Cod 13c Snrdlnei In Ollvn OH, 2 cnnn . ,2.1c iflc Mnchcrel, 2 cans ......... ...,S.1c Tuna Flsli, per can ...... lOc n n d 23c In Oil. 2 Cfin.i ............ 15e Klpper«rt Hcirlng ....... '...., ..... !Be na!7« 22c I-Taltes, per rnn .I Pink antmon, lb. can lOc Mnack^* p*r ran lOe RcU Hoy Salmon, larno 3^c Red Rone 1 . Salmon, I lb. CAH 20c AtfrpntinnT H l l C l l l l U l l i us your e e^*~ they will buy m o r e here. 30 EAST STATE STREET C. E. BUSH, Prop. SCHALL ACCUSES GUNNAR NORDBYE Minnesota Senator Declares Lawyer Misled Grand Jury. WASHINGTON, Feb. 26. /P-- ienator Scball charged today be- ore the senate Judiciary committee tudylng the nomination of Gunnar H. Nordbye as a Minnesota federal udge that the nominee had "thrown · grand jury off the track of a candal that was leading: to the jovernor's office." The Minnesota republican interrupted Norton Cross, Minneapolis awyer, who was testifying in favor f Nordbye. and said Nordbye's hargc to a grand jury had diverted an investigation that promised to go into the "rat farm scandal" ivhlch he aaid had "since come out nto the open." Cross, however, replied vigorous- y that Nordbye had changed the grand jury to confine itself to the matters before it and he was sup- Mrted by George B. Leonard, pres- dent of the Minneapolis Bar asso- .iation. They contended the grand ury had no jurisdiction, but Schall replied vigorously that its jurisdic- lon in the matter extended over he state. The blind senator, who had pre- lously announced he would fight ^ordbye's confirmation, said the 'rat farm scandal" cost the state $47,000,000. Miss Prouty-Hired for Health Work in Garner GARNER, Feb. 26.-- Miss. Flornce Prouty has been hired by the chool board for the health pro-' 'ram being carried on at the grade chool. Miss Prouty is a graduate f the Methodist hospital, Sioux City, and commenced her work his week. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs B. L. Prouty of Garner. Is University Student. NORA SPRINGS -- Jack Henry, who recently went to Idaho to live with his father, Glen Henry at Pocatello, is attending the state univer- EUROPE NEEDS CO-OPERATION Must Have Agreements With Exporting Nations on Grain Problems. PARIS, Feb. 26. ^P)~The admission that Europe cannot hope to regulate its grain problems satisfactorily without, previous agreements with exporting; nations such as the United States, Canada am Argentina, was made by Chairman Andre Francois-Poncet at the open- ng of the second European wheal conference hero today. The first conference, ended yes- :erday, discussed marketing of the 1930 surplus crop, while the second conference, now in session lopes to work out a permanent jlan for handling future surpluses M. Francois-Poncet reminded tin delegates that Europe imports an nually between 100 and 150 million quintals of wheat and 60 to 80 mil ion quintals of 'corn. IE Europe tie said, purchases its own home grown wheat in the future It would still need to import from 80 to 9( per cent of what it now receive from overseas. U. S. Will Not Export More Than 35,000,000 Bushels of Old Whea CHICAGO, Feb; 26. /PJ -- Thi rain stabiliz'ation corporation an nounced today that not more than 35,000,000 bushels of wheat would be exported during the next fou months to make way for storage o the new 1931 crop. ' George F. Mllnor, president of thi corporation which is sponsored by the government, in a statement said: 'The wheat will not be offered a lower prices than those of othe principal exporting countries takin; into account customary differentia for grades and quality. This enable the United States to participate or an equitabfe basis In supply the re quirevnents of Importing countries. LADY LUCK NOT SO LAVISH IN FAVORS TO BRITISH PRINCE Plymouth Resident, 78, Is Honored on Birthday PLYMOUTH, Feb. 26.--Mr. and Mrs. George Seeley, Sr., entertained in honor of Mr. Seeley'a seventy- eighth birthday anniversary, their son, LeRoy and family. The dinner was prepared and served by Mrs. George Seeley, who Is 76. Men Are Entertained. MARBLE ROCK--Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Achley entertained 20 men at their home on South Main street Tuesday evening. Following a dinner bridge was played with Ralph Wilson winning the first prize and Russell Smith second. TITTLE BROS JL PACKING c:o."c PHONE 693 105 SOUTH FEDERAL FRIDAY SPECIAL HALIBUT STEAK, lb.. . . 22c FRESH CAUGHT BRICK CHEESE, lb. 19c PICKEREL HEADLESS, DRESSED, !b. , 9c Patriotic Program Given. MARBLE ROCK--The American egion auxiliary won In the pole vault contest for 1930 and received a membership citation from the na- ilonal president. The group met yesterday with Mrs. Smith when a patriotic program honoring George FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SELLING Piggly Wiggly Flour--] Every Suck Guaranteed Ibs 63C 49 Ibs $1.19 BLACKBERRIES VINA DEL MAR, Chile, Feb. 26. (7P)--Lady Luck, who chaperoned the Prince of Wales before dawn yesterday at the New Casino baccarat tables, was not so lavish in her favors after sundown and his royal highness quit only 420 pesos-about ?50--to the good. The prince began play with about 10,000 Chilean pesos, but had little luck either as banker or player, and finally after several hours play gave up his place. Members of the royal party today said that In Wednesday daybreak play the prince won 27,000 pesos-about $3,375, Faribault Courthouse Is Destroyed by Fire FARIBOTJLT, Feb. 26.--The Rice county courthouse, an ancient brick building, was destroyed by fire between 5 and 7 o'clock last night. The flames were, first observed in the cupola of the structure and spread so rapidly to other parts that firemen were unable to make an effective fight It Is believed that mosl of the records are safe in the vaults. Ccdernook, In own juice 2 No. 2 tins Tomatoes, Coo! Spring brand, 2 No. 2 tins 25c Elnora Sugar Corn; Igo. No. 2 tins, 3 for 25c Orange brand Sugar Peas; 2 No. 2 tins 10c MUford Fancy Shocpeg Corn; Ige. No. 2 tin lie Pumpkin; ]ge. 2'/ 2 tins 10c Plymouth Cut Green or Wax Beans; 2 No. 2 tins .. . .25c Van Camps or Campbells Baked Beans; 3 tins 22c Franco American Spaghetti; 2 tull tins lUc Broken sliced, Jge. 214 tins '.....Cool Spring C. G. or Golden Bantam Corn; 2 No. 2 tins . .23c Sardines, Ige. ovnl cons, mustard or tomnto, each Iflr. Gortons Cod Fish; Ige. pound tin Sic Skipper Soused Mackerel; Ige. can Ific Kraft's Cheese; ass't. flavors, i/ 2 pound pkg IDc Velvcctn, plain or pimento, '/ 2 pound pkg, ;. . lOc Piihsette Cheese, ass't. flavors, pkg lite Long Horn Full Cream Cheese; pound 23o PINEAPPLE 22c ·m^-TT T/- Ciirnatlon, 3 tall or 6 small tins 25c Hersheys Cocoa !/ 2 lb. tin 13C Pound tin SALMON Hiippy Vnle PlnU, 2 tall tins 23c COFFEE 21c Nifty Colors In Houses. CLEVELAND, Feb. 26. (/Pi- Brick houses in nifty colors ar« coming, lavender, orange and what not. The beauties of glazed brick in new hues have been set forth at a meeting of the American ceramic society. Return From Honeymoon. MARBLE ROCK--Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Ludwig, who have been spending their honeymoon iu Minneapolis, returned here for a short visit with relatives and left Tuesday for their new home at Lawton Windmill Salud Dressing; 1000 I'd. or Spread, pt. jars 23c Kraft's French Dressing; Ige. 8 oz. jar 21c Hctnz Tomato Ketchup; Igo. bottle lOc Sunshine Krlspy or Graham Crackers; 2 pound caddy 25c O_u:iker Outs; Quick or Regular; lg«. pkg 21c Monarch Mutches; 6 Ige. full count boxes ISc Waldorf Tissue; 5 Ige. rolls 25c Btrekcye Jam; ass't. flavors, Ige. 2 pound jar 2;3o Red Bag; P. W. Special, 3 pounds 5Qc, or, pound Folgcr's, Hill's or Nash's Coffee,' lb S8c Butternut Coffee (one pkg. Fruit Jell Fre«) 30r Tea Sittings; pure spring leaf, pound pkg 15c Frnsh. Bulk Green Tea; '/j pound pkg 21c Calumet Baking Powder, pound tin 23is P. A. or Velvet Smoking Tobacco; 2 tins JSflo Sunswect Raisins; Ige. 4 pound pkg Sic Ovaltlne; that real drink. $1 sl/.e TJc your breakfast. -. f\ pfcg iUC SHREDDED WHEAT; *° -- P. G. Laundry Soap 10 large bars 29c Wo Reserve Rlffht to Limit OXYDOL L g Palmollve or Camay Soap ; 3 Imrs .................. IDo. Rinso; cleans clothes white; Ige. pltg. ... ............ 21c Great Northern Navy Beans; ·! pounds ............. 25c Fancy Blue Rose Rice; 2 pounds .................... He Elba Macaroni; fresh bulk, 2 pounds ............... IBn Cocoanut; Ige. ahreds, pound ............ . ......... 2Sc Santa Clara Prunes; fresh and meaty, 4 pounds ....... l!1c Fresh Roasted Poanuts, 2 pounds ................. 2Ho APRICOTS Fre . 8h . tmlk : ......... ". ....... 19c Celery; well bleached, 2 Ige. or 3 small stalks ......... 23c Oranges; Ige. size Florldas, dozen .................. 27e Griipe Fruit; extra Ige. Florldas, 0 for ............. 25o Cooking or eating apples; Jonathan or Ben Davis, 4 Ibs. 25c Head Lettuce; large solid heads, 2 for ............. 16c Tangerines; couldn't be any sweeter, 2 doz ........... We Spinach; a real health builder, 2 pounds ............ lOc Cahliage; solid heads, new or old, pound ............. 'lc BANANAS £ Znds° dy . b " 1 " 5er : ............... 19c -Meat Department- Beef Roast, lb Beef Steak, choice, cuts, lb. 16c 23c Pork Chops, lean cuta, lb. . Choice Bacon, lb 17c 29c Fresh Fish at all times thru Lent Washington and Abraham Lincoln was given. Meettng at Manly Held. PLYMOUTH -- Several members of the I. O. O. F. lodge went to Manly Monday nighjt to attend the county council. They had a part in the program. Mason City, Northwood, Cleaj Lake, Rockwell, Thornton and Plymouth lodges were represented at this meeting. Son Is Bom. JOICE--Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bang are the parents of a boy born Tuesday night. 1859 We offer these outstanding values to commemorate the founding of America's greatest food institution, the Great Atlantic Pacific Tea Company. An opportunity for you to buy nationally famous groceries--iruits and vegetables--dainty delicacies--at a worthwhile saving. Visit the nearest AP Food Store this week--and save! 1931 GOLD MEDAL "Kitchen-Tested" Flour 24%-LB. BAG 69 C 49-LB. BAG 135 1ONA BRAND Pink Salmon NO. 1 TALL CANS Salada Tea~-- BLACK Vi-lb. pits. 22c . GREEN '/«-!b. pkg. 19e BLACK OR GREEN 25° 9° 10c SIZE SULTANA Apple Butter . UNEEDA BAKERS' GENUINE Vanilla Wafers zs-oz. JAR POUND 17° 29° FRESH CREAMERY T Butter . . 28c Lux LABGCI O 1 PA.CKA.GE ^J JL PACIFIC Toilet Paper Soap 2S Gold Dust '*«*« 25 C Ask for Grandma tiler's --in this new wrapper A beautiful brown and tan tight-sealed wrapper. Fitring"protoction for the fine bread inside. And only 5 cents for a full 16-oz. loaf. Today, ask for Grandmother's, the outstanding bread value. 16-OZ. LOAF I 10-0 5 Voueaf bread every day. Buy Grandmother* and save every day. EIGHT O'CLOCK-"-23c M I L D A N D M E L L O W RED C I R C L E · LB -27c RICH AND FOIL-BODIED r B O K A R · "· 33c E X Q U I S I T E L Y A R O M A T I C A N D F L A V O R F U L T H E R E ' S O N L Y O N E E X C U S E for being cheerful before breakfast--the thought of your favorite A P Blend of coffee, steaming hot. Enough to make anyone" break out in song : : Remember, "the coffee you like best is the best, no matter what it costs". Del Monte Coffee 3 1 C -LB. CANS PET OH CARNATION Evaporated Milk . 3 -- 25 C WHITEHOUSE MILK . 3 m i c A M s 2 2 c POTATOES Another carload of Idaho Russets at the same price. 23c 89c PKf.K BUSHEL FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Head Lettuce . . 3 for 25c New Cabbage . . . . lb. 4c Fresh Carrots 2 bunches 15c GJIKF.N ONIONS, RADISHES, CUCUMBERS, SPINACH, TURNIPS, RUTABAGAS Food Stores M I D D L E W E S T E R N D I V I S I O N · ·The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company

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