The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 6, 1937 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1937
Page 14
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^****"*TM*^ FOURTEEN . - ^ MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 6 · 1937 SWINE PRICES MOSTLY UNCHANGED NOTHING DONE IN CATTLE, SHEE Prices in All Branches of Livestock Trade Show Gains for Week. CHICAGO, (/P)--The few hogs sold Saturday moved at unchanged prices although some quotations were a shade lower. Good to choice swine scaling 180 to 260 pounds brought $10.20 to $10.35, the top. Nothing was done in cattle or sheep. Prices in all branches of the livestock trade advanced to good gains this week, largely wiping out the losses that .occurred the previous week. A sharp reduction in receipts here and at other principal markets was the main stimulating factor, a l t h o u g h t h e wholesale dressed trade had a better undertone. Dressed Trafle Belter. More action in the dressed trade, reflected particularly in higher prices for pork loins, was attributed to the ability of packers to get meat to parts of the country that have been under water, now that waters have receded somewhat, coolers are being put into operation again. Twenty market supplies of cattle were 30,000 head less than the previous week and 44,000 head below a year ago. Hog supplies were off more than 100,000 and 30,000 respectively, and sheep supplies were reduced 70,000 to 40,000 re- Hog Markets M I D W E S T HOGS. Hog prices al midwest, markets Satut day: CUDAIL KAPIDS-- Good hogs no to Jbs. S7.55£(i'I,85: 150 lo 160 ,Jbs, 58 03''rU ICO lo J70 Ibs. SS.aji-jia.aj; 170 to 100 ?,15'yEM3; 18U to 200 Ibs. S9.4fiu3.75; :0 to ^25 Ibs. 59.GQSjO.SO; 3^5 to 350. Ibs. ?!.- S.7a; good packers 273 (o 150 Ibs. S9.1U5 G.-lfl; 35D io 425 Ibs. S8.fl3raQ.25; 423 to ii Ibs. SS-fiOSS.IO; 500 to 550 Ibs. §8-05 1^ 3. WATERLOO-- Hoes steady to lOc hiyk er than Friday's close. Good to choice 1 to loO Jbs. Io ] Ibs. $7,9: ii'n.2.i; 1GO to 170 Ibs. SS.55ft8.05; 170 160 Ibs. 50,20^5.50; 180 to 200 Ibs. $9.rL 0.80: 200 to 320 Ibs. 59.60S9.00; 325 to 1 Ibs. S3.40«i9.70; packing sows 27Ji to : s_ Ibs. S9.10B9.40; 350 to 42S Ibs. 58.9589.25 425 to 550 Ibs. SS.COffJ3.10. OTTUMWA-HORS 'iincna..,,--. AUSTI.V---Hogs steadv; good to choice ISO to 200 Ibs. $0.50SIO.SO: 200 to 290 Ibs ' O f J I O ; 230 to 325 Ibs. S9.60SiO.aO; 32.1 lo Ibs. $9.503-9.80: p.ickinn sows, 275 to 550 Ibs. S8.90S9.60. - C O M H I X E l l HOG R E C E I P T S , "DES M01NE5, t-?-- U. S. d e p a r t m e n t oJ agriculture -Combined IIOR receipts nt 22 concentrator yards and 9 p a c k i n g plants located it ntcrior Iowa and southern Minnesota for .he 24 hour period ended at 8 a, m. Saturday v;crc 10,900 compared M'ilh 12,l0( a week ago anrl 18.GUO a year ngo. Steady to I0c higher, general trade undertone straits; week-end loading slow but probably some heavier t h a n 23jBOO a cck ago, Quotations follow: Good and choice. light lights 140 to 160 Ibs, $8?£8,90; lialv weights 1GO to 1BO Ibs. $8.80/£3.70; 180 to -00 Ibs. $9.G04UO; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. $9.BOiJ 10.15; 220 to 250 Ibs. $S.80$ 10,15; heavy weights 230 io 290 Jbs. 59,80 010.15; 230 to 350 Ibs, SfKeafi? 10.15; pigs 100 to 140 Ibs.. none. Good, packing sows 275 to 3;tl Ibs. £9.^5^0.70; 350 lo 425 ibs 53.15'y 5.45; 425 to 550 Ibs. $9(£r.D,30. The above q u o t a t i o n s arc based on bulk transactions. Long haul shipments show- ng excessive weight shrinkage and ho^s excessively fjJJeti usually .sell respective!* lomcwliat above antl below prices quoted Hogs bought on the basis o£ shipping poini weights are also excluded from quotations. o slightly higher; bulls wuak; spectively. Up io ti 50 Cents. 50 cents dur- j yearlings around Sy.2jrno.y5; hulk lower; feeder steers arouut steady; fe\v choice fed slecrs $12^.12.75 . . - tlie Week, lop Closing at 310,35 c l i l i r r grades dawn toward 57; majority Cattle advanced 25 to 75 cents, with strictly good and choice o ferings leading the uyturn v which most she stock sharen Vealers however, lost 25 cents i instances with heavy calves of as much as SI. The steer an yearling extreme top was S14.5I matching the 12 months nig! scored in mid-January. The buL of the crop moved at $8.75 to $13 Fat lambs rose 50 to 65 cents and in instances more after early loss. The closing top was $11 highest Iambs have sold in February in six years. This matched the winter pealc established previously- Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Saturday K U U b Steady with Friday's close. Good-light lights ... 140-150 S 7.35- 7.05 Good light liBhts_... 150-1GO S 7.85- (US Goo'd: lights ' .~~.' 136-170 ' $~"8..|j~ !5.75 Good : Jlghts - ..:. 170-180 S 9.00- 9.30 .iGood light butchers 180-200 S 9.40- U.70 .Good light butchers 200-220 S 9-tj'O- 9.00 Good me. vyt. butch. 220-250 $ u.tio- y.OO Good inc. wl. butch. 250-270 s O.tiO- 3.90 Good me. wt.~ butch. U70-200 5 3.60- y.oo CJood heavy butchers 250-325 S 9.60- y.SO Good heavy butchers 325-350 $ 0.45- 0.75 Good heavy butchers 350-400 S 9.25- 9.5J Goorl packing sows . 275-350 S 9.10- 5.40 Good heavy sows ... 350-425 S a.80- 9.20 Good big heavy sows 425-500 s 8.70- 11.00 Good bis heavy sows 500-550 § 8.50- 8.60 (The above Is a 10:3(1 truck hoc m a r k e t far good and choice hogs. The t t i t i o i c n r c In price is for sliort and ior.ii haul hags-l Choke to prime steers S10.00-U.OO Good to choice steers ..... s 7.5Q- 0,50 Fair to tood steers s 5.HII-7.00 Lo-.v grade steers s 4.00- 5.00 Choice to prime yearlincs .. S O.OU-ll Good to choice yearliiigs ... s 7.00- 8.00 F.iir lo good yearlings .... s 5.00-7.00 Common lo fair yearlnifis .. S 4.00- S.OC Good to choice heifers ..... s 7.00- B.5[ Fair lo tood hcjfres s 5.00- t».50 Common to fair heifers .... S 3.50- fi.OO Choice to prime cows s a.OO- i Good t ocholcc cows ...... S 4.50-S.OC Fair to good cows $ 4.00- 4.:iu Fair to good cullers s 3.50- Common to fair cutters ..... S 3.00- Fair lo Good canners ....... s 2.75- 3.00 Common to fair canners .... S 2.50- 2.7; Good to choice bulls 5 4.50- 5.5 Lichl bulls ; s 4.00-4.50 Calves, gd. to choice 130-130 $ 7.00- ti.OO Calves, mod. to Rood 130-lgu S 4.50- 7.Or Calves, infer, to eood 130-190 5 4.50 dowi I.A.I! US I^imbs, gd. to choice 70-90 S 8.50- 9.7i Lambs, med. to Rood 70-00 S 7.50- t:.,* Lambs, f a i r to mcd. .. 70-30 S 4.50- 7.5L Lambs, common ........... S 4.50 down yearlings, gd. to ch. 70-90 s 5.00- 6.110 Yearlings, medium to good s 4.00- 5.00 Yearlings, (air to medium S 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, cull* j li.oo- 2.Si . K a t l v o ewes, good lo cholco I 2.00- :t.0i Cults, ewefl S 1.00- l.Si Bucks S 1.00-2.0 Wethers, 2 year old* f 5.00. 6.0i Wethers, old f a.OO- 5.0i BUCK lambs $1 lows. Is T o dock on lambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. C H I C A G O LIVESTOCK. ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. (,Vj--U. S. department o agriculture-HOGS 5,000, including, 4.500 direct mostly steady wilh Friday's average spots shade lower; few good and choice 180 to 260 Ibs. 510.20i 10.35; lop S10.35 paid by shipper: medium 150 lo 200 Ibs SBTi'O.'T.': shippers took 150: estlmalcc holdover foo; compared a week age. generally 35-5Qc higher; sows around "" higher. ' CATTLE 100. calves ino; compared Friday last week: Fed steers and yearlings ronsvvalively 25-50C higher, strict ly goad and choice offerings largely :"o-75c np- pucri cattle again selling rattler close lo highly finished offerings: largely slcor and heifer 1 run, cows being in l i g h t supply: all heifers 25-50c higher: good and choico weighty s h i p p e r cows 50c higher. all others strong lo 25c tip excepting liclil 3ow cutters; bulls strong, and vealcrs weak to 2.1c lower, with heavy calves, howex'cr, 50c-$l o f f : extreme too steers and yearlings S14.50: best 1.3Ii(! Ib. averages $14.40; sizable supply finished c a t t l e $I4«14.3,-, best 1.507 Ib. kinds SI3.SO; numerous loads big wcicht steers SI2.? r 13.50; general crop $S.75fil3; stockcrs and feeders closed f a i r l y active; prime heifers at $12.25 no criterion, b u l k ST^D. S H E E P 4.000. including 2,300 direct: for wccl= ending Friday 7.100 directs. Compared Friday last week: Fat lambs 50-Mc or more higher, having first regained early losses, sheep downturns also replaced, with closine levels mostly steady* week's lamb top $11, paid for choice deck TO Ib. averages lo shippers on closing day: late bulk native and fed xveslern Jambs $10.f5(il0.85: week's bulk $10£3 30.85. 101 !b. weights at close as high as SI0.75; clipped Iambs scarce on most sessions, good fall sborns at close Sf)ft9.25; slaughter ewes comprised mostly na- llvc.i, eligible S^ftfi on closing rounds- fcedfnc lambs practically absent, killers competing'on' virtually all offerings rc- Sardless' of weight. (No;representative sales). SOUTH ST. PAL'I, MVFSTOCK. ^ R a l u r H n v M a r k r t ) SOUTFr ST. PAUL. W~U. S. depart- Itiont of a c r i n i H u r c -^CATTM: 4fld; compared w i t h Friday of }act week slaughter steers largely strong . - _ - . few up to 410 majority butcher cows §4,73';iy; good tec cows up to $6.50; low cutters ana cutters S3.50fa4.5o; m a i n l y ; most plain and medium stocker slcers S55iG.50: good feeders largely S7-JJ 7.50; few choice grades 0.5(1. Calves 300; fully SI lower for WCI.-K; good and choice - l a t e §0^9.50: handy w e i g h t .selections SIO; few prime lols S10.50; cull and common S3WG. HOGS 1,100; mostly steady, spots stronger: good and choice 170 to 325 Ibs S9.85tU10: l ; -Q to 170 Ibs. mostly $9.50fa 9.C5; 120 lo HO Ibs. $8.6030.25: few 100 to 115 Ib. killers 87«f8.25; b u l k good sows S9.GO; compared with week ago - n a r u m unevenly 25-45c higher: average cost Friday; weight 201 Ibs. SIIEEI' 3,000; compared wilh Friday !ast week: Fat Jambs ami ewes 25-50c feeding lambs strong to 2. u'Shcr; week's top fat lambs 510.60; fat ewes $U; Friday's bulks: Gqod to choice nmbs SJ0.255UO.CO: common atul medium 7.50IiQ.50; medium to choice ewes §4'-y 1 .75: good to choice 50 to G\ Ib. feuding ambs 58 MONTHLY FIRE LOSSES IN" UNITED STATES MILLIONS · OF DOLLARS 50 SOUftCE. BUREAU OF FOREIGN 1NQ ce.ur.SnG COUUF.RCE. .FROU OAT* COMPILED BY NATIONAL BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS, REPRESENTING LOSSES LM 48 STATES AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. FIGURES REPRESENT HSURCO AND UNINSURED LOSSES. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS SO 10 1934 1935 1936 WHEAT VALU Stock List 1B2V* 9S- Am Sug Itcf A T T Am Tob B Anaconda 54? a A T S F 74-U Auburn Auto ?,3,± Aviat Corp f.l\ K O 24Hi BaniEdall £1 BonUix Avlal 2a 3 i Beth Stl C3=i Gordon 27'.s Borg Warner 79 Can D G Ale -il*» Can Fac 1G J .\ Case 172 J .'i C ,t N W 4 S I O U X CITV MVKSTOCK. ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t } SIOUX ClTir, W--V. S. department ot gi-iuulture-- CATTLE 100; for the week: Ecct slcci-s nd yearlings largely 2jt: higher u n d e r ght receipts; fat she slock nncnaiigcd: ome heifers strong; fleshy stockcrs and ccder steers stacdy: others easier; loaa rime 1.170 Ib. beeves S13.50: long year- ngs $13: sales above SI 1.50 i i m i t c d : nuin- ·ous sales short feds $7.50'il 0,50: few ood iicifers S3: load lots medium to good 30 Ibs. down 56.75/Ji C.25: bulk beef cows 1.50^0.25: few S7fii7.50; cutter grades 1.0"5'i?.4.2;1; short load lols good and Ivoicc 700 to 825 Ib. stacker and feeder .ecrs S7^'7.90; common and medium lots l.nO'fiR. H O G S 700; generally asking steady: lop Oc lower at $9.00: good and choice 190 to iO Ib. butchers 50.75^0.90: ItiO to 190 Ib. phts $9.25 T7 9.75; sows $9.40. SHEW 100; Saturday's trade nominally tcady: for the week: Lambs 35-nOc high- r; steady: week's fat lamb top $10.75; ate bulk M0.35fi710.50; yearlings 58.15; tvcs S7.2:: afied liinds $B: three load": 1"7. . fed Xcbracka ewes S5.75: common to ood lots S4.25S5; good CO to 05 Ib. fecd- ts $8.25^3.75. HVKSTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, frPf--Unofficial estimated :cipts of livestock for Monday: HORS 2, 100; cattle 14,000; sheep 16,000; liogs fur ali next week 110.000. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted hy A. IM. SCHANKE CO. · Telephone 1300, Mason City Bid and asked Saturday: Cent SI El G pel pfd (825 par) 10 12 Cent St El 7 pel pfd I.JH5 p a r j 11 13 Cent St P t L 7 pel pfd .· 1.7^ IS', Champlin Ref la 7 pet pfd ... 100 Creamery Package com 2:i'.3 2t! Icnrst Con:; A 221a 231 Geo A llormel A pfd 104' 107 Gco A liorincl com 22 2.V [nlerstate Power (i pet pftl ... 15 17^ interstate Power 7 pel pfd ... 19 21 [owa Electric Co fl'.-j pet pfd 53 5^ towa Electric Co 7 pel pfd .. 54 5i :a Elec Lt Pov/ G pet pfU .. 73 : 75 :a Elcc Lt S: Pow B'.'j pel pfd 74 76 'a Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pfd .. 78 - no !a Pow A: Lisht fi pet pfd .. 102 104 :a Pow Ligtlt 7 pel pfd ,. 103 105 a Public Serv t! pet pfd flo 101 [a Public Serv G!i pet pfd .. 100 102 :a Public Serv 7 pet pfd 101 10:{ l a ' S o u l h Ulil G pet pfd 78 m a South Util fif'z pet pfd , 79 Kt a South Util 7 pet pfd f!2 R4 .linnesola P L G pet pfd ... 04 9li linnosota P t L 7 pet pfd ... 100 102 Norllicm St Poiv fi net pfrf ... 'lorthern St Pow 7 pet pfd ... v w ncli Tel on pet piii ..... V W SI Portland Cement com ____ R.ilh Pnclttns n pet pM ..... 100 cnllccl 100 90 90 105 23 lath Packing 7 pel pfd ..... 100 lath Packing com 32 Sioux City Gas 4: El 7 pet pfd OB lulled Lt fc Tl.vs C pet pfd . R7 United Lt A: Rys 6,35 pet pfd BR United Lt i: R.vs 7 pet pfd ... O.T Vcstcrn Grocer pfd D^ Vcslcrn Grocer com 14 I N V E S T M E N T T R U S T S . (By The A s s o c i a t e d Pre^s) Bid and .nskrrl Saturday: Corporate Tr Sh .1.16 Corporate Tr Sli AA Mod 3.02 Corporate Tr Sh Ac Scr 2.33 Corporate Tr Ac Ser Tvlorl 3.C2 lividcnd Sh 2.07 laryland I^und 10.56 Tationwidc Sec 4.90 Talionwidc Sec Vie 2.21 Tor Amer Tr Sh , 2.OR Tor Amcr Tr Sh 1955 ... 3.CO luarterly fnc Sh 19.25 elected Am Sli Inc .../..1R.14 uper Corp Am Tr A 4.40 S El L A: P A 20.125 S E I L J t P B 3.23 S El L Si P V i c 1.22 called 2.37 OMAHA G R A I X (Saturday MarkeO OMAHA, r^j--Whcat. Nn. 1 dark hard , .43; No. . . $1,32; No. 1 hard 51.43® Com. No, 3 yellow 51.20; No, 4. S1.17SS 20: No. 5. Sl.lOli: No. 2 while $1.20. Oats, Nn, 3 while 52 ] ,-»it54i/jc' No 4 .lie; sample white SUSc. There is no t i p p i n g in a hide iwn. You can't tip a fellow who iay be your bridce p n r t n c r lo- fiht.--Dtibuquc Tclctrraph-IIci-- tl.- Maximum Gain of 2 Cents Scored in Late Trade at Chicago. CHICAGO, (/P) -- Flm-ried by scarcity ot oHcrings here and by Winnipeg advances, Chicago wheat prices shot upward late Saturday to a miximum gain of about 2 cents. Numerous stop loss orders to buy were caught in the rapid late rally. Reports were current that Europe was purchasing Canadian ii'heat afloat on the ocean, and :hat a large percentage had been hus acquired. At the close, wheat was ':' a to com .:,,, .".s cents above Friday's finish, cont oil Del May S1.34-- to 51.34V', July £ on . 1 ?i' oa S1.16»i to 51.16%;.corn unchanged Dec,. 8h ' o % cent higher. May $1.07% to ~ I.OTA, July 51.01=',;. oats V» to '·\ cent advanced, nnd provisions nowmg 5 to 12 cents gain. C H I C A G O CASH OUA1.V. ( S a l t i r t l a y M a r k e t ) ash ivlicat: No. 3 dath .NC\V Y O l t K S T O C K S . ( S n l u r d a y 1'inal Quotaliiii Al Ch fo Dye 237 Lib O f Am Can 10[i'/* Am Sm Itef 94 CU 1 1^.1 13'i McK S: Hob Mid Cont Mont Wnrd Nash Kcl Nat Disc Nat Cash II Nat Dairy Pr Nat Distil Nnl Pov.' i; Lt I2 a ll"! Col G E Cotit 5r Sou Cons Edison Cons Oil Cont Can CHICAGO, ard $1.41^. Corn, No. .1 mi.vcd 51.13 m a i n l y while; No. J yellow $1.12; No. 4, £1.1171^67.1 111.,· No. 5. Sl.OB'.iCi 1.08; No. 3 white SlTlS; No' 4, SI.ll'/^, 1.13; No. 5, SI.OB'/ilM.lO'.i. Oats, _No. 2 white cereal 53'Ac; No. 1 l^c; No. 4, a2c; sample grade at'c. No rye. Barley No. 3 Minnesota malting $1 43- feed 80cli$l nominal; malting $l|jl.4lj Ctover seed 528Ti35 cwt. Lard, h'erccs 512.80; loose 412.15; bel- 1GS 13 Mason City Gram MASON CITY--For Saturday No. 3 yellow shelled c o r n . . . 1 Oi No. 4 yellow shelled corn $-'i 02 .. .Sou .48'^c GU-Uui; Ear corn White oats No. 3 Barley ui ^ Soybeans, No. 2 yelJoVv''.". ."."$r.45 S A T U H D A V CHAIN- CI.OSK. CHICAGO, 61')-- I.Oft'.k i.or.?, 1.02'A WHEAT-May ...:.... July Sept CORN-Alay new . Jlay old July now ... July old .... Sept OATS-May July Sept SOYBEANS-May J u l y 1.37'A R Y E -May l . l j J u l y 1.0!!»1 Sept DARLEY-May LAUD-Mar May July Sept 13.65 BELLIES-May July 16,77 .33 1.1. nn 1:1.22 13.-10 Low 1.32!;, M4',;, 1.10=; I.OIi'.i 1.5 IT 1.53 U 12.D5 1.1.02 1,1.20 13.42 1.57'.. 1-37 U l . l l ' l l.llili . 13. JD 13. G2 1S.17 IG.ff ^ M I N N E A P O L I S GRA1M ( S a t u r d a y Slarkel) MINNEAPOLIS. (,P,-- Wheat XI ci.. = !'.« cents higher; No. 1 heavy dark northern spring CO Ibs. $1.53H«rl.(H',i: No 1 dark norlhcrn 53 Ibs. ?I.S21iiai.BO',i- laney No. l hard Montana 14 per cent protein S1.4V.WI.W,; grade ot No. 1 dark- hard or No. 1 li.ird Montana winter SI.40'. a iiil.«;i,; No . j tmA a m b c r d u r u m .07',i; No. 1 red durum SI. 32','. (U 1.3 . Com, No. 3 yellow Sl.lT.ift I.1BH, un- cnauccd. Oals, No. 3 while 30;«52T;c. K A N S A S CITY HRAt.V ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY, w-- wheat 52 cars 1 cent lower to I'/, ccnls higher; No. 2 Corn 23 cars, ·,:, com lower In '\ cent ijgher; No. 2 white nom. SI.211ift'l.24ii: . No. 3 nom. No. 2 vollow . . . , . v o o w nom. 51.20ft 1.2l».i; No. 3 51,21- No · '-miftuSw."- 1 " 561 801 -'" No - 3 TMTM" - Cat3 nc: '* ccnt '"""r lo 'J cent CHICAGO POTATOES. ( S a t u r d a y .M . o. 2. $I.85ai.90; /ew .1 as $z n crate Deere Pf OuPont DC N : Gen Elec Gen Koods Gen Mot Gillette Goodyear Hud Mot III Cunt In! Harv Int Nick Can r T T Johns Mans Kresgo 52',' 44 (ill NY Cent Nor Pac Oliver I-'arm Packard Mot Parattl fix Penney Perm Kit Phillips Pet Radio liey Tob B Scars Hoe Shell Union Socony Vac. Sou Pae Stand Brands So Calif So Ind So N J Slow Warn Studcbakcr Swift t Co Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sill Timk Rol] B Un Carbide, Un Pac U n i t A i r Unit Corp Unit Drug US Ind Alco Us Rubber US Steel Wnrucr Pix West Un Tel West El M Woolworth 44 ss 41 76 1111; m 30 .\ 7'i, CHICAGO STOCKS. (Saturday Final Q u o t a t i o n s ) Cities-Service 4=U]Northwest Bane Oe-cter IC'.il^uakcr Oals 1 Kellogg Switch 10 |Swilt Libby McNeil 13'/ 3 j5wift Intl Midwest Corp 14Ti,|Uti] Ind Nat Leather 2 j Z c n t t l l : Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LA.1ISON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Office In Baglcy-Bcch Bldg. Telephone No. 7. Close D O W JON'ES A V E R A G E S Imls. Kails Iil7.11 57.29 JJtils. .1:1 Total Sales ................... ...1,430000 C H I C A G O STOCKS Butler Bros 13»i Marshall Ficl 22'', Cord Corp 5?i Walfirecit Co 44',i NEW Y O R K CU11B Am Gas El 43V, Am Cyana B a;i'.'» Am S Pow Co '2\4 Ark N Gns A 12^ Asoc G A; El A 3~'n Can Ind Alk tt" Eislci- Elen El Bd .- Slia 24 '- F'd M of Can 28V. P'd M o£ Eng B " T.ockhecd' 12^4 Niag It Pow 1G Un Gas Co 12~« Un L, P Co D i j NEW Y O R K STOCKS Alaska Jnneu H'.i Hudson Mot Allegheny 4 4 B Allied Strs 19 Am For Po 11 Am c sue co am Am C F Am Posv Li ia',i Am n'c Mills n«l A m ft S Co 29 A m c r Tob Co fla'i Arm i- Co 1 P» Ar fc Co pfd !)lf'i As D Goods 2 2 ' j All Mer 34 Baldwin Loco n Briecs M£ Co S7-k B e n d i x 29H« Bndd Mr Co l.IHa Bycrs AjVI Co Wj Caternil Trao n7',-i Cer dc Pasco fifl',-j Ches Ohio r.7 C O W p f d 15^1 CMSP ."t P pfd M, Com Solvents 19^ Cant iSIolor S^R Cur-Wri Co A 21':, Aire 70 l l u p p Mot Jndust Itnyon na ] ,', Nash Kclv Co 22TI L a m b e r t Co 22^i iU.ick' Truck 53" iM.ilhieson Al asi-, McLellan Sirs lliRi Alin. ]\Iol Imp 14f:, 3f K T 714 IMolOL' Prod 3fi No Amcr 30'.* Nn Amcr Avi I f i ' i Otis Steel Co 10 Packard Mot l l * i Park Ul Cop 4=; Eastman 174 Elec A u t o Li 44'i El Pow Li 22'A Erie R U Co IG Fi'nc Ti Rtl 35'.i Foster-Wheel 52 Frecporl Tex 29 Gcil Am Tra 80!'j Gliddcn Co 4n'i Gobel . G Gold Dust fi Graham Paige -I Gt Nor pfrt 471, i Houston Oil 15ib Proc Gam (rj P S of N J r,|iA P u l l m a n 70i'a P u r i l y Bnk'y 20'!i R K O nii Rcm Maud 2G',£ Ilco Motors (t St Jos Lend 49 .Simmons Co 51*0 So Cal Edison 2914 Sporry Corp ''"-To St G E !· Ti Wa As Oil 21=4 U S Ind Alch 41 U S Smelter ttD U l i l P Li A yi\ Vanadium 3,T,i Un G Imp i n i i AV'arreii Bros 7 s j Wcsl'n Mytrl 9TJ Wesfn XJnion 77i,B Yellow Trk 3311, Y'SS S i T 62?i Hides Q u o U l l u n s F u r n i s h e d hy IVnir R r o j Inc.. 3U8 urn. Slreel Soundest. " nUltSEHJUES Horschldes .. Sl.CO .. a 1 ,; .. 7 .. 7 - G R E E N BEEP I11UE3 Up to 2S Ibs 25 to 45 Ibs i More than 00 Ibs. . . ~Iull hides i . ,,. ·Cured nides half cent morc'n" pound! ion anova prices a cent higher io wholesale dealers in wholesale lots.) WOOL MARKET. (Saturday R e v i e w ) .BOSTON, 6?)-U. S. department of ac- ricullure-- *" The wool market here was very quiet lownrd prices on wools to cover Jiiturc At (his stage of (ho Spanish ivar, you can'l. tell whether the .vinner will have to learn Italian or Russian. Prices Climb Fractions to .4 Points; Steels and Rails Lead. NEW YORK, (/P)--The slock market had a quick change o£ heart Saturday and prices rallie'd fractions to 4 points over a broad front. Traders who unloaded yesterday, following the president's message to congress advocating drastic reforms in the federal judiciary, hurried to replace commitments and found offerings limited. Many leaders took their cue from steels and rails which were in the forefront of the comeback. There was some late selling, but this was fairly well absorbed. Transfers were around 1,500,000 shares. Technical Correction. Most brokers were still of the opinion Friday's sharp reaction was partly in the nature o£ a technical correction due to the recent advance of the list into peak :erritory for the past 5 or 6 years. Wall street's hopes lor a settte- iient of the General Motors strike was a bolstering influence. Bonds improved, but commodities developed uneven trends. Outstanding: Gainers. Outstanding share gainers included U. S. SteeJ, Bethlehem, -rucible, Gulf States Steel, U. S. ?ipe and Foundry, Santa Fe, New York Central, Southern Pacific, i-eal Northern, Atlantic Coast ine, Southern Railway, Delaware and Hudson, Chrysler, Yellow Truck, Goodyear, Montgomery Ward, Sears Roebuck, J. I. Case Seeing, Douglas Aircraft, Bendix Howe Sound, Inspiration Copper, Standard Oil of New Jersey, Peo- les Gas, Allied Chemical, U S Industrial Alcohol, Locw's, Lorillard, Armour, Wilson, and Greyhound corporation. There were a few backward issues such as American TelKihone American Can, Continental Can and North American. Narrow weiv General Electric, du Pont, Consolidated Edison, Goodrich, Western Union, Pennsylvania, Anaconda and tvennecott. General Motors retrieved an early loss o£ nearly a point. READ THIS FinST: In Hollywood following an ingenious maneuver on (he part of his younir wife, Janet, Joel Paynter, second-rate Broadway actor, begins work under a short term contract. Meanwhile Janet nude a point oT cultivating the right people, joins a tennis club and meets Vernon Chester, an important director. Chester asks her to play tennis and have lunch with him, NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY: In CHAPTER 14 the women's locker Janet slipped out of her shorts and pulled her blouse over her head. She stepped under the shower and turned on the cold faucet and then, while it ran so icy she could stand it no longer, she got a grip on herself. She knew how important it was to look cool and calm and restful. Vex-non Chester had given her a good workout teaching her a backstroke t h a t she had learned years ago (but could conveniently forget when it meant the opportunity for a great director to leach a little gii-l a trick and feel like a great big man lor doing it.) Oh, Janet didn't have eyelashes to sweep her cheeks provocatively. She didn't have a Dietrich look in her eye but she had a sound psychology for making men feel comfortable and rested and it was a distinguishing gift in Hollywood where glamor was served by the shoveful. Dry and fragrant with a pine powder that was refreshing and not cloying, Janet hurried into her dimity frock. It was an English print and had a touch of lingerie in the small round collar and at the cuffs o£ her short sleeves. She wound a bandeau of the same fabric about her , head and stepped into her white sandals. She did it quickly. Ever considerate, a lesson she had learned in the school of marriage, she did not keep Vernon Chester waiting. The waiter had only just arrived at their table on the screened porch bearing tall frosty glasses topped with a sprig of mint. "Where do you girls pack your energy?" Chester inquired admir- ngly as he noted the cool, fragility )£ her. "f'm worn out, but you ook as though you'd come out of a band-box." "That's just what I was going to :ay to you," she said. "Instead, uppose I just say that I think ·ou've been most kind. Mr. Cheser, to give me this lesson. You're a fine player and your form ! s perfect, f thought people in t h a t "lass didn't really brother with imateurs." "See here," he said when he had rdered their luncheon, "You're no amateur! You're doing all right." le looked over his horn-rimmed passes at her. "I suspect that you do everything well. Just what else do you do?" Janet buttered a piece of her oil and said, "Very little. I'm ·named, you know, to Joel Payn- "r." "That's right. He's a new young eller on our lot." " Oi '. yes," Janet said softly, do? ·'that's how I knew so much about you." She stopped speaking and devoted herself to her crab ravin- gote. No need to overdo anything. "Well, come on, what do you "I'm very uninteresting," slip said simply. "I I;eep house, play a little bridge, read a great deal, try to play tennis. I plan the meals, count the laundry, lallc about pictures to my husband and, like all the other girls in Hollywood who haven't jobs, I kill time." Vernon Chester was an observant man. He had seen all there was to see and know o£ the women in the picture colony. He knew their pretenses, their sub- leties, their purposes and their ways and means oE accomplishing them. He wasn't quite sure o£ what Janet wanted or i£ she wanted anlhing. He was inclined to think she did w a n t something. He didn't believe t h a t she was "like the other girls" she had mentioned. He thought there were wheels ticking back ol that smooth brow of hers, ideas and ambitions that lent brightness to her line, deep eyes. He t h o u g h t philosophically: They all want something and why shouldn't they? He would give to them if he could and i£ he liked them. He liked Janet Paynter. He'd liked her the lirst time he had met her three weeks before. Liked it that she hadn't ever before identified herself as Joel Paynter's wife So many of them had gushed over him in an effort to interest him in their sons or husbands. No, Janet wasn't like that. And she had been genuinely pleased when he telephoned and asked her to a lesson and a bit of lunch. Pleased, he knew, because it was obvious in her de- SOGO CLUBS IN SWEEP VICTORY Winners Take Two Each in Friday League Games at Local Lanes. · Atlas Tires, Polarine and Standard Oil each won three games in the Soco bowling league Friday night, Polarine shooting the high series with 1,920 and the best single, 646. Young had the high individual mark with 221 and a leading series o£ 550. P l a y e r : jHorrlanc A p l a n d A c t u a l rine H a n d i c a p TOTAL TINS ISO-VIS "A" 1st 2nd Mil Total AVE. . . . . 170 117 1S1 43H J« . . . . J3S 130 JS1 415 j:iS ..." l:.-j 1K7 171 BIS 171 (U'i TiG-J .IBS m;-; Players-- Payne A c t u a l Pins H a n d i c a p TOTAL PINS ATLAS T U I K S 1st .'.'Mil 3ril Total .... i.-i.i ni ±;i :,.MI I l l I'.tl 111! ,H7S 117 110 I!JS II 1 . A v s . I K I it: no .. on :,cr. ess i s i i P l a y e r s S T A N O L E X F U E L Ill" 10 1 ! III! 113 .".. 10S I [IT in ... 18'2 1 7 1 nl Total A vjc. IS'. 418 113 IVi 3J3 J-;.i 1 1 0 X I I 1 1 1 Aclu Ham 11 I'ins leap . . 503 TOTAL I'INS Player. STA.VOI.1N1J 1st :;nii ar.I Toi»i HIS 11:1 Kill jy: ;IIK 4tn i n Produce MASON CITY--For Saturday Casli Quoiiitlons ly li. G. Morse ; ggs, current receipts is c rleavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over ia c Under 5 Ibs. Springs, 5 Ibs. and over Springs, under 5 Ibs. .. Stags -·egliorn springs .!.".'.' 9c ..13c . .10c .. 8c .. 7c Curb Market NEW YORK. WV-Modcralo tendencies in, n selected laltic.s an · (j c All No. 2 p.iultry 4 cents less merchants Quotations in trade 18-lQc* Eggs, casli . .17-18c* Butter, Iowa State Brand 4o c Butter, Corn Country 39 C Butter, Kenyon's 39 C Butter, Very Best 40c Butter, Brooktield ..! 39c Potatoes, russets, peek ..." 75 C Potatoes, cobblers, peck- . . . ' 'sc ·EDITOR'S NuTE-These 'representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. C H I C A G O PRODUCE. CHICAGO, lai--Bnilcr 6,258. steady- ^eaincry, specials (93 scorol "·- A c t u a l I'ins ll.lmlli.Tp .. T O T A L I'INS I ' l a y c r i -- I l a r i l y '.'.. in , s scorcl 34f!n-!iic extras (32) mite-; extra firsls (30-91) 33a "iL c: . n '' rS l 5- ??.-. a!I ! ai'.lft^'ic: ianu- .i.iutra appeared reluctant t o buy or 1 m larcje volume as circl% pondered the reception ot! wliilc and colored 'lite, s m a l l ' w h i t e .inn colorcil I Be: ccesc He: capons 7 ID'S up 22c, less t h a n 7 Ibs. 2Ie. The U. S. N E W V O J I K S U C A I l . ,,,, . 'Sal u n l a y A l n r k r l ) NEW YOI1K. i,Tl--n.iw sucar ,,,,i n n n e d at 3.(13c for j n n l s FI, res were Irregular. R e f i n e d w.i« un. dSa^'rJpoJ'ted?^ " "" «"«""»»1 changed. Chan" 5 " IS ' I -^ S - slcad i' '" 'irm and un- Live poultrj- nominal; no freight quola- r n o n u c E FUTUHRS. _,,._ (Saliint.aj- M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, r/Pi-- Butter futures closed: storace standards February 3nic- do March 3Hiir; do November SiHlc. EBK futures: Fresh graded firsts Febru- " r j '' c: refrigerator stanclards, October Tolnto f u t u r e s : Idaho Hussels March grade A no.vns. IS.-ilurilav Q u o U t i n n * ) NKW YOHK. ,,r,-u. E. covcmment bonds closed: Treasury 4!'s 47-")2 Tlrj,tO, Treasury 4s -H-S-1 114.20. Treasury 3*i* Aa-A3 J u n e , blank. Treasury ,T1«s 43--I7 1IW.KI. Trr.lsury .TJis (7-^fl Irtrt..';. Trcavury 3s 51-53 10C.J3. Trcavury -«il''rA light in their game. vrtn'ct 1 When their salad came, he Morris asked her what sort of things .she liked to read. Janet thought, this is the moment for me lo tell him about "The Dance Was Long." She wanted to talk about U adroitly since it was not a generally known idea that Chester was going to make the picture. But she found she couldn't do it. Somehow it wasn't quite honest and, even while she realized that, a small regret was haggling at the back of her mind as she thought of how she had managed the business of meeting Chester for just this or.o reason. But she couldn't do it when she realized that the man silling across the table from her was enjoying himself, content in the belief that it was his company that gave her pleasure. She realized that he liked her. She found herself telling him about the books she had read before she came to California, the books she had discovered in the p u b l i c " library. Biographies and books on strange arts and crafts, old novels, revealing philosophies. "How did you find time to read these things'.'" he asked interestedly. And there was Janet telling him how empty her life had been during those months. No not empty, for as she told him about her lonely hours, her eyes told him ot her love for Joel. Janet didn't know how revealing she was. Naturally, from talking o£ the hooks that she and Joel had read together, Janet began to talk of Joel. To tell Chester what he had done in the theater, of his ambitions. Chester thought: I'll look this boy up and see what he's got that's goad enough for that girl. Chester and Janet became friends. He dropped into the little English house one afternoon quite unexpectedly. He marched around the room looking at the prints, lie; thumbed through the music on Janet's piano. He picked up a book on her reading table. It war. a copy ot "The Dance Was Long It was a marked copy; bits o' pink paper stuck out u n t i d i l y from its pages, pages where the character, Jan, was the center of the situation. H e ' h e l d the book in his hand and gave Janet a queslioning glance. His meaning was plain. There was no reason why Janet should have felt her face flush. She hadn't expected him to stop by her house with a racquet he had had restmng for her. Shs hadn't marked the book for him to see. Nevertheless, she flushed because now the news was all over the picture colony that the east was being selected for "The Dance Was Long." She flushed but nevertheless she did not answer the question until he asked her. And then she answered honestly. She said, "Joel and I have been reading it. We knew that it was bei!)£ cast and we knew t h a t Joel could play Jan if he had a chance to do it." Vernon Chester sighed: So this was w h a t she wanted. Janet read his thoughts and Stllvvell Actinl I'ins . H a n d i c a p . . . . j.-; TOTAL I'INS .. j- ; r RED C R O W N , 1 layers,-- I N ! -Ji,d n r t! T o t a l Avi. ... ti.-; t i - i l t!i .iiKi i;is . . . I d liill l i t .mi T .;-, ... 1-45 i.ii JUT :is.-, T ;S Actual Tin* .. GU8 '(;;!; GUI Handicap TOTAL P I N S nnc 1M Slid 3rd Total . iw; .·.'».-{ ifin r.TM . I::K I,-,-; IILI 43:1 . UK 137 t:;ii .Ul - 1XCP I I I 178 iJin IUJU II I7f? .131 Budge, Grant to See Second Final Tussle South T with a great deal of dignity she said, "Mr. Chester, I know what you are thinking. Partly you arc right; I would like to have interested you in Joel but, i£ you will please remember, I have never said anything about it and I didn't intend to. I had no way of knowing that you were coming here and the book is not a prop. Joel . . . Joel doesn't need me to help him find the thing he's going to Chester said n o t h i n g for a tew minutes. Then: "Maybe he doesn't, but he's a lucky man lo have you, Mrs. Paynter." He left in a few mirmles and w e n t d i r e c t l y to the studio. He called a projection room and said, "I w a n t you !o run off t h e rushes of the scenes w i t h Joe Paynter in 'Husband Hunter.' I'll be righi up." (To Be Continued) ern lourney MIAMI BEACH, Fla., (UP)_ Donald Budge of Oakland, Cal., and Bryan M. Grant of A t l a n t a Friday fought their way to the finals ot the annual sur£ club tennis tournament for a third renewal of their winter circuit rivalry. Grant has defeated Budge in the finals of the Biltmore tourney here and in the Dixie meet at Tampa. Budge, America's No. 1 net star, took an easy 6-1, G-2, 6-2 semifinals victory from Arthur Hendrix of Lakeland. Grant, ranked third ill the nation, won easiiy as did Budge, defeating Charley Harris of West Palm Beach, 3-E, 6-0, 6-0, 6-3. Cleaners Win Tilt With Butter Squad Marshall and Swift's cagers defeated the high powered Hosedale Creamery o£ Fort Dodge 45 to 34 al the Fort Dodge K. of C. hall Friday night. The Mason Cityans led^l!) to 11 at the half. Erd Swift's cagers are scheduled to play the Standard Oilers of Marshalltown Tuesday night in a preliminary game at Clear Lake. The local team has a 4G point average for the season. Nordeon was high for the Dodger team with 22 points, r(arry Cordle had 12 for the Cleaners. THE BOXSCOKE M A R - S W I F T -- I S I R O S E D A L E -- 3 1 nrmiivi-r ( S l i l f r f C o n n e l l y i C n r i l l r f Ilaivks f TOT A [.S If « I-fj I 1 :il."M u t r r s p a u - f 3 U ' - II "jN'nnlcpn c K fi ^ -I 3!Ga«-lry f o I 3 3 SiDoircr.* g I n f , I I lli|TOTAt.S ~~ Score at half: Marshall and S n l f l la; R o s e d a l e I I . Free Toss Wins for Wolves in Court Go ESTHERVILLE, (.'Pj--Palmer's free throw in the f i n a l 30 seconds gave Estherville junior college a 28 to 23 victory over the Sheldon junior cagcrs here Friday night. Waukon Jaysee Wins Maquoketa Court Go WAUKON, (/P|--A fourth quarter rally gave the Waukon junior college basketball team a 55 to -15 victory over Maquoketa here Friday night. The losers led 26 to 10, at the half. Iowa Opens Season OWA by Beating Badgers A C ITY - UP) - Winnin - Winning falls in both the 115 pound class and the heavyweight division the University of Iowa wrestling team opened its Big Ten season with a 20'/_. to 7'i victory against Wisconsin here Friday night Iowa won five ot the ei»ht events, drew in another, and lost only two, both, by decision Dead Animals Of ALL KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. .Wi! Pay I'lion* CalK Ph.,,. ,,,,, I P U!N W ^!| W V . i \w 1 lj If! v j i ( t ;;! j. i M V i *, f l \ · u \ I

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