The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 19, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Monday, January 19, 1818
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... IN CHANCERY. IN CHANCERY. ' State of New - York, . 19 pinutKi of a decretal xlrr of tUa hooora - tic court, bearing date the 7th day of July 1L il; u told at public ruction, at the Ton tine CoAVe IIoum, lot lie city of Newlork. uo - W too direction of the subscriber, a one of the matter of thit court, oo Thurtdag, the 8th day of Jinuur Mil at frerre o'clock at Doo. ail that certain blot k. or Piece of around and toil tjoder water, to be node land and ground, oat of the North or unison' tuver, tituate, lying ana betfcg bet iveen Washington - street and a certain K Ut of aeveiity feet in breadth, to be made fronting on the said North River, called Weil - street, and m bounded at lollow : norlh - earteny and easterly by Liberty street; north westerly and wtc Hy by West - street aforesaid ; southwesterly and wetterly by Cedar - streH, and ' south ensterry and easterly by Washingtoo - trt - et : containing in breadth on Wathimctoo - treetand West - street one hundred and tea feet ail inches, and in length along Liberty - street one handled and eventy - eeo leu, ana aiong Cedar street onehundied and evety - two feel" ; together with the appurtenance, ioiye.1 nevcr - thvleta to the rent, covenant, restrictions aad agreement to which said premise are abject, in favor oflhe corporation of the city of New - York, a Imposed, reserved ana creaicu j them. Dated Nor. 6th, 1817. JAMES A. HAMILTON. Matter in Chancery. Rote. The tale of the above property it postponed to Friday, the 301 h iotiant, at eleven o'clock, A, M. at the tanie place, it will be fold ia toll or parcels and oa liberal term, which may be known hy applying at the Marten office, JVo. 3 l,aw Building : where a map of the pre - tniset may be aeeu. January 8lh, IB 18. Jaa9dts ' IN CHANCERY. . , StaUof New York, tt IN pursuance of a decretal order of thit honorable Court, will be told at public auction, at theTontineCoffee Hoote, in the ciry of New York, under the direction of the tubtcriher, a one of the nirtitert of thit honorable court, on iPUTrnfifliV k f.,ntw ninK rfaw JatlHkPW init. at U o'clock at noon, all that certain lot, piece or parcel ofland, titaate on the eaiterly aid,: of Bruadwau. in the tixth ward of the citv of New VorU. known at Number 350, boanded at followt : Beginning at the corner ol Broad f and lonrd - iireet - lheDce runninz norther ly and upon Broadway thirty feet and is inchet, t" a tioue belonging to and occupied by Steplien Price, Etquire, thence easterly along the tame and pritel to Leonard ttreet, one hundred and event v fire teet lo Benion - ttreet. thence touth - erly and upon Bcmoo - ttreet, thirty leet til inch - to Lennard - ttreet. thence westerly and upon Leonard street, hundred aiii seventy - five leet to the )la' - e of beginning ; with ttie appurtenan ce. lJatl the 'thday of January, one thout and eijl.l hundred nd eighteen. JAMES A HAMILTON. Jan 7 tdt M:rtrr I" t't - anrerv. IN CHANCEHY. John B. Murray, i ts. . State of New - York, at Jamet T. Watton. IN pursuance of a decretal order of thit ho - too rWe court, mude in the above caute, will be old at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee Jloue. in the citv of New - York, under thedl - rectinn of the subscriber, at one ef the mastert ot hi eoort, on Tuesday the second day of Sep - umber neit, at twelve o'clock at aoo, all that tract of land oining on the town of Lowville, and 1 lying in the county of Lewis, in the state afore - 1 aid, being part of great lot No. 4 of Macomb's purchase, anil com prises all the lots known on a certain plaa or map made by David 1) ronton and B. White, in the vear I8', from No. 188 to 34.' InelutiTC, containing together 15,00 a ares ofland, with the appurtenances thereto belonging or any wise appertaining. Dated June SO, 18ir. ' (Copy) JAMES A HMILTON, Jv ill law4wdtdt faster in Chancery. The tale ol the above property it postponed (o id itoce. J A. VI LA A HATIIlrON. The tale of the above property it postponed to Saturday, the 8th duy of November, at the tame tour and place, kov i, ini7. JAMES A HAMILTON, ' nov I SMiF3t Matter in Chancery - Toe talr of the above property it postponed to Tuesday, the ID(h dnyof November instant, at the tttine hour and place, .nov H, nn. JAMES A. HAMILTON, nov 8 3 W M 1 7 3t Master in Chancery The tale of the above property is postpon ed to the 4th d:iv ot December next. Dated November 13, 1817. JAMES A.I! MILTON, . nov 2T U Master in Chancery. The tal - of the ab ve proiiertv it potl potted to the Tond day of January no it, at the tame hour and place. Dec. 1st. 117. JAMES A. HAMILTON, doc2lawtds Matter in Cham - err. The sale of the above pn.p rty it postponed to I hurtdnv, uie int. at uie tame nour anu piace. Jan. 2, 18P JAMES A. HAMILTON, jan 3 dtt Matter iu Chancery, IN CHANCEHY. State vfew - York, u. 1 N pursuance of a decretal order ol thii honora J IJe i on it, will he sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, io the city of New - York, on (he 3lsl day of January inst. at 1? o'clock in the forenoon, all (hat certain house and lot of eround. situated in the citv of New - York, at the corner of Cedar and Wilham - strce's, and known and distincuiMied at house No. 63 William - ttreet t said lot being in breadth in front and rear 25 feet 2 inches, and in length on Cedar . afreet 01 feet 10 inches ; and on the tnuthwetter ly tide about ninety three feet, more or lest. Al to, all that certain other lot of ground adjoining the former, and Ironting on William ttreet ; be ing in hr adth in front 3l feet 10 inches, and in ' fear t4 leet 2 inche : leaving an off - set or break on the southwest tide of two feet four inch - s ; and in length on the northeasterly side about 93 feet s and on the southwesterly tide 94 feet 4 inchet. he the tame more or less. Together witn all and singular, the hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging. P. G. HILDRETH. 'Jan 15 Matcr it. Chancery. IN CHANCERY. State of Me - York, tt. TN Durmanre of a decretal order of this honora X We court, bearing date the sixteenth day of J anu irv instant, will he Mid, at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, underlhe direction of the tuiitcriber, at one of the m ttters ol this court, on Saturday the 31st of January iitant, at twelve o'clock, noon, all that certain lot, piere, or parcel of ground, situate, lying and being in tlie second ward of the city of New - York, aforesaid, on the northerly ide of William - street, at tlie comer of J'Jin - , tivet t bounded southerly by William street, easterly hy John ttreet, norlln - rly by property of James W. Robinson, and westerly by - roperty ty of .'drs. Moore, containing in I root and rear, nineteen feet fire inches, in length, on John - street, fifty - one feet nine inches, and in length oa the property of Mrs. Moore C:ty - two feet e:even - ', tie the same more or less, with Uie appurtenance!. Dated jHntiary 17th, 1HI8. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan 17 dtdt Matter in Chance ry. JACKSON HOTEL 41 a aisau street rTHt: partnership entered ioto hv Madame J. Mondion and Mr. Delrtra. for carrying on the Jackson Hatel, it thit day dissolved. The Hotel will ia future be conducted by Madame MONDION, alone. IV public are hereby cautioned, that no dehu hereafter contracted in the name of 1 leletra and Moudjon, will be paid by Madame MONDION. Madame Mondion solicits such hare of the public favour at the merits of the botel may, by experience, be found t" deserve. Her customers will always find a Bar and Or - oinary, or i ante a note, well supplied, and L.aroer embracing every delicacy in season. Chib rooms always clean, warm aod ready for the reception of guests. , R. MONDION. New - sot, Jan. Ctn, 1818. jandStr iii; - ' ' - ' NOTICE. J BY a decree of the honorable Court of Chan rery of tbia Ute, will be told under the t.i - rectioa of one of the Matter, en be aecond day of Febniary neat, at It o'cr - ck. at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - Yok AH that rertaiu tract, piece or parcel of land, situate ly - harrie and in the towuthip ol Bristol aid Free - hnlH nn th rnmt mV At the lludsons Ktver. oe ginning at a water Ath tree marked with the Ln.rm .nd nnn. A S. 178 for the tOUthweft corner of a traot ofland patented to Samuel Stio - ges, from thence toutb eighty - six degree, wew twelve chains hv the south oft tract of land pa tented to John Morin Scott, Esquire, and other, thence soirfh 8ty teven chaint and three roodt, tbeoce north fifty teven chaint to the south hne of the tract ofland patented to the taid Samuel atingc, tbeoce aouth eights - six degree, west m lhj amilh lin of the taid Samuel Stiogea land, AftoM rhaina and three rodl to the laid water Ath tree, the bound first mentioned And alto, .11 that certain nart. tract and niece ofland tilu ate, lying and 'ing in the (own of Freehold, county oi Green, and ttate of New - York, and cmtif aoot to the land above mentioned, begin niog at the east line of Samuel Scovillt land, where (lie tame intersects the turnpike road, .running theare north one degree wett ten chaint and six - tv linkt to the south line of the above granted land, the a on the tame wett ward two chaint and forty link, then south one degree eatt ten chains and forty linkt to lite turnpike, eatt two chain, forty - two link, containing two arret, two roodt ana its root, wnicn togeiner wnn ine nm irnti containi a boat one hundred and flfty acret, which premitetwere mortgaged to I noma wnui.mi if the city of New - York, Pilot, to tccure the consideration money, uateo inn am any ci J a nuary. IEIB. Jan 5 Mg l'h tdt. CilAMtat State of AV - r ort, it fN pursuance of an order of lliit honorable court, will be sold at public auction at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of Ne - York, under the direction ol the subscriber, on toe zanuayoi .November, instant, at ELEVEN O'CLOCK, in Uie forenoon, all those certain lots, piece or par celt of ground, tituate, lying and being in the fib ward ol he city of New - Y' - rk, at the southwest corner of Washington and Lnisht - ttreett.and running southwardly along VVa'hington - ttreet 62 feet 6 incht t. to ground of John Jacob Attqr thence wet wardly along said A i tor's grund 100 leet, to the water ; tnent - e noruiwardiy bz leei o inches to Laight street ; thence eastwardly along i.aignr - ttreei iuu leer, io ine piace oi neginnins ; hounded northerlv bv Laiclit street. eastwardly by Wahington - street, southwardly by ground of John Jacob Astor, and westwaraiy oy me water. nd also, all those certain other lots, pieces or parcel of ground, situate, lying and hems in the taid fifth ward of the city of New York, - at (he soutlieast corner of Washington and Laight - streett, and running southwardly nlnng Washing, on - ttreet 75 feet, to eround I John Jacob A tnr ; thence eastwardly along hit ground 80 feet, to other ground of the taid John Jacob Ator ; thence noi inwardly along taid ground 75 feet lo Laight - ttrei t ; tbeuce west wardly along Laight - street 80 feet to the place of beginning ; bounded norUierly by Laight - ttrret, westwardly by Wash - ingtnn - ttreet; southwardly and eastwardly by eround of John Jacob Astor. And also all those certain other lott, pieces or parcels of ground. situate, lying and being in the laid tilth ward ol the city of New - York, "5 feet dittant from the thetouthueit corner of Laight and Greenwich street! ; thence running southwardly along Green wich street 5U leet to ground ol thence westwardly along taid ground 80 feet to ground or John Jacob Astor: thence northwardly 50 feet, along said Astor's ground, to otner ground of the said John Jacob Astor; thence stwardly along said ground 80 feet to Green wich - street, tlie place oi beginning; bounded northerly and westwardly by ground of John Jacob Astor, southwardly by ground of 1 , and eastwardly ry ureeowicn - ttreet. Ana ais all those certain other lott, pieces or parcels oi round, situate, lying and being in the said otth woro oi ine rnj oi .tew s lira, at inc iitirinwrvi corner ol Greenwich - street and Beach - street ; thence running northwardly along Greenwich - street 100 feet to ground of Joseph Newton ; (hence westwardly along the ground of said Jo Iwnra TintlTlTaaf'Me . Jlaalflngton - street ; f el to Beach - street ; thence eastwardly along Beach - street 160 feet to the place ol beginning : oeing one nail the block u hichlie Between urteo wich, Washington. 11 u hen and BVach - st. And alsoall those certain other lot, pieces or parcels of ground, situate, lying and being in the said fifth ward of tlie city ot ivew - York, at the northwest corner of Washington and Beach - rtreett t Ihenct running northwardly along Washington - ttreet 100 reet to ground or Joseph Newton; thence west wardly along the gruLd of the taid Joseph New. tou 232 feet 1 inch to Wett street ; thence south' ward v along West - street 100 feet to Beach street ; tU - nce eastwardly along Beach s'reet 234 feet to the place of beginning ; being one half the block or square whico lies between wash ington. West, Hubert, and Heich - sueets ; to gether with the hereditaments and appurtenan. ces to the same, and every parcel thereof belong. mg or in any wise appertaining. iuieii .iur. : l . I M 4th, 1817. THOMAS BOLTON, Matter in Chancery. For terms of sale which will be liberal, enquire ol (lie master, No. 44 Fine - street, where a map of the premises may be seen. 1'he above will he sold in separate lots. nov 4 lawtlOdlt The sale of the above property is postponed to the 10th day of February next, at tlie same hour and place. Dated Nov S7lh, 181". Master in Chancery nov 27 lawtr?dls IN CHANCERY. Thomai William tt. I Sarah Morrison, and Slate e - fXev - York, tt. Martiu Morriton. I N ur.uaiK')f a decretal order of this henora - i hie court made in the above cause, will be sold at public auction, at tlie Tontine Coffee House, in the city of cw - Yurk,on Monday the second dny of February next at 12 o'clock, at noon of that day, under tlie direction and superintend jnce of the subscriber, one of the masters of (hit court All that certain tract, puce or narcel ol land situate Ivinz and being in the coua ty of Green and Scboharrie, and in the township oi Bristol and f rernold, on the wett tide ol rtud - tnnt River, beginning at a water Ah tree marked with the letters 8 S 17C8, for the southwest cor ner of a tract ol land patented to Samuel Stinges, from thence south eighty tix degrees west twelve chains by the south of a tract ol land patented to John Morin Scott, Esquire, and otlier, thence south nity - seven chains and three roodt, thence north fifty - seven chains to tlie south line of the tract ofland patented to the laid Samuel Stinges, thence south eighty - six degrees, west by the south line of the said Samuel Stinges land, hfleea chains and three rods to tlie said water Ash tree. the bounds firt mentioned, which said tract of land was by Deed of Release, hearing date the twentv - sixth dav of SeDtember one thousand te ven hnndred and seventy, conveyed by Golds - brow Ranver of the citv of New - York. Esnuire. to Roger Smith, and by the said Roger Hraith, on tlie thirteenth day ol July on thousand seven hundred and eventy - Dve, to 1 nomas unswold, and by the said Thomas Gritwold to Daniel M. Hitchcock, and by the taid Daniel M. Hitch cock to John Davidson - fexcept nevertheless out of the taid tract or piece, containing about teven acre oid by ine taid uanitl m. iiuciicok, io SatLuel Scovill ) And also, all that certain part. tract, and piece of land, tituate, lying and being in the town of Freehold County of Green, and state of New - York, and contiguous to tne land above mentioned : beginning at the east line Samuel Scovill' land, where the same intersects the turnpike ruud. running thence north one de gree, west tea chains and sixty rums to tne souin line of the above described land, thence oo same wiftward two chains and forty links, thence south one degree east ten charm and forty linkt to the turnpike, eatt two chains forty two links. Con tuning two acres two roods and six rods, which together with he first tract, contains about One hundred and fifty acres together with the appurtenance thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining. Dated, New - York, Jan. 10th, 1818. WILLIAM SEAMAN, Jan 12 gawtd Master in Cbocery. STORAGE Storage may be had on the lint floor of the store No. 29 Sonth - ttrect, which will save the expente of bowling. dec 26 ' w,l IN CHANCERY, v State oi New - Yorlf, IV snnuance of an order of thit honorable court, will be told at public auction at the J on line Coffee House, in the city of New - York, un der the direction of the tubtcriber, on the twenty seventh day of November instant, at O'CLOCK in (be forearm, ail that certain lot, niece or narcel of r round, tituate. tvioc ana ne - iog in the fifth ward of the city of New - York, ironting on iaigni - tt. tnuusu.v oHvnnj bounded northerlv ia the rear by Vestry - street, mutert ht the house and lot now for Intel occu pied ov Mr. Murray, wetterly oy a nouse aou lot late of Leonard Litiienard. deceased : con taining in breadth, in front, and rear 31 feet 6 Inrhei. and in denth on ech aide 175 feet. Said oreniitet beinr held under and bv virtue of a certain demise from the rector and inhabitants of the city of New - York in communion oTthe rro - teatant Episcopal Church in (he ttate of New - Ynrh. for the term oroinelvwiine year irora uie tith day of March, 1006 t tubjecf to the yearly rent of XI 5. and to the Drovitoet. corenantt and agreemenit iniainea in aiu imk i i - jo.... with the hereditament! and appurtenance to the tame belonging or in anywise appertaining uaied isov. . icw. THOMAS BOLTON, MArter in Chancery. The terms of tale, which will he liberal, may be known by enquiring at the office of (lie mai ler, No. 41 l'ine - treet. nov 4 ouwtl9thAZdta The tale of the above property it postponed lo lite 38th day of January nest, at the tame hour and place, mtea nov. ?..n, THOMAS BOLTON, Master m Chancery. nov 7 lawMSOdtdt Treasury Department, tllh June. 1U 17 ft - NOTICE is hereby given, that at a meet ingof lite Commissioners of the Sinking Fund, held on the 14th dav of March. 1817. it was de term ned that tlie provisions of the act entitled " An act (o provide for (he redemption of tlie public debt," passed ort the 3d day of Marcli, 1817, should be carried into effect as far as the same micut be practicable : and the?, in purs u nee of the said resolution, Lynde Catlin, cashier of the office of discount and depotit at New York, hat been apiiomted agent, under the tu perinteulance of the tecretary of the treasury, to make purchase of stock of the United States within the limits prescribed bv law : and to whom : " j - 1 . e i. all penons nesirout oi disposing oi ineir siuca will make application WILLIAM II. CRAWFORD, Secretary of Uie Treasury Office of Discount and Deposit, New - York. June 16. 1817. S - IlllUriUa&IUII glfClli UIQl 111 - luance of the preceding notice ana authority, the luhst riber is ready to receive proposals and to treat with any person for the purchase of Funded Debt of tlie United States within the limit pre scribed by the act above referred to. LYNDE CATLIN, Caihier. Je17 dlJI Klawtf FOR SALE, The elegant 2 - story brick HOUSE and lease, second door from Broom - street, in UroaJ way, occupied by. Mr. George Lacey, at the moderate ground rent of $75 per annum ; about 15 years unexpired ; the buildings to be valued at the end of the term, or the lease renewed for 21 yean longer; it rents for 4400 per annum the walk and street bos recently been paved. r or terms, apply to C. C. TUNIS, jan 14 tf 91 Coffee - bouse - sUp. M U SIC. ALL (he Songs, Duetts, as sung hy Mr. Phi - lipn at the New - York Theatre, for tale at vvm. DUBOIV Piano Forte and Music Store, No. 126 Ksnadway.' Behold in his soft expressive face 1'ho' love is warm awhile 'Tis but fancy's sketch Is there a heart that never lov'd In vain may that bosom lost quite deplore My early day what joy was thine Love's young dream ' This blooming rose at early dawn B&urifuftfaid J ' lct m me sound (he trumpet , Had la heart Kveleen's Bower I ear maid I love Ihee Ab sure a pain was never seen Said a smile to a tear Sigh not for love My heart wittrlcveis beating 1'he celebrated serenade of" Lillacome down Bird Duett to me" Flora's wreath. With a large assortment of new music. oVc 44 VALUABLE REAL PROPLKTV FOR SALE jrjyi ON TUESDAY, the 20th January inst. AjyJ by Bleeticer & Bihby, at public auction, iu lite I online Coffee House, at 12 oYlock, TWO LOTS OF GROUND, with the BUILDINGS erected thereon, situate No. 32 Pine - street, in the occupation of Robert Stuart each lot is 22 feel 3 inches in front, 21 feet 10 I 2 inches ia the rear, and average length 75 feet 9 inches. , An indisputable title will be given to the purchaser, and possession on tht first of May next. Information ns to the property, title, and terms of sale, may be had by applying to CORNELIUS BOGERT, No 14 Cedar - street JAMES BOGERT, J Surviving Exec - and mors oi jaco - , JAMES VAN ANTWERP busBogert. Jan 9 t2t Ana2 To be told and poemon given before tlie 1st of May next, if required, a modern built substantial brick house, three stories high, (with i i ; : 1. l several Bccumiuuunuoni ana conveniences wiuuii aAke it an agreeable dwelling for a genteel family) situated in the most wholesome part of this city, and having a pump of excellent water within the lot ; the property a fee simple, and free from all incumbrance. If not sold at pri vate sale before the 15th of February next, it ill then be sold at auction on the 16ih and fot - fJlAMtin. Jav 1 Un .iu.iil.1. an, i I mil. elegant furnitures, household utensils and various effects, particularly a choice collection of books, by C. G. FONTAINE, towbom apply for par - ticulars, at his auction room, No, 135 Water street, corner of Pine. jan 7 1m r sir. i? na m i.f 4.s - if iJI Lott in the 5. 6. 8, and 10 Wardt ; many ol which are oo reguluted and paved streets. No money will be required under ten years, u sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three story homes, on which a great part ol the money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent stand for business, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, store house arid bam. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erecieo, wiui a sumciency ol water lor eacn. Apply at No. 62 Greenwich street jan 13 tf PUBLIC SALE. ON Tuesday, the 27th of January, at twelve o'clock, will be sold hy it Town, that valuable abd pleasantly situated Property in Broad - street, belonging to the estate of the late Mr. John Post The Lot is 47 feet 8 inches front aad rear, no the north 126 feet 6 inches, and on J the south side 138 feet in depth. The House i - - l. . i i . .L i UMHJB HUOVl IUC ICIllIC IF I IIM5 LAIU in.,IIX good gangway on the north tide, and fine garden ironl and rear, ine tituauon it deemed delight ful. Persons desirous of purchasing, are requet ed Co view the premise. Title indisputable. Possession will he given on the lit day of May nexL 1 uritier conditions oo the dsyoiea'e. Deborah Post, Deborah Douglas, Executrixes. Catharine Ritter. ) pr!, ! Jan 7 t27 Jt STORE IVAtiTED. Or House and Store in Broadway, be tweea Maiden - lane and Wail - street Rent will be made sec are. Apply at No. 4 Ourtlaadt - street - Jan 14 at V , A VALUABLE rAtM, II LA Tobesoldoreichaoeed for property io New - York. The subscriber being ia a very low iateoi health, and having very little kopet of recovery, offers for tale his farm at Barbadoet neck, coun ty of Bergen, containing about one hundred and toirtv five acret of arable, meadow and wood land, i nit laroi uei un uie main ruaa u New - York and Newark, about hall a mile thit . m i r , .a ... I u . m ... tide of Newark Bridge. It is in a very hicb ttate of cultivation, and sa not surpassed hyanyoiner in (he vicinity of New - York, asavaluatde and arreeable residence, either for tlie farmer or pn vute genu .nan. ine oweiung nouse, inou;n small, is neat aad well finished, and tlie fences. rI. . . rwt ... . .1 i. gates, barns, stablet, and. other out - houses, are in excellent order and well planned. In front ol tnenonse, noroering on uie puouc rouo, no handsome and well i for ked earden. and on the premise! it a young and thriving orchard, con - i . L. I . . ' Sal I . .. .1 laming a iikiico Hiicciinn w uie Den gniieu irun trees. . A more particular description of the pro perty is thought unnecessary, as tliose disposed tu purchase win view ine premises, i ne line is in disputable. For particulars, apply to (he sub sen her. No. 188 Fearl - tlreet, or to Mr. Andrew smith, near uie premises, nov 14 If ROBERT STUART. VALUABLE PROPERTY for sale. t WILL BE HOLD, ?aj J At public auction, on the premises, on Thursday, the 2d day of January next, atone o'clock, i . in. A SMALL FARM, containing about (en a errs of land of the Grit quality, lying io Brooklyn about two miles from the ferry. Un the prenii set is a handsome new dwelliug house, standin; on an eminence, which commands a most beauti ful and extensive prospect of Aew York Bay Siaten llnnd. Sic. and for pleasantness of situa tion is not exceeded in King's county ; and a new Ham or carnage House. ALSO. A FARM, of about 17 acres of upland and 8 1 - 2 of Salt meadow, adioinins the property be fore described, having a good house, tarn, &x ALSO. A FARM, containing about twelve acres ol upland, in a high state of cultivation, and 8 1 acres of talt meadow, adjoining the lurnrik leading from Brooklyn to Jnuiaicn, on which it an excellent young orchard, a feood dwelling house, abrtt - rate barn, Sic. tic. LIKEWISE. Four lott of Woodland, of 7 acre each, lying ahnnt a mile from the above described farm. The above property will be sold separately. Anv person wishing to purchase is invited to call on the subscriber, by whom the premises will he shown, and any farther information given, which may be required. JOHN C. HAM. ian 3 tds Brooklyn iTt TO LET. For a term of years, the house and lot No. 5 Broadway, at present occupied by the iviiss Kinseys, as a boarding nouse. l orparu culars enquire of ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, Clermont jan3(Fl t OH HALE. The HOUSE and STORE, No. 93 Ful ton - street; built in 1816, of the best materials The store, 33 feet long and 13 high ; the lot, 67 by 25; leased ol the Dutch church for 63 years. WUXTRV HtJtT FOR HALE, AT Jamaica, on Long Island, Queens County, late the residence of John Troup, Esq. d - ceased. On the premises are a good two story frame house, barn, and other out - huild - ings t Zo acres ot lanu in a gooci siat e tor cultivation : 28 acres of wood land, of a fine thrif ty growth for fenring and timber ; and a lot of 7 acret salt meadow, un tins property are two apple orchards, and a variety of other fruit trees. Jamaica being one oi tne most nourisn - ing villas on the Island, tenders tins proper ty desirable for a gentleman retiring from business. For particulars apply to M. DITMIS, 148 P arl - st ; or to JOHN & UOHT TROUP, jan 9 tf on the premises. FOH SALE AT AULTIUS. t, C. II . on the 1st day cf March next, the I AK late Dr. Isaac Ledyard, situated one mile south of the village of Newtown, Long Island. The Williamthurgh turnpike runs through the Farm, on one tide of which it a new excellent stone wall, half a mile in length The farm containt about 150 acres, 15 of which it a fine Wood Lot, with two apple orchards, one old, the other just beginning to hear well, and a tuitalile proHrtion of good talt meadow. The Mansion Home is large and convenient, four roomton each floor, with a go a kitchen and cellar ; attached it a large barn, cnn, hen bouse, injoke house, well, and a new cittern. 4c. The court yard and garden contain a variety of fruit trees and shrubbery, a large asparagus bed, raspberries and carrants aiso a lAitin adjoining ine nrjove, contain ing about sixty acres ; attached to which is ane - qual proportion of Salt Meadow, and lot of young wood, situated within lets than a mile of tlie l arm, containing len acres, with a laim - house, barn, well, garden, Jfc. Likewise A Lot of Land. Ivine at Snriofield. south of the village of Jamaica, containing between four and five acres, on which are about a dozen large chesnut trees, suitable foriencing. Tlie alMive lands wi I be all regularly surveyed, and maps of the same exhibited some time previous to, aod at the sale, and disposed of by the acre, with the buildings thereon, inclusively. rossession given onthtnrstoi April. For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - ttraet. ian 3 Ids HA V..s t t.liilHJ R.iZuH SlttOl'S. GEORGE SANDERS, lately from London, once more addresses the public, thanks them for past favors, and one more ventures to recommend bis strops at one of the most comfort - giving contrivances that ever blest the chin of man. He will instruct anv self - shaving gentle man in the use of it, and svhen once possessed of the secret and a bos of composition, be may say with the poet of nature, " 1 o shave to sleep perchance to dream while in the ope ration and who would bear the tweaks and acts of bar ber base ; who would grunt and sweat under a loathome beard, or a dull razor use, when he might his quietus make with a simple - Saunder't strop Come then to his manufactory at Uie corner of Reed - street and Broadway, and there you will nod the subscriber alway ready to re ceive the commands of hit customer. dec 5 tf 'II UKOWN, stone seal engraver and jewel - X . Icr, No. 166 Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, &c. engraved on (tone. A handsome assortment of fine gold seal, chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' seals engraved with coats of arms, mottos, and fancy devices. Diamonds, amethvsts, crystals, ic. bought in the rough or cut in any form. Books of heraldry kept trith upwards of 60.000 names. Jaa 7 3m RUSSIA OIL. N SMITH DAVIES . & CO. ChymicaJ Perfumers, and Fancy Soap Makers. No. 136 Broadway, New - York, oner to tne indie and gentlemen of thit riti their Russia Oil, wbict is one of the most agreea KU rA n,r..l nil f - iT'cTx'S - moting the growth of the hair. Ladiet will find it the best for dressing real or false hair. Gentlemen whose hair ha been injured by bad powder, would do well by using thi oil, as it corrects the injury it has sustained. It may be had in bottles, - with printed directions, at wholesale or retail, at their manufactory. Also, a general assortment of perfumery, fancy articles and soap, dressing cases, work boxes, thread cases, purses, razors, scissor, peo - knie, ilver pencil cases, tweezers, tobacco pi pes, toolh pick case, amber and ipar smelling bottle, o - doar of rose in bottles, cologne, lavender, honey, orange flower and rote water, &c.&c. jaa 12 fOST COACH LINK for PHILADELPHIA. BSSPORTAIT TO PAklKBtCERI. . No cocaection with the post chaise line or the tteam - Doat vtTWA. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND 0FPO - s SI I ION REVIVED. NEW Line of Pott Coaclit on Spriogi with every convenience for passenger and bag - g aye THROUGH IN ONE DAY - between New - York and Philadelphia. The Post Coach Line will start from New - York every morning at 6 o'clock, (Sundays excepted) in the Steam Boat Aiaiania, ana arrive ai i nuaueiinna i:ic saiuc ereniner. in the L,oach. r are H dollars. ' ... V . . ... . . . .. mr i J he steam liont Line livuisiui, win tlart from New - York every - morning (Sun dayt excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalanta, from the north tide oi tne itauery, lodge at Trenton, and arrive ( Philadelphia neil morning' ai iu o ciora ; r are tnrougu fa w. The United SUtet MAIL.UUACH. on tprinei, with every convenience for passenger! and their bRgge, starts Irorn No. 1 courtiand - ttreei, za office from Broadway, New - York, every day at 1 o'clock, and arrive at fhnadeipiua next morn ine nt 6 o'clock. Only 6 pattengert admitted iu tins Coach, tare 1(1 dollars. Passengers are requested to be particular io taking (heir teats in the Post Coach Line, as the coaches belonging to this establishment are of a superior quality lor the accommodation oi pat' tensert. for teats in thoi hove named Linet, apply to TH03. WHITFIELD, at the old ettardithed Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Courtlandt - stieet, the second office from H road way, new - vork. or to ISAAC kuv, team Boat Hote!, No. I Washington - strei t, corner of Marketfield - slreet. near the Battery. fj7"AII goods and baggage at (he risk of the owner. JUfchl'H LVON, SO.S U CU. N. B Expresses sent to any part of the Cnn THOMAS WHITFIELD. nov H POST CHAISE LINE. FOR PHILADELPHIA. The POST CHAISE, with every convenience for Passenger and their baggage (fhrough in one day) will leave the City Hotel every day (Sunday excepted at 7 o'clock in the momin:, by way of Newark, and arrive the same day at Philadelphia. The MAIL COACH PILOT, in opposition (o the Mail Coach, with superior accommodations for Passenger mid their baggage, will leave tlie City Hotel every day (Sunday excepted) at half past I o'clock P.M. will proceed before the Mail, and not subject to the inconrenieuce of stopping at the numerous Post Offices cn the road, hut every accommodation provided for the tra veller, and arrive some hours before (he Mail at Philadelphia. All letters anc, papers carried free of expense - jr (lie Coaches For seats in the above lines apply at the Post Chaise and Albany Mnil and Diligence Oflice, No. 118 Broadway, opposite the City Hotel. All goods and baggage at tlie risque of the owner. JOHN N.CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK 4i SON, Princeton. STOCKTON &: HOW ELL, Philadelphia. .V. R. Erprenet tent to any part of tht Univn Jan 6 tf NEW ARRANGEMENT. U.S. MAIL - COACHES, BE TH EEXXEIV - YORK k PHILADELPHIA. (U The public are assured that there it now handsome coaches, on springs, equal to any in tin U. States, now running on this line. Panengere Ibrthe U. S. Mail Coach will leave New - York every day at 1 o'clock Dine at J. Lyon fc &ou't hotel, at Powle't Hock, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only tix pas - sengert admitted in the Mail Coach. Fare $10. t or teats, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, al the old established coach and stage office, old No. 1, Courtlandt - street, second office from Broadway, New - York. . AH goods aod baggage at the risk of the owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS & Co. N. B. Expresses, coaches, extrr. stages, fcc. furnished to go to any part of the United States. on the shortest notice, by Thos. Whitfield, No. I courtlandt - street. New - York. nov 5 a TO LET, The Store No. 134 Front - street, an ex cellent stand for a Grocer. For further particu lars inquire of RIPLEY & WELD, nov 1 1 tax f ront street. OTO LET, And immediate possession riven, the house No. 9 Pearl - street, together with (he sta bie and Coach House in the rear on bndge - tt. The premiiet are in complete repair and have every convenience necessary for the accommo dation of a family. For particular! apply to OCt YB Li. BKALUSH. BANCKER - STREET NOTICE. TVTOTICE is hereby given to all persons inter - LN ested. that the commissioner of estimate and assessment appointed by the supreme court of judicature of the state ol New - York, to perform certain duties relative to the enlarging, extending and improving of Bancker - ttreet, between Clinton ttreet and Grand street in the taid city, have completed their estimate and asteu - menu a well of the lott and damage sustained o - ver and above the benent and advantage received by the owner of the land and premise required lor the taid enlarging, extending and improving of Bancker - street at aforetaid, at alto ol the be nefit and advai:'age received by the ownert and partiet interetted of and in certain land and pre mise! noi requirea lor ine sani improvement - Ana mat we ine said commissioners, have depo sited a true copy of such estimate and assess, meot in (he clerk's office of the city of New - York, for the inspection of whomsoever it mav concern And notice is hereby further given that the report of the said estimate and assessment will be pre sented for confirmation to the sapreme court of judicature ot tne ttate oi mew - lor It, at the capi . - I - . k : . r . I p. - j 1 1 - . . iui iu uie cut oi niiianv. on r riaav. loeiixieenin day of January next, at the opening of the taid court on that day, or at toon thereafter a coun sel can be beard thereon. Dated thit 26th day - I .n.m - oi uecemoer, ioii. FETER H A WES, ) ROGER STRUNG. Commissioner! BENJAMIN A. AK.fcR.LY. ) dec 26 ICt CORPORATION PROPERTY. TO be sold at public auction oo Friday 20thFr: ruary, 1818, at the City Hall, o'clock. the 12 Tne highly valuable FARM now occupied hy Mr. William A. Hardenbrook, about 5 miles from the city, containing together nearly fifty a - ere ofland. It will be sold in lots from 5 to 10 acres each, situated on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, & 10th aveaaes ; on the latter stand the dwelling bouse and out buildings, but a short distance from the Hudson River. This property is worthy the attentit - n of those who wish to possets handsome country seats : as its contiguity to the city, commanding views of uie hugs in, reureo iituation. and Choice quality oi sotue oi toe ground, logetner wilb an ample supply of wood, render it one of the most desirable object of purchase. A map of the premises may be seen, and farther parrjratnr known, at the Comptroller Of - nce, v ny uan. jn o on I Pablir know how to disKnnMk tween tbiogs that differ. DOCTOR HORNE, formerly of the city of London, axd member of tlie facultw nt nlmi. and surgery there, deems it hU di. ty to repeat some oocerratioiu ca the abuse of MERCURY. A rash, indiscriminate, and aacsuali. fied use thereof, baa been productive of infinite mischief, iv.. sand ore annually mercurialized out of exisu ence. The disease wc have in view owes ita fe tal result chiefly to this source. " What a pity, that a young man, the hope of bi country, aaj the darting of hi parent, should he snitched a. way from all the prospects and enjoyment of lift vj iw vuucvijuluw, ui vac uugaaraea momerf - and by a disease not in its own nature fatal, an? which only proves so from neglect or improper treatment" A gcntlemar, (lata Dr. Il't pL, tient) now perfectly hearty and well, had ben undcrpbysician of genp it practice, six year, and repeatedly talivat d ; when recommended It Dr. H. (by a gontleman of this city) hit bonu were carious, and his flesh dropping from tbemt bit friend declared be could not possibly lurvin t wo month longer. Thousatds exnerimrntnl!. know with what ease and lafety Dr. 11. er.r catet tlie severest case, and confirms the cont; iuiiuu. i ue wLiur yiau aaveriisugj Is Bs. cessary to guard the public against the abuse af mercury, and oilier fatal delusions, held forth. - . Pert on s, therefore, having contracted a prj. vata disorder, or tuspecting latent poison, trt admonished not to tamper with their coaitita tion, or conceal the disorder, till patt recove. ry ; other having the remaint of an old can. or other impuri tie t of (lie blood, at well as rr complaints of a delicate nature, in either icx. should remember (loiterity, and do justico to their consciences, by making appiicaijoa to Dr. H. at his old and respectable establishment, No. 64 Water - street, four house, wett of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt assistance a. lone calculated (b prevent disclosure. And he - let me claim your serious attention Remember superficial cure is no cure at all ; unless the bo - inestis radically done, you will certainly bava he disorder break out again with redoubled ms lignity. at some future period ; pcrluir.j then will be too late for remedy. Don't youoften meet ia the streets miserable, mutilated beings, without even a hit of nose oo their face i Take warninr I beseech yen. Dr. Il's. character for skill and ttubborn intt - gri'.y being univcnally known in thit city, tints "1804, guarantee to patients thai delicacy and te - crecy hitherto unknown, and having confined hit practice forycars past, exclusively to tlie cure of tu'easei oi ine dhhhj sysim. iney may lately csj. culate on the most decided advantage! ia cot. suiting Dr. II. Gleet eradicated in tws or three ob. Stricturei removed without bougiet or any other instrument ; and all debilitiet: likewise jj old ulcerations, fistula' tic. A plurality of offices are prorjded, and to lilt, atcd that patients are not exposed to each other's observation. Open till half past 9 in tlie evening. All persons concerned are invited to be free i i ailing, and speaking with Dr. U. whicb is tree of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid the txpretsion of gratitude for innumerable mendufions, and for the decided preference (it is presumed with jutt cause) Ion: riven him t. judicious public. li. ah tellers matt ue pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 1i NEITHER qUACKhRl NOR LWufi. DR. EVANS' sepsri,, .method of curin r. tain Diseas - , isnowunirer - tally acknowledged in this fily ! hit mode of trentmrtl it perfectly mild, tafe, ex - iumons. ana nis charget reatooahle. In every i. lance he warrants a curt, and will return Uie pay ifbc doet not perform agreetblt to contract. iki"vib always oscerved. lliere are many pertons m tlu city and iu rf. cinity, laboring under various chronic disciies, tuch as cancers, old inveterate ulcers, crrofala or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of the crt&t, bladder and ludnies, ord complicated complaint! of a certain nature, bilious and other obatrw tions, rheumatism, tc. whicb they consider inct - ralile, tliey can certainly be cured (in geoersj) hy applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No, 9, Peck - slip, having practised in exuiiir hospitals in Europe 12 years, under tome of tht nm Burgeons ana rnysictans in (he world, aid made (hose obstinate tfiseasei bis constant atwdf for 30 years. Qct ) Ui - wTi - ajj frt - WHEATON It DA - H - jjal 'S Fancy Chair Mant&c - turers,No. 153Fulton - rest, opposite St. Pauls Church, offer for sale, wholetal tod retail, a large and clegast m - torlment of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornamented in gold h bronie. Bamboo, Plain and Oilt Ball, Rock - ln, Sewing, and Convent - tion Chair. Sofas. Settees. Lotibgeet, Music Stools, &c. Orderi from any part of the continent execttrd with neatness ana dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented. oct 13 A GREAT N ATURAL CURIOSITY. THE public are informed that thit morning wat landed the long expected FEMALE EL EPHANT, ond it to ne teen at No. 296 Broadway, near Washington Hall. The tize of (hit animal it about 7 feet high, and about 1 feet long from the end of the probotcit to the end ot the tail. She it to be teen from 9 o'clock A. m. to 9 in the evening. Price of admittance x cents. nov si" WANTED To hire or purchase, a good two tlory brick house, situated on the west side of the town, between Liberty ti Cbamber - atreett Possession to be taken at any time previous0 the lt of .May next. Apply at No. 148 Ws - ter - ttreet. Jan 5 eod6t Q T Depth 34 I YOR SALE, The House and Ixt No. 101 Liberty - it - Depth 34 feet, breadth 25. Depth of the lot W feet. Those who may with to purchase property of this discription, can at any time view tht premiset, and term of tale may be agreed oo, by application to ' POTT M'KINNE, dec 31 56 South - street GRAND PIANO FORTE. OR SALE at JOSEPH WILLSOH'o Music Store, 14 Maiden - lane, a remarka bly fine toned second band piano, by o row - wood. Also, the following songs, sung by Mr. Philippt : SaiJ a smile to a Tear Sigh not for Lot Let Fame sound the Trumpet Just like Love ; Love's Young Dream Is there a heart that never loved, be. The Bower of Roses, from Lalla llooUt - - Willsoo. Clinton' Grand March, composed by Wiilsoo. The Smile of Affection The young Mary Moor ; Oh I Remember The Wood Pecker, sung by Mr. Indeuon Black - Eyed Satan And every article ia the musical line Jan 7 2w . "I71NULISH Cannon andMutket Powder, nrf 11a tale by .LEROY, BAYARD ft CO. dec 9 NEW - YORK.: - PRINTED AND PUBLISHED MICHAEL BVRNHA.V k CO. No. 42 Pnrk - iTMKT. t sfti n

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