Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 26, 1931 · Page 15
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1931
Page 15
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.FEBRUARY 26 1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 15 3 ONCENTRATE ON HEART DISEASE lealth Forces Seek Cures for Ailment With High |( Death Rate. tES MOINES, Feb. 26. l/P-part diseases, destroying- more per- 'as than any of the other diseases, «e to be the next point of attack of jteanized health 'forces, Dr. Fred M. imith, cardiologist and member of i colle £ e ° f medicine of the State university of Iowa, today told the 'Iowa Tuberculosis association convention in a prepared address. "Tuberculosis societies and public health leagues are already training their, guns on this arch-executioner and are planning 1 educational campaigns against heart disease in tUe same way that they have successfully combatted the great white plague," said Dr. Smith. He pointed out that since 1926 heart diseases have been the chief cause of deaths. Before that time / tuberculosis was the chief cause. No Let-Up In Campaign. "There is to be no let-up in the campaign against tuberculosis, however," he continued, "for that disease, while showing marked reduction in its death rate, still outranks .every other disease in its devastating social consequences to individuals in the middle age groups. He also pointed out the striking parallelism between the two diseases. Sanatarium care is essential -While You Sleep! When 3. headachy, bilious, or a gassy condition tells that bowels need help, there's nothing like cascara. Doctors say this marvelous substance actually strengthens bowel muscles. That's why candy Cascarets bring constipation sufferers lasting relief. A Cascaret contains cascara in its most palatable form. No griping; no discomfort or sickening effects when you use Cascarets. Just quick, sure help for sluggish bowels. Both upper and. lowef bowels are cleansed. Coated tongue is soon cleared; breath sweetened; eyes brightened; the whole system benefits from a candy Cascaret. Try one tonight and see for yourself! WAR MEMORIAL FOR CAPITAL "TORCH" TRIAL ENTERS 3RD DAY Schroeder, Alleged Slayer, to Be Examined in Mentality. INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 26. l/P)-- lal of Harold Herbert Schroeder, Mobile, Ala., charged with the ·torch" slaying of an unidentified man, entered its third day here today with selection of a jury still incomplete. Following adjournment of court omorrow, Schroeder will be taken o the psychopathic ward of the city hospital for examination by specialists in mental diseases appointed y the court. The defendant will remain under observation until Monday. The phj'sicians will be permitted :o discuss with Schroeder events surrounding the findings of a charred body in his automobile near here last May 31. The Fine Arts commission of Washington, D. C., has approved the design, submitted by Frederick H. Brock, architect, for a memorial shrine to our soldier dead, to he constructed in the District of Columbia. Mr. Brook Is shown above with his model of the proposed shrine. for arresting either disease, dispensary and home visiting giving the beat results. Both affect all persons, alleges, and both sexes. Some heart diseases are curable, he said, and in most cases they are due to infections which are preventable. Some types are due to communicable infections and he stressed the danger of fatigue and undernourishment, v Early Diagnosis Essential. Early symptoms can be recognized as warning, and early and accurate diagnosis ia essential, he concluded. Dr. I. C. Riggin of New York, executive secretary of the American Heart association, in an address prepared for delivery on the same program declared that heart trouble often begins before the age of 2, tho the fact that the organ ia impaired may not become clear until as long as 15 or 20 years later. He said that heart disease in the younp is now considered preventable and that altho physicians in Iowa are struck with the frequency of such disorders in their young patients, parents are as yet not fully impressed with the need of protecting their children from the causative infections. , South Central Minnesota Superintendents to Meet MANKATO, Minn., Feb. 26. OT-South Central Minnesota district school superintendents will meet in North Mankato Saturday. Melvin S. Olson of Minneapolis, P. H. Efforts of St. Paul and G. A. Strobe! of Rapidan are among those who will speak. O. W. Snarr of Mankato, State Teachers colleg-e and president of the South Central Minnesota superintendent league will preside. COLDS MAY DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA Coughs from colds may lead to serious trouble. You can stop them noiv ivlth Creomulsion, an emulsified' creosote that is pleasant to take. Crcomulsion is a medical discovery ·with two-fold action; it soothes and lieala the inflamed membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of alt known drugs creosote is iec^ ognized. by high medical authorities as one of the greatest healing agencies for coughs from colds and bronchial irritations. Creomulsion contains, in addition to creosote, other healing elements -which eoolho and heal lha inflamed membranes and stop the irritation, "white the creosote goes on to the stomach, ia absorbed into tho hlood, attacks tho seat of-the troiibla and checks tho growth of the germs. Creomulsiort is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of coughs from colds, bronchitis and minor forms of bronchial irritations, and is excellent for building up the system after colds or flu. Money refunded i f , n o t relieved after taking according to directions. Ask your druggist. CREOMULSION FDR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THA THANG ON REMEMBER... The price is COACH or BUSINESS COUPE r. o. ·. It challenges the performance of any six, regardless of price. It introduces Super- Six smoothness to the lowest price class. It looks like a far more expensive car. It is bigger, wider and roomier than many cars that sell for hundreds of dollars more. It is the Value Sensation in a year of sensational values. and you get R A R E RIDING COMFORT ESSEX TL ·-/·"»/ // /he Lhallenqer .... .-_*rr-" · ' · . . .··/ - · . . - · . . LAPINER MOTOR CO. HUDSON-ESSEX SALKS AND SERVICE Phone 1183 The Brlshtest Corner In Town 117 S. Delaware WORLD WAR VETS GIVEN ADVICE ON WAY TO GET LOAN North lowans Should Apply to Regional Office in Des Moines. WASHINGTON, Feb. 26.--Information as to how World war veterans in Mason City and nearby territory should go about procuring loans on adjusted service certificates under the newly enacted la\V was issued here today by the veterans bureau. The first point stressed was that veterans in the city should vMte or go to the regional office of the bu reau in the People's! Bank in De? Moines, instead of writing to the veterans' bureau, white house, treasury department or olher agencies in Washington. A veteran who has Jield an adjusted service certificate for two years or more, after identifying him self, will be given a form, note for a one-year loan, payable to the vet- erana bureau director. Jnterest Compounded. The note provides for automatic extension from year to year if nrin cipal and interest are not paid at maturity. The interest is compounded annually and interest is paid on the'unpaid interest as well as on the principal. The amount of the indebtedness charged against the certificate will be deducted from the amount payable to the veteran's beneficiaries in event of his death. The certificate has no negotiable value, being payable only to the veteran to whom it belongs. Furthermore, a veteran -who has not applied before now for an adjusted certificate cannot borrow on a newly issued certificate for two years yet. I/oan Value Cut. Another feature of the law is that loan value of the veterans' certificate is reduced by what he has already borrowed, plus interest accrued, but the new loan does not necessarily have to be applied ;o paying off the old one. Since the rate of interest provided in the new 50 per cent loan bill is 4/j per cent, if the full amount is borrowed, veterans who have borrowed at the existing rate of 6 pel- cent can save money by converting the borrowings. In other words, by borrowing up to the full amount under the new law and wiping out the loans already made, he can save a great deal of interest during the period while the certificate is maturing. Iowa U Will Expand Summer Law Courses . IOWA CITY, Feb. 26.--Inauguration of a new summer session plan whereby students may begin the study of the legal profession or continue in advanced courses was announced by Eugene A. Gilmore, clean of the University of Iowa college of law. Eleven second and third year courses and three for first year students have been scheduled to begin June 8 and continue thru both terms of the summer session to Aug. 20, Dean Gilmore declared. Tor the first time at the university, he said, beginning courses for three successive summers have been so arranged that students, by attending only the 11 weeks sessions, may accomplish the entire work of the firstyear toward a law degree. Wiley Speaks at Cresco Kiwanis Club Meeting CRESCO, Feb. 26.--Cresco Ki- wanians entertained about 30 members of the Kiwanis clubs from LaCrosse, Wls., and Lanesboro, Minn . with a three course chicken dinner in McCarthy hall. G. M. Wiley, president of the LaCrosse Kiwanis club and superintendent of the LaCros-se schools, gave the principal addres.-i of the evening which was replete with illustrations of the various community activities of the Kiwanians. Contest Hold. CRESCO, Feb. 26.--A Howard county birdhouse building contest is being sponsored by the Creaco Gar- dun rttnh.. College Reads to Gather. GALESBURG, 111., Feb. 26-Knox college will be host Saturday at a meeting of college presidents and business managers from Beloit, Ripon, Lawrence, Carleton, Griu- nell, Rockford woman's college and Milwaukee Downer, when various problems will be discussed at closed sessions. HUMAN VAMPIRE Like vampires of legend Joseph B. Lawrence of Blucfielel, W. Va., lives on the blood of others. He has had 49 transfusions in the past 13 months, which have given him approximately six gallons of blood. Lawrence's system refuses to manufacture its own blood and doctors hope to give him an adequate supply, by transfusion, until such time as his heart ngftln begins' to function. Doctors say he Is perfectly normal except for the lack of blood. ASK LEGISLATION TO AID SCHOOLS Minnesota Lawmakers May Help Counties, Including Faribault, Freeborn. ST. PAUL, Feb. 26. UP)--Legislation to provide aid to school districts in the state now deprived of revenue approximating $26,075 each year because of land taken over by the rural credit bureau is being considered for introduction at tho present 'session of the state legislature. Altho the 1929 legislature passed an act providing pavement.of special aid to school districts by the Rural Credit bureau where tax pay- Ing lands have been taken over thru foreclosure, the Minnesota supremo court held the statute unconstitutional last week. Would Violate Amendment. In passing on the act the high court held money could not be diverted from the operating fund of the credit bureau for payment to school districts without violation of a constitutional amendment creating the bureau. The bureau has refused to pay taxes on its lands acquired thru foreclosure, either ' to school districts or counties, claiming such land is non-taxable under the constitution. 44 Counties Lose. According to statistics released by H. M. Fcroe, assistant attorney general and a member of the rural credit bureau, 519 school districts in 44 counties are losing approximately $26,075 because of foreclosed land held by the bureau. Marshall would receive the largest amount or $5,266.74 for 78 school districts, if the 1929 act had been carried out by the bureau. Pennington county would be second high, 52 school districts in that county being entitled to $3,026.39, according to Mr. Feroe. In Kittson county, 32 school districts would receive $2,864.47. Faribault county would get $59.89 for two districts and Freeborn would get $22.22 for one district. Total Direct Taxes in " Iowa Expected to Show : Half Million Decrease DES MOINES, Feb. 26. (K)--Re-ports that the total direct taxa-. tion from counties this year probably will show a decrease of nearly a half million dollars have been received by Budget Director Oscar- Anderson. Reductions in taxes for county, city and town, and schooV purposes are shown by reports from.' 91 counties. "Triple Action" Stops Cough Over Night- "Simply Wonderful"Mother Praises "Little Minnie came home from school sneezing and coughing. I had never seen her with such a cold, and I was scared/ 1 put her to bed andgavehersomeSmithBro there' Syrnp. I can tell you it was simply wonderful. Within an hour her throat felt better, aha slept well and in the morning she was fine andspry again."--Mrs. E. Austen, 2523 University Ave.. New York. 35 e SMITH BROTHERS TRIPLE ACTION COUGH SYRUP shell's reduced motor oil price first step in broad economy program for motorists . 'HELL MOTOR OIL, the highest quality lubricant any car can use, has been reduced from 30 cents to 25 cents per quart. Increasedvolume and lower refining costs have made possible this price reduction. This is the first step in a new program of vital interest to every motorist. In the next Jew weeks Shell will make available to you other important economies affecting the cost of operating your car. Shell Motor Oil, now only 25 cents per quart, is premium grade oil. It is made from the choicest crudes ... Refined by the most modern methods ... From it you get the same ease ia starting and smoolh performance, the same protection against repair bills as from the most costly oils. Shell Motor Oil has a low "pour point" for freezing weather, and high heat resistance for torrid summers. Under the toughest jobs, it can't break dcnm or lose i ts penetrating power. It forms only J /3 to */5 as much carbon as the most expensive oils--and it forms no hard carbon at all. Pay more than 25 cents per quart for oil if you wish, pay less if you want to take the chance. But the advice of Shell engineers who have tested every known brand of oil is this: "Keep your car filled with the proper grade of Shell Motor Oil. Change it at the periods specified by the car manufacturer. You'll get all the fine engine-performance your car was built to give, at lowest possible cost, if you observe this simple care." Hani Carbon in Shell Motor Oil The hard, flinty carbon left after burning a sample of an eocpcnRive motor oil. The amount of carbon /ormcd was over 3 timea that created by burning the earnB amount of Shell Motor Oil The carbon left after Iinrninf- Shcll Motor CM!. It is soft--will not cake like cement on yonr cylinder walls like the hard car- hon formed iy the oil at the top. Aiul there u only y$ a much of it S H E L L P E T R O L E U M C O R P O R A T I O N

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