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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Monday, January 19, 1818
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50 Jan 19 9 146 Broadway, rTuTlON - Ootbe Bthday 0'"l'r '"ft I i a lot tar directed to 1 D - TTnNlw - Orlean. W Post Note, of "Jrf AsnVrfci. from No. 13946 to 13965 , , .Tr - Vch 7or ftlOO. Also, ia anothor let inclui ye, each tor iw , , fc frT No! 15 to 1391 inclusive, each for f 50, fX,nting to S4000. all made payable to the SSrtt D. Urouhart, of New - Or.T. A. he,, letters bad not oeeo .v., H probable they have bsen pillaged from 11 'V u. ..iitirm all nersons aeainit rpU RPENTINK - J. 27 do. Tar Front - street, offer for sale 29 South - street. TOBACCO. FLOUR, Ua. 1 bhds, Rirhmnml Tnhirn the re - W1". , i hu. ttntoa nnlpia nronerlv civiDs any oi uie . Somd byT.A D. Urquhart. Payment ha endoi leen Jan Id N. iV Freight or Charter, . . ' T,.n Tk Cnn c un HIM til. iff. JJi'i"i txon.n. mr.mnl etc order, and ready A. I.V .'" - ' 1 . .i T f . - - rim. ADMIT. w uic master, at pier 13, or to oAW .,r ian 19 1 WM. & 8A M L. CRAIG J .Wt. Fretuht or Charter. boat built SCHOONER, labout 150 ton burthen, built in the best ' r..i....1 In nMnnlptn order to manual - , copper - hukcucu. i . - - receive a cargo in every respect a good vessel Apply on boaru ai mirniig or . 1 N. L. &G. GRI - WOLD, Jan 19 86 .uth st. forfait. Frie.hi orihtrter, A new pilot boat built schooner, 120 Ltni burthen, built m me oeu wanner, of good materials, copper fastened ; a very fast sailing yesssl, and may be sent to sea with small einense Apply on ooaru ai ouriiug sup, ui iu 1 N. L. Si G. GRISWOLD, Jan 19 8C South it. ror HAVANA. The brig ALEXANDER, William T5LL Booth, master, being unavoidably de tained, will tafco freight of about 200 bbls. aud a few more passengers, and sail with the first fair wind. Apply on board at Agnew's wharf, pier 27, E. 11. or at 35 r roni - st. to jan 19 3t 1 1. PACKARD. ForCHARI.KyJOA', The elegaut packet schooner lU.v filTINE, 5. Hoyt, master, will sail to - mor row. (weather permitting.) at 9 o'clock ; can ac commodate two or three more passengers. Ap ply on board, east side Burlmg - shp, or to SAUL ALLEY, Jan 19 93 Pine - st. fur CHA RhLSTOJ', S. C. The regular packet brig MINERVA, Samuel Tyler, master ; will positively sail ou the 21st inst. wind and weather permitting. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply ou board, west side Dur - ling - slip, or to JONES k MEG RATH, jin 19 83 Sou'h - st. IM.UAAh; CLOTH , NAPKIN 6, Llt.V - , Ac. ' Lt C. SUYDAM, No. 61 Maiden - lane, effer . for sale a general assortment of Real damask table cloths, some very large, with elegant large and small napkin' to match Also Diaper aud damask table linens, from 5 to 10 - 4 wido. Irish linens, long - lawn, sheetings, &c. t Also for i de by the package. 12 cases 4 - 4 Iiith linens, low and fine as sortments 1 do 3 - 4 long lawns 2 do Drogheda sheetings 1 do 7 - 8 black linens 1 I do 54 strong Irish sheetings Jan 19 If caclrs in handsome order for shiiiniii?. for sale by JNO. COUUINGTOV, Jan 18 3t No. 78 Sou'h - st. 30 Obis Soft Turpeutii.e, 2 do. Beeswax Afl at and fr sale hy Jan 19 K. K C. VV. DAVENPORT & CO. f ULEORD k LEAKING WELL, No, 11 M. lo2 100 hhdi 1'hiladeljihia corn meal, fresh from the mills 40 hbds Connecticut do ' " 200 bbls Philadelphia superfine flour 100 tierces re w rice 100 bbls prime beef . 12 hhds Boston rum 10 qr. casks old sherry wine 4 pipes fine flavored old cognac brandy 40 boxes Ntw - Haven mould candles. Jan 19 3t PIASTER .j' puis A CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of xa pans, iu oarrcii, suuaoie lor tne southern market. Orders left with Walter Nersen, No. 174 Front - street, corner of Burling - slip, will be promptly attended to. JOHN BYER3, Foot of Harrison - street, North - River. Jan 19 tf NICARAGUA WOOD 8c LIGNUM VITVE. 18 tods Nicaragua Wood of very rood quality 10 do Lignum vita For sale by TUCKER & LAURIES, sup, 65 bbls fine Richmond Flour 6 do fine Midd lines 1901b. Slotant Indigo 100 French Demijohns 5 qr. easks bid Sercial Madeira Wine 4 do old Malmsey do do For sale by W. h S. CRAIG Jan 19 CJHLNULLS, kc lOtt.UOO twenty - two inch j omngies, and e.lXH) Horns for sale by R. Si C. W D A V EN PO RT & CO. Jan 19 Si p., v..i,n, lV'l A.D u 1A JH?SE;. - A 5uan,iy choice XTX L. P. Madeira Wioe, for sale by t " v Mat'flnmr si CO. Jan 19 EREsH F r;REEN Grapes V - " ixitlllDS Almonds FilbeiU Olives Capers Anchovies Dutch H rrint; Curry Powder London Pickles and sauces Brown Stout Burton AI Old Peach Brandy RUM, Uc. iurky rig Pruens CarranU Spanish Chesnuts Bourtoa & Java Coffee Wax Candle Sperm do Water strained Oil, of 1st qualify Madeira Citron Spices Cayenne Pepper Irish Whiskey i. itne juice Ornno Jne!?1 ortne''t "f WINES, LI nt' Ftent Block Tin Cocks, for sale by .. VILL1AM BRl CE, Jan 19 P4tClt9BroadWT MMCiy H,eK Tai, ..?I - AUL'3 CHURCH LOR SALE Pew No. Ill in Qiurch - io J qU19 2t ' Y0UnS N" 141 Bnadw,Jr - TO fiP rutrn . lor 91 VMi - t Hnnu n.i i oo r - . 7 - J - " wn un ..v. no I nvi - ei. Dear Old slip. House Dd Lot No. 53 RooseTelt - treet, and new buildmgs should be erected on the lota, ? ? jJeJ and paid for at tb. expira - w of Uie lease, or new lease given. T - .Vt?'Tfr1 ,otl in u,e Sixth lenth Hards - For particular enquire at No. J Chithajn street. Jaa 19 2w T LYNCH, Juor. having made arrangement w. with a respeciaDie nouse in maucirn, io dc supplied with a proportion of the wines of tlia Pa - ol St. Antomo anoviioia ueiiown, veriallv acknowjed - cd to produce the best Ma deira in the Island) has oiiened a wine store, at No. 40 William - street, where he will receive order for this; wine, from gentlemen wishing to lay up a stock for thtur own use ; and (by the agreement with the house in Madeira) it the wine, on arrival, be not approved by D. L. Jr. it is not to be sent to the parties ordering it. D.L. Jr. bas taken great pains to procure from various places in the United btates and the West Indies, the best Madeira, that was to be purchased, in the wood, and old bottled wine, of V6ry superior quality, from private stocks, w hit he now offers lor sale. He will constantly keep on hand an assortment ol tlie choicest wines and liquors, selected with care by himself, an'l will sell none which he cannot WARRANT PURE as IMPORTED. Jan 19 Im FOR SALE. Sill The valuable property, occupied by the subscribers, No. 215 P. arl - MreeL, long knrtvo as one of tlit bett situations in the city tor the dry tod business,, fronting ou i earl - street, w leet, and in depth 173 feet. Also, lot aim hre - prool store fronting on Gold street, immediately iu . the rear, 24 feet front, aud 73 feet deep. Attached to the store is a con venient brick stable. The whole will be sold together or scpcrately. Considerable part JwHhe purchase money may remain on mortgage. For furiher particulars, aply on the premises. 1. KJ.l, L,AVVH.A.NUfc Co. jan 19 4t y.1 LVADLh. tliVt UHTl A T A UC I i OA' fpiO be i.old to - morrow, (!0th iiist) at 12 o ciock, at xuc i . u it. uy v. I,, miuus & Co that very valuable situation, store and lot No 19r I'eai l - iitreet, corner of Maiden lane, formerly occupied by Cairns & Ixird, and at present bv liuikley cc Huiler. A lurie pro portion ot Uie amount may remain on mul - t gape. ' jiinl91t bOAUDlNfi Ai LODGING. AGENTLEL family, or tuo or thice gentlemen, can be accommodated witli hoarding anH lodging in a warm pleasant situation, a short distance irotu the Colli e House. Two of the rooms communicate with folding doors, aud are very convenient lor a family ; the others have nil fire places, and very warm. The terms will be i ery moderate. A line addressed to G. S. and left at this office will be immediately attended to. Jnn 19 lwt WANTED immediately, as an assistant in ho writing department of Adelphi 6'chool, an elegant penman. Apply at No. 125 Cliat - ham - street. Jan 19 tl NOTICE - ",I7HEREAS Rii hnrd Wallace, late of the V V firm of Whitii.g Wallace, of Peters - lure, Virsmia, ham by Ins deed ol alignment, datt - d on the Ath day ofUccemher, 1817, transferred and set over to me all the cf tnte, ri al, per - onul, and mixed ; nil the honks and accounts. the rights and credits, which did heretofore belong to the said firm of Whiting tt Wallace, and the said Richard Wallace, individually, as trustee for the creditor of the snid turn of Whi - tinX Wallace, or of the said Hich:ird Wallace individually 'I his is to give public ntke, that am alone authorised to settle and atiisi all li e ou'staiidin claims against them, as well as to receive all the debts due to tiieiu. fhe rreditoM of the said firm, therefore, or of the said Rich ard Walhift - ., who are oiM'O'ed to receive tne lenefjt of the said trust fund, are invited t call pon me an. I eie tite a release l.i due l nui, on or before the 1st day of March next, anil the (tenters to the said firm ar assured that the most pc( .lv methods will be resorted to, to clne nil outstand ing debts. JOSEPH PKTTIPOOL. .oriolk, Virginia, llth Jan. 181!!. Jan 19 Cawliu At a court of Chancery held for the State .if New - York, at ibecityof Albany, on tl thirtieth day oi December, in the year of our Lord one tnousanu eight bundrcd ond seventeen Present The Honorable James Kent, EEquire, nmnreiior. Nathaniel Pendleton."! ITanncarins: hy nlliila r. f I vit to the satisfaction Henry C. Hawlty,2of this court, thai process ) ift sulipwna to appear and answer m the above cause hath been regularly issued suint the above named defendant, Hen ry C. Ilawley, but that the said defendant could not, upon diligent search and enquiry maae, intermediate the teste and return of the said subpoena, be found to be served therewith And it urther appearing hy the said adidavit, that the aid defendant has ahs onitrd trnru his residence, ani gone into the state of Pennsylvania, or the tt.tte of Ohio, where he was at the time such enquiry was made On motion of Nathaniel I'trd eton, Esquuc, the comp'ainant in perso. . t s or It - red that the said defendant, Henry C. Hawl .., do cause his appearance to be entered, and his answer lo be filed to the complainants bill of Complaint in this cause, within four ru'iut'.s toe date ofthis order, or in default the.eof, that the complainants bill of com - , plaint be taken pro - confesso against him. And it is further ordered that a copy of this order be published, wi - i. id twenty days from the date of this order, in one or more of the public newspapers printed in this state, for eight week successively, once at least in every week.' A Copy ISAAC L. KIP, Jan 191awfiw Assistant Register. IN CHANCERY. Sloit of .Yew - York, m. IN pursuance of a .decretal order of this honorable court, bearing date the 1 0th Hay of November, io the year 1UI7, will be sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, ou Wednesday, the seventh day of January next, at twelve o'clock, noon, all that lot, piece or parcel of ground, situate in the fourth ward of the city of New - York, on the corner of Cherry and I lover - streets, bounded northwesterly in fronton Cherry - street, northeasterly by ground belonging to Maria Osgood, southeasterly in the rear hy ground now or late the property of Uoctor Joseph Young, and southwesterly by Uo - ver - street ; and is now known and distinguished oy nouse and lot number two Cherry - street, and bouse number one Dover - street ; contain' ing in breadth, in front and rear, tweqty se ven leet and six inches, and in length on each side one hundred and seven feet, be the same more or less ; together with the appurtenances, bated Decembe - 17th, 1817. James a. Hamilton, Master in Chancery. dec 17 2awt30thD dts y The sale of the alwve property is to the 19th instant, at the same bour and place. Dated January 7, 1818. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan?dtds Master in Chancery, The sale of the above property is postponed to me win instant, at the same hour ana piace. uated Jan. ivtn, IK1H. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan 19 dtfls Master in Chancery, 1EDAR TIM BER. - 4ti logs of hrge Cedar J imber, suitable lo; stop Min - img, lor sale Jan 16 Iw UA.Mtl. UAKr., 5' W illtnm street. RO. Slllrt i ING9. .t lew c mi 3 4 J J Brown Shirtii - gs, just received and for sale by the yn I J COMMISSION COMPANY, I4 Hearl - stn - et. fE K THERS Rusia Feathers, of goo, i q - jal - ' ity, in quantities to suit purchaser, at So, 44 South street. Jan 15 BOURBON COFFEE, ENGLISH CHEESL, KM J Bales Bourbon coflve, of superior quality, for family use 43 double Gloucester cheeses, in tin order and choir quality 50 casks Hibbert1 best double brown stoat 100 bankets fi - esh olive oil, 1 doxen each, larg bottle 125 hoxes fresh masralcl raisins t5 bale do soft shelled almonds, of fine quality. For sale, with their usual assortment of Wines, Liquors, Teas, fcc on if asonablf terms, by A. BI.I.ERs SON, It Maiden Lane. ALSO, Gunpowder Tea. of luDtrior Quality, the Hun tress' cargo. JaalSlw For SAVAh'JfAIL The 1 regular jacket brig ELIZA, Thayer, master, having a large prouor - tiuu ot' her freight engaged, will be dispatched in a lew days. For freight or passage, apply on board at Jones wharf, pier no. 14, or to HENRY THOMAS, No. 2 Jones' lane. fVho ojfert for tale, 118 bales upland cotton 4 bales A'ea - lsland do 1 case Madras hdkfs , 2 doftnev muslins Jan 17 6t t rtigliijvr lielfatt or Loiidnndtrry. SOU casks flaxseed c:m bo had on ,freight, on application to Jau 17 ARCH i GRACIE & SONS. tor SAt AMAU, The fast sailing lrig NANCY, lt. Packard, master ; will positively sail on v ednesday 21st instt. ror freight or passage, having' handsome accommodations, apply on board, at Crane - wharf, or to w . ' i HO. V. 15 L'TLtK, Jun. ' jan 16 74 South - street. For iAr - KHPOOLt k I lav Bill)' i, u.. nupuicj "h - amatr the has three - fourths of her cargo ready to go ou board and will meet with immediats dispatch For freight of 500 to 1000 tibia flour or passage, applv to the master on board, east siJo of Fly - market wharf, or to B. W. KOGERS & CO. Jan 16 235 Pearl - rt. CfLAMJ COTTON 54 bales prime upland Cotton, just received per schooner Laara, irom Savannah, and for sale lv tills 5WTvn, Jan 14 157 Pearl street. 11UVI. 100 bhl. 1st pf. New Rum lor sale XI bv JACKSON & VVOOLLEY, jnn 17 75 Wall street RAT IKAPS. rTFIE new Box Traps, on a highly improved x principle, just received irom me patentee and for sale by lir.U. JVl. v, Jan 1(5 130 Water - street. LLLIs J - L.ECKNER, 20 Eulton - street. of - 11A ler lor sale, An excellent assortment of the very best EN G. ,SH LEA'JXIER consisting of Cordovan, long and short calf legs Weaned Calf skins Grained Seal do Plain Kid do Hoot Tops, Crop Sole and Crop Ranges Roans aud Skivers of various color ALSO, Russia Yellow Candle Tallow in hhds. Madeira Wine, in pipes and hhds. ol'a superior quality RiKsiaSail Duck and Sheeting Cotton, Cotton and Siik, and Silk Hosiery Black and While Silk Lace Knncy and fig'd .Mecklin Lace ni.icUand white Lace Shawls Veils and Mnntillas Moffatt's Schenectady Ale, in bbls. anil hhds. jan 16 3 w 2EINE TWINE 5000 lbs. India Twine ; 3000 do English Seine do of superior quali ty. . ' Also, a general assortment ol other I wine, and White Cordage, in quantities to suit purchasers, lor s;il hy Cr.bllA K CUMI.Mi, Jitn 15 d Pearl - street. OI.UT tolu OUACCO .50 liluU. old Richmond the schooner Hero, from Uichniond. For sale hy ROBERT GILLESPIE, jan 15 112 Front - street. I LOI R & TOBACCO 159 bbls. superfine Flour, principally Gallego's brand, and 58 hbds Tobacco, of a fine fine quality, suitable for the Irish market just received per schooners Hero, and Sally Ann, from Rich mond, tor sale by jan 15 D1VIF. BETHUNE k CO LI t,MV it DUCK 60 torn St. Feicrsburgh M.J. t nerop t0 bolts first Quality Russia Duck For tale by JAMES D'WQI .v.Jmr. - . 1. - 1 S. ai ian o io di sT sHOES & BOUTS. . ront - itrcet. HK.XGAL LYUJUU. cases very prime quality, entitled lo debenture, for sale at 75 Wall - street, by jan 10 JACK - SON k WOOLLEY. MRESH RAISINS 300 boxes Bloom Raisins r in flae ordtr, just received and for sale hy G. M. WILSON, Jan 15 130 Water - street. R1CE& 1 OBACCO. 1 JO uercirs prime new Rice 13 hhds Kentucky Tobacco, 2f Mills old and 53 do new Virginia do Now landing from different vessels, for sale by jan It unit. Dr.inuiiE.aiOi B E.N UAL. IJiUIUO 7 cases 1st quality, en - tilled to debenture, for sale hy JACKSON It WOOLLEY, Jan 15 75 Wall - street. JUST received 40 packages among which are 3 case Wellington Boots 2 do Ladies do 1 do Mockasons 4 do Cork Sole Shoe 4 do Ladies walking do 4 do Men's coarse 2 do Boys do 1000 do Kid suitable for the southern or West India market 2500 do women's Leather Those, together with a general assortment of Ladies, Misses and Children's morocco, niacu and colored Roane, are offered for sale on reas onable term by THOS. WITT, io. xiz rean - sireet. Likewise 10 boxes first quality Cod Fish. Jan 15 lm FEW nieces of superior domestic Broad - J. cloths, vix : blues, blacks, browns, and mixtures. Also, sattinrts and enssimeres, for salebythe COMMISSION COMPANY, Jan 15 148 Pearl - street upstair VT f TALCOTT, No. 64 South - st. have .for sale (19 pieces Russia Duck 23 bale Ticklenburgs 2 cases French Cambrics 4 do. flatillas 50 cas's Dry White Lead 100 boxe Dutch Cheese 100 pieces Bagging 8 hlid. Kentucky Tobacco 34 hale Louisiana Cotton, new crop 20 keg I lams' Tobacco, crook'd k straight brands Dearborn's Patent Balances 3000 Cocoa Nuts 4 superior London ChroDomoters. Jan 15 n.NK,OIL, PAl'Ett,itc. 130 qr. and 200 half do drv Malaga Wine casks 5 qr csks and 20 half do sweet do very old 158 do Colmenar do 300 half chests Sweet Oil, 30 betties each 100 boxe do do 12 bottles each 50 bale Italian foolscap nd letter Paper 50 do G alette do large siie 9 case Ke - t Hats 15 case Liquorice Paste 1 box Ostrich Feathers, 1 do Chip Hat 3 do Manoain flakes Marble blabs, veined and statuary, assorted sizes, lor pier tables, lie. A few boxe very superior Anchovie and Olive 500 Marble Mortar, from 10 to 24 inch 10 bbls Far, consisting of WildCat, Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, and Otter Skin Gunny Bae.&c For sale by CH AS. L. OG DEN, and A BR. QGDEN, jn 12 . ' Washington - street. FLOUR RICE. 120 bbls. SnperSn Flour, tod 100 tierces of Frimc New Rice, now landing 0 - om the Ceres, from Richmond, and I ekzrapb. Irom lnsne'ion, mr saie ry DIV1E BETHUNE it CO. Ju 15 92 CoUee - House - tlip 1 25 STRAITS BRANDT. Pipes Celte Brandy, entitled to deben ture, lor sale by CHAS. L. OODEN, and AURM. OGDEN, Jan 17 W ashington - street. f IIOUACCO. 20hhds.tobocco, will bebnd - JL ed tomorrow from the schooner Eliza, from Petersburg For sale by KOBEKT V.II.1.F.SPIE, jan 16 1 12 Front - street. iTl 'JR VLIt, ViU The lease which has 16 years to run of tl.e Jlouse and lots at present occupied by the Rev. Doctor Mason. The House contains lo rooms lire places, and two without, besides store - room, wine - room, vaults, smoke houe tnd other accommodations. Enqutreat No. 41 War ren - slreet. . Jan HeodtFeb FOR SAL.t:, Or exchange for lot, or a country sent near Ibis city, an highly improved farm of KU acres, situate on the bunks of the Hudson River, coinliiniog all the requisites for a genteel country establishment: 10 per tent, of the purchase will he received in an approved endorsed note nt 6 months, the residue may remain on mortp - igc such period as may be desirable to the purchaserPrice low. Apply at 33C Bowery. Jan 17 5t f REAL Ka l A i K EOll SALE. Two 2 - stnrv brick houses and lot?, situa ted Nos. 37 & 39 Vescy - street. Alto, a house and lot No. 11 Powrry, near Chatham - square, 41 feet front by 12j deep. All on accommodating terms. For particulars apply at No. 332 Grccnwich - t. jan 15 tf 2D (iUAiRiMK. FOUR experienced Marble Quarrymcn are wanted immediately. None need apply hut those perfectly acquainted with the bun nc - ss; to such constant employ and liberal wages will be given. Apply to EZRA LUDLOW, 34 lleaver - ktrcet. TO LET, A small 3 - story fire proof STORE, No 27 Moore - strect, next to the corner South - st. Possession given immediately. Apply us u - bove. nov 12 Pclltf TO BOARDLKs. r"IH REE gentlemen can be conveniently ac - J. commodate! with genteel Boarding and lodging, in house situated in a central part oi the cily, and in which there nre no children Apply to No, 50 Nassau - street, near Fulton street. LOST OR STOLEN, ffr - A GOLD CIIALY, (suiluhle for a min ialiire) consisting of two strnniis. clasp and yellow topax stone : on the clasp are the letters M. C. A suitable reward will be given to whoever may return it. Apply us above. Jnn 17 At VAlCil MAKERS. 'T7"ANTEI) a ;ood Journeyman Watch Ma - VV ker, to go to the Southward. Good wa ges and constant employment will be givi n. Enquire nt 1j6 Broadway. Jnn I. 61 Aew and chpant rxhibitnn,uttht out .M upturn Cliaiham - $trifl. THE TOWN OF BOSTON IN MINIATURE, rp RUCHESNE respcctiully informs the la - L . dies and gentlemen of tins cily, that he has now exhibiting at the above place, a complete nivtfi ol tne town ol lioston, in tuocg work, which represents the public buildings, such as churches, stores, public edifices, iVc. &c - Also, a View of a Sugar Plantation, blacks at work, packing sugar, cutting cune, Sic ice. A viewol south wale, itie most promi nent feature of this view is a mountain, on the summit of which is a rastle.strongly fortified; rob bers' rave in the interior ol the mountain, kc. Admittance 25 cent. Doors own everv day in the week, and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, till 1(1 o'clock. Jan 17 GREEN - bTREET SEMINARY. VS successor to G. Brown, iu the matt drpa, t - merifofthi Seminary, the Principal has erixaftca WILLIAM A. TAYLOR, a graduate "ale College, and formerly a teacher in Con Under the general direction of the Piincipal, and the immediate tuition of W. A. T. the boys school will he conducted from the first of next month, with a careful nftention lo its reputation and to the moral and literary improvement ol tne scholars, by a steady and rational system ol discipline. The course cf instruction in this school includes the elementary branches, Arithmetic, Mathe matics generally, Lngluh Grammar, Geography, Hirtorv, Uc. and the Latin, Greek, and French Language, cither a a preparative of the student to engage in business, or to enter college. The Female department is continued under the tuition of K F. MOTT. All thf branches of an extended literary education, are attended to in this department inclndine the minute distinctions of G ramroar, the principles of Rhetoric aud Composition, and the French and Latin Languages. For information relative to (he terms and hours of tuition application may be made at the Seminary to either or tne learners or to j. uuiscu.m, rnncipni. 1st mo 17 3t FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. 1 OST. a pointer dog. white body with light I J brown head and ears : Had on a leather collar, with a brass plate upon it, but no name engraved. The dog went Irom. his master house on Sunday. Enquire at No. 25 Greenwich - street jan n iw JUST PUBLISHED. THIS day is published and for sale by ELI AS VALENTINE. No. 104 Broadway, third door below rine - strcet, a pnnt 01 iir. riiuipps, in the character of CapL Beldare, engraved by Gimbrede, handsomely coloured and plain. Jan 17 TO PRINTERS. rnWO COMPOSITORS and 1. L in: two PRESS MEN will find constant employ by apply igto I). FAN SHAW, rso. iu uun - sireei. N. B. Two or three stout lais, about I8year of age, may find employ by applying at the a - bove mentioned place. None need mage appu cation except they can bring suitable recommrn datinns as to their character. jan 17 3t EAGLE TAVERN, Ae. 9 VA RR F.JY - S TliRKET, ( Recently kept by James L. Hedtinburgh) WILL furnish bcef - stcakes, oysters, Sic. at the shortest, notice. HOT COFFEE, with or without relishes, is kept constantly in readiness. ' Jan 7 eodlm B. CARPENTER. r TEM01RS" of the life and writings of the iVJ. Revd. Claudius Buchannan, I). D. late vice provost of the college of Fort William, in Bengal, by the Revd. H. Pearson, M. A. ofSt, John's College, Ox ford ; jut received and for sale by V.ULLl.3 & ha.tiai, Jan 17 No. 230 Pearl - street. MKRLY0 WOOL, C07VO.Y YARjY, SA T TUi tie. WANTED, a quantity of merino wool ; also, cotton yarn, particularly low numbers. Proposals will also be received lor making of sat - tinetts. The manufacturer to be supplied wr.h th materials, and the business to be rendered, probably, permanent. A contract is also wanted, for the running of a cotton mill, of from 1 to 4000 spindles; the cot ton to be supplied, and the yarn to be received at a stipulated price. Apply at 148 Pearl - street, upstairs. oc.t 23 VK.ll 600 COPIES OF WRIGHT i HAWEI3. TREATISE on. That being Born Again, without which no man can besared; by Samuel Wrieht. D. D. : t which is added, the Communicant's Spiritual Companion, or an evangelical preparation for the Lord's Supper, by the Revd. Tuonan Haweis. 600copies of this work in sheets, or by tie singh one. bound, frr le by Circulafinj Jan 15 lm v. v,nAivib4 ; Library, I58fnlt00 trrct. THE LAST NOTICE, To those who are owing arrears of taxes, to the corporation of the city and county of New - 1 , York: . ' - Qj The time limited for the payment thereof expired ou the 1st iust. and 1 ain now engaged in making a return of such property as remains delinquent, preparatory to the advertisement and sale lliereol lor tliu payment ol said I axes, and such other sums a may be required to meet the expenses ol such sule, which will take place when completed. - 1 am duected to receive oil arrears which may be offered, prior to the cciiiplctiuu of the ubove - named return tmd will att - nd at thisolhce dai ly from 10 to 2 o'clock, until tint period. T. VV . GILBERT, Collector. Collector's Office, No. 2 City Hall, Jnn 1(S January !. - , ibis. COttFUIiA J JUjYAOjt IL't:, 1m 05" Application having been made to the cor poration, lor widening and improving uover street NOTI CE is hereby given to all persons inter ested therein, that the subject will be laid before the Common Cuunci!, on Monday, the 19th yiijK and a decision had thereon, unless reasonable mjecnoiisare made thereto in writing, and pre sented en or belore that time. By order, JOHN M'COMB, Street Commis'r. Street Cnminisiiom - rs oflice, I Jnn. 12. WilO. 13 t&' I he Ladies ami Guitlcmen ol tli - s til) arc icvpcct fully informed, that G. Geib has roniint'iued Uuchiug uiu'ic on his new plant Terms iQ per oaartcr. Davs bl'Tuition. l ues days, 1'hursdaysand Saturdays, at the hours of irom i . io No. 20 Wall - street, first floor up stairs, back room. Jan 4 )w COHlOHA'l loN NOTICE. (tT" Application having been made to the Corporation for laying open and appropriating lor a Uori street, Grind - street. Notice is then (ore hereby given to all persons interested therein, that the tutnect will he laid beloru the Common Council on Mon day the 2fJt!i intant, an J a decision 1,1.1 there in, unless rcasonahle oiicctions are made thereto in wntinz on or before time. Bv order. Srlrecl tora. Wince, Mil, Jan. Ill) 8. JNO. M'COMB, St. Cora frt - The ciediloik oi Wm Wells deceased, are requested to meet at the oilier of Mr. Blake, .o j Law liinidings, on tlie I itli oi tins montl., of the Ex( hange Coffee House, in lhe town of boston, at Vi o'clock at noon, PUBLIC SALES. . BY FRANKLIN &M1NTCRN, ; Tueday, . . . 11 o'clock at Ike long wharf, pier No. 12, Albany Basin, N. landing from thetdiip Weier, fiom New - Orlcans, 80 hhds prime new crop N Orleans sugar equal in quality to any ever imported from N Orleans. 12 o'clock at the T. C. If. The house and lot No 72 Warren - t. belong. iii(tothe eU.te of Jasper Buckle, deceased ; the lot is 25 feet front and rear, mid 100 fret in depth; on the lot is a small frame house, together with a bake house and dwelling in the rear, which rent at 337 dols. 50 per annum - terms at sale. Also, the lot of ground No. 554 Pcarl - t.the third lot above the .Vcotch Presbyterian church and near Broadway, being 25 feet front and rear, and 100 feet in depth the house on th premises will be sold at the same time. Tuesday, Jun. 20 XII o'clock; at the T. C. H. hy order of Wm. Denning, surviving executor of Thomas Smith. Ekq. deceased the House and Lot. 40 Wall - it. next lo the City Rm,k Wednesday, At ludfpast 9 o'clock, at their auction store. an assor n.eut of English and French dry goods. At XII o, 20 ounces real oil of roses. On the 2Lt instant, 12 o'clock at the T. C: House. - 6 year unexpired lease from the' 1st Mat next of the house and lot No! 176 Fuiton - st. subject to a ground rent 300 dols per annum f the lot is 25 feet front and rar and, 75 feet lit depth. '. ' At the sme time, the 2 story brick front public walk or mall, the space of ground at house and lot No. 180 Church - st. with the pri - aer's Hook to the Eastward of Corlaer's viledge of an alley to Franklin - st. in Uie rear it, and extending on a line with that street to now occupied by C.en. St. ddiford. ' public walk or mall, ' REAL ESTATE, ' , Also that large and legant three story brick house No. 1J Courtlandt street. A lurk ll,w. . t.i.'ml Kn,t.,.. ' ,. . rt 1 g . . - - " - - - V. . , and 16 Moore - street, three stories high, recently built, and good situations for business No. 10 the corner of Water - street and Monre - s!rcet. Unquestionable titles will be given and terms liberal, which will be made known at the lime of sale. Person disposed to our at iu OT.OCK iu in., lorenoon, lor tne purpose oi c,1!e fct ivaU sale op w - , f . . f pruv.iiK .ue.r ac.;U..Ul3. ,,. - , an. ,,'. Jan n I ' , . vl INOlltE. 'I1 HE co - partnership heretofore existing he - l Iwrcn ll.e sulmcrilM - rs, undor the firm ot i,wklruii .Itball, so this day ili. - solved, by mu tual consent. The affairs of the ( r nrcrn w ill hi un me oiii matiint, At 12 o'clock at the T C. House, 16 years unexpired lease from the Ut May next of the 2 story frame house and lot oC ground No. 1 Allen.stre( t, lath 4th street, lhe sctflcil by '1 honias Buckley, 151 South - street house is 20 fi et f ont and 2fi feet ip debth, con New - York, 1st mo. io. i:;i!t. THOMAS BUCKLEY, KUIi l . AbliAl 1, jun. THOMAS RUCK LEY, having taken his son JOHN LAWRENCE BUCKLEY, into co partnership, the Commission huMnts will be continued on their account, under the firm of THOMAS BUCKLEY & fcON. 1 mo 14 lm NO I ICE. (ftr All penons having demands against the estate of the late Thomas Cooper, deceased, are requested to present the same. Andall per sons indented to tlie said eslnte ere requested u maue payment to thr sunscriM r. ALIlft DYVAll I WU I , Jan 10 Im Administratrix XTOTICE. 'J'he Copartnership heretofore ll existing in this city, under the firm of if Wolf. Pochard it J'fFur, is this day dissol - ved hy mutual consent. All persons having un settled accounts with said firm, are requested to call at 67 f ront - strect, lor settlement Iew - I org, jjcc. 31, lbiv. J.MIr.S U'WtlLr, ISAAC PACKA HI), JAMES D' WOLF, Jun. Ire 31 s rvjn. SAi.r.. lO be sold at public auction, on W ednesday, j the lutliday oi r clirtiary next, in uie urea taming 5 rooms , the lot is 23 by 87 feet ia depth, and rents for 225 dols. per auwm. There is aho on the rear of the lot a new 2 story building, about 13 by 26 feet deep, suitable for a work shop or stable. For partial - lars apply to Abraham Hart, No. 84 Division - street, or at the auction store. On the 2rth instant, At 12 o'clook at the T. C. House, The house and lot of ground corner of Pump ' & Orchard - st ; the lot is 50 feet on Oi chard and 44 ftct some inches, more or less, on Puinptft. Any person disposed to purchase at private sale previous to the t me above men tioned may apply on the premises or at tlie auction store. Also, the vacant lot of ground in Water - st. between llurlinjr - lip and Fulton - st. : - the lot is about 37 feet 4 i.iches front and about 82 feet deep. At the same time, 12 vacant lots of ground near Corlcar' Hook, the west side of 'Valnut - t. situated as fill lows, viz. 3 lots on Watcr - st. 0 lots on Front - st. and 3 lot on 6'ouili - st. at present occupied by l lios. Chcesman as a ship yard. M;ips of the property may be seen at bclibcrSj: " li'edneiday, Jan. 28. At XII o'cloi k, ai the T. C. II. The two houses aud lots of ground, No. 73 n.t oik u;..m.ii.nii,Mi. lit !.. .i.h (... 1 the real esta e belonging to ithe a,mP,',,' front and 73 deep; the houses two - story, with illor Mftniilnftnrir aillcfp in fnp (nun Oil . . J ' All v...d ;.. ,i.J.,r M...,,. i,.h. good front cellar, cellar kite ntns, tic. 2 rooms - - t lllllll I 'KM!. IU IJ BIMil, I'lunJin iiuuvt'Bf i" . . . . , , . 11 The estate will be sold in four lots, vi : on - r w,ln Pnirir wiwcsn spu wiu. Lot No. 1. containing about 31 acae of land, an y nans, i room ou me seconu wun z panines near the centre of tlie town of iNortliamplon, on arm a good garret cacn nouse nas bo aney whi h is erected all those extensive and vidua - through lhe yard, where there u grass plant), ble buildings, lately occupied hy trie corporation cistern. Sic. kc. for tanning of leather, with about 300 vats, some of which are very large end part of them under BY HONES Si TOWN. cover, m leauier may ..e .. nnng Saturday 3M of janary, Bt 12 0viock at lhe the winter; it is presumed - I here is not the TnMM (. fa nmic IU CJLLUHVlvr: om taiuomc nil iiui'i."iiiiirui i CIIL RIVITlS CI I V ior carrying on tne lanning usinr - s . .m.. - - BY . ofR writ of fieri facias to me direct a nariKuiarairicnpiioD oi uiif uiiiiuiiigp ami uii - i A A .ii - ,,,. ... ...i - & uM I ij. tm I mill (If llCICU f TT III - JJi'WPr v rJ w ui ""uh' - w.,v uww w I I nnlinu nttuA 1 1 ..usa nil linl nnlaif lh 1 (If rinil advertisement. .. i, ...,. ., , i , .1,1,1, .. nnn n i,i Lot No, 2 contain, about 3 acre., ., uate on - J . . K f . . the north side 01 the county road, directly oppo site to lot No. 1. on which are two dwelling hou se, with convenient out buildings, is on high ground, and considered a very delightful situa tion. Lot No. 3, containing about four acres of land, situate on me easterly ' he lwn or lot now or lately owned by Isaac lirn mil. . In m tli meet 111F bouse in Aorthnmn - I . r...i - 1 ton, with a valuable mill privilege and buildings thereon. Lot No. 4 contains about one acre of land, on which is erected a bark caill and bark sheds, si tuate near Edward's tavi rn, about C miles Irom Northampton, on the Albany toad Any icrsou having an inclination to purchast all or any part of the foregoing properly, are invited to examine it. The corporation pledge themselves to sell to the highest tndilcr, In ing de termined to close their concerns Any in'orma tiou . 1011 a MECIUN1C II ALL. On Monday Eveniug, I9ih January, 1C18. il TR. ATW.MSLAS, member of the Acade - 1TJL my of Art at Pans, and other, l'hiloso lately from France, with a ri( 0 and interesting collection of Phitosoptiical and Mechanical ap paratus, whkh for ingenuity and inventiou sur passes every thing of the kind hitherto seen iu (his city, will on this evening surprise srwi asion i asion ith the enlightened citiieos, ny several exp meutsin Philosojihy, Mechanism, and on Hyd 81Prt Hydro an .n,l flliMn ( . M I h atttlm (U I Slf - CP c to all that certain LOT, piece or parcel of LAND with the builJiiigs thereon erected, situate, lying mid being in lhe second ward, in the city of New - Yotk, now in lhe occtipali - .n of the said John Kane, bounded as follows, vi. in front on Penrl - street twenty five feet, on the northeasterly side Burr, and now occupied by blephm Gorham, two hundred feet, on the southwesterly side by the house and lot of ground now ociupi. d by James Amory two hundred feet, and on the rear by Cliff street twenty - fie Hit, be the same more or less ; together with all and singular the appurtenances then - unto belonging or in anywise appertaining. Dated, New York. December 13. llll i. JA.ULO ii - cr.LL ciit - ruj. dec 19 tds lie above premise consist of a 3 - story brick j in .. . . 1 .. l. j. a 1 owenins iiuuic. with a MRU t ack imiiuuig aa - resecting tne .stales may r o'ainea - o : - , commvnu lltjn iherewilh, 2 ti 1 - 2 iincuiiuii luwi.iii ..iv... ., ,trieshiih. 1 .firlhaninlnn nr I S. or .Northampton, jan 14 EBENEZER FRANCIS, India street, Boston and built in the modern title the whole extruding ninety thiee fei't from front to rear, xnd containing C room with fire placer, 3 other ru ms without,' and garret room lor servants, a large store with a siorious cellar under neath, both completely shelved, and well adapted for an rttnsie drv Eood hu'Uirt 'Hie kitchen i spacious and near it is an excellent wine and cider vault, with a vi ry convs nient ohical Institutions in Euroiie, having arrived cool larder ; both buildings have slated roos m . - .. J . I 11 1: i u viirl irHoI nilO rucrnriii ;iiimiii'. im . watiT, and atoa vir cnpncioMi iionj c mlern, with vwr convcnj?iice too nuuinw - i u ver(ismei)t. rM:ir. 1. .s Aft . inr inn rriwiiu: ni uu iu uir ri vi - . - 1, " ,1:. .. , 1 '' - . . I 1 ,,e , . 1 t. r - r ai.. M. ,...!, . .r 1. 1 hi,. !. li.e sniiHiiou una ii:umt a ve wio'"t "c " oraieu ur. inuuiu. rur mo iifliuui.n . ... - ti 1 - r been ; . The lots which, see biUsof the day. Mr. Stanislas does ,y anu K . ! r pleasant and a very eligible ooe. are divided into two not feel inclined lo make use of the mean arti suuitieni.y . I ..auitktfll. uilicieiit'y fices of pretender to the prolion, ty poan - ous " - tm m be vitwe1 evcr, CaJ auveruseuieuu, nutiiniminmr ""I"" from li till 3 o Cloclt 1. il. the multitude but lo a discriminating public, hev need but onca witness his surprising lalrnls 1t li rvmvinred of the suwriontv he claims ovrr all lhe who have hitherto visited the city of. New - York. Tickets one dollar children nail pi see, 10 or h - ,l nt th. bar. The perfonnaore win oe con tinued every evening in th week with variation, and commence precisely at "o'clock. Jan 16 3t - CAUTION. fx the 4th day ol (K - lobor last we enctoseu in J a letter, directed lo lr. J. n. Latonta, New - Orleans, isty I'ost .les 01 irte Hang 01 America, from No - N.OWtoNc 14,085, inrlu - sive - ach for (0O together jjIGO0 allendor sed hv u to the onh - r of Uie said J. B. Lafon'a. As this letter nad not nren received on Uie loin Oecembrr, we conclude that it must have been stolen from lhe mail. Therefore, all persons are cautioned ajar.:l receiving any of tliese notes, a the end'. riDJcnl most ! forced. I O i f ti M KlNNs. The editor of the National Intelligeorer is re - qupsled to give the above 3 insertions, ant to ror. ward iu bill lor p - jmrat. jaa 1 1 0t.w ,,ory hrifk ,(,,rc, built a a dwtliiug - h )Ue. with highceiluifi and twostack ofchiw - - n.Tf . can be finis.ied at a small expense, suita - crlo - for a genteel family As the street hat late - detp to be separate It is believed a large proportion of the uionry oiv rem in ou mortgage a number of years. New - York, Jan. 17, I8IS. tFtbl BY r L. MILLS K CO. Tuesday, the 2)th inst. At Ho'clork, t the T. C. II. that very valuable tore and lot, No. 197 Pearl - str ct corner of M ddeo - bine. A large pntportion of II e purchase money way remain on mortgage it i'ied. BY J. P. Mt.TEHlCH Si CO. PRIVAVE SALE. 1 elegant patent hanging lamp, imULIe foran aisen.t i room. Also, Mhoulomile from the t - 'ity Hall, ooth Blooniinsilale Road, a tf ry handsome cour.try - seut, witn very convenient l ouse nd out buildings, romruartiing a fine view of II north river J would le exchanged lir w - rchajidi'e ; terms c - con4,i,od.,Ung, For paitjculars apply at U lion room. WVELEEN'S Hi sung by Mr. PHILIP! sale ai J. A. Maidca - lM - BOWER, as arTaiigeJ and is now ready lor Si II, GEIB'S tiore, jaalO tf

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