The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 6, 1937 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1937
Page 12
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TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBEUARY 6 · 1937 , \ li COLOR HARMONY NECESSARY FOR CLOSE QUARTERS One-Room Apartments Call for Careful Selection of Decorations. . The decoration of one-room apartments requires careful color choice. In space so limited it is necessary that colors harmonize and that the effect be artistic, otherwise the occupant soon becomes conscious of a disturbing atmosphere. A pleasant effect was achieved in a small apartment by painting walls of butter yellow, a sunshiny hue which keeps the interim bright and cheerful · even on the darkest days. An off-white ceiling tending toward yellow but not ivory, promoted the light, cheerful 1 environment. Venetian blinds and the bacl ground of the chintz curtains matched the wall color. A wing chair covered wlih yellow carriec on the color note, while in contrast the davenport and some occasional chairs were . covered in shades of dull reddish purple am eggplant. The rose, blue, and green figures in the chintz contrasted with the reddish hue of the mahogany furniture and the plain dark rug. · Funds for the painting and decorating of homes may be obtained from private financial institution? insured by the Federal Housing administration. Care in Installation .. Safeguards Plaster TThe new type of radiator that fits in a four-inch partition must be carefully installed to prevent possible cracks in the plaster over the enclosure. This is true only when the radiator is so wide that one or more of the studs must be cut to receive it. The opening must be adequately bridged, particularly in a bearing partition. ' KHcJiDn Shelves. Almost any kitchen can use more shelf room, and there is usually at least one space in which open' shelves can be placed. For canned goods and other packaged articles they are just as useful as cabinets. ZORIC Dry Cleaning Leaves NO Odor! ZORIC Ideal American Laundry AND Zoric Dry Cleaners IT'S PHONE 22 O BUILD · R E P A I R · REMODEL Use "NORTHWESTERN" Portland Cement · for Beauty O Permanence · Satisfaction Northwestern States Portland Cement Co. General Offices. 6th Floor First National Bank Blrtg. Fireplace That Does Not Smoke Possible Advance Planning Neces- J sary in Construction of Flues. It is curious that,so maany fire)laces smoke when it is so simple :o buiid ones that don'l. The recipe s about as follows: Determine the size of opening desired and then select a flue lining that has an area equal to at least 10 per cent of that opening. Use either a square or a ·ound flue, preferably a round one, as that is the more efficient. Do riot Vise rectangular Hues unless absolutely necessary, and. in that case increase the size so that the area will equal at least 12 per cent of the opening. Build the fireplace with a depth of between IB and 24 inches. More than that depth robs the fireplace of a good deal of its heating efficiency. Install a cast-iron damper for the full width of the opening. This should be set so that the curving back of the fireplace makes a continuous line with the back of the damper opening. Build Smoke Shelf. Above the damper at the back, flush with the lop edge of the opening, build a horizontal smoke shelf about 8 inches deep and foi the lull width of the opening. Also above the damper build a smoke chamber, with the front rising as a continuation of the front piece of the, damper opening and the back rising perpendicular to the smoke shelf. The sides should slope up at an angle of about 60 degrees with the horizontal. This smoke chamber must be jerfectly symmetrical and the irst tile of the flue lining must start at its apex, directly over ;he center of the fireplace. This "irst tile must be perpendicular, )Ut succeeding ones may be set at an angle to pull the flue over as he exigencies of the situation may demand. Turns should be nade as gradual as possible, and lopes 'in the-flue should be at an ngle of not less than 4f degrees. ;ach flue must be absolutely independent from fireplace to chim- ley top. Two Feet Above Rcof. The top o£ : the chimney should xtend at least two feet above the .ighest point of the roof or any .earby roof. If these directions are carefully ollowed, and if there are no arge trees or other obstructions hat could cause down draughts lear the house, and if the house s not set at the base of a hill, the ireplace should draw perfectly. The rebuilding of chimneys and ii-eplaces may be f i n a n c e d through the modernization credit plan ot the federal housing administration. Elimination of Ornate Trimming Advisable In the modernization of offices or apartments the elimination o! picture moldings, cornice designs molded window and doer frames chair rails, etc., is frequently desirable. Following this operatioi plaster or ivallboard patching may be necessary, · and these surfaces must be primed and sealed to assure a uniform finish before decorating is done. Private financial institutions cooperating with the federal housing administration advance credit fo: the modernization of apartment: and office buildings. if costs less to_ have COAL HEAT · Did TOO know ihit the new Fair- baots'MOris Deluxe automatic stoker barns the lowest price silts ot coal, often, tiling horae owncri more than 5QSS an fuel com? Since it prtm'Jei complete combustion, it get* trczy tajr bit of heat out of erery pouad of coil. Clean. Quict.Avteiuartc. Requires only a hoppcrful of coal 10 suit it on us job of dcliTcrixiff dependable, CTtn teat to jour home til winter at on an- usnallr Jew fuel cotf. Aak in to tell, you more about ·what ibis remarkable new xtolcer can do in yomr home--lad ·boat the convenient payment plin itm will help it (o p*? for itself out of siting CHAPIN-O'NEIL, Inc. 302 So. Monroe Phone 1606 BEDSPREADS Those dainty expensive Bedspreads of yours should be entrusted onfy ro the Dry Cfeaner's skill and pafns. We'll Dry Clean yours s k i l l f u l l y , carefully, beautifully. LYONS LYONS PHONE 600 CLEANERS -- L A U N D E R E R S -- F U R R I E R S QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Q. We are going to build n house and have employed an architect lo draw the plans and specifications, and he insists that he should be allowed to supervise the building, too. It will cost quite a little, and we feel that the contractor should be able to build the house without any architect if the plans and specifications are any good. Will you advise us if this is necessary? A. It is possible for a contractor to build a house without architectural supervision, but the chances of your getting the house you want, and the one the architect has planned, without his supervision are slim. There are questions that will come up all through the building operations which should be decided by the architect and not by the contractor. Few laymen know enough about building to know whether or not the plans and specifications are being carried out, and their best protection is the architect. Q. Our house has casement windows that open out and the screens open in. I should like to take advantage of the slack season to have new screens made if I can get some that will not disarrange the curtains and valances every time we open them. Carr you suggest how this can be done? A. There are three ways you can overcome this difficulty: You can have screens installed that roll up like window shades, or you can have hinged screens that have a stationary piece at the top so that the opening part of the screen will clear the bottom of the valance, or you may have double hung sliding screens. If the roll- ng type is used, they may be left up all year round, and the box in vhich the roller is contained will be hidden behind the valance. If 'he hinged screens are used, the ower bar of the stationary portion should line up with one of the windows. If you decide upon slid- ng screens, they had better have metal frames, as wood would-take up too much room. Be sure the meeting rail of the screens lines up with one oC the muntins in the vindows. Q. We have made a playroom in our basement, but we find the linoleum will not stay stuck to the floor. Can you tell me what kind of stuff I can get to hold it down? A. So far as we know, there is no material on the market today that will hold linoleum to concrete unless the concrete is perfectly dry. Experiments are being made to find some such, but as yet nothing has been announced for sale that is guaranteed to do the trick. In your case the floor must be waterproofed. Q. We have bought an old stone house and want to remodel it. Oui architect says it will be difficult to cut new openings in the walls on account of the character of the mortar used. Do you think there Is anything to that? A. It is undoubtedly so. Olc walls were frequently laid in a mud mortar that will stand a? long as it is unmolested, but any disturbance of the wall may require almost complete rebuilding You are employing an architect to get the benefit of his experience and you should accept his advice If you have rtot sufficient confidence in him to accept it, it would be better for all concerned to pay him and let him go and employ one in whom you have confidence Q. Do slarm vestibules really do enough (rood to make them pay? A. Generally speaking, yes. II they are so built that the outside door can be closed before the inside door is opened, they do ; great deal of good. The amount o heat losses through a front door is great and quite a lot can be prevented by a vestibule. Q. How can I have my house treated to protect it against tcr- milcs? A. 7f your house is already built, the best means of protection is constant vigil to see that the termites do not build any tunnels from the ground to the woodwork. If there is any wood that touches the esrth, this should be removed anc some alteration made so that no \vood will be nearer than 6 or 0 inches to the soil. If the termites have already entered, discovei where they get in and destroy their tunnels. They cannot live without some connection to the ground, as moisture is essential to their existence. If any wood na been damaged to such an exten that it is unsafe, replace it. I£ possible, insert metal termite shields between the wood sills and the foundation walls. If you contemplate building a new house, have all foundation walls and piers completely covered with noncorro- sive metal shields that extend beyond the face of the wall about inches and turn this projection down at an angle of 45 degrees Or else have all the wond ot the first floor construction imprcgn- Rumpus Room Utilizes Waste Space Courtesy V'/ic May (Jo. f Clci'daitil, American Radiator Co. MODERN BUILDER EMPLOYS TRICKS Lighting of Dark Corners Proves Perplexing . Problem. The problem of how to get sufficient light into a small entrance iiall is always a perplexing one. If it is wide enough and the type of architecture permits, side ights can be used on either side of the entrance door. And if the ceiling is high enough, a fanlight or transom over the door may be used. If the hall is not wide enough or side lights and not high enough for a transom, then what s to be done? Obviously the light -·an come only through the door Iself. E x c e p t in modernistic louses or in nondescript houses of 'lie last century a large-glass door ooks out of place. Glass in Panels. The answer depends somewhat on the style of the house. If it comes in that broad classifica- ion--from Cape Cod cottage to southern colonial mansion--it may lave lights of glass in the upper panels of Ihe door. This refers only to the small squarish panels at the top of a six or eight panel door and not to the long upper panels of a four-panel door, nor to the large upper panel of a two panel door. These lights may be of a number of designs and shapes; they may be square or round or arched. The old bull's-eye lights with the thick centers like the bottoms of bottles that were frequently used both in England and colonial America make attractive lights; and the little arched panes seen in Connecticut and Massachusetts either in two, three or four lights also are appropriate. Grilles Used. In English or Mediterranean styles, a small opening at eye height with an iron grille over i may be used in an infinite variety of shapes and styles. New front doors may be installed in existing houses to improve their appearance under the modernization credit plan of the federal housing administration Such doors, of course, are eligible also in new homes built under the insured mortgage system. There are now available from several manufacturers combination domestic hot-water heaters and incinerators. These units H'ovide a ready and convenient method of garbage disposal, and it- the same time the dried reuse becomes fuel and is utilized n the healing of hot water. The units are of cast iron and utilize coal as the principal source at fuel. It is Important where the ,ype of hot-water heater is used .o install a well-insulated storage tank ol ample size and also an automatic draft regulator vhich will prevent too rapid jurning away of the fuel, as slow burning is economy and lengthens the time between firings. An inspection should be made o£ the chimney to which the leater is connected in order to be sure that it is unobstructed ind that joints are tight so that ;ood draft will be assured. Such units may be included in ihe cost of new homes built uiuler the insured mortgage system o£ the Federal Housing administration. ated under pressure with some re cognized termite preventive. Q. Last summer \vc bougrht a liouse and the moms were very hot. We cannot understand this, as HID ceiiiiigrs are high. We \vant to do something this winter to improve this condition, as we understand building: is cheaper in winter tlian In summer, and, besides, we want to be ready before the hot weather conies gain. Can you suggest how we can improve this condition? A. High ceilings of themselvc:, do not make rooms cool. There must be some way of draining off the hot air that accumulates undet the ceilings lo get the benefit of their height. This can be done by changing the windows so that the heads arc near the ceiling, but this may spoil the house. Probably t\ ansoms over the doors would be more practical. Then there should be a large opening in the ceiling at the highest point in the hall so that the warm air can escape. In addition, adequate openings must be provided in the attic space either by means of large louvers at each gable or an additional chimney flue or flues. If there is space, a bulkhead should be built around the opening into the attic from the hall to give it flue action. Then, of course, insulation of the walls of the house and the ceiling over the lop floor will help materially. In brief, provide insulation with ample ventilation and the rooms should be reasonably cool. H would be well to employ a competent architect lo help you, This rumpus room \vas adapted from a design by Miss Amcc ·*· Krakoft of Brooklyn. Kiotous modern colors strike a furious pace as a background for fun and gaiety in this room thai epitomizes a moving piclure (healer with a real auditorium space as part of the Home recreational facilifies. Walls are royal blue, and white lur- nlturc is upholstered in Parisian retl to lone in willi the red boiler. Incinerators, Water Heaters Are Combined Offer Convenient Method of Garbage Disposal and Heating Water. Drawer With Trays for Doilies Useful A great convenience for the lousewife js n drawer in the kitchen or butler's pantry containing i number of shallow trays for doilies. The front of the drawer may be hinged to drop down $· that any toy may be drawn out without disturbing the others. Niclie for Telephone Convenience in Home In almost every house there is some place under a stair ov off the coat closet or beside a chimney where a telephone niche can be installed. Below this niche there may be a space with perpendicular divisions for telephone books. Somewhere in a convenient spot in the niche should be a pad and penci for memoranda. Winning Play Chosen in Crystal Lake High CRYSTAL LAKE--The one ac piny home contest was held Thursday night in the high school auditorium, with three one act plays presented under the direction o! Roger Northrop. Miss McMahor from Thompson was Ihe judge and the play taking first place was "My Cousin From Sweden." The cast consisted of Dorothy Thomrv son, Noreen McMahon, Luc-tie Willis, Nodia Anderson, Carole Jensen, Marjorie Robbs and Pauline Kirkpatrick. Music dircctec by Gyla Shriner was presented Richard Hltcs Buried. DUMONT--Funeral services for Richard Hitcs, 72, were held Thursday afternoon at Ihe Hilcs- ville church in charge of the Rev A. C. Kruse, pastor of the Presbyterian church in ICesley. Music was furnished by the Rev. C. Bnde and the Rev. Mr. Kruse. Pallbearers were John McClaren, Ervin Knoll, Charles Moore, Elmei Wintz, John Bode and Link Yost. Guylllckson Rites Held. R.IDGEWAY--Funeral services for Theodore Gullickson, were held at the home and at the Lincoln Lutheran church Thursday afternoon. The Rev. M. B. Quill officiated and interment was made in the Lincoln cemetery. Music was furnished by the Lincoln choir. Metal Reinforces Leaky Shingle Roof Old shingle roofs that spring eaks here and there may have .heir lives prolonged by slipping small sheets of weather-resisting shingles that metal under the lave given way. These metal sheets may be painted where they show to match the color of the ·oof and will be hardly noticeable. Economy. The use of paint to preserve Property is good e c o n o m y . Through privale financial institutions approved by the federal housing administration funds may be advanced · for the. painting of buildings of all kinds. S12,000 GARAGE STARTED HERE Permit Was Only One ol New Construction During January. Only one building permit was issued during the month ot January for new construction here, according to B. I/. Stratton, building inspector. This permil was for a hew garage, however, costing $12,000. Permits for addilions and'alter- ations during the month amounted to 32,415. Five permits were issued for the remodeling of dwellings and one for remodeling a church. One permit un- issued for a sign. Other permits issued were gas, 10, electric, 2, and plumbing, 1. ACCIDENTS CAN REDUCED BY PROPER LIGHTING Managers Find Poor Light One of Major Foes of Industry. Fatigue and insufficient light have long been considered the major causes oC accidents in industrial planfs such as machine shops and manufacturing establishments. Legislation and improved regulations regarding working hours have to a great extent overcome the fatigue of workers, and modern methods of lighting have reduced accident in factories and other buildings where many people do important and sometimes dangerous work. To contribute further to advantageous lighting effects and secure as great a benefit as is possible from them it has been found advisable to paint factory walls and ceilings in soft light colors. The cheerful color tends to make the surroundings pleas- anler for the workers and acts as a reflector for the existing light. The 'greatest care must be given to safeguard employes against clanger and properties against damage. Any means contributing to that result is well worth consideration and represents eventual economy for the management. Modernization credit for the painting and general rehabilitation of factories may be obtained from private financial institutions cooperating with the Federal Housing administration. Toy Drawer in Closet Helps Child, Mother A deep drawer on rollers at the bottom of a child's closet is a great convenience to the mother and is an effective answer to the usual excuse that he can't pick up his toys as he has no place to put them. There can be a step covering the front of the drawer and hinged so that it can be raised when he wants to get at toys beneath it. This will enable him to pull out the drawer part and step up to roach his clothes on the hooks above. Bathroom Heater Should Be Small The radiator in a bathroom should have adequate healing capacity, but it should occupy as little space and be as inconspicuous as possible. The installation o! modern heating is eligible under the terms . of the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing administration. Two Steps. Paradoxical as it .may sound, where it is necessary or desirable to change floor levels between rooms, two or more steps are less dangerous than one. Easy Tread. To make a stair easier to mount and descend, tip the treads so t h a t (he back of the tread is one- eiffhth inch lower than the front edge. Wax Brick. Interior brick floors shoulcl be waxed or oiled to keep them from dusting. Not Expensive. The cost of suitable modern lighting equipment for stores is less than most merchants realize. Modern l i g h t i n g with supplementary fixtures may be installed through the modernization credit plan of I he federal housing administration. k THOMAS MACHINE CO. WE DO ALL KINDS OF MACHINE WORK ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 2503 303 2nd S. \V. Mason City, la. If you want to know what your Plumbinsr or Heating job will cost, have ruth give you a free estimate. 202'/2 North Federal Ave. M A Y T A G World's Finest Washer A Trial in Your Own Home Will Prove This to You, C E R R O G O R D O MAYTAG CO. 22 2nd N. E. Phone 2067 SHEPHERD'S PAJNT WAB.1PAPER 16.. EIR.ST STREET' S . Do You Ever Praise Your Wife to Her Face? Don't fDi-frcl In . say it with Flowers on Valentine's day, Sunday, Feb. 14. Kemble's Greenhouse Main Office,' 1205 S. Federal Phone 55 Downtown Shop, 7 W. Slate SI. Phone 416 Electric Motor Repairing' By Experienced lUen New Motors Bought and Sold Zack Bros. ELECTRIC CO. 30G 2nd St. S. W. Phone 977 Effects · RUGS 0 DRAPES © C U R T A I N S · F U R N I T U R E Can Be C a r e f u l l y Cleaned and Color Restored. SEND YOURS NOW. P H O N E 788 Your Most Important Investment Safeguard it by m n k i n g needed improvements and repairs now. Call on us for the necessary Millwnrk such as frames, doors, windows, cabinets and bookcases. MASON CITY M J L L W O R K CO. Our Craftsmen Are Skilled in Making "EVERYTHING OF WOOD" Phone 155 Corner 4th and Monroe S. W. V W WTS B?fi?nPf R4 A 1*0? LET Ui ESTIMATE , * , , Any Plumbing, Heating, or Sheet Metal Improvements You Plan On. Kdroy Fuel B Furnace Co. 137 Fourth Street S. W. Phone 441 m W '4fi; $?$ a?:f-V, JaY $m .mi m fe

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