Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 6, 1937 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1937
Page 11
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 6 $311987 (TUNE IN ON KGLO, YOUR LOCAL STATION, AT 1210 KILOCYCLES) COMMUNITY SING STARS MIGRATE TO WEST COAST Members lo Entrain Include Milton Bei-le, Billie Jones and Ernie Hare. The gny artists who make America laugh and sing together [luring the Sunday night "Community Sing" are preparing for a mass migration to the Pacific Const. The day after their broadcast over a WABC-Columbia network Sunday, Feb. 21, from 9:00 to 9:45 p. m., they will board a special car ot the train which will take them lo Hollywood, from which point their weekly programs will originate. As first planned, the stars were to have started westward after their program of Jan. 31 so thai Milton Berle and Jolly Gillette, "the sponsor's daughter," might meet motion picture commitments. The trek was postponed because ot illness of a director of "New Faces," the film in which Milton, Jolly, and another of his air stooges, Tommy Mack, are to be featured with Joe Penner. Members of the cast of the three-quarter hour program who will entrain for the West Coast include Berle, little Miss Gillette, Mack, Billy Jones and Ernie Hare, Wendell Hall, Andy Sannella and Bert Gordon. The latter, well known to radio listeners as "the mad Russia, will he a permanent feature of the series from now on. Theories for Newspaper Term "30" Are Advanced What Does KGLO Broadcaster Mean When He Signs Of {With'30'? By RADIO KAMBI.EK Heard each Sunday night tit 8:15 over KGLO is Larry Rcar- don, Irish tenor nf Mason City. Accompanist for the son of Erin is Ralph Gcer. Thinking far in advance of Jan. 29, the dale on which he and Mrs. McConnell celcbatctl their eighth wedding anniversary, Smiling Ed McConnell ordered a custom-built for his wife s o m e It was to have been black sedan weeks ago. delivered on the anniversary date but Ed's sudden decision to go to Florida will postpone it u n t i l Ihcil return some lime in February. to Phil Baker Re-Enacts "Cinderella' "Bottle" and "Beetle' . Assist Comedian in Broadcast. As the cunning little chec-ild who had to obey curfews, Princess Phil Baker and her royal entourage, Lady Bottle, the Duchess of Beetle, and dainty Agnes, Marquess of Mobrehead, will present their poignant version of "Cinderella" or "My Mama "Won't Let Me Slay Out Too Late" during their broadcast over the WABC-Colum- bia network Sunday, from 6:30 to 7 p. m. This is the identical production which caused such a furore at Hants-on-thc-Avon last summer and resulted in Baker's return to America. Baker will portray the lovely Cinderella with Bottle as the fairy princess. The action concerns Cinderella's visit to the ball, the disappearance of sundry silverware, napery and hors do- ouvrcs, and the nefarious plot of dainty Agnes Moorhead in putting Cinderella on the spot. Oscar Bradlcy's orchestra and the Seven G's will provide the musical background featuring "I'm in a Dancing Mood," the "Orgau Grinder's Swing," and "Alabama Barbecue," in addition to several vocal novelties. Don Wilson, heard weekly on the Jack Benny show, is amuscc at the contention, "Nobody Loves a Fat Man." Don ranked as top announcer in a national poll conducted this month by a trade pub- Pitching pennies at the edge o a rug, in lieu of ;i sidewalk, keep; Billy Idelson (Rush of Vic anc Sadc) and Paul Rhymer, imlho of the show, entertained durinj rehearsal lulls. Billy usually wins "That's 30 for now," says the KGLO newscaster, but how many of you know just what that phrase symbolizes? Thirty is an old newspaper expression meaning Ihe end f the story, and is usually seen t the end of a reporter's copy. But why 30 and not 35 or 25, rou jiruiy ask. Well, there have icen several theories advanced as o the origin of the term "thirty," and we'll outline them for you to ake your pick, although personally we are inclined lo favor the sixth theory given below. 1. When newspaper stories were written and set by hand, a period was indicated by "x" in the manuscript copy; the end of a paragraph by "xx." and Ihe end of Ihe slory by the sign "-xxx," Roman for "30." 2. The journalistic symbol "30'' has a peculiar East Indian origin. In Bengali "80" means "farewell" or "I quit." An English officer in Calcutta used the figures at the end of a letter he sent to the East Indian company in 1758. The company, using the figures in their publication, made them "30" by mistake. 3. Typesetting machines thai cast their type in slug form, used to set a maximum length of line known to printers as 30 pica cms, "30" meaning the end of the line. (Old time printers dispute this version with the claim that the symbol long antedates slug-casting machines.) 4. During a disaster, information was being wired to the the outside world by a lelegrapher whose number was 30, and who remained at his key and met Radio Artist death after his assistants had fled. 5. Early telegraph editors had code of their own lor sideline conversation on the wire. The figure "1" meant "wait a minute;" "4" meant "when shall I proceed'.'" "7" was "go ahead;" "8" indicated "I'm busy on a line;" "13" asked "what's the matter'.'" "17" stood for "I'm sending an i m p o r t a n t message;" "30" was "end of item;" "73 meant "kindest regards," etc., etc. 6. Years ago, in the west, before newspapers had special wires in their offices, the telegraph operator would write out dispatches in long hand and send them to the newspapers by messenger. His office closed at 3 a. m., and at the bottom of his last sheet, he wrote "3 o'clock," which was gradually changed lo "3 o'e," then to "3o," and finally lo "30." 7. When the Associated Press was established, each member ot Ihe association (morning or evening paper) was entitled lo 30 telegrams each 24 hours. When the last message had been sent, it was marked "30." 8. The 30 magistrates appointed by Sparta over Athens at the end of the Pelopponesian war were called the "30 tyrants" and were overthrown at the end of a year's reign. The end of the tyrants was heralded with a spirit of gladness--"30." So there they are--every theory for the use of the term "30"--take your choice. KGLO Operator Had Radio License When 14 Years Old One nf the many NBC transcription artists heard over KGLO is rinkey Lee, above, Hie sailor with Hie rapid fire line of chatter. \Vc hope this picture ilocsn't disillusion you radio fans, but thought that you probably wanted to sec what this I'inkey chap looks like. Phil Bakor made his unannounced debut as an orchestra leader this week. A visitor to the repeat broadcast of Helen Hayes' "Bambi" program, maestro Mark Warnow let him wave the balon during the last part of the show. Leonard McCurnin Inter-* ested in Radio Since He Was 1 2 Years Old. Interested in radio since no was 12 years old, Leonard McCurnin, KGLO operator and announcer, earned his amateur operator's li- jense at the age ot M. McCurnin was horn at Belmond -incl when lie was three .years old he family moved to Perry. He al- .ended grade schools there and he McCurnin family again moved, this lime to Waverly where he attended high school and studied for one year at Wartburg college. At Waverly in 1!!31 he was mar- ·icd to Margaret Holman of Waverly. Mr. and Mrs. McCurnin have a son and daughter. From Waverly the family moved to Garner where Mr. McCurnin was employed in a drug store for five years. His amateur operating t r a i n i n g then stood him in good stead as he earned a radio operator's H-* cense and joined the KGLO staff. [ r NORTH I O W A N S TO PARTICIPATE IN AIR PROGRAM LEONARD JIcCUKNIN --IMiolo by Lock Appearing on the Waldorf hour over KGLO this week will be Miss LaVonnc Sherwood, a freshman from Klcmme, Iowa, soprano soloist, and Sherrill Oppedahl, baritone, from Rcnwick. Miss Sherwood will sing the following Brigadiers Presenting Movie Tunes Horace Heidi Program Will Be Devoted Entirely to Cinema Songs. halt hour program, devoted en, I,'T """^ni"'" I lively to musical selections from numbers: Jesus fhou | pvcscnt ck ,y m o tion picture suc- Jo3 r of Loving Hearts," Malcy; "Redemption," Cady; "Morning," Olcy Speaks: "I Heard a Lady Sigh," Church; and the lilting "Shorlnin 1 Bread" by Wolfe. The Waldorf hour is heard each Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mason City Globe-Gazette Radio News and Time-Table (1210 Alasun Ci(y Globe-Gazette i City, lou-n Kilocycles) Columbia Broadcasting , System lUitmeilioUs-Rl. 1'aul Central Standard T i m o (SIO K i l o c y c l e s ) WHO NBC Red "GRAUSTARK"TO BE GIVEN ON AIR New Version Goes on Air With Gene Raymond and Anna Sten in Play. A modernized version of "Grau- slark," George Barv McCutchcon's famous talc of adventure and romance in a mythical kingdom, tvill star Gene Raymond a n d Anna Ston for t h e hour-long radio dramatization of the Radio t h e a t e r t o b e broadcast o v e r WCCO Monday night from 8 to 9 o* clock. As it is to be radio piny will S u n d a y , l-'cb. 7 7:0(1 News. M. C. Fur Suopnc 7:1)0 The Sunshine Hour X:lll) County Council ot Christian Edu tfl t i on FtiCtO Echoes of the Console ' 0:43 Devotional Service with R;ibbi J Katx »:lll SurulEiy MointnR Melody Parade ]'i:Ul Tlic Sunday Concert I;llll Sans of the Pioneers l::tO George Hall JiiiiO Sunday Mailbag :;:)» \V.nidor£ College H o u r :):UO Sun tiny Afternoon, Vprietics 4;30 Consolaires fi:fl« Globe-Gazette News S:fl"i My Old Kentucky Home 5:20 Dreamers 5:30 Rusariu Bourdon's Concert Orcli. fE;iii News, P. G. and E, R-.05 EUtdolpli Friml, Jr-'s Orch. 6:1.1 Sports Review. Decker Bros. (j:3Q Moments of Melody ~:0il News, C u r r i e Van Ness 7:05 Hits and Bits 7:31) Sons ol thi: Pionenrs 7:45 King's Men Htdll News. Marshall ana Swift 11:05 Harry Reset's Oreh. 8:13 Larry and Ralph U::iO Radio NigUt Club !:0rt News, Htfill\vity Oil Co. JI:l)S Westminster Choir fl:!5 Music from the Masters !)::«] Evening Dance Parade N J i f f t ) News, First National Bank V0:0!i MclocLecrs 1(1:1.1 Shimher Hour Hi::;ii Svviug Time M:1»] News. Abel imd Sons 11:15 Good Night ar.Nr K A V M O X D presented, the tell the story of the incognito visit of the Princess Yclive ol Gniusl;irk io the United States. M o n i l i y , Feh. * ii:0l S u n u p Serenade 1:lin Ncv/s, Mason City Fur Slioppc 7:(): Musical Clock ",;A'- Morkel's Musical CLnck 8:0(1 Lyons' Musical Clock B:I5 Mnsicfl! Clocfe n:30 Mlor Wolf Melody Time s):lill Damon's Musical Clock D:30 ,Tnck Sprntt Food Stores Time and Timns n:-i:i Tyler-Ryan's Miislcnl Clock |it:Cli Opening Markets and News 10:15 On the Mall 10:30 Devotional Service with the Jlev. D. L. Krnlz, Clmrch of ClirisL 10:4n Organ Reveries 11:0(1 North Town News, Skclgas 11:10 World Book Woman 11:15 Sons of llio Pioneers l l t ^ O This nnd l^:n(i Mid-day Rcvuc !^:1"i Northwestern Dtstribntinfi Co. 12:^0 GlobP-Gazfttle News and Markets 12:-l5 Mid-day Revue cont. 12:50 Wolf Bros. Conl Co. 2:nri Clinpman's Musical Miniatures 1:011 lcm*n Farm Flashes 1:10 Mid-lA.V Revue c o n f . l:3fl Marianne at Ihe Slcinwny lor Vance Music Co. 1:4;! Luncheon Dance The princess, f Anna Sten complications develop. played , by Miss I Stcn, meets an '). American ncw- paporman, Glen Lowry, played 1 by Gene Raymond. After a proposal o£ marriage, the princess returns to her own conn try. Later, when assigned to cover a revolution in Graustark Lowry discovers h e real identity and Jack Benny had a recording made of Don Wilson's jovial laugh at rehearsal last week. He want?d a genuine g u f f a w , sn he didn't tip Don o f f . .lad; says he w a n t s lo keep the laughter for his old age. ;i:(J(l The A f t e r n o o n Show -1:111) Rcadinc t h e Clol)C-Cfl7.clt« ·1:15 Tc.t Time Tunes ·1:45 Mason C i t y P u b l i c Schools S:i»n Glolie-Ga/ellc News 5:0"» New Records from Vance's 3:15 Home Folks Frolic 3:311 Rosarir* Bourdon's Con cert Ovch. 5150 The Way You I-ook Ton He--Fink's Smart Appnrel n n d B and B Shoe Store {;lin News, People's Gas and Electric fi:Q5 Rudolph Friml. .Tr.'s Orch, fi:lS Sports Review. Decker Bros. fi:30 Dlnncv Hour fi:4:i Diamond City News ":ft« News. Currie Van Ness 1:1)3 Supper Dance Melodies 1:30 Sons of the Pioneers 7:45 Kay Kyscr's Orch. 8;00 News, Marshall nnd Swift n:05 C. L. Pine Loan Co. presents Dick Leibcrt at the Organ S:20 Smp nnrt Dance 8:30 Radio Night Club !J:t)0 News. Highway Oil Co. 0:0f Green Bros. Orch. E:30 Kvcninir Dance Parad c lrt:m News. First National Bank 10:05 Mclodccrs 10: If. Slumber Hour I0;,"?n Swing Time H:im NCWA, Abel anrT Sons Vic nnd Sndc Hits week muled the n i n l h 13-wcck period of brnnrlcasling /or their present sponsor. Sunday, Feb. 7. 7:(Jlt Pope's lUcssafic 1:lf OrHnn Reveille 7:30 Lyric Serenade 7:45 Sidney Raphael. Pianist S:(lll At A u n t Susan's !l:1Ki Church of Air 9:110 Romany Hl.-Jlll Organ Alooris ID::W M a j o r Bowes 11T30 Golden Dragon !!:« Musical 1ii:(»l Church of Air 12;W Eddie Dunslcdter 12:45 Headlines and History j;i)l) Music of Theater 1:4", Aeolian Trio :i-.\\n New York Philharmonic ·t;i)i LampliKhtiuy Time ·1:31} Moments You Never Forget sV.iHi Jou Pemicr f:3fl Rubinnfc f!:ilil Musical fi:lS Ncwslimc fi::iO Headin" South 1:tii Nelson Eddy 7:30 Eddie Cantor X:im Richard BonclH. Baritone !):Ji( Community Sinn Uhlin Rojjcr Pryor's Orchestra 10:15 News time 10:30 Reports 10:45 Abe; Lyman's Orchestra 11 :iii) Henry Ha (stead's Orchestra 11:30 Benny McroK's Orchcsli a. 11:415 Isham Jones 1 OrchL-strn M o n d a y , 1'cb. R. fi:J." Time Si grin fs R:::il Sinn N e i g h b o r Sing (i:-T) Time Signal.* 7:llll Air A l m a n a c T : l , » J u n i o r Brondc.istcrs Club 7:30 Mtiisicnl Chimes (l:3ll Time Signals H:13 Gene nml Glenn U : r i n Belly and Boh 3:ir Modern Cinderella !J 3D Betty Crocker U:-sr. .Tohii K. Wntkhi* 111:011 ?.Tnj*ai:tnc of. Ihu Air ]0:.10 DtR Sister I0:'ir Dr, Da foe I hot) Tim Gumps 11:15 Between t h e Bnokcnds 11:311 Kitty Kccnc, Inc. II :4."i Ma Perkins V!:illi Fivti Slav Revue 12:15 Musical 12:30 Hope AMcn's Romance I2:4"» A u n t Jenny 1:110 Kathryn Crnvciis I : l f American School of Air l;4r Myrt and Marge ^:llll Market*., Police 'J:]fi News time; Stocks 2:M Roy Harris Work :i:(lit Ladies First :t:.10 Musical 3:4n Variety Hour ·1 :IHI Lc.Tfiue of Women Voters ·1:1") Children's Corner 4:3H Schedule: Livestock ·};4r Wilderness Fload .-.:»» Junior Nurse Corps 5:15 Front Page Pnradc 5:30 Jack Armstrong S:'!- 1 ] R e n f r e w of the Mounted ff:(ll Herbert Footc's Ensemble fi:ir Popeyn (lie Sailor li:30 Roy Heatherton fi.--J.T- Roake Carter 7:i)ii E T r - a c e ICoidt's Bripadicrs 7:^0 Pick ,im1 Pat K:ilH n.idiu Theater r;»n Waync? King and Orchestra il:.lll Musical in:il(l l J OL-tic Melodies 10; 13 Newslime lfi:;i Rollie Johnson; Reports lf:45 Frank Gordon's Orchestra l l : i l i ) Henry Ka 1st end's Orchestra 1I:Sii Rcnny Mcroff's Orchestra 11:43 Hawaii Calls Central S t a n d a r d Time (1CK1D K i l o c y c l e s ) Blue Network mill W a t e r l o o , Central SLniiilartl T i m e (COO K i l o c y c l e s ) Iowa clay cesses, will be presented by Horace Heidi's Brigadiers dining their weekly broadcast over WCCO Monday night Crom 7 lo 7:;tO. The film selections will include "Plenty ot Money and You" and "Gold Diggers' "Lullaby" from "Gold Diggers oC 1JKJ7," "Gee, But You're Swell" and "Summci Night" from "Sing Me a LOVL Sonfi, 1 ' "There's Something in Iht Air" front "Banjo on My Knee,' "I've Got You Under My SUin r and "Easy to Love 11 Irom "Born U Dance," "Girl on the Police Ga zcltc" Ct'om "On the Avenue" an n medley o£ tunes from "Sho^ Boat." IOWA GAME ON AIR Broadcast of Ihe Iowa-Indiana Big Ten conference basketball same \v\l\ he over WSUI at Iowa City at 7:20 Sal- unlay niffht. StiniJ.iy, Feb. 7 :(l(l CJiristian Science Frogrnni :I:"i SyveiUh Day Atlvcntlsts :;iO Hour of Music :MH Ward nnd Muzzy, NBC :I5 Peerless Trio, NBC ·::«! The World Is Yours, NBC :lill Church Service :(((» Hour of Smiles ,:30 Melody Matinee. NliC :flO Tlic Golden Dragon : ir-i Tho Country Church of Hollywood ;30 Thatcher Colt Mysteries, NBC !:illt Metropolitan Opera Auditions of Ihe Air, NBC 2:30 Crnnd Hotel. NBC The Mansion of Dreams World Dances 1:30 WHO Playhouse 1:01) Marion Tallcy. NBC 1:30 Home Harmonics, NCC :IH1 Air Is Yours :31) To be annoitiiccd liinil Jack Benny. NBC (1:30 Fireside Recital. NBC fi:45 Jingle Program. NBC ":0(l Do You Want to be nn Aclor? NRC ::im Manhattan Merry-Go-Round. NEC 8:30 American Album of Familiar Music, NBC n :i 11 Symphony Concur t, NBU Musical Headline. 1 ; 0:15 News 0:30 When Dny TR Done 1:00. Hickory House Orchestra. NBC I MO Calihi CluD Orchestra, NBC I!:IIO SinR Nciqhhor. Sing (i:]. r ) Musical Clock fi:fH Farm News fi:'5. A l m a n a c uf t h e Air T:i)ii Chore Gang 7:15 News 7:^0 Musical Fashion Note.s X:ni Gene and Glenn 8:1.1 MuFicnl Clock Hi'lH Nroriiing Melodies P:I5 Hymns of AM Churches fi::iO Betty and Bob D:-J5 Today's Children. NBC TO:iHi David Harum. NBC 0:15 Back Stnpc Wife, NBC 10:30 Montlccllo Party Line I0:4n The Voice of Exnericnco. NBC I1:rm Kilty KcenQ. Inc. 11:15 The Story of Mary Mnrlin. NBC 11:SO Farm nnrl Homo Hour, NBC 12:30 Commercial Program !1:4:5 News Broadcast 1:M lMrt]icr Randall's Open Itousc 1:15 Hi Is nnd Encores J:30 Mnrkct Report 1:45 Judy and Jane :!:!( Popper You tin's Family, NBC 2:lr Mrt Perkins. NBC 2:W Vic nniT Saelc, NBC ·t:nr Tho Hour of'ciiarm. NBC 3:?fO Wny T)ov. p n East 3:-IS The Good Samaritan, NEC · l i n n P. T. A, Program 4:l;l H n u s r h n a t Hnnn.ih ·t:^n The R r i d a l l Sisters, NBC 4:4S Su'eet Shop R c v u c 4:5,-. B u l l o l i n s .VHii Times 5:15 J u n i o r Nurse Corps 5:^n Jnck A r m s t r o n c .":·'. Sunset Corners O^n* r,:f\n / v m n i 'n* Anrtv. NBC fi:'" Unel^ E Jim's Rfidio Station, NUC fi:^n News T:0f f'ihbcr M'-O"" and Molly, NHC 7:.*!o ronc^rt. NBC »:(») Wnrrfrn T,T«"fl in "2/l,f)ff Years in Sin-r. Sinr," NBO fl:Zn Richarri Himhcr, FnC n;fn Contented Jfnur. NHC n:^fl .Tnck TUnrloinh ?nd His Mimic 9:45 Tho Snncs Yoti L.OVC In Hear irt:fift ivorld Dances :liH Melody 7::»1 Family « Comics *l Lou \Vcljl) JJour Altar at Ihe Orgntl 0:in IlL-nch-ick Willcm Vnn Loon 1):'M II ell enroll I :U(» Ti-inily C l u i r e h ·-inn) Miu^iu or llic Moment 2::sn Smoke Droams ] :f)(l M a ^ i c Key :::ill) l l a l l i f t a n ' s 2: lli Music; and Flowci't. 2:30 Famous Jlotncs «I Famous America us 2:-!^ Your I-inviiukkcrs :i:im Harold Stokes' Oi-chf.slra :t;3U Walnut Sti-ocl Chnrcli ·l:l)(l We, Ihe People ·1:30 Stoopn;i|;lc and Biidd "i:()(l Cupid's Cotirt 5:30 It May Huppen In You T;:t5 Golden Gate Biintl li:l») Music for DnncinK C:30 Bclluvc It or Not Rtpley ";0l Father Cmu;h]irt 7:30 Playliox Theater S:lMl Walter Wlnclicll fl:15 Hipplinn Rhytlim Review CSS Edu'in C, Hill D:]f» L'Hcut-c ExruiisR L:30 Gospel Broadcast Asiociation, Pro- flrjini 1 i t : i l i k Jutty iintl t l i c Hunch 111:10 Moment iUnsiccilc 10:15 Ncwslimc J(J::;0 Tc:l \Vecnj '.s Orelirslia M : l i n n i u f c Jiirj^t-n's Ornlic-stra , I I :3i Gcorpt; 1 I n m i i l D n ' a Oi-chCiti'ri |-::0» Sign Qtt AGK BENNY TO Swing Music Just Passing Fad, Says Leader Al Goodman Al Goodman, Show Boat mac ,-o, predicts swing music w ass out of the picture iu a year. We've hact fads before, and vc'll have them alter swing is orgollcn. But while it's here, we night just as well make the most )[ it. And band leaders are doing ust that. 1 don't believe the his,- ory o[ popular music can match ilis era for giving musicians op- ON HIS PROGRAM Comedian Performing Opus to Prove Fallacy of Allen's Statement. .Tack ttunny is really on the spot! Tho west comedian rc- rcnlly announced to Die radio vorki lie knew "Tlic Bee" at the IKC of len and could piny it with- ul a flaw on tlie violin despite ·'red Allen's statements to the contrary. Now lie must perform he opus to prove to the "Town i-Iall Tonight" jester he was wrong when he said Jack Benny ought to jo ashamed of himself" after tcn- year-olel -Stuart Canin had rendered the number masterfully. Jack intends lo make Prod eat his own words, to music, and will present conclusive evidence during Ins broadcast with Mary L i v i n g stone, Kenny Baker, Don Wilson and Phil Harris 1 orchestra over WHO on Sunday. The task confronting the suave jester is no easy one, for "The Bee" happens to be a complicated piece for even the finest musician lo play. H requires a sensitive string technique and the ability to handle one's fingers d e f t l y . Benny has consequently been devoting much of his spare time lo the practice of the more d i f f i c u l t passages. Mary Livingstone has busied herself limbering up Jack's fingers, by insisting (hat he typo 1 of his radio scripts. It will be a gala occasion in the f i l m colony as Jack picks up his fiddle to pl;iy Schubert's muster- piece. Numerous celebrities will be )ortumtics to show ingenuity, i i v i d u a l i t y and inventiveness.' 1 As fruits of this ingenuity, Goodman points to the various icw styles: Sweep music, slide music, swing music and' sweet music. In all these types, Goodman explains, the r h y t h m of the dance number is exaggerated. 'Dial is why he predicts swing music won't last. Tho nation's dancers are melody lovers, nnd when they've had enough of exaggerated rhythm, they will insist upon having melody back. present to witness Jack's attempt lo prove that ho has always known , the "The Bee," and can play it as well today as he could at the age ' of ten. He wants to surprise the · screen luminaries. Fred Aslaive spends nearly 21 hours in rehearsal for his program ; each week, although the show it- '. self is on the air for only one hour, f i f t e e n o,E the 2-1 hours he devotes to learning his songs, nearly eight of his brief dance" routine and tile balance to the ^ dialogue. - .. ' - '·'.' M o i u l a v , Coin Time I'rli. Marge Morin of the Movin Sisters has taken over the addi- tiona 1 dutics of nvranger f01* thc King's Jesters. She will do mostly qunrlcl arrnngemcnls of sweet songs--"In the Hills of Old Wyoming" was her first offering. Incidentally, it's Marge who doc.s those smooth arrangements for Ihe .Morin trio. ' 10:^0 Thn M^nfion of m:?.5 T*-,inbmi' O 1l;rri TVpinifvlin Bln^RDm 11:30 Hotel Trcrmit.Tffc -i, NBC TA, NBC Tlint in^efiouK lm«h vnu h Charlie Bullerworth ns^ nach Tuesday evening on Fred Astnirn': program is really his own--but it', one he had a hard time developing. For a lone time, the clo the comedian could come to Jauph was a sort of small hie cough. He became so self-con scions about if that he .started practicing on the good old-fashioned kind. His Roiitul-U[i iiiii Tall Corn Time i:l, r t Paul Barker. County i::if) Family A l t a r i : H clock K;in Tim Bvndy and " Prank Voclker, OL-gautsl H:-?5 Interlude 1 Women in the. News Ti Police Blotter 0:15 Scatty Views the News J):r*0 Mnrri.iRc Clinic 0:.IS Alack- Kitchen (:(H Markets 0:03 Melody Mountaineers 0:lf M u s i c Memory .0:30 Vic nnd Saclu iO:45 Rdwarrt M.nclhiRh 11:1111 Commercial Program U r n Lou UVbl) at (lie Orgntt 11:30 WMT German Bnncl 11:45 Noonday Newscast lli.iri Valley I t i l l h i L H c s U:K1 Question Man l!:2it Voice oT Iowa 2:30 Markets 2:ti Cedar Vnlley H i l l b f l l i C 5 2:4r Joe Donlics 2:."fl A u n t Fanny 2:nri Iowa Cornhuskers l-.[M MollierV Homo Li O I:i"i5 Many Happy R r l i n ' n s Z:ir. WMT hcnnnn Bmvl 1 ::tn Bill Drown "Tlic Movie Man" ·*:(»» T/7.y on thp Air 2:05 Rociie-( or Ci v ic Oi'oh(^ I ra :;IUI irnwrii-d t.«i ml in's Orrlicilra 3: in rienorlrr of Orld Facts .1:20 MrrJmly TJncers Oj) 3:30 rl Fit/irernlel nnd Co. ":-1."i Young Hickory I:fl0 Dance Orchestra 4:til Peggy Fuller. Ton Time Tunes 4-45 The Old Homestead ;j;ff Cozy Corners 5:15 Time Tin^PH ni30 Kvcnins Newscast f»:4r Orphan Annie fi-.ftfi T.tirv Small fi:J.= To bo nnnoimcorl ri:20 Slories from I-ifo (»:.?/ Dinnrr Dance Music fi:-!0 Kino] Edition fi:4"t Tii.ninnnrl City Kews *:)H Helen Uciycs 7:3f Swcelcsl T.ovc SOHRS F.vrr Sutif R;nrv Tlir Tiishop aiifl GarRoylc T.c:t R"'-- i:;;nn Sign on 9 Million Philcos in American homes-a marvelous tribute to Philco quality and performance. In appreciation Pbilco is cooperating with ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR OLD RADIO Your o p p o r t u n i t y to get a replica of the 9 millionth Philco, this powerful World Wave Model--with famous incline sounding board ot less t h a n you'd pay for an o r d i n a r y radio. REGULAR PRICE LESS TRADE-IN WORLD WAVE 630X YOU PAY ONLY PAY AS LITTLE AS PER WEEK CHECK THESE FEATURES INCLINED SOUNDING BOARD PHILCO FOREIGN TUNING SYSTEM SPREAD BAND DIAL CONCERT GRAND SPEAKER SUPER PENTODE AUDIO SYSTEM MANY OTHER 1937 PHILCO FEA- TURES. 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