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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Monday, January 19, 1818
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t e TFEB NEW - YORK. EVENING POST. ; ItTtmiTpr yiRfift MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 1818. , . y NO. 42 PINE - STREET. j.'S y . , 0 . ii , 'H " TZ. !J - MMMswasssssssssssssawssssssssssaaax . SALE AT THE siur - i"" r FOR SJlnE SUBSCRIBER, . A SLOOP, now building of the bert rtliaUrials, about 100 ton,; tjmbenofUve YiV&m locust and cedar, bottom plank Ttwul vat. built on purpose for the AHa - trade. A SLOOP of 50 tons, r - nMmd tot . . .. ..t. I....h.n Olid any trade where oupau.ii, easy draft of water is required. ' A perisgua SCHOONER, of ? - will draw but little water, J"" - :board through the centre of her keel, in rail verr lass . w c.XLa mail the purchaser.) SZZT - M and plank. Also, timber nor o u i - .. Knit, t'reirht or Charter, pi.. i ri. AMERICAN. buHhen 200 'tons. sail fast, is well found and can be .tVToTea immediately. This bng is ene year old: was built of the best materials and was en ployed the last yar as a packet between thii nort and Savannah, lies at Murry's wharf - Ap - ST" GRWWOLDS 4: COATES, 6B Sonth - st. for SALE. The vrrrfast sailing sloop PARA - rr.ON. Child, master burthen do tons, wfTuTr i: - Mttnwn. f Coim. bv Mr. Thoas Childs, of the best materials, has made one voyage to the West Indies, is one year old, snd can be sent to sea immediately. For terms nnlwto the master, on board at Rurlimr - slip, or to GRISWOLDS & COATES, dec J3 C8 South - street. T For MB ALTAR, tft The fast sailing bris: LAURA - ANN, IjCV. F. Coffin, roasicr; has line Accommo dations for passengers, ror ireigm.oi " uay rels or passage, apply to me captain uua.u, west siue nuriing - si i, . N. L. & G. GRISWOLD. dSO 86 jauth street, For SALE, The new and fast sailinir brig FAME Lhnilt of the best seasoned timber, and ftnihtnllv nut together, her rigging and sails ore nfrTrrllent Citl.litV. this Vessel IS well calculated fur a Southern Packet, having hand some accommodations. For terms and a view of her inventory, apply to CRIs WOLDS it COATES, dec 15 68 South - street. t or Freight or Charier, a The excellent bri? KldllXU .vm. Napier, master, nuruien one Hun dred aud five tons, will stow about V00 barrels, two years old, sails fast and can be sent to sea immediately Apply to the captain on board at the foot of llarruon - strcct, or to JOHN BYERS. Who hat for Sale, 1500 bbls eround plaster of Pafit 600 tons Nova Scotia rlaster 120 do French do in lots to suit pur chasers A pply as above. dec 1 1 tf For Sale, Frrizht or Charter, Pk. .!,: VtlRRDR. VX tnn bur. .aKthen, is a good resseJ. 2 years old, stows . MV Bin . - about &0 bbls, and satis fast. Apply on ooaru, m wwtU Barling - slip, or to H.LiSu.U III3WUL.U, Jaa3 ' ' , . . . B6South - t For Sale, Freight or Charter, YV The good Ship 1, iiGcer. master s 330 tons burthan, yea in old. in complete order to receive a car go, and is in every respect a fine vessel. Ap ply on board, west side Burlmfr - ahp, or to N. L. St G. GR1SWOLD, jan 8 86 South street. WAN 1 ED. A r.ritish brig of about 200 tons, to pload for port in England or Scotland Apply to CAiiliERLENu rEARSON dec 6 67 .South - st. For bale, Fretght or Charter, ThesUunrhcod thip ANGELICA, ,270 tons burthen, one year old, sheath ed aud in complete order to receive a cargo, stows about 2!i00 bbls. a very fast sailing ship, has large accommodations for paneugerr, and well calculated for the New - Orleans trade Ap - lly to a. Li. ii u. uuiswui.i;, dec 4 86 South - st Wanted to Charier. v44 A good SLOOP or SCHOONER, that will carry about 500 barrels, for a voyage to Bermuda ; immediate dispatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER & LAURIES, jan 3' 29 South - street. rt - VOR FHKIUHT UR CHAHTKR, The schr FAVORITE, H. H. Fi.her ViMae" lying 1st wharf above L)orer - st burUit - n 1100 barrels, 11 months old, Fhiladel pliia built, now ready to receive a cargo. Apply to the Captainon board, or at Si C. H. slip, to Jans IJ1V IK Bfc J HU.tIB CO. tor Freight or Charter, The substantial bris EUNICE, How. .master, ol 19j tons, 12 months old, a su perior vessel and ready to receive a cargo. Ap ply at 67 south - street, to jan 5 CAMBRELENG & PEARSON. For Sale, Freight or Charter, The schr. POLLY 8c SALLY, of .Philadelphia, burthen 120 tons, twelve months old, csrrics 1 100 bbls. is a fast sailer, in exceiunt order, and now ready to receive cargo. Apply on board at Murray's - wharf, or to K. ti li. TALCOTT, jn 7 64 South - street For Freushl or t harter. The fine ship "FOSTER, burthen 350 .tons, is in complete order, for any voy age and ready fir the reception of cargo. Apply to captain Moran, on board, or to jan 7 W. Si SAM. CRAIG. ftf 'or Freight or Charter, vM The staunch, substantial ship DRUM - VsVssiMOND, rapt R. Quarles, will be ready to receive a cargo iu a few days For terms apply on board, at Pier No. 17, or to WALSH Si GALLAGHER, jan 3 66 South - st. tor Sale, freight or Charter, The good fart sailing bri NYMPH. 157 tons burthen, in complete order to receive a cargo, may be rent to sea without delay. Apply on board, east Fly - market wharf, or to N. L. St G. GR1SWOLD, jan 8 86 South - st For Sale, Freight or Charter, k The ship FOX, burthen 2200 bbls. b .a very Cut sailing resscL and in srood or. der to recc ive a cargo. A pply to N. L. tz G. GRISWOLD, ja 8 86 Soutb - st For Sale, Freight or Charter. Vy A new pilot boat built SCHOONER, 120 tons burthen, built in the best aanner, of good material, and copper fastened, a very fast sailing vessel, and may be sent to sea with small expence. Apply on board, at Burlinj - slip, or to j 8 N. L fc C. GRISWOLD. For WASHINGTON, A". C. The schooner EAGLE, RixweU, lying in Peck - slip : will sail first fair wind or Iroight or passage, apply on board, or to R. & C. W. UAVENrOrlT & tU, jan 15 . For SAIANNAH, The fine and fast sailing packet brig LEVANT. D. Wood, master : having part of her freight engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. Fur freight or passage, .pply on board at Murray'a - wharf, or to inu. UAunun, jan 15 lw' 136 Front - street. For JfEW - ORLEANS, (lutended for a regular trader) The fine copper and copper - fastened brig CHARLES, capt. Wibray, wdl positively sail on the 24th insL For freight or passage, ap ply on board at pier no. 12, east side Old - slip, or to M'CREA St SLIDELL, jan 15 lw No. 41 South - st. for AMSTERDAM, The CHRISTOPHER GORE, capt Anderson, Having a great part of ber cargo engaged, will meet with quick dispatch For freight or passage, having very n.masome accommodations, apply to JOHN Ad.n. WILMS ft to. Jan 15 lw 73 Washingtoo - st. For Fmeht or Charier, The fine ship DftUVMOND, capt. R. Quarles, burthen 3000 bbls ; is now ready to receive a cargo, and will take freight for any part of Eu roie. A pply on board, at pier no. 17, Fly - Market slip, or to WALSH lc GALLAGHER, jan 13 66 touth - st. For ST. tHOMAS, The fast sailing schr G REYHOUN D, Hoadley, master. Having the greater pari ol ner freight engaged, for the remainder or passage, apply ou board, cast smeoi c ii. sup, or to F. W. KARTHAU3, REIMCKE Si CO. jan 13 ' 74 Washingten - st. tor freight or Charter, i The Jast sailing brig L.uuiB1 - r. CILE, 123 tons ; has made dui one voy age, and is now in readiness to receive a cargo Lies in front ol the subscribers store. G. G. ft S. HOWLAND, jan 13 . 77 Washington - st For DUBLIN. The substantial tasi sailing snip . n . 1 CNEl'TUNE. R. Field, master; will the w hole of her careo ready to go on board, will be dispatched without delay, for ii - eigm of about 250 casks flaxseed, cotton, or cabin and steeraire uassaere. havine excellent ac commodations, apply to inus. . wawii, dec 13 118 Front - street. t or CHA UL ES TON, The new fast sailing schooner TONTINE, S. Hoyt, master, will positively sail id. all next week For freight or passage. having superior accommodations, apply on board east side Burling slip, or to jan 9 SAUL. ALLfcY, 91! l'me - st. COLOUR, COTTON, &c 250 bbls Phila - JL' it lelphia flour 21 bales upland cotton, new crop 8 do Newrleans do d . 5 tons IiguumvitsB .. . 15 tubs German ateo! , . 2 pipes red port wine 11 hhds. do do do 5 hluls white do do 3 qr. casks dodo do 1 hhd Madeira wine ' 1 1 qr. casks do do 37 boxes superior claret (ldox. each) An invoice of lace veils, cotton lace, tc. An invoice of Dutch toys for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, jan 7 113 Front street AylUSKETS, TAPES, tic 5000 Musaets 4 a. entitled to Uehenture 13 boxes well assorted Tapes. Ne 1 1 to 25 7 ccroons 1st quality Flotant Indigo 4 boxes Flaxen Linorn 2 bbls. White Lead, ft r sale by J.C. zimmeAman, Jan 8 !m No. 72 Washinston - streeL PHILADELPHIA FLOUR. 500 barrels su J. perfine, landing irom tlie schooner Colum - oia. IN STORE, 160 barrels Richmond superfine flour, (City and Country brands.) For sale at No. 106 Front - street, by Jan 3 TROKES, DAVIDSON. CO 34 TOB.HCCv ii tLOCti. hhds new Richmond tobacco 20 do old do do 13 do Petersburg do 300 bbls Philadelphia superfine flour Landing from bri Riain? Sun, and schrs In dian Hunter, Sea Lion, and Brothers Tor sale by DOORM AN & JOHNSTON. Also, in store 500 bbls superfine Richmond flour ; 200 do Petersburg do. dec 27 1 TOBACCO ii FLOUR. 9 hhds. prune old leaf tobacco, landinz from schr. Sea Lion, Irom Richmond lir STORK, Richmond superfine flour do fine do 1030 bbl,. 75 do For sale by TROKES, DAVIDSON Si CO. 106 Front - street dec 30 rpOBACCO, FLOUR ii COTTON. 18 JL hhds prime leaf tobacco 300 bbU Virginia flour 20 bales prime upland cotton, received per sloop Cashier, from Petersburg, and for sale bv WALSH Si GALLAGHER, dec23 66 South - street. SHOT, WHITE LEAD, tic A lew tons Patent Shut, from B B to 10 A few casks Dry White Lead 3 tons best do. in oil, in 28 St 561b. kegs 25 casks best Red Lead 26 rolls Sheet do. 10 hhds Paris White, of a superior quality 4 casks Yellow Ot hre, dry Red, Yellow and Black Paints, in kegs of 1 cwt. each A few casks Fig Blue Black Varnish in kegs of 4 gallons each - Window Glass 7 by 9, 8 by 10, 11 by 9, and 12 by 10 for sale by ATKINSONS 1 FLEMING, Her 22 1m 167 Pearl - street. ILOUR, TOBACCO, fee 1200 bbls Rich - V tnond, Petersburt snd Fredericksburg Flour 18 hhds prime Leaf Tobacco 38 bales Upland Cotton, ol very superior quality, landing from different vessels, and for sale by WALSH 1 GALLAGHER, dec 26 66 Sooth - street. FLAXSEED Is FLOUR. 28 tierces Flaxseed S50 barrels superfine Southern Flour, just re ceived. and for sale by HENDERSONS CAIRNS; dec 27 81 Pine - street. BLUE GOODS, tic 17 bales company bine Mamoodies, fine qual. 4 bales Company blue Baft as, do 17 do India Calicoes, sup. qual snd new patterns, selected particularly for this market, just ree'd per ship India, for sale by P. RBMSEN tt CO, jaa 3 26 South - itmt. COTTON YARN The COMMISSION J COMPANY, 148 Pearl - street, have now for sale, most Nos. or Cotton Yarn, from No. 4 to 30. jan 8 OOOR OF KOsbs. FEW pound bottles of Odor of Rosrs, just CV received from Smyrna, and for sale by dec ti ROBERT LENOX. COi'TON. TWENTY bales Prime Upland Cotton, for sale at 35 Peck - slip, by R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. . Jan 6 oHLGLES - Ac. 100,000 22 inch Shingles, rrel Staves, for sale by D 11,000 W. O. Barrel Staves, for sale by u . ' Ul llllifMKIBTft IY R. b C. W. DAVENPORT St CO. Jan 6 ri TOBACCO FLOUR. Landing this day J. from the schooners Rolla and Weymouth, 26 hbds. prune old, and t08acco 63 do. new ) 105 barrels suporfine Flour 1st Stork, 100 hhds. old Richmond At fotersburg tobacco 500 kess of 1st ii 2d quality manufactured no, various brands for sale by Ulilli lUiinubU W! jan 7 92 Coffee - house - slip. V A Till IE LEAD IN OIL. WO kees ol V V White Lead, eround in oil, 28 lbs. each, landing from ship Caroline Ann, from Liverpool, lor sale by JJlVlr. Cf.lllUAt. ti su. jan 7 rso. vz uonee - nouse - siip. UPHOLSTERY 4 tierces best black curled Horse Hair 1 case best Satin Horse Hair Seating, and Thread Ticklimr. just received per Lorenw, tram London, and lor salt by jan 7 C5 South - street. S STARCH. USE Hundred and Sixty, kegs Philadelphia Starch, landing Irom schr. fair trader, at Old slip, lor sale by jan 5 75 Wall - street. 033 1.ND1GO, SUGARS, ac bass Iienares and Radnaeore Susars, the latter very superior quality, hard grained, worthy the attention ol retailers 17 cases Benzal Indieo 4200 Goat Skins,' large size and Coe quality, just ree'd vet ship India, lor sale by jan 3 26 South - street, TT'LANNELS, PINS, 4:c A few bales as - J sorted flannels, while, red and yellow Do fine and superfine white do. very wide Green tablo covers, from 5 qr. to 8 by 10 Men and women's cotton stockings Do do white silk do A few cases London inixt pins, in 1 - 2 St 3 - 4 lb Do pack pins, 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2 and 5 I case mourning pins, 1 do short white do White chapel needles, assorted, No. 1 to 10 1 case hooks and eyes 1 do brass and steel top thimbles Brass aud card wire For sale - by ATKINSONS t FLEMING, dec 22 lm 167 Pearl - st. . - TRAITS BRANDY. TWENTY live pities Cette Brandy, for sale by ChAS L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEN, Jan 9 Washington - street. A Cdrn - rais Warded. WANTED immediately, a corn - fan ; a second hand one will answer. A pply to TUCKER lc LAURIES, jan 20 29 South - street. ' 250 TURPENTINE. bbls soft turpentine, afloat, and for sale by R. & C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. jan 12 tlLOUR, TOBACCO S r LAaSEEU obo L bbls Fredericksburg hour 24 half tierces flaxseed 14 hhds prime leaf tobacco, received per schrs, Wm. Si Henry and Virginia For sale by jan7 WALSH tc GALLAGHER. .I UsKETS and FOWLING flECEa, enti - V I llift In rtchnntlire. 13 cases British Muskets, with bayonets and scabbards complete. S dodo Fowlinsr Pieces Jnst received per Carolina Ann. from Liverpool, for sale by jan 9 P REM a KIN K CO. 2ti soutn - st. 1 1 a RICE. J ojj tierces prime new rice, received per ship Radius from Charleston, and for sale by D. BETHUNE & CO. 92 Coffee - House slip. jan 10 RUM, Lc 2 hhds. old Jamaica Rum s 10 bags sup. Calcutta Sugar, landing from sloop Satellite, and tor sale by G. W. TALBOT, jan 10 55 Pine street. O I'M & CHOCOLATE 50 bis. 1st. proof Xsv New Rum 30 boxes HHPs Boston Chocolate Xo. 1 For sale by JACKSON Si WOOL - LEY, jan 13 75 Wall - street. MADEIRA WINE London particular Ma - deira wine of the most approved brands, in pipes, hhds. and quarter casks, fit for immediate use and well worth the attention of private families Will be sold at reasonable prices, and in quantities to suit purchasers, by TUCKER & LAURIES, jan 9 29 South - st. I7LOUR tc TOBACCO. 150 bbls Flour, F branded (Richmond Mill's) 200 do Petersburg do 7 hhrli Did leafTobarro 50 kegs Manufactured do. branded " 1 4 P Labby," landing from the sloops Brothers and juuei. and lor saie oy WALSlI Si GALLAGHER, jan 6 66 South - street. JAMAICA RUM, lc. 17 puns. Jamaica tl Rum. 2 do. do. Terr old, and of superior quality 2 hhds. Molasses 1 do Castor Oil, 2 bags Pimento 4 casks Copper A quantity of Lance wood Spars Landing Irom schooner Rover, from Port Ma ria, and for sale by POTT & M'KINNE, dec 17 . 56 South - street. MARSEILLES QUILTS. fVNE case superfine Marseilles quilts, from W 5 - 4 to 14 - 4, for sale by MARCH Sc LOW, dec 19 210 Broadway. TAMAICA COFFEE. 5 hhds. very fineereen l Jamaica Coffee, entitled to drawback, for sale bv 1VLM.K K LAUnln, dec'6 29 South - street. CALCUTTA GOODS. "NE hundred bales consisting of J Baftas, Luckipore, Chittahully, Callipatty and ruuea. Cossahs, Chaudpore, Comocolly, Johanna and Lucaipore. Sannahs Jellalpore and Mow. Checks Gillahs, Romsls, &c for sale by CHS. L. OGDEN and ABRM OGDEN, jan 9 Washingtoo - street. COTTON - 9 bales first quality Upland Cotton, landing, and for sale by bAL'L ALLEY. 98 Tine - street. IN S TORE, 32 bales Sea - Island Cotton. Apply as above. Jaa 9 DOMESTIC St OTHER WARES. THE subscribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the following goods, V1X Dutch and Enslish Gunny Bags, &c. Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do flair do Whips of every description Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan cy and common . a , I lean ao ao no Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe St Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Pools Clamps, 4.7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse : .do Bed Cords. Clothes Seine, sewing, wrap ping, baleing and ball Twine Fish Lines Lines Shoe & Sadlers Thread Saab Cords, Trace Dearborn's Ballan ces Rone wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Which ther will sell wholesale or rrtail on li - . rrnn a . r'lTinwr jan 5 76 Pearl - street. flOlrON New crop, prime, suitable lor KJ oianufscturiic will be sold in parcels to ac commodate purchasers. Also, a lew bales ol old crop. .enquire 14U Pearl - street, up flairs. jan 8 QOUCHONG U KAMl'OY TEAS, in boxes O and cannisters, 33 and 24 lbs each, entitled to debedtUie, for sale at 64 South - street, by CAMBRELENG &.PEARSON, jan 5 KENTUCKY TOBACCO 6 hhds. Kentucky tobacco, suitable for manufacturing, for sale by N. ti D. TALCOTT. jan 7 ISIjAJYD COCOA. TWENTY - FIVE bags of very superior quality Island cocoa, for sale by TUCKER & LAURIES, Jan 2 . 29 South - st. CARPETS. 2 bales Mirzapore Carpets, just received, mid for sale by GEO. W. TALROT, dec 29 ' 55 Pine - street. I A M ES D'W ULF, J nn. wi li hencefur w ard con. J tinue to transact Commission business in his own name. dec 31 BRISTOL BROWN STOUT. 150' casks Bristol brown stout, warranted equal to any ever imported, in casks of 6 1 - 2 dozen bottles far sale by B. W. ROGERS & Co. dec 10 235 Pearl - strfet. 120 FLOUR. bbls. superfine flour, received per schr Ceres from Richmond, now landing and fur sale by DIVIE BETHUNE & CO. jan 14 92 Coffee - House slip. UNLLEACll'D SHIK'UNGS, GINGHAMS tic. tec. A FEW cases of Unhleach'd Shirtings, just re - . ceived. Also, handsome patterns ofGing - hains, made Irom Sea Island yarn, from No 211 to 32, and a general assortment ol cotton ana woolen domestic goods. Also cotton yarn, particularly low numbers, for sale by Hie dec. 23 " 148 Peail - stre'et. RICHMOND TOBACCO ti Fl.OUR. LL 628 bbls. Richmond supf. Flour 37 hhds prime new crop Richmond, princi pally large and leafy, now landing from schr l noma, iiu jii "iuic, imi saii; ui Jan 6 BOORMAN Si JOHNSTON. 1.VJ. crop - 3 ra. Cocoa Nuts, landing fiom brig Mary, from Havana, lor sale ny N. itD. TALCOTT, Jan 14 64 South - street. rpOBACCO 28 hhds new crop Tobacco, of X excellent quality, lauding from schr. Rolla, Irom Richmond, lor sale by D. BETHUNE & CO. Jan 6 92 Coffee House - slip. COFFEE. T'WO Hundred and Seventy bags St. Domin - X go Coffee, received per schr. Spartan, for sale by LE ROY, BAYARD tc CO. Jan 6 W Q COFFEE, SUGAR and INDIGO. i 4 O bbls. and 20 bags fine green Coffee 33 hhds, 1 tierce and 4 bbls Muscovado Sugar 41 ceroons Caraccas Indigo. Landing from the schr. Greyhound, from St. Thomas, lor sale by F. W. KARTHAUS, REIN1CKE St CO, jan 3 74 Washington street. HIDES. I70UR hundred Hides landing this day from 1? Perseverance, and will he sold low from the wharf. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, 28 South street. Jan 9 ' I 'OBACCO St FLOUR. I hlids Irish niar - X ket I obacco 5 do prime new crop do I!7 l.tilaannsrf Flnur Landinr from schooners Native and Remit tance, for sale by li. lr. 1 uu.w. v cu. dec 20 94 Coffne - House slip 51), COTTON. bales prime Upland cotton, landing from scb. South - Carolina lor sale by S. ALLEY, dec 13 98 Pine - st INDIGESTION OH SOUR STOALiCU IS acknowledged hy medical writers to be a complaint ol stubborn kind, and at all times very difficult of cure. This is suthcienliy inus. trated in the disappointment of those who unfor nately suffer under it, astfhey, for the most part, find that after havine tried many things to little or no purpose, they are at last obliged to sse (for pernaps ine remninaer 01 nie; ruai wm can at best but palliate the disease. Under such circumstances, any medicine capable of remo - rini? the cnmnlainl. must surely be an article hiehlv deserrini! the attention of all those who are afflicted with it ; such a combination is to he met with in Dr. MEAIPS ANTl - DY SEP TIC or STOMACH FILLS the success of which has never yet been equalled, for the cure ofdyspepsia in its most complicated form, such as loss of appetite, nausea, heart barn, flatulency, knawiui pain in the stomach, pain in the side, great 1 ostivenes, paleness in the countenance, languor, lowness of spirits, pain in the head, virtiso or giddiness, and disturbed sleep Whoever allies these pills in the above disease, according to the directions, will never be disappointed, a they have never been once known to fail in producing a radical ana permanent cure The use of a single box will convince the sjaost unbelieving of their efficacy. They will m.wt effectually remove all sourness of the stomach, not merely by neutralising the acid, but by correcting that morbid state of the secretions which gives rise to it, and t the same time will restore to the debilitated organs of digestion, that tone and vigour which is absolutely necessary to the well being ol the animal economy. To be had at Brook H Cane's, Pearl - street, at J. C. Morrison's, Greenwich - street, and at Mnll L Rnn'a 146 Pearl - street, where drug gists and country dealers will be served on liberal terms. (Tj Price one dollar per box. dec 24 6w BOARD St LODGING. TWO or three Gentlemen can be accommodated in a French family, with Board and Lodeine. where they can take sessions in the FresK - ls language if ther chute. Apply at this office FOR SALE, HKAI rROPF.RTT IS TRK CITY lit HEW - YORK. A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. 11 Bowerv ST ABLE in the rear toe - eth er M'ltn the l.ui. 44 leet trout, vz iet rear, and 125 leet on each side. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - street ; and House and Lot No 39 Vesey - street. A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollars. do and de for 750 . do do and do for 450 do On valuable property in the city of New - York. The interest lias always been punctually paid. r or particulars inquire at tne omce or STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, dec 10 tf No. 27 Wall - strert. tf!T - i, FVR SALE, (XmSI The houses aud loU Nos. 161 and 163 Wdliam - street. If not disposed of at ptjjvate sale, previous to the 2Rlh instant, they will on that day be oiered for sale, by auction, at the Tontine Coffee House. For further particulars apply at No. 21 1 Duane - street. Jan 7 tf REAL ESTATE. For sale the fee simple ef 132 feet front on Division - street and 45 feet front on Eldridge - street, making a front of 177 feet, under a lease of 5 years. The dwellings are all oscupied as retail dry good stores. This riroperty is worthy the attention of a capata ist who wishes to invest his cash in real es tate. If the leases and houses was purchased will eive 15 per cent per annum. The terms are 1 - 5 cash, remainder on mortgage for number of years. The title unquestionable, and a warrcntee dred will be given. For particulars, apply to JAMES W. SHAW, No. 5 Bowery. ALSO, A stock of Dry Goods, on liberal credit, for approved security. Apply as above. dec 30 eodSw FOR SALE, t . ..j .i . i r i i ii ill arm siiuaiea oiimeeaii nanaoi nuo sou's uiver, live mues norm 01 me village 01 Pouchkeepsie, in the county of Dutchess, con taining six hundred and seventy acres, having a (rout of three quarters of a mile on the river, two hundred and thirty acres of which is a fine plain ol great fertility, the residue is arable of a different quality, pasiure, ineaaow ana wood, 01 wnicn there is a groat abundance of the finest kinds. There are upon the premises a good farm - house, a barn and extensive sheds ; a large and excel lent dwelling house and a variety of out - build iiiin, with every convenience for a large farming establishment. J lie farm is very well watered and in good fence, and has upon it two thrill) - young orchards i and the garden is filled with a great variety of tin best fruit. Itis in the neigh hourhood ol an Episcopal and a 1'reshytenan Church, and adjoins an academy lor the education ofbos. under the direction of Doctor Allen ana wnnin a nine ni nyue i art landing , irom whence sloops sail every week to New - York, and " i i i . ti i. i i : . . where passengers are taken and landed by the passing steam - boats. Tliis tract may be divi ded into three convenient farms ; 200 acres may he taken from the north and 200 from the south. ( leaving 270 acres, with the principal buildings. in the centre) on both of which are fins situations, commanding iicautiiui and extensive views ol the river and adjacent country. The above will be sold altogether or in separate parts to suit the purchaser. I of Wa.Ti inirtnn. in the Hunt rnuntv. IvMiff ahnnt Also lor saie, two farms, situate in tne tnwni twenty miles from the river, one of them contain - uiK zll acres, the other JUJ acres: on both ol which are new and commodious dwelling houses, haras and out buildings, and good bearing or cliards ; the soil fertile and the farms in excellent fence A considerable part of the purchase money for me Huuvtr tuny reuiaimur several years on interest. - . . For furtlier particulars apply to the subscriber. JoHN JOHNSTON. Hyde Park, Nov. 27th, 1817. dec 1 eodflw sirt FOR SALE. tjju By order of the executors of George Stanton, deceased, the two story house and lot No. 18 Harrison - street. Said house is brick front, contains four rooms with fire - places, t cellar kitchen, cellar, and a fine vault in the eel lar. The lot is eighteen feet 8 inches in width. front and rear, and eighty seven feet six inches i . i i . i . . - ,1 in lengin a aesirauie situation lor a smau gen teel family. . f or terms, Kc. apply to JONAT HAN LI J Or. ITTLE, 2 IS rearl street, HENRY STANTON. Brooklyn ftj - Should the above property not be disposed of by the 14th January next, it will on that day be sold at the Tontine Coffee Huusn, by Messrs. Hoffman 4c Glass, to close the concerns oi tne estate. dec 3 1 mawzw tVR SALE, On accommodating terms, the House and lot No. 139 r ultoo - street. The premises may at any time be viewed and terms made known, by applying to the present occupant. Jan 16 St For Sale. Leaie, or Let. That pleasantly situated place, on the road I ailing to king's - bmlge, by way of llarla - ra lane, known as Rose - Hill. The avenue to Macomb's bridge runs a few rods in the rear of it, rendering the premises very desirable, as the house, in consequence, shews two frent. The garden, aud about two acres of meadow, are well stocked with fruit and shrubbery, asparagus beds, currants, Sic. The house and roach - house are in good condition, and with small expense can be made a very genteel country retreat. The terms will be made easr. ALSO, That very genteel two - story house, stable and two lots of ground, situated in Baok - st., Ureetv wicb ; at present occupied by George Lindsay, Esq. Apply at ij Broadway ; or, to CHARLES OAKLEY, jan 15 lm 141 F root - street. FOR THE LADIES. rpHE RESTORATIVE POWDER FOR J THE TEETH AND GUMS This ex cellent preparation comforts and srengthens the gums, preserves trie enamel from decay, a no cleanses ana wniiens tne leein, ansoroing an that acenmonious slime and foulness, which, suf fered to accumulate, never fails to injure, and finally ruin them. THE DAMASK LIP SALVE. Is recommended, (particularly to the Ladies) as an elegant and pleasant preparation lor chapped and sore lips, and every blemish aud inconvenience occasioned by colds, fevers, tic. speedily restoring a beautiful rosy color, and delicate softness to the lips . ,, THE GENUINE FERSIAN koiiu.i, Po reloliratMl a man the fashionable through out Europe, is an invaluable cosmetic, and perfectly innocent and safe, free from corrosive and rerjellent minerals, fthe basis of other lotions) and of unparalleled efficacy in prereating and removing blemishes in the face and skin of every kind, particularly freckles, pimples, scarfs, tet ters. nor wrrms, sun burns, tic. rendering the skin delicately soft and clear. ; improving the rnmnleiion and restoring the bloom of vouth. Hamilton's Essence and extract of Mustard, for Rheumatism, Lembago, Palsy, tc. Hamilton's celebrated Elixer. for coughs. colds asthmas and consumption. Hamilton's vvona destroying corenges Harm's Aati - Bilioos Pills Hamiltoa'sGrand Restorative, for nervous dis eases, fee. being peculiarly adapted to emalc complaints. bold at LEE'S Medicine - store, a o. 40 Maiden - laoe. Druggists and country store - keepers supplied ea liberal terms. Certified casts of cure may be see at the place Mai jan eoa . I ! I Bank of J merit Dec. X): 1817. ftT - Notice is hereby civen to the S'ockholdi ers of the Bank of America, that a dividend of two dollars and fifty cents on a share, for six months, ending on the 31st iest. will be paid at . the Bank, on Friday, the 2d January next. By order ol the Board of Directors. GEO NEW BOLD, Cashier. dec 20 In . . " PHEMX BANK. (7 A dividend of three per cent, has beed, . this day declared on the stock of this Bank, pay. . able on the 2d January next. The transfer bocks will be closed on the 24th instant. By order, of the Board of Directors, dec 20 D. 1. GREENE, Cashier. : (7 - "If PATRICK DILLON, who left Trai lee, in the County of Kerry, Ireland, in the year 1803, will transmit Mrs. Fitzherry, of Tralee, his address, it will be a particular advantage to. both parties.' Tralee, October, 1815. The above is inserted at the request of Mr. Dillon's friends. Anr communication on the subicct will be thankfully received and transmitted hy elec 18 UEAJW. W. KUliMlSKUU. NOTICE. ft7" Public notice is hereby giv - ft that the subscribers intend to apply to the Legislature of nit; Eiate 111 new - sorsi, q,i ineir neat seinim, lur as Act of Incorporation, incorporating them and their associates by the name and style of the r ranKiin insurance company with a capital of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, for the purpo. ses ol making nil hinds of insurance seainst ore and on a life or lives, ai;d also on the inland trans - , portation of goods, wares and merchandise. ft l t - i llt. VY III l iNfcl, BEN J L. SWAN, ELISHA TIB BITS, dec 4 tf JOHN ADAMS. NOTICE. fr7 - The undersigned give notice, that theV intend to apply to the Legislature of this state, at their next session, for an act to incorporate themselves and their associates into a company, in the city of New - York, nnder the style of The North River Steam - Boat Company," - with a capital of sis hundred thousand dollars, for the purpose of navigating with Steam Boats the waters of the North River. Dated the 22i day of December, 1817. EDWARD P. LIVINGSfON, ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, CHAS. AUG. DALE, D. LYNCH, Junr. dec 22 d6w . ' NOTICE. 0 - The Pacific Insurance Company of Newi York have this day declared a Dividend of twelve pet cent on the capital Stock, payable) nt their office, No. 49 Wall - street, on (lie 19tb' instant. Byordrrof the Board of Directors. " - Jan 5 1m WALTER K. JONES, Sec. NOTICE. fCr The Subscriber, in behalf of himself and his associate, gives notice, that an application will be made to the honorable the legislature of this state, at its next session, for an Act to incorporate a Hani with a capital stock of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, and with leave to in' crease it to One Million ; to be located north east of Beekman - street, in the city of New - York, and lobe called "The Franklin Bank of the city of New - York." Dated New - York, 16th Dec. 1C17. By order of the Associates, dec 30 tf NOAH BROWN, Sec'ryi . .VAT' 1 07iA INSURANCE COMFANIi The president and directors t are this day( declared a dividend of five per cent on the capital ttxk of ths company for the last six months, payable to the stockholders, or their legal representatives, on and after the 12th instant, at the office, Nn. as WU - tcvt. jan5 lm . C. G. SHIPMAN, see'ry. NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY. Hie President and Directors of the National Insurance Company, have this day declared a dividend of fifteen per cent on their capital stock, for their last six months, payable to the stock holders, or their legal representatives. on and after Thursday the 15th inst jan 5 tFebl JOHN J. JUNES, Secr'y Eagle Firt Company of NeW'l'ork. NOT ICE is hereby given that a dividend for the last six months of four and a half per cent, on the capital Stock, of this Company hat been declared, and will be paid to the Stockbol derson the l&tbinst. Jan 5 lm JOHN D. MEYER. Sec. new - York firemkn insurance COMPANY. OT The Capital Stock of the Company hay - ? ing by a new subscription len reinstated to the full sum of Five hundred thousand Dollar which is amply secured, are now ready to receive ap plications for Fire nod Marine fnsurince nt their Office No. 56 Wall - street. The Office solicits the patronage of the public in the confidence that adequate protection will he afforded to the a Mured and all losses be promptly adjusted. ' By order of Ihe board of Directors, Jan 6 lm WM. M'NEAL, See'ry. NEW PUBLICATIONS. 1 UST Published and for sale by ELI AS VXL - .1 ENTINE, 104 Broadway, (3d door belo l'ine - s(reei) forsyth's Remarks on Antiquities, Arts and Letters of Italy, Nancredes Abridge ment of Or field on Poions. The Hero, or the adventures of a Nigbt The White Cottage, Ballance of Comfort The Itinerant or Memoirs of an Actor, 2d pars 3 vols. The Knight of St. Johns, by Miss Porter. Letters Irom the South. lyeh's Travels in Egypt and beyond the Ca taracts. - ' ' Also will be published in a few days a rnnt of Mr. Pmum, in the character of Carr. Beldark, engraved by Gimbrede. Jan 13 tf INESTIMABLE JlsCOVtHY. H' EALTH preserved and restored without JVedicine or yuacsery, wnicu ouen ue stroys tbe deljcate consmuuoa ou ueoiuiaies ths strong Colds bring on the most alarming disorders, with those torturinr rheumatic pains, liimharo. rout. tic. which, all ths faculty have) not been able to eradicate. To prevent is bet ter than to cure. R. YEO has prepared (from a receipt of rerr eminent physiciaa) leather (of which hrf - makes shirts) of the most vital and nutritious quality, which will prevent all the above men! tiooeil complaints. They produce an animal heat to tbe body, which cannot be obtained from flannel, patent fleecy hosiery, or lamb's wool they absorb all perspiration, and resist all tne - humidity that injures the human frame they are sft and pleasant to wear and do not produce that irritability that is so unpleasant in flannel. Those who have favored him with their orders have declared their astonishment at the benefits derive ! from them,, Te be had of RICH'D. YEO, breeches maker and leather dresser, 163 Water - street; where also oiay - be hsd leather pantaloons, doe skin vests, all kinds of gloves an4 mittens of the best quality, wholesale and retail, at tbe shortest notice. dec 311 m tOR, ' "The HOUSE and OFFICE, Nos. 23 and 25 rue - street. For particulars enquire at the) office No. 25 Pine - street. Jan 14 lw Q FOR SALE, The tsodera built basement story House, No. 08 Chamber - street, towqUtitly fumiihtd. Tbe furniture is new and fashionable and will be) sold at a large reduction from cost, together1 with the bouse, or separately as nay suit tbe purchaser. For terms apply oa the premised which may be viewed from 11 anU13 o'clock - . Jaa 10 lw U r r; t i? t x t. tT ' ft i I - i i i

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