The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 17, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1818
Page 4
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INSOLVENTS, ADVERTISING FOR - THE, &EHFJTT OFTHE ACT IN THIS STATE, j cotiss mom rnu Ain Aaont, in - f ' - 'orrmAL uni. ' frcu - YttIltrrt Richard Riker, Recorder. WiLiam Warner, Feb U , . . . , Join Miller, Feb 18 , . ' . . E4ward Cbard. Teb 14 ' Kiwtl R. Hamilton, March 31 Job Morrtll, March 7 Daniel Lamourttx. Jan $6 1 Mom Warner, Feb. 4 James Aitislie, March 7 Edward Church, Feb 14 - better J iHlaoa, Feb. M George Lindsay, Feb 20 ; John Ledyard, Feb 14 William Pitkin, Feb SO Charles Merol, Felt 10 J olid Ledyard, Feb 5 - Peter Wilt, Ftb. 14 v Eptiraim Robins, do - Harrison Speodlove, Jan 31 Richard Sutton, Feb 19 "' Ephraim Stern, Feb 7 William Skidiuore, Feb 7 , Eptiraia Starr, Feb. 7 . Aimer Reeve, Jan 27 f Kkhard Colfa, jr. Feb 4 - , Henry Wnlkinson, FebC Anthony Daumoat, Feb. 5. David Selden, Jao. 84. Caleb Wood, Jan t9 , , . - Before At Mayor. PfterrCarty,Feb.7 . JcAnNkbolai, Febtl Albany county lief ore ' Philip S. Parker, Ra - ... , cordcr, tn A litany. ".' Daniel Gallop, of Bern, Febt7 ; Abraliam C. Sheldon, March 13 Reulien Thompson, March 13 ' Iiaiah Shaw, of Albany. Jan 31 Madison county Before Peter Smith, firtt judge " tn feterboro. - Henry 1. Wa'rath, of Sulliran, April 4 I Pyem Tower. March 1 . George W. Cbeetebroisgh and Robert Wil liam, March 7 A mot Parroelee, Jan. 31 a 1 1 - ' r T - . . I Kt - mn John Tomb and Jobs SneU both of Sullivan, JaaSl , Outgo County Before Joteph IVhite, fint ' Judue in the town of Cherry Valley. r Nathan Uoderwood, jr. Jan 20 Montgomery county Before Alexander Sheldon, ' first Judge in CharUtton. ' Jacob L Young, of Johnitown, Feb 26; - Wra I. Saber, of Canajoharie, March 20 Samuel lioxie, of Broadalbio, March 12 Ci of TroyB'fore William L. Marry, Esq. CorneliutSeabring, Feb. 21 , Motet Smith, March 13 Hnry A. Lake, of Rensselaer county, Feb. . Jonathan Dently, of Troy, Jan. 30 . Ralph Day. Jan. 20 Aia Waters, Feb 9 ; James Derrick. Feb 3 i Cbarlea Mulford. Feb 2 ' Onondaga County Before Josltua Formanjinl j - - . ' - Judge tn unortauga. - Joteph Landoa, ofMareellu, March 21 ' Vine Branch, of Camillus, Feb 27 OtitLrgg, March 24 t John bowen, Feb 17 a Kboneser Raymond, of Munliui, March 12 . Christopher Bulk ley, of Salina, March 0 Allen Wilton, of Onondaga, do. " Silas Ball, ofOtisco, Feb. 6 Washington County Before A nthony I. Bfynch - aid, in Salem. - Jamet Weill, March 25 - Joseph Wella, ofKort Ann, Feb. 19 ' Anton Frary, of Kingsbury, March 12 John Reynolds, of J ark ton. F en. Id Winthron Whedou. of Hebron. Feb 12 William Lnrmouth, of Cambridge, March 12 1 JQlm Hubbard, nr talent, rco.Z. 1 horn at Howard, Feb 13 John Wright, of do Feb 6 iv;i.i.. r.i. ivk 1 1 . Geneuee county Ptfire John II. Jonet, fint "" .' . ' Judge, in heitetttr. Aiariah 'tf. Hubbard, and Lewit C. Cock, w sue a ua ic - aja.rt.h23 - , Abel Wooiter, of Bcrgrn, Marco 27 Motet Woorit, of Riga, Feb. 20 3 John 11 art iman, Feb. 15 'Jamet Rlcliardton, Feb 20 Lyman Lvant, JanUJ Zenut Skinner, Feb 20 1 ' Stephen Allen, Feb 15 fcaJmnn Sconeld, of Gate, Feb 1 1 fiarid EdEerir. of l'err?. Feb 12 Saratoga, county Before Salmon Child, firtt .'John Wilcox, March 2 Wmidurorlh. Feb 27 , Eliat Billing, of Slill water, and David Brown, Feb. S3 - , ' John Tuttle, March 20 . - John Wilkinson, of Milton. Feb. 20 Nathan Evan, of Malta, Feb. 13 . Itaao Ormapliin, Feb. 27 John O.ilartin, March 23 I1rirt Infftrton. of Northumberland, ten. 6 William fl. Scott, and Rensselaer gchurler, of Slillwater, eb s " ' 3 Columbia countit before J. D.MontU, Hudton Charles Merrill, March 13 . Nathaniel Ives March 2 ' Win. Smith, ol Kindcrhook, March 13 Jamet Moore, Maich 20 Jmtui I tnrdick. of Kindcrhook. John O. lieis Jorph of Claverack, Ira A. Chase and Noyet Palmer or Hillsdale allJnnrj AmoaTulU of Albany, Feb 5 Peter Ottrander, Jan 31 Qliatango county - Before Obadiah German, Eq. .. . i . . - . uuVonrich. Jonathan Bennet, Jan 24 . . John Bennett, Feb 10 JouDh Mead. Feb. 9. Steuben county - Before Thonxat M'Burney, finl Judge, tit fainted - f on. Francis Lital. Feb 11 Thomas D. Hadley, Feb 25 Benjamin Shick, Feb 17 Klitab Bacon, of Reading, Jan. 30 Jacob Christlet, Jan 26 , c - Oneida tountyBifore Aathan Williams William She lion, Jar.21 Before Morris S. Miller. Henry Stone, of Bridgwater, March 28 A mot Pierce, of Htiben, March 14 Joteph Moutton, of Rome, Feb. 21 Joteph Oamer, of Vtmon, Jan. 3t Joseph Mitchel. Jan 24 . - V.hih Scott, of Vernon. Jan 24 Orange county Before A'alhmnH. White, Etq At uothen. Daniel Cronkyte, Feb. 14 - Cornelius Mac Elroy,4f Monroe, Feb 23 - John Howell, of Newhurg, Jan 20 - . Jeffertan Courhi... Before IV. U. Ford. Jeremiah Winegar and Thomas Nelson, Jon. Tberon Green, of HoundtSelJ, Feb. 20 jonn v. rnein, marci. 9 Thomas Fatsett, of Rofetan, March 2G ' F.nan Salisbury, of Adcsj., Keh ) , Tunit V Van Nest, of Brownville, Jan. 29 Jeremiah H Bishop, J an. 30 Greene., Count), before Gernt Abed Eta. at ' - CattkiU. Uriah Coffin, March 21 Isaiah Walkey, Jan 24 Schoharie County, before Wm. Bcebnan, Esq ot Sharon. Jamet Swords, Feb 9 John Goodrich, Jan 31 Dutches County Before Jamet F.molt, Esq. . Jot. Brown, of Pouehkeepsie, March 11 Daniel Frelegh, of Clinton, Feb. 21 John Hoaie. t Poughkeerwie, Feb 14 Atwaham I. Van Vlack, of Fishkill, Jan. 27 Mathu btuart,f Clinton, Feb 12 DcUtvart County, before Isaac Ogden,'Esj. JTeiuu Uawkius, of Franklin, April 4 John E Deoio, Jan. 22 Warren County before Wax. nobardt. John Pafchin, of Caldwell, and John Stanton, oi vtoeentowT, reo it JoaMhan Pitcber, of Qoeensbury, Feb 7 Tboiaat Ktrnham, Feb 7 Kng county, before W m. Foman, Esq. Jura V. Waiger, JaatO . . . ' Uerkhner County, before Xaihan Smith. Jacob C roots, Feb. 24 JoblCnisbl, Feb. 53,' ' ' . y Jamet Brown, Feb 7. , , - . Jared. Stewart, March 7 Thomas Livii'gttoo, Feb 20 Ibmukmi County, before Jufui Sullon. FtraMilk. ofDrjden. Jan23 John M. Goodwin, of Ulystet, Jant7 ' Suffolk County before T. Strong, Eta Stephen Still, Jan 30 Chalaque county, before Zettn Cashing, Esq. Janet Bucklen, of Gerry, March 3 Nathaniel Juhnson, of Gerry, Feb 18 . Sylvester P. Cla'k, Feb. 7 County, before William A. Thompton, Etq. at Thompson. Daniel Datc htr, J an 24. Thomat Johnson, Jan. 21 Benjamin Miner, of Nevenink, Feb. 27 Henry Misoer, of do do ' David Jackson, John Gray, jun. and Ichabod Benton, Feb. 9 Seneoa County Before J Knox, Est. at Junius. Sylvaaui Thornton, Feb. 3 JVathao Tattle, of Ovid, March 7 cdediahllont of Ovid, Jan 24 tVmnklin County, before Albon Man, Etq. Enot Wood, of M alone. Jan 26 Asel Rising, Jan 20 Schenectady, before G. Cleveland. David Collins. Jaa 23 Pliilo Fralick and Benlanmin W. Howe. Jao Z4. Hoddand county before S. Goettchius. William Suffern and Jotrph Belcher, Jan 30 William Sutfero, ol Hemstad, Jan 30 Ontario County, before Judge JVicltolat. Jotefh Beard, of Lyon, Match 3 Chester Francis, Feb. 24. Robbint Stillman, of Pitttford, Feb. 24 Before A". IV. Howell, Etc. at Canandaigua, William F.l, worth. March 6 Richard Dutcht - r of Pittiford. Feb. 25 tjosiah norehouse of Hnghtor, Jan 21 Clinton Count, before fluty .voore, c.tq. Thomas M'Creedy, and Jobu Wait, March 26 Cayuga County, before Judxe Jumer. John Warwick and VVm. Easton, of Aureliui, March 3 Joshua Jones, r.f do Fi:b 17 Cortland! County, before Judge Keep. Soteph Harrington, Jun. of Truxton, March 5 Oliver Hamblin, of Virgil, Feb 23 IN CHANCERY. lJf CHAiNCERY. State of New - York, is. N pursuance of a decretal order of this honorable court, bearing date the 7tb dar or July last, will be lold at puhlic auction, at the Ton - line Ccrit - e House, In the city of Mew - York, under the direction or the subcriber, as one of the masters of this court, on Thursday, the 8th day ol January next, at tuehe o'clock at noon, all that certain block, or niece of ground and toil under water, to he madr land and ground, out of ino norm or nunnon s iviver, situate, lying ana being between Washington - street and a certain new street of seventy ftet in breadth, to be made .'routing on the said North River, called Wett - treet, and ia bounded as follows : northeasterly ana easterly hv L.iherty - streel s nortli - wesieriv and westerly by Wett - ttreet aforesaid ; south westerly anil westerly by Cedar - itreft, and south easterly and easterly by Washington - street : containing in breadth on Wailiington - street and West - street one hundred and ten feet sis inches, and in leneth alons Libertv - ttreet one hundred and teventy - tereu fert, and along Cedar - street one hundred and teventy - two feet" ; together with the appitrlenancet, subject nevertheless to the rents, covenants, restrictions aud igreements to which taid premises are subject. in la vor ol the corporation ol the city ol new - York, at imposed, reserved and created by them. Dated Nov. 26th, 1817. JAMES A. HAMILTON. Matter in Chancery. Note. Tlie tale of the above prowrtv it post poned to Friday, the 30th instant, at eleven o'clock, A. M. at the same place. It will be sold in lota or parrels, and on liberal terms, which may be known by applying at the Masters office, 4o. 3 1 - aw liuililinza ; where n map ot the pre unset mrty De seen. January JKh, 1810... JaaSrdU IN CHANCERY. State or New York, it. IN pursuance of a decretal order of this honors - UIY. um . will ire pjk a . puuiiv. niiviiuu, . the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New York, under the direction of the subscriber, as nnr of the mtiteri of this honorable court, on THURSDAY, the twenty - ninth day of January inst. at 12 o'clock at noon, all that certain lot, piece or parcel of land, situate oo the easterly tide of Broadway, in the sixth ward of the city of New York, known as Number 350, bounded at follows : Beginning at the corner of Broadway and Leonard - it reet, thence running norther ly and upon Broadway thirty feet and fix inches, ti a bouse belonging to and occupied by Stephen Price, Esquire, thence easterly along the same and parallel to lonard street, one hundred and seventy five feet to Benson - street, thence south erly and upon Benton - street, thirty feet six inches to Leonard - street, thence westerly and uon Leonard street, one hundred anl seventy - five feet to the place of beginning ; with the appurtenan ces. UuW'i (he luiuny ol January, one tnous - and eight hundred and eighteen. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan 7 tds Master in Chancery. IN CHANCERY. John B. Murray, 1 vs. . State of New - York, tt Jamet T. Walton. IN pursuance of a decretal order of this ho - nonrable eonrt, made in the above cause, will be sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, under the direction of the subscriber, as one ef the masters of this court, on Tuesday the second day of Sep tember next, at twelve o clock at noor., all that tract of land joining on the town of Lowville, and lyuig in Uie county of Liewis, tn the state atore - said, being part of great lot No. 4 of Macomb's purchase, and comprises all the lots known on a certain plan or map made by David Branson and II. White, in the year Uu8, from No. IKS to 342 inclusive, containing together 15,000 aret of land, with the appurtenanees thereto belonging or any wise appertaining. Dated June 30, lsl7. (Copy) JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jy 81 lawiwdtdt .Master in Chancery, The sale of the above property it postponed to the 1st day oi November next, at the same bout and place. mmu a. n a vjiu i u.v, s n 2 lawtt Master in Chancery The tale of tho above property is postponed to Saturday, the 8th day of November, at the tame hour ana place, uov i, ion. JAMES A HAMILTON, no v 1 SM&F3t M aster in Chancery. The sale of the above property is postponed to Tuesday, the 18th day of November, instant, at the tame hour and place, inovh, 1817. J.VUt.9 r. A,lll.IU., nov 83 W M17 3t M ister in Chancery. The tale of the above property is postpon ed to the 4th tiny of December next Dated November 13, 1817. JAMES A. HAMILTON, novSrdtt Master in Chancery. The sale or the abive property is postponed to the second day or January next, at the tame hour and place. Dec. 1st, 17. A. MA.IIUIU.V, dec 2 1 awtdl Matter in Chancery. The tale of the above pn perty is postponed to i nursaav, toe vui msu at tlie same nour ana place. Jan. 2, 181T - JAMES A. HAMILTON, jnn3dts Master ia Chancery FOR SALE. The eleeant 2 - stonr brick HOUSE and iearc, ?ecoua ooor irom B room - ttreet, m b roadway, occupied t.j - Mr. George Lacey, at the moderate ground rent of $ 75 per annum ; about 15 years nuexpired ; the buildines to be valued at the end of the term, or the lease roue wed far 2 f years longrr; it rents tor f 100 per annua ; the walk and street has receotlv been Pared. t or unnt, aptiy to r. . . . C. C TUNIS, ja 14 ff 1 Cfffee - bouie - jlip. IN CHANCERY. ! .. State fJkM - Yflt, IS pursuance of a decretal order or Uos bono, rahle rrmrf. iarirur date th 10th da V ofNo. vemlier, ia the year 1817, will be told at pnhlic aiwiinn. at tiie l nniina I nrn Mouse, in n l of New - Yoi k. ou Wednesdav. the seventh day of January nest, at twelve oYfock.noon, all that Int. ni. r nt Drcl of rmniwl. situate in the fourtt ward of 0 i ity of ew - York, on lite corner of Cherry and Dover - streets, bounded northwesterly in fronton Cherry - street, northeasterly by ground belonging to Maria Osgood, southeasterly in the rear by cround now or Ute tlie property ol Doctor Joserib. vounr. andaouthwetterlv PT uo - ver - itreet : and it now known and dittinsuiibed hv house and lot nurulr two CI rry - street, and house number one Uover - itreel ; contain ins in breadth, in front and rear, twenty te ven feet and six inches, and in length on eacn side one hundred and seven feet, be the tame more or leu ; together with the appurteuancel waiea ueceuioer rui, tun. JAMES A. IIAMIIIOiN, M aster in Chancery. dec 17 2awt30thD dls trT Tha sale of the above oroDertr it post noned to the 19tb instant, at the taore hour and place. Dated Jaiiuary 7, 1UIH. JAMc.3 A. IIAMIUiU.V, Jan 7 dtds Master in Chancery IN CHANCERY. Slate of. Yew - York, tt. I N pursuance of a decretal order of tbit honors 1 ble court, will be told atpuhlic auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, en the 31st ilav of Januarr inst. at 12 o'clock in the forenoon, all that certain house and lot of ground, situated in the city of New - York, at the corner of Cedar and William - streets, and known and distinguished at house No. 63 William - street ; said lot being in breadth in front and rear zaleel inches, and iniengtn on thenar street 91 feet 10 inches ; and on the touthwetter It tide about ninetv three feet more or lest. Al tn, all that certain other lot of ground adjoiniog the former, and I rooting on v iiuam - etreet ; oe inz in breadth in front 21 feet 10 inches, and in rear 24 leet 2 inches i leaving an off - set or break on the southwest side of two feet four inches ; and in length on the northeasterly tide about 93 feet ; and on the southwesterly tide 94 feet 4 incher. be tlie same more or less. Togetherwith all and singular, the hereditaments and appurte nances inereuato neiongnig. P. G. HILDRETH. Jan 1 5 Matter ii Chancery, M US I C. A LL the Songs, Duetts, as suns bv Mr. Phi il lipnt at the New - York Theatre, for tale at Wm. DUBOIS' Piano Forte and Music Store, no. ixo utoaaway. Behold in his soil expressive face Tho' love it warm awhilo 'Tit but fancy's sketch It there a heart that never lov'd In vain ma v that bosom lost quite deplore My early day what joy t was thine Love's young dream This blnoming rose at early dawn Robin Adair Beautiful Maid let fame sound the trumpet Had I a heart Eveleen's Bower Dear maid I love thee Ah sure a pain was never teen Said a smile to a tear Sigh not fur love My heart with love it beating The celebrated serenade of " Lilla come down Bird Duett to me" Flora's wreath. ' With a large assortment of new music. dec 24 VALUABLE REAL PROPERTY FOR SALE ON TUESDAY, the 20th January inst. by Bleecker & Bibby. at public auction. in the Tontine Coffee House, at 12 o'clock, TWO LOTS OF GROUND, with the BUILDINGS erected thereou, situate No. 32 I'lne - tlreet, in the occupation of Robert Stuart each lot is 22 feet 3 inches in front, 2 1 feet 10 I - 2 inches in the rear, and average lensth 75 feet 9 inches. An indisputable title will he given to the puichaser, and possession ou tlie first of May next. Information as to the property, title, and terras of tale, may be had oy applying to lUK NELIU8 BtJGKRT, No 14 Cedar - atreet. JAMES BOGERT, I Surviving Exec - and utors of jaco - JAMES VA"N ANTWERP) butBogert. Jao 9 I2t JACKSON HOTEL 41 si assa v - e riKKT. T HE partnership entered into by Madame Alondionand yir. ueletra. io carrvtns on the Jackson Hotel, it thit day dissolved. 1 he Hotel will in future be conducted by Ma dame mu.uiu.n, alone. 1 he public are fcereby cautioned, that no debts hereafter contracted in the name of Deletra and Mondion, will he paid by Madame MONDIO.N. Madame Mondion solicits such tbare or the public favour as the merits of the hotel may, by experience, be found to deserve. Her customers will always find a Bar and Or dinary, or Table d'Hote, well supplied, and a Liarder embracing every delicacy in teaton. Club rooms alwayt clean, warm and ready for the reception of guests. New - York, Jan. nth, 1818. inn 9 2w ri A HOUSE. tl.isil To be told and possession riven before the 1st of Mr y next, il required, a modem built substantial brick house, three ttoriet high, (with several accommodafiooi and conveniencei which make it an aereeable dwelling; for a genteel fa mily) lituated in the most wholesome part of thit city, and having a pump of excellent water within the lot ; the property a fee simple, and fre from all incumbrance. If not told at private tale before the 15th of February next, it jvill then be told at auction on the 16th and fol lowing day. Also, a complete set of carpets, elegant furnitures, household utensils and various effects, particularly a choice collection of books, by C. G. FONTAINE, to whom apply for par ticulars, at nis auction room, no, ijo water treer, corner oi rine. jai7 Iro ft) S.1LE OR TO LEASE. Lots in the 5. 6, 8, and 10 Wards ; many ol which are oo regulated and peved streets. No money will be required under ten years, U told, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three story hontet, on which a great part oi the money remain oo mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellentstand for business, with ten acres ol land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, ttore house and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40acretofland, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, wiin a lumciency oi water lor eacn. Apply at No. 62 Greenwicb - itreeL jan 13 tf r&A POR SALE. The HOUSE and STORE, No. 93 Ful ton - street; built in 1816, of the best material" The store, 33 feet long and 13 high; the lot, 57 by 25 ; leased ol the Dutch church for 63 years, Enquire at the above plaot. jan 12 3w STORAGE. Storage may be bad oo the first floor or the store o. 29 snnth - ttreet, which wijl save the expense of hoisting. dec 26 PUBLIC SALE, ON Tuesday, the 27th of Jaooarr, at twelve o'clock, will be told by Hones it Town, that valuable and pleasantly situated Property in Broad - stneet. rmlnrteins to the estate of the late Mr. John Post. The Lot it 47 feet 8 inches front and rear, on the north 126 feet 6 inches, and on the south side I JSi leet in depth. I he House stands about the centre of the Lot, lea vine good gangway on The north side, nod fine garden front and rear. Toe situation it deemed delightful. Persons desirous of purchasing, are requested to view the premises. Title indisputable. rossetsioo will be given on the 1st day of Mty next. an her cond i noes on the a ay 0118. Deborah Post, i Deborah Douglass, Execetrixe. . vtinsnw tuner. J .... , J Executor. John I. lost, Peter R. Poit J an 7 tS7 ,f r.lLUABLB FARM, ' Tc be Jbld or exchanged for property in The tobtenber being In a very low nam ui health, and having very little hopet of recovery, offers for tale hit I arm at Barbailoet neck, coun ty of Bergen, containing about one hundred ami thirtv live acres oi arame, meauow biki wuwu - Und. This farm lietoa the main road between New - York and Newark, about half a mile thit tidt of Newark Bridge. It it in a very high ttate of cultivation, and it not surpassed jvyanyotner in the vicinity' of New - York, as a valuable and agreeable residence, either for the farmer or prt - ate gentleman. The dwelling house, though small, it neat ana well unitnea. ana me lencei, gates, harm, staples, and other out - nouses, are u exrelleat order and well planned. In front ol the bouse, Doraeriog on me puuuc roau, i a handsome and well stocked garden, and on the nremues it a voune and thriving oichard. con taining a choice selection of the beit g raited fruit irets. a more particular aescriDiiuuoi uic perty is thought unnecessary, at those disposed to purchase will view the premises. The title is indisputable. For particulars, apply to the sub scriber, no. itiu reari - ttreet, or to air. Anurew smith, near me premises. ' nov!4tl KUItr.Ill BlUAni VALUABLE PROPERTY wok sale. 1 It ILL BE SOLD, lixjJI At public auction, on the premises, on Thursday, the iid day of January next, atone o'clock:, r. ni. A SMALL FARM, containinz about ten a cres of land or the first oualitr. I vim: in Brooklyn, about two milts from the ferrv. On the premi ses ia a handsome new dwelling house, standing on an eminence, which commands a most oeauu - fid and extensive prospect of New York Bay, Slaten hland. Sic. and tor pleasantness of situation it not exceeded in King't county ; and a now barn or carriage Mouse. ALIO. A FARM, of about 17 acrei of upland and C 1 - 3 or sail meadow, adjoining the property Before described, having a good house, bam, iic ALSO. A FARM, containing about twelve acres ol upland, in a hieh state of cultivation, and 8 1 - 2 acres of salt meadow, adjoining the turnrike leading from Brooklju to Jamaica, on which is an excellent young orchard, a good dwelling house, a brst - rate barn, Sic. tic. L1KEWISK. Four loti of Woodland, of 7 acrei each, lying about a mile from the above described farms The above property Will be sold separately Any person wishing to purchase it invited to call on the subscriber, by whom the premises will be shown, and any farther information given, which may he required. JUiia o. num. ian 3 tdt Brooklyn. af ' TO LET. Sjfii For a term of yean, the houre and lot Ni - . 5 Broadway, at present occupied by the Mist MDtey's, at a boarding house, rorparu culars enquire ol ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, Clermont jan3tFl PROPOSALS T r7 ILL be received at the office of the Com V V roissnrv General of Purchases, for sup plying materials of Domestiu Manufacture for mattine viotmnz lur ine Army oi ine uuueu States, for the year 1818, as follows, vix : urey cioui, 0 - 4, lor great coats Blue da do formats, dved in indizo Black Cloth, for Gaithers, 6 - 4 wide WhXWrnKedoT'fforovera... Grey Sattioet, 3 - 4 for jackets Flannel, of wool and cotton, for shirts. Samples of the above will be furnished, on application to thit office, in person or by letter ; al so for shoe, leather caps, blankets, short stock ings, wingi or worsted, epaulets oi worsiea, anu for iron camp kettlei and mesa pant. Samples of these articles may be seen on application to the Commissary General, at Philadelphia, or to the Deputy Commissaries, at New - xorli city, and at Newport, Kontucky. Commissary General's Office, Philad'ia, ) 24th December, 1817. i CALLENDER IRVINE, dec 26 3w Comm'y Gen. of Purchases. FOR SALE A T AUCTION", At the T. C. H. on the lit day of March next, the FARM belonging to the estate of the late Dr. Isaac Ledvard. situated one mile south of the village of Newtown, Long Island. The VY illiamtburgh turnpike runt through the Farm, on onu tide of which it a new excellent stone wall, half a mile in length The farm contain! about 150 acres, 15 of which it a fine Wood Lot, with tsvo apple orchards, one old, tlie other just beginning to bear well, and a suitable proportion ol good salt meadow. The Mansion House it large and convenient, four rooms on ench flour, with a go d kitchen and cellars ; attached it a large barn, crib, ben bouse, smoke house, well, and a new cistern. Ac. The court yard and garden con tain a variety of fruit treet and turuooery, a large asparagus bed, raspberries and currants Also A FARM adjoinins the above, contain ing; about aixty acre s ; attached to which is ane - qunl proportion or Salt Meadow, and' lot of young wooa, siiuniea wimin iet man a nine oi ine mriu, containing icq acres, wiui iuiiu - house, barn, well, garden, tic. Likewise - A Lot of Land. Ivinz at SprinGeld, south of tlie village of Jamaica, containing between four and five acres, on which are about a doaen large chetnut trees, suitable for fencing. The above lands wi l be all regularly surveyed, and maps of the same exhibited some time previous to, and at the tile, and disposed of by the acre, with the buildings thereon, inclusively. rostession given on the first oi Apni. For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - strjet. jan8tds FATt.A"i' ELASTIC R.iZUR Si tiUfS. GEORGE SANDERS, lately from London, once more addresses the public, thanks them for past favors, and once more ventures to recommend his strops as one of the most comfort - giving contrivances that ever blest the chin of man. He will instruct any self - shavuig gentle man in the use of it, and when once possessed of the secret and a box of composition, be may say with the poet of nature, " To shave to sleep perchance to dream while in the operation and who would bear the tweaks and acts of bar ber base ; who would grunt and sweat under a loalhome beard, or a dull razor use, when he might hit quictns make with a simple Saundcr's strop."' Come then to hit manufactory at the comer of Reed - street and Broadway, and there you win noa tne sunsenber always ready to re ceive tne commands ol hit customers. dec 5 tf 'II BROWN, stone seal engraver and jewel X . ler. No. 166 Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, Sic. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold teals. cnains, and other jewellery. LAdies' seals engraved with coats of arm, mottos, and lancy devices. Diamonds, amethysts, crystal, &c. bought in tba rough or cut ti any form. - Books of heraldry kept with upwards of 60.000 names. Jan 7 3m I A OIL. VT SMITH DAVIES I. v . & CO. Cbymical Perfumers, and Fancy Soap Makers, No. 136 broadway. New - York offer to Die ladies and gentlemen of this city their Ruia Oil, which is one of the most agreea ble and osefiil oil for pro moting the growth of the hair. Ladies will find it the best for drpHinsr real or false hair. Gentlemen whose hair has been injured by bad powder, would dt well by using iqif on, as it rorrrcia ine injury it nas sustained, It may be had in bottles, with printed directions, at wholesale or retail, at their manufactory. Al st, a general assortment of perfumery, fancy articles and aoap, dressing rases, work boxes, thfvad case, purses, razors, scissors, pen - k tilter pencil case. tweezf.ra. tobacco nines, tooth line pick cases, arnhrr and sptr ui Ihnr botfloa. o - RL'S; m POST COACH LINE for PHILADELPHIA. IMFOKTABT TO ?AtSKCKRI. No correction with the post chaise lino or the . steam - boat Araa. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPO SITION UKVTVfcD. A NEW Line or Post Coaches on SpnnsswiUi a. every convenience for passengers ni.d bag - gage - THROUGH IN ONE DAY - between New - ioraand rniianciptiia. i heron toacn Line will start from New - York every uiorning at 6 o'clock, (Sundays excepted) in the Steam Boat Atd;mta, and arrive at Philadelphia the tame evening, in the Coach. Fare 8 dollars. I lie i learn noni t,tne lAUi'si ni, win start from New - York every morning (Sundays excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Alalauta. from the north side of the Battery, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 10 o'cloc k ; Fare through $3 50. Tho United States MAIL COACH, on springs with every convenience for passengers and their hagage, starts Iroiu No. 1 Courlland - strr - et, 2d office Irom broadway, New - York, every day at 1 o'clock, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only C passengers admitted in this Coach. Fare 10 dollars. Patsengeri are requested to be particular in taking their seats in tlie rest Coach Line, as me coaches belonging to this establishment are of a superior quality for the accommodation ofpai - seneers. For seats in the i hove named Lines, apply to thus, wni i nr.L,u, at the old estai.iisiieo Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. I Courtlandt - ttieet, the lecond office from Broadway, New - York, or to ISAAC BROWN, steam Boat Hote.', No. 1 Washington - sired, corner of Marltetfield - itrett, near the Battery. 0"AII goodi and baggage at the risk of the owner. juar.rtt Liurv, su.xs v i,u. N. B Expresses sent to any part of the Continent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD. nov8 POST CHAISE Ll.Nr. F O R PHILADELPHIA. The POST CHAISE, with erery convenience for Passengers and their baggage (through in one day) will leave the City Hotel every day (Sundays excepted) at 7 o'clock in the morninz. by way of Newark, and arrive the tame day at Philadelphia. The MAIL COACH PILOT, in opposition to the man coach, with superior accommodations for Passengers and their baggage, will leave the City Hotel every day (Sunday excepted) at half Dast I o'clock P. M. will oroceed before the Mail, and not subject to the inconvenience of stopping at the numerous rost unices on the road, but every accommodation provided for the tra veller, and arrive some hours before tlie Mtil at Philadelphia. AH letters anu paport carried free oi expeote ny ine isoacnes. For scats m the above lines apply at the Post Chaise and Albany Mail and Diligence Office, No. 118 Broadway, opposite the City Hotel. fjr All goods and baggage at the risque of the owner. JOIINN.CUMMING, NewarJt. JOHN GUL1CK k. SONS, Pritceton. STOCKTON J HOWELL, Philadelphia. A". H. Erprttttt tent to any part of the Untcn. Jan 6 tf NEW ARRANGEMENT. U.S. MAIL - C0.1 CHES, BETWE EJf .YEW - YORK i PHILADELPHIA. (L73 The public are assured that there it now handscmu coache?, on springs, equal to any in the U. btatci, now running on this line, fassengert for the U. S. Mail Coach will leave New - York everv dav at I o'clock Diue al J. Lvon k A'ou'a hotel, al Powlc's Hook, and arrive at Philadel phia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only six pas - seugeit admitted in the Mail Coach. Fare $ 10. For teats, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established coach and stage office, old No. 1, Courtlandt - alreet. . second office from Broadway, New - York. ' All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS & Co. N. B. Expresses, coaches, extra tlaecs, tic. furnished to go to any part of the United States, on the shortest notice, by Thos. Whitfield, No. I tourtiaudt - street, ."New - York. nov 5 lioiS Tho Store No. 134 Front - street, an ex - cellcnt stand for a Grocer. For further particu lars inquire of RIPLEY & WELD, nov II ire rronl street. TO LET, And immediate possession riven, the house No. 9 Pearl - ttreet,' together with the tta ble and Coach House in the rear oo Bridge - st. The premises are in complete repair and have every convenience necessary for the accommo dalion ol a family, r or particulars apply to .. oct 28 L. B RADISH. BA.NCKER - STREET NOTICE. "VTOTICE it hereby given to all persons inter - iv ested, that the commissioners ol estimate and assessment BDnointed bv the sunreme court of judicature of the state of New - York, to per ioral certain duties relative to the enlarging, ex tendins and improvins of Banc ker - t treet. be tween Clinton street and Grand street in the laid city, have completed their estimate and assess ment, as well ol the loss and damage sustained o - ver and above the benefit and advantage received by the owners of the lands and premises required lor the laid enlarging, extending and improving of Bancker - ttrett as aforesaid, as also ofthe benefit and advantage received by the owners and parties interested oi and in certain lands and premises not required for tlie said improvement And that we. the said commissioners, have deposited a true copy of tucb estimate and assessment in tlie clerk's office of the city of New - York, for the inspection of whomsoever it may concern. And notice is hen by furlhei given that the report of tlie said estimate'and assessment will be pre sented for confirmation to the supreme court of judicature of the state of New - York, at tlie capita in the city of Albany, on Friday, tlie lixteeuth day oi January nest, at the opening ol tr.e laid court on that day, or ai toon thereafter as couu - tel can be heard thereon. Dated thit 26th day i .t..m oi i - Fecemoer, ini i. PETKR HA WES, ROGER STRONG, Committionen BENJAMIN A. AKERLY. ) dec 2ii ISt CORPORATION PROPERTY . rP0 be told at public auction on Friday the 1 20th February, 1818, at the City Hid!, 12 O'CIOCK, The highly viduahle FARM now occupied by Mr. WiiiiHui A. Hardcnbrook, about 5 miles Irom the city, xontainine tontlier nearly City n cres of land. It will be sold in lots fit m 5 to 10 acres each, lituated on the 6th, 7(h, 8ih, 9th. : luai avenues ; cn the latter ttand the dwellin house and out buildingt, but a short distance from the Hudton River. This property it worthy the attention of thoie who with to possess handsome country dts : as its conti - uity to the city, commanding views ofl trie iiuiiim, reured situation, and choicer quality of seme of the ground, together witii an ample uijr vi wowi, rentier it onu oi we most Qclira - ble ohjecls of puichae, t I dour of roset in buttles, cologne, lavender, hocy, I Amap of the preraitei may be ae n, and for - orange flower acd rote waters, Sic. c. I ,her particular! kccw.i, tt thv CcmptroJIeri Of - jm li Set, Ci'y Han. Jan 6 d'.i AdiKrftJxgptblirknowhowt3dUfij).Ij.iW ' ,y - tween wings that differ.. " DOCTOR HOUSE, former, ofthe c tr of tAr... .". member of the faculty of phv and lurgery there, deems it ws'i ty to repeat 'oni ooKationiT; the abuse cf MERCURY. ? rath, infltiarrir.iintata ..4 A fied use thereof, baa been prXw tit e of infinite mischief. niJ" sanua are annnaiiy mercurialized out nf M results chiefly to thit source. What a oitT that a young man, the hopet of bit coaatry ?' the darling of hit parent, should be to itched h way from all the prospects and enjoyments of liL by the consequences of one unguarded moms? slid by a disease not in it own nature fatal T! which only proves to from neglect or imp'roSl treatment." A gentleman, (late Dr. H't . Uent) now perfectly hearty and well, had btTI umlcr physkiani of general practice, tix Tt7,' and repeatedly salivabd; when recommended 5 Dr. H. (by a gentleman of thit city) his bonT were carious, and hit flesh dropping from tW hit friendi declared be could not possibly wru wo months longer. Thousands ex penmeottit! know with what ease and safety Dr. H. eraZ cafes the severest catet, and confirms tlie com' tution. The Doctor's plan (advertising) Uu. cetsary to guard the public egaitut the aout mercury, and other fatal delusions, held fortaj! Persons, therefore, having contracted a vate dUorder, or tuspecting latent poison V, admonished not to tamper with their coqlun. tion, or conceal the disorder, till past recot ry ; otbenhavir.g Die remains ot an old cstt or other impurities ofthe blood, at well as ml! er complaintt of a delicate nature, jQ ejy tex. should remember posterity, and do iurh to tlieir consciencet, by making appliauj! to Dr. H. at his old and respectable eib lishroent, No. 64 Water - street, (bur houses inn! or Old - slip, to obtain that prompt assistance,, lone calculated u prevent disclosure. And bs let me claim your serious attention RemeBhri a superficial cure is no cure at all ; unless tbebi sinetsis radically done, you will certainly 'he disorder break out again with reduuhltd ml lignity. at some future period ; perhaps then win be too late for remedy. Don't you often meet L the streets miserable, mutilated beiacri, wiuvm even a bit of nose on their face Take warnbT beseech you. Dr. H's. character for skill and ifuhhnr. rrity Itv liM.nar II v IrnAw. .n .t.l uu.B u........u.jabMvnu III Ulll Cl.y, SUK tmaritlillM! in linltpnfa tlia T ' crery hitherto unknown, and having confined hii practice for years past, exclusively to thecsreif diseases ofthe blood system, they may laftly u& rulale on Uie most decided advantages is m suiting Dr. II. Gteett eradicated in t we or three weeks Strictures rcuioved without bougies or any oner instrument ; and all debilities ; likewise til old ulcerations, fistula's In. A plurality of' office are provided, and to tin. atcd that patients are not exposed toeachouVrl observation. Open till half past 9 in the eveiitr All persons concerned are invited to he fttsii calling, and speaking with Dr. H. which it net or cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid las expretiion ofgsatitudc for innumerable recttt - mtudafions, aud for the derided preference fit is presumed with just cause) long given him bvi judicious public. N. B. All letters must be pmt paid. Dr. Buchanan. Ati27 i Xi - ITHER WJACKAtti AUJi Lvf, DR. rae EVANS' - Lrnelhod of curing aces. taiaTDiseats., isnowunitei. tally acknowledged k city ; his mode oftrentaett UtkHfiae Heriectiy mild, tait, u. fcuuiuu. ana nit cntiM reasonable, la every stance he warrants a can. nhi u. 1 1 ....... .. . cvuni tne payutt dst not perforin arrettiai i 'r. .....v.. auways ootersei There are many persons u (hit city and its cinity, laboring under various chronic diausv such as cancers, old inveterate ulcer: or king! evil, fistulas, diseases of the rrtmi, of a certain nature, biiioui and otlier obttit. lions, rheumatism, Ac. which they consider Bearable, they can certainly be cured (ia gearnQ by applyint; et Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, Sa 9, Peck - slip, bavins practised in extAsnt hospitals In Europe 12 years, uiwl r tome of its firtt Surgeons and Physician! in the world, its made those obstinate diseases hit constant ttaCf for 30 years. , Oct It - .03 - WHEATON A DJ v la, Fancy Chair Manufacturers, No. 153 Fulton - street, opposite St Paula Chard, offer for sale, wholesale tti retail, a large and elegant attornment of Curld MapU, plain painted and omamest - ed in gold ec hronre. Bambss, Plain and Gilt Balls, Reel ing, be wing, and loovtm - tioo Chain. Sofas. Setteft Loungeet, Music Stools, tic. Order t from any port of the continent executti with neatoest and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornaxneobi oct 13 A GREAT A T U R A L CURIOSITY. N THE public are iaf med that thit ston ing wat landed tne naj expected FEMALE ELEPHANT, and ittDlf teen at No. 296 Brttt - way, near Watiiinrtt Hall. The tixe of animal u about 7 feet high, and about raw; long from the end or the probotcit to the eat" the tail. She it to be teen from 9 o'clock A. to 9 in the evening. Price of admittance centi. nov2J WANTED rhlTohireor purchase, a good two T brick house, situated on the west tide oi town, between Liberty ti Cbamber - ttreeti Possession to be taken at any time previow" the 1st of Mav next. Annly at No, 148 w ter - treet. Jan 5 eod FOK SALE, - nr.. alt n. 1 he Home and Lot No. 101 Liberty i - iimm ... sV " feet. Those who may wi;h to purchase pnjv ty of this discription, can at any time view " ll WUI it l - l vx,lM - '"I - - rf, premises, ana terms oi inie may w , by application to POTT eVM'KIN'NK. - 6 Sootti - stre. dec 31 GR.1ND PIANO FORTE. J FOR SALE at JOSEPH WlLLS0 Music Store, 14 Maiden - lane, r2. bly fine toned second hand piano, wood. Also, the following tongs, lunjbj "' Philippe : . ; ' iaid a smile to a Tear ; Sigh not tor I t Fame found tlie Trumpet ; Just like Love ; Lore'i Yooug Drsn i ... . i . .. . 1 ... . - a.! is mere a ncari uui , - Tho Bower of Roses, from LaJU WiUson. 1 ' - " s o I rv... ,. i ., t M - r - K rnmnosea CJ Willson. , . . . . The Smile of AfTcctioa The young Mury Moor ; Oh! Rn? The Wood Pecker, tong by Mr. IncledJ" El.itk - F.ved Susan And ev ery article in the mOiVcal Una Jan 7 ' INGLISII Canuon anJ Musket Pwo'i XLs tale by LEROY, BAYARD CO. dec 9 NEW - YORK' - ., ' ' PRLYTED AND PUBLISH' XICBAEJ. BuliNUAM CO. , No. 4J PiE - TsKrv. i - n IS mm

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