Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 14, 1936 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
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Saturday, March 14, 1936
Page 11
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 14 193G ELEVEN MOTHER CLAIMED TOO IMMORAL TO HAVE HER CHILD Mrs. Whitney Files Answe to High Court Plea of Mrs. Vanderbilt. WASHINGTON, UP) -- "Evidenc of immorality" was cited to the su preme court Saturday as a reaso why Mrs. Gloria Morgan Vander bilt should not obtain custody of he 12 y e a r o 1 child, Gloria. T h i s conten t i o n w a s a d vanced by Mrs Gertrude V a n derbilt Whitney a u n t o f t h y o u n g heiress who has b e e given princip/ custody of t h c h il d by Nev York courts. Mrs. Whitne. S. WHITNEY preme ^ourt no to review the action of the Nev\ York tribunals. That would pcrml their decisions to remain hi effect Spent Her !J48,UOO. Mrs. Whitney contended that a .?48.00Q a year allowance for sup port of the child was "spent chief ly" on Mrs. Vanderbilt, who "devot ed herself to the pleasures of a gay continental life abroad." Her brie said: "The evidence of immorality o the mother, of her association with a certain type of woman, of he predilection for obscene literature of her unconventional friendship .for and intimacy with Prince Ho henlohe, of her relations with A. C Blumenthal, a married man. of her fondness for the gaiety of nigh life, are merely indications o£ thi character which has permitted he; so to neglect her child and lorce upon her a life which has been condemned by every court which has · considered the facts of this case.' Evidenced No Interest. "While the child was with Mrs Whitney," it added, "the petitioner (Mrs. Vanderbilt) has evidenced no interest in her whatsoever until her enjoyment of the allowance was threatened." - "In October of 1928 (a year after her husbands death)". Mrs. Whitney's brief said, "she met Prince Hohenlohe, who thereafter usually accompanied her on her travels shared her pleasures, and was practically a permanent resident at her places of sojourn, paid for with the child's money. Engagement Broken. "Her alleged engagement to the /..tmnce was finally broken in Jan' .iary, 1929, when toey were told tna: ! the surrogate had said that no part .of the infant's income could be used 'to finance a second marriage.' "As early as May, 1928, the surrogate and the guardians suggested to the petitioner that she and the child ought to return to New York from her various European residences and her return was finally compelled in 1932 under threats of cutting off her allowance for the child's maintenance. "In June, 1932, forced against .her will, to keep her daughter in New York, petitioner voluntarily left her with Mrs. Whitney and went back to Europe and her pleasures." Beyond Her Control. Mrs. Whitney described as "incorrect" a statement by Mrs. Vanderbilt that "the arrangement for the child to go to live with Mrs. Whitney was entirely beyond her control." Mrs. Whitney said Mrs. Vander- .bilt had been informed by a physician that "if her child did not receive a certain course of treatment she might be subjected to a tubercular condition." "Yet she failed to supply this treatment," the brief added. "When Mrs. Whitney took the child in 1932 she had a Manteaux test made for ' tuberculosis, which resulted in a positive reaction which Dr. S. T. Lawrence considered to be serious. "The child's poor mental and physical condition is indicated by a few of her pathetic letters from England to Mrs. Morgan in the winter of 1932-33 and when finally delivered into Mrs. Whitney's custody, she was on the brink of a complete collapse." Dr. Ruxton Hanging for Murder of Wife Scheduled April 1 MANCHESTER. Eng., (.ft--The hanging of Dr. Ruck Ruxton. convicted Friday of the "Devil's Beef- tub" slaying of his wife, was set by the Manchester assizes court Saturday for April 1. Presiding Justice Singleton sentenced the Indian blooded physician lo be hanged immediately after a jury found him guilty of the murder of Mrs. Isabella Ruxton and her maid, Mary Jane Rogerson. and dismemberment of their bodies discovered in the "Devil's Beeftub" ravine near Moffat. Sportsmen Preserve Game Interest in wild life consenation on thi; part of Emerson anil Dudley Decker of Cie Decker Brothers sporting 'foods store, 200 North Federal avenue, saved this female pheasant during the recent severe cold spell in North Iowa. The bird was picked up on the highway where it had been injured and was taken to the police station. Chii-I Harold Wolfe turned the bird over to the Decker brothers, who in turn placed it in care of Dr. L. N. Stott, at their expense. A broken wing- on the bird had healed to the extent that the bird was able to take off again. Friday afternoon Dudley Decker turned the pheasant over in Game Warden Floyd Davis, who in turn released it to follow (be call of the wild. This is but one demonstration of what the Decker brothers have been doing in the way of helping Iowa to conserve its wild game. From left to right are Floyd Davis, game warden, Emerson Decker and Dudley Decker, proprietors of the Decker Brothers sporting goods store. Supreme Court Denies Berlovich Rehearing DES MOINES, (J)--The state supreme court denied the petition of Dewey Berlovich of Des Moines for rehearing of his appeal. The court previously had affirmed his conviction and life sentence for the slaying of Donald Merrigan, a relief worker. sales volume is regaining the losses of recent years, last year showing an increase of one- seventh in total value over 19",1. ( h e commerce dcpsrtmrnt estimates.-- t'nlted states News, FARM PRODUCTS BEST IN YEARS Mortgage Lifting Qualities Shown in Tabulations by B. R. Dunn. When it comes to mortgage-lift- ng, farm products are stronger now than they've been for years, according to B. R. Dunn, secretary- Teasurer of the .Mason. City Na- ional Farm Loan association of Mason City. Mr. Dunn declared two "muscle juilders"--higher prices and lower nterest rates--have given farm iroducts their greater mortgag'e- ifting power. He said a farmer from this vicin- :y came to the loan association of- ice the other day and remarked hat he didn't have to sell nearly so ·nany bushels of grain or so many ead of livestock to pay his loan in- tallments now. Results Are Given. So the secretary-treasurer got out .is pencil and paper to find out just rtiat tbe difference is. Here are the results of Mr. Dunn's figuring: Suppose a farmer was paying 5 J ,i er cent interest on a $5,000 mort- age. That would be ?275 a year. In 932 the average farm price for orn sold in the middlewest was 28 ents a bushel. So. to meet his mort- age interest charges, he bad to sell 82 bushels. Assuming his mortgage is he Federal land bank, lie would ow pay Z\'- per cent interest--or 175. The average farm price on orn in the cornbelt during 1935 was 5 cents a bushel. So he would need nly 318 bushels to meet his interest 'iarges. I-eaves 6M Bushels. The difference between 1932 and 935 leaves him 664 bushels with hich to buy groceries and shoes, ay taxes, fix up the barn--and :aybe buy Ms wife a new dress. Mr. Dunn's comparison is even tore striking in the case of hogs. In 1932 the same fellow with the 5,000 mortgage might have sold ogs at the average midwest price t $3.06 a hundred. In that event a 00 pound hog netted him $6.12 at larket. So he had to sell 45 bogs 1 pay his 5275 interest. Same With Others. In 1935, with his interest down to $175 and the average farm price for porkers up to SS.40 a hundred, a 200 pound hog was worth S16.SO. Thus 11 bogs would pay his yearly interest charges. In other words, 11 pigs could go to market and do what "it took 45 of them to do in 1932. SET FOR SEPT. 22 Supreme Court Will Rule on Judge Purcell's Finding of Contempt. DES MOINES. (.-Pi--The Iowa supreme court Saturday set hearing on District Judge John E. Purcell's finding that Norman Baker of Muscatine 13 in contempt of the supreme court for the full bench term starting Sept. 22. Tbe court's order gave Baker's attorneys 60 days to file exceptions to the report of Judge Puroell, who heard evidence at Mucatine as a special supreme court referee, and 90 days to file their abstract of argument. _ Judge Purcell ruled that Baker violated a supreme court injunction prohibiting him from practicing medicine without a license by continuing to operate a cancer treatment hospital at Muscatine through "dummy" managers. State Income Tax Levied on Employes of Federal Agencies DES MOINES, (-T)--The state assessment and review board announced Saturday that employes o£ I all federal agencies, such as the ' AAA and WPA, must pay state income taxes if their income is high enough to come within the statute. The board ruled the finding shall affect salaries received after Jar. 1, 1935. KRASCHEL SEES DEMO VICTORY Declares State Will Show Gratitude to National Administration. WATERLOO, ;?)--Speaking before the Black Hawk county democratic convention here Saturday afternoon, Lieut. Gov. Nelson Kraschel. announced candidate for democratic nomination for govern, or, said "that a decisive victory is inevitable in Iowa this year." "Iowa," he continued, "will show her gratitude to the first national administration in her history that has kept faith with its promises. Contrary to his clitics. President Roosevelt and his administration has more accurately and completely redeemed his party platform of 1932 than any administration during this generation." The lieutenant governor quoted from the 1932 platform the 15 most important planks and explained the manner in which they have been redeemed. "It is true," he continued, "that it has been impossible to reduce governmental expenditures as desired and pledged and the budget has not been brought into balance, but the records show that the deficit in the last two years and eight months of the Hoover administration was one billion dollars greater than the entire deficit to date under Roosevelt. Who are the republicans who dare criticize our futile efforts in that direction when we have tangible results of recovery to show for the federal funds expended while they had nothing but inaction, confusion and complete demoralization of business and morale." "Iowa," he continued, "has profited to the extent of many billions of dollars because of the democratic program. Black Hawk county taxpayers have been relieved of almost one million dollars of expenditures in direct and work relief by direct grants from the federal government, and it has profited to the extent of $20,000,000 or more in corn-hog benefits, corn loan benefits, increased employment, farm income and improvement of business. For the first time in American politics Iowa has profited directly through the party in power." $250,000 Bequeathed to Simpson College INDIANOLA. (A'l--Simpson college officials announced that Miss Sarah Elizabeth Simpson, after whom the college was named, bequeathed approximately $250,000 to the college in her will. 200 Present at, Opening. EAGLE GROVE--About 200 farmers of the vicinity attended the opening of the J. I. Case farm machinery exhibit at the Porter agency of the Eagle Grove Implement company, Wednesday. Three representatives of the Case company xvcre present, and made an interesting demonstration of taking a tractor to pieces. Hearing on Claims of F. A. Ontjes to Continue on Monday Tl'e hearing in the suit brought by F. A. Ontjes against the C. H. McNider estate was to be continued Monday morning in district court here following adjournment over Saturday and Sunday, Seek Plan to Curb Pollution of Streams CHICAGO, -B--A. H. Wieters, director of the division of public health engineering for Iowa, represented Iowa at a meeting here of public health engineers of five states formulating plans for curbing- stream pollution. It works out tile same way with i cattle, wheat and other farm pro- I D,,]--,,!,,, !,, I I J i ducts. B. R. Dunn's figures show. rUllTlOtOl IS USCQ 10 With cattle bringing an average fflrm price of S4.51 a hundred in 1932. the farmer had lo use nearly all the proceeds from the sale of six head of 1.100 pound cattle to pay his .$275 interest. The $175 interest charge in 1935 could be paid by selling only two head of 1,100 pound cattle at the average price of S7.44 a hundred and adding $11.32. Some Contrasts Greater. If he used wheat to pay his S275 interest charge in 1932, the farmer had to sell 786 bushels. The average price of wheat in the middlewest in 1932 was 35 cents a bushel. The picture was changed in 1935. By selling only 199 bushels at the average price of 8S cents a bushel, the farmer could meet the SI75 interest charge on his $5.000 land bank mortgage. M r . D u n n pointed n t i l t h a t i n m a n y individual cases in this territory the Revive Gas Victim DES MOINES. (Jl--Firemen used a pulmotor to revive Mrs. E. S. Veach of DCS Moines when she was knocked unconscious by a fall in the famiiy garage with carbon monoxide fumes pouring out of the exhaust of her automobile. Infant Rites Held. Services for the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Espinosa, 1218 Washington avenue northwest, who died at a local hospital Saturday, were held at the St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery Saturday afternoon. contrast is even greater between the mortgage-lifting- power of farm products in t h e two years. In his comparisons, he explained, he used 1932 ind 1P.V pvirr^, nvrTn^cd for t h f full yrar over thr entire f a r m bcit Damage From Fires Small. HAMPTON--Slight damage was done at the George Shuler residence on South Dodge street Wednesday noon in a fire resulting from a short circuit in an electric wire. Little damage was also reported at the rural home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Roberts when a curtain caught fire from a lighted cigar lying on a table. DAVID M'GREEVY, 84, SUCCUMBS Funeral Services Will B( Held Monday Morning at St. Joseph's. David McGreevy. 84, died at hi; home, 59 River Heights, about : o'clock Saturday morning follow ing an illness of several months Mr. McGreevy had been a residen of Cerro Gordo county for many years. Mr. McGreevy was born Oct. 16 1851, in County Down, Ireland. He came to the United States at the age of 17 and settled at Dubuque Later he moved to Shenandoah ant then to CCITO Gordo county arc had been a resident or Mason Cilj for the past 2G years. For 30 years, he was roadmastcc for the Burling ton railroad. On Sept. 23, 1S7S, Mr. McGrccvj was married lo Mary Ann MeVe.\ at Bellcvuc. Ho was preceded in death by his wife Nov. 14, 1905. Surviving Mr. McGreevy arc one son, David McGrecvy, at home; ant seven daughters. Margaret, al home; Sister Davida. Chicago; Sister Marie Therese, Jackson, Nebr.; Mrs. Nellie Maricle, Mason City; Mrs. Edward O'Connor, St. Cloud, Minn.; Mrs. L. J. Ginthner, Buffalo Center, and Mrs S. G. Clinkscales, Boonville, Mo. Funeral services for Mr. McGreevy will be held at the St. Joseph's Catholic church Monday morning at 9:30 o'clock, with the Monsignor P. S. O'Connor in charge of services. Burial will be at Elmwood cemetery. Saturday afternoon the body was taken from the Meyer funeral home to the residence at 59 River Heights, where the Rosary will be said Saturday and Sunday evenings at 8 o'clock. Farmers at Belmond Are Now Able to Move BELMOND--Farmers in this cinity have been able to begin mu. ing this week, as road conditions are more passable. The S. L. Smith family moved from the farm to town and are living in the house vacated by the William Walrod family. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Christiansen have moved out to the tenant house of the Mrs. A. E. Martin farm. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kurtz who have been living in the Finn house on East Main street have movcc to a farm. William Vestwber, Jr., has moved from a farm near Alexander to town, occupying the house in the Berry addition vacated by the Marvin Sjoberg family. Mr. and Mrs Ben Heginger who have been Hi ing on a farm three miles north and west of here have moved to the Mrs. Ella Luick farm west of Goodell. The Stromberg hatchery branch here has opened for spring business, the man in charge this year is Forest Dean from Ocheyedan. The Belmond opera house, which is owned by Ella Cleveland of Emmetsburg, is also opened up under new management, Charles Foss and B. G. Pierce of Clear Lake. The Elmer Sheriff family who have resided for many years on a farm south and west of here have moved on to a farm near Latimer. Mr. and Mrs. George Avery who spent the winter in California returned to open their home here Tuesday. 4 Have Perfect Kating. ESTHERVILLE -- In a spelling contest conducted for Emmet county school girls, four contenders spelled 220 words correctly for a perfect rating. Agnes O'BriCn, Lo- :ene Lilland, Emma Rasmussen and Opal Martin spelled perfectly through the competition. Infant Buried at Uockwell. Services for the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Arndt, 334 Tenth street northeast, were held Saturday afternoon at Rockwell, with burial at the Rockwell cemetery. The child died at the home of her parents Friday. iuttees for the Ethiops. In seeking their vanished business, manufacturers of women's corsets and men's garters should not overlook the hyper-supersalesman who sold Haile Selassie spiral puttees for iis barefoot army.--Padueah, Ky., Sun-Democrat. Intelligence. If people were half as confident of :heir knowledge a-s they are about .hings of which they know nothing :he level of intelligence would rise at 'esst to 13 years.--Fon Du Lac Commonwealth. Omen of fhe Future. Birth of the one-pound Oakland baby is significant. The new generation may be shrinking from the Drospect of shouldering the United States debt.--Altoona (Pa.) Mirror. One Good Crop Reduction. The suggestion has been going the rounds of the columnists that the 4.AA might pay young people for lot sowing wild oats.--Edmonds, iVash., Tribune. A Convincing Argument. There's another advantage to snowstorms. They are the only thing .hat will shut up tho.^c people who go around all the rest of the time saying that the sulf stream lias ob- ·iotisly changed its comsc.--Boston Transcript. towan, Born Blind, Is Skillful in Weaving HUMBOLDT, (UP) -- Clifford Miner, who was born blind, does not allow his world of darkness to interfere with a world of friends and happy occupation. Miner, a graduate of the state school for the blind at Vinton, uses his skill to weave wicker seats for chairs and sofas brought to him by his friends. He chats with them and they agree he is a remarkable conversationalist--in touch with new happenings by Braille books and magazines. His hobby is raising pigs and poultry. His motto--"Keen cheerful." Nora Springs Cemetery Improvements Planned NORA SPRINGS -- The Park cemetery association held its annual meeting Thursday evening at the Fred Schmidt home. It was voted to have the roads in the cemetery surfaced with crushed rock and to beautify the new addition and make other improvements. John Christiansen was elected sexton for his third year at an increase of salary. Officers elected arc, president, Mrs. Darrell Ellis: vice president. Mrs. Clarence Stoncr: secretary. Mis. Fred Schmidt; treasurer. H. F. Schncdlcr. Two trustees were rc- electcd. Mrs. Jay Cloucrh and Fred Schmidt. · Elijah Heads Livestock Marketing Corporation DES MOINES, (/Pi--Earl Elijah of Clarence was elected president of ihe Iowa Livestock marketing corporation to succeed the late Charles E. Hearst. Charles Hearst, Jr., the [owa Farm leaders' son, was named to succeed Elijah on the board of directors. Board Proceedings P. W. Brow 12-31-33; Constable KEGl'JLAR J A N L ' A R V SESSION. February 3, Igyo. FOUUTR DAY. Til P. Bfnrd of .Supervisors 01 uerry Gordo County, Iowa, met in regular session pursuant tu adjournment. There were j-re.s- i-nt Supervisors C. R. Patton. Chairman; F, G- Root, nnd Harry Solidergaard, Absent : None. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Motion was made by Supervisor Sondcr- Kaard. seconded by Supervisor Root, that the road poll tax assessed against George Klaassen In Mt. Vernon Township for the year 1934. and in Clear Lake Township for the year 1935 be cancelled of the physical disability of the assessed. Motion carried, all members voting aye. On niolfon of Supervisor Root, seconded by Supervisor Sondcrfiaard. the 1935 road poll taxes assessed against A Ibert Bohn, Arllmr Bohn, and Otto Bohn, Gran'. Township, were cancelled because of labor performed t. n roads. Motion carried, nil member;-, voting aye. Motion wax run.It; by Supervisor Sonrler- K'tard, i.ccunUi'd !y Supervisor Root, t h a t t h r Bonrd authorise the transfer o[ J13,- 77-1.15 from the Poor Fund to the Count Jr-sane Fund as the Poor Funds a liars ot the rxpcnft'S for cnrr and keen of intll^cn intnfUCN at i h c C o u n t y Home Tor t h e year 1'13fi. and t h a t a t r a n s f e r he authorize t r a n s f e r r i n g i h c sum of p.OST.TR from the County Insa'ic Knurl h. Ihc County poor Fund as t h e 5harc "f c r e d i t s due t h e Poor Fund from the receipts of ihc county farm lor the year 193. r i. Kotlon carried, all members voting aye. The Board of Supervisors approved the following Official Reports: Steward County Home fo;- the month of December 1935; Sheriff (Civil Criminal Cases) for the Quarterly ending 12-31-35: Drivers license for the months of July nnd August: County Engineer and Assistants for the month of December 1935; County Superintendent for the month of January 1936; County Engineer Annual for the year 1935; Con,, ... ^ for ^ ^^^ ending F. W. Brown for the Quarter ending ll-31-3. r »; Constable John Furse for the year ending 32-31-35; Constable \V, C. Jessup for (he year ending l"-31-35; Constable C. I,. Loomer for the year e n d i n g 12-31-35; Mayor Chris Adams for the year ending 12-31-35: Justice of Peace C. K. Ashland for year ending 1231-35; Justice of Peace John Daugherty annual ending 12-31-35; Justice of Peace S L. Haynes year ending 12-31-33; Justice of Peace Roe Thompson quarterly ending V2- 31-35; Justice or Peace Roe Thompson year e n d i n g 12-31-35; Justice of Peace C, W. Wallace quarterly ending 9-30-35; The Boar-l of Supervisor:; approved the following O f f i c i a l Hands: K. L. Brown, M. M- Carroll, P. H. Hughes, F. A. Kehm. Mildred M. Prjsuott, B. K. Thomas and f. K. Lerach. Motion WHS made by Supervisor Hoot, seconded by Supervisor Sondcrcaard. that pursuant to the provisions of Section 531 fi Code of Iowa, that A. C. Peters. Overseer of the Poor, be and he ts hereby instruct cd to serve notice or cause notice to be served, pursuant to the provisions of Section ,1315, Code of Iowa, upon the following named persons to depart from Cerro Gordo County. Iowa: Jacob Kumalae and f a m i l y : Albert 1-tclmkle and family; Carl Slocum, w i f e and f a m i l y ; Julian Buem and f a m i l y ; William Factor and family C l i f f Hatren: Board authori/.ed the cancellation of the 1935 dog tux assessed to C. K. Cripr,on 2nd. Ward, Mason City, On motion of Supervisor Roof, seconded .' Supervisor Sondcrfcaard, the following Ms against the county were approved and allowed, and the county a u d i t o r was instructed, to draw warrants in payment thereof. Motion carried. Ayes. Supervisors Root, Patton, and Sondergaard. Nays: None. Ashland, c. K. J. P. fees $ iy.25 H-J.lir i. or 6-1.1 157.69 1-12.2' 13.26 ·1.00 s'er 17 fi5 7.00 7.0U 73.19 33.33 16 Anderson. Emil. old age pen. invest. Adams Drug, -.iruss A. P. Tra Co., C. L. pro A. . P. Tea Co., So, Fed., p r o . . A. P. Tea Co., N. Fed., pro American Optical Co., med. a i d , . . . Anderson. Leslie A.. Turn. f i x . . . Atlas .Market, provisions Avery station, provisions A l l f F o n Coal Co., fuel Aljimbis, Steve, rent Blocker, Mrs. Ida, rent Block Coal Co. fuel Boomhovi-er Hdw., sup. rep. Britven Grocery, provisions ... Butts Grocery, provisions ... Burns, vera, assessor . . Brown, H L. Brunson. J. G. ruchncr's Garage, road main I Butler. Mrs. Virgil, care poor... , Butler, iv. R Aprt.. rail J. n. I. P. R. n. Co.. trans... r. G. W. P.. R. Co.. trans ;"o. Treasurer, petit jur wit z: M. St. p. R. R., maint. ....... Clark, c. F.. b a i l i f f Carroll. M. K 1 .. assessor ·r: Gordo Bakery, provisions .... ZTarver. Belle, care poor Consolidated Coal Coke Co., fuel Crescent Printing Co.. supplies Cavanaugh. Catherine, allowance..., Cark. E. \V. Co., rent Cahalan Grocery, provisions Calvert, Mrs. Chester, allowance.. Cartcrsville Supply Co., fuel . Cerro Gordo Bakery, provisions. 3adwell Trs. Stj-, Co.. fgh., dry, Carroll. Angela, help treas lent. Auto Elec. Co., cn . cars road "hi. Herald Exam., sup. hosp... Casey Drug Co.. drugs 06.00 ss.oo 80.00 51.'JO 12.00 U'.GO 64.10 23fj.20 3.73 45.00 KS.OO 16,00 "0.41 5.06 ·18.00 7.00 9.4S 15 00 27.44 S.OO -1S.2S 20.00 14.2S 17.09 o.j.00 ' i t y of Clear Laite, burial hosp. Clear Lake Grain Co.. fuel Shannon. H. Co.. maintenance .... Cook. Bertha, help recorder . . . Corner Drug Stuie. drugs i. IIcat Grocery, provisions . IS 37 Jlaus, K. E.. b a i l i f f 78-00 ·anc Co., supplies hospital . . . . . 'J.-1S ·omer, F. E.. tax account -1-7.50 m v e n t Good Shepherd, care poor.. 2u.oo Hycnport Reslcr Corp.. maint 101,Sfj "ailcy. Mrs. Mary. ref. 0. A. Pen. 2.1-1 ies Moinc? Steel Co.. maintenance .15S9.P6 Diamond Bros. C. L.. provisions.. -19.56 liamond Eros. M. c.. provisions .. ·I'J.99 Grocery, provisions ~i.3"i P l u m b i n g , repairs ,. ].;JG lamons Inc.. sup. co. hosp, ,.,, 9.55 Joe. en. carp road 117.39 Jonnelly Service, K. R. A. car .. 12.03 Plumbing, repairs jail ..... * s.47 "urge. John, constable fees 17 00 "nlk t LHzelmann, road 9riR 79 'armers Tel. Co.. phone tolls. . 'arm Bureau, appropriation armers Co-op. Soc.. Rockwell, fuel unk, Edna, rent care 'ulghum, \v. s.. animals killed ,. 'ullerton Lbr. Co.. f u e l armers Tnc. Co-op. Soc,. fuel "crest Park. Gro., provisions arm. Co-op. Co., C. Lake, grain. . ritonc A u t o Sup. Serv, road rancherc. c. AC., rent 'rants. K e i t h , road Named to Clarion Post. EMMETSBURG, (UP) -- Miss Floy Swartzendrover for the past six years secretary to J, H. Moore of the Kermore hotel here, has been appointed manager of the Moore hotel at Clarion, it was learned Thursday. Miss Swartzendrover will cccd Leon Moore, \\-ho is retiring to operate n farm. She will assume her new duties Marcn 10. Farm. Kiev. Co.. M. C.. f u e l Farmers Kiev, Co.. Plymouth, f u e l Farm Products, provisions Kekkers. Nellie, allowance Vinlayson. A n d y , road 7'iropido Fuel, 'fuel . , . . , , '·'orcnamf, Hc'la, care nuor ;*irfjn Grocery, provision? :arvr. D. W., rrnt j"|f]t}v.MT.'p. Wrrllia. rrnf, ;"|U"r. r i r . r c n t i n c . reni , , . . ;ripp"n. D. \V. C".. nujipltes '.rupi'. Carl T* . pn.ivhirjns ;ihhs-Ci'"k Tract, TCqtiip.. m a i n t . ;rro n Coal Co.. die! .. , ;]eR£',m. w. G-. nspc.^.vnr Holder. H. K., court reporter Ht'Ivik, c. A., road Helgen. Ida 0.. rent Hawkins Grocery, provisions Herman. Fred A., rent Heaford. chas. W.. burial Nick, Mrs., care poor.. Hauv Ora P.. rent Hinton. Florence, rent Hugh. Minnie, rent Hermanson Bros., provision.'; HouRhton M i f i i i n Co., school books Harding, Boyd, road , . , Huismann'F Market, provisions Ifaeeerty. Mrs. D. E.. care poor .. Hall. Mrs. Nellie, rent , Hamilton, c. V. M. D., med a i d . . Han?en, Oulf T Co.. provisions.. Harris M a r k e t , provisions H u m p h r e y , Ethel, rent lioveland. Mr. 1 '. M « r . t-nrr ptw.r ... Hushes, P. H.. assessor House or (;odf] Pbci'herrl. care fi-'or la. Phcr B i k E . C",, r i o i b . i"j"i if. T''ral Gl"i:cty. p r n \ IL^cn.e 4 02 300.00 ·iy.98 42.00 312.00 12. -10 a. 57 7 34 1SO.S1 3,1 8fl 7.00 11.70 ·S.92 7,50 13.:! 6 7. no 7."0 "i.tMl ! .71 1 S . 1 9 J;P.ST 1tU1 12.-1. 00 107.00 ·150.11 0 00 9.39 7.00 S.OJ 86.25 7.00 7.00 7.00 11.10 21.00 15.30 153.00 9 0 0 ater jai weeds la. Stile Highway Com., road ....... la. Public serv. Co., road ......... .». Iowa Tea Cu.. provision.! .......... ,tf flcrson Bus L!".c. trans. ....... Jji'iir*. Harry, provisions ......... .ichtiMin deer, provisions ...... J i i i M f n . YV. I , . . fOHrJ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IchnsiHi. nf'jfttirir. lietp sup! ...... .lindrich. .1, C-. fuel ............. .ifiisfii, \v. L-. machinery hospital Kaplan. !.,(*;. assessor ........... . Kcnniaon, Jielcn, salary ------- *. ....... K u r t z . L. II. ('.. mad ...... ...... Kilpto Loose Lear Co,, supplies , . Kit to. A. \V., provisions ..... ...... Knud-son. H. M., pro. del. ho5p. .. K n i g h t . Dr. It. A., med. care poor.. K e u f f c l Basher Co., road ........ Kncs«l, A. W. . Sons Inc., road ., Kelroy Fuel A Furnace Co.. fuel .... K i n n e y Shoe Store, clothlnfi ....... Kirchoff Grocery, rent prov. .... Kehrn, F. A., assessor .......... · » Kaiser. Dr. J, C-. T. B. erad. . ...... Linnet), w. D.. court reporter. . . . Lorinp Farmer Co., re. ma. sup, LlRhtbody, Mary, rent ............ Lincoln, A. E.. heattnc plant ...... Leader Grocery, provisions ........ Larncrs. clothing jail .............. Lewis. Mrs. Will, rent .... ......... Lindstrom, Otto, road ... ........ Lacorc. Anna, rent . , , ........... . . Laird Shoe Co.. r l n t h l n j j ho.sp. . . Larson, B c r l i i a , help a u t o ........ Unit. y,rn. C. H.. rcn! .......... Lcarrh, M. I.)., assrs.-.fjr . . . . ..... , , , Loomer. C. L., tnn.itahle fors .... Jlai'Pcali. p. H.. rr«. V i t . SUM*. ... McC.iuley. David, r e n t ............. M c N i f t . Myra, r r n t . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MtKMoi'i. C. Oscnr, piovLii'-nK . . McGfiwnn. Win., r r n t ......... ... K c M u l l e n . M r s . Myrtle, rent ...... McCulloch. R. V.. tvssesMjr . . McDonald. S. H.. .vipplins liiisp. . .. M:i.Hon City Waterworks and heating p l n n t . JWHer, Donald, r o;u! fc Michaels, A, N.. f i r e m a n .......... M. C. Globe-Gazette, advertising. . .Moore. Vcra, salary E, R. A ..... M. C. Waterworks, water .......... Merchants Quick Delivery, dray .... Morrison. Fred, rent . .......... M. C. KillworK Co.. repair ........ Meier, Mrs. R. C.. animals killed.. Mabb. D. S. Co. . provisions ..... Morris Food Store, provisions . ., Mason Publishing Co.. supplies ..... M. C. Sporting Goods, supplies , . Mullen Sons, provisions . ...... M. C. Building Loan, rent ..... Af. C. Clean Towel, towels K. R. A. y.\d Continent, fuel . ............. Moe, L. A., rent. .................... Mount. Hincs. serve notice ......... M. C. Tent A w n l n c co.. equip. . . Al-cade. Mabel A., cloik cd. jury M. c. Cemetery Assn.. burial ..... M. C. C. L. R. R. Co.. s u p p l i e s . , S- 1 . C, Hardware, supplies ......... Moore. L. A., reni . .............. Mack Int. Motor Truck Corp. main. M. C. Milhvorks Co.. maintenance M\ C'. Imp. Co.. maintenance ........ M. C. Loan Inv. Co., rent ....... M, C. Hardware Co., supplies . . . Mcrksl Co.. sewing ............... Maroney. Kd. provisions ............ Mttroney, John. sup. co. hosp ..... Murston. J. H.. road ........... . ..... Meyer Funeral Home, burial ..... Mitchell. Harry, provisions ........ Montcomcry Ward, clothing ..... !£, B. A. DruK, tirups ..... . ........ K a g n a n f , glta, help treasurer ..... Maroney Grocery, provisions ...... Mnrsden Grocery, provisions ........ Neu. Kenneth,, defend prisoner ...... N. Bell Tel. Co.. phones tolls.. N. Iowa Fair Assn.. fairgrounds .. Northwestern Dist. Co., cannery . . Ncttlcton, Dr. T. A., dentist ..... Nat. R e f i n i n g Ct.. road maint.. . Nichols Dairy, provisions ............. Nc£omir, Mrs. Smelia, rent ....... O'Brien, w. 4-, milea^ K. R. A ... O'Hearn, F. C.. sal, m i l , K. R. A. Orange Front Grocery, provisions..., O'Donncil, ,Jas. 0.. rent .... ......... Olson, N'etllc. help supt .......... Oshkosh Motor Truck, inc.. maint. P. G. E. Co.. lights iiaa ____ Peerless Sales Corp.. ruad m a i n t . . . Peters, A. c.. salary am! m i l a g e . . Peterson. W i n n i r r e d , salary .......... Price. Dorothy, salary ........ .... Palton, c. R., supervisor ........ Plymouth Cash Store, provisions ..... Palles. John, provisions ......... . Peshak, p. A., provisions . . . . Piggly WigBly, provisions ........... PJonsky, Freda, rent ............. I'ropcott. Mildred, h e l p supl, as. Practical Drawing Co., school books Parker, Grace, care poor ....... Pool. Fi-ank, provisions ____ ...... Paulcy, Ray K., maintenance ..... Garaqe. E. R. A. car Pete rt.t'fl ."'1.7R Prusia, Kay K., clothing Purity Bnltcry. provisions Puth Plumbing Co., repairs L. A. Pase Lbr. Co., fuel Pasc Crane Co.. u. L.. fuel re. Palles, John, provisions Patterson. L. W.. bur. £ trans. ., Park Husp/taJ, medical care ..... , Prescription Shop, dru^g Quinn, J. F.. rent Rodriguez, Louis, provisions Railway Express Co.. express Robertson, J. M-. care board pria.. to Cherokee, migc., to instil Root. F. G.. supervisor Kiehm, Laura, rent Raw, JCrs. Cora, rent Kaizes, Sam Dept. Store, clothing provisions Red Ball Stores, provisions Royal "400" QU Co,, maint. sup. Reliable Implement Co., fuel f!ose, Mrs. Ir^ne, care poor Scliankc. A. M., P. M.. postage .... Salaries Co. Home Ct. House .. Sherman, H. M., repairs ^ondcrj;aard. Harry, supervisor Saw Sharp Co.. heating plant Smitn Corona Type., machine ,, Sterling Grocery No. 3, provisions .. Sinclair R e f i n i n p Co., fuel Smith, Mrs. B.. rent Smith. Mrs. R i t a , allowance . Joseph's Mercy Hosp.. mod. care shapiro. s. P.. provisions Snydcr Rite Way Gro., provisions.... "lolbcrp Sons, provisions S t u n k a r d , L. G., provisions Schanke, A. M. Co.. Ins. rent S h a f f e r , p. B.. rent, lights, phone. mileage and supplies Schwab Grocery, provisions " i l t h . L. C. Co.. supplies icy Fruit Co.. provisions itcbbinp. 3. L, Grocery, pruv iir^r Mason Ci'y. maintenance .... Skclly Oil Co.. maintenance ·Jmith. A. E., maintenance "nydcr, J. E. Co., maintenance . .* Landard Oil Co.. fuel it maint. .. Stcnby. S. M.. n-nt "t. Joseph's Cemetery Assn., burial iterifng coal Co., fuel Sterling Grocery, provisions Sterling NO. 2, provisions .,,,..,, Sterling No. 3. provisions Sterling Ny. 4, provisions Story Hospital, hied, care Shannon Grocery, provisions ,.. Smith. Airs. Maude, rent Smith. Ben, rent Stewart. Leora. care "··ii:iv Crest Sanatorium, care po-jr Sutton. Blanche, ex. h e l p treas. .. awoiiiey. Mrs. Allies, rent . ... Schanke. A. M.. postage Trewin, Elsie, salary Thompson. A, J.. salary m!ye. .. Tait. Lloyd B., court reporter" .... Thompson Dcr.n Co*, provision.*Taylor. A. B.. rent , TiM'Jchome. Phoc Store. ci'Jihinp ... T a t u m . Frances, rcni Thornton u n t c r p r i s i * . .--U;I|.|I*:B Timmons, A. K.. rmt Tanires Ant,, ParL-s ( . . m a i n t . . Tftnnrr. Pearl M.. v i s i t i n g Pfli'i.iirs Thompson Dc^it t . , . . irnvisj"n- Trev.Mt. C. A . , rmr .'.,.. Valentine. J. C.. tircnnn old p's office Van Kvcry, Grorsc. rrni Van Ltan. Paul, m-tintenance Western Union, telegrams \ \ a l K r e c n Druj; Co.. drugs Widow Pension . Woodfurd wheeler Lhr. Co.. fuel Waddlnpham. A n n a , animals killed. White. Wm., rent . . . , Wells. Mrs. Doris, rent Walgreen Dnis Co., tjrugs ., Wilson Grocery, pnn-i'iuns Wright. Dr. C. E.. rent Ward Funeral Hume, b u r i a l Webster, Lumber Inc.. fuel Western Grocery Co., provisions ... W i l l i n m j , A. J.. provisions Wolf. A b b u t t K . rent Woll Riothrrs. m e ] . . . . W a n n e r Coil Co.. fuel , Waterloo C^n.-'l. C".. m a i n t e n a n c e . . an. nri fill. 3*1 ;[*»). 71 170.01 R.-'pR 8S4.W 10.71 1.02 ID. 8(5 88. OU fi.70 107.25 13.99 7.00 3. 00 11.03 3.00 9.\;0 m. us y.oo TJ.PO .vj.r.o 1 1 DO 4S.U(t l-l.-.f 7.0(1 II. 'HI t.r,o ·HI. II I 10. SO (JO. 87 y,ro Tu.oo I.KI JW.UO 32.09 1.00 51. UO 1-1-KB1 2 00 19.56 70-10 3,00 6 17 JS.flO 2. SO .Til fl.OO 1,l)S 13'J.74 9 00 *;. oo 40. 12 7.30 7. 00 2.9C 1.30 !6K-S..-|S ·t9."0 rl!.()l) or,, oo ·i Dli 10 93 !.:·· Is.y-i 3.H 27 37 42.50 10.72 3n.l7 :io oo" arjH.^a 10.00 7.SO ·l.HS '2. 'IS ".00 O'JI.TO 19). 2KJ.OI 66.Ot 33.01 332.61 11.G: £1,1 6.3 6-t.O- 9.01 S9.2r S.I'- :.:,. 3 '.\ r»e 7.61 r,.is 1 1 -1R 86. SO 20.30 2-i.!»y 37.131 30. SO ii.OO 5.76 141?. J O 161.70 S.OO Watts. Mrs. Phot-lie, rent fl.OH W e a t l i r r l y . Kdna S.. rent 7.DO Caul Co., f u n d 3..",7 WOK t e r n Gf'tcrrv. provisions 17ii.;w \\ i l l l n n m . HoliL-rt, rctit Wilson's .Sporting G'i"'ls, a t i m i l l M - . .M VVIfhar.l. M i l d r e d , h f l p audit.u .. t$7.:iS Vf.unc((r M , f ' ( . j. R.. rrnt '".".'"'.","." 6 0 0 noi! Hr " H ' u " lIrlM!d " J """" » l ' n " ir y 1 A t t e s t : A r t h u r H n r r t s , C ' n i n t y Auditor. C. n. PATTON. chairmnn. FIFTH DAY. The Board ot Supervisors or Cerro cor- do County. Iowa, met In rcsulnr scarion pursuant to adiournment. There were present Supervisors. C. R, Patton. Chairman; F. G. Root, and Harry Sondcrcaard. Absent: None. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. The following resolution was offered by Supervisor Root: Whereas, J, C. Kawhlnney, Clear Lane, Iowa, is Indebted to Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, for certain taxes assessed against him while doing business In Clear Lake. Iowa, under the trade name of the Soda Grill, and, WhercHs, an aj^tenmrnt was made for the b e n e f i t of the creditors, nnd whereas, there was only left a f t e r the court had approved t h e f i n a l accountinc of the Assignee, and Whereas, t h e said tuxes a IT not * U r n apalnst j i n y real estate, jS'mv therefore, t:r jt rcsylvTl by Mi* B'iarf| of Suprrvisi.irK t h a t t h e sum "T ?ir).2:i be and the same Is hereby accepted in l u l l nnd i;fmplo!e sritlrnn'iil ot t h e sa(( I."..\'-F. Interest, i.r p c n a U i r M . and the County TreF-.itir»r is ·ttillKirir.rd !o iict-rpt the said !-\im in l u l l and ;ompk-!fi j t e t t l r m o n l . On M i l l i o n 01 Supervisor Root. .icconHM ly SupprvMir a*mdorfiaard. the forcfrr.jtic rejoin t ion as o f f e r e d was adopted. Mo- ion carried, nil members voting nyr. The following resolution was offered by Whereas, Alfred Anderson. ·»i30 S. Geur- ia A v e n u e by verbal agreement has paid p his personal taxes from 1918 to i£i2!), i-tth the exception or jl'.'JO plus penalty. and Whereas, the Board now deem It for the best interest of the public and the said Alfred Anderson t h a t the said balance he cancelled, now therefore he it ro.solved that the said balance of $2.90 plus penalties be cancelled. On motion of Supervisor SnmJerRaard, seconded by Supervisor Root, the foregoing tesolution as o f f e r e d was adopted. Motion carried, all members voting aye. This being t h e day and hour heretofore st.t for the taking of find considering bids for one carload of Class D-Dousta* f i r bridge plank, the Board of Kuperviror.t prucccdod t.r nnen the bids .submitted. The bfd of the Frudffen Brfdcc Lumber and Supply Co.. a', a price of sil.Sr -rrr thousand l ^ e t . being the lowest bid s u b m i t t p d . a motion \vas made by Supervisor Root, jcc- ·ndcd by Supervisor Srnidcrganrd. t h a t the -*nid hid be accepted nnd t h a t t h e C h a i r n m n of the Board he authorized to e n t e r Int'j a contract w i t h the said Fru! Irn 'l^c Lumber and guppty Company. Mo- tit.n carried, all mem hers voting aye. On motion of Supervisor Sonderirjia'd. second cd by Supervisor p.oot that the f r » i lowing resolution he adopted, ail members 'ted aye. Be it Resolved by The Board of Supervisor.-' of Ccrrj Gordo County, Iowa, t h a t Mines M o u n t . Assistant County Attorney, be and he is hereby directed to commence ac- i or take whatever action is necessary against the trustees of the Trust Rstafe f Ole J. Burkum for the enforcement and :ol!cction nf proceeds from said estate for ihc use of Ccrro Gordy County In defraying expenses |or the care, committment., keep. and support of the beneficiaries nanifd in said trust and who are wards in state or county institutions. Boj'.Ri adjourned to meet March 2. iy*i(3. Attest; Arthur Harris. County A u d i t o r . C. R. PATTON. Chairman. 39. -13 t5f.7.'i 235.72 3.06 7.00 ltj.00 ri.-i.S2 30.84 S.Ofi 60.27 r, r,o «.n "II. 41 7. IS 7.00 18.00 3f..70 30.66 28.71 ltf.66 13.76 Gl.i.O -1.28 7. 00 3U.40 130.00 ~:,.oo 7,00 X I . 00 ·J-l.TiO 132.80 210.00 l'J.21 7."0 Many Changes in Rake Vicinity R e p o r t e d as Farmers Start Moving RAKE--In the surrounding- vicinity a n u m b e r of cli;ing-cs have been made in moving- this spring. Tom Fjetland of Frost, Minn., moved to the Grave home in town vacated by the Clifford Rehpohl family, who moved to rooms over the postof- t:ce. Dr. M. W. Smith purchased the Gust Johnson residence recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Cash, who moved to Clear Lake. A. T. Buckley, southeast of town, is having- a sale and has moved to the house in town formerly occupied by the R. V. Stone family. Boyd Tiedens of Armstrong moved to the farm vacated by Peter DeGroote. who moved to NicolJet, Minn. Henry Kicwiet, who works for Andrew Erdahl. moved to the 'arm vacated by Herbert Smidt, who moved to the place formerly ?armed by Harry Fenske. Harry P'enske moved to a farm near Marna. John Huisman, southwest of :own, moved to a farm near Frost. C. Stenberg, from near Thompson, moved to the farm vacated by Srvin Kallestad, who moved near Thompson. Frank Beaver, who will work for the Sandum brothers, moved to the 0. M. Hanson place, r.gvold Jacobson moved to the 'arm vacated by Ras Ivcrson, who moved to Lake Mills. Jake Risius moved, from near Frost, to the :arm vacated by A. T. Buckley. ,eave Nesting Cover for Game Birds, Urges Conservation Officers DES MOINES--Don't burn nest- ng cover, the state conservation ommission urges. The season for nnual cleaning up of farm lands is oon at hand, as is the nesting sea- on for many game birds. This year, lore so than ever before, the nat- ral grass along fence rows, field orners an3 other places should be eft to grow up. It is in such places hat game birds such as pheasants, uail and partridges prefer to build heir nests. When these places are estroycd by burning, ground nest- ng birds take the next best thing, ucli as alfalfa ami small grain elds where the loss is great by :ic mowci 1 and by predators. Game ,,. . irciK know where to locate their ?.'j.v I nests--in plrjcrs where they can be reasonably safe and hidden'in a natural surrounding to deceive the "enemy." Every landowner and tenant is asked to preserve the nesting cover on his land this year to assist in bringing the game bird population back to normal and provide shootable surplus for t!e open season. .in. 00 11.01) 7.00 41.42 :? 20 9.00 65.OU 3 ."HI li-. Whcrlc L M . Hn- W i l l i a m ^ , .1. K.. William.':. Kotir: 1 !. Turner Manager Will Run Wilson Campaign DES MOINES. I.-?)--Appointment of Charles R. Fischer of as manager of State Sen! ator George Wilson's campaign j for the republican nomination for governor, was announced followinTM a conference here. Fischer, a ior- m r t state securities commissioner, mrtmijrd Dim W". Turner's camp a i g n in IP" 1.

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