The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 29, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XIL Xo. 51. Gettysburg, Pa., Saturday, Xovejnbw IQth. 1913. Price Two Cent*. ' - HAVE YOU SEEN THE New Short Stiff Bosom Shirts? We are showing them in the Corner Window; the new feature about them is that the bosom is set underneath instead of on the top, thereby making a practicalle summer shirt minus the starch. The bosom Is small and short and will not catch on top of the trousers. The newest sh?des of Pink and Brown, also the staple colors. The cuffs attached or detached. The Price $1.00 and $1.50- TO IGASE DISMISSED Aflto APPARATUS! AGAINST HOP LEE IBBERS BEAT UP WILKENSON 8 I i I I i { i burg Laundry Man Fails for lack of Sufficient Evidence. Other Chinamen also Discharged. Citizens 1 Committee Fiads a Dif-i Coas 9 irac ? Cfl3r 9e a S 3ins{ Bettys- County Trapper Has sn Arm Fracfur- ferencein Sentiment over Advis-j ability of Purchasing Motor Driv- ] en Apparatus. Suggest Standpipe. i A well defined opposition to the pur- ! chase of an automobile £re engine was ed and his Collar Bone Broken by Two Hen who Enter his Barn Evidently to Steal Hides. * The charge of conspiracy, brought jainst Hop Lee following Ihe disap- i i i ! reported Friday evening at a «i I of the citizens' appointed to i solicit subscriptions toward the par- ·etin"- ' P earance °~ his son, Dan Lee, this ECKERTS STORE, "Q* the Square* morning brought to a sudden conclu- j sion when United States Commission- · David Wilkenson. of near Fountain Attacked by two men who were just preparing to get away with a large number of hides, which he had secured after many days' hard work, e e IMM4 WALTER'S THEATRE 4 14KEIS TO-NIGHT 4 KEELS FATHERS UUST Jiu? Drama chase of additional equipment for t h e j e r -^ymond F. Topper d^missed the Da!er W as felled to the ground, sus- Gettysburg department. · char S e afid discharged Hop. In'addition to this opposition there \ With Ho D Lee three ot " er Chinamen wa= *xp-essed a doubt over the ability S were charged with assisting in the es- to use an engine of such capacity in i* 3 ? 6 Fevera! weeks a ^° °f Dan Lee '. | KOD'S son, and four otner Chinese j alieged to have been unlawfully wither taining a broken collar bone, a broken arm and severe bruises about the head. He is recovering slowly from iuries. WILL CANVASS TOWN MONDAY LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS One Haur to he Taken for Canvass-Correspondents send in Many Items of Interesting News from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief'terns. of Bettyshurg for Contributions to i Civic Nurse Fund. About Hundred to Take Part in Work. The finance committee of the Civic | Xurse Association met at the home of", Miss Annie AX OU.PHAX OF \VAR '2 Reel Feature Tlie thrilling Adventures of :i La-1 who starts I ou: : "Lick"' ihe whofe Soath- i , crn Aruiy. To avenge the death of bis father. FLESH OF HIS FLESH American A Human Interest Story taken from life. Convincing and real. Show starts 6:30. Admission 5 cents. the oortions of town where only i small three inch pipe connects inej- · water plugs with the mains, the fear j i n the United States ' On l ' rM '^' tne ! being expressed that a motor engine \ **»» three Orientals were given a I with 500 gallons capacitv would soon j hearing «n Sunbary ana dismisses ior j «uck dry such a pip'e. ! lack of sufficient evidence. The same ' Among the reasons advanced for the reason was given for or Lee and completed the arrangements for a , 1 canvass of the town in the interest of j this association, made on Monday evening, 1st, by between eighty and his in-sdred interested persons. An opportunity is 1o be given all j Mr. Wilkenson is a trapper by pro- i who have not already done so to confession and operates extensively in the ] tribute to the Civic Xursing Fund, vicinity of Fountain Dale where he; Miss Briel made 1320 visits in the has had a great deal of success, night this week he heard EAST BERION East Berlin--Harry Miller and Rer. Homer Friday evening j G. H. Eveler, of DiUsburg, were im town on Saturday. Mrs. Charles Hoff and daughter. The canvass will be j Edna May, of Hanover, visited their December · aunt, Mrs. George Ramer, and other one hun- ; friends here over Sunday. j Harry Gise visited his brother and friends in York on Sunday. Miss Kate Resser and Mrs. Daisy Resser and three daughters, visited friends in York a few days the past wife Xew Oxford, t o the purchase of such ap- chsr s this n access. One! first ten months of her service in Get- j w e ^_ a no:se a;.: tysburg. The amount of distress re- j i-eib f s£me lhJs barn where he is accustomed tojlieved, of help and comfort rendered, j visited friends in town on Sunday. 5 d!S "{ store his hides and pelts and he at: the sick aided, ard in some cases the! J - W - Eeas and ^"^ York » Mrs - I t ' 1 JTM»" .. . t . . TT *·- . * » -» . V* » I £\f7{*£- iparatus was the argument that the! *t will be recalled that, following|..^ 1 borough could not afford an outlay ofj i h e discovery of So Ho Dan Hon., an- rted out to make an investiga-! lives saved by the nurse's competent I Charles Hoff and daughter, Hanover, -- - - visited at the home of Fuhrman " VT " ! S:J750. The town was declared to be . other son of Hop in Gettysbur ierai weeks P H O T O PL A ! running behind with its expenses to, [die extent of several thousand dollars f thomies learned of the la year, to be bonded almost to J simit, and unable to assume such [large new unusual expenditure. sev- the immigration au- presence of i Another argument advanced against! others. He man was missing together v.-as traced to ! care make a gratifying record. Upon opening the door a man, who j Any contribution made to this had evidently entered the building, cause is acceptable and will be grate- with the intention of making a haul, j fully received, but it is hoped many sprang at him and hit him a tton. The payment of five aoiiars or constitutes one a ers on Saturday. Miss Ruth Deatrick, spent last week ·with her aunts at Harrisburg and was i · ,, - . i sprang a L u n ana m i n i m a severe I mav become members of the assoda"- Accompanied home Saturday by her 'Dan Lee in HamsDurg. v\nen^ they L-,^. cp -^ h ^ ^ ft he£v .. dab | tion . T .he pavment of five dollars or ! «n«e. Lather Miller, who returned- ·A-ens to his laundry tnere me China-| T egainiEg . his feec Wilkenson knock-! more constitutes one a sustaining j Monday - My- the oarcnase 01 a ne\v witn lour: , . , -, _ , ., ; . , , ,, ,, led tne man down. «iust ..nen another i member, and 01 one dollar, a i intruder felled Wilkenson to the'member. Representatives of the Barre and the imaiigrauon people b e - j n d b r e a k i n ^ h . s c o | l a r bonc a n d ' ciaticn will call at _.. _. between G and 7 Ison. Waldon, and 3Irs. Elizabeth Wei- i gard were the guests of Ezra Jacobs bone and · ciation will call 'Monday evening o'clock. All those who have said voting 1 sso- homes next i ^ eor S c Sharrer and wife, Jacob Sharrer and wife. David Sharrer and two daughters, Geneva and OIlie, and _..j j and family on Sunday- EDXVIXS DA DGE OF liOXOit ............................... Diosrraph Conseuy ] rysburg. It was admitted that the nr»- Thp convict eiade- th'- "!on»hca '-" pri-=on oifii-Ial= in n.a aiua^nor manne- 1 ien can scaresly be expected to j an-1 put--- hi- fellow eonvir*- ni a ' orciwr to s a rn^hii of ho-ior. So Ho Dan Hen has been ordered ce- · j hurriedly without taking wbevls him bick to tht prison in - t i.i s heavy THF - LXTC - OF TOF \\ * kY we .i\jc. .u.-K. i ...... y revenzefal, hs kills aa old settler. \itasrapai t · ^^^ , szs "" steamer that .he and liveries T Pursued throGzSi the destn of Ari/ena. lie auenjpts to kiH bi= pursuer, who is too quick for him. A story 01'frontier l;fc- THE CHL^aTIAX Kalem j A lessors tan-rbt by a lfv-otf: siiother enables a man to avert a tragedy and hririr hspointe- t- A tlesp-itrins: Hfe. With ALICE JOYCE COMING NEXT TUESDAY "THE INTRUDER" Vitagraph in two reels. -With MAURICE C05TELI.O IN THE LEADING PAHT. Show starts 6.30 " , Admission 5c to all. \ might be interested in s. proposition to JHAXKSGIVIXG DAY ... ^ , r .".GCOD ire not all '.lin^ted-to^thiug to eat, however enjoyable - the?-' nrzy be. There are also' 'good tF' wear; ^jpecially those -"inciudee '.in. chose "es- jentials like -'cravats, -gloves, hund- %*rchiefs. fancy vests and hosiery trhich all go to make up the line of goods as sold as furnishings. Selig~s have an exceptionally fine line. The Quality Shop WILL M- SELIGMAN The Cash Tailor f K O D A K S F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S Ever\'thing needed by the Amateur Photographer our entire stock is of the stardard E a s t m a n M a k e Direct from the factory. ALWAYS FRESH. Care- f ul attention, to the development of films. Mail and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention. |i H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E | § . J. H. HUBER, Druggist. i nHininninnni.imiHira!niiniiiiiinnimiHiiHnnimuiiiiMiHHimmHiiiH!Hirou!HnmiHmiiS sorted and is now under bail for his itpearance at United District JTourt in Harrisburg: on. Monday. Dc- "eniber 1. bootv. jhelo in this house to house visitation | . 3ir f C " J, B ° Ver ^n Russel, and along anv re asked to meet in the basement of ! aaUghter - HeIen -: aTnc * Mrs - Ze 'g^ " jthe Christ Lutheran Church at 6 - i WCre *"*"* at the Ltitheran P ar *on- I Dr. Jamison is the attending phy- m. Monday to receive instructions and · siclan and reported very favorably Mr. Wilkenson's condition. on to be assigned to their disu-icis. BUCHANAN VALLEY Buchanan Valley--John A. Xoel and wife, of Philadelphia, visited at the home of John E. Brady on their re:urn from Biandsburg, Cambria County. They came oi Thanksgiving ive and will remain a. fe~sr:Ga.ys- jlrs. John F. Cole and, babe visited her narents in Hiiiiown over Thanks- jh-ing. jfrs. Victor Hausknecht; of Harrisburg, spent a few days -with 'her mister. ilrs. A. W. Cole, and family. - .- · Mrs. A. W- Cole and Richard Cole spent Thanksgiving Day' in. Gettysburg at the home of her father. Hon. Win. 3Iartin. Charles Shlnk and brother. George. of near Biglervilie. spent Monday and Tuesday of the past week bunting for ieer. They stopped at the home of John F- Cole- Edward Woodward shot a deer OH Monday last. James Kimpla has purchased an automobile. On Thursday evening and Friday we had our Srsr sleet of the ·winter- YOUR - TURKEY - DINNER Will taste better if you have a - N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T on Thanksgiving Day. We have a large variety of choice fabrics at prices to suit everybody. J. D. LIPPY, Ta2or. is, when needed, to out "General Meade." - · The cost of maintaining a new engine was brought out as a third adverse argument, together with the possibility of something going wrong with xKe mechanism just at s. tisie irhen it might be most needed- . As a .counter proposition, to the pur- crhase-of an automobile .engine there was advanced the plan to erect a large standpipe for fire purposes only. Mr. Mcpherson, of the Water Company, stated that to supply the : mains of town, by. pumping water into the standpipe first and then haying it go through the large pipes "would require much-more pumping force than is now necessary. If the standpipe were to be used for Sre purposes only, then the mains would be filled with stale water every time a Sre occurred. Mr. I*Ie- Clean suggested a pipe independent of the Marsh Creek supply, being filled from the artesian ·wells on East Cemetery Hili. He said he understood such a pipe could be erected at a cost of S25QO. Mr. McPherson and Allan B. Plank thought the estimate far too low. Doubt was also expressed that the service pipes could stand the pressure from a standpipe stream. After a thorough discussion of aU these matters it was tae concensus of opinion that an expert engineer should be secured to go over the situation before am-lhing definite is done, tha^ he should give his judgment on all the matters brought ouc at Friday evenings meeting, and that the officers of the committee should report at the meeting of the to~*n council the questions which have been brought to light ·with a request that council make a thorough investigation of all phases of the matter before going recklessly into the purchase of a S7-500 engine. It Tvas further decided to increase the membership of this committee and the officers were instructed to Invite business men and other citizens to join in the work of securing for the town the best fire protection possible. Prof. Richard S. Kirby, head of the : department of civil engineering at gr igh Sc hool Boys Won Game Gettysburg College, will be asked to j Harrisbarg Club- become a member of the committee- He was formerly city engineer for Port Chester. Xew York, and his experience will be a valued asset. Abbottstown and child, of York, are the guests her mother. Mrs. Alice Miller. John A. Haar, Charles Nagle and Charles Bo-vvser. York." were visitors to our town. Sunday. " " " Dr. T. C. Miller had seven corn LITTLESXOWN Littlestown--Mrs. Raymond Barnes. ·Mrs. Charles Bowser of Mt. Airy, is spending some time of with the family of her sister, Mrs. Sarah Grouse. v Born to Mr. and Jlrs. John C. Smith, of Lumber street, a son. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Redding, of Gettysburg,_spent Sunday with the buskers engaged in his field whose combined ages made a total of · years. The majority were between vears and SO vears old. family of their daughter, Mrs. E J. 1 151 Althoff. . --·" ~ 70 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Homberger spent Thanksghing in Taneytowhl Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Black and yonng i with the latter s "parents, Jlr. " and son. of near Gettysburg, were the i Mrs. Charles Elliot. _ guests of Moses Xagle and wife, over Sunday- Lloyd Jlummert left here Tuesday niomins: for Alliance. Ohio, to make his home there again for awhile. Sirs. William Smithj daughter, ISfiss. Mary and son, Charles. spenfr_^last Saturday and. San'day \vith relatives in Emmitsburg. Md. Blisses Irene Feeser and Elsie Batr i age at Wrightsville, the home of Rev. i "j. W.. Miltar. and family. [ Miss Mary Smith, New Oxford, and j sister, ilrs. Moehler, Hagerstown, | spent last Wednesday at the home of Dr. and Mrs. R. P. Feiser. Mrs. Rebecca. Trimmer and daughter. Miss Alice, were entertained at ;he home of the former's sister-in- laxv, Jlrs. Susan Bubb, last Wednesday. . . Mrs. Mary B. Dittmar has been spsudiag the"past~month in New York" City as the guest of her nephew, J. A. Brown. Mrs. Jonas" Feiser 'and children, of Baltimore, E--M. Grass and family, YorlL and Mrs. -John Hershey, of Ber- mutiian, were recent guests of C- M. rhompson and family near town. Mrs. Isaac Hoechst and Miss Nancy Weaver visited friends at Thdinas- ville last Tuesday-Mrs. Charles Albert spent davs the nast week in York- several j spent several days recently with Mr. I and Mrs. Paul Miller, near town. I For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. cents IK, Daily at. OLD FASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy, 40 ccns fc., Butternut Taffy, 50 cents lb., Peanut Ta3y, r 20 Peanut Brittle, 10 cents lb. Ic; Cream Ta5ii3.10 cen^ lb.--Fresh GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN THERE EVERYDAY Pupils Perfect in AJ tendance the Third 3Ionth. during The following attended Wenksville school every day during the month Eva Beamer, Ethel Kuhn. Isabella Miiier. Marvel R:ce, Bessie Warren, Beatrice Taj-lor. Gretna Black. Xeliie Showers. Bruce Kahn. Ralpii Taylor. Robert Kuhn. Aeota Taylor. Lola 31. Bowers, teacher. Report of Cranberry School for ;hird month ending Xov. 28. Those present every day were: Ha'ttie Bush- i 2y, Esther Hykes. Carrie Rose. Ruby j Dearoorfi. Ruth Hykes. Xettie Bushey. 'Temperance Sleeting T-_.-.-J T_..I._.. William Wolf, wife and daughters, j Little Miss Angela Stock, of Gertys- Ruth and Margarita. York, were the j burg, visited her grandparents, Sir. guests of Mr. and 3Irs. Aaron Wolf on j and Mrs. William F. Starr, several i days during last week. Sunday. Mrs. P. H. Hershe" and son, Ghaan-j Mr. and Mrs. Ira Blocher-and son, cey. Spring Grove, were the guests of jot Harrisburg. visited Mrs. Blocher's H. F. Stambaugh and family Sunday, j mother, Mrs. Sarah Stonesifer, and family over last Sunday. TjTr-T TTT-I-TT T T? AirnA: J - Carna Smith, of Mt. Joy town- iJI^Lt.KV ILL \V U-\ shipj slaughterad a hog . Wednesday of BiglerviHe Cuenen Defeated Fairfieid .' th ,' 3 we f K - which weighed 668 pounds. ! The porker was a Jersey Red and was 26 months old. on Thursday at Fairfield. The BiglerviHe pool team defeated ! the FairSeld team at Ulrich/s pool ] room in the latter town on Thursday by the score of 520 to 4SO- The individual scores were, Biglerville: RaiFensperger 191, Tros- j tie 144. Crum SO. Sandoe 105. j Fairfieid: Lowe 10S. Rock 142. San-1 ders 120. W. Sanders 110- HARRY F. FINK Former Irishtown Blacksmith Died Hanover on Wednesdav. HAMPTON Hampton--The following spent Sun- iay at the home of David Border, Danel Wonders, wife and son. Glenn. Mrs. E. T. Border. Mrs. Clayton Bosser- aian. Margaret Border and Xeliie Trimmer. William Rickrode and wife, of York, spent several days with relatix-es and friends at this, their old home town. Amanda Myers and Charlotta Millar were business shoppers at Xew Oxford one day last week. Mrs. Harry 3Iyers and grandson, Myers Spangler. York, is spending a few days at the home of Mrs. Corne- 'ius Smith. Dr. Spotz. wife and daughter, Marie, Esther Wampler. Isabella McClure, all :»f York were visitors in town on W. C. T. U. MEETING in Maurice Hykes. Charles W. McCans. Edward Gardner and Ralph Thomas. H. Kieifer Raifenspergerj teacher. BASKET BALL United Brethren Church. After an illness of four days from j acute indigestion, Harry F- Fink died { iat his home in Hanover, j evening, aged 63 years, 2 months and ] 27 days. j He was f con of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- · liam -J. Fink, arid was bom near Irish- Bislervilie J lo _ vn _ He was a blacksmith by trade. Miss 3Iary Snader. Jerry Rutter and Wednesday i A -;f e _ Harry Miller and wife, all of Lancaster, motored to town Sunday ind visited Mrs. Elizabeth Cline and Mrs. Cornelius Smith. Miss Snader is _he oniy living ^'ster of Mrs- Cline, vith whom she will remain for some The committee felt that council was A special temperance meeting te held in the United Brethren church of Biglerville at 7:00 this evening. ! Addresses will be made by C. S. Reas- from er - E - p - ili33 er a!J d Rev - J - B - Baker, of Gettysburg. There will be music by the Rudisili Quartet and special exer- ; and seventeei years ago went to Han- | -fme. ' over from Taneytown, and engaged in j James Miller, of · the Cross Puce, ' about two years ago, when he retired j On t riday afternoon the Gettysburg cises by the BiglerviHe members. High School basket ball team defeated the Hassett Club of Harrisburg in a very exciting game by the score of showing poor economy in allowing the: to 12 at the Garden Auditorium on 1 sas water heater to Je disconnected i York street. « FOR SALE: two floor and two wall. cases. " ~ " "" jbersbnr; A~. and Mrs. Frank Kemper. Alfred Fissel, Spring Grove, Sun- iayed here. Charles Murnmert and two children. ^f Hanover, were recent guests of Siias Hartze! and wife- The funeral of Harry Miller ·vriil | Curtis Leib and wife, Xevr Oxford, be held from the Reformed church j called on Mrs. Jennie Chronister, Sun) day. I William Weaver and wife sner.t Sun- and became steward at the Owi's Xest- Funeral in Hanover to-dav. FUNERAL NOTICE from the fire engine and a motion was passed suggesting that such connec-'. tion be renewed immediately. The keening of hot water in the engine is declared to save from eight to fifteen minutes at a fire. It costs about S150 a year. The following members isrere present at Friday evening's meeting, Dr. J. A. Singmaster, Dr. W. A. Granville, D. P. McPherson, Pius A. Miller. Allan B. Plank, Charles E. Stable, Wra. Arch McCIean, Robert C. Miller, and Philip R. Bikle. George A. McClellan represented the fire company. Mr. Stable was elected chairman of file committee and Mr. Bikle secretary. FOR SALE cheap: two colts six months old. Jacob A. Kemper, Gettysburg route 3.--advertisement i FOR REXT: nine room house on East Middle street. Apply Times Office---advertisement 1 DOXT forget Emory Zepp's sale on December 2nd, for good cattle, and chickens---advertisement hogs DOXT forget to attend "The Dust of The-Earth", for benefit of Fire Company, at Walter's Theatre, Thursday. December 4th.--advertisement 1 Applv to J. S. ZiegSer, Cham-j Sund2 ~ v Afternoon at two o'clock, ·g street.--advertisement l! The funeral of M. O. Bream * .held m Idaxiile tn:s morning. Furtner j .-ay at rianover. ^H ' services took place at Xew Chester in j Charles Myers and wife. William ,, 0 j 1 ths afternoon. j Myers, wife and two children spent BUY for Christmas now--f mark and keep the goods until want Will also mail them by parcel post j when ordered. G. W. Weaver Son.-- | advertisement 1 CHRISTMAS :s coming faster than'.and wife, think--stop to count the | j Saturday evening with E. C. Myers ] shopping days. We are ready to nil PURE Hygienic Lambs Wool fleece ( every gifc want in dry goods fancy carded to comforts size 72 x 84 and 76 . artlc!es - nar.dkerchiefs, umbrellas c. size x 90 inches--in one, two. three and four pound weights--some in cheese i ment ', G. W, Weaver Son.--advertise- cloth coverings. Price 65 cents per pound. G. W. Weaver Son.--advertisement 1 CHART for "The Dust of the OX and after December 1st, all wood delivered from either factory will be sold strictly cash on delivery. Xo deviation from this rule will be allowed. Gettysburg Furniture Com- Earth", will open at People's Drug pany; Reaser Furniture Company.-Store, Saturday.--advertisement 1 ~" ' advertisement 1 DOXT forget to attend "The Dust of The Earth", for benefit of Fire Company, at Walter's Theatre, Thursday, December 4th.--advertisement 1 PURE Hygienic Lambs Wool fleece carded to comforts size 72 x 84 and 75 x 90 inches--in one, two, three and four pound weights--some in cheese cloth coverings. Price 65 cents per pound. G. W. Weaver Son.--adver- {tisement 1 -x

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