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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, January 17, 1818
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Fnm A$ lttUitr qf January IS AMEL1A - ISLAKD. Docant, accompanying president to cuoztm, r , Department of war, Ju. 12. 1818. S 61ft I bav tke honor to transmit copes of tin orders wmcb have bM given by the ncUng IretarTol war to major aukae m relation 2S7poeioi. of Amelia - Ueud, end copies ofthe coumumratioo which hav. been mad. to this department by that officer, which WW ejl the information in my possess. . I have, the honor to be, air, with the highest The srejAOeat of the United Elate. ; . U. S.ahipJohn Adam,! ' .. ... Off Amelia. Dec. 22, 1817. J . nr.t.... 1 orders from onrrov - eruBrnt to take uoueoa of Amelia - lslaod, and - tnuov the port FerMmdinawithapartof, ar force, wfci. B will be moved over a oon a. it will be cooTeuismt for pour troop toeracu - .it avoid unnecessary delay, w lhk proper a this lima to IntVa you, in the event of your acquire, in thUdwnand, that you will be at liberty to depart with the force uoder yow Comoand, andruch property a belongs unquet - ..... ;!! b held sacred. Yon are to Wave the public property found by ren. Vic Ureror at Fwnuaudina, in usameiw 3i.i.. u taken, and the oroperty of the inha bitaota of . eua - llnd must be rcitorcd to them, where they have been forcibly dispossessed of it, and oO depredations on private property .k.. mU be Dermitted with impunity. Should you, contrary to the expectation of Ihe president of tne unitea state, 6"" . MMble nonenioo of the blind, the conse quence of resistance mutt reit with you. We have tbe honor to be, very respectfully, voor moat obedient servants. jtvwww . J. D. HENLEY, Capt. in the navy and comd. in chief of the naval lorcei oi me j . a. uu "" . JAS. B A.nii.AL, m.Iai. 1st battalion artillery, "commd, land forces. Gen. Aory, commander in chief of the force at Femandina. HeaJ - qurtr, Fernawlina, Island of Amelia, Dec. SSd, 18 17, and 8lh of the independence. Gentlemen I have hid the honor to receive i - l of this dav. The oature ol iU coolants, rcquirics; mature deliberation, 1 have ubmittcd the same in iue reprejcuu...... . republic, and, a onn at I hall have obtained their opinion, It hall be immediately sent to vou , 1 can, however, rtate to you, gentlemen, that no opposition will be made to surrender Uie island of Amelia, on the part of this government. I have the honor to remain, with contention, ' reatlcmen, pur obedient and bumble servant. Commander in chief. Commodore J. D. Henley, major Bankhead, tc. Vc on board the United States ship John Adams. Hand quarter, Feruandina, Island of Amelia, Dec. , 1817, and the Rih nf thaludenendence. rUntUm.n 1 have received vour official let - ter of this day, by which, in the uame ofthe gov. eminent ofthe United elates, you summon us to evacuate this place, with the troops under mv mmmini u nosseuioo thereof is to be taken by the force under your commands, 'undtr certain condition therein specified. Thu Muhl'ir. thai ol Meiico. nor any other of South - Jmepca, bein(C at war with the United Sttcs,oblie me to state to you that the cooteols of year leiter have greatly surprised thu got - io .m.nt mil lli. naniila ! iheoLTi'liaiBf'.' 'Hf'Ti1 mrrKi... Aorth Carolina. In I oinl to evacuate this island, whith nar w ver on oven a part of tbe United State. Al - low km, f enUemen, to observe to yoo, that from the aaoment we took Femaudina dv the force of myyvmuuuif to our enemy, aoqi that lothhdav. we have luDnorted thu rii.t. I at the risk of our live awl fortune. Th bouu uanes miner lortdas and the United States hav In been fairlv iettl.l h. iK. imi.. rr - j .i.:.. limit, and navigation, on the tweoty - ie ond of wniooor, one tnousaou seven hundred and ninety. . 'fT u at a los to ascertain yourauiho - rity to inti riere in our internal concerns. Our surprise increase when we reflect that yourcomma.iics.tion comet as authorised by thu fovernmenl 0f a people who giorv In their re tjiect for tho rirtfts of natious, whether jre:it or mall, and who no doubt ympathise and wish success w tneir southern brethren, in the stm mim Cim I.L . - i 1: . . ... .9 K wr uwnj Mia uiaepenuence, in which liievl m). r. i l i i . .... e engaged, as weretllo United states 40 year aj o. , On the otber.ide, you promise to hold acred .u.hc.urprop.rtya. ,. belmJ wssroianifc w no u to be thejudjre in tin. - T I. lit. Cl.. t.. L wimtu siiain, wno can, oy nomcaus, claim any ku.d of jurisdiclino from the source r. - 1 - 1 I I I I 1 1 I I wenrersi. vary', down to the ocean, on thi!1' co - operate Wttn the naval force which side of the centre ofthe cha.inel . We entertain has ben ordered to St. arj's, under the coj - too much veneration Cw .,. , i.. mnd of captain Henler. liev. for a nrl. moment that yon, ,ppo,ed al - l readywpoatsiionofthi island, which ho no - Ter been ceded by the king of Spain, or by it. iuhabitanuto the Uui'ed states, can briug will, you a competent tribunal to decide upon thi - qaestion. The only law you can adduce in your vor, i that of force, which is always rcpsimi to republican povertimeots and to the principle, vation may be applied to your interference with I the property of the inhabitants, which we have I jmu uuparuai nation. The same obser aiway rctpsuea ana considered sacred. I Tou order us, also, as if we were subjects olmeot of the island, by those who now exercise yearcoreromeut, lo leave behind, whan F.r. au'hirity there, and take such othpr uanehna is evacuated, all the public property tha was louud at its surrender. This demand is di - rectly contrary to the public right by which all I iuoiic property captured ry the enemy is avow - ,n" ""a wnen h was nrst captured by general edly that ofthe captor, when not otherwise iti - 'Gregor. ShoulJ your demand for tlie eva pulnted. Are you actio; in the name ofthe cuatiooof Amelia be complied with, you will king of Spain, or his allies t As we consider the 'h0 ""upy with a part of your force the poi - pcople ofthe United State to bo unquestionably ,ion o Femandina, ami take care that th can the only iree people on the surface of the clone 000 vti other implement of war whi h hclmi! we cannot adoiit that you hav now become tbe ,0 ,he Prt when caotured by general M'Gre - adhereirts of a tyrant ; otherwise your dam sue) ?r oof taken 4T. i inadmissible and unjustifiable m the eye of ihe ,f peaceble possesion of the Islwd, Iwwe. world, and if we must yield to it, all the blame TCT. cannot be obuin. d and it sliould be the tat with you. opinion of eapta n Henley and j - ourselP, that Permit me, therefore, gentlemen, to request yr jdi" fbfcee are nt competent to the of yuu. tolay belore the piesideut of the Uoited prompt and ceratn reduction of the naval and Slates these remarks, in vrdr that a matter of so military for.ts which may then occupy the har - enous a tendency ran be u - ir . :ii .u ... , . . - i - - w. i c 1 "i. f - '.v v. ruiMiiuuM, 'vu win, ii, mat nve read hi eic lleucy's mes - g. at the open event, make a requisition .mi jeneral Flo d, or log oi coue - s, with the utmo - t concern; andloicl. other officer aa may command tbat'd vi - uviL , I'oliucal situatuMi ol Uiis rPUbl.c has been ffrMily misrepre - euted m the til 'hrongh the mtrigies of our ene - 21. sfnl "l U hcard SlwJT ' hi' the " w b, to yoar government tbe necessary docu - ., ..... . . MZllLTfcZl! tha. izzzz - .nr.. j ".ri.rrjr ra pleof the United States to carry mailer to ex - treiuihe. I have the honor to remain, with the highest cnciiiderafina, gentleman, your obedient and suable servant. AURY, t Commander in chief. J. D. Henley, Esq. captain in tie navy, and corutnvvlmg 'b United ta?es naal force off i Bieua James Bankhead, Esq. major of the lit battalion of artillerj,' TJ. 8. army, coamand - in mUtlary forct. 11. 8. EhioJoha Adame, f . OffA - eha Island, coinmonicatioooi rne xza in.u ' I.c" - .Jri will elapse befot Gen. Aury r,a tha antharilies of our covema ut, "' - - - - - - - : no our I part a to the corrocto of them. We have We have .ordered by the f'' - : Island, and, m. UkVrml of Amelia - niiknthas eipreesed bis soliatude that the ef - by f a sl. e a i rv hSeiAistance will be made tone. tta ao'Sf,!r ZT. h.t nrivate property wUibV - crSl. k! that our orJrn tenrf only to the pnblic property capwu j iL - fM toldav.andtobout . it. ir.27Zm Under th.i 11 .2 do opprei Ua rkVkW1(MI w . . - lit M JF BO WWW' lad e feel assured that there will be bo diflkul Thewnadron wUI immediately fail into the u. .httrAmmuiriinff fffirf Of w IBD (IB! VIM wiea,e B " . . force will wait on the commander in chief to make the necessary arrangements for the landing of ibe troop. Wt have the honour to be. .respertl - ully, your obedient Mtranu, VV5b, LflnUlO in UH! Blffi BIIU vviHUawv. of the V 8. naval forces off Amelia. JAMEo BANK HEAL), Major 1st battalion artillery, commander land Geo. Aery, commander ia chief of forces, c , Uead - QuarUn, Fernandin, bland ) i of AmeUa, Dec. 230, 1817, S nd eih ofthe Indooendence. J I have had the honor to receive yoor letter of tills date. I am ready to lurrcnder this place to m a .1 akunaitaii WA1I tha forces under vour command, whenever you may judge proVef to come and take possession thereof. I have the honor to be, very reipecuuiiy, your most obedient servant, AO n I , Alullliauuvr ut mui.,. D. Ileuley, Esq. Captain iu the Navy, &c. Ac. Jas. Bankhead, Esq. Major 1st Bat. ic. Sic. Department of War, ) nin juiy, inn. y Sir Circorastanccs havioj mad it necessary (a nrcunT. without deliiV. Paint Tctre. and the St. Mary's river, by a military and naval force, I ha to reauest that vo l will instruct tbe otn - cer whom, in pursuance Id the order id Urouh the Adjutant uenerai, you may uevan to take command at Point Tetre, to cooperate wiui u.e ww J" .s J ..H.l .Mlka naa IntVsft inat siauoo, in surn m "V .r ed necessary for the preservation of ihe peace and tranquility of that action of tbe country, which there is reason to apprenena may o u - turlwd in conseouenco of the contest between the Spanish royalist and patriots, r me occu pation ofthe ailjiicenl u - miorr. me wun - cr :n - .o. rn - tfl in n due Tieilance prevent ihe v olatioo of tbe revenue laws of the lJnitd Mates and in uarticular to prevent the &V itorth. United .States ; and in order to do this the more effectually, he will prohibit all vessels freighted with slaves from eutering tbe river at SU Mary'. 1 have the honor to be, ic. GEO. GRAHAM. Th officer commanding at Charlestou, S. C. Extract of a letter from Geoe Graham, at t S.rinr of War. to Mtior James blank 1 1 i I I fill " - to - head. Charleston. 8. C. dated November 12th, John U Henley, in relation Jo Amelia Isluni - rieaa, i,nancuo, o. v. - u 1L, ,eUer from ,he latter officer, commumt; so a letter from ihe latter officer, communis iiUly to Point Petre.wiUJ ' I am instructed ynu tu repair immeaiieiy 10 iou jm', onlv an offit er and a few men as a guard at fort ihb iwvw ; he effective lorco unuer yourcommauu, uiufi vioti trie aou joniuon. vtiiwit jtws Petre, l11 drtarhmenl of new recruits, undar ihl i captain noot, who was on hi route ' ? ioia. the 4,n ina't - y, has alto beeo ordsred to hat l" - The troop, enumerated above, and u .,, , luuureu men, 01 nJC 7u will take the command until ih .m. ot StMnl Gaines. A remiltiince cf lire . M,1U uonar na been made to your battalion lUarter master, whom .on will ,ntl TO" wi" Ina,e rcqunitiun for the necessar t wdl Zr TZ?1:"' upply of lted meat, aud a sulCcient quantity f Riwr and hard bread, to serve two hundred aid fifty men lor thirty days at least.' tiepartment of War, . , Nov 12th, 1817. - SirIt appearing to the ratiiiacti. n of the prsideit, thai ibe person who have t , . : . ! . . out the sanction of any of the Spanish colonies, or of any organised ;overnment whatever and "uu nu,r" iwanu, nave dws it witi, porposes unfriend to.and incompatible with, " UT up insi esiauiisnment, aud take tempo - ml1 .LMtklGIAii nf lm..K. I.I I . f - ipwiiu ; ror mis pur - IMe troops orxlered to sssemble at Point Pe - , - the an.iou. wuh of th. president, that 1 J, . "".u,u ue compnsneu wunout the eflusiou 01 wood : and be conndently hopes, that th t.b uesuneu sor uie purpo - e wUl be of such an imiosin character, as to induce Unve persons """" " mo military occupation - vf the ilnd, to abandon it without the exercie of force , but, if it should be foun l to be indlprn - blr necessarv. force must be n.ed. Tnn .n therefore, immediately on (lie arrival of captain 'fenleyat St. Mary's, and, in conjunrtion with n"n ues(trti an oilicer to df mind the abandon - may he deemed proper tnobtain th peaceaMe fsioo of 1' i alM fo. - the preservation of the Property of those per.ons who were residents of sirm of the militia of Georgia ia which Peti e is lituated, for a f ,ree not exrcedii.R 6ve Imndrftl men. to be held in red nes to mar,h tamomenf waminy, andaw.irthe tTrivtl f Keral Gaine.. wljhas been ordet - ed to Poinv Petre, for ulterior mea - ues. You will tse with you fnm Charleston the - r - cdforthe red cion..r r"e t n on Araei'" the event of re - A no answer ha been received to the com munication addressed to f,um department on the 17th July Ust. it become nere. ary to request thst ther - ccipt of this maybe acknow ledjjed, and that you a!se advi,e thU depar ment regularly of your movements. I hare tlie honor to be, ic, fcc. CPOKGB GRAHAM. Major James Bankhead, Commantlinj at Charleston, S.C. w.w - I. I 1 j in of at t.Hi, n. in end II on land w woo aM mand be vour ther the refuse yon tne of C.c ' Femandina, Amelia - Isiand, ? : 1W.mlik 24 1817. 3 tr 4 1 have the honor to ly before you the ; j... with Gen. Aury. tbe late Kiofth.aplac and to inform you, ..Mowlinsr in laav. wUl detain all V" ,,i,Jruw hU followers, but? Have tasen ..M A ewtsuir trarvn'ilLnv. OV Order rf I. .. Mi. M.ers to be tmbarkedon kord on.of .the ahip. lying in t port and a - .U nnw Vtetm III aaiyema ue nni iiincraix eui t i'vuw - v T . .... town wiui arms, out miumw - i - - - - whole of them, tney anau tu. : m ,.f tl.e inhLitanU of thie pke, at this Uinef foUowe, , ef Aury. and thOe person who have been arawn nere , " . m r riPAtll. w iiu iitiv w w. . M . .ixeula - wn, woo. are P.rh ' ehanrtr trpncmiiv r"K - v. - r: - i .I...H UUII VI eewnw. : en. inAr nnr re.cnue ui I a awva1 Lk fwiat will enforce ucn reguiaiji ir - likely to preen e order, until I recee tnstrrc . rm t Vt tTAvernment. t iiwm iiviw O . . Untll tl)j, place j, compleUly evtuated by Dimi of nesrott and privateersrtn, I have deemed it prudent to keep the wile of my drnl it prua i lU,move LTl hut one cmnunv to Point Fetre 1" - " I . 1 have the honor to be, very rectfully, your most obd'trvan.. As BAN.RA Major 1st battallion artillery, nnrfimr detclimeut U. S. troop. ! George Urauam, &sq. " .: c .t r War. Fernandioa, Ameliahi Dec. 27, n Sir I had the honor to forward the W w vemttmtnu on the 24th init. a copy the cor I . At. en.nH A sir ntDVlt A flit. ..,tnt vith Gen. Aury, previ to th inu'linc ofthe troops under my comml ; and 1 herewith send a duplicate of Hie same.' ijoa e difficulty lias arised from a wanf competent authority, to settle tl.e disputeualm o: the residint of thie place against the lae?.. rn - ment and the followers of Aury, who dotscein d.inosed to comply wnn meir ensaSeus. rt.,., r two vessels have arrived herein car Koe, which the owners are desirous to l, and it nii"ht he improper to permit it itlioitjUm in - security ler tne dutiea which the loof tlie and other vessctadej in this port have met with some delay ilear ir.2 for their deitinntion; but ihe counstlGen. co,;(luct, and will, , - mv nn,l(.tv. iaiian, who arrived hereiasimsni, wun uiau 'a l :il a imir. iriArtei u 111 fl IMVtwe, MV nAVC ,een obliged to exercise my aurity, M commanums twicer i v"" w v order ; and I am happy to say, that noil un - n'Pianl fill DCCIlfC 1, i buiiui aai " 'n S nd , da nartT will sail. Their vea are B oul 0f order, a..d their arrangementthM niwn oui .m , Siorninler I 'B ft he ,ack Md FrencVp. 1 () embarked on board some ol their t Is ; K,T f their nrivMeera. nndinv otner,of all nations, n is a nicuires traia from violence anaeacnw - , mc ". Until I am honored with your instruct, I hope that the course I may pursue may mhe approbation ofthe Frfsident. 'feGaine. ofRennria the dav after to - morrow I have the honor to be, with highrespecur most obedient eertfjA3 BANKnEM Major 1st battalion artillery, and commsg this post. ' I To the hon. the Secretary of War . i Ajwj Depurtmtiit, Jan. 3th, 1 Ihe honor to enclose, lierc it - ;.. f orders to Cant. John H. Ulon, nud. ier - Bitll Uie correspondence which tr 4 ( i on mat orruuiD. . lhal o'C..toD. . e I have the honor lo be, witn tne nigi. . - uuij"i vant, B. W. CUOWNL - CLD To the President of the United Statei JlSra, Hhmu, r..i tail hl lT "umetlutely w ith ti. States' TOJS?C S? J?" .?. fc' r."'" - itiiui.v nesieiated to you in ihete or - The rotftll ocdliuitinn nf l.ul;.. f..l h an offir,r 'i the servire of the Spanish rbiiVts, . . '""SJ"5 npprcncimon, ihui fro tne v I'.v tothe coast of Gt - oreia, attemots iU be ile ti" in vio - ion o. You are hrrebv directed to HnaUavwarrh k - rv Vfi, under whatever Qng, iich may ek the river St. Mury's, or be (bin" hovering th the roat undi r suspicious rirnuistanees, a. si. every vessel witli sl.vcs, or whose dot ful character anil situation atoll indicate nn inl uon of sniiifjlinj. Iu the execution of the orders, vou will t special care not to i.n. - rnipt or detain anv tps! ilh re'rul'r paper', and of a nalional cfiarscl "J10?, . wfuI lo or (rvm " P"1 or 1"" Th , raffle ia kve intended to h, ,r.;.. Icise ymir sound judgment in regard to all vess . I Ju" may visit. Communicate frequently to this Dt piirtoie i' 1 1 s M'r'',", ' k r""uml ncceMdr - v; ("nlier f'r bc..,, '"ner 10 reehrn vour ct.niin.iiul, .ToT kary mvnTL St. Mary s to employ a rood pilot well nctiuiihtrf "nn me luasi, livers, aim niieis, vou are ut.tiol eil to uo so. I nni, very respeclfnllv, vour olwdirnt rrvin rl. . CT,UU.M.sHILLD, Captain John H. Kllon. rolniimmlins' I. itutcsbiig Sarauac, '. York. ,Vi - Tk)nr(nrtfl, .Vor. 14, 1317. Sir limine appointed to the roinin.m i inr i. uuen . - slates sum Jo in Adams, vim wrf I - l' - - . . I - a . . hereby ordered, in romlortnity lo ihe w'islin ine fiwidint ol the Lnit.M Males, to prm - scil forthwith 10 the port of St.'s, in Griiriiu taUins; with ou the I nited Stales l.ris lint .. !lr,.e a'".1 C iht "hojuitr I.vna ii ihe two utter have arrived iu New York, u'ud .r.. rk, and ire I tou : tint iul of the siiij, smieoi reaninrss to nrrompauv ou (iiwiiuuiiiiir llir llfpuiltire Ol l.'H' John Adams, nn account of ilm v.. l. .... them not fully prepared lo pnu ecil with '.irl snan or ornerra lojoni Von a smm us prat tirslr St. .Mary', nt which plnre vou will fin.l ir I'niled Plates' brig JSanmac, t'ajitain John II. 'J - awl run - bout No. !(!, lieutenant comma .vi - tiii, ooiii ol wfiun vessels will art liner yonr orders. The nhp - ci of the PresWont of tie Pla - s this ravnl torce to St. .Mary's, is to t - Amelia Muml ihe persons who hoe lately taken thereof, ami, as it n. mule. slvd and behevnl, without aiiiliorit - from tk ovlonies, or any organixnt rovrrumct'it wltnteve, to thefjreat anuoyaiice oi ti e Litis. State has th. - n fore In - eu dett - r.niiid I'.at ih. - w pr shall be removed from that ilnod. anJ il.. powstion shall be taken fur tlie present, by tb aud naval furi.s "I the L'niud tatts. un vour arrnal at n. Marv i, you will consul ith ilie o(ui er eominaudin; the" inililarv force is instructed to co - ox - iate wiui you iu tit (erformaiice oi thi sci - vlce. Il is hoped that these person will withdraw without bloodshed ; and vou will, for thU .:rnr JiotikJ your relative rank tw s - iprrior to that of the! ruiniiianuiiis; o'nrrr oi Ine land fuirrs, make' known to tne chief comoiamliuer in amclij. th. determination of the g. veriimenl of .he t '..iied. Stoles, to take povwstio,, of t.'ie Wand, m.j i( ,i,P rii:et, anil the arnie.l f - rcp u.i.IrT his will peaceuM e quit she vou w ill orrmit ttiemsodo,taUin;Kri il cue lhal iioilepre.lations committed on the inhabitants, wli .ui it wiU I dut v to prot' - ct vi:.'atio or injur in th.'ir pf rsons or r:tnetiv. Should the f.H - rc,, u)W in command of island, rnntr.iry t all esperUti m. r, - Ui aH abtohuely to rrveu. and thatHl - xi the - .aic. aretoro - ojrairwtth the military force of uiiiteo states, to proceed and take unuruini. the wland, iu the name and by Uie auUiurit v of United Nates. buonid you fail in with, on your way to St Ma - I ry'.,WfladmAmeliu,anyvUfromth..Unitcd'tuae Slate, armed and equipped by American ritiiens, , y,, cm,sel, punch, and hammer with which SSitfw!H .hm to Savannah, iu Georcia, to be dealt witn You prUes, or other vessels, bav - inr ilaves on board, as the presumption is strong th.t ihi" are intended to be srmtsrted into Uie United States. Vou w ill report, from time to time to this Department, tbe operations of tbe force under vour commana. I am", very "myl:ismtU), T I"! ITonlrv. V. 8. These order arf not to be delivered to any person. U. S. Ship John Adam, OtfAnulii. ZVr. 24. 1817 Sir I Imve the honor lo trunsmit a copy of the correspondence, with general Aury, late comman der ol mis piace, ana iu luiunu you u. w. - rican flap was veterday hoisted at Femandina, and the Island oV Amelia taken possession of l.v the land forces under major Bankhead, of theU - mted states artillery. Th. t.larktmoo of General Aury have been embarked on board one of their ships lying in the port, and the remainder of his followers will be sent off the Island, as soon as the necessary ar rangements can be made lor the purpose, iney nrw nnur nira?ed in waterinir tlieir shins, end in the course of a week 1 hope to see all of them over the bar. Most of the respectable inhabitants of this place retired on its capture bv M'tiregor, and those now here are nrinciDallv adventurer who have been attracted by motives of speculation, and, as 1 sus pect ana nave every reason to uriiri e, umi cu vnri - A in the violation of our revenue laws, to pre. vent wliicb in future, such precautions will be taken a are wuhin my power, aud wnicn w in i presume be adequate to the purpose. This will be sent by an express to Dai ien, the mail leaving this place but once a week. I have ihe honor to be, very respectfully, your most obedient servant, JOHN D. HENLY. The Hon. B. W. Crowninshield, oecretarvol uie ftavv. U. S. tliip John Mwut, off Jimttta, December 30. 1817; Sir Since mv arrival hcrel have been so much ensuiffd that 1 have not had one moment to write to my friends. You, no doubt, how ever, have some idea of my situation ; and from my ollicial reports know that the American Hug is now living on Amelia Island . As there are many novel cases which must present themselves, I should have been better pleased had my instructions been full ; but we are now left to act as circumstances mnv require : and Ifearlhat Amy and bis followers will give us much trouble belore they quit this Island. 1 am sorry to add tlir.t the Americans appear to be much worse than any others. Should we be able to iret through this business so as to meet, the approbation of the department, I shall feel much gratified ; but 1 trust that should I err in any steps that I may will be considered bv tlie President as un error of judgment ; for I do assure you that nothing would be so pleasing to mc as to have my conduct here approved by the executive. I have endeavored to keep us close to the letter of my instruction as possiMn, nnd have avoided every difficulty I possibly could. I rerret very much the ililliculty of communicating with the eovernment. We have only one mail per week, and that docs mil remain in St. Mary' long enough to enable us to auswer letters that w e may receive by it. 1 he situation ol my ship you are no doubt ac quainted witn, as l have written several times to the Secretary on that subject. I, howeer, do not wish to leave this place until every thing is settled, aud the government have established some police for the better government ol this place, which am in hopes will take place ere long. I am fearful that Amy expect that tlie American government will relinquish Amelia; which impression will retard his departure. I have the honor to be, Sir, Your most obedient servant J. D. HENLEY. Hon. B. W. Crowninshield, Secretary of the Navy, Wasl.inetou. Ertrarii from the capitulnlion rf the l. land of Amelia" riit'e'dal Fervmidita29thJwie, U17,'irfnwrf by " t'raticiieo Morales ad Jnteph lie Yi barren," utleMtd bit " Barnardo Segin" and u approved" by (ire gor M Gregor." " Brieradierf.eueral MacGreror, commander in chief of all the forces, both naval and nulitary, de stined to e licet the independence of the Florida. and authorized by the constituted authorities of the llepubhcs of .Mexico, Buenos Ayres, iNew Ore - ueda, and Venezuela, offers to Don Francisco Morales, Captain del regimento de Cuba, and coin - J . I l I " . . L f I , i . manuam, civil ami niiiuarj, oi uie isutuu oi Ame lia, the following tern:, be. fee. Extract from a Proclamim " Grtgnr Mae Gregor, anted ia Head ifnaruni, Jlmeaa iHana, June JU, lol7, and ngned ' Gregor MicGrtgor," attesitd by " Jot. Yribairen, Serretari." PROCLAMATION. " Gregor MacOregor, Brigadier General of the armies ol the United Provinces of New Greneda & Venezuela, and general in chief of the armies of the two r loridas, commissioned by the supreme Directors of Mexico. South America." - fcc. Lc. ' In the name of the independent governments of soutn America, which I have the honor to represent, I thank you for this 6rst proof of your nrdor and devotion to her came, and I trust that, impelled by the same noble principles, you will soon be able to free the whole of the Floridas from tyranny and oppression.' Ej - tmrt of a fe.'irr from (If. Aurn to Cupt. J. D llcnlm, commanding tlie United States naral forces off Amelia Island ad lo Major Jama Daiikhfait, commanding Ihe United States military forces off the same Tilirt, dated at " Henri quarters, t crnaiiavia, Uand of Amelia, Dcr. Id, 1M7." " Allow me, gentlemen, to observe to you, that from the moment we took Femandina by the force of our arms, we entered into full possession of all the rights appertaining to our enemy, aud that to this day we nave supported these right at the riskot our lives and fortunes. The boundaries of r loridas and the tinted Slates, having been (airly settled by the treaty of friendship, lim'ls, and navigation, on the twenty seventh of October, one thousand seven hundred and ninety five, leave us al a loss to ascertain yonr auUioiitv to interfere in our internal concerns." - x jt.K Efk.viMi post. SATURDAY. JANUARY, IT. A melia - Island A hrn the reader jieruie.' the tIociinirtits republished this eveu'jij, , he will sec I is officially declared by the secretary of war, ti the letter of Nov 1 2th, that llie presijeut is atl - fitd that the persons who had lately talcen !K?eMon ol .:neli ll:iuil (iimicr Aury) had J, QC it without tlie tauctioa of any organised (oirnimnit wlntever ; and when he recollects :hat the committee of congress who lately reported on thiialTair, places (lie president's exercise of power in taking possession, solely on the Uw (T1811, which authorizes his interference only on the happening of one of two e vents, na m ly, either the ;oluntarv delivrry ofthe blviA by the orcupauts to the Uuiled states or in case it was about lo be traurfcrred lo a foreign noirer say when he reads these two documents perhaps he wiil be a little surprised. Lav InlcluRCnce At Ibo term of tbe supreme court now silling at Albany, l'c great case of GrL - wold vs. Waddington, was dctermiu - ed in favor of the latter. It was the unanimous opinion of the court, that a state of war between two countries, dissolves all partnerships previ - ....1. mUrfln htn.n ;..,t;.;,l,, - 1. K.nn. . " respecuveiy lo each. l rui is a leading case, .nd involves property lo the amount of more than a hundred thousand dollars. Slort brtal in - Latnight the store of Messrs. Lett k teaman, 49 Watrr - strecl, was entered by some villain or villains, through one of the windows, who immediately commenced their operations in a workmanlike manner upon an iron chest con aioingtheboevks and papers belonging to the firm. Il iceau Ihey were well prepared for th and took off th lid entiie. In the chest wai a valuable - old watch, two lottery ticket one a blank the other a priso, and between 10 and 1? dollar in silver In their hurry they overlooked the watch, but took the specie, and, as bliud fortune would have it, the lottery ticket which had drawn a blank.leaving the prize behind. Tbey also took about half a piece of superfine blue broad cloth of the Eagle factory. Should it be offered for tale, it is hoped that tho persons offering it may be arrested and taken to the police of fice. Col. John Animon. Another whole day was taken op in the House of Representative last Wednesday in Col. John Andersons case. Theatrical Last evening a new candidate for theatrical fame was introduced to the audi enc in the person of a young man by the name of Film, lately from Drury - Lane, but a native of New - York. He chose Shy lock for his debut and it was an exhibition highly creditable, and one, that so far ss we could hear it spoken of by various gentlemen, gave great satisfaction. He looked the character extremely well, and car taioly made some fine points, very flue ; but in the judgment scene (which by the way mutt ap pear little better than absurd to Americans) he came " tardy off.1 We have heard, that he was impressed with the idea that it wasneceisn. ry to restrain himself before the New - York au - dience, and the fear of going beyond the mark. rendered him iu a degree tame, where we ex pected the finest exercise of his powers. We are told he a strong imitation of Kean. lie has voice, person and face ; bit movements are easy, and he evidently understands the busi ness of the stage. From what we have seen, we venture to say he wiU be an acquisition to our theatre. The audience were highly entertained after tbe play with the astonishing performances of the lour Indian jugg'ers, lately arrived in this city. Some of the feats were of tuch a nature, thu even the eye - sight, though every thing seemed open to it, could with difficulty credit what it saw : a combination of the most surprising dex terity, with the most Herculean strength ! Extract of a letter dated, St. Marys, Jan. 3 " A Spanish Officer arrived here this morn. inir, from St Augustine, wi.h dispati hos to our Commanding Officer at ternandma i to know if we had taken possess on as friends or foe. ; and at tne same lime savin.; lie was happy we had broke up that nest of thieves. Business is ery brisk for the moment, on a couut of our Navy, and the fittinir out of Aury s vessels. He say he would not remain at Amelia, even if the United Slate were now to give it up " PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 16. Mr. William Cot bet is now io this city. He proposes to proceed to Harrisburgh, to petitiu. the legislature to refund him a sum of mouey, which he think very improperly exacted of him during the administration of gov. M'Kean. SAVANNAH, Jan. 6. Pojicrt'o. W stop the press to announce that news has jurt reached town, that Amelia - Maud has been given up by the United States tr the patriot. We give the report as we receiv ed it. Gen. Gaines passed through Darien on Saturday last, (from Amelia - Island, where he had been to examine the state ofthe military on tha (tation,) on his way to Fort - Hawkins, to take command of the troops that are to go against tht bo - tile Indians. We will, no doubt, hear something decisive from that quarter in a short time. UILD, Last evening, Mrs. Grace, consort of Mr. John Mayo, teacher. The friend and acquaint ances of tbe family are respectfully invited to attend ber funeral to morrow afternoon, at 4 o'clock from her late residence, No. 23 Orchard street. On board the fngate Constellation, (at Gibraltar,) Nov. II, 1817, Mr. Jesse Bruth, of New. - York, (master's - mate,) of a pulmonary complaint. At Paris, Count Otto de Mot loy. He accompanied the marquis do Luzerne to the United States in 1777, and was afterwards charge de - affaires. He married Mies Livingston, and after her death, the daughter ofthe then French consul - general at New - York. EfEMMi POST MARI.VE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Ontario, Gol J, Dublin Thos. Shapter. Brig Keuti.di, II'3, Greeiiock . D. R. L.mbcrt. Schr. Two Friends Johnston, Norfolk Faglc, UusmU Washiagton NC Laura, Moore, .Vayannah Bell k Timpson Tontine, Hoyt, Charleston jfiiuin) rms rT0K:.vot!,v Brie; Joseph, Morris, 20 day from New - Orleans and IS day from the Balixe, with sugar, lead and logwood, to Jo. Rouchaud, owoer, F A llnmell, and B le Grave. Came dowd the river in romp.iny with brie Aurora, Smith, for N York. Passed at the English Turn, shio Para gon, Fowler, 18 days from. N Y'rk. Lift brig . mty, llHtr.lur p"rto, to sail in a wet a ; ship Dtborah, Hiznrd, for 4Jnmparhv and Eurorje. to sail in alewdiv. Outside ofthe bar iimke Brig DioiDcde, 4U day f - om Portsmouth ; had been ashore nn the hank, and lost hi bowsnrit. anchors: cahles, Ac. New schooner Strine of Liberty. Starker. 2 day from Say brook, in ball nt, to N. L. ti G. Grisvruld. .iRRlVF.n L.1ST F.rFXlMt. Ship Weser, Hamilton, 25 days from N. Or leans, with stiirar, lugwond, deer skins, glassware, lie to G & T Meyer, owners, M'Crea ll Slidell, J J Astor, A & C L Oden, and J 01 instead. Sailed 21st Dec. nd from the Balizt on the 26th. At the city the shipping was four deep in tiers up and down tbe Levy. Hugs lhames. Mute, for N York, was to sail in 6 or 8 days ; Joseph. Morris, toi do in 2 or S days.. Passed in ihe r.ver about SO square rigged vessels, amongst which, the Annisquam, 25 days from N York t br g Southard, 34 days from boston. Ship Margaret, of Baltimore, was ashore inside the Bar : sliiu Missou i. H - rt. 16 day from Hampton Roads was at an clmr outside in co with an Am. brie - , and an English ship. Brijr Tom Hazard sailed from the city for Liverpool, on the 14th. Jan 10, lat 54 50, long 75, spoke and supplied with bre.d, sch Lut'.e George E'ye, 30 dav from Carthagcoa, for Philadelphia. 12th, long - 7k, spcic ketch Mria, 2 dys from New York for Havana. S..gar was 9 CU. at New)rle - .ns, and scarce. Si hr leo. Bate, 1 1 days from Plymouth. N C with naval sloret and shingles, to Blount & jack - sou. ikhr Louisa and Nancy, Phillip, 18 day from Ocrnroke. S hr Brilliant. Block. 4 dav from R.,hmod. aed40 hour Uie Koads,with fiuur au. t . - 1 bacco, to U, Ecthuoe ti Co. T. Irvu, Jacob ti X. 0. Williams, Oakley iz Brother, Robertson fc Kelso, Been U Woodhull, Wilson Si Thompson, and Walsh &GaltaKliT.i - SATixKAa, Jan. 6. Arrived shipMontgo - mery. Kile - , Portsmouth, N. H. days. Sch LiicretiaMiller, Newport, ill. 1 d Sloop William Henry, Pw ker, Havana,i() days molasses and fruit put in, in dU'ress repair. - " Her pumps rcqu red two thousind stroke per hour to throw out the water. Cleared, Br. brig General B;ock, Dwyer Darbudoes. ' THEATRE. THIS I.VLMVG, Jan. 17. Will be presented, the Tragedy of ISAHLLLA, Or, tbe Fatal Marriage. Isabella, Mr. Ban, Alter the Ploy, .the 4 Fast Indian Jugglers, recently arrived in tin country, will exhibit their Feat of Legerdemain, Strength and ac. tivity. if is Kojat Highness u I'rmct Regent. From the member who are coming for.' ward to joiu in the address of condolence and r. solutions iased on Uie 15th inst. I slcem it proper that the parchment should remain auo'her week al tbe consulate office, 21 Ur ad - .1reet, for th signature of every loyal llriUbh subject, in and about the city of .Mew - York. J A5. BUCHANAN, Chairman. Jan 17 (t - 'T - At a mut tine of the " American bot,tu for the encouragement of Domestic JVanuat. lUreS, lltiu al I t.lliuiany tl.ui, un l JJBUaJ eve ij g, (In - (3th inst. the following ofDctrs were e - let ted for tin - enduing year : Daiu.'l l. Tompkins, rresident, Steven Van Kenselaer, 1st Vice President, ,, William Few, 2d Vfce 1'reiiHent, laac Piersou, Sd Vice President. D miiiiick Lynch, Junr Sccr - urie. Peter H. Schenclt, J - ccretanei. Cadwallader O. Coldin, j c ,, Tho. Addis Kmnietf, une."c.". Icbabod Pratt, Treasurer. CorrefponJing CommUlft. Joseph Smith, Chairman, Martin w. Brett, set ret ary. Saral. Tooker Giorge Gallagher James Rnhertson,' John K. Hyde I r.os uichuics John Gray VVm. Sampson Bcnj. K Sea man, tai Uaul L. Dodv'e. Ueniamin lienint Halstead E Hai - ht George W. Murray Jan 17 ll For SAF.i.VJS'AH, The regular packet brig F.LIZA. Thayer, master, having a large propor tion of her freight engaged, will be di? patched in a tew days, ror freight or passage, apply oa board at Jones' wharf, pic no. 14, or to HENRY THOMAS, No. 2 Jones' lane. Who offers for sale, 118 bale upland cotton i i . i ... 1. 1 , .i Utiles OCd - IMilllU uu 1 case Madras bJxfs 2 do fine v muslins Jan 17 6t freight for Belfast or Lond - nderry. 200 casks flaxseed can be bad oa c . 1 - . .rrini, ou Hipuiwi w 17 AKCHt fSRACIE & SONS. - 1UU bbl. 1st pi. New hum for sale JACKSON It WOOLLEY, 75 Wall - street J .in 17 25 6TRAITS BRANDY. Pipes Cette Brandy, entitled to deben ture, for sale by CH AS. L. OGDEN, and ABRM. OGDEN, fflffl 17 W2h.snaAn ww mm nrilllli mu - rursjl.. FOR SALE, The lease which has IS year to ran of limit Bnl Inl. nMunl'itfiiimiul S... Ik. Rev. Doctor Mason. 1'he House contains 15 riom with fire places, ami two without, besides tore - room, wine - room, vaults, smoke bouse sod ther atcomaiodutioas. tuqutrt at .vo. Al vvar - nnsireer. Jim I7eoc:trto - IO BO.VIU'Ella. THREE gentlemen can be onvetiiently accommodated with eenteel Boarding and lodeinF, in house situated in a central part of t . I 1 ' L. i . . I'll ne tuy, aim in wun n uicre arc no ciuiuren. Apply to No. 50 Naasau - drcet, near Fulton treei. LOST ORSTOLF.N, ffr A GOLD UlALY. (suitable for a min lat.tre) consistmg of two strand, clasp and yellow topat stone : on the clasp are the letter M. 0. A suitable reward will lie given to whoever may return it. A ply a above. Jan n 4t CAU Mon. ON the 4th day ol October last we enclosed in a letter, directed to Mr. J. B. Lafonta, .Nrw - Orleini, sixty Post Notes of the Bank of Amerii a, from No. 14,026 to No. 14,085, inclu siveeach for jl 100 together S6IMXJ all endor sed by us to the order ofthe said J. B. Lafonta. .s tin - letter hail not been received on the loin I )ecr nilr, we conclude that it must have been stolen from the mail. Therefore, all person art cautioned against receiving any of these Botes, a the endorsement must Ih forged. POTT 41 M'KINNE. The editor of the National Intelligencer ii re quested to give the above 3 insertion, and to for ward hi hill lor payment. Jan 17 Acw and elegant exhibition, at the old .Vuirunu Chatham - street. THE TOWN OF BOSTON IN MINIATURE. 'y BUCHESNE respectfully inform the la - L . dies and gentlemen of this city, that he has now exhibiting at the above place, a complete nxH of tne town of Boston, in block work, which rrrn - sent the public buildings, such a hurches, stores, public - edifices, arc. &c. Alio, a View ol a tsugar rianiation, niacii at work, parking sugar, rutting cane, ic ttc. A View of South Wale. The most prominent feature of this view is a mountain, oa the summit of which i acastle,trongly fortified ;rob - i K - nl f. v in f I... tt tri..p nf itu, mnnnUin. xe - Admittanre 25 cents. epea evry day ia the week, aad a Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, till 10 o'clock. Jan nit FOR SALE, u vi exenange ror ioi, or a country n 'his rity, an highly improved farm of w acre, situate on the bank ti the Hudson River, comnining all the requisite for a genteel country establishment: 10 per Tent, of the purchase wijj he received in an approved endorsed note atO months, tbe residue may remain oa mortgage such period a may be desirahle to the parcha er Price low. Apply at 3J6 Bowery. Jan 17St GREEN STREET SEMINARY - . AS successor to G. Brown, iu the vnaltdtfarh mm! of thin Seminary, tlie Principal ni ensaned WILLIAM A. TAYLOR, a graduats ol Y jlr Colltge, and formerly a teacher ioC'oa - nectkut. . Under the general direction of the Principal, and Uie immediate tuition of W. A. T. the boy school will be conducted from the first of nex month, with a careful attention to it rietatioa and to Uie moral and literary improvement of the scholars, by a steady and rational system cf W cipline. , Tbe course of instruction in thi school inclado the elementary branches, Arithmetic, Mathematics generally, English Grammar. Geography, History, tec. at.d the Latin, Greek, asa French Lanruage, cither a a preparative tbe tudent to engage in butinesi, or to enier college. - , ... The Fema'o department is continue d under w tuition of K F. .MO I T. All the branches of xlend. - d literary education, are attended to w this department including the minute distinction oi Grammar, the principles of Rhetoric and Co - pjsition. and tbe French and Latin Languages. For inf'tmation relaUe to the term ana hour of tuition application my be made at ' J. GR15COM, PnncirI - lit mo 17 3t "7?

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