The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 28, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1913
Page 6
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any retailer will 1 yoti THE CHRISTMAS CAKE Hi Making and Decoration zri !m- pof'tont TasK. Tu«? CbrL,tuifc-» \3e i-» generally a tr:it "aU«- Mt~t ;»«;"? 5»rXVr it to any other kind Tills. ba~- :·.·!» ..atsses- for j ' sf hou-.*-\\ ite. tur it «-a» »'e auide j i j trout-is? c-f prt-i).».r us it iu Cer busy | ^!. A STORY OF 1925 By F A. MTTCHEL thoug*it of | The fruit rake ji*c--s es'i!e~:ly «erved , !£ is a djrk ois*C"l8»t Jbe lio^loa Cookiii? 1 r. Scaoot 3!a;sm:ie susuttts a very a^cei t: white fruli tisfea tuade a* fo'lowsc t-iu I Sii'imax'te? (t!ir5?e-fearths, o f ^ a \ etijiftsli of bnrterl e-.sSu ounces fbse, ' -cupfuli £? joi^ar. ei»!' ouu «s- it'ao- * v » *, " \. "-^1, ~ " ij^l f"A* l ^[1**O : 3"fiSl"""*if ly *v^ *^** y*f%^7 f* t*f **1S ·« of es^s. one pjutid of Waiched ds sJk-t-d rh!:. Is*!? a poi'ud of Ugbt colored s»j!sjaa noi.^\. :;jif a peuad of crys-aiillfeet! p:aea;;pie cut ;'! t'^ttir;.. so pro ! !3c in u »Si for a-uijje reLj::rk;;bLe tteiJS of ihes£i:t:ttiJK- c f thei l»u«-:«i°: rbe- S'st Ie«*«ls? of t!j rL?t r::e-e v.-js. IK.*'(ten hfe":t: cn'"e uv.-are eyi'hJ Le su-^-trjdeti , *r i.«.d artor It '!!!,£! thst tueteru. the t?L. ra*. This f arsons confection that's Hkeci everywhere-- ·II that benefits everyone-I that's constant delicious I and inexpensive aid to teeth, yy breath, appetite and digestion -''--^is,now selling for less than a cent a stick -- by the box! Take it home tonight I ? iseaifhfmi sWrigley's '*_of;.o health fa! . causing ST :s !·". of fr ^ -^t;«et s J5J by this irce/sa a:- 5 ::.i ! s ivere foispi* to b± per- i lemyerature. Artor -a -ihort l'i "arer tue-y ware ren.oved js-d OG | IN! showed S'gsib of lifr. i : of to-: re", n in:r cousj/erely 5 '.It doe*? nor appear taat t'_e*e r.r.c~t' i » is j S06O 6O2O 7S3-* if a pourd of cjtron sliced thin | ! r*~l b.ilf .1,cupful-of grated coccanut. I i-.x in the drdeK given. Bake in a lo-r atiout aa near and a qaarter or j btlEJ.IU 'bsr'i : octtsJ to being th*i:st into : lank tiUed v. itu HquIJ air UuG e "Sa there h,., been aoe-Tort to | A PRETTY DEVELOPMENT OF THE VEST ^"St^Sto S rs * """"I THE SMART FEATURE OF Iu .653 :; i-rt\ of tourtts rartJ f · · t\io b-Kl: -oaf, breul pans abont · from the tavru of Ch.rsoEir. u. Sv. it j i. --y-hve cia-utes Cover wiih^aJinontl | ?. e r:.:::J. b the old route to chnj J Siout | T(f , ;:-:v ::nxed -vich ess yolk* :ind pow-1 Olaiic. Ue to the s^iaisi't ast; ·jesrti ^u?:ir and, when ready to use. j ihea hdx:rjj., L-ecn bu::: ·,;:h i oiifeenoner'js or boiled frosac?. | guides. Li.i^s Tivi-..;!e. is j;c a irodcj Ci-e o: tnel cons'ructca jerxtirt^j or ois tivciity ye^ra I Contrast. :s tbe MANY GOWNS ' icjnpwatiays-Kjetai^tij'eaas whlclx is_oae of tee new a? r:a;er;a:.' c-_ui-is cr t_ae momeat. '^The* irocSc closes ~" r "- " ' s"n front, arcs there is an effective bit , r'ru-1 roar to i»: ounces of paste, two o j(i_ V ra to be u;arr.«_-v! OK. l«t return ;o « K« r:-ee yolks, of egy^t and confecnoii-" I cr -~"i;ur ro knead te t\vo into a p'i- · ali'e p.'ste thi't may be sniocthefi ocr i :i roi'sns pin are required for there ere numberless '.."ays oj braas 't abour. The SOV.TI of Hsurcd or^bro- j A-:ua Bishof. tb-ee years his junior. cade£ , ma e na! usual!-, has its aeces The io-en,. is the fir*: fre^ne^ of; r;s o , ^^^ ^ br , cs and ^ youth, bade each other good by. th« s in tears. lor she Kid tireaiue-J th..c sl-tt! ,.--, i versa. hati LA;ii «_parated nous Hans Ul r .ns cesirct,. a r J ' - .',,, H^n- -~' o^irap'"S oa the skirt in oack. To rtm-.e this siodel is size 36 It re- oi.:ras S 1 ^ ;.aras of-54 inch Eoateriol, :sso "} v.ith ?j yard of brocaded material for pl^ir; faeeC fabrics anti ·.ice; tbe tcs:. The \ est oTers one of z'is most. | A pL.ui tailored loo^itog: little froclc ve \ ajs cf iEt-Jucics a. be-1 cr vcu_r proof hosae-spun is a. very .rgr c'-lo'- A. -.^st or Persian color-' pract ca! tn'rs to nave, especially it coes fc.r to make the dress of uark.; on= frequents -Ainter house parties and. of Ions trarnps lii all kZncs of -art model fRisn- OVT i^ 3020- tovernir. cake »:av li uset LJ^J amtiu. ae be^i-s: a yoj^i rouC'e eiti'er ror l r er lover or Anti so Jt G : C ' VVheii the' par^y re- [ , n s 3 cr5;i -rcue 1 cevo o-*c·J , » cu oe oc-ths !s St-· sk.rt {755-; Crea-r of fov=ters size 35 with ;enal for thi. ouse (S020) and "% yards for the is unscrupulpits .persons to wrap rank imitatioris that are'hot 'eyea real chewing gum so they resemble genuine WRif$PS 9 \ Tke .better class of stores v^7ill ! not try to fool you wiiiti tnese ^nitetions.. "They will be offered to you- princi-; pally l^eetiaMrs, peddlers "and" the candy departments of sprue 5 2Bd,lCL cent stores, j These rank imitations cost dealers one cent r a^pa'dkiage pr;even less^and.are sold to careless people for almpsifegBy price."-. If 3?ou-,want Wrigle^s look before you- · buy. GMafi^ pay for. Be SjUHE~M*s Wm^LE¥ 9 S. Deep Dis"- le Pie. ,, , ,,. deep. «na iiO e^orj.i ^ i to rei-w' er l,.s yody." 'J^ie ^"ac-er tsove^! j. __ , u -I' at .,, a nue ta..t it uocld -n ?j | o -.« S: ^-f^--^^l ^ Z-, ia-^n- bodv cown to a point ".here tue, ,j sta--ssi,i- C o'- 3e -..-e 10 ^-r:te -iU~c--r ? I *f-» »- .«:!i^ "-;· .r i--. -i rv^« r!-r ; iCo Size -- "-c.-i^en care or i'- s pa--- lev grave. i One ot. the pre'tiest designs is piu- i^r.sse Y/JH G"-= Fslish to the Christ- j A fj r . -eart aso D*- Donensht:nB,cr j tsrec ID-Figure 3. Ic is a plaia girdle nas resst. ; an -i.-e«t.s-tcr o* the In^ufite Ton of "binck,sadn riOhco. fec-Ting two ends S.:'.r' ,are .ui «;tractive addition to f'Or!£iii,: Hese.iriJj, .vent t-i Chamonlij Sn:sl:eu5?itii pla-a rlt-boa.. It is Bone/^ any 1 »«As' .'lid r '~ the Ch-fstnias din-;, ^ni i sa'-il tlxe'^rory of rfr.ns and Anna.! ax'the -gathered ends ana tfcl ^t »·£ a-e aaertrij: :he a=o~e caiboi so'ely to protect ocr"ccst)oa3e:s.-K-ao are . thai thei iii\e ceea Deceived c. ^nuatiois wmca mey purchased th.rAmg they were WSICLETS. ard cnve a special reUsh to, ^-x!v 3-e. 1 Ts^5 Oa tee 1-t of JnlFfast the doc- buclde i: the --si5t is made cE silk in the · tor v eat «"er to Cnamonts: anti wait- the prevaltcg ccicr of the plaid a=c F O iledical Advertising t , raultv Digestion The New Brick Houses X. Stratton and Stevens Streets. See advertisement in another co^mn. A cliance for a good home A New Eiglit Room Frame Dwelling House ^rith XCTT Barn. Oat, Buildings. Hano\er St . near Fourth. The best made up Building Lots to come^orti fron the [ Tee pfiiid sasa m Figure 4 is o^e pi rbe -C;ini-iia:i5- f,"-e ~ -- ~ ~ ! jr'avi. r durjstpiSe-^'fetnfeer^b^^tbe yecr-| Ae sa^aKest oS the ne^v designs. Ts ^Krmc- »a»-t.i=7.)4e--,e;xia-I.y desirafe' b!£t .ire not -o tretjfraJly popuinr as tlie reset !.; corrb cations- ! ea for tie appearance of tbe bojy He 1 TV o nice S'!ad-are suggested by tbe ; J' t : : t revec 1 n,- purpose, since It j Bostt'P Cooking fccnoo! Magazine. One J ree-n d so qu sotic tliat ne feared de- j \ cf these is aa egg salad made thus:! r ^oi. it v.ns to determine tvit'a tbe j For one iargp or rvvo small portions j rs^ ;; " "nc^ of tLe latest scient.Sc ro^tb- | ... j ij, erg ,ire jjgpQgrj t w o half incn thick j cc?s ., aether Han«- was dead or in tlie .Quickly Shatters the Xerroas System--j s i ices 0 ( :I soo ,i Sl7e d icnisto . o n e ten- j -jv. 0 ry suite and. if tbe latter. ! Ira--tediate Vction -e--essa 1 .- fiep b , r(1 CCM ^ ked e: ^ fonr s e ttnce leaves j wtet'-er 'j« could be broKght to Jlue. and two tables.Joonfuls of tuayonnaise! It ', Sate in Septeaibe r before! dre«s:n£; Set tbe tcmato over a hrtle] Hnn'.' bear anpeared Dr Dcnens of tee dre-,si"g oa tbe lettuce: Cnz tbe j ii.jntjvr '^ad revealed bis intention to es^ir* in «irarie~s ··eniove tbe yo'k to a j tbe «It,e:«^ed relatives and seenred '· indigestion and pair.s in the colon and sieve, cut tbe p.eee* of white in ba.ves j tkei- per'i i^s'on to resnsc.tate bim.. 1 JcTveis- ' oa suifei from indigestton.', creisvri-.e and U.^pose on tbe tonaato. ! He L .o secured, a batbtoo. tvbich be j 'vhich soon deve'ops IPIO dyspepsia--' ' " ~ Try Mi-o-ns. he" yon fee 1 irritable, tired and jaesrondent--vrhci vou ha^.e nervous r.n»chi^gs. specks" cefore xbe _eyes. i heacac'-e3 sour sto^acft. heartburn. that tre hare lor sale anyr^iiere, 110 filling, no irrading required, located on both sides 01 the Fair£eld road, near Seminary Uidge in Cumberland toVuship TTe expect to have Boroagii -crater and liirht in aruple time for any i^ oieratioas--all staked on. call and look at them. taa chief of r.crre !\ea 'ieed M -c-na ar cr.ce. !" Mi-o-r.z is nor a. cure-all, but s. · 'cdert.P.c -emedy that surely ends. ".en ach n:iser\ ~ It builds up and . cti cnsrther.s the s~o.uacK v.alls · glands. rr.prces qcic~:ly the ' system Then tie vital force and nerve | e - l0 -j-v- j s res-o-ed, impart rg · arc good spirits to the discouras-ed. r-^-dov--! aid v.eak i Po rot saiier a-^^rer day. Get 3. s f t ; c^rt oox of .vli-o-ro Tablets at |Pcc"'cs D'jJg Store 1 i the pose i pcir.ied eiMlN TO tile center. Ehs i 'iised v.ub vrater at G3 degrees, or one| r -t se tbs rest oi tbe mayonnaise at tbej dpgrt e above tbe point- E e j j j iace-i tbe body n this tab and grad-' One cf the nerr br;. k ht.nscs. ~^orth Stratton Street Possess-on at once- Two of the same lot of honsc 1 -. XortK Stratton. Street. Possession April 1. 1914. Fine nine room and bath res'cence, all conveniences, large front and side yard- one of the best residence locations in tovn --on Carlisle street ·*» A 5 R.oorn Dwelling House : on York Stiv ot extended. Pos^cs^ion at once. (Cleanse the Scalp: Nourish the Hair; ' r.nd Ne*.er Grow Bald. Use i ' Parisian Sage. L"- * "TO v bald at 35 as thousands J ,,: -.-£- c.--. c" a-d -vainer also, rail- i c.»-te a'-ti'T is rsecessarx. Parisian' i S-i"e is ^^st v\bat you need to reTrove ; pr*;r '~"i ca c. -uff. fiop falur.e ha;r and itching'' S txa sir^- : KiS ii . fc^.1;. a^p naive the hair strong, faeaa-] g j JtV . -n r.~.»? ]' j sals'" advacc«Hl tbe tem; mas-! ac?n^ t''.e tuorax about tbe heart and; ii -, cs:e:.'':n2: tl:e operation over tbe "whole j !l 1 I.rulT ' j 5 1 I -CU.J I A r-cerd of rrbat furtaer expedients the z. seccnd smaller DUCJUG fastens canglrrg I.-op and esd togeza-er. A inora emen~.i~e ribbon Is ssea for the -ext rz,oaei ttsn appears In anr or tfca otcers. In 'sere 5 a siik vfns- a cark greei; tbe s' enu«t re'JO-tefl to be tnmed over to !.:*· insiitrte. vrbere tbey are on file. be too proles- ~oa; d -a satin TTith roses .a iloj-s and :c' age in olurreu outlines tbe Eirface- Tae g"re!e is in Icose. irregslar fo'ds and J twtli cones " Tae snorter es.c ior.?: to be sr.Ten Here. The point 1 i colors v^b to mention esiec.aily is JJOTV his j corer'i r «« eetl % eart"s d-eism came true. ! When n.ias. *n:s a man of ttventy. had been restored Anna, attended by her over]£rp-2? ^^ girdle :s tairtees aang-te-. v.ns mtrodcced to tbe | inctes long ana the longer n:n a-nrn"ent v.l^ere he ·'vas Hans sprang ; :t:c!icr. The ends are finished i. lrn;bed by b;= fo-mer sweetheart. \ p^ain g~een velvet r:bboa ·I- knocic.ns !-,er over, and. throw( stiic'.ed to place. It is an inch v.ide. -,.- arris around tlae granddaagb- ( A gay ribbon in 2. broker, plaid and ter. --c:s:naed: j rc^v color -s pictured ^ r L tl^-sr bean, I am back tvitb , ,r. dcrk gray vrftli bliie and rose ana T tsnse for o'jr wedaingr' i ^reen sn zca-'-crgs ?r.a torcer. Tee it in b'-mniesr" esclaiaied tbe o^d j euckls is ;n green velvet. "My oreani has come trce!j A plain tsJ : c«rfid sasn -frita He vp..rns rn tSe best .anc isost coiery saiad is thus ^e cranberries of eat-n ;n about four ng'.as Jo the steni tbe old hag sayingr" erne- j -pz'a- of all toe ideas. It bas ned nr.M nove- A sr3S«e end overiaps Ai to aa- ~.'..\ gr^srarteec. If Parisian Saee' o~ craaberrj teiery. out Uiere roi V A e complete =ati=factior. j =r.ouW f. t :?e u.ore of tbe prepared )le"b Draf Stofe'ivl'l return yowrj ceiery t»iin o" ISt? ^ninerrje*?- Season °. · isep-intci" or tt Aether For a pint ot '5 The n^st application rerr.ove^ L jff 5r,-'T«?G T -aies the ccalp ana jj*s :;fc a^d beajty into thin, doll and ' fade I ha.r. " j tnr.: n!\ -n.nt fcalf te salt. 0ri~-fw-tT- or « teaspoonfns'or nUfi fo.T TO:espoontnls of oiire and ore or f.vo tnftlespooEfnls ot M«~ si! together thoronghly. pour ove.- ;he te'ery and craBberry. · FiH* a Lcng Felt Want. i Forced to Beo Parke--"I snppose you feel pretty j sirs Dogood-- You sav you ar« nn- badly over this income tax?" Lace-- ' E t,!e to ^crk ior a i^" H--,e' cu "Not at aJL TVS wanted to kno-ft for j a v.If c --" T^rcd Tatt'e^.--' Lady ""ill ·years what my Income is; -R-itfa tb? j }pa%e -t ter · ersclf llcv, back of me, I may find i pact a Wi fcr V-Vit manied da £ich 'Vi'ius .z cc'.ei --Puck. No Soup for Tommy. Tcra-ny -svent oxit to dine at a' fri^nj's house one even'ng When tbe; soup vvas brought Tommy did not'. touch Li- and tns hcste^,, looking J "See Adam.* ~" ^ f-r sa.J V, ar Tcrnmj r dear, v. hat's j ^ The Encyclopedia^ Americana tli- 1 .'littcT 7 Aren't joa bangr to-t b een registered m the index nrd turn upon a bed of carefnlJy trashed f^d dried leaves of lettuce. Serve wiib roasts ot poultry or real. bas i 1 -'-"'-" "Ves/' replied Tommy. 'Tmi torinm of the suffragists. Under the d « ^ ears hcag.,, out I'm not tb:«ly."- au b 3 cct "Evo," it says merely "See-Ad- V ' T . , ^ -- ' .. _ * _ Judge am."--Cincinnati Times-Star. bore.- Dr. *or :· li'.-si ornjercsfr.Hy. Doaen^bcnrer I ened vrrd s:cs!I silk covered btittor*s himself | ar.a a i-ir^fc 'a fhe sbape_ot nar- e ribbons . that ivas too usucb for a J TC-- raffias is tbat !iad been fn7eii forty years. ·, tc tb' l,iekrain_ did ali in Uls jjoner to bring Haas ; Narrc-s" brocadea ribbons and zany back to life n second tiase. but his ef- j v^de Dresdsns appear axnong the ores- s'orts were futile. i "sier models. But above all tic tiree- ^:e incident bad a singnJor effect j ^ara cash of -wide black ribbcn ono" rbe sranddr.n^uer. who vms bnt ] -33 tae -wishbo-e" sasli has captivated seventeen years old and not prepared j ihe fancy of 'ashioVs devotees. for s".c'i n strain. Pbe accused her i Sotne woijei simplify the buying of Jrrarl:notber o: bavins murdered j Cl:ristinas pres-its by chocsins some Tae po t l ist o*d Ch-iTMionK sry \ sl .; pretty »ad r~d conflnlug thein- her hesrt to a mai: £«'TSS to tn.s oie s.rt:c* Apparently. "Does your son intend to take s, full course in college?" "It looks that way. His liquor bill for the first month was over thirty dollars."-Judge. Idea Refuted. Vrife--"According to this paper, hot vater will prever-t -K-nnWes." Hub-' Don't believe it 1 Look liow" wrinkled Peek is, ard his wife keeps Mm m hot v,-ater all the time." -,, HRI5T3IAS is tte tune for merriment and games. ~bsn n e ail a^ree to forge; our ages and 3012 in the pastiraes of tlie -onassters. sliaJi we play? is the question. "Who can thmt of anything new? A new -ame is a precious possession- It is 5«st tlie little touch -srliich sets a'l the machinery ra motion-- the fcne TTliitb sets every one dands?- It is often most difficalt to thin^ of a new pr,--,e oa the sp;:r of a moment. 'ut here is a so Bo voa ^rant to play aa eerie 5BCb. as "saostsrTM It is pUyed as follotvs: A13 tre players 50 oat of the room frith the escenticn of those -^20 are sroing to be ghosts TVhen tUe parties ~onfe-.Ce are calsed into tbe room they find a rot: of strange objects sitting silently r.t one side of it They are~aU dressed In sheets. Their hair is concealed beneath a table napkin, " and taeir faces by a kinS"of ; saasir made of a piece cf ri--s«e papez^-tstta^ holes cnt for the eyes. A apmber is pinned on each S host, and a -mth sirn^a'- numbers pla-er. sn'l he is to:d td *£» the . nriie of the apparition opposite the There is a nri7e for the best guesser. Jt is almost impossible to solve the identity of the players, they all loolc so exactly alike, and there is nothing really visible except their eyes. Yon can hardly tell a raan from a woman XeedlefeS to say. this is not a same to be plnved -n'-ien »«ttlc chiHren are present Mit for srofranps it is good spot t. SPAPLk

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