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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Friday, January 16, 1818
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NCERY. if . i irn If Stale w New - York, as. m of & decretal otd&t of thif bOOora - iurt. beano data the 7th dav of July will be Mild at nulilir. miction, at tb Too - tier Ui direction of the tuhscriber, M ooe of the Boasters of this court, on Thursday, the 8th day nf lonuarv miL at lirtht o'clock at booo. all ine IsOnee House, la uie cut m mw vi, - tliiVrfntn hlo k. or niece of ground and toil under venter, to he made land and ground, oat of the North or Hudson's Kiver, ntuate, lying aqa being bet ween, Washington - street and a certain new street of seventy feet in breadth, to be made .fronting on the Mid North River, called Wett - slreet, and it hounded at follow! : north - easterly and easterly by Liherty - ttreet ; north - westerly ami pitprl b Weit - street aforesaid :' south western and westerly br Cedar - streeL and south - easterly and easterly by '. Washington afreet : rnntaininr in breadlh 00 Washington - street and West - street one hundred and ten feet six inches, and in leogth along Liberty - street one hundred and seventy - seven feet, and along iraav - street onenumirea tutu icvcuijr - swu v. (needier with (h annerfenanres. suhiert never thelttt to the rents, covenants, restrictions and airrjMmMiti In which aairi nn - mises are Subiect, in favor of the corporation of the city of New - York, a imposed, reserved and created oy them. Dated Nov. ?6th. 1817. JAMES A. HAMILTON. v Master in Chancery. - Note The sale of the above proiKrty is post poned to Friday, the 30th instant, at eleven o'clock, A. M. at Ibe fame place. It will be told in lots or parcel, and on liberal term, which nay be known by applying at the Masters office, No. 3 Law Buildings ; where a map of the premises may be teen. January 8ih, 1818. Jaa9dfs , 'T - I.N CHANCERY. State of New York, it. IN pursuance of a decretal order of this honorable Court, will be told at public auction, at the Tontine Offea House, in the city of New York, under the directioq of tlie subscriber, a one of the milters of tins honorable court, on THURSDAY, the twmty - ninth day of January intt. at 1 o'clock at noon, all that certain lot, piece or parcel of land, situate on the easterly aide of Broadway, in the sixth ward of the city of New York, known at Number 350, bounded as follows :B ginning at the comer of Broad - wa and Leonard - afreet thence runninx norther ly and upon Broadway, thirty feet and m inches, to a house belonging to and of copied by Stephen 1 nee, require, thence easterly along me same and parallel to Leonard street, one hundred and event v five feet to Benson - street, thence south - ctly and upon Benson - street, thirty feet six inches to Leonard - street, thence westerly and upon Leonard - street, cne hundred and seventy - five feet to the place of beginning ; with the appurtensn l Hated the 7th ! of January, one thous and eight hundred and eighteen. JAMES A. HAMILTON. . Mat. a "S - . .. IN CHANCERY. Slate of New York, it. I N pursuance of a decretal order of this hono rable court, bearing date the lOthday of No vember, ia the year Hi 17, will he sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the ci ty "f new - or It, on Wednesday, the tevenin day of January next, at twelve o'clock, noon, all that lot. nitre or parcel of rround. situate in the fourth ward of the city of iVew - orlt, on tne corner oi Cherry and Dover - streeti, bounded nortnwett erlv in front on Cherry - street, northeasterly by ground belonging to Maria Osgood, southeasterly in the rear by ground now or late the property ot Voctor Joseph Young, and southwesterly oy Dover - street ; and it now kuown and distinguished by house and lot number two Cherry - street, and house number one Dover - street ; containing in breadth, in front and rear, twenty te - tide one hundred and seven feet, be the tame more or leu ; together with the appurtenances. r.n lev, mm iiioii.b, auu iu)iii .ovh Uated Uecemue, i nn, tun. JAMES A. HAMILTON, V - ' Mnilorin Phnnrprv. " dec 17 awt30thD dtt ' ftZr The tale or tbe above property it postponed to the 19th instant, at the tame hour and yiw;o. vaicu rfaiiunj i, iuio. ' JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jfta7dtds Master in Chancery. IN CHANCERY. JohaB - ilwrt t " - " '. Sute of New - York, tt Jtraet T. Walton. . IN pursaanee of a decretal order of this ho - noi.rable court, made in tbe above cause, will be old at publie auction, at the Tontine Coffee Hoose, in the aity of New - York, under the direction of the subscriber, at one af the masters of this court, rm.Tuesdsj the teaond day of September nait, at twelve o'clock at aoor, all that tract of land rnlng " the town of Lowville, and tying In the county of Lewis, in the state aforesaid, being part of great lot No. 4 of Macomb's purchase, and comprises all the lots known on a B.White, in the year I - 8, from No. US to Ml inclusive, eontaininc together 15,000 isres ol land, witn uie appurtenances memo dcioos; ing or nor wise aiiperttinine. Dated June 30, 1S17. (Copy) JAMES A HAMILTON, JV XI lawtw ntut .innrrm minwrj. I ne sale ol tne aooie propeny is postponen to the 1st day oi November nxt, at the same hour and place. a iiaiiil.iu;v, . teo21awts Master in Chancery, The sale of the above property is postponed to Saturday, the 8th day of November, at the tame bourand place, nor i, is 1 1. JAMES A HAMILTON, nov 1 SMiF3t Matter in Chnnterr, The sale of the above property it postponed to Tuesday, the I8tb ilayof November, instant, at tbe tame nour and place, novo, nii. JAMES A. HAMILTON, nov 8 S V M17 St Matter in Chancery. The tale of the above property is postpon ed to the 4th day of December next. Dated . November 18, 1817. jrrs invii.Tnv. nov 2T dt Master in Chancery, The tale of the ab tve property rt postponed to the second day of J anuarv next, at the same hour and place, lit".. 1st, inn. JAMES A. HAMILTON, dec 9 1 awtdt Matter in Chancery. - The tale of the above property is postponed to Thursday, the 92 int.. at the tame hour and place. Jan. t, 18P. JAMES A. HAMILTON, jan 3 dtt Matter iu Chancerv. COUJVTHX SKAT tOK SALE, AT Jumaica, on Long Island, Queens County, late the residence of John Troup, Esq tl - reased. On the premise are a jrood two story frame house, barn, and other out - build ingsi 28 acres of land in a (rood stale for ctil tivation i 28 acres of wood land, oft fine thrif ty growth for fen ing ami timber j and a lot of 7 acres salt meadow. On this property are two appte orcnanis, ana a vanetv of other truit tree. Jamaica heinp one of the most flourish infc villa.r oo the Island, 1 enders this proper y desirable for a g - entleman retiring from business. For particular - apply to ' ' M. DITMIS, 148 P ai - l - st. ; or to JOHN ti ROKT TROUP, , jan 9 tf on the premises. FOR SALE, KKAL morXRTV UI TUB CITT Of STEW - YORK ITL A BRICK WH'fcE and Lot No. 11 ainik.' Bowrry STABLE in the rear togeth er with the LOT, 4 1 feet front, 42 feet rear, and I?5 ieet on eacn sute. 1 HOUSE and LO T No. 37 Vesey - street ; and House and lol .no 39 vesey - street. A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollars, do and do for 750 do ' do and do fur 4.0 do Onralosiblo property in the cily of New York, The in;erest has always been punctually paid. t or panics. srs inoui - eni tne om. e ot STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, dec 10 tf No. 27 Wall - street STORAGE. th - Cf - ' , e III J T uc lUIUUU UK Ml ? I MmriN IIIV v. i i .l - jt n r ,i. - tor ao. o - i'ji - street, ntuctr.wui tare tne expeusa of boating. . dec 26 - it EAGLE TAVEIHf, No. 9 WA RREN - STRREET, (formerly kept by James S. Hedenburgb to famish becf - steakss, oyt - Jt bsrt, Sic. at all timet of day. " HOT COFl EE is constanUr kept in the por - tir room, with or withoat re lubes, in a style that will not fad to please. N. B. A large upper room to let br the week, month or year. jan 7 eodlm HEAL ESTATE. For sale the fee tiaiple of 132 feet front on Divition - ttreet and 45 feet front on Eldridge - ttreet, making a front of 177 feet, under a lease of 5 years The dwellings are all occupied as retail dry rood stores. This property is worthy the attention of a capata - list who wishes to invest his rath in real es tate. If the leases and houses wss purchased will rive 15 per cent per annum. The terms are 1 - 3 cash, remainder on mortgage for number of years. The title unquestionable, and a warrentee deed will be given. For par. ticulart, apply to JAMES W. SHAW, No. 5 Bowery, ALSO; A stock of Dry Goods, on liberal credit, for approved security. Apply as above. dec 3U eedw FOR SALE. A Farm situated on the east bank of Hud sou's niver, bve miles north of the village of , , i . i . j . . . rousuacensie, in tne cnuniy oi uutcness, con taining tix hundred and teventv acres, bavins a front of three quartert of a mile on the river, two hundred and thirty acies of w hich is a fine plain of great lertinty, tne residue it arable or a dinerent Quality, patture, meadow and wood, of which mere it a great aDundance or the boett kinds. t here are upon the premises a good farm - house a barn and extensive sheds ; a large and excel lent dwelling house and a variety of out - build ings. with every convenience for a large farming establishment. Tbe farm it very well watered and in good fence, and hat upon it two thritlv young orchards j and the garden is filled with a great variety of Uit best fruit. It it in the nrish - bourhood of an Episcopal and a Presbyterian a - - ta i . s ar " m . unurcn, ana aaioint an academy for ttie education of hoys, under the direction of Doctor Allen and within a mile of Hyde Park landing from whence sloops tail every week to New York, and where passenger! are taken and landed by the passing tteam - boatt. This tract may be divided into three convenient farms 200 acres may ne taaen irom tne norm and xvu irom tne touth, ( leavina 370 acres, with the Principal buildiners. in the centre) on both of which are fine situations, commanding beautiful and extensive viewt of the river and adjacent country. The above will be told altogether or in separate parts to suit the purchaser. Also for tale, two Farms, situate in the town of Washington, in the same county, lying about twentv miles from the river, nrw nf llinn rnntnin. ing til acres, the other U83 acres ; on both of which are new and commodious dwelling houses, barnt and out buildings, and good bearing orchards ; the soil fertile and the farms io excellent fence. - A considerable part of the purchase money for me auove may remain lor several years on inter est. For further particulars apply to the tuhscriher, JiHN JOHNSTON. Hyrl Park, Nov. t7th, 1817. dec 1 eod6w OFVR SALE, ' By crder of the executors of George Stanton, deceased, the two story house and lot no. io Harmon - street. Said house is brick front, contains four rooms with fire - places, a cellar kitchen, cellar, and a fine vault in tbe cel lar. I he lot is eighteen feet u inches ui width, front and rear, and eighty seven feet six inches in length a desirable situation for a small genteel family. For terms, &c - applv to JONATHAN LiTTLE,S13 Pearl ttreet, Or, . HENRY STANTON. Brooklyn. (ty Should the above property not be dispo sed or by the 14th January next, it will on that day be sold at the Tontine Coffi Mmr, tj Meaan. Untftnaa & Guus. to close the concerns of Uie estate. dec 3 1 3taw2w COW strayed from the stable of Wm. Slow - aLX. lev. 31 John - street, on the 30th Dec. of a light red color, slit in both ears, about 7 years old. Whoever will bring the taid Cow or give any information thereof, shall receive a generous reward. Janb lw jVOGfciTOJV OH SOUR STOJIL1CH. S acknowledged by medical writers to be a comnlaint oi stubborn kind, and at all times very diwcult of cure. This it sufficiently illustrated in the disappointment of those who unfor - latety tuner under it, as they, lor the most part, find that after having tried many thing! to little or no purpose, they areat last obliged to use (for perhaps the remainder of life) such articles as can at best buf palliate the disease. Under such circumstances, any medicine capable nf removing the complaint, must surely be an article highly deserving the attention of all those who are afflicted with it ; snr.h a combination is to he met with in Dr. JHKAIPS AJf TI VrSEl' - TIC or STOMACH FILLS the success of which has nevir yet been equalled, for the cure of dyspepsia in its most complicated form, such at lot of appetite, nausea, heart burn, flatulency, knawing pain in tlie stomach, pain in the tide, great rottivcneis, paleness in tne countenance, languor, lownets of spirits, pain in the head, virtigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep Whoever applies these pills in the above disease, according to the directions, will never he disappointed, as they have never been once known to fail in producing a radical and permanent cure The use of a single box will convince tlie most unbelieving of their efficacy.. They will most effectually remove all sourness of the stomach, not merely by neutralising the acid, but by correcting that morbid ttatecf the secretions which givet rite to it, and at the tame time will re store to the debilitated orgaot ol dieeition. that tone and vigour which it absolutely necessary to the well being or the animal economy. To he had at Brook Sc Carle's, Pearl - street, atJ.C Morrison's, Greenwich - street, and at Mullac Bownc't 146 Pearl - street, where druggists and country dealers will be served on liberal terms. (j Price one dollar per box. dec 24 6w A'eir and tltgant exhibition, at the oldMuteutn. Lhatham - streel. THE TOWN OF BOSTON IN MINIATURE 'P BUCHESNE respectfully informs the la - L . dies and gentlemen of this city, that he has oow exhibiting at the above place, a complete fnidei oi tne town oi pootin, in nioca worn which represents tbe public buildings, such at churches, stores, public edifices, tic. occ. Alto, a View of a Sugar Plantation, blackt at work, parking sugar, cutting cane, Kc he. A Viewot south vvales. lhe most promt nent feature of this view it a mountain, on the summit of which is acaitle,strongijfortiCed; rob bers' rave ia the interior of the mountain, etc, Admittance 25 centa. Doors open from 9 o'clock in the morning till 10 in the evening. jan 3 2w fTH YJ S.4I.F - . irtiH . ' The rtontes and lots No.. 161 and 163 "imam street If not disposed or at pgvwte sale, previous to the 28th instant, tbey will on that day be offered for sale, bv auction, at the Tontine Coffee House. For further particulars appiy at io. m Uuane - street. jan 7 V S3 A STORE H'AXTED. Or House and Stnm in Rmarfurar. tw. iwetn Xiamen - lane and Wall - street Rent will .,! ( ...... - be made secure. Apply at No. 4 GiurtJaadU street. Jail 14 5t BOARD fa LODGING. 'TWO or three Gentlemen can be accommo L dated ia a French family, with Bo.rd and "S'g where tney ran take lessi mt ia IU French language if (Ley ctute. Apply at this office. jaa 13 5 w FOR THE LADIEf. HE RESTORATIVE POWDER TOR THE TEETH AND GUMsTbit ex cellent preparation comforts and treogtbent the garni, preterves toe enamel irom decay, ana cleanses and whitens the teeth, absorbing all mat accrtmomout tunic and lou nets. wmcn. sui - lered to accumulate, never fails to injure, and fi nally ruin inero. ' l lir. UA1 AclW tALVL. It recommended, f particularly to the Ladies) at an elegant and pleasant preparation for chap ped and tore lips, and every blenmb and inconvenience occasioned bv colds, fevers. &c. speed ily restoring a beautiful rosy color, and delicate soilness to tne lips THE GENUINE PERSIAN LOTION, So celebrated among the fashionable through - out Europe, it an invaluable cosmetic and per fectly innocent and safe, free from corrosive and repellent minerals, (the basis of other lotioot) and of unparalleled eflicacv in preventing and re moving Diemisnet in the luce and tit in ol every kind, particularly freckles, pimples, scurfs, tet term, ring wrrmt, tun burnt, Sic. rendering the skin delicately toft and clear ; improving the complexion and restoring uie bloom oiyoutn. Hamilton's Ettence and extract of Mustard for Rheumatism. Lumbatro. Palsv. Szc. Hamilton's celebrated Elixer, for coughs, colds, arlhmas and Consumption. Hamilton's Worm destroying Liorenget Halm's Anti - Biliout Pillt Hauiilton'tGrand Restorative, for nervous dis eases, etc. being peculiarly adapted to Female complaints. Sold at LEE'S Medicine - ttore, No. 46 Maiden - tare. Druggists and country store keepers supplied on liberal terms. Certified cases of cure mav be teen at thenlace oi taie. Jan a eod MUSIC. A EL the gongs, Duettt, as tuns by Mr. Phi - t lippt at the New - York Theatre, for sale at wm. DUBOIS' Piano rorte and Music Store, No. 120 Rsoadway. Behold in his soft exprewive face Tho' love it warm awhile 'Tit but funcy't tketch It there a heart that never lov'd In vain ma v that bosom lost quilt; deplore My early day what jojt wat thine Love's young dream - This blooming rote at early dawn Robin Adrtir Beautiful Maid Iet fame sound tbe trumpet Had I a heart Kvtleen's Bower Dear maid I love thee , Ah sure a pain was never seen Said a smile to a tear Sigh not for love My heart with love is beatinc The celebrated serenade of "Lillacome down Bird Duett ltd me" in r lora s wreatn. With a large assortment of new music. dec. 4 VALUABLE REAL PROPERTY FOR SALE AT ON TUESDAY, the 20th January inst. Uijil by Bleccker Si Bibby, at public auction, iu the Tontine Coffee House, at 12 o'clock, TWO LOTS OF GROUND, with the BUILDINGS erected (hereon, tituale No. 32 Pine - street, in the occupation of Robert Stuart each lot is 32 feet 3 inches in front, 21 feet 10 1 - 2 inches in the rear, and average length 75 feet 9 inchet. An indisputable title will he given to the purchaser, and possession on the first of May next. ' Information at to the property, title, and terms of sale, may be had by applying to CORNELIUS BOGERT, No 14 Cedar - street. JAMES BOGERT, i Survit ing Exec - and utors oi'Jaco - JAMES VAN ANTWERP J busBogert. Jan 9 I2t JACKSON HOTEL 41 street. HM - IE partnership entered into by Madame . Mondion and Mr. Deletra. for carrying on the Jackson Hotel, is this day dissolved. The Hotel will in future be conducted by Madame MONDION, alone. 1 he public are hereby cautioned, that no debts hereafter contracted in the name of Deletra and Mondion, will be paid by Madame MONDION. Madame Mondion solicits such share of the public favour as the merits of the hotel may, by tjiaiimwi'i si fnaiiii rue serve. Her customers will always find a Oar and Or dinary, or Table d'Hole, well supplied, and a Larder embracing every delicacy in season. Club rooms always clean, warm and readv for .i. . . .. - j - uie tecepuuu oi gueaia. It. MOMJlOfl. New - York, Jan. 8th, 1818. jan 9 2w NHV and LATE PUBLICATIONS, Life Patrick Henry Henry's Chemistry ; Hunter on Uie Blood I. ady Morgan's t ranee Welsh Mountaineers, 2 volt Harrington and Ormond, 2 vols Melinrourt, 2 vols Lalla Rookh Pilgrims of the Sao A. Smith't Theory of Moral Sentiment Stuart and Playfair't Essays Airs of Palestine, a poem Adam's Narrative Tales ol Fancy ; Valentine Eve Rhoda II. Moore's Poemt Comic Dramnt Female Scripture Characters Taylor't Esayt ; Sancho Hale's Advice ; Lara Readings in Poetry Branchet Reports, vol. 7. 8 and 9 Forsaleby ROOT. M'DER.MOT, Jans TZi Pearl - street A HOUSE. To he told and possession eiven before the 1st of May next, if required, a modem built substantial brick house, three stories high, (with several accommodations and conveniences which make it an agreeable dwelling for a genteel family) situated in the moil wholesome part of this city, and having a pump of excellent water wiunn the lot ; Uie property a lee umple, and free from all incumbrance. It not sold at private sale before the 15th of February next it will then be sold at auction on the 16th and fnl - following day. Alto, a complete tet of carpets. elegant furnitures, household utensils and various ellects, particularly a choice collection of books, by C. U. FONTAINE, to whom apply for par ticulars, at his auction room, No, 135 Water ttreet, comer oi rine. jan 7 1m f O SJII.E OR 7YJ I.KASK. Lottiu the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: man v oi wiiicn are ou regulated and peved streets. mo aiune; win ue requuea unaer ten years, u sold interest excepted. Several two and thr.e slnr hmiaj. nn whirh gicai pan ui uie money remain on mortgage. I l.avmvfi at MS'ii MiinaT ab exec iii ni stand tor business, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON sod WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, iear new - iiavon, witn 4U acres or land, and a never failing itn - tm. inwwt rhihn n - n.n... t, - n - . - , - - H HUlIf JU.1 w ...J : . L. r . r . cirvtcu, wiui a iuuituiT oi water tor eacn. a I . ft . ... npiiT no. oz ureenwicn street, jan 13 tf tOR SALE, The HOUSE and STORE. No. 93 Ful ton - street; built in 1816, of the best materials Tbe store, 33 feet long and 13 high; the lot by Z3; leated ol tb Dutch church for 63 years. rjiqmre hi tne aoove place. jan 12 3w FOR SALE. Tbe HOUS E and OKHC E No. 23 Pw - strs - et. I or particular! enquire at inn 14 I w No. 25 Pink - street. FOR SALE, tjj Th elepant 2 - rtory brick HOUSE and letuc, teronJ door from Broom - street in Broad - wav, occupied by Mr. George Lacey, at the moderate ground rent of $"i per annum ; about 15 years unexpired ; tle buil Jings to be valued at the end of the term, or the lew renewed for tl yean lon;er; it rents for $400 per annum : the walk ami street has recently been paved. 1 or larau, apj.Iy to C C. I uais, jan 14 tf 91 Coffee hotue - tlip. . F - 1 A FALVABLE FARM, iknli TobetoidorexcJiaiigta lor property m aiJZ - Vnrk. - ... - . The subscriber oeitig in a very low sumboi health, and haviog very little hopes or recovery, oilers for sale his farm at Barbadoet neck, coun ty of Bergen, containing about one hundred aua thirtv five teres of arable, meadow and wood - m, " r II .L . n . . .1 naluun land. 1 HIS larm ilea un iue luam rau w.ncu New - Yorkand Newark, about hall a mile this side of Newark Bridge. It is in a very high state of cultivation, and it not surpassed pyaoyouier im the wirinitv oi" New - York, at a valuable and agreeable residence, emier lor tne larmer or pi - vate pentlemau. The dwelline house, though mall, is neat and well finished, and the lences, gates, barnt, ttadet, turn oilier oui - nouiei, re in ex elletit order and well planned. In front of uie house, cornering on tne punuc runu, i handsome and well stocked garden, and on the nrpiniw - i is a vounz and thrivins orchard, con taming a uwh.c vcicciiua oi tiic gimicu tr - s. A more particular description of the pro perty it thought unnecessary, at those dispott d ia purchase will view the premises. The title is indisputable. For particulars, apply to the subscriber,.. 188 Pearl - street, or to Mr. Andrew Smith, near the premises, nov 14 tf ROBERT STUART VALUABLE PROPERTY for sale. H ILL BE SOLD, At public auction, on the premises, on Thursday, the 2 id day of January next, atone o'clock, r. in. A SMALL FARM, containing about ten a cres of Innd of the Grst quality, lying in Brooklyn about two miles from Uie ferrv. On the premi ses is a handsome new dwelling house, standing on an eminence, which commands a most beauti ful and extensive prospect of New - York Bay platen Island. Sc. and for pleasantness of situa tiou is not exceeded in King's county J and a new Barn or Carriage House. ALSO. A FARM, of about 17 acres of upland and 8 1 - 3 ol S - alt meadow, adoining the property be fore described, hat ing a good house, barn, Ave ALSO, A FA RM, containing about twelve acres ol upland, in a high state ofcultivation, and 8 I - ? acres of salt meadow, adjoining the turnpike leading from Brooklyn to Jamaica, on which it an excellent young orchard, a good dwelling house, a tint - rate ban, &c. &c. LIKEWISK. Four !ott of Woodland, of 7 acret each, lyini about a mile from the above detcnticd Inruis. The above proiiertv will be told separately, Any person wishing to purchase it invited to call ...k.. - u. i. ..A . l. nHn.:.A. ...ill K uii hid BuiM.iiin;i, uy wikiiii iitiuiacv w.'i shown, and any farther information given, which may he required. JVtlSS U. HAI. jan 3 tdt Brooklyn TO LET. For a term of years, the house and lot no. a Broauway, at present occupied oy tn Mist Kinsey't, at a boarding house. For parti cular! enquired ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, Clermont. janStFI PROPOSALS T'fTlLL be received at the office of tbe Corn s' V missary General of Purchases, for sup plying materials of Dnmestia Manufacture for making Clothing for the Army of the United States, for the year 1818, at follows, vis : Grey Cloth, 6 - 4, for great coats Blue do do for coats, dytd in indigo Black Cloth, for Gaithert, 6 - 4 wide Wh,CVdr Ked7' j foroveraM. Grey Sattinet, 3 - 4 for jacket! Flannel, nf wool and cotton, for ihirti, Samples of the above will be furnished, on np - nlirnlinn to this offlr. in neraon or bv letter : al so forthoei, leather caps, blankets, short stock irgt, wings of worsted, epaulets of worsted, and for iron camp kettles and mets pant. Samples of these articles may he seen on application to the Commissary General, at Philadelphia, or to the Ueputy uommissunes, at new - torn city, and at Newport Kentucky. Commissary General's Office, Philad'ia, ) 24lh December, 1817. t CALLENDER IRVINE, dec 26 3w Comm'y Gen. nf Purchases. 6k. fOH SALE AT AUCTlOS. At the T. C. H. on the 1st day of March Drat. UIC t lt..l IJVIUlljjHIJl ftU UtG C9l. VI .lit late Dr. Isaac Ledyard, situated one mile south of the village of Newtown, Long Island. The Williamsburgh turnpike runs through the Farm, on one side of which issnewexiellent stone wall, half a mile in length The farm contains about 150 acret, 15 of which is a fine Wood Lot with two apple orchards, one old, the other just beginning to bear well, and a suitable proportion ol good salt meadow. Tbe Mansion House it large and convenient four rooms on each floor, with a god kitchen and cellars; attached is a large barn, crib, hen bouse, smnne House, well, and a new cistern, ic. The court yard and garden contain, a variety of fruit treet and shrubbery, a large asparagus bed, raspberries and currants Also A r ARM adjoining the above, contain ing about sixty acres ; attached to which is ane - qual proportion of Salt Meadow, and lot of young wood, situated within lest than a mile of the farm, containing ten acres, with a I'aim - house, barn, well, garden, &c. Likewise A Lot ol Land, lying at cprinlield, south of the village of Jamaica, containing between four and five acres, on which are about a dozen large chesnut trees, suitable foriencing. Tbe above lands wi'l be all regularly surveyed, and mapt of the same exhibited tome time pre - viout to, and at the tale, and disvnsed of by the acre, with the building! thereon, inclusively. rossessi on given onthehrstoi April. For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - ttrset. jan 8 tds r.irt..vr kuisriu razor sihuJ's. GEORGE SANDERS, lately from London, oure more addresses tbe public, thanks them for past favors, and once more ventures to recommend bis strops as one of the most comfort - giving contrivances that ever blest the chin of man. He will instruct any self - shaving gentle in an in the use of it and when once possessed of the secret and a box of composition, he may say with the poet of nature, " To shave to sleep perchance to dream while in the operation - anil who would bear the tweaks and actt of bar ber bate ; who would grunt and tweat under a loathome beard, or a dull raxor use, when he might his quietus make with a simple Saunder's strop?" Come then to his manufactory at the corner of Reed - street and Broadway, and Uicre you will find the subscriber always ready to re ceive tne commands oi nit customers. dec 5 tf . rf BROWN, stone seal engraver and jewel - JL . ler. No. 1 66 Broad war. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, fcc engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold seals, chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' seals engraved with coats of arms, mottos, and lancy devices. Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, kc. bought in the rough or cut tn any form . Books of heraldry kept with upwards of DU.uw names. Jaa 7 3m RUSSIA OIL. N. SMITH DAVIF.S Si CO. Chvmical 'erfumers, and Fanrr oap Makers, No. 136 Broadway, New - York, flVr t - the ladies and gentlemen of this city their Russia Oil, which .s one ol the most ngreea hie and useful oil for pro ranting the growth nf the hair. Ladies will find it tlie best for drecirinir real or raise hair. Gentlemen whose hair has been injured by had powder, would do well by using tins oil, as it corrects the injury it has sustained. it may nc naa in Domes, witb printed directions. at wnoictaie or retail, at their manufictory. Al - s, a gt - ooral assortment of perfumery, fancy articles and soap, dressing casea, work hoiea, thread cases, purses, razors, scissors, nen - km.o. silver pencil cases, Iweejera, tobarco piprt. tooth pick cases, amber nnd tpar m - lling bottles, o - door of roses in Iwtues, cologne, lavender, honey, orange flower and rot waters, &c tic. jaa It I POST COACH LINE for PHILADELPHIA IMroRTAHT TO FAhEGXRS. No connection with the pott i baite line or the steam - boat A.rnk. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPO SITION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Post Coaches on Springs with every convenience for passengers and bag - age THROUGH IN ONE DAY between tew - York and Philadelphia. The Pott Coach Line will start from Ntw - York every morning at 6 o'clock, (Sundays excepted) in the Steam boat Atalanta, and arrive at rmladelphia the same evening, in tlie Coach. Fare 8 dollars. I he Steam ISoal L.xne l.UL 3lui, win start from New - York every morning (Sun days excepted) at 10 o'clock, in tlie .team Boat Atalanta, irom tne norm tide oi trie tsauery, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 10 o'clock ; Fare through $h 50. I he United Mates ii AU.CUACH, on springs, with every convenience for passengers and their bagnge, starts from No. 1 Coiirtlund - ttreet, 2d office Irom Broadway, New - York, every day at I o'clock, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. ' Only C passengers admitted in this Coach. Fare 10 dollars. Pastengert are requested to be particular in taking their teats in tlie Post Coach Line, nt the cnachet belonging to this establishment are of a superior quality for tlie accommodation of pas - teneeri. f or seats in the hove named Lines, apply to THUS. wrUTrU - LlJ, at the old established Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Caurtlandt - ttteet. the second ofire from Broadway, New - York, or to ISAAC BROWN, Steam Boat Hotel, No. 1 Washington - ttret t, corner of Markeltield - street, near the Battery. 0AII goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. JU& JUA, tuns ou. N. B Exprettet tent to any part of the Continent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD. nov 8 POST CHAISE LINE. T0 c4gg4aajtaatiEl FOR PHILADELPHIA The POST CHAISE, with every convenience for Pastengert and their baggage (through in one davl will leave tne lity Motel every day tsun days excepted) nt 7 o'clock in the morninz. by way of Newark, and arrive the tame day at Philadelphia. The MAIL COACH PILOT, in opposition to the Mail loacn, witn superior accomrooda tiont for Paisengert and their baggage, will leave the City Hotel every day (Sunday excepted) at half past I o'clock P.M. will pn.ceed before the Mail, and not tuhiect to the inconvenience of stopping at the numerous Pott Offices on the road, but every accommodation provided lor the tra veller, and arrive tome hours before the Mail at Philadelphia. All letters aim papers carried free oi expense ny tne uoacnes For stats in the above lines apidv at the Pott Chaise and Albany Man and I Ji licence umce, No. 11U tirotdwuy, opposite the City Hotel. (tTm All goodt and baszage at tlie risque of the owner. JOHN N. CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GUL1CK & SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON & HOWELL, Philadelphia. A'. R. bxpreim tent to any fart of the Lnim. Jan 6 tf NEW ARRANGEMENT. U.S. MA IL - COA CHhS, BETWEEXXEW - YORK Sc PHILADELPHIA. IL" The public are assured that there it now handsome coaches, on springs, equal to any iu the U. State, now running ou this line. Passengers for the U. S. Mail Coach will leave New - York every day at 1 o'clock Dine at J. X.yon k 4on' hotel, at Powlc's Hook, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only six pns - euers admitted iu the Mail Coach. Fare j 10 - For seats, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established coach and stage office, old No. 1, Courtlandt - street, second office from Broadway, New - York. AH goods and baggage at tl risk of the owner. JOSEPH LYON, SON'S tl Co. N. B. Expresses, coaches, extra stages. Sic. furnished to go to any part of the United States, on the shortest notice, by Thos. Whitfield, No. I t.ourtlandt - street New - York. nov 5 TO LET, The Store No. 134 Front - ttreet an ex cellent stand for a Grocer. For further particu lars inquire of RIPLEY & WELI . nov 1 1 192 Front ttreet TO LET, And immediate possession given, the house No. 9 Pearl - street, together with the tta hie and coach House in the rear on Bridge - st. The premises are in complete repair and have every convenience necestary for the accommo dation of a family. For particulars apply to octzu Li. BKADlall. BANCKER - STREET NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons interested, that tbe commissioners of estimate and assessment appointed bv the snoreme court of judicature of tlie state of New - York, to per - uriu certain uunes relative to ine enlarging, extending and improving of Bancker - street, between Clinton street and Grand street in the said city, have completed their estimate and assess ment as well or the loss and damage tustained o - ver and above the benefit and advantage received ny tne owners ot tne lands and oremitet ream red for the taid enlarging, extending - nnd imnrovine of Bancker - street at aforetaid, at also of the be nefit nnd advantage received by the owners and parties interested of and in certain landt and premise! not required for the taid improvement Ana uiat we uie said commissioners, have depo sited a true copy of tucb ettimate and assess ment in tlie clerk's office of tbe cit v of New - York, for the inspection of whomsoever it may concern. And notice is hereby further given that the renort of the taid ettimate nnd av.sment will be pre sented for confirmation t the supreme court of judicature of the stale or XSew - York, at the capi - 'oi intneciiy oi Ainany, on I naay, the sixteenth day of January next nt the openinir of the taid court on that day, or at soon thereafter at coun sel can be heard thereon. Dated this 26th day r I .n... - oi i 'ecemoer, ini i. PETER H AWES, ) ROGER STRUNG, Committionert BENJAMIN A. AKERLY. ) dec 26 18t CORPORATION PROPERTY. TO be told at public auction on Fridav the L 20th February, 181S, at the City Hall, It O'CIOCK, The highly valuable FARM now occupied by Mr. William A. Hardenbrook, about 5 miles from the city, containing together nearlv fin v a - cret of land. It will be sold in lots from S to 10 acres each, situated on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, Si lUth avenues ; on the latter stand the dwelling bouse and nut buildings, but a slioit dittance from the Hudson River. This property it worthy the attention of those ho with to i!tftabnndnme country seals ; a its continuity to the city, commanding viewt of the lads n, retired situation, aud choice quality ..( some of Uie ground, together with an ample upply of wood, reader it one oftlie most desirable objects ol purchase. A map of the prrtuises may b seen, and fne - thr prtiralsrs known, at the Comptrollers Office, City Hall. . Jan 6 dts mmStiXr 1 1, xJT ,,,11 i UimiMV , it , , ,, A discerning pobhe know how to dutiDnisk I tween things that differ. DOCTOR HORNE, former), of the city of London, aid .rnvmber of the faculty of phyrj! and surgery there, deems it K. j. ty to repeat some onservations ta the abuse of MERCURY, i rath, indiscriminate, and unquaJi. fied use thereof, has been produc. sands are annually mercurialized out of exist. , . , . unci US ra tal remits chieriy to this source. " Whet a pitV that a young man, the hopes of his country, w v. foicuw, aimuiu uv aOAiciied a way from all the prospects and enjoyments of lib by the consequences of one unguarded momeiL uid by a disease not ia its own nature fatal, sa miiicu uuij ) roves so irom neglect or improrjas treatment" A gentleman, (late Dr. H's nH tient) now perfectly hearty and well, had bees under physicians of gemei al practice, six years" and repeatedly salivat d ; when recommended u Dr. H. (by a gentleman of this city) his boots were carious, and his desh diopping from theon uis irienui aeciureu ne i uuiu uot possiuiy turtivs t wo months longer. Thousands experimental - know with what ease and to - iety Dr. H. cradi. cdtet tlie severest cases, and confirms the coniti. llttinn. Thp I Inrlnr'a nlnn fAvnri.i& : - ccssary to guard the public against tlie ahute i bn.l .11... f,,!.! J.l,..:. ! I 1 r . luiv - uiji ouu v.iii iniai UCIU9JUU8, ueiU lOTul Pertons, therefore, having contracted a iti. vate disorder, or suspecting latent poison, art admonuhed not to tamper with their cocttihj. tion, or conceal the disorder, till pnst recovt. ry ; others having the remains of an old cast or oilier impurities of the blood, as well as ott! er complaints of a delicate nature, in either sex. should remember posterity, and do justice to their consciences, by making appucaties to Dr. H. at his old and respectable establishment No. 64 Water - street four houses wed of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt assistance a. lone calculated (o prevent disclosure. And hers let Die claim your serious attention Rem tube a superficial cure it no cure at all ; unless the sinest it radically done, you will certainly bin the disorder break out again with redoubled ma lignity. at tome future period ; perhaps then will be too late for remedy. Don't you often meet ia the streets miserable, mutilated beings, withoat even a bit of nose on their face I Take waminr I beseech you. Dr. H't. character for skill and stubborn intt. grity being uiiivertally known in this city, sines 1U04, guarantee to patieefs that delicacy and m - crecyhitberto unknown, nnd having confined bis practice foryeart past, exclusively to the cure nf diseases of the blood system, they may tafelycal. culate on the most decided advantages in cos. suiting Dr. H. Gleets eradicated in tws or three weeks - Strictures removed without bougies or any other instrument ; and all debilities : likewise tl old ulcerations, fistula's &c. A plurality of offices are prorided, and so sitt - ated that patients are not exposed toeachotheit observation. Open till half past 9 in the evening All pertons concerned ore invited to be freets ' ailing, and siieakine with Dr. H. which is rrtt of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid tbt kxpression of gratitude for innumerable recom - mendaflons, and for the decided preference fit it presumed with just cause long given him byt judicious public. N. B. Ail letters mutt be pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug7 ti HE I THER QUACK &RY JVOR JMPof. 7IOJY. EkR. EVANS' snperifl, method of curing a cts. tain Disease, is now uuiver sally acknowledged in thii y.ij , nuaiuae oi treatment w perfectly mild, safe, ei. marn .1,1.. I. . " i , iu r,trj UV stance be warrants a curs, ,aiid win return the pay if b. penonu agreeabw fArnnlM - lhe strictett secrecy always observed. 1ir are msnvnennni in ihim ..; i . - . . cimty, labonng under various chronic diseases. xr kingt evil, httuhuv diseases of the atwthra, 1'iauuci auu cmuiii;! viu WUAUUUatIPa COOnMaUIlU rf sa fmrinin nritliri. hiliiiiiti tas! ka - wwwW uuu vsiitrr uuiuli tion, riieumadim. kt wbkh tbey consider ioc - ai Kin I how ran tTarf Ainlir A r . - r, I ' u. AVCUSB, hospitals in Europe I? years, under some of the A CHm,. n.l Pi,..,,.!... 1 . t . . uiat euipjcvu" i,jii,.iiiui II UK WOrU. HM made those obstinate diseases his constant study for 30 rears. Oct If rPlWI,EATON Sc DAVIS, Fancy Chair Manufacturers, No. 153 Fulton - street, omiosite St. Fault Church, offer for tale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment uf I'iifM M.r.1. plain painted and ornament ed in gold kronre, Bamboo. Plain and Gilt Bails, Rock - as nf ii 'aw' ff inffi Sewing, and Converts - ,1 i , n lion iiai rm - u , a m.ii uh L.oungeet, music stooit, kc. Orders from any part of thecontiueotcxecuted with neatness and dispatch. Old Chairt repaired, painted and ornamented, oct 13 A GREAT NATURAL CURIOSITY. THE public are informed that this morning was landed the long expected FEMALE ELEPHANT, and is to be seen at No. 296 Broadway, near Washiogtoa Hall. The site of this animal it about 7 feet high, and about 1 rest long from the end of the probotcit to tbe end of the tail. She it to beteen from 9 o'clock A. M. to 9 io the evening. Price of admittance t cents. nov zi u WANTED Jir. To hire or purchase, a food two story brick house, situated on the west side of the town, between Liberty Si Chamber - streets Possession to be taken at any time previous to tlie 1st of May next Apply at No. 148 wa ter - street Jan 5 eoaoi FOK SALE, Tbe House and Lot No. 101 Liberty - st I , . L tl J r I JlL ct runik Arii, - Int I HI ueinu ICCl, UICBUUI 4.1. UCUIU ui iim, .v. . - feet Those who may wish to purchase property of tbitditcription, can at any time view the C remises, and terms of tale may be agreed on, y application to 3 POTT M'KINNE, dec 31 66 South - ttreet GRAND PIAM) FORTE. FOR SALE at JOSEPH WILL - SON'S Music Store, 14 Maiden - lane, a remarkably fine toned second band piano, by Bread - wood. Also, the following song', sung by Mr. Philipps : Said a smile to a Tear ; Sigh not (br Love Let Fame sound the Trumpet Just like Love ; Love's Young Dream It there a heart that uever loved, Sic. The Bower of Roses, from Lalla Rookh Willson. Clinton's Grand March, composed by J - Willson. The Sm;lo of Affection Theyoung Mary Moor ; Oh ! Remember M Tbe Wood Pecker, tun - by Mr. lncledon Clack - Eyed Susan And every article in Uie musical line Jan 7 2w ' I ENGLISH Cannon and Musket Powder, lor 4 tale by LEROY, BAYARD Si CO. dec 9 NEW - YORK: ' . PRINTED AND PUBLISHED MICHAEL BURNHAMk CO. o. 4 Pia - c - aTBKtrr by arplyine at Dr. EVA NS'S Medical Store, No. 0. Pet - K - alin. havina - nrartiaaH in .jL.:...

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