The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 16, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1818
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EOttGC W. TALDpT, So. 55 Pine street, 18 hbd. St Croix Sugar 10 bagi superior Calcutta ao 15 haif'it Bea Tea, Tery wperior cbeue6ouchong Tea, Nancy's cargo as. An Youne Hvoq do no w il An. do do do Natchei's cargo, entitled to drawback . 12 do do do do Phceuix's cargo 3 or. caiki Sherry Wine . - ,, 17 hamper. Champaigne, do entitled drawback 140 boxes Sweet Oil. in bottles 50 do old Castile Soap 16 casks Green Copperas t bale Mirzapore Carpets 4 cae Longys and Sistersoys Cologne Water, Mustard Seed Imli 'I'wine and Marline. JJnio 1LLO Si FLECKNER, Fulton - ueel. or - E lerioradir, M i... rvl . r I An ..rllnt orlmentoi uievmy u. I ISH LEATH tRcootwunB oi Cordovan, long and abort call ies Weaned Call smm Grained Seal do Harrow, Crop'sole - ond Crop Ranges Roam and Skivers of various colors A LSO, Russia Yellow Candle Tallow in hhds. Madeira VVine, in pipes and hhds. ol a supe rior quality Russia Sail Duck and Sheeting Cotton, Cotton and Si'k, and Silk Hosiery Black and White Silk Lace Fancy and fig'd Mec.klin Lace Black and white Lace Shawls Veils and Mantillas Muffatt's Schenectady Ale, in bbls. and hhds janl6.iv . - lilt OOF CLASSES 4 casts just received J. per sloop Sntelite, and for sale ty V CAMBRELENG Si PEARSON, janlO 67 South street. t ii aV5(.'KI). FLOUR. &c 90 tierces Flax P a. iftndins from schoouer Nancy, from Lalliiuore, for sale hy D. BETUUNE & CO. 92 C. H. slip. Also liiadiiit:. 159 bis supr. Flour, principally Gallesn's b'd 3 hales &eine 1 wine J an so OCHHE la casks Red uud II d Yellow OcLre. of fine oialitv. now landing, and and fur sale by N . & I T A LCO I T, Jan 18 61 S iu'li vtiver. IRloll MAKK.r.1 lOBAtXu - on ihd - . oi fine quality, landing Irons schooners Hero and Sally Ann, Irom lutiunond. i r s.r ny ' D. BETHUNE 6i CO. Jan 10 91 C. H slip. "1LDAK Ti VILER. o Kp vtlriige Ccdir J Timber, suitable lo. shit) binlliTir, lor al by DA MEL Jan 10 1 si nv'i i; ioi ,rv - t MU HANiC HAi,c On Monday livening, l9ih January, 1 U 1 tJ . MR. ST. NlrLAS, member of th Acade - iny of Arts at Paris, and oilier Thilosn phical Institutions in Europe, having arrived lately from France, With a rich and interetiiii.: collection of Philosophical aud Mechanical ap paratiu, which for ingenuity iul invention surpasses every thiug of the kind hitherto seeu in this city, will on this evening surprise and aiton iih the enlightened citizen.", by several experiments in Philosophy, Mccham. - m, and on Hydrogen and Oxigeu Gas, on the sytm cf the celebrated Dr. Franklin. Fot the pellicular ot which, see bills of tho day. Mr. Stauiilas doe not feel inclined to make use of the mean arti fires of pretender to the profmion, by pomtiou advertisements, calculated! alone to impose upon the multitude but to a discriminating public, they need but once witneu hu 'urprising talent; to be cooviucedof the superiority he rlainis over all those who have hitherto visited the city of New - York. Tickets one dollar children half price, to be J had at the bar. Tho performance will be continued every evening in the week with variations, and commence precisely at 7 o'clock. Jan 18 3t Hi nt 1 The modi rn built basement story H. nse. No. 68 Chaniber - street, eompltleli furnithrd. The furniture is new and fashi maliie and will be sold at a large reduction from cost, together with the bouse, or sepr,ttely may suit the purchaser. For terms apply on tlie pn miw - i which may be viewed from 11 until 3 o'clock. Jan 16 Iw tf On accommodating term", the House and lot No. 139 t ulton - streeL The premiss may at any time be viewed and terms made known, by applying to the present occupant. Jan 16 5t 1J1TK.1NS Statistic of ttie United Sutes. second edition, with additions and corrections, and accompanied with tables illustrative of the principles and objects of the work, 1 vol 8vo. price 3 50 Hannah Adams' Dictionary of all Religions and religious denominations, J wih, Heattu - n, Mahometan and Christian, ancient and modem, fourth edition, with corn - clions and large additions, 1 vol. 8 vo. puce $2 75. Ju. - t received aud for sale by W. B GILLEY, Jan fj 92 Broadway.' noons. RECENTLY pnbli - hVd and fir sale by KIRK & MERCF.I,22 Wall - street Memoirs of the life and writings of the reverend Claudius Buchanan, D. D. by the reverend Hugh Pearson. The lire of Patrick Henry, by William Wirt, squire. Pitkin's statittictF, second edition. The Itinerant, second part. Knight of St. Jo!m, by Mm Porter. Binglty's useful knowledge, Sic. tic. jan 16 7 EMOIRSol the Life and Writings of the xv jl icev. viaiiuiiis nucnanan, u. u. late Vice Provost of tlieColl ece of Fort William, in Bpn gal, 1 vol. 3 vo price 2 75, just received and for sale ny . v. B. C1LLEY, Jan 16 9t Broadway. TICKETS HAVE ADVANCED TO 11. HE raped sale of the 4th Medical Science Tickets sin' - e the last advance has greatly reduced the small stock remaining unsold atthr commenccnieat of the drawing of this very rx - pular lottery ; and the UHAUlk'S, 146 BROADWAY, in announcing to ndventurers the present rise of uc kip, nave io asure tnem, that so small are the number unsold, and so unusual the demand lormese science licketsthat another rise raav De expected to follow tlie present in quick sue Cession. First diawnNo. on Monday will be entitled to WOO dollars. frizes taken at par for warranted undrawn ucxeis ana snares. jan CXTAITFS Oflicial prize list, Medical Sci - V v ence Loiiery, Eighth day's drawing. 14.440. iO0 ; t7247, 50. First drawn number t Sold at Waites. 9th day. 15328 2952 23330 J50. ' Sold at WAITES Ticke t ha!v s. q urtrrs and eighths, for sale at Lottery OUKe, 4 t!idea - Laae. fctateof the wheel. 1 of 3o,ooo dollars t of 1 0,000 doH&rt ? of 6,000 d llart of 3,000 dollars or 2,0 - x) dollars 8 of if0 dollars And many of 5oo, too, loo, lie. xSiXJ fcrt"" bolde - sofpriiesdrasra A V t:'s OSci "viUout tsnnarranUWy peb - uuiicr:cirnam?v. tn 1 Lottery, Ota day's Li drawing. no. W14,W, jauo ou. Both sold at Aliens, in shares. The first drawn number on Monday morning will be entitled lo the stationary priie of Two Thousand dollars. Jan 1 6 lVf EDiCAL Science Lottery, 4th Class, now i.vX drawing five times a week. 146,Broadway: Correct List of Prizes, 8th days drawiii . No. 14,440, (1st drawu number) $500 ; 7247, 50. 9th day's drawing. No. 15328. 0 : 3530. f50 ; 2952, 50. On Monday next the 1st drawn number will be entitled to 2000 dollars. . ' I'rizts taken at par for warranted undrawn ucaeis uii'i snures. jna id lEAYHLRS Kutsra (ei.thtrs, of good qual - V ity. in quantities to suit purchasers, at So. 4 1 Soutli - stret - t. j an la B1 KOWN 8HIRT1.MGS. A few cuses 3 - 4 Brown Shirtings, just received and for sale nylhe COALVHSSION COMPANY, jan 13 14H Pearl - street. rLOUR. liO blili. southern supcrliuu Flour, lv just received and for le by GEO. M. WILSON, jan 1 130 Water - street. UriSK,OIL, PAPER, &c 13f qr. casks and 200 half do dry Malaga Wine 5 qr ctsks and 20 half do sweet do very old 168 do Columnar do 300 hull chests Sweet Oil, 30 betties each 100 boxes do do 12 bottles each M) bales Italia.) foolscap aud letter Paper 50 do Gazette do large tize 9 cuses Fe t Hats i caaes Liquorice Pate 1 box OUiith Keailiers, 1 do Chip Hats 3d'i Manna in flakes Mar'.le bldtii, v. incd and statuary, assorted sizes, for pier tables, i:c. A few Ixixes very sujieriur Anchovies and uiivs SOOMarbie Mortars, fram 10 to 24 inch 10 bhls Furs, consistins of Wild Cat, Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, and Otter bums Gunny Baas tic For sale by CH ',S. L.OGDEN.abd ABR. OGDKN, jan 12 VV arhington - strcet. UNBLEACH'D SHIRHNGS. GINGHAMS ;c. kc. FEW rases of Unbleaih'd Shirtings, just re reived. Also, handsome patterus ot'Ging liauis, nirti'e trow Sea Island yarn, from No 2(J 1 1 2, and a SHitfral assortment of cotton and ivoolcn doint kUc cnorls. AIo cotton yarn, par 'icularly low nuinlM - rs, for sale hy the COMMISSION COMPANY, H.t 23 I4U Pea.l - ftreet. ltCll10M TOBACCO Ai FLOUR. LI 02!) bhls. Rii hmond supf. Fl ur 37 din's pi imp nuw crop Richmond, princi pally lare and, now landing Irom schr I ni'iuas, and in store, lor sale ny Itil.AbstS, &c. 0 iihds. Molasses, new ill crop J m Cocoa Nu's. Inndinir from brie Marv. from Iiavnna, for sale by . 4 JJ. TAIXU I T, Jan 14 64 south stret - t C PL AND COTTON - 54 bales nrime upland Cutti - n, just received per schooner Laura, rum bavaunah, and for sale by OTIS Z &VVTVN, Jan 14 157 Peerl street. H ICE - SO M - 6nt quality, landing from schr. Margaret, for sale by MULFORU : LEFF1XOWELL. - Jan14 3 102 front, street. DUl.l X.S anted lJ and prelerence eiveo to a privntt - lainiiy. Adilrrks lo P. E. at this nliice jan ii jr" fO BE.VGJL 1.YIJ1GO. cases very prime quality, entitled to debenture, lor sale at 75 Wall - street, hy jan 10 JAcKSO.V Sc WOOLLEY. I J ICE A TOBACCO ISO tierces prime new I V Rice . 13 hhds Kentucky Tobacco, .6 I hds old and 53 do new Virginia do Now landing from different vessels, for sale by jan 1. unit, Ut.l HUSKS Ull. SI RriAL Kol APE FOR riLE. wo 2 - story brick houses and lots, situa - Ud os. 37 & 39 Vescy - street. Alio, a bouse and lot No. 11 Bowery, near Cha'ham - square, 44 feet Iront by 125 deep. AU on accommodating terms. For particulars apply at No 332 Green wich - st. jan 15 tf i THLNEUM, No. 19, or Spirit of English i.Ji. iaaaiin(s, is u' tweived Dy A. T. GOODRICH ft CO. 124 Broadway coaiEx - rs. Superstition ; the miraculous Image at Halle; present state of Kngliih poetrv ; poetic l style ol Lord Byron ; Otto Von Kotzel ue's voyage ronnd the world; Ext: act from his Journal suit to bis father ; Anthropophagi ; Letters Iroiu London ; Letter V. ; on taste in fi male dress ; Guilt, a new Oerman Trasedy ; new travels in America ; Extracts of Letters from a Swiss Traveller ; the fine man, or popular preacher ; tlie Abbey of Irrelagh, near the Lake of Killarney 5 Ge .logy ; Adventures of a Pebble : Horticulture : The cul tivationof Rhubarb ; origin of the practice of nuryine in cnurcn yards ; 1 noen's narrative 01 his sufferings anions; the Kandians ; cornucopia ; scnndal , singularities i anecdotes of Joseph 2d; Time's telescope ; circumcision : New - Year's Day; epiphany ; 6t Lucian ( Gibbon ; Bishop Home ; llowhrd ; the Philanthropist ; St. Vin - cent ; Sir J. Reynolds ; conversion of St. Paul ; memoirs of eminent persons ; Abraham Gottioh Werner ; Poetry ; New Year Sonnet and answer ; to the Memory of Sophia ; Asteria rocking the cradle; Relics from Waterloo ; Epitaph 00 Ers - kino ; on being told to remember, Sic. The above work is pubtihed twice every month, making twenty font numbers in the year, at the moderate price of $S per Ann, and for richness and variety, is scarcely surpassed hjr any publication in tins country. Jan 13 Q FOR S.i LE, The House, Stable and Lot No. 19 State - street, on accommodating terms. If not sold hy middle of February next, the premises will be rented. For terms, apply at 39 Barling - slip. ALSO FOR SALE, An elecant Lot, fronting Bowling Greene, and House and Lot 45 Franklin - street - Title to the foregoing indisputable. Enquire as above, jan 13 2a wt Feb 14 COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE. The Farm known by the name of Cas tie Howard Farm, handsomely s touted 1 1 - 2 mile from Princeton, bounded in front by the main tnmpike road from Philadelphia to New. York, and in the rear by Millstone Creek, it contain 145 acres, 30 acres of shich U wood land, 20 acres ly ne 2 miles from the farm, and a beautiful lot of 10 acres within about 300 yards of the r ght wingof tlie house. Besides ornamental trees 11 conta.ns a va riety of fruit tr e., consis. injr of irraft ed pears. of the best quality, 17 different kinds; che - ties. 10 dinerent kinds, the most of them grafted and an orchard of tlie best apples, besides a young1 and thriving orchard of crab apples, for making the cider so celebrated, also, one of sweet apples for fitting hogs The house is pleasant nd commodious with an excellent (jaden, the out - bouses and fence al in roudcoitdi ion. The above is a delight ful summer or winter residence. Fur further particulars enquire at No. 127 Pearl - tt, Nw - York, or to the subscriber, on tlie premises, who will give an indisputable title for the same. Z. MOJtrUKD. 1 1ST Medical Science 31 ian 5 tawtf 1 T?RESH RA3lNSa00 boxes Bloom Raisim V in fine order, just received and for sale by G. M. WILSON, Jan 15 130 Water - street. V'TA RCH - lu keg Philadelphia bUrcb,land - KJ ins at uia - siu, lor sale ty JACKSOJs & WOOLLEY, Jan 15 75 Wall - street 13ENGAL LU1G0 7 cases 1st quality, eu - 1J tilled to denenture, lor sale Dy JACKSON tc WOOLLEY. Jan 15 75 Wall - SHOES Si BOOT b. 1 UST received 40 packages among which are tJ 3 cases Wellington Boots 2 do do Ladies do 2 4 4 4 2 looo Mockasons Cork Sole Shoes Ladies walking do Men's coarse Bovs do do do do do do Kid suitable for the southern or West India market women's Leather 2500 do Those, together with a seneru! assortment of I Ladie. Alices and Children's morocco, biacu and colored Roane, are offered tor sale on reas onable terms by THOS. WITT, io. 7z reari - sireei. Likewise 10 boxes first quality Cod Fib. Jan lj lm ArLW pieces oi superior domestic Broad cloths, viz : blues, blacks, browns, an mixtures. Also, tattiurts and castimeres, for sale by the COMMISSION COMPANY, Jan 15 148 rearl - streei up siairs, VT di D. TALCOTT, No. 64 South - st. have J. 1 . for sale (19 pieces Russia Duck S3 bales Ticklenhurgs 2 case French Cambrics 4 do. Platillus 50 casks Dry White Lead 100 boxes Dutch Cheese 100 pieces llagiog 8 hhds. Kentucky Tobacco 34 bales Louisiana Cotton, new rrOD 20 kes IJarrid Tobacco, crook'd & straight brands Dearborn's Patent Balances 30Ou Cocoa Nuts 4 superior London Chronometers. Jnn 15 ALSH tt GALLAGHER, 6G soutn - st, orfer for sale ' 450 bbls. superfine Virginia Flour 50 do tine do 25 hhds. prime ntw Richmond Tobacco 10 do old do 300 kees manufactured do. sweet scented and common, of il c best brands 54 bales Upland Coltoi:, of the new crop 40 crates Earthenware, 2i casks (.'luiet 3 butts London Porter, 24 cxks Mustard 5 puncheons Rahit Slims 400 reams Medium Printing Puper 300 do Cap, I and 2 20 grins IV s Papers, sc. Jan 15 CHUNK TVWNr SiKHl ilw. lnd ; i,e O 3000 do English Seine do of superior qua'i - Also, a general assortment of other Twine, and White Cordage, in quantifies to suit purchasers, for sale by CK.BIU k K UAllNti, jan is o reari - sireei. 'LOUR.V RICE. I hli. supernnt Flour, and 100 tierces of Prime New Rice, now landing from the Ceres, irom Rirhinixid, and I elegraph, Irom 1 iiRrieHon, lor sale r.y Jan 15 92 CotT - . House - sliti. CIIOIX '.(.( An lolllus. Iduiilug Uild ileal 5j t'ine - strert, tr GKOPGI - ' TALBOT CIO 1 1 ON. Ji bale very liM; .tiiue L, and Cotton, landing from ship .dan Augusta, from Savannah, and for sale by GRISWOLDS & COATF.3, jan IS 6lt - uth sireet. .MH1NA SILKS - ? ru twilled Levantines; J and 5 do Ponjn - s - for sale by CAMUH.ELE.ya Si PFARSOff, J y t& 67 Honth - rt. BOUHBON COFFEK, ENGLISH CHEEsi , PI f &c. JJ Bales Bourbon coflee, of superior quality, for laniily use 45 double Gloucester cheeses, in fine order ana choice quality 50 casks Hibbert's best double brown stout 100 baskets fresh olive oil, 1 dozen each, large bottles 125 boxes fresh muscatel raisins 25 bales do sort shelled almonds, of fine quality. For sale, with their usu il assortment of Wines, Liquors, Teas, &c. on reasMiable tern s )y A. BIMNGER h SON, 12 Maiden Lane. ALSO, Gunpowder Tea, of superior quality, the Iluo - tress' cargo. Jan 15 'w LUTOUAtXO U hhds. old Kiclimond tobacco, will l landed tomoi - ow fi - ooj the schooner Hero, from Richmond. For . - ale by UOUERT GILLESPIE, jan 15 112 Front - street. LOUR Si TOBACCO. - 159 bbls supetfine Flour, principally Galletro'. brand, tind 58 hhds Tobacco, of a fine fine quality, sui'.a - b.e for the Irish market iut received per schooners Hero, and Sally nn, from Rich mond, for sale by jan 15 D1VIE BF. I HUNE Si CO. U EMP H DUCK 60 lous St i'eieituuigh XX clean llemp HO bolts first quality Russia Duck For sale by jaj: 1E3 D'WOLF, Junr - jant o7 rrMit - street. LOOM RAHlNd - 200 boxes fresh iiloou, Raisins, just received and for sale hy N. L. & U.GRIS WOLD, jan 8 86 South - strtet. BOSTON sale by jan 14 RUM. 24 hhds Boston Rum, lor ii.ii.KS HOvvLANO, 77 Washington - si reft COTTON 31 hales Upland Cotton, first qual ity, landing trout brig Kliia - for ante by lunii9L.)U nnnr, Jan 14 , 92 South - street. iMO PTON. 30 bale prime Upland Cotton, landiwi irom urti; Minerva, iroui cnuries ton, for sale by KELLl Si NicBKIDfJ, 149. Pearl - street. jan 13 jx I" ICG HORN HATS. I case very fine Lg JLi horn hats, lust received ; together with a general assortment of the most fashionable MIL - LlNARY, for sale by MRS. rVIILLKK, jan 12 4t 128 V ilham - st, I A DIES BONNETS. DRKa?ES K 1 Kl VI Li MING. Just opened hy F V RIVIERE, 1911 Broadway, a suoc - rb assortment of t.mbroidered Gold and Silver Dresses of the richest kind Fancy Cap Patterns and Bandeaux, embroid ered with silver Gold and Silver Trimminr for ball dresses Bonnets and Hats of the newest fashion, and very elecant. The whole is ready for the inspection of ladies, ai tne atxve place, ana lor sale on me most mo dera'e pru n. jan 12 .It I IL KO - La, IU0 ounces On oi iu.j' - s, K J 10 hales or 2,000 lbs. GoaU Wool or Ca mels Hair t bales Turkey Carpet Rugs, and A parcel ol Nic tri gua Wood Landing from schr V estal, front Smyrna. For sale by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, jan 12 7 South street. U L 40 hhds. Molasses Ham, first proof, LI. for sals by JACKSON WOOLLEY, 75 Wall - st. jii 12 : 'LOUR. - 100. bhls Myn Mills, r tt"m schr. , at Feck - slip. IN S TORE, 100 bhls. Richmond Mill r tit do Pelershurth (stokts and Smith's brand) I or sale Dy GRISWOLJJd si COAI'ES, i HnrfS.ttn - .t Ft WjtSHlX&TOX JV. C. The schooner EAGLE, Russell, Iving in feck - sup ; will sail first fair wiad t or li - eight or passage, apply on board, or to R. Si C. W. DAVENPORT L CO. Jan 15 . 'or HA WAWW U. fk The fine and last sailing packet brig tyy.p.vtMT i). Wood, master; having pari 01 ner freight engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. For freight or passage, apply on Doara ai Murray's - whart, or to THO. BARRON, jan 15 Iw 136 Front - street For jm.lV'OHLKAAH, (luteuded for a regular trader) The fine copiierand copper - fastened brig CHARLES, cupt. VVibray, will positively sail on tlie 24lh inst. For freight or passage, an - ply ou board at pier no. 12, east side Old - slip, or to M'CREA & SLIDELL. jan 15 Iw No. 41 South - st. tor HAVANA. The fx'rt sailing coppered brigAL jkiucsi''AA.i;:K, Win. Booth, master, will sail on nUay uext. For freight of 3C0 bbls, uuik, or passage, apply on board at Agnew's wharf, pier no. 27, E. R. or at 35 Front - st. to jan 15 3t ISAAC PACKARD. tor AMsTEKUAM. The CHRISTOPHER GORE.capt. Anderson. Having a great part of her i - Mt eugugeu, will meet with quick dispatch r or freight or passage, having very handsome accommodations, apply to JOHN ABM. WILLINK Sc CO. Jan 15 lw 73 Wa - hington - st. For Freight or Charier, The fine ship DRUVIMONI), capt. R. Quarks, burthen 3000 bbls; is now ready lo receive a cargo, and will take freight lor any part of Europe. Apply on board, at pier no. 17, r ly - .Market slip, orto WALSH & UALLACJHER, jan 13 66 South - st. Fur ttT. 'IHoMAS, The fast failing schr C R E V II OUN D, lloadley, master. Having the greater par te! her freight ensaed, for the remainder or :asuge, apply on board, east side of C. II. slip, orto F. W. KARTHAU3, RFLMCKE& CO. ,jan 13 "4 Wajjliinirtun - st. tor Lll KHJ'UUJ., The faat Failing; coppered ship ANN, ifei'iilR' R - Crocker, master. Hercargobe - liifT all en.'fczed antl iirincinallr on bottrd. will posilivfly tail on or before Sunday next. Hav - extended hi r cabin, can bundsonscly accom - nindate a few mro paa9rii(;ers, if immediate ap - 'iicatioius madt - to uic muntcroii tourd, ut rul - tou - kt. wharf, ur to JAMES Si RICHARD LOINES, ji'U 13 5t No. 217 Fronl - st. tor Freight or Charter. The fast sailing brig LOIJISA - CE - ILF, ITS tons ; has made but one voy - tcr, s4iKi is now iu readiness to receive a cargo - Lies in trout of the subscriber's store. G. G. Si 8. HOW LAND, jan 13 77 Washingtou - st. For CHAHLtsTOjy, The regular packet bri MINERVA, Sauil. 'lyler, master; having half her chi u'o engaged, will sail ou tho ldli inst. for In - isht ot the remainder or passage, ha ing ex - 1 lent arx'ommodation;, apply on board, west ide Burliu" - slii, or to JONES Si MEHRATH, jan 13 83 Sou'.h - st, ii Ihedegant sloop MESSENGER, rtt I III niirinsn. Pnrlr. tnttlor lis - .If iiAu hil fir (Ha nhniv h 001 ri iruT For .r?iyht or pissage, having verj superior .,. Hisitiv in ins, masiior fin iiruira at Pier No. 13 E. R. or to WM. & CIU'S. POIITF.R. S2 Who have for sale, and now landing from the anove ni'ii, 62 hhds best retailing Molasses 4 hhds W. I. Rum - 21 bbls. N. E. Rum 6 bbls. Cordial 4000 lbs leather 30 boxes Ctuidles i 1!;6 do. ioap 150 do. Snioakcd Herrings, jan 12 lw For SAVAjr.YAH, The packet hip MARY - AUGUSTS, Porter, master, will positively sail on I httraday next, having half her cargo engaged, l or freight of the remainder or passage, having hanJyouie areoiuuiodatioui, apply on board at t mc - st. wharl, or to GRI.WOLDS il COATES, jan 12 68 South - st, tor n .iMu.waiuv. A", c. Tho schr. CARPENTER'S SON, Hulibell, lyin? in Peck - slip ; will s til .11 vv bdnesday uext r or Ireight or passage, ap - I'ly to the captain on board, or to R. Ai C. W. DAVENPORT 4 CO, jan 12 For Hale, Ltaie, or Let. That pleasantly situated place, on the leadiug to Kmg's - bndge, by way of Harlatm - lariF, known as Koso - Hill. lbe avenue to .Via - i - mb's bridge runs a few rods in the rear of it, rendering the premises very desirable, as the hou.e, in coneeqtieuce, shews two fronts. The garden, aud about two acres of meadow, are well stocked with fruit aud shrubbery, asparagus beds, currauts, Sic. The house and coach - house are in good condition, and with small expense can be made a very genteel country retreat. I be terms will be made easy. ALiO, That very genteel two - slnry house, stable and two lots of grouud, situated in Bank - sL, Green wich ; at present occupied by George Lindsay, Esq. Apply at 55 Broadway ; or, to CHARLES OAKLEY, jan 15 1m 141 Front - street. I20b.i. FLOUR. superfine Sour, received per schr Ceres from Richmond, uow landing and for sale by DIV1E BETHUNE Si CO. jkn 14 92 Coffee - House slip. JUST published, and for sale by KIRK Si MERCEI.V. No. 22 Wall street - Memoirs ol the Life and Writings of tbe Rev Claudius Buchanan, D. D. by the Rev. Huh rearson, xi. a. mce gz it in hoards. Extract front the Loudon Literary Gazette " Wc have thus condensed in as short a compass as possible tlie memoir of this active and liberal divine, whoee labours will long be remembered. particularly in India, where we trust he has sown the seed of an abundant harvest. His Bio - graher has done justice to tlie subject, and we can say of his work, nearly what Dr. Johnon observed of another editving narrative, that it is performance worthy of tlie perusal of tho Philo sopher, ou ar count of the variety of important considerations which it embraces, and of the Christian, for its animating stimulus to the no blest exercise of charity, in spreading the lizht of Revelation where superstition is leagued with cruel'y, and iguorance sinks nuniaa nature ai mot to brutality." . . . . . . . Ji uo. iuit remi t a ana rortau. Letters from die South, by tlie author of John Bull and Urotntr Jonathan. Salmagundi Kiiiclterborker's New - York Jhn Bull nnd Brother Jonathan Knights of St John by Mus Porter The Heir, a rom:tnce. Uselul knowledge, or A familiar and explana tory bfcoui.t ol the various productions ol nature, mineral, vegMnhh - anJ, which are chiefly unloved lor tne use ol m - iu. illustrated who nil - merosi hKures, and in'ende l as a work bolh of ins rue tion and reference by thRtv. William TATWERT FOR SALE. TO be sold at public auction, 00 Wednesday, the 18th day ol February next, in tha area of the Exchange CofTea House, in the town of! Ronton, mt 19 nVbv Ir mt nnnn. All the real estate beJooxiot to the Hampshire Leather Manufactory, situate in the town of rsoruiampton, m ue state ot masiacuuseu. The estate will be sold ia (o?t lots, vis : Lot No. 1, containing about 31 acaes of land, near the centre of the town of Northampton, on which is i - reeted all those extensive and valua ble buildings, lately occupied by tbe corporation for tannin: of leather, with about 300 vats, some of which are very large end part of them under - . i r - i i i ii j j - cover, in wmcn learner may ue oaouiea uumig the winter ; it is presumed there is not in the state so extensive and valuable an establishment for carrvint: on the tanninz husinesr as this. A particular description of the buildings and pri - viledges would take up too much room for an advertisement. Lot No, 2 contains about 3 acres, situate on the north side ol the county road, directly opposite to lot No. 1, on which are two dwelling nouses, with convenient out buildings, is on high ground, and considered a very delightful situation. . , Lot No 3, containing about four acres of land. situate on the easterly side bf Mill River, about two miles from the meeting house in Northampton, with a valuable mill privilege and buildings thereon. Lot No. 4 contains about one acre of land, on which is erected a bark null and bark sheds, situate near Edward's tavtrn, about 6 miles Irom Northampton, on the Albany road. Any erson having an inclination to purchase all or any part or the foregoing propr'ty, are invited to examine it The corporb.ion pledge themselves to mil to the highest bidder, being determined to close their coucerns. Any information respecting the estates may be obtained on application to JOSlAIi D WIGHT, Esquire, at Northampton, or EBENEZER FRANCIS, fan 14 India - street, Boston PUBLIC SALE. ON Tuesday, the 27th or January, at twelve o'clock, will be sold by Hones St Town, that valuable and pleasantly situated Property in Broad - street, belonging to the estate ol the late Mr. John Post. The Lot is 47 feet 8 inches front and rear, on the north 126 leetti inches, and on - the south side 133 feet in depth. The House stands about the centre ol' tlie Lot, leaving a good gangway on the north side, and fine garden rout and rear. The situation is deemed delightful. Persons desirous of purchasing, are requested to view the premises. Title indisputable. Possession will be given on the 1st day of May uext. Further conditions on tlie day o! sale. Deborah Post, i Deborah Douglass, Executrixes. Catharine Kitier. y John I 'kfros't.iE"" - Peter Jan 7 127 tO It SAI.r, ill i ne jiuuor. and ur r ic - r., jvos. x;i and 25 Pine - street. For particulars enauire at the office No. 25 Pine - street. Jnn 14 lw 20 QUA RHYME. FOUR experienced Marble Quarrymen are wanted immediately. None need apply but those perfectly acquainted with the duki ness : to such constant employ and liberal wa ges will be given. Apply to EZRA LUDLOW, 34 lkaver - strcct. TO LET, A small 3 - story fire proof STORE, No 27 Moore - sti - cct, next to the corner South - st. Possession given immediately. Apply as a - bove. nov 12 F&Htf MERUfQ fOOJ, VUTTOjV XARjY, HAT riNE ITS, Sit. YT" ANTED, a quantity of merino wool; also, v T cotton yarn, particularly low numbers, Proposals will also he received for making of sat tinells. The manufacturer to be supplied with the material", and the business to be rendered probably, permanent. A contract is also wanted, for the running of 'a cotton mill, ol Irom 1 to 4UU0 spindles ; the cot ton lo be Buppliad, ami til yarn to ba received at a stipulated price. Apply at 148 1'earl - ttrcct, upstairs. oct23I'&H IN CHANCERY. State of Kcw York, it 1 N pursuance of a decretal onler of this honora I ble court, will be sold at public auction, at the 1 ontiue Conve riouse, iu the citv ol New - iorlt on the 31st day of January inst. at 1? o'clock in the forenoon, all that certain house and lot or ground, situated in the city orNew - Vork, at the comer of Cedar and William - streets, and known and disttneuished as bouse No. 63 William - street ; said lot being in breadth in front and rear 25 feet 2 inches, and in length on Cedar street 91 feet 10 inches ; and on the southwesler ly side about ninety three feet, more or less. A I so, all that certain other lot of ground adjoining the lormer, ana ironting on vviinnm street ; ne ing in bp adth in front 21 feet 10 inches, and in rear 24 leet 2 inches ; leaving an off - set or break on the southwest side ol two leet lour inches and in length on the northeasterly side about 93 teet ; and on tne souinwetturiy sine vs leei inches, be the same more or less. Together with all and singular, the hereditaments and appurte nances thereunto belonging. P. G. HILDRETII. Jan 15 Master in Chancery. VVA1C11 MAKERS. TTANTED a good Journeyman Watch Ma - V v ker, to go lo tlie Southward, uood wanes and constant employment will be given. En - quire at 156 Broadvny. Jan 15 61 600 COPIES OF WRIGHT tc HAWEIS, TREATISE on, That being Born Again, X without which no man can be saved; hy Samuel Wrielit. D. 1). ; to which is added, tbe Commuuicaiil's spiritual Companion, or an evan i.n t.s a I iiM.nttr.linn J7i tht I Sitnrtrr. hv f 1 1 Uevd. Thomas llaweis. buucopies ol this worst in shtet, or by tbe single one, bound, for sale by Cj. oi - iaic i t - .no, Circulating Library, I3U Pulton street. Jan 15 lm NO. 3320, 7"H1CH drew on New - Year's day, the grand 7 v prize of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, Beins th? highest price ever drawn in Ame rica, was sold and immediately paid at Truly Lucky Office, No. 122 Bmadway. N. B. Mesrs. S. Si M. ALLEN wi'l advance the cash for prizes in any Lottery, aud to any a - mount, in case the Ticket is sold at either of their otoces Nos. 122 Broadway, New York, f South 3.1 - st. Philadelphia, 151 Marlcet - sL Baltimore, jan 14 3t 449 Market - st. Albany. A LAW RESPECTING SWINE. Passed October 7, 1317. T"E it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen and Oinimnnalt of tbe citv of New - York, in Common Council convened, that if say hog shall 1 - bnntl ruiuiin? nt larre in any road, street, lane, ally or public place in ths city of Nsw - Vnrlr. from and after the Urst day of January oaxt, any perou4hay cause the same to be sent to either or the public pounds within the said city ; and a the owner or sucn dox; man dm pay to the keeper of such pound, TEN DOLLARS, for the use of the person who caased such hog to be sent to such pound, together with the fees of the keeper of such pound, and reasonable charges for feeding and keeping such hog, not exeat ding twelve cents for every twtaty - fbur hours, och bog shall be impounded, within six days thereafter, or replevy tbe same, then it shall and may be lawful for such keeper to sell such hog at public vendue, giving, at least, 43 hours previous notice of socb vale by advertisement, lo be set up at said pound, and at tbe nearest public place to tho same : and out of thetno - nys arising from such side, to rsttain in hi bonds his fees, and charges for feeding and kesisng such bog, bad of such sale and to pay over the residue to lbs person who csosed such bog to be Iss - punded. By order f ths common council. ' - - ' 1 asnwrof PUBLIC SALES. BY FRANKLIN Si MINTUR5, Tuesday, Jan. 20. XII o'clock, at the T. C. 11. by order of Wm. . Denning, surviving executor of Thomas Smith, Eu. deceased the House and Lot, 40 Wall - sU next to tlie City Bank. Wednesday, the 21st instant, 12 o'clock, at the 1'ontine Coffee - House, REAL ESTATE, That large and t legant tliree story brick; house No. 13 Courtlandt - slreet. Also at the same time, those four brick houses Nos. 10, 12, 14 and 16 Moore - street, three stories high, recently built, and good situations for business No. 10 being tlie cor ner of Water - street and Mobre - sireet. Unquestionable titles will be given and terms liberal, which will be made known at the lime of sale. Persons disposed to pur chase at private sale or wishing furth infor nation will please apply at the auctioneers. rt'edneiday, Jan. 23. ' At XII o'clock, at the T. C. H. The two houses aud lots of ground. Nos. 78 and 10 Rivington - street ; the lots each 25 feet front and 75 deep; the houses two - story, with good front cellars, cellar kitchens; Stc. 2 rooms on the first floor with pantries between and wida airy halls, 1 room on the second with 2 pantries) and a good garret each bouse has an allesr through the yard, where there il grivu plant. cisterns, &c. ice. PRIVATE SALE, On liberal terms, S valuable LOT8, situated between Second and Third streets, oa Division street, making a front ot 172 fret, all occupied as retail dry good stores ground under lease to tha resent occupants for a term o( years. For par cularx apply at Uss aaction room. BY F. L. MILLS It CO. Monday, At 1 - 2 past 9 o'clock at their auction room. No. 143 Pearl street, a general assortment French aud English Dry Goods. Thursday; tlie 20th inst. At 12 o'clock, at the T. C. H. that very valuable situation, store and lot. No. 197 Pearl - street corner of Maiden - lane, formerly occupied by Viessrs. Cairus AC Lord, at present by Messrs. Bulkley as Butler. A large proportion of the purchase money may remain on mortgage if wished. For furthey information apply to tot) auctioneers or at the Store. BY J. P. Vit.TERlCH ft CO. PRIVATE SALE. 1 elegant patent hauging lamp, suitable for aa assembly room. Also, about o miles from tbe City Hall, oothe Bloomingdale Road, a very handsome country seat, with very convenient house and out build ings. commanding a fine view of the north river; would be exchanged for merchandise ; terms ac cominodaiing, For particulars apply at the auction room. NO 1 ICE. ftfT" All persons bavins demands arainst the estate or tlie late Tbouias Cooper, deceased are requested to present the same. And all persons indebted to the said estate are requested to make payment to the subscriber. AL.Hr ANX VY All I WUUT, Jan 10 lm Administratrix. rr if Mr. JOHN MAY, who was at King ston, (Jamaica,) In the year 1805, will call at No. 70 Pearl - strert, he will confer a particular lavour. Anw information as to his residenca will be acceptable. jan 10 lw THE FORUM ft7 Will be opened oa Friday eveuini next. flie Kith instant, at the Assembly Boom, City Hotel, when tbe ibllowinsr Question will be dis cussed : " Is it possible that the p res eat poxific state of Europe will be of long continuance." The discussion will commencs precisely at 7 o'clock. The surplus proceeds of that evening are appropriated to the Female Missionary Society. A ticket will admit a gntleman and My. Tickets to he had at D. Longwortb's Park, and at the rtooc at 25 cents each. , jan!3 4t " COH POUA TIOJfAVTICEf rCT Application bavin ir been uodi so h poration, for widening and improring Dover - street NOTICE is berebv tiven to all oersons inter ested therein, that the subject will be laid before the Common Council, ou Monday, the isnn inst and a decision bad thereon, unless reasonable) objections are made then to in writing, and presented cn or before that time. By order, JOHN M'COMB. Street CommisV. Street Cominis ioners office, i Jan. 12,1818. S jan 13 (Qr The Ladies and Geutlenien of this city are reipectfully informed, that G. Grab hat commenced teaching' music oa Ms new plan. Terms 2U ner a jarter. Davs M'Taition. Tues days, Thursdays and Saturdays, at the hours of Irons IX to 3. No. 80 Wall - street, first floor up stairs, back room. Ja is iw CORPORATION NOTICE, nfr - Application havins been made to the Corporation for laying open aud appropriating lor a public walk or mall, the space of ground at Corlaer's Hook to ths Eastward of Corlaer's - street, and extending on a line with Ut street to Grand - street. Notice is therefore hereby given to all persons interested therein, that the subiect will lie laid before the Common Council on Mon day the 1:6th instant, and a decision had thereon, unless reasonable objections are made thereto in writing on or neiore mat time, dv orurr Street Com. Office, t 14th Jan. 1818 From the Phxladclvktn CenlintL fr - r - THK GREAP PRIZE. We are In - rnroIXri rbat M - atrs. S. ax M ALLEN have ad vanced tho money to Mrs. Potter, tier sister, and Mr. Scbenck, for the great prixe of one hundred thousand dollars, drawn by tl.emon New - Vtsry day, in the Surgical Institution Lottery, wo think the Messis. Aliens deserve no small share - oi credit for tlie promi payment ol prises sold by them. It will be recollected uisi me cb"" nric - a In the 4th claia were oaid hr them imme diately after drawn ; and have every reason to . .. J .. ... i .L CJL - Ib... nwt. m .ill neiieve, maiine pnaes in uwonn - k - n - .n i.. M.nrh in which there are 100 pn xesorflOOO, one priss of 60,000, one of 20,M)0. one ol 410,000, ifiree of 5000, tod only 16,00(5 tickets, will be paid wiuinesame prompuiuae. Jan 15 fotlponemcni of the t orum. rv The r'orum advertised lor next Friday evening, issoavoidably postponed to Friday erf ninsr following. Jan 15 St NOTICE, rpHE co - partnership beretofore existing bs - X tweea the subscribers, under tbe firm of tiwekleyU Abbott, is this day dissolved, by ma tual coosent. Tbe affairs of the concern will be settler) by I homas Buckley, 153 SouUVstreet new - iotK, ist no. iu, ioih. I HUM A3 BUI.a.L.X.1, ROBT. ABbATT, jus. THOMAS BUCKLEY, having takes bis son JOHN '.AWRENCE BUCKLEY, into copartnership, the Commission basinets will be continued on their account, under tbe firm of THOMAS bUCKLEY 4c tKN. I ato 14 lm NOTICE. - The Copartnership herelulors sHn in this citv. oader the fims of J'fs, fichus' St ITH , is this dsy diaeot - ed h mutant cutiM - nt. All nersoas havinat un settled accounts with said firas. are reqaestrd to call at 57 Front - street, for settleaseot New - York, Dec 31, lbT7. ISAAC PACKARD. JAMES D'WOLF, Jan. dec 31 EVELEEN'S BOWER, as arranged ana sung by Jlfr. PHILI PPS, U now ready for ale aiJ. A. b H. CEIB'S usic olore, aidan - lane. 4 iQ it O NE Hundred Re ant lm vellum Foots Caj Paper, for ss b; y COLUX3 It UANNAY, II" ft Id f r rV; i I 5 S I ) 7 i . 'I r1 i, - li Mi,' f if

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