Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 14, 1936 · Page 5
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1936
Page 5
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 14 1936 FIVE The Cub Gazette (Newspaper fi':; ) 7-M--;V-nHeinber AU-Amcrlciui Hunur Itatlnfi ID N. 8. I*. A., Excellent In I. ll. s. l. 4,, Intvrnatloiml First Plate Aivurd In iujll and Scroll, 1834, 1935. Hrot IMuco Awurd In 0. S. P. A., Tercentenary Memorial AlvnrO. Hacna Cum LuaOc. 1935. I'railduit ol 1. a. S. P. a.. .Martin Yosclofl I'residwit of Fred D. Cram Quill aim Scroll Chapter Bob Peters BUSINESS MANAGES...Jama '.urlstcn«n MANAUING EDITOR .Martin Yojcloff EUl'ntBrUI-vaulf Kouert Pnrrtjh SENIOR ASSOCIATE EDITORS--Bob Peters. Ray Scrnstt. TYPISTS--Lcngra Mnsollnl, Florence Scbwab. June sjostrund, Helen Hamilton. MAKE-UP-EDITOR Glen Buchanan SPORTS EDITOE Jobn Armcntrout AUVISEK Miss EIlniDcll] H. Grave!, VOL. VII March 14, 3936 XX VIII DON'T CHEAT YOURSELF American Club Spring Hop March 20 ^CUfiOAZtTTE Prince of Pilsen m. c. H. s. March 30, 31 FOUNDED 1929 DEVOTED TO MASON CITY SCHOOLS PUBLISHED BY M. C. H. S. The doors of M. C. H. S. have been swinging 26 weeks this school year. That means there are ten more weeks in which students of M. C. H. S. can take advantage of the wonderful opportunities the taxpayers of the city are offering- you. Through the worst winter in 116 years, schools of Mason City have managed to stay open. It's truly a record to boast about. Now, as you stand on the threshold of the last ten weeks ask yourself this question. "How can I increase my education in the time that remains?" Looking out on to another spring, it's not an easy task to determine to "stay on the job." However there's no time to waste now--Don't cheat Mason City's taxpayers and yourself. Take advantage of those ten weeks!--M. Y. Delmar Roth, graduate of M. C. H. S. in 1927. was recently awarded a wrist watch in a ditty contest sponsored by a watch company. His two brothers, Winton and Ernest, are attending high school. For . . . Hamilton, Elgin or Buiova Watches. ASK RAY SENEY Be Smart Have your school clothes Cleaned and Pressed regularly. Phone 788 or 789 FOUR DEBATERS ARE ENTERED IN STATE TOURNEY Mohawk Arguers Prepare for lowa City Meet to Be Held March 27, 28. Four members of the Mohawk debate squad will enter the state debating tournament at Iowa City, March 27. 28. Mason City high school is one of five schools of the northeastern district qualified to participate in the Iowa debate finals. G\vendolyn Bell and Martin Yose- loff uphold the affirmative, while Helen Hamilton and Richard Coons are negative speakers. Yoseloff is a junior while the others are in their senior year. The other schools from the northeastern district qualified to speak are Cedar Falls, Oelwein, Clarion and Decorah. Dccorah was given special permission by Professor Baird. Mason City contestants won nine debates at the district meet Feb. 2S, 29. Leading high schools from four Iowa divisions will attend the state i p i D i C" J n i L tourney.. Four full tuition scholar- v-UD KepOl'tei" rindS UUt by Visiting Backstage at High School. To find what happens behind the scenes when amateur playwrights and players try out their stuff, I have gone backstage during the oral English classes' presentation of four original one act plays, where, notebook in hand, I watch the program from the other side of the footlights. "All the girls are 'nits' about knitting-, that's one reason it's so quiet back here," explains Wilmcr should enact legislation providing Noscr . wllcn the Cub reporter asks for a system of complete medical af service available to all citizens at public expanse.' 1 Forensic Contestants to Enter State Meet MARTIN YOSELOFF GWENDOLYN BELL RICHARD COONS HELEN HAMILTON WHAT HAPPENS BEHIND SCENES? ships to the University of Iowa are to be awarded the members of the winning school's debate teams. Through decisions and individual ratings of the various speakers the winner will be determined. Competent instructors and students from the University of Iowa's speech department are to act as judges of the debating. Guy L. Crosen, debate coach, will accompany the students to Iowa City. Gerald Alter, negative speaker, is to go as a substitute debater. The state question for debate is Resolved: "That the several states "The Lincoln Log," published by the Lmcolnites is scheduled to appear one week before the school year closes. The Lincoln eighth grade boys' basketball team defeated Manly Wednesday with a score of 14-8 Manufacturers and Jobbers of Finest Quality Laundry Service It's Phone Ideal American Laundry Your Child Knows . . . H i s Milk It's never in the spinach class with h i m ! It's the one food that never grows tiresome. And there's a reason. SCHERMERHORN Phone C A B M Daily 988 r** 1 "" Delivery Glendora tump, ton Kentucky Jack, ton j/j r/i Jt7.t)U Indiana Lump, ton Illinois Lump, n rn ton «?l .3U t°of:" rap :....$6.50 Diamond Jt'ut, ion $6.00 W.G.BLOCECO.! Phone 563 j -- and -- Carbonated Beverages in Bottles MASON CITY BOTTLING CO. Phone 85 701 S. Fed. Ave. Kli.'lKhli" I THIIHiliiP.IIPmmLjm'L, y..^ lwr|T ^ to the absence of the usual back- btagc riot. Would be Thespians, some startlingly made up with grease paint and plastics, pass back and forth, some nervous, all anxious. "When we get mixed up we just have to bluff our way out," Bob Rampton declares. "Say, that's some crowd we've got out there!" he adds. Failing in quest of chaos or drama I enter the makeup room and wit- ne'ss a "broadcast" over the new "mike." Sam Erwin, sound technician, stands gesticulating madly. Everyone converses in the sort of sign language when near a "live mike." Here one may experience the sensation of speaking to an invisible audience. "How did I sound? Did it go over?" wonders the aspiring announcer or vocalist as he talks or sings to the unemotional microphone. This lack of contact with Representative Boy and Girl Will Be Selected by Pupil; The M. C. H. S. student body vot- on the most representative boys and girls in senior and junior classes Friday. The Masonian sponsored the contest and winners will be announced in the year hook. Junior nominees are Howard Dresser, Bill Pappas, John Thompson, and Martin Yoseloff for the junior representative boy. The four girls nominated by junior ballots were Betty Hakes, Millie Negomir, Jane Hilton, and Mary Thompson. Howard Stoecker, Henry Hert, John Moore, and James Mulcahy were voted as senior boy nominees while the girls included Margery Brown, Domini Haynes, Ruth Ann O'Ncil and Jeanne Ludwig.--M. Y. one's audience is ghastly and nerve wracking, I found. As the program draws near its close the players go on with something resembling dogged desperation. But they are calm and professional in manner. When there are slips, they are covered up as well as possible. When the audience responds, the players also respond with increased enthusiasm. And when the final curtain falls they are glad it's over, but willing to do it apain when the opportunity comes. --B. P. SPECIAL ON SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHS R U S S E L L PHOTO STUDIO Next J. C. Penney Co. Ph. 2272 American Club Spring Hop M. C. H. S. Gym--March 20--8:30 PURPOSE OF CLUB: To promote a better school and notional sense of civic duty PLEDGE OF CLUB: We will never bring disgrace on the Mason City high school by any dishonest, unsports- manlike or un-American act. We will live and work for the ideals of this school and of the United b fates of America, both singly and together. We will revere and obey the laws of our school, our city and our country and do our best to incite a like' respect in our fellows, especially such as are prone to annul and to set them at naught. We will strive unceasingly to quicken the sense of our school and of civic duty. SLOGAN: Let's have a bit of fun! CLUB OFFICERS: President Howard W. Dresser V,ce President Betty Hakes Secretary j essie May p ierce , Dn . K ,4 reQSUrer MarHn Yoseloff SPONSOR Miss Mary Bullock Local students tried their hand at the last national contest of the school year conducted by Quill and Scroll this week. The contestants tried to write a winning feature and a winning editorial and were subjected to a spelling test. The list of words to be used in sentences were as follows: bucolic, authentic, sanguine, reprobate, dilatory, gregarious, plagerism, plebian. erudite, garrulous, heinous, epitorrie, unctuous, lethargy, imponderable, incognito, malign, ameliorate. Saturnine, recessive, nimbus, recapitulate, lachrymose, jocular, exigent. Bobby Griggs' orchestra will be featured at the G. A. A. dance April 3, in the high school gym. Boys, get your date! Sport Squibs The thud of the baseball against a glove was joyous sound to the ear of many a prospective Mohawk baseball player as the high school gym was converted into a baseball practice field. Many promising freshman candidates' reported for the initial drills, assuring "Chick' 1 Sutherland that he will have plenty of good freshman material for a strong yearling nine. Some of the leading candidates for positions on the varsity are: "Hun" Hert, Everett Fletcher, John Thompson, Jack Wallace, Walter Noble, Lloyd Morris, and Jim Mulcahy, the homerun king. * # * With the wrestling season definitely finished, Coach Howard Barker is holding an intra-niural wrestling tournament for all boys who would like to enter, but arc not on the Mohawk squad. All prospective eighth grade boys who are interested in wrestling are also eligible for the touirney, in which Barker hopes to find prospects for next year's team. * * * "Judge" Grimslcy announced Tuesday that the following 10 boys would comprise the tournament squad: Captain "Hun" Hert, Howard Stoecker, Wayne Wood, Jack Wallace, Everett Fletcher, Jack Shipley, Kenneth Banning, George Wood, George Gitz and'Irving, Hepner. Hert, Stoecker, Wayne Wood, Fletcher and Shipley were also members of last year's state championship quintet. -- * * Five senior girls will receive G A. A. trophies, the highest G. A. A award for their outstanding work in athletics at the general G. A. A meeting to be held the latter par of March. The following are the five girls who will receive the tiophies Dorothy Curtis, Mildred Hines, Constance Nickolas, Dorothea Williamson and Margaret Ditzler. Myrtle Holland will receive a chenille "M" this also being the highest award a girl can get after having earned 1800-2000 points. Felt "M's" will be awarded to Edna Cutler and Ilene 'rook seniors, Dorothy Skalicky, onna Rice, Betty Lilley and Opal Hammond, juniors who have earned 1,000 points. J. A. The Early Bird SHOPS ON PENNEY'S Lay-Away Plan The Early Bird is a wise old bird who selects what she wants AHEAD OF TIME, and pays for it in weekly payments BEFORE SHE NEEDS IT. The advantages, she sas's are these: No first of the month bills. No carrying charges to pay. Selection - . -. from fresh, new stock. The satisfaction of knowing that thing's paid for. every- FOB ST. PATRICK'S DAY--Shamrock, Harp and Green Carnation individual molds. Lime Sherbet in bulk ice cream. "THE CREAM SUPREME' YOU NEED IT! In March, the month of Spring colds, you need every bit of resistance you can muster up. Rich milk, such as ours, contains every vitamin for physical fitness. Let HERMANSON'S Milk Fill the Prescription PHONE 646 WINS MAT TITLE FOR MASON CITY Tom Rumeliote Reaps Highest Honors in 145 Pound Class of State Meet. Tom Rumeliote is the first state wrestling champion from Mason City since 1922. This versatile sophomore, in his first year of competition, won his title in the 145 pound class, one of the strongest classes in wrestling. In Coach Howard T. Barker's words, "Tom is one of the hcst sophomores I have ever coached and has great possibilities in wrestling. This season Tom had made one of the best records of the squad. He has won 10 dual meets and lost one to Fort Dodge by accidentally throwing himself after piling up a convincing time advantage on his opponent. Tom stated. "I'm glad it happened beefore the state tournament." Mason City has a bright future before it in wrestling. This year tne .squad will lose but one senior, Captain Leroy Alitz Next year Mascn City is counting heavily on Tom Rumeliote, this year's state champion, Bill Leewright, junior, who has won 21 consecutive matches, Orin Thompson sophomore, who has won 12, Orlando Callichia, sophomore who took third place in the state tournament in the 115 pound class and Howard Buffington, also 3. sophomore, who won his way to the state.--J. T. Free tickets were given recently by a local theater to the Lincoln Boys' Patrol. L Y O N S A Complete Service Launderers Dry Cleaners Furriers PHONE 600 "Annie Laurie" to Be Presented by Seniors May 14 With Domini Haynes in the feminine lead the senior class will present "Annie Laurie/' Wall Spence's romantic three act play, at the high school auditorium May 14. Bill Butler has been cast as William Douglas, romantic lead, and Bob Shepard will portray Annie Laurie's father, most prominent character role. Based on William Douglas' ballad, "Annie Laurie," the play tells the story of the romance between Annie Laurie and Douglas which was frustrated by Annie's father. The other members in the cast are: -Itan tile MurRcry Brmvn L«rd KerRUNon llmvunl Miierkcr Lady (.'arlyle Jmm Gllmorc Lord Donitld Grenory ...Iulm Jiimes 1-ad.v Jane ScuH .Mildred Hints L«rd Bruce Ray \'ouuc Itavcrend U'nllavc Halt .Icfinup Mlllirr Macintosh -Mary Slitirimker Kunisey Helen l,lnjd .lorn* Men .., -, , , , , , , . , . I t i i r b n r i i ClnuRli Sandy IInO HPncniuii Musicians . . . . R u t h Ann O'.NcIl and .Joe Dalil GLCSTS O'Hnrnnv .Icnn tM'lwtjy ·lack slitnlry 11 ud ISom-u Barren Hay (I Dick Hnlnmn Otis KliiB i Mall Kilith SkoKlund Mary Richardson Jpon Webster Miirlon O'Harniw Dunifhen, UlUiiimNon Cnr Luclle (iravcllc--Pianist. Pete Farmnklfl --Violinist. Staff members arc as follows: Chief Prompter Don iSoljlcftke Prompters Sheila MacPcak ami Mayiurl Olilman Chief Ol| Girl Winifred BoRnrdus C«H (Hrln (Gwendolyn Bell, Harbnra Craney and Bonnie Cuukman. Secretary . Sarali ^onlnr Dance* Jeanne Ludwin Advertising MmniRcr .Icamic LudulK s-ilNUinls John Moore, Omrtc.s VOIIIIK. .luiiii A h l M t t t . Letetla FlcmiiiR. Geor K e Sivitrolf and Arclt-y Bell. Busini'ss .MamiBcr Warner Wlntrwlc Aftfiistants filcnn Wllfton, Kdwin Tcnny- .sun. Lois Hill, Marie Camiibcll. Alice Gnur- ley. l.eonn Sheahun. Vntjicrty Manager Bill WftRticr Asnlstants .|PU» .Sclmhy. Iliith Ann O'Nell, Guy BenilSH, Bub ('ami)brll. Artists ... nonitliiMi Wltllammm and l,e»n Tokman Ciistimic ManaRcr Vvonnr Bitpy Asslstanls Dor Irs l.a GaH«c. Marjurlv Van Note, Kathleen Hca. Stagn ManARiTH , , . ... BUI Bcunct and Dean Huxlnblc Assistanl BHi niackmure Klcrlrician ..Harold Grler Assistant John GHmtirc Make up Doris Omway, I)«nna Marie Spcrty, Sheila MacPeak, Odette Slwldard, KnNfirrmnd \Vcbstrr, Betty WlmmT, Slobcrt Iranian, Dick Haskcns, Dunavan Troeger, Stanley Rlvrdal, Dick Price, Lucille Pierce, Mary Snook. --D. P. F L O W E R S Make a Home Happier! surprising: what a b c a u 111 u | bouquet ot flowers will do lo add cheer and happiness in the borne, rder a bouquet of roses or other cut flowers today, and see how happy your wife will be! PHONE 55 Kerable's Greenhouse SENIOR GIRL HAS HIGHEST GRADES ON HONOR ROLL Lenora Masolini Has Average of 96 in Five Subjects for Present School Year. Lcnora MasoUni, senior, leads the 1.5-17 students this six weeks' period making- the super honor roll although she carries five suhjects. Lenora has had the distinction ot leading scholastic-ally throughout the school year with an average to date of 90. On the super roll are 14 seniors, six juniors, eight fresn- men and four sophomores, who carry four subjects. The two juniors and a senior who lead the honor roll carrying five subjects are Dorothy Bracken, Jack MacDonald and Barbara Swarncr. Forty-two freshman names appear on the honor roll while next are the seniors with 37 students, sophomores 35, and juniors 23. This is a total of 13 more honor students than for the last six weeks. The super honor roll is as follows: J-enom .MiiMtllnl, Gcnild AUrr, Helen Allc'kcr, Irene Balli-y. Kcnm-th Urunrr. ,M«\- Iriti Carman. riiri'sniari, Barbara. ('lnURh, .Irnn DrViir, Samuel fieiirce. f'liiir- Itu-ii HiiU'lit. Alice Hartej-, .Icanne l.lKhvlc. .Marie .Mr mmHI, Dnmtliy Mickey. Alice. Ann Moore. ImiiKcne Mnrrls, l-'lorirnec Ne^r, A'lc- torlu Mrlinlwin. Hlilm Olson. Ituth Pnuley. VjrKtl I'rderMm, -lena Peterson. Rohi-rl. P e f i l l , Vvonne Illley. Phyllis lingm, Don Mkihlnkr. Shirley Mvwirj-, Dnmtliy Swift, Irene Weber. Verna Wlnchell, Mary Winter, Bonnie Jean Zack. IIONUIt ROM, Klvi- Subjects nontlhy Bracken, Jack .MacDmiuIll. Bar- Imra Swurner, Four Suhjects A n t h n n y AccllrMi. Peter Allns, Enid Andpr- 50.1, llej-nnlil Anilersnn, Bill Armstmnj:. Knin- re« Avery. Dorothy Hallard. Ednard Ilatiken. .Juanltji UunkH, Dnmtby Bariand, Marjorle llnrtlcll. .Mary Belberotr. clulrc Bemlss, lane Krrner, .lean Bltterman, Moxine Ulack, It.ihc-rt lUks, Kathleen Holm. Marian Bouila. liua lloiven. Ilnrron Hoyd. Jean cudwell. Jimmy Challas, Beatrice chaniherlaln. Norma Chamberlain. Hetty Chapman, firuce Ann Chemm-cth. Belly clinreh. Constance Clarke. Mnxlne Collins, Mllilred Conner, Elaine Cottrell, Florence Crabtrce. Belly Mae Curtis, .llmmy Daniels. Ittilh Jnnes. Vwln Klmrry, C.rarc I.achilc, Masine Lnntr. ..Mahle Lcnkr, Milton 1-eamcr. Helen (Turn lo I'IIKI- 71 Have Vour Eyes Thoroughly Examined by Dr. Keith Mace and Dr. Robert Mace OPTOMETRISTS SMITH OPTICAL 21 East State American Club Spring Hop M. C. H. S. Gym--March 20--8:30 ORCHESTRA Carl West and his Recording Band DANCING 8:30 to 12:00 ADMISSION 70 Cents Per Couple COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: PUBLICITY-Bill Pappas, junior, chairman; Glen Buchanan, Rita Dugan Rebecca Kitsis, Earl Fladness, Joe Hamilton TICKETS-Dorothy Swift, chairman; Don Harrer DECORATIONS-Joe Hamilton, chairman; Betty Justin, Don Harrer, Betty Hakes, Rosalie Birch. ORCHESTRA-Don Harrer, chairman; Howard Dresser Betty Hakes. CHAPERONS-Mr. and Mrs. Dan C. Herrick, Mr. and Mrs. Harland Ashenfelter, Mr. and Mrs. Guy L. Crosen, Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. Barker. PORTAGE New Spring SHOE STYLES For Men Dressy . . . distinctive . . . priced right. See them! SHOE BOX 110 NORTH FEDERAL Phone 213 Crystal Lake !CE and FUEL CO. 20 First St. S. E. Let a Maytag Do Your Washing The Most Economical Method of Home Laundering Phone 2067 for Free Demonstration CERRO GORDO MAYTAG CO. Phone 2067 22 2nd N. E. j Hair Cuts - JIarcels Every Morning Supervlzed Advanced Senior Work Finger Wave, dry 20c Shampoo Finger Wave Sac Hair Cut :0c Hair Bleach ;j|lc Manicure 2;c Permanents 51 up Scalp Treatment SOc Facials 50c-Sl Hair Dye S1.50 Inecto or Clairol La' James College of Beauty Culture 12-1G First St. N 7 . \V. PHONE 974 CHILDREN "GO" FOR "_··=· x Cracklj-, golden crust, cream- £ white slices piled thick with butter--'n maybe another layer of strawberry jam--what a treat that is. . . . I S BETTER BREAD For $1.00 200 SHEETS 100 ENVELOPES SOCIAL STATIONERY Printed With Your Name and Address. New Samples to Select From. 1 5 - 1 7 SOUTH DELAWARE Y O U ' V E . . . Tried the Rest-Now Try the VERY-BEST Grocers 94O -WE DQJVER F A R PRODUCTS CO. WE DELIVER

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